17x10 - Ambience and Information

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Taskmaster". Aired: 28 July 2015 – present.*
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A group of five celebrities – mainly comedians – attempt to complete a series of challenges, with Horne acting as umpire in each challenge and Davies, the titular "Taskmaster", judging the work and awarding points based on contestants' performances.
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17x10 - Ambience and Information

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This programme contains strong
language and adult humour.

Oh, no, no.

Yes! Aah!




Quite windy today. Yeah.


Ooh! Wrong way.

That's how you do it, baby.


Oh, my God!

Aah! Aah! Aah! Ooh!





I'm Greg Davies.

Welcome to the Taskmaster
grand final!


What a journey we've been on.

We've seen the full smorgasbord
of skills and intuition,

and a woman from the north
looking baffled.

As we thunder into this final set
of challenges,

the ultimate prize
of my gilded nut

could go to any of them,

apart from two of them
who definitely can't win

because they've been rubbish.

So here they are - please roar
one last time for the phenomenal

Joanne McNally...

..John Robins...

..Nick Mohammed...

..Sophie Willan...

..and Steve Pemberton!

And for the last time this series,

a man who I always associate
with a good night out

because he looks like
a giant revolving kebab that

a kid in bottom-set art
has drawn a face on.

It's little Alex Horne!


Yeah! Yeah, man.

Awesome. Hey, Greg. I'm wearing
my special outfit for the final.

So...pretty cool.

Genuinely all I wanna do is
wear these for the whole show.


Well, I shan't be allowing the
glasses to be worn for the final.

I must wear the... No, I should
wear them. Give me the...

I haven't trimmed them!


I mean, to be fair, it's one
of your better chat sections.

Here we go, then.
What is the final prize task

of the series, please, Alex?

Well, Greggington Bear, we're ending
on something that could really make

a difference to the world, because
you've asked them to bring in

the thing that gives
the most hope for the future of

the human race.


Five points seems like
a fair deal for

the thing that gives the most hope
for the future of the human race

and at the end of the episode,
well, we'll all have hope.

And perhaps that's all you can
ask for in this life.

I love you guys.

Over to you, Greg.

Right then. Sophie.

Welcome to the final.
What have you brought in?

Right, so...


One day, right, you'll be able
to assess a body part

using your phones and stuff, right?

Right. We'll be able to have
a full medical dead quick with AI.

Right. And I thought
that would be great. Yeah.

And I thought especially for you,

because of your life choices
and everything that you get up to.


I'm carrying a couple of pounds.

Yes, and you look knackered. Right.

Sophie, can I show Greg
what you've actually brought in?

Oh, yes. This is to remind you
that there is hope on the way.

Yes. Thank you. A little robot.


I think you're right,
that AI could save us,

and therefore this is not, as per,
total shit.

Great. Well done. I'll take it.


So what I have brought is...

..the concept of fate.


Because I think that nothing...

..should give more hope
to the human race,

that no matter how much
you might sort of

screw up in life or on this show...


..the fact that it might be
written in the stars somehow

I think offers a degree of comfort.

Do you know what I mean by that?
Yes... Yes.

Largely to people who don't
take responsibility

for their own actions. Yes.

Well, to that end, I have...

..made a prediction...

Oh... ..of my final score
on this show.

That's quite exciting. So I have
genuinely, inside there, OK... Yeah.

I have written my final score
of the whole series.

Right. I'll sign it on here
across the flap to...

You're watching Taskmaster
on Channel 4.


Greg, if you sign it
over the seal as well...

There's a Sharpie.
You know that no-one can get at it.

Great. OK. And then if you just
wanna pop that under there.

I'll pop it under there. And...
Yeah, I will.

And the proof will be at the end
but, um... But, yeah. Fate.

I feel like I'm totally
under his power.


Good. John.

Um, the world's in
a pretty scary place.

I think we'd all agree that perhaps
those in power don't represent us.

Yeah, man. Yeah.

I can see only one solution
and that is...

..Kathy Burke.


I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy
for the first time recently.

She is kind, funny,
insightful, wise,

and I just think if
we were somehow able

to put Kathy Burke in charge
of everything

and/or clone her - with permission -

then it would mean an end to w*r,
inequality, poverty.

I just think she's got
a lot of answers.

I mean, that is a lot
of responsibility to put on

the shoulders of the woman
from Kevin And Perry Go Large.


She chose Get Ur Freak On
on Desert Island Discs

and that was my first dance
at my wedding. OK.


That's reason alone
to give her a low mark.

Um, big fan.

Joanne. Yeah. Hello.

Um, I really thought about this,
and the future of the human race,

as much as I love men,
they are a big problem.

All the big hitters, all the big
dictators, all men. Yeah.

I've referred constantly
to myself as a basic bitch.

It's time to give the power
to women like me.

I present you with
the Basic Bitch Starter Pack.


We've got...

..some cucumber eye sheets,
we've got a couple of cheapo

scented candles from Primark.

Slippers. A onesie,
cos basic b*tches like to be cosy,

we like to relax.

Give more power
to the basic b*tches.

Things would be a lot more chilled.

I've always said that.

I quite like it.
You sort of make sense.

Steve, what have you brought us?

I've brought something tonight that

I don't think anyone's ever brought
into Taskmaster before.

OK. And it's this. Here it is.

Nothing. Oh, God.

You're gonna make me have
an existential crisis, aren't you?

This is a statement - nothing.

If you think about all the dreadful
things we've been through recently.

Sorry - artificial intelligence.
Brexit, uh, cancel culture,

deathly pandemics. Yeah.

Greenhouse gases,
hottest temperatures ever,

ice caps melting,

John Robins probