02x08 - And That's the End of It. There's Nothing Else

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Interview with the Vampire". Aired: October 2, 2022 - present.*
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Based on Anne Rice's iconic novel, Interview with the Vampire follows Louis de Pointe du Lac in the year 2022.
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02x08 - And That's the End of It. There's Nothing Else

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LOUIS: 49 years and thousands of miles

removed from the room we
shared in San Francisco.

I offer for your journalistic
pleasures my life story.

Take us back to the beginning
of this story of butchery.

- I love you, Louis.
- I love you, too, baby brother.

I could not join the transformation
of those in attendance.

- He would not let me.
- Come to me. Be my companion.

Session ten the vampire Louis
and the vampire Armand.

ARMAND: I failed Louis once in my life.

It wasn't in San Francisco.

Why did I owe you my
one act of cowardice?

- Silence!
- You broke one of the great laws.

I don't know any great laws.
Lestat never told me shit.

LOUIS: We were on trial for m*rder.

- You were forced to watch.
- Or they'd k*ll me.

His name was Magnus.
He took me from my room

- as I kicked and screamed.
- I want to get out alive.

You want a book.

What say you, for the vampire,
Louis de Pointe du Lac?

- Banishment.
- Banishment.

ALL: Banishment!

A sentence worse than death.

- You saved Louis.
- Yes.

- No, no!
- But not her.

ARMAND: I could not prevent it.

I could not prevent it.








[i>[LOUIS] A quiet, easeful death.[/i>

[i>What else would it be?[/i>

[i>I had nowhere to go.[/i>

[i>No one to talk to.[/i>

[i>She was dead.[/i>

[i>I knew it.[/i>

[i>Claudia was dead.[/i>

[i>I could feel it.[/i>

[i>Like I couldn't feel my hands...[/i>

[i>or my back.[/i>

[i>Like I could feel my heart...[/i>

pumping slower every night.

Or my broken arm resetting itself.

My ankles... healed in the coffin,

the flesh having...

circled around the insulating
rocks of my death bed.

[MOLLOY] Are they still there,
right now, in your feet?

If you took an X-ray, they'd
look like little cancers.

He could remove them
anytime he wanted to.

Or maybe he has

and he's been lying to you
all these years for effect.


What were the consequences
of you saving Louis?

[i>[ARMAND] Demotion.[/i>


[i>Santiago had suspected
I had rigged the audience[/i>

[i>to spare Louis's life.[/i>

[i>So he made certain I would not forget[/i>

[i>my insubordination as
part of my penance.[/i>

[i>[LOUIS] Darkness was delirium.[/i>

[i>I tried to paint alternatives.[/i>


[i>[LOUIS] Lucid what ifs.[/i>

Wear a different suit the night
you meet Lestat at the Fair Play.

Snatch the piece of candy
back from the barber

when you're seven years old.

Would I have been stronger sooner?

Would I have resisted
Lestat two decades later?


Snatch the candy!

Be the man in the different suit.


But the suit changes nothing,

and again...

I'm kissing Lestat on the altar.


I'm k*lling Lestat, but won't burn him.

I'm dragged off stage...

and buried alive.

Penny candy's not the answer.

Claudia is dead.


[i>[LOUIS] The worst nights
were the pragmatic ones.[/i>

[i>A rock shifts by my knee.[/i>

[i>Could I make another rock move?[/i>

[i>Could I free my knee[/i>

[i>to exploit the craftsmanship
of the coffin?[/i>

[i>But it was all ravings.[/i>

[i>The rock hadn't moved.[/i>

[i>The craftsmanship was solid.[/i>

[i>Claudia is dead.[/i>


When a vampire starts
screaming from starvation,

he hasn't much time left.

I didn't know I was screaming.

I had no energy to scream.

If I had I would have used it

to ignite the clothes on
my body, self-immolate.

What was left to endure for?

Claudia is dead.


- Good day, master.

[i>[ARMAND] And as Louis withered away,[/i>

[i>life in the theater
returned to abnormal.[/i>

[i>The old plays were remounted,[/i>

[i>the pack hunts revitalized,[/i>

[i>all under the increasingly
self-satisfied eye of Santiago.[/i>

[i>[MOLLOY] You ruined his play.[/i>

[i>They didn't get to k*ll Louis on stage.[/i>

[i>[ARMAND] And Santiago
improvised a worse death.[/i>

[i>He had outwitted me...[/i>

[i>hurt me deeply.[/i>

[i>And I played up that hurt.[/i>

[i>My subjugation cemented his
power amongst the coven.[/i>

So how did you get him out?

I placed a sacrifice
in an old vault coffin.

