01x19 - Treasure Hunt

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Morphle Shorts". Aired: February 19, 2024.*
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Follow the adventures of Mila and her morphing, magic pet Morphle as they save the day and have fun in the coastal town of Petport.
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01x19 - Treasure Hunt

Post by bunniefuu »

morph into anything

come on Marvel help me plant this flower

for Daddy




oh I wonder what's inside


oh it's a treasure map

oh well part of a treasure map see this


this means the next piece of the map is

at the Park

he saw the treasure map nice

will find the rest of the map then take

it for myself

good thinking Winston

this is where the x is we have to dig

next to that tree


great digging morphle

yeah it's the second piece of the map

look another X this one's up the

mountain up on the mountain

come on morphle

should be


I know I'm morph into a triceratops and

smash it


and I think I know where it's Barry Oh

take that thank you very much


or Immortal this isn't over yet

this is where the treasure must be


the treasure is at the beach


woohoo come on morphle


this is it morphle


it's more full morph into an excavator

and let's get that treasure


could it be

oh a treasure chest wow

every day is a magical day with a magic

pet and a chest full of treasure
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