10 Lives (2024)

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Children/Disney/Pixar Movie Collection.
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10 Lives (2024)

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[Bee buzzing]

[birds chirping]

[buzzing continues]

[pleasant music playing]

[horse whinnies]

[sheep bleating]

[cat meowing]


um, good horsey.


beckett: oi, oi!

It's me, beckett the cat at your service.


okay, then.

I hear you ask,

isn't this a movie

about a cat?

Oh, me-ow!

Yep. That's right.

[Professor craven exclaims]

beckett: and that is what

we're gonna sort out.


beckett: how is it I ended up

looking like a horse, when in actual fact,

I'm supposed to

look like this?

Mmm, there I am.

That's right, that's me,

many, many lives ago.

Cute, cuddly and, er...

- [Stomach rumbling]

- starving.

[Meows sadly]

I can't believe it.

They've left me in the outside again.

[Meows softly]

it's okay.

Because I've got

it all worked out.

Find a lap.

Purr when stroked.

Easy peasy, just as long as

your human doesn't get too needy.

That's right, I like to

live the life of luxury, is what I say.

Oh, and don't get run over,

'cause that hurts.

- That, that really hurts.

- [Cell phone ringing]

rose: whoa!



- hello?

- Professor craven: rose shukla!

My favorite student!

How are you, my dear?

Professor craven.

Nice to hear from you.

- Is everything okay?

- Yes.

In fact, it's good news!

The board of governors

have asked me for a video presentation of your latest work

on, um, the bee problem.

Rose: gosh. Okay.

When do they want it?

Well, don't worry,

you'll have plenty of time to prepare.

Rose: oh, thank goodness

for that.

As long as you're ready

by the end of the summer...

[Tires screech]

- ...that should do it.

- Rose: professor!

I'm not sure I can put

something together by then.

My lab partner

left town unexpectedly and I'm completely on my own.

Professor craven:

well, I'm sure you'll think of something, you always do.

Anyway, gotta go now.

- Lovely chatting.

- Rose: uh, no, no, no! No, no! Wha...

Professor craven?



Ugh! August?

That's impossible.

Oh, larry, I hope you

fall off your surfboard.



[tires screeching]

phew! Oh, that was close.

[Sighs in relief]

hang on, bruv.


don't judge me.

Oh! Ah! Ouch!

Oh! Oh, my gosh!

[Beckett wheezing]

oh, please be okay,

little kitten, please be okay.


Is that you, mama?


it's gonna be okay.

- I promise.

- [Coughing]


Somebody help!




animal shelter!

[Car sputters]

rose: [exhales] hello?

Hello, sorry,

can someone please help me? Hi.

- Hello, hi. Is anyone...

- [Bird chirping]

hello, lovely.

What can I do for you?

He just came

out of nowhere, and...

You just

calm down, sweetheart, I'll check him.

[Bird chirping]

rose: is he dead?

Shelter worker:

well, he's not breathing much.


he's not a nest! Move your bum!

[Gasping, coughing]

shelter worker:

ooh, well, look at that!

He still has a few left,

after all.

- What?

- Oh, uh, nine lives, of course.

- Every cat has 'em.

- [Beckett purring]


[Chuckles softly]


All this fella really needs

is a warm fire and some of mum's tuna fish casserole.

Excuse me? Me?

No, I'm not...


he's not...

I've got all this work to do,

and then by august, and I just... No!

- I can't.

- [Meows]

oh, I'm sorry, love.

My tongue's ahead

of my brain, as usual.

Like my old mum

used to say,

you can lead

a horse to water,

but don't you dare

bring it into the bathroom again,

especially when

your dad's taking a bath.


- [chitters]

- [shelter worker sighs]

don't worry, dear.

He's probably just

trying to find his way home, or something.

He'll be fine.

- [Dogs barking in distance]

- [meowing softly]


what are you

thinking, rose?

Oh, knickers!

- [Bell chimes]

- is he still here?

The little fella

you dropped off 30 seconds ago?


let me check.


- [Car starting]

- don't worry.

- I'm a really good driver.

- [Car sputtering]

[beckett screeches]

aw, you must be hungry.


how did you pass your test?

[Beckett screams]

watch the corners!

Watch the corners!

Watch the corners!

Watch the corners!


hold on. [Gasps]

is this my new home?

Wow, I must be dreaming!

- [Brakes screech]

- beckett: whoa! Oh.

Oh, no.

I'm awake now. Oh!


Home sweet home!

[Sighs wearily]

okay. Uh, tidy up,

then food, then work.



ooh, no other pets.

Okay, that's cool.



an indoor bathroom!



- [sniffing] oof!

- [Beckett urinating]

- [sighs in relief]

- oh, boy!


[Rose sighs]

oh, this is a mistake.

What have I done?

I've got a kitten.

Mum would go crazy!


but boy, you're so cute!

Look at this pollen.

It's absolutely covered

in the stuff.

[Sighs softly] oh, well.

That's what you get for working with bees.


now then. Food.



Puss? [Gasps]

oh, what are you doing?

[Machine beeping]

- [whimpering]

- rose: oh!

Oh, no! How did

you get in there?


oh, dear.

I'm so sorry, little...

Wait a minute.

A name.

You need a name, puss.

Now let's see.

Beckett! Yes!

- It means beehive

in old english. - [Purring]

what do you say to that,


[Meow echoes]

[chuckles] okay.

Well, how about some milk

to celebrate?


[ love you by

zayn mailk playing]

I'm beside you till morning

all I need is my body

to love you

to love you

it's working! Yes!

It's easy

to love you

- [shattering]

- [gasps] oh.

To love you

to love you

it's easy to love you

I'm beside you till morning

all I need is my body

[bee humming]

[growling softly]

rose: oh!

It's electric.


Gotta keep them out of the garden.




I must admit

you're my hobby

doing things I do

for nobody

for you


To love you

to love you

- it's easy

- to love you

- it's easy

- to love you


to love you

to love you

[bee buzzing]

it's easy

- not like the rest

- [meowing]

this is the best

this is the best


Not like the rest

this is the best

this is the best part of life


this is the best part of life

- to love you

- it's easy

- to love you

- it's easy

to love you


professor craven.