[i>Swapped that coffin for Louis's.[/i>

[i>I was the defeated vampire, Mr. Molloy.[/i>

[i>No one was looking.[/i>


Does anyone ever ask Lazarus
if he wanted to be woken?


[i>[LOUIS] I don't read
the Bible much anymore.[/i>

[i>[MOLLOY] No one gives a shit
about Lazarus's point of view[/i>

[i>is what I remember.[/i>

[i>[LOUIS] I tasted the blood.[/i>

[i>I knew it was his.[/i>

[i>"Why?" I thought, "Claudia is dead."[/i>

I was dead.

I was dead.

But my rage...

My rage had risen.

[i>Followed closely behind by my madness.[/i>

[i>They moved from shadow to shadow,[/i>

[i>towards the cemetery in Montmartre.[/i>

[i>Why that place, it wasn't certain.[/i>

[i>It wasn't safe to return
to the apartment.[/i>

[i>That would imply it was rational.[/i>

[i>Proximity to the theater?[/i>



[i>My rage had been denied blood.[/i>


[i>My rage was lightheaded.[/i>

[i>My rage k*lled without a
single measure of satisfaction.[/i>


[i>My rage found a forgotten crypt[/i>

[i>amongst the forgotten dead.[/i>

[i>My rage hid its killings there.[/i>

[LOUIS] Do your job.

[i>And conspired with my madness[/i>

[i>on a plan for retribution.[/i>

[LOUIS] Hans.

Sam... Sam.

Quang. Hans.


Du-du-du! Tuan.

Basilic. Planche.

Eglee. Merde'em.


Armand... Sam. Sam!

Sam, Hans, Tuan, Quang!


Meow! Sam, Hans, Tuan, Quang, Planche,

Estelle, Quang, Sam...




There's a lot of 'em in there.

Some'll wake before it gets 'em.

I should think about taking heads.

Speak English!

You're not a farmer.
I would use the machete.

One of them tries to escape?

You should stand at
the top of the stairs.

Behind the stairs.

Cut their feet off if they go up,

but in range if they run
downstairs for the sewers.

That's better.

[i>[ARMAND TELEPATHICALLY] Louis. Louis.[/i>

Planche is a big boy. Gustave is strong.

[i>- Why haven't you left Paris?[/i>
- If you get in a fight or delay,

- you'll be consumed with them.
- Pour more gas on this,

and this one...

I'm gonna need to borrow your truck.

[i>- Louis.[/i>
- I don't have any use for it now.

[i>I know you can hear me.
You must leave Paris.[/i>

Maybe you should answer him.

He knows the theater more than you.

Maybe you should shut up!

[i>Louis, save yourself.[/i>

[i>- They're going to find out what I did.[/i>
- Shut up.

[i>- Do not worry about me.[/i>
- I ain't f*cking worried about you!


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

A-huh. A-huh.

Sam tossed her in the rat box,
in the rat box was Sam.

Hans hauled me off, ugly costume.

Tuan wants to die. Quang hauled me out.

- Wants to die.
[i>- [ARMAND] Louis.[/i>

[i>Louis, please listen to me.[/i>

[i>If I could explain to you the events,[/i>

[i>I think you would understand
why it was I acted as I did.[/i>

[i>I know you will never forgive me.[/i>

[i>- I am not seeking forgiveness.[/i>
- Shhhhh!


[i>Louis? Is that you?[/i>

Did you save me at the trial?


Did you pull me out of the wall?


[i>I could not save her.[/i>

[i>If I thought there was
a way, I would have...[/i>

Shut up. Shut...

How ever you manage it,

do not find yourself at the theater
tomorrow night at curfew.

[MOLLOY] Okay.

Uh, did you know he was
going to burn it down?


But I could sense the fatalism

in his thoughts.

- You warned him.
- Yes.

He'd already betrayed you once.

They were his coven
for hundreds of years.

Why risk it?

My rage and madness were asleep?

It was a test?

I don't remember.

If you're wrong, you're dead.

[LOUIS] There was 13
of them and one of me.

I was going to die either way.

Same question to you.

They were your coven
for hundreds of years.

You had no feelings for any of them?

I had complicated feelings.

But you didn't warn any of them?


Thirteen to one.

Maybe you were hedging your bets?

See who emerges from the ash heap.

[ARMAND] I didn't know his plan.

[LOUIS] I had shut my
mind off to him, Daniel.

My prevailing thought was...

if I am not with him, I am nothing.

[MOLLOY] "... him, I am nothing."

Okay, so what was the plan?

The plan?

I was going to die

and I was going to take as many
of them with me as I could.


