04x10 - Under New Management

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "KaBlam!". Aired: October 11, 1996 – January 22, 2000.*
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Each episode thus features a collection of short films in different innovative styles of animation, bridged by the characters Henry and June, who introduce the short animations and have zany hijinks of their own in between.
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04x10 - Under New Management

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oh hold on time take a deep breath

for a cartoon gramma Kansa


we're cartoons and comics collide now to

take you inside and turn the pages here

your host Henry


greetings kablammo knots Henry and June

here ready to kick that cartoon flava

first up an unscheduled visit from our

very own Network executive

Fred Stockdale what's that oh hello


Jane I'm afraid this isn't a social call

you see I've been asked by the network

to come down to the set and fire someone


I'm not hiring you Harold

I'm firing a stagehand a mr. B foot

mister b*llet you

you can't fire mister foot he hasn't

done of these things I think that might

be part of the problem my g*n it tears

me up inside why is it always Fred who

has to be the bad guy it's just not fair

it shouldn't be your job you're right it

should be your job you fired him what

but fire him or I'll fire you for

stealing pens that goes for you too

Missy whoa I can't believe we have to

fire mr. foot well guess we might as

well get it over with huh hey mr. foot

sorry to bother you buddy but we need to

talk hello mom big fella wakey-wakey


while we figure out a way to can mister

force you can watch this episode of

actually now Dateline bill the lab guys

lab where a stoked scientist makes an

astonishing announcement this is one of

the most important discoveries in

medical history I thought somebody

already invented the guinea pig not that

flesh this guinea pig carries it

previously unidentified virus I've just

christened the body eating virus because

well it eats your body until there's

nothing left yes and highly contagious

whatever you do don't touch that animal

action now today's episode what's eating

the flesh as a body eating virus

violates the flesh the league turns to a

trusted lab guy for help hmm fascinating

there's nothing I can do and if anyone

touches him they're doomed as well bill

you've got to cure him flesh is life is

at stake

Yeah right but more important who else

is gonna caddy for me at the all cheese

Golf Classic well I could look for a

cure in the rainforest

I know a Shaymin who might be able to

help well go find the blasted Shaymin

then I see up at 1:30 then I can't win

without the flesh

don't worry flesh you're gonna be fine

that's a relief and so as a lab guy

races the clock to find a cure the

league gives the flesh a little TLC

repulsive talked about beyond the call

of duty hey at least you don't have to

shave his chest

meanwhile at waxed wood driving range

the chief attends to more pressing

matters I did it I shaved this chest

without touching him oh now I've got the

body eating virus yuck

I'm out of here Thunder girl playing the

virus before it infects Oh crikey now

we've all got it my arm with someone

past me a leg

meanwhile at kitchen windowsill

rainforest bill consults with a

colleague the cure for the body eating

virus what is it Booga medicinal SAP

excellent where is this Apple Booga

Booga Booga no I was afraid of this

where is the SAP oh yes yes

tell me who go what that was my last

ball chief we need help fast okay look

just don't touch me hey g*ng

we'll the Action League rest in pieces

find out in the action munched

conclusion of Action League now a

kablammo holics if you've just tuned in

we've been told by the network to fire

our stalwart stagehand

mister foot because well he hasn't

exactly been doing his job like the true

professionals we are we took the bull by

the horns and decided to do his job for

him once the network sees how spiffy

this place looks they'll probably give

mr. foot a raise hey June turn off the

Sun will ya I'm gonna fix her up like



well the moons sure out early huh oh


hand me those pliers will you June Wow

think how mr. fuddle thank us when he

finds out what we've done for him


some thanks 900 thousand years ago an

alien got sick trying to educate a


he created a machine that would

transform his unevolved student into an

intelligent modern man the Prometheus

and Bob cakes

take 677 evolution chamber please give

me the doll








still to come Stewie the dog boy a music

video from they might be giants and when

we return more Action League now right

here on action leaves now the lead

infected their heads ejected as the body

eating virus consumes our heroes build

the lab guy awakens to some good news

the SAP the medicinal SAP Eureka

meanwhile the lead bands together for a

touching final farewell last if I had

any legs left I'd stop all your fool

head to turn up ground relax chief it's

the cure and there's still time to make

my goat ornament now I only had a golf

ball left hey wait a minute

moments later see I told you I couldn't

win without my flesh




we're back and as you can see we haven't

gotten much further in the firing mr.

foot Department I don't know how we're

gonna be able to say goodbye to the big

man Henry think of all the memories

we've shared yeah


why don't you let me handle this

excuse me mr. Foote

look I know you've been at the studio

for a long time but hey nothing lasts

forever right what I'm trying to say is

you're your




no no no it's not fair

they can't just toss you aside like some

furry piece of trash I won't stand for

it as heaven is my witness

you will never lose your job I don't

think he heard you Henry but maybe this

will perk you up it's the world premiere

of Stewie the dog boy








mix Stuart today's your first day of

school you get to make a lot of new

friends schools for kids no dogs allowed


mr. joy k*ll mom and dad took the twins

to school and left me here what's up


it's cool what are you nuts you're a dog


you chew bones dig holes chase cats like

if a twin you're going I'm going to hey

Stewie put on some pants


hey check it out

what kind of a freak carries his

lunchbox in his mouth a freak with the

big nose takes 101 all right hi I'm

Stewie Lance oh you must be that new

foreign exchange student


hey Stuart Stuart sit here good morning


my name is mr. Ramsey okay we're gonna

begin the school year with a very

special treat an educational film

universe in this order was the Sun tell

you didn't bother to figure out it would

take of Neptune and Beyond the morning

whew check out the new Kia


dude that was messed up too funny we are

going to simulate the mighty volcano it

is very important to use the precise

amounts if you overdo it the results

could be dangerous hey check it out

what's wrong with yours hey I got a bum

volcano here nice work







you had quite a first day of school I'd

say howling at the moon scratching in

class talking back growling yes sir

you also blew up a volcano and destroyed

the science lab so it wouldn t rob damn

that's right but you fix that didn't you

you made the biggest loudest most

powerful expl*si*n this school has ever

seen I know your kind I know what you

are you're a genius I am

Stewie we are going to put this school

on the map in the meantime take it easy

Arnold Ramsey yes sir

cute high five yeah





oh poor Stewie I don't think the little

fellas moved all day I have a special

treat for you Jacob lammers welcome back

to another smooth sailing trouble-free

episode of KaBlam hey mr. foots gone

what happened to him

well han ride after watching your

pathetic attempts at firing him I had to

step in and take care of business whoa

you fired mr. foot better I found him

another job

Jun you're a genius that's great what

job did you find him what difference

does it make

all he does is sleep anyways

you're not what's the worst thing that

could happen

Oh any other bright ideas how about

watching a brand new video by they might

be giants




well KaBlam burgers the shows just about

over and we've realized we just don't

have what it takes to fire mr. foot so

we're going to tell our network

executive we can't do it and if that

gets us fired well so be it you know

Henry I wish we could have found him

another job yeah right Jun what kind of

job requires no work whatsoever and

encourages long frequent naps you know I

think mr. foots gonna fit in very well

I'm sorry mister



join us again next time

same KaBlam time same KaBlam Network

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