I've managed to

upload the samples.

- No! Beckett!

- [Glass shattering]

[inhales sharply]


to love you

rose: okay, little guy,

this might pinch a little.


Here we go.

- [Beckett meows]

- aw, I'm sorry, puss.

[Whispering] I know, I know.


Bees try very hard

not to sting.

That's really

the last resort.

Because once they

lose their stinger, they...

So give them

space and...

And they'll respect you.


you know, you and i,

we're like our own little hive now.

- You found

your forever home. - [Meows]

and I'm gonna

keep you safe and warm.

What do you say

to that, beckett?

- [Purrs]

- oh! [Chuckles]

[sighs contentedly]



[Beckett yawning]

goodnight, beckett.



Hey! [Laughs]

what's going on, bruv?

As you can see, um,

I've got a sensational crib.

Thank you. [Laughs]



you know,

rose really takes care of things round here,

like me.

And I take care

of eating and, uh...

Yeah, just, uh,

just sleeping and eating.

Stop looking at my belly.

I like eating, okay?


Oh, and I got a new toy.

- Sorry I didn't introduce you.

- [Toy squeaks]

mr. Squeaks, this is, mis... No?

He's gone a bit shy. [Chuckles]

this is the best life ever.

- [Horn blaring]

- [shrieks]

sorry, mr. Squeaks,

I'm so sorry, my guy.

- [Car rattling, sputtering]

- [horn blares]


[groans, sighs]


[groaning in pain]

[gasps] I knew it!

The zombie apocalypse is happening!

Rose? Quick! Save yourself!

[Larry groans]

oh, my brain hurts.

Rose: [shushes] get down!

- I told you. This is how

walking dead started. - [Breathing heavily]

don't look into their eyes.

That's larry.

My, um...

[Sighs in exasperation]

my ex-boyfriend.

Oh, right.

He's a nitwit.

But he's a genius

with bees.

[Fabric ripping loudly]

beckett: ugh,

who wants to see that?

Oh, breath of fresh air!

What a stupid hair...

Why is his hair like that?

Oi, oi!

Oh, larry, why do you

have to come now?

[Sighs in exasperation]

no, don't! What if

he eats our brains?

When we're sleeping!

And I sleep a lot.

Whoa! All right, rose?

Can I use your shower?

Hi, larry. I thought

you were doing your surfing odyssey thing.

Yeah. Things didn't work out.

Oh, really?

It turns out I can't swim.

[Scoffs] whoa!

[Rose gasps, grunts]

larry: what?

You can't swim either.

I know I can't swim,

but I didn't

suddenly announce, "surf's up," and take off

without saying a word

for nine weeks! Did i?

Larry: [nervously]

so, what's up with the bees, then?

Making any progress?

Rose: [scoffs] a bit.

It takes longer...


I don't like this guy.

I don't like his vibes.

It's either me, or it's him.

And it's him.

He's gotta go, rose.

Hello! Can someone

listen to the cat?



oh, lush! You got a cat.

Eh, old chubbers.

What's appertaining?

Huh? [Chuckles]

- [beckett snarling]

- [larry screaming]



- don't hurt my cat!

- [Larry groaning]


[sneezing, groaning]


what's up with you?

I think I'm just, uh,

allergic to your cat.

- [Retching]

- his name is beckett.

Say hi, beckett.

Good cat.

Say bye, beckett.

[Beckett snarling]

it's a bit odd,

though, innit?

I didn't use to be

allergic to cats.

- Yeah, I agree.

- [Sneezes]

it is a bit odd,

isn't it, larry?

It just goes to show

how you can go for years

not being allergic to something

and then overnight... Bye!

- Oh, my gosh!

- Huh? Hmm.

Why didn't I

think of this before?

Of course!

Beckett: no, man,

this is not happening!

No, no!

Oh, this is

the worst day of my life.


we've been looking for a virus.


but what if it's

an allergic response?

Something in

the environment.

Yes, if allergies can suddenly

appear in people, then...

Why not bees?

Beckett: hmm? [Growls]

larry: what if we can

formulate, like a, a bee serum and, and...

Rose: antihistamine.

[Gasps] oh!

Oh, craven should know

we're changing our approach.

- [Sighs in relief]

- I'll call him.

[Toy squeaks]

allergic to cats, yeah?

It's on.

I'm gonna

make your life a living hell.

Larry: rose?

Pizza's here!

[Inhales deeply]



I love pepperoni!



[Laughing evilly]



mmm, mmm...


[Clicks tongue]

hmm, unusual flavor.


[Larry sneezing uncontrollably]

[larry groaning]

- [screaming]

- food's [sniffs] ready. [Grunting]

[exclaims, grunts]

oh, my gosh, larry!

How on earth?

- [Larry groaning]

- [beckett humming]

[larry groans]

rose: beckett?



- hmm, told ya.

He's a zombie. - Rose: come on.

[Rose grunts]

rose, no!

Rose, is this

some kind of mistake?

I'm in the outside.

Whoa! Wow, you look terrible.

You're not gonna

leave him out there, are you?

- Um... [Sighs wearily]

- [beckett meows]

he'll be okay.

For a few minutes.


Look, craven wants us

to check in tomorrow.

We still have a lot to do

when, let's face it, you're useless like this.


no, man,

this is not happening. Mmm-mmm, no.

I'm not sharing rosie

with anyone!

- [Larry sneezes]

- this is my house.

I need to get back in there.

How can I get back? How can I get back?

How can I get back in there?

How can i... Ah, the cat door, let's go!

Here we go.

[Grunting, farts]



why's she feeding me so much?


[bottle rolling]

[hawk screeching]

[beckett grunting]

beckett: get off!

[Rat squeaking]


Rose? Have you seen my keys?

What? We don't need

to take separate cars, you know.

I've driven with you before,


Ah, excuse me,

I'm a good driver!