[i>[LOUIS] When a vampire
commits himself to coffin,[/i>

[i>all the senses collapse into submission[/i>

[i>and the dark boundaries of
the world begin to stretch out[/i>

[i>in all directions.[/i>

[i>And in this state,[/i>

[i>in the lair where they slept,[/i>

[i>I could have been a marching band,[/i>

[i>or a jet engine taking off a tarmac.[/i>

[i>Until Paris spun back round to the sun,[/i>

[i>the advantage was mine.[/i>






[i>[LOUIS] Six by fire, two by blade,[/i>

[i>one by a combination of the two,[/i>

[i>no legs, one arm, still
clutching onto his clarinet.[/i>


[i>Nine in all.[/i>

[i>And with no sign of Armand or Lestat,[/i>

[i>that meant four had escaped.[/i>

[i>Two out the front,
two through the sewers.[/i>

[i>But I had planned for contingencies.[/i>

[CELESTE] It had to be the London coven!

They have always been jealous of us!

It's because we started
speaking English.

It's because we took over from Armand

and they smelled weakness, you idiot!

- [ESTELLE] Or maybe it was Eglee?
- Eglee?!

She never got over
you stealing Santiago.

You try drinking from Gustave after...

- It was London!
- Arson is an act of passion.


Celeste? Estelle?!


[i>[LOUIS] Hello, Francis.[/i>


Did I wake you?

[i>I tried to be quiet coming and going,[/i>

[i>but all those iron joists cracking[/i>

[i>and load-bearing beams
falling down on you, well...[/i>

- Is your companion with you?
[i>- Didn't you hear?[/i>

We broke up.

Oh, I rather doubt that.

Hard to hold hands after
he k*lled my sister

and fledgling, but think what you want.

Don't let him take credit for the
workman role he played, Louis.

It was me that planned their deaths.


It was me that gave Claudia
that hot exit from the garden!

[i>[LOUIS] Come to me.[/i>

[i>[SANTIAGO] Did Armand tell
you what we did with her ashes[/i>

[i>after he pulled you from the wall?[/i>

[i>[LOUIS] Come to me, Francis.[/i>

We used her as eye shadow

for the next month's performances.

We put them in the pepper
shaker for the popcorn

we sold in the aisles.
And some nights, Louis...

[i>- Come to me, Francis.[/i>
- ... I put a pinch of them in my fist

before I closed my coffin at night.

I would spit in them

and I'd use her hot, wet
ashes to pleasure myself.

[i>Come to me, Francis.[/i>

It's Santiago to you,
you firebug bugger!

Nah! That's a Spaniard's name you took.

Took it to forget who you were, Francis.

[i>Took it to compensate for
what God denied you, Francis.[/i>

[i>That joke in between your legs[/i>

[i>and that farm girl Lenora who
couldn't keep quiet about it.[/i>

She only thought it was small
'cause my testicles are so enormous.

[i>Then maybe it was the
limp applause Francis got[/i>

[i>when Francis finally
got on stage in London.[/i>

For a week, as an understudy for Osric.

Or was it the nature
of your transformation

that made you change your name?

The desperate begging,

the urine racing down your leg

as Francis desperately tried to take
back his wish to be a vampire.

[i>I can see your maker's face now,[/i>

[i>the embarrassment washing
over it as you ask...[/i>

c-called Santi-a-a-a-go?"

[i>Your maker's voice as he walked away.[/i>

"I don't care what you call yourself."

Come to me!






Say that shit about Claudia to my face.




[RASHID] Pre-dinner martini,
a touch more vermouth

and the newspaper you asked
for this morning, Mr. Molloy.

[LOUIS] Santiago's failure
to protect his coven,

how quickly he ran to
save his own flesh,

filled him with unworthiness.

And it made him an
uncomplicated seduction.

He brought a cloak to a knife fight.

And all my rage and
madness exited my body.

And nothing replaced it.


[LOUIS] When did you start lying to me?

[ARMAND] The night of
Madeleine's transformation.

A while back, then.

We parted at Sacré-Coeur.

I went back to make sure
the coven would keep curfew.

Let you do what you were
going to do in safety.

They were all on stage, waiting for me.

Told me they had done a rewrite,

tossed the script at my feet and...

I saw the title.

And I thought...

it's my coven of 200 years...

or him.

And at the time, I could not count
on your love lasting as long.

You rehearsed it with Lestat?

They rehearsed it with him.

I stayed in my coffin when I was there.


And when you spent nights over here?

I lied to you, over and over.

Didn't once think, in all
that time, telling me?

Make a different plan with me?

I will spend my life
making it up to you.


You'll never make it up to me.

I know.

Is Lestat still in Paris?

You'll never be able to k*ll him.

That wasn't my question.

Yes, he's still here.

Wake me when it's night again.


