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Tokyo Ghoul (2017)

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Humans think they
top the food chain,

but certain creatures
hunt humans for food.

In Tokyo, their existence
has long been acknowledged.

They have come to
be called "ghouls,"

and are regarded as
a lurking threat.

The government-formed
Commission of Counter Ghoul

has exterminated many of them.

However, ghouls continue to exist,

amid the shadows of Tokyo.

Kaneki. Check this out.

Until now, Ward 20's been
relatively free of ghoul activity.

That's pretty close.

Behind the university street.

Ghouls, huh?

You'd get eaten in no time.
You like weird books too.

Try reading sometime.

No way. I'd fall asleep
inside five seconds.

Your egg sandwich.

Hey Hide. Ever seen a ghoul?


But I hear they look human.
There could be one close by.

Close by, huh?

What if I was a ghoul?

Dial it down. What if
there is one here?


She's here!

Ask her out today.

T-Tomorrow's b-better.

What's better?

It's just better.

Today's just as good. Go for it.

O-Once I finish this book.

Reading's bad for you!

Hide! Stop, dammit!

I-I'm sorry.

Great author.

Sen Takatsuki.


"Egg of the Black Goat"

"Date with Rize"

I like her "Egg of the Black Goat,"

and her debut "Dear Kafka."

That letter trick made me
shout out loud on my own.

And her short story collections.

Like "Monochrome Rainbow," that
inspired "Egg of the Black Goat."

You sure are a big fan.

All this book talk is boring you.

No Kaneki, I just want to
get to know you better.

So do I.



You've got meat on you.

Other side!


You're funny, Kaneki.

You're not eating?

I've been overdoing it lately.

Light eater?

I wouldn't say that.
People say I eat too much.

Mean, right?

It is.

Touka, you never eat anything.

You're very quiet.

Yeah. I like walking quietly.



I... knew.

"That you were always...
watching me."

I was...

...watching you too.

Wow, you taste great!

There's a scene I love in
"Egg of the Black Goat."

When the Black Goat totally rips
out a fleeing man's entrails.

No matter how many times I read
it, it gets my juices flowing.

First time seeing a real ghoul?

Help me! Help me!

Help me!

Wow, what a wonderful scream.

I love it.

Somebody help...

Caught you.

No, not yet! Dead flesh doesn't
taste as good. Hang in there.


Why me?

"Tokyo Ghoul"


You're still up?

What does this say?

You read difficult books.

Dad always read them.



She died from overwork.

What a shock.

I'm hungry.

Poor kid.

Don't worry. It all went well.

I felt it was my duty as a doctor
to save the life in front of me.

This guided my decision.

I take full responsibility.

You didn't confirm if she
consented to organ donation.

You can't get away with transplanting
her organs arbitrarily.

As I stated before,
she was already dead

when she was brought in, so we
couldn't confirm her consent.

We came all the way to
Ward 20. What a waste.

Mado, he doesn't have a mask on him.



When you're done, remove
the kagune and kakuhou.

It'll make a fascinating quinque.

Luck's on our side,


No. 696, aka Tajima and Serisawa.

Real name Asaki Fueguchi.

k*lled a cop in Ward 13.
Came to the 20th a year ago.

The ring he left
behind was order-made.

Two were ordered in different sizes.

The other ring must
belong to his wife.

Not his wife, his breeding mate.

What does she look like?

We checked No. 696's belongings,
but he had no photo of her.

If he'd had one, we wouldn't
be at this meeting.

We'd be out exterminating her.

The only clue is...

...a fiber attached to his t-shirt.

Excuse me.

I'm Ward 20 agent Kusaba.

No need for niceties.

If we assume No. 696
does have a wife,

isn't it a bit hasty to
presume she's a ghoul?

Could you love this?

Precaution is necessary
when dealing with ghouls.


Here. I took notes for you. Three
weeks worth of Asian History.