Hmm, separate cars?

[Laughs evilly]

[rat squeaking]

[rat squeals]







Yes. Oh, that's gonna work.

I just need... Yes!



[beckett straining]

beckett: one, two, three.

[Rose grunts with effort]

larry: I can't find

them anywhere.

I don't know

where your keys are, larry,

but can we please

just take my car? We're gonna be late.

Oh, where

the bloomin' heck are they?

You don't think beckett

would have...

Rose: we've got

to get going.

[Laughing evilly]


- rose: never mind your keys,

have you seen beckett? - Larry: nope.

Rose: I can't find him anywhere.


maybe he's with my keys.

[Car starting]

[car sputtering]

what? How can

they just change plans like that?

That's so inconsiderate!

Are you serious? Oh...

Oh... [Gasps]

oh, f...

[Groans] oh, my head.

- [Button clicking]

- [sighs]

[elevator dings]

guy: this is

guy benoit bedoire.

And you're listening

to my playlist,

"heavenly jazz

for the curious soul" on spotify.


number 55 to window c.

Oh, this place

is getting worse.




[bee buzzing]

[craven exclaims]

- hello?

- Craven: oh!

[Chuckles] rose shukla!

How nice to see you.

Um, uh, come on in, come on in.

And, um, uh...



[Chuckles nervously]


Oh, come on,

it's your final year.

Call me richard.

And how's my

favorite bee-havioral scientist?

- [Both laughing]

- good one.

Yes, sorry to

keep you waiting.

The tech expo has

turned the campus into a bit of a madhouse.

Oh, no, no.

Of course, profess... [Chuckles]

I mean, richard.

Thank you for

seeing us so quickly...

Um, well, as I said

on the phone, we've had a bit of a breakthrough.

- Our initial results

show that... - Now, now. [Laughs]

there's no need for that.

There's no need.

After our call, last night,

I realized just how groundbreaking

this allergy hypothesis is.

Dare I say,

it's bee-autiful!

- [Both laughing]

- [snorts]

so what are you waiting for?

- Really?

- Absolutely!

If you promise me

that you can produce a working serum

and the video of your process

by showtime, no probs.

Yes! Yes, of course!

Oh, thank you so much, profe...

[Chuckles awkwardly]

thank you so much, richard.

You know me.

There's nothing

more important than bee conservation.

Oh, my gosh!

I can' believe it!

How about

a celebratory cappuccino?

I'm buying.

Wow, okay.

Yeah, sounds good.

Thanks, larry.

- [Car starting]

- oh no, wait, I'm broke.

[Rose laughs]

well, some things never change.

- Hmm. Mmm. Ugh!

- [Bee buzzing]


Got him!

- [Bee buzzing]

- [groans]

- [door opens]

- aha, there you are.

I might have

a little extra work for you boys.

Rose shukla is

on to something, keep an eye on her.

Make sure it's not too easy.



number 68 to window c.

[Sighs in disappointment]

aha! Finally!

Excuse me, young man,

I believe I'm number 68.

You're 89, grizabella,


Oh, my mistake,

I do beg your pardon.

Do you know how long

I have been waiting here?

Cut the catnip, baby boy.

There ain't no time in heaven

and you used up your last life.

What? Last?

No! I'm on like four, cuz.


okay, maybe five, but...

- Okay, five tops.

- [Grace clears throat]

let me see.

Fifth life, paw in toaster.


Sixth life, head stuck

in goldfish bowl.



chicken nugget incident?

Um, I can

explain that, i, um...

Mmm, okay,

I can't explain that.

Eighth, fight with mime artist

over pretend sandwich?

- [Scoffs, laughs]

- he was trained in france, bruv.

Convincing me, like...

And ninth life,

removing wheel on rival's car.

Holy moly!

That really stinks.

Even for you.

Okay, listen. I'm just

experiencing a wide range of experiences

to become

more experienced, um...

- Hmm.

- Nine lives just isn't enough.

Everyone knows that.

Come on, there must be

something you can do, huh?


Read the sign.

It says beckett is cashed out,

and must take this form

and his deceased butt to the ethereal elevator.

- [Elevator rattling]

- [cat exclaiming]

sign here.

Okay, the first eight

were a total waste.

[Laughs] you think?

But this life was different.

I found rose and

she actually likes me.

No, she...

She loves me.

She, she's everything

I've ever looked for.

She gave me a home,

a basket, food, mr. Squeaks.

She even built me

a cat tree.

Honestly, if I could do

anything just to repay her love, I'd...

[Sighs sadly]

forget it.

I'll go now.

Well, I'm, I'm sorry for

badgering you.

[Sighs, grunts]

not so fast, de niro.

Huh? Talking to me?

What'd you say back there?

Sorry about badgering you?


Beckett: hmm?

- We have a programme

for special cases. - Hmm.

They only let me do this

once a year and you meet the boss' requirements.

- What requirements?

- Impossible causes.

It's his hobby. Better run it

upstairs first, for approval.

So... What do you think, sir?

Yeah, he is impossible,

all right.

A repeat offender. Hopeless.


possible sociopath.

Hey, i...

I'm right here, you know.

Shh. Uh-huh. Mmm-hmm.

Okey dokey.


Boss says you're approved.

You get a full reset.

Nine brand new lives.

Yes! [Gasps]

thank you!

Oh, my gosh, grace, thank you so much.

Simmer down, romeo.

You get to go back,

but it's not what you think.

Listen. I don't care,

'cause everything is gonna be different.

I can change.

Oh, believe me,

if the boss has got anything to do with it...

- You will.

- Ah, thank you.



- [owl hooting]

- rose: beckett!

Beckett! Come on.

Come on, puss.

- [Toy squeaking]

- [sighs heavily]

- beckett?

- [Toy squeaks]

where are you?

Please come home.

[Toy squeaks sadly]

- [thunder crashes]

- [beckett screaming]

[beckett grunts]

it worked!

Tail. Paws. Nose.

I'm back!

Another chance to be

the best cat I can be.