[LESTAT] Ask for it, child.

The light's going out
of your blue eyes...

like all the summer days are gone.


Was it a good day's rest?

Does it take a lot out of you?

Destroying everything in your wake?

Well, almost everything.

You look small.


[ARMAND] He's come home.

This was Magnus's lair.


Some distance between the happy couple.

Details left to work out
after the homicidal frolic?

Is this where he kept you,
chained to the wall?


This was for the disappointments.

The ones before me.

He had a knack for design.
Nordic blonds on walls.

Dirty blonds in piles,

right about where the
gremlin stands now.

I don't care.


I came here to have a think...

on my origins.

Why I do what I do.


- Why I...
- Burned your daughter alive?

Why you rehearsed a play

that would burn your daughter alive?

Why you crossed an ocean
to rehearse a play

that would burn your daughter alive?

The Great Laws.

What f*cking law did
you ever follow, Lestat?

I've come to k*ll you.

I have the blood of Magnus in me.

Magnus burned.

I have the blood of Akasha in me.

He doesn't know who that is?

But the fact, in and of itself,

makes your immediate
desire an impossibility.

And I have to be willing...

and I'm not in the mood.

- My blood is your blood.
- [LESTAT] Hmm.

And yet...

Here's your death, Lestat.


He and I are going to spend
the rest of our lives together.

And wherever your
miserable life takes you,

whoever you find to endure time with,

whatever pale proxy of me,

I'll be with him.

Just wanted you to know that.



Enjoy him.

Let's see how long it holds.

[i>[MOLLOY] An odd phrase.[/i>

What do you think he
meant by that, Louis?

It's fairly obvious.

He didn't think we would make it.

Seventy-seven years.

- Almost to the day.
- We left him there.

Walked Paris one last
time, completely silent.

Stopped for a moment in
the Place de la Concorde,

the Luxor Obelisk.

I stood staring up at it as cars
and carriages circled us.

I said, telepathically...
Was it telepathically?

I don't remember.

I said, "Let's go see Egypt."

Then sailed port to port.

Settled in New York a good while.

San Francisco.

[ARMAND] And we did.

Here, there, everywhere and Dubai.

And that's the end of it.

There's nothing else.


End of session.


He loved you.

I can say that now.

He loved you a great deal.

It must have been terrible for
him to see us off that night.

Mind if I ask a few follow-up questions?

There's just some things I've been
jotting down along the way.

Yeah, of course.

It's just small stuff like, um...

Like, you and the tractor salesman

in the bar in New Orleans,
before you k*lled him.

You said that Lestat
telepathically told you

that you were scaring the salesman.

But a maker can't do that anymore

after transformation, right?

Uh... Yeah.

I don't know. Maybe
he whispered it to me.

Yeah, I figured as much.


You said that four escaped the theater.

Celeste, Estelle, Santiago and...



The vampire Sam Barclay.

We never quite figured
out how he did it.

Did you ever... get to him?

No. Time heals, Daniel.

- I believe he's a DJ now.
- A DJ?

He wears a decorative helmet
on his head when he performs.

Does he? It's funny 'cause,
Sam's in two places at once

at one point in your story.

[i>He's guarding Armand in the theater box.[/i>

But you also have him helping
to bury you below stage.

He was with me in the box.

Yeah. He was with Armand in the box.

Oh. Maybe he did a quick
vamp back and forth?

I just got it wrong.

Rashid, shall we begin
dinner preparations?

[i>- [INTERCOM] Yes, sir.[/i>
- I do hope you'll join us.

I'd be honored.

Okay. Um, let me just look at
my list one more time here.

Another New Orleans thing.

I'm... I'm sorry, I'm jumping
all over the place here,

but the night that Lestat brings
all those soldiers home

[i>and you tell him to throw them out.[/i>

How many soldiers did he mind f*ck
out of the townhouse that night?

- I don't know.
- Ten? Fifteen?

Uh, more like 30.



Oh, well, it seems to me,
I mean, back to the trial again,

it seems to me that there
was more than one person

in the theater that night
who could have saved you.


Dan... Daniel.

I know. I know. It's my job.
I'm built this way.

I know. It's a stretch, but...

[ARMAND] It's in your
nature, Mr. Molloy.

Couldn't get out the door
without lobbing one more b*mb.

You said it yourself just
now, he loved Louis.

Lestat would have tried to
save him as much as you did.

And he certainly would have
made it known that he had.

Shall we takes these follow-ups

and specious theories
to the dining room?

We have something special
prepared for you, Daniel.


"Santiago should... hand
the diary into the audience.

Have them feel the
evidence in their hands.

This is too early for Lestat

to acknowledge Louis.

Keep the tension.