Okay, time to celebrate!


Big Girl!

Here I go!


Eat yours.

I wanted to come with you once you
got out. I've been holding off.

Aren't I a good friend?

Your doctor's getting
majorly slammed.

But that girl had no family at all.

She died almost instantly too.

Don't let it get to you.
Eat up and cheer up.

Oh yeah. I just joined a circle.

They plan events and stuff.

If you wanna join...

Kaneki! You okay?

Are you alright?!

I'll get a cloth!

Mr. Ogura, tell us again.

Why is it that ghouls can't
eat food like humans do?

That's because their tongues
work completely differently.

Could you eat the organs of a
living human? You couldn't.

It's the same thing.

Basically, ghouls can only
gain nutrition from humans.

This is said to be due
to a special enzyme.

Normal food tastes terrible to them.

Salads taste acrid,
and meat and fish

are unbearably putrid.
They try to hide it,

and eat them around humans, but
it makes them want to vomit.

You're sounding like a ghoul.

No, I simply know ghouls better
than they know themselves.


"I smell it! Food! Food!"

Don't scare me like that!

I thought you were human.

What is it? You're hungry?

Don't hold back. He tastes
as bad as he looks,

but food's food.


Stay out of others' territory.

Friend of yours?

This is my feeding ground.

Feeding ground?


Having my territory violated
really pisses me off.

Whose territory?

Touka? That greedy bitch Rize died.

Until she came, this
was my feeding ground.

Anteiku governs Ward
20 feeding grounds.


Four-eyed assh*le.

Want some?

You... I saw you with Rize...

What are you?

I've identified the fiber.

Where's it sold?

Er, well...

It's French in origin,

but I don't know where
it's sold in Japan...

Let's go.

A ghoul k*lled his parents.

Poor kid. Right in front of him...


We'll trace the dress fiber.

Sleeping well?

Let your past haunt you.

It's what makes us strong.

Please help me.

We're closed, sir.


I'm begging you.

You're my only hope.

Do you...

...have any food I can eat?

Food you can eat? You know
what that is. Get it yourself.

I just can't do that. Please.

Please, help me.

Ever since I became like this,
my life's a living hell.

I remember the news now.

It was you who received
Rize's organs.

Tell me. What does
this cake taste like?

Or doughnuts? Or tarts?

Chocolate? Orange juice?

Strawberries? Melons?
Pasta? Curry rice?

Tell me. You were
human, weren't you?

That's enough.


Helping other ghouls...
is Anteiku policy.



I'm sorry.

That's our Anteiku blend.

It's delicious.

Don't cry, dumbass.

I'm sorry.

We ghouls are somehow
able to drink coffee.

It helps to quell our hunger.

But before long, you'll
crave something more.

"We ghouls"?

Thank you.

Much appreciated.

Oh, that reminds me.

Here's some for you too.

The agony of a ghoul's hunger

is incomparable to that of humans.


You still alive?

I know you're there.


"I need a favor at university.
Here's payment. From Hide"

How can I help?

How many have you sold?

Um, seven in the last six months.

We need your security footage.

Did a ghoul really buy clothes here?

Confirming that is our
job as CCG agents.

That's so scary.

Please exterminate it soon.

Yes. We will.

Huh?! An eye infection?

I thought you starved to death.

I'll stick to you like glue today.

What's wrong?

Oh, nothing. So, you wanted a favor?

You've gotta join my circle.

Please dude, I mean it.

We need somebody to organize data.

If I make a miscalculation,
my senior...

...will chew me out!

His name's Nishio. He'll be here.

Coming in!

Oh crap!


Hey Nagachika.

There are two things
I hate. Know them?

Bell peppers and...
shiitake mushrooms?

1: Having my territory violated.

2: Stupid juniors who don't
knock before entering.

- Sorry.
- And shiitake.

Oh yeah!

This is for you. It'll
go with your coffee.

Thank you.