I'm gonna be so different.

I'm gonna be kind.

I'm gonna be helpful.



Um, I'm getting

a bit emotional.


phew, I'm not crying.

[Larry sneezing]

beckett: larry!

[Beckett grunting]

[yawns] what a day.

[Rose moans]



Oh, is that really you?


oh, you came back, puss.


I was so worried.

[Snoring softly]

larry: the beehives!

Rose! Quickly!

Oh, it must be

the badgers again.

- Oh, no, no, no, no...

- What's going on?

Uh, okay. Hold on!

Okay, um,

I'll be right down.



[screaming] badger!

Badger? Rose!

[Laughs] what are you talking about?

Oh, look at that.


there's a badger over there.

- Get out!

- [Exclaims]

- off the bed! Get out! Get out!

- It's me, beckett! It's me! Ow!

- Someone help me!

- [Screaming]

she's k*lling badgers! Help!

Help me!

She's a badger k*ller!

We got

a badger k*ller here!

[Larry groaning]

I hope you've got

medical insurance, larry boy!




[Larry grunting]



- [Electricity crackling]

- [beckett exclaiming]


Hmm, grace!


[beckett grunting]

holy cats!

You just set

a new record there.

Ha-ha. Very funny.


There seems to be

some kind of mistake.

A badger?

I'm supposed to be a cat. Remember?

I told you it wasn't

gonna be easy.

You get nine new lives,

but all as different animals.

It's how

the programme works.

Well, it's

a stupid programme then, isn't it?


point is, every life

is a challenge and an opportunity.

Don't waste 'em.

Uh, but...

Grace: it's like my mama

used to say.

All cats

are grey at night.

What's that

supposed to mean?

It's what's inside

that counts, genius.

Beckett: oh,

do you know what?

Your mum...

[Beckett screams]

bye bye.

[Sinister music playing]

craven: so, you tipped

over the hives.

What then?


We got covered in bees.

So we legged it, boss.


It's what's inside

that counts.


The queen,

you nincompoops!

She'll have survived!

- The queen!

- The queen!

Oh, not that queen!

And we're ruled

by a king now, duh.

I meant the queen bee!

Head of the hive!

- [Bee buzzing]

- [sighs in exasperation]

you don't know

how one small insect can change the world.

I was just six years old

when fate made my buttocks the target.

It set me behind

for life.


I should have checked

the toilet before I sat down, of course, I should.

How was I to know?

- My pink posterior

in the full flower of youth. - Ow!

A bare bottomed bullseye

for that assassin.

[Bee continues buzzing]

[continues snickering]

oh, yes,

have a laugh, they all did.

The kids, the teacher.

Even mother. [Sobs]

nevertheless, gentlemen,

I will be nobody's number two.

[Both continue snickering]

get those smirks

off your plump, round cheeks!

From that time forward,

my swollen sit-upon was always the butt of the joke.

But, no more

mr. Nice guy professor, living on a pittance.

Once I have control

of the food chain,

never again will I be called

dicky numb bum.

[Both laughing]

both: dicky numb bum?

Craven: cut it out! Quiet!

- Get out of my sight!

- [Both continue laughing]

and don't come back

unless you've stopped rose shukla's experiments.

By whatever means

necessary! [Sobbing]

they can sting me

with their words,

but let's see how they feel

once I am unimaginably rich.

[Chuckles softly]

[hawk screeching]

larry: there, yeah. What? Duh!

[Sighs wearily]

[exclaims] are you kidding me?

Oh, there's nothing worse

than a rat.

Oh, a dog of course,

but come on. A rat?

Rats are the scum

of the earth.

Ugh, I stink!

I smell like the back of an earring.

Ugh, what am I

supposed to do?

Scare rose into

recognizing me?

"Hi, rose.

Remember me? Beckett.


You don't know me?

"Yeah, 'cause I'm a rat!"

Come on!

No one likes rats.

[Rat squeals, cries]

[beckett laughing]


ow, that hurt!



[groans, panting]

rose: we shouldn't

have put him outside.

Hey, he's a cat.

Nine lives and all that.

But it's been days.


and we're so near

the coast road.

What if he's hurt out there,

calling, unable to be heard?

Beckett: rose! Rose!

I have a feeling

beckett's gonna surprise us all.

When he walks back in here,

like the rat that got the cream.

- Oh!

- [Cries out in pain]

the cat, larry,

the cat that got the cream, beckett's a cat.

- He's not a rat.

- Whatever.

- He'll be fine. You'll see.

- Beckett: hey! Stop acting like you can't hear me, man.

Hey, get away from my girl,

you one-eyed-browed home-wrecker!



how can I get in?



through the cat door.




ooh, that hurt.

[Chuckles evilly]

this is the worst day

of my life.

I'm coming, larry.

[Laughs] I'm coming.


almost there.

Let's go, let's go.

This is hard.

Something's coming down

the chimney for you, larry boy. [Laughs]

and it ain't even

christmas. Whoo!

- Ho ho ho!

- [Hawk screeches]

beckett: this is all

your fault, larry!

- A rat, really?

- [Grace chuckles]

if the shoe fits, buddy boy.

Oh, excuse me?

If you behave like a rat,

that's what you'll be,

so don't come crawling back

to me with that attitude, or I'll...

[Laughs] oh... Oh, yeah.

- Beckett: what?

- Don't move!

- Beckett: what are you doing?

- I got my eyes on you.



I got my eyes on you!


- [beckett screaming]

- grace: bye bye.

[Beckett groans]

I'm a, ugh, a cockroach.

Oh, come on, bruv!

Is it just me,

or is she having a laugh?

Rose: larry, come on,

is there anything, anywhere we haven't thought of?

Larry: I don't know.

We papered the whole town with posters

and we've checked

every animal shelter along the coast.

There are

quite a few rabbit traps around here, as well.

Oh, and then of course

there's the farmer's dogs...

[Gasps] beckett!


[Clears throat]

hey, I'm sure

he'll be fine.

Everything was fine

until you showed up, and now I'm a freaking bug.