Have him look at Louis later,

the moment he describes
meeting him in New Orleans."

These are just some notes
along the margins here.

Uh... "We need an animation here.

It's not clear how extreme
the hoarding was."

Where did you get that?

Read it for yourself.


That's when the black angel came!

But he came back.

He did. With her.


And now you rise from your
chair and walk towards Claudia.


And how do suppose that you will
keep her quiet in this moment?


One of your cheap theatrical...

The judges will fog her mind.

You have no idea of Claudia's strength!

He didn't witness the play.

He directed the play!

What say you for the vampire
Louis de Pointe du Lac,

guilty or not guilty?

- [AUDIENCE] Guilty!
- Guilty!

And the sentence?

- De...
- De...

- De...
- De...

- De...
- De...

- De...
- De...



- Banishment.
- Banishment!

[i>[AUDIENCE] Banishment![/i>

[i>[AUDIENCE] Banishment![/i>

Where does the bullshit start,
Armand, Amadeo, Arun?

You were supposed to die with Claudia.

He didn't save you, Lestat did!


He just took credit for it

when the opportunity presented itself.

And you wasted everyone

who could have told you differently.

Seventy-seven years
based on a seismic lie.

- It's a forgery, Louis.
- It's from the Talamasca.

Sam was their guy in Paris,

he gave it to them,

they gave it me here.



Louis. Louis!

Louis! This was Santiago's doing.

Just like he put me to work
in the wet room after.

- He wanted me to suffer.
- [LOUIS] Don't!

One night, 70 years ago.
You are over this, Louis!

The pain of it has left you.

Don't let an insignificant detail,

delivered from am
insignificant mortal...

You have forgiven me

for what part I played in her death!

And time has opened back up to us

and we are once again
teachers of one another.

Louis, everything that gives you
happiness gives me... Louis.


[LOUIS] Rashid?




I'm guessing Rashid left after
he brought me the newspaper.

You're not to touch him.
Do you understand?

You harm him in any
way, I will k*ll you.

Do you understand?

I'm leaving now.

When I return, you need to be gone.


You should gather your
things from your room.

I'll arrange a car and a
plane to take you home.

I'll see there's ten million dollars
wired into your account.

Thank you.


[DRIVER] I was hoping the
'canes would wait until July.

I had two on the floor for New
Edition at the Essence Festival.

But that's all shuttered up now.

Two on the floor, must have cost ya.

[DRIVER LAUGHS] Wasn't cheap.

Me and my babe was on the bad side.

Then I see they got New Edition
headlining the festival.

She had a thing for Ralph
when she was young.

Can you believe that, Ralph? [LAUGHS]

Then I think, well,
each one on the floor

is gonna open back the door. [LAUGHS]

- She'll be back.
- She'll be back for Ralph!


So, answer me this.

How come you coming in when
everybody else is gettin' out?

This Odette, said too
be at least a three.

Could be a four.

[HOTEL CLERK] First time in New Orleans?

[LOUIS] No. Did my luggage arrive?

Yes, sir.

Two bags and an oversized
crate, early in the morning.

It's all waiting for you in your suite.

Thank you.

Very generous, Mr. du
Lac, thank you, sir.

Your card. Your key.

We're happy to have you
as long as you'll have us,

but we are boarding up the
hotel for the hurricane.

So, we're asking our guests

to fill out this liability waiver.

No problem.

[GUIDE] Now, everybody, if you
want to turn your attention

to the right, at them
bit green pearly gates,

this is 1132 Royal Street,

home of the most infamous party
ever thrown in New Orleans.

This is where two dozen
members of high society,

they walked in them doors right there.

Ain't nobody ever seen them again.

Take a picture if you need to.

The year is 1940.

The man that owned this townhome
and that year's King of Raj

went by the name Sebastian Melmoth.

Now, now, history's
going have him go down

as a little somethin' different.

A Monsieur Lesander Lioncourt.

He was a so-called Frenchman.

A so-called seller of
industrial machinery.

But now tell me, tell the Crime Dawg,

why would a man, a known hoarder
and an infamous recluse,

be named King of Raj in the first place?

- [ALL] Why, Crime Dawg?

Sebastian knew a fella by
the name of Tom Anderson.

He was a former Louisiana
State Representative

and a full-time Bourbon Street gangster.

Mr. Melmoth, he wasn't alone in 1132.

Also, in residence was
a local Creole hustler

and his little child bride,
they were running a voodoo cult

in the back rooms above
the courtyard garden.

Yes, they were.
Now, it's Mardi Gras, 1940.

Mr. Melmoth and Tom Anderson,
they brought back

the who's who of who dat.

The next morning,
couldn't nobody find head

or hairpiece of none of 'em.