Who's he?

He's the friend I told
you about. Kaneki.

How do... you do?

Pharmacy sophomore Nishiki
Nishio. Nice to meet you.

Amon, want to grab a bite?

I know a great noodle place.


So Kaneki, how long have
you known Nagachika?

Since elementary school,
when Hide transferred in.

How come you've stuck together?

He was always shy...

I didn't ask you.


In Year 2, I always sat alone
and read books at recess.

He was the first to talk to me.

We've been friends since.

So, you figured it's time to end it?

Hey, let's go eat.

"Good idea. Let's eat."


Man, that was foul.

Like eating horse shit.

You brought him here
to eat him, right?

I mean, how many years
have you waited?

No... You're wrong!

Really? Then I'll have him.

Don't do it!

You should've said that before!

You stink. Just like a female ghoul.

There's always been a rule...

...that food goes to the strongest.

Are you kidding me?

Don't tell me... make friends with food?


This guy gives me the creeps.

Go on. Die.

Okay okay! I take
it back! I'm sorry!

Hey! Hey! Calm down, dude!

I wasn't thinking right. I was so
hungry I couldn't help myself.

Rize... Rize stole my feeding
ground, so it's been a month.

You're a ghoul too. You understand.

Hide! Hide!

Hide! Hide!

Hide! Hide!

Mr. Yoshimura sent us for him?

I'm so sick of this.


Be thankful to Touka and Yomo.


Better watch yourself.

Nishiki's gone, but he could try
to get revenge at any time.

There's only one way for a ghoul

to satisfy their hunger.



We took him to hospital.

He's still unconscious.


Don't go!


Don't go near him ever again.

Hide is... the only friend I've got!

You tried to eat your
friend, didn't you?

I don't understand. I
just don't understand.

What the hell am I?

Kaneki, you're the only one

who can exist in the worlds
of both ghouls and humans.

Come work at Anteiku.

Here, you can learn the
ways of our world.

Found it?

Five women in Ward 20 who
bought that dress wore a ring.

Facial recognition?

In progress.

Isn't this woman's dress too small?

"Size XS"

There might be another one.

A baby rat.

Slowly now. Don't rush it.

Like writing the character "no."

Rush a little.

Hey, you like Sen Takatsuki?


I'm sorry.

No, I am.

Hinami... has no friends.

I can't send her to school.

Thank you.


I can't believe they're ghouls.

What about me?

And Mr. Yoshimura? And Touka?

We all look like ghouls?


Okay then, what about her?

Is she human?

I'm afraid not.

"That person, and that
person, and that person,"

and everyone else here are ghouls.

This cafe's like a sanctuary
for ghouls in Ward 20.

But you get human
customers too, right?

To survive in the human world,

we need to study them up close.

Anyway, I like them.


But... to survive, you have to...

Er, Yomo?

What are we doing out here?

Hold this.


Few people know about this place

because we clear it.

The people at Anteiku
use su1c1de victims...

You think ghouls like
the Fueguchis can hunt?




Why are you here?


I made this for you.

Wow. It looks delicious.

Try some.

I'm working now, but I will later.



It's yummy!

I know!

What's in this? A secret ingredient?

Oyster sauce!

Of course. I thought so.

Try the meat too!

That looks tasty.
Can I try some too?

Like hell you can.

Get coffee beans from upstairs.

Hinami, can I come in?

Sorry I startled you.

I wasn't expecting you.

This really is wrong, isn't it?

Stay down! Stay down!

For the last month, new
doves have been hovering.


From CCG. Commission of
Counter Ghoul agents.

Seems they came from HQ to hunt
your late husband, and you two.


My husband was k*lled by...

Let's shelter them here.

Until we find you a new home,
you must not leave here.

To be safe, we'll take
shifts staying here.

Yomo, you find them a new home.

I know somewhere in Ward 24.

Ward 24? That hellhole?