- [Phone ringing]

- [gasps] somebody must have found him.

- Hello?

- Craven: rose shukla!

Oh, hi, richard.

Craven: how are you, my dear?

Rose: yeah, not too great.


I am indestructible!

And you're... Sitting...

On my cushion.


nasty piece of poop!

- Huh?

- [Beckett laughing]

craven: everything okay?

You sound a bit

down in the dumps.

It's been a rough week.

The hives were vandalized.

A lot of the bees flew away.

And, um...


my cat's gone missing.

Craven: oh, no. Sorry, rose.

So much for

the deadline then?

Richard, is there any way

you could give us more time?

Craven: I wish I could.

Do your best.

We can discuss alternative

plans after you've found your cat, okay?

[Beckett shouting indistinctly]

beckett: indestructible!

[Larry groaning]


thank you, richard. Bye.

[Rose sobs]

[larry groaning]

larry: listen.

I know the weight

of the world's on your shoulders right now,

but we have to focus.

We've done everything

we can for beckett.

We're so close

to a breakthrough.

You're right.

Thank you, larry.

It's time to pull

my big girl socks up.

- And, uh, put

some trousers on? - Larry: okay.

We've got work to do.

Literally everything around

here reminds me of beckett.

Get the posters,

will you?

[Larry groaning]

- [melancholy music playing]

- [sighs]

[toy squeaks]


what do you want

to do with these?


[Shredder whirring]

[beckett laughing]

I told you I was


Great, perfect timing.


how do you feel

about that life?

Ah, I've gone to pieces,

haven't i?

Look, how about

sending me back as something

that can communicate

with humans, yeah?

Oh, yeah.

[Beckett screaming]


what the heck?


stop it.

Oh, get off, man.

I said, cut it out.

Wait, I know you.

[Bell jingling]


shelter worker:

quiet down, you lot.

Where's your manners?

Morning, love.

How can I help you?

[Sighs heavily]

do you take donations?


What have you got there?

Rose: these

belonged to my cat.


hang on a minute.

I remember now.

You adopted the kitten

with the different colored eyes.

What on earth happened?

Well, he just

disappeared one day, and, uh...


what a cutie.

Oh, look at that!

That birdie really likes you!

It's funny,

but he's got different colored eyes, too.

You're right.

Bit cheeky, I know,

but he could really use a good home.

Oh, I'm sorry,

I'm just not ready for another pet.

No probs, love.

Let's have

a little look see.

A jingle ball.

- And a squeaky bird.

- [Toy squeaks]

shelter worker:

oh, that's lovely.

Actually... Not that.

[Bell chiming]

shelter worker:

oh, blimey.

He must have loved that.

Yeah, he did.


weird. [Chuckles]

I'm gonna miss that cat.

I'm sorry I wasn't

nicer to you, mate.



I really should have been a lot nicer to you, larry.

I should have been

nicer to a lot of people.

Sorry, man.

Well, bloomin' heck,

some cat's gonna be in heaven with all this stuff.

- Thank you, love.

- [Sighs heavily]

rose: time to go.


I love you!

I'm sorry, mr. Birdie,

you'll find a home one day.

I promise.

I wish you'd see me

stop looking for someone

that I used to be

and just see me

you're still what I want

am I still what you need?

Don't let me get lost

I don't know what to do

can't you see me standing

right in front of you?

Just see me

if you could see me

I'm half of the person

that I used to be

if you could see me

you're still what I want

yeah, you're still what I need

without you I'm lost

don't know what to do

in my dreams I'm standing

right in front of you

if you could see me

if you could see me

now my heart is lost

in a world without you

if you could see me

is it worth it to love

when there's so much to lose

is it worth it to love

[toy squeaks]


oh, who are you?

- [Grunts]

- I'm happy!

'Course you are.


move, bruv.

Hey, wanna go

chase this ball?

Why would I wanna do that?

Um, because

you're a dog.


Ugh, really? A dog?

I love my ball!

And I also love bacon,

I love cheese, I love digging holes,

and dirty underpants and...

Water from the potty.


What do you love?

Not dogs!

Huh? [Exclaims]

what's with the ugly cat?

[Exclaims] you'd better

watch your tone.

I was... Well, I am.

I'm a very handsome cat.

You're weird.

Did a frisbee

hit you too hard?

Is that what happened?

Wait! [Sniffing]

what is that smell?

My butt?

No, stupid!

[Sniffs] it's rose.

I didn't eat a flower.

Or did i?

I can't seem to

get a strong scent. How do i...

No, no, no, no, no.

You're... You're doing it all wrong.

You have to

put your nose to the ground.

Like this!


this is incredible!


smells are like pictures.

Okay, maybe your mama

dropped you on your face, or something?

Were you abducted

by aliens?

Wait! Are you an alpaca?

[Laughs] rose went this way!

[Gasps] I can

follow her trail home.

Come on, cuz,

follow me!

Now you're

talking like a dog!

Do you have

stuff at home I can chew on?

Slippers? Bones? An ipad?

You know, you're my

best friend ever.

And I'm never

gonna leave you.

Never ever, ever,

ever, ever, ever.

Man: happy! Here, boy!

Time to go home! Bye!

Yay! I love my home!

Home! [Sighs]

that's why he's so happy.

Okay. Nose to the ground.


[laughs] rose,

I'm coming home! Whoo!


I'm alive, because you opened my eyes

because you opened my eyes

how did you do it?

I'm going home

I'm feeling happy tonight

I'm feeling happy tonight

how did you do it?

Take 'em high

and, oh...

I'm in love with this energy

it's taking over me

hang on.


patchouli and lentils?


I can smell the homemade

brewery from here.

Mmm-hmm. Mmm.

And they're vegan. [Gasps]

yep, definitely hipsters.

This is the business,

right here.

Hope you're right.

We're running out

of binding patterns.

And time.

Larry: administering

35 cc's of test solution.

[Liquid pouring]



turn it off.

Give it a second.

Look, look,

look, look, look!