What did they find?

Blood in between the floorboards
of three different rooms,

bits of indeterminate pieces of bone

inside the factory-sized incinerator.

Why did Tom Anderson, Mr. Melmoth,

the hustler and the child bride
lure these particular citizens

to this house of lies and intrigue?







[YOUNG MAN] Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Saw a crane smashed into a low-rise.

Big chunks of shit,
trash cans, mail boxes,

blowing around everywhere.


- It's f*cking wild out there.
- [LESTAT] Shut up.

Out there, running rats.

g*dd*mn hurricane out there. Shut up?

I mean, we should be, out of
town is where we should be.

Shut up? Crazy old man, playing...

Who you?


- Who's he?
- Louis.

That's Louis?

He's Louis?!

Get out.

Get out? Where?!

I mean, there's a mad hurricane outside!

I keep f*cking telling... Oh, shit!

g*dd*mn it!


[MUTTERING] Enjoy your
rats, you French f*cking...


The fire gift in your honor.

A wearisome fledgling.

All the millennials are.


he is an excellent rat catcher.


Would you like one?

Hello, Lestat.

Hello, Louis.

Passing through?

No. I came to see you.


And what does your
companion think of that?

I'm companion enough for myself now.


Good for you.


I'm sorry, I don't have much time.

I'm in the middle of rehearsing.

- Rehearsing?
- I'm going on tour.

Argerich, she seems...

she seems to have
retired and I thought...

who better than me to
carry on the great work.

I just need about 50
more years of practice.

Siri, pause.



Did you save my life in Paris?

I gave you to Armand.

You tell me if that was saving.

Why didn't you say...

it was me who saved you, not him?

I don't like to point out my virtues.

Besides... I knew you'd figure it out.

And look...

you have, I was right.

All hail me.

Been enduring here?

Not enduring.


Here in New Orleans the whole time?

It's my home.

I am she, she is me.



I didn't know it was a gift.

I wore it like a curse.

I was selfish.


I tried to make nights awful for you.

[SOFTLY] I see.

I see.

I wanted you to suffer.

Because I was... suffering.


Shall we list all the ways
we have wronged each other

and why it'll never be right
between monstrous...

I came to thank you.

For the gift you offered me.

The gift I denied.

For the nights in front of me,

where I might learn to live honestly.

Thank you.


September 8th...

September 8th, 1973.

It was 11:07 here.

It would have been

Armand called me.

Were you there?


Did you hurt yourself?

I was lost.

I was in a dark way and...

I was thinking about...

I can't... I can't get
her out of my mind.

You have the same problem?


I can't, Louis.

- I can't...
- Hey, hey.

Hey, it's not on you.

You hear me?

I carried her home.

I made you turn her.

And saved her from a fire...

so a half century later she could...

She looked at me, at the end...

like a child...

looking to her father.

But I was never...







[DIRECTOR] And we are back
in five, four, three, two...

Welcome back, Atlanta, and
welcome to my next guest,

the two-time Pulitzer Prize
winning investigative journalist

and author of the current
bestselling fictional memoir

"Interview With The Vampire",

Daniel Molloy.

Thanks, Leonard. It's a
memoir, it's not fiction.

That is one of the main topics
of debate regarding your book.

Is it true or is it a joke?

Well, I've sold five million books

- in four months...
- Yes.

You can't see the forest for the
trees they k*lled printing it.

Hey, Atlanta, check out the
book fair this weekend.

It is gonna be quite something.

- The Washington Post...
- The Bezos Bugle...

[LAUGHS] That's a good one.

It called your book a
sophomoric footnote

in an otherwise stellar career.

A conceptually weird...

Middle finger to the publishing industry

that turned its back
on him a decade ago.

- I don't read reviews.
- Is it true you shopped this book

to every major publisher
in the country and the UK?

- What is this?
- It's a legitimate question.

No, it's not. I mean, you haven't
even told your viewers

- what the book is about.
- Oh! Good point!

The book purports to be an interview

with an actual vampire.

Oh, I know what it's about,
it's about you, Leonard,

trying to go viral

- with your dinky little provincial news desk.
- Here we go.

Yeah, I did... I did interview
an actual vampire.

Oh, here's the camera.
I interviewed an actual vampire...

Actually two vampires,

a species that's lived
among us for centuries

and it's supported by a mountain
of historical documentation.

- You took a noble career.
- You didn't even read it.

- Put it in the shredder.
- You didn't read the book!

You were one of our finest,

and now you're a Bigfoot hunter

- chasing Jesus's bloodline.
- Hey, man!

I've sold... millions of these books,

more than Johnny Grisham,

or Prince Harry and the
prisoner of Santa Barbara.