Doves can't enter there easily.

I'll be fine. As long
as I'm with Mom.


Is there anything I can do to help?

Quit acting suspiciously.


Er, nothing.



Hello Touka.

You've got an odd scent.

Name's Kaneki. He was human...

Mr. Yoshimura told me.

Sit here. I'll measure your size.

My s-size?

Got allergies? Like
to rubber, or metal.

N-Not r-really...

It'll be your first, so better
a half mask than a full one.


I'll take this off.

You're hungry.

Want one of these?

No, I-I'm fine for now...

Yeah? You're missing out.

Um, excuse me.

What am I here for exactly?

They didn't tell you?

I'm making your ghoul face.

One of the five seems suspicious.

Security cameras picked her up
after No. 696 came to Ward 20.

But she hasn't appeared for a month
since No. 696 was exterminated.

She bought the small dress.

Last sighting?

Shirakami Park entrance.

The day after Asaki Fueguchi died.

It's midnight, so it's murky.


Enlarge this.


Amon, do you see it too?

I do.

Wait a minute. Please explain.

Ghouls have learned our
movements in the last month.

This raises two possibilities.

They'll come to k*ll us,
or leave this ward.

If they come to k*ll us,
luck's on our side.

We won't be so lucky
if they try to leave.

I need an explanation.

What are those fatherless
ghouls thinking,

and what will they do if they leave?

Before they leave this ward,

they'll mourn the father again.


Hesse? You read difficult books.

I read that a long time ago.
I couldn't understand a lot.

My mom's really tired.

If you want, I could
help you with it.

"The bird fights its
way out of the egg.

"The egg is the world.

Who would be born must
first destroy a world."

What does it mean?

Wait a second.

Think of frying an egg.

If you want to fry it and
eat it, you have to...

...break the shell, right?

If you want something,

I guess you have to move forward
without fear of getting hurt.

I'd have to eat an
egg to understand.

Oh yeah. Sorry.

Okay. It's late, so let's
pick this up tomorrow.



I need to ask another favor.

What is it? I'll help if I can.

Take me to my dad's grave.

I can't. The doves...

It's not like a human's.

After all,

when ghouls die, the CCG takes
them all away somewhere.

But... What if they...

Kaneki, please.

Before we leave this ward, at
least let me give my father this.

My dad loved the
coffee at this cafe.


How about I place these on
your dad's grave for you?

The doves don't know my face.


Amon? Kusaba here.

An eyepatch?

He wore it over his left eye.

What's buried here?

You want to dig it up?!

Get your hands dirty!

Or go back to HQ and shuffle papers.

Morality can't destroy evil.

"In this world, we are
justice. We are morality."

I'll help you.

Now we know.

How do you read this?

Well, this is...


Oh, this is "shuu."


It means "sudden rain."

Yeah, it does.

You couldn't read it either.

Quit laughing!

I'm truly grateful
for all you've done.

When you're settled,
come back for coffee.

I will. Definitely.


See you again.

Alright, we'll be going.

Please thank everyone else for me.

Mr. Yoshimura, what kind
of place is Ward 24?

The last resort for ghouls
with nowhere else to go.

Kaneki. Take these to them.

Oh dear! Hey.

Are you alright?

It's "shuu."


Sudden rain. Kaneki taught me.

He knows a lot.

I hope we can see
everyone again sometime.

Me too.

We will.

Do you have a minute?

It's true that my husband and I

took many lives to survive.

But this child has only
eaten what we've given her.

Please, don't punish her!

What a talkative rat.

Hinami, run.


I'll be fine.


Mom's in danger!



A moving display of motherly love.

How revolting.

Kaneki, help her!



Anything but that!

Any last words?




I'm sorry.

It's my fault this happened.

We'll take care of
Hinami here for now.

There were only two.

If they're k*lled in Ward 20,

they'll send in more
doves. To k*ll Hinami.

I'll protect her.