Rose: it's working!

- It's working!

- Yes!

It's working,

it's working, it's working!

- What?

- Um...

We gotta go show

this to craven, today.

- I'll grab my keys.

- Whoa, whoa!

I need a few close-ups.

Make it quick,

we've gotta go!

We'll have to

smash that lab to smithereens.

Kirk: ah, here it is.


oh, doggy!

Hello, boy.

[Barking ferociously]

[both screaming]

kirk: he's got my leg!

[Beckett continues barking]

larry, come on!


fetch, doggy!

- [Barks]

- [laughs]

[car starting]

ah, I can't believe

I fell for that.

Me. Fetch.

- Larry, will you just move your

bum and come on, we're late! - [Honking]

we've lost him.

I tell you what, though,

I think I'd rather deal with a mad dog than a mad craven.

What are we gonna tell him?

Kirk: maybe if we keep

driving, we can hit scotland by nightfall.

Cameron: nice looking pup.

I hope we didn't scare him.


Here's fluffy!


kirk: get it off me!

[All screaming]

now this is why we put

our seatbelts on.


beckett: I hate water!

I'm underwater!

I'm drowning!

I can't breathe! I can't...

I can breathe.

I'm a fish.

I'm a fish. [Sighs]

all right, beckett,

come on, think.

You fell into the ocean.

You have to get to dry land.

I need to find rose

and tell her about these g*ons.

How are we gonna

do this, beckett?

No idea,

but I'm gonna try.

To the rescue!

Here we go.


[grunts] hard water.

Rose: ...now it's our

turn to help... Beckett: rose!

So, that's how

we'll save the bees.

This is amazing.

You've done it.

And in record time.


so... Um, I take it

you're ready to present this to the board?

Yeah, I'll edit the video

a bit, put together a few diagrams,

then bob's your uncle.

Bob's your...

Oh, well, yes, of course, um, the, the video.

Could I suggest

you do a live presentation instead?

Bring your bees

on stage with you.

- What?

- Larry: that's bonkers.

A video lacks a certain

je ne sais quoi.

I don't know why,

but, uh,

it'll be so much more

visceral to appear in person,

with an audience,

so much more impressive to the board of governors.

Oh, um...

Well, professor,

I mean, richard...

That's a whole

different thing.

We'd have to get new equipment,

rehearse a foolproof scenario.

Not to mention

transporting the bees.

There's just so much

that could go wrong.

Yes, good, good.

- Rose: pardon?

- Uh...

Oh, good thing

that... [Stuttering]

whatever you need...

I'll provide it.

Oh, dear! I'm afraid

I'm late for, um, uh...

Spin class,

yes, spin class.

- No, no, no.

No, I need you to... - Congratulations!

- This is just the beginning.

- Sorry, professor, but we...

I will see you

and, um, wendy.

- It's still larry.

- Uh, yes, uh.

In two days. Cheerio. Ta-ta.


Hmm, something smells fishy.


and it ain't me.

I knew it, I could smell it.

You dirty...

You had one job.

How is it that

you couldn't stop a couple of boffins

from doing

a science experiment?

We were gonna

destroy the lab and this big puppy came...

Oh, I wish I was

that puppy right now, I'd bite your bum.

[Barks, groans]

I don't suppose it crossed

your vacuous minds to dispense with the interfering pooch?

Hurt a doggy?

- Never!

- Never!

You useless

great lumps of meat.

What's the use of

a henchman that doesn't... Hench.

You two are proof

that evolution can work backwards.

What kind of game

are you playing, huh? Huh?

Gentlemen, I'm going

to ruin rose shukla

in front of the world's

scientific elite.

No one will take the idea

of bee conservation seriously ever again.

Oi, don't you

dare touch her! Slimy...

And once I make sure

she is completely discredited,

my superior inventions

can finally...

- [Both exclaiming]

- ...take flight!

Uh, what are they?

These, gentlemen,

are the future.

Nature's bees are dying out,

and without them pollinating the crops...

Well, no more food.

Um, you're saving the bees?


no, you ignoramus, I expect them to die.

[Laughs evilly]

soon every farmer

in every country will need my robo-drones,

and out of the goodness

of my heart, I will provide them.

- At an...

- I'm gonna get you!

...exorbitant price,

of course.

Either that, or, how sad,

civilization can starve.

Both: whoa!

Craven: soon I shall

become the richest,

the most powerful man

in the world!

No, man.

You think you can

get away with this?

I'm about to show you

the slap of the yellow tail.


ah, crap.

Craven: gentlemen.

[Both whimpering]

to the future.

He's choking.

Take that, sucker!

- [Hawk screeches]

- [exclaims]

oh, it turned out

nice again.

Hey, hey!

Whoo! How's it going?

Eighty-nine, high five!

Can I get some love?

Did you guys see that?

I caught it on the live stream.

Where d'you keep

the cameras, huh?

Huh? I'll give you

a real performance

if you tell me where

the cameras are, come on.

[Clears throat]

it's best if you don't think about it.

Oh, look at you.

All cheery with your big, stupid face.

That's kind of rude.

I'll let it go. I'll let it go.

How's it feel

doing something for someone else?

You know what?

Pretty good.

The hawk kind of

surprised me. Again.

But hey, listen,

we've all gotta eat in the ecosystem of life.

You know what I'm saying?


so, yeah, but this is

where I get to be a cat again, right?

- 'Cause I've helped rose,

so therefore I get... - [Grace laughs]

that's not how this works.

Doing something nice

for someone is its own reward.

Listen, I need to

stop horsing around soon,

because... [Exhales]

rose needs me and I need rose.

Hmm, seriously.


Grace: bye bye.

...horsing around...

I get it. It's a bit cheap.

But I get it.

Ah! Rose.

[Kisses] lush.


the last one's done.

Yeah, we did it.

[Both sigh]

oh, larry, I've been meaning

to say you've been such a great horse.

- Larry: horse?

- [Gasps]


- Oh!

- Aw.

He must have got

out of the pasture.