It's a great f-BLEEP read
and you're a hack.

What a delight.

Thanks so much for being
here, Daniel Molloy.

- Can't wait to read the book.

Page after page of heresy.[/i>

Run him down, all of us.[/i>

[i>[MALE VAMPIRE 3] Rip out him
fangs and cut out him tongue.[/i>

[i>[MOLLOY] Louis![/i>

[i>- [VAMPIRE] Hunt him down!
- [MOLLOY] Louis. Louis du Lac.[/i>

It's me.

[i>Listen, your royalty checks keep
bouncing back to me, man.[/i>

[i>I need a forwarding address.[/i>

Why not send them to your
editors at the Talamasca?

they made me take out.

No editors next book, I promise.

[i>There won't be a next book.[/i>

[i>There shouldn't have been a first book.[/i>

You want the ten million
back, just say it, man.

[i>Send me an address.[/i>

You know where I live.

I really wouldn't be staying
put if I were you.

I'm guessing you haven't
heard from my maker?

[i>- No.[/i>
- f*cking assh*le.

I'm sorry you were
burdened out of spite.

I shouldn't have left
you alone with him.

Make it up to me.
We'll do a follow-up book.

[i>What do you want, Daniel?[/i>

I'm worried about you.

I'm fine.

I keep hearing the other
vamps talking about you.

They're really f*cking
pissed off about our book.

And you want to write another with me?

[i>[MOLLOY] Sequels, audio books, sex toys.[/i>


You've become a good k*ller.

[i>[MOLLOY CHUCKLES] You still
haven't read it, have you?[/i>

It's the top of my stack.

[i>You said that last month.[/i>

It's getting early here, Daniel.

[i>Get out of Dubai, Louis.[/i>

[i>Hey, where did you get those headphones?[/i>

- [VAMPIRE] k*ll him.[/i>


[i>[MALE VAMPIRE] Stuff him
in the oven like a...[/i>

[i>[FEMALE VAMPIRE] We'll all get a chop.[/i>

[i>[FEMALE VAMPIRE 2] Burn him![/i>

[i>[MALE VAMPIRE 2] A hairy, naked banquet![/i>

[i>[MALE VAMPIRE 3] Burn it![/i>


[i>[VAMPIRES] The skyscraper.
The skyscraper. The skyscraper![/i>

[i>- [LOUIS] Quiet now.
- [FEMALE VAMPIRE] Who is that?[/i>

[i>Is that him?[/i>

[i>[LOUIS] All of you.[/i>

[i>- [FEMALE VAMPIRE] Is that him?[/i>
- Shh-shh-shh.

This is the vampire Louis du Lac.

I live in the penthouse apartment

at the Al Sharaf Towers in Dubai,

United Arab Emirates.

The security staff here
is robust but mortal.

My front door is always unlocked,

as are the windows to my balcony,

which were designed with
a protective film coating

for those of us "sun-challenged".

So for all you cowards
out there talking shit,

talking about taking a run at me,

hear this now and hear it plain.


I own the night.

- Synced & corrected by[font color="#E83286"> MementMori [/font>-
-- [font color="#138CE9">www.addic7ed.com[/font> --


JOHNSON: And that's the end of
it, and there's nothing else.

That's the end of our season.

It would appear that all is lost.

And these significant characters,
who hopefully have entertained

and fascinated us for all of this
season, come to their end.

Claudia is dead. I was dead.

Louis feels deeply responsible for her,

feels responsible for the
good things that happen

and the bad things that happen to her.

LOUIS: [i>My rage had risen.[/i>

[i>Followed closely behind by my madness.[/i>

However you meant it,

do not find yourself at the theater
tomorrow night at curfew.

Burning the theater down physically

was really difficult
because keep in mind,

we were just lighting fires
in an old wooden building,

and we had firemen and
everybody standing by.

Every time a match was lit,
there were three people there.

LEPERE-SCHLOOP: We knew that
there was going to be a fire.

So the other thing that we did

is we put a layer of cement board

underneath all of our flooring.

We put cement board behind walls

so that even if our finishes were wood,

there was something underneath
it that was going to help

with fire prevention in
the existing structure.

The coven got what they
deserved, every one of them.

Burn it down. Let them burn.

He did what I might do.

That's his sister,
his daughter, his companion.

And they were very vengeful.

So occasionally an eye for an eye.

LOUIS: [i>Nine in all.[/i>

[i>That meant four had escaped.[/i>

ANDERSON: In sh**ting that scene.

It's such an iconic part of the book,

but it's also, like, a very
iconic part of the film,

and I think we've done
something different.



- LOUIS: [i>Hello, Francis.[/i>

ANDERSON: Louis has
just left the theater.