And who'll protect you?

I'm starving.


If only the girl's left,
leave the rest to us.

You two can return to HQ.

She's young, but still dangerous.

Plus, there's the eyepatch wearer.

Another ghoul?

Only you've seen him, Kusaba.

From tomorrow, you come with us.

With you, huh?

Actually, when you and Mado
were first sent here from HQ,

I considered asking for a transfer.

Desk work's safer.

But I changed my mind
after watching you.

Because of the way you risk
your lives to pursue justice.

Man, I'm stuffed.

Maybe I ate too much.

Their shrimp tempura is the
best! It's fried to order.

You prefer noodles?

It's the quickest option.

Oh, of course. Better to take
time investigating than eating.

I'll try it next time.

Shrimp tempura.



Amon... Watch and learn.

When faced with an enemy, even
if you're mutilated, fight!

That's what a pro does,



Touka! Huh?! Don't tell me you...

- Butt out.
- No! You need treatment!

If you won't...

...go and k*ll them.

Can you?

You can't.

A m*rder*r like me deserves to die.


Ghouls like Ryoko and
Hinami being slaughtered... wrong.


I don't want you... die.

A hunger for vengeance
becomes all-consuming.

Let it go.


Attacking a dove...

meant she was ready to
accept all consequences.

That's a fact.

When Touka heals,
she'll do it again.

You said Anteiku helps other ghouls.

So, you want to go up
against hundreds of agents

with the few ghouls we
have here at Anteiku?

I'm sure everything you've told
me is the truth, Mr. Yoshimura.

I'm sure you've seen many
things that I never have.

Even so...

I don't know about attacking agents,

or the rules of the ghoul world.

So, I want to see with my own
eyes, and make up my own mind.

Mr. Yoshimura told me,

that you'd be here.


Teach me how to fight.

I hate being... no use to anyone.


Hey! Wait a minute!

Sure, I'll teach you.

Touka... Touka...

But I only know one way.

We ghouls heal quickly
from fractures.

So don't fear them.

Sorry Touka! Are you okay?

This world is wrong.

We have to make it right.

Your kagune.

Not bad.

I gave it an eyepatch to suit you.

It's... on the wrong side.

I wanted to see the
eye you're hiding.

I'm ready.

They have a sharp sense of smell.

If we set bait, they'll come.

And if we're lucky,
that rabbit will too.

You'll really go alone?

I want you to patrol the area.

A third or fourth
ghoul might appear.

Got it.

Now then... It's time
to take center stage,



That scent...




You're slow! I'll go ahead!


I've snagged a baby rat.

I'm on my way.

You'll make a splendid addition.

I can't let you leave.


It's about time you let her know.

Well? Look familiar?

Say hi to Mommy.

Why k*ll Kusaba?

This world is wrong. You're
the ones deforming it.

What Rabbit did...

...was wrong, I know.

Then again... I can't believe...

...that you're right.

More people... should
know... about us...


Why does your kind want to
live a life built on sin?

What's wrong with wanting to live?

We are what we are,
but we were born.

We were raised.

Humans are our only food!

How are we supposed to live
right in bodies like these?

Monsters like your kind...

...are sinners for wanting to live!

Any last words?


Don't treat us this way!


It's simply magnificent!


End this!

I'll make a quinque out of you!

My very own quinque...

Families should... together, shouldn't they?

He's the man... who
k*lled your parents!

k*lling him...

...won't bring them back!



Don't make me into a k*ller!

If this world... what people like you...

...believe in...

...then this world... wrong!

Hey, do I...

Do I deserve to live?

I... hurt someone.


I think your mom was
trying to tell you to...


I'm sure of that.

Let's go home.

Local residents have been warned.

A dismembered body found recently

is now believed to be that
of a ghoul investigator.

As there were no bite marks,

the motive appears to
have been revenge.

Read for me again?

Don't cry, dumbass.
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