[Clicks tongue] hey, fella.


[Sighs softly] it's okay.



Whoa! Look at his eyes.

- They're just like...

- Let's get you home, boy.

Come on, horsey.

[Clicks tongue] come on.

After you, my lady.

Oh, why, thank you,

kind sir. [Chuckles]

- [buzzing]

- [choking]

- are you all right?

- [Clears throat]

yeah, i...

Apparently, i... I swallowed a fly.

Rose: well, some things

never change.


Look at that sunset!

So romantic.


- uh... I, uh...

- Um...


I have something

I wanna tell you.

Would you guys


I just... Whoa!

That it.

Mission complete.

[Chuckles wryly]

perhaps I'll never be a cat ever again.

But, that's all good.

I could live

happily ever after, right here, just like this.

Just up the hill

from my english rose.

[Sighs contentedly]

[car approaching]


[Craven clears throat]


oh, this is

gonna be good!

Carl, get the popcorn.

Carl: salty or sweet?

Craven: hello?



right in my knackers.


ah, it's gonna hurt.


Hello? Gary?

If you want

something done properly, do it yourself.

Now, then.

Where's the serum?

Come on.

[Straining, grunting]


my my, they have been busy.

What a shame,

I'll have to, um...


[laughing evilly]

[hooves clomping]



um, good horsey.

Oh, meow!


there's a good boy.



[craven groans]

- yes! Get him, get him!

- Got him!

- Uppercut!

- Hit him with a chair.

[Stuttering] don't hurt me!



calm down!



no, no, no, don't.

[Stammering nervously]


[all exclaim]

that's gotta hurt.






ow, ow, ow! No!



- rose: what was that?

- Huh?

That doesn't sound good.

Rose: come on.



[car starting]

[rose panting]

what the heck?

- [Rose gasps]

- oh!

Oh, my gosh!


oh, no.

[Larry straining]


- Oh...

- [Larry sighs]

no, no, no, no, no. No!


[Rose sobbing]

look at what you've done!

All our work, gone.

Oh, just... Get out!

Get out, get out,

go on, shoo! Just get out!

Back where

you came from, you horrible animal!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Oh, no, you don't, you ginormous twillock!

Yeah. [Scoffs]

hey, we can make

another batch.

[Scoffs] with what?

Everything's gone.

All of it.


[exclaims] not quite.

[Thunder rumbling]

hey, grace.

I don't know if

you can hear me.

Um, I need...

I need your help.

'Cause i... I just don't know

what I'm doing anymore.

- [Sighs wearily]

- sorry, I had to zap you.

Don't worry about it.

Don't, I'm done.

Grace: what do you mean,

you're done?

Do you know

what folks would give to have two more lives?

I'll take them, dearie.

This ain't a charity, toots.

What about rose?

She's better off without...

Look, I just made things

a lot worse down there.

Nobody wastes

lives like me.


I don't wanna ruin hers, so, I'm out.

She needs you now

more than ever.

- Hmm...

- And besides.


I'm counting on you.

[Orchestral music playing]


[Door opens]


rose, uh...

Whoa! And, uh, mimi.

[Larry groans]


well, you, you, you, you made it!

Well done! Um...

The show must

go on, right?

- Yes, indeed.

- Rose: hmm.

Break a leg.

[Chuckles weakly]

break a couple.


- Rose is here.

- Rose is here.



you noticed, did you?

As you can see,

I'm a little busy right now,

so you can do me a favor

and just make sure

the serum is ready!

- [Both groan]

- [sighs in disgust]

I need you

to swap the serum.

[Both groaning in pain]

- craven: clear?

- Got it, boss.


I'm not saying you're slow,

but your train of thought is a replacement bus service.

[Both mumble nervously]

we got a car, boss.

[Sighs in exasperation]

calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people.

[Announcer speaks indistinctly]

[people clapping]

cam? I really don't like

all this spying and sabotage and...

My moral compass

is feeling all...

You know...

Look, soon as

mum's out of prison,

we'll open the pub,

slash petting zoo we've always talked about.

Kirk: oh, yeah!

Kirk and cameron:

pets and pints!

Let's get this done

and get out of here.

[Announcer speaking


[beckett gasps]

oh, you've got to

be kidding.

Come on!

What am I gonna do, huh? Huh?

Make her some honey?

[Sighs in exasperation]

rose: bees try

very hard not to sting.

That's really the last resort.

Because once they

lose their stinger...

[Gasps] that's how!

Larry: okay, bee lady.

You'll be great.

Just bee yourself.

When you're ready

this will release the serum into the t*nk.


and with that, ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome

dr. Rose shukla!

[Crowd clapping]

ladies and gentlemen.

Our survival relies on

one of the most selfless creatures on the planet.

The humble honey bee.

Most of the global

food supply is pollinated by bees.


as you probably know, bees are endangered.

Ah, I finally get it.

It really isn't all about me.

So much more.

Huh? No, no, no, you don't!

Hey! Larry! Larry!


the enemy they face is a phenomenon

- known as

colony collapse disorder... - Beckett: can't you hear me?

...an allergy triggered by

a toxic environment that threatens to wipe them out.

Beckett: larry!

[Sighs in exasperation] this is useless.

All right,

how am I gonna...

Come on!

It's just like a cat door.

[Exclaims] buzzing beckett

to the rescue!


- A bee!

- Beckett: oi, mush!

Hey, larry! Yoo hoo!

Larry, come on!


how the heck did you get out?

Beckett: larry, get in the game.

Oi, what do you think

you're doing?

Um... Can tell you

what we're not doing.

We're certainly not

poisoning these here bees.


oi, what you doing?


we've developed a serum

that we believe can effectively help the bees combat ccd...

Let go of me!

Sorry bro,

I'm just following orders.

Whether they know it or not,

bees devote their lives to helping us.

Now it's our turn

to help them.

And we'd like

to show you how.

All right beckett,

let's do this.

Larry: put me down,

you maggots!



Nice follow through, guv.

[Audience murmuring]

everything's all right,

this is quite normal.