Now he's on his way to get Santiago,

who's the ringleader.

- LOUIS: [i>Come to me, Francis.[/i>
- It's Santiago to you!

As an understudy for Osric.

ANDERSON: I think his main plan,

really, with Santiago is to
just, like, wind him up,

is to bait him, lure him to Louis,

and then chop his head off.

I am about to film my death.


Was that a big spoiler?

No, it isn't, not if you've
read the books.

It's a combination of stuntman,
me, and a fake head,

which fortunately, I worked with
the makeup designer, Tami Lane,

on a different show and they
did a full cast of my head,

so they had one in stock.

He's made of rubber,
so he's pretty solid.

He's really hard to destroy,
just like Ben Daniels.

So I was really glad
I didn't have to do it again.

It's so awful if you're claustrophobic.

You're encased in gel and plaster

with just tiny holes through
your nostrils for 15 minutes.

That's just what I sent him.

That was our conversation about
this scene, was that picture.

He just texted it to me. [LAUGHS]

MAN: Three, two, one. Action!

Given what a wonderful character
Ben created with Santiago,

it was fitting to give him a
sort of real cinematic death.

Say that shit about Claudia to my face.

Ask for it, child.

The light's going out
of your blue eyes...

The Louis and Lestat relationship
in episode 8 is lovely conclusion

to the full two seasons
of their relationship.

At the beginning in Magnus' lair,

Louis doesn't know how much
Lestat did to save Louis' life.

He does... He's not aware
of that at that point.

LOUIS: That why you crossed an ocean?

To rehearse a play

that would burn your daughter alive?

Louis really just does the thing

that he thinks will most destroy Lestat,

which is leave him...

Here's your death, Lestat.

... and leave him for someone else.

You know, Lestat's deep, deep insecurity

is the thing Louis just pours
salt on in that moment.

Louis doesn't have all the
information, just to clarify.

REID: Lestat really thinks that
Louis knows that he saved him,

so he's quite surprised

when he turns up with Armand,
and Louis' blaming him

for Claudia's death, which
is, you know, fair enough,

because Lestat was a part of it,

but they all were part of it.

He and I are going to spend
the rest of our lives together.

There's a very interesting dynamic
between Lestat and Armand,

with Lestat looking at Armand,
and Armand thinking, "Oh, my God."

Enjoy him.

"You could just ruin everything for
me right now." And he doesn't.

Let's see how long it holds.

Everything he's been playing
up until this point...

the facade of the stoic, wise,
responsible 514-year-old vampire

who sticks to his principles

has been shown to be a complete lie.

Back to the trial again, it seems to me

that there was more than one
person in the theater that night

who could have saved you.

ANDERSON: Lestat would
have saved Claudia

if he had the energy.

I believe that to my core.


It's just that he had to save Louis.

You were supposed to die with Claudia.

[i>He[/i> didn't save you. Lestat did.


What we discover in the course of
the 15 episodes of these two guys

is that they have such profound
love for each other,

but they are really capable
of hurting each other

in unspeakable ways.

- Hello, Lestat.
- Hello, Louis.

And I think that that's
where they get to

in the final embrace in New Orleans.

I don't want to speak for them

because we don't hear what they say.

As an audience member,

I see them forgiving each
other for what they've done.

I carried her home.

I made you turn her.

She looked at me at the end...

like a child...

looking to her father.

It was a beautiful ending

for this whole chaotic revenge Louis

that we see in those last
couple of episodes, yeah.

ANDERSON: It's a beautiful scene.

And, yeah, there's things
that are said at the end

that nobody will ever know
other than me and Sam.

REPORTER: It is one of
the main topics of debate

regarding your book.
Is it true or is it a joke?

In this scene, we understand
that Malloy is a vampire,

and I'm very excited
about that as a fan.

The reveal really happens in a beat.

It happens in the taking
off of sunglasses.

I'm guessing you haven't
heard from my maker.

Eric Bogosian both was
surprised and not at all

when he realized that
his character, Malloy,

was to become a vampire.

I'm sorry you were
burdened out of spite.

You get a sense in that, like,
final interaction with them

in this season that Daniel has become

kind of like an annoying
little brother to Louis.

MALLOY: You still haven't
read it, have you?

LOUIS: It's the top of my stack.

You said that last month.

It's getting early here, Daniel.

Get out of Dubai, Louis.

Louis' inviting all the vampires
to come and get him.

- This is the vampire Louis du Lac.
- It's his signing off.

So for all you cowards
out there talking shit...

ANDERSON: I think that...

... talking about taking a run at me...

ANDERSON: ... he needs that friction.

... hear this now.

He needs something to fight against.

I own the night.

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