It just takes a little

bit of time for the serum to take effect.


Where's my, uh,

my lab partner, larry?

[Clears throat]

oh, no!

- What a terrible shame.

- [Whispering] please, please wake up!

Professor craven.

I'm so sorry, rose.

This has worked before,

I don't understand.

I think what

dr. Shukla has shown us

is the inevitable truth

that we cannot rely

on the natural world to save us.

- So...

- No, no, but this has...

My department

is always planning for the future.

And I'm very excited

to unveil

something I think

you'll find rather special.


put me down, you maggot!

[Audience gasping]

this, ladies and gentlemen,

is the future of crop pollination.

I call them


[Audience gasps]

[laughing evilly]

professor, stop!

Don't worry.

I have complete control over the robodrones.

Except where,

as in this case, [chuckling]

they sense pollen.

And dr. Shukla's lab coat

seems to be covered in the stuff.

[Audience laughing]

once they sense pollen,

only my glove can override the target.

Until then,

they are effectively locked and loaded.

Professor craven,

what are you talking about?

All of our work.

What are you doing?

They are unquestionably

the best way to secure humanity's survival.

Now, I must say,

if it were not for dr. Shukla's

pioneering research

into swarm dynamics,

we wouldn't be

standing here today.

So, thank you, rose.

You can go now.


[softly] I said get off!

Ooh, it's getting

intense down there.

Grace! You've got

to send me back, right now.

Maybe a bear, yeah.

No, a t-rex.

Something big,

with claws, big fangs.


[exclaims] I got you, booboo.

- Well done!

- Hooray!

Grace. Are you

pay-per-viewing my life right now?

Girl's gotta eat,

don't she?

Let's go.

[Larry straining]

don't have to do this,

you know.

Sorry, mate,

we're actually really nice guys.

- [Loud crash]

- [larry exclaims]



- [Snarling]

- you're alive!


aw, it's just a cute

little kitty-cat.

- [Snarling]

- [screaming]

kirk: get him off me!

- [All cheering]

- cheers!


[audience gasps]




[Audience gasps]

[audience gasping]



hey, old chubbers.

Rose: beckett!

Beckett: rose!

Where have you been?

Oh, I missed you so much.

Larry? What's going on?

They switches the vials.


No! Come on,

you useless piece of junk!

Craven had these g*ons

poison the bees.

[All gasp]


we're really nice guys, honestly.

[Laughs] it's ridiculous.

I've never seen these men in my life.

What's really going on here

is your refusal to accept that you failed.


Or is it in your best interest to make sure we fail?

It's all true.

He ordered us

to poison the bees.

[Audience gasp]

[audience booing]

um, stop it!

And also a selection

of other stuff we weren't super supportive of.

How could you?

I trusted you.

Oh, boo hoo, darling!

Welcome to the real world.

- [Grunts]

- cameron: look!

The bees!

Oh, my god, look!

[Audience clapping]

kirk: thank you!

Thanks, everybody!

Oh, beckett.

I missed you so much!

Craven: [grunts]

come on! No!

Work, you...


[all gasping]

[craven laughing]



No, my glove!

Run! Get out of here.


Come on!





help me!

Rose! Look out!

- Huh?

- [Screaming]

- [groaning]

- [happy panting]

oh, hi. I'm happy.

And I love bees.

Did you know

you've got pollen all over your butt?

No, don't! Don't.

Please! Please!





larry: oh, no!

[Rose screams]

help! Somebody help!



the less I speak

the more I say

with my eyes

it's easy enough

to read between the lies

that I've tried to escape

well, I've been thinking

they did you wrong

you can hope that karma knows

they did you wrong

you can hope that karma knows

you can't be gone, puss.

Come on, beckett, come on.



[Continues coughing]

oh, no, no!


I'm so sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.


I'm so sorry, puss. I'm so sorry.

[Rose sobbing] oh, no!

- [Elevator dings]

- [all cheering and clapping]


that was so entertaining.

Thanks, grizabella.

Thanks, guys.



how's it going, grace?

Come here, romeo.

I knew you had it in you.

Um, I'm...

I'm sorry, you know, it took so long.

Hey, now.

There ain't no time in heaven.

Is rose gonna

be all right?

Oh, she gonna

be just fine.


I'm just

so proud of you, baby boy.


so, uh... [Chuckles]

I guess that's it then.

You got the forms?

[Chuckles softly]

[sighs deeply]

yeah, just go wait

by the elevator.

[Sighs softly]

[blowing nose]

thank you, grace,

for everything.


there ain't no time in heaven.

There ain't no time

in heaven.

There ain't no time

in heaven.

There ain't no time

in heaven.

[Bell dinging]


hey there, munchkin.

[Girl giggles]

you wanna see

a brand new kitty cat?

[Laughing gleefully]


oh, he's very

soft and fluffy.

Mummy? Daddy?

Can I keep him?


He is so cute.



oh, my gosh!

[Larry gasps]

thank you, again.


The name is grace, dear.

[Chuckles softly]

[beatrice laughing]

so, what are you

gonna call him?

Um... Fluffy?

Rose: oh.

Mr. Sausages?

- [Rose laughs]

- oh, um, catchup!


bowie! Like david bowie.

He had two different

colored eyes.

How about just beckett?

The bees will like that.


[car starts]

beckett: so...

This is my life now.

And you know what?

I think it's gonna

be all right.

Because I've learnt that

when you live and love with all of your heart,

one life really is

all you need.

I'm beside you till morning

all I need is my body

to love you

- to love you

- it's easy

- to love you

- it's easy

to love you

to love you

to love you

it's easy to love you

I'm beside you till morning

all I need is my body

girl, I'm next to you

when I'm with you

you're kinda making me crazy

if I wasn't here with you

don't know where

I would be lately

I must admit you're my hobby

do things I do for nobody

for you

go in, come out

take all my time

to love you

- to love you

- it's easy

- to love you

- it's easy

to love you

to love you

to love you

it's easy to love you

to love you

to love you

to love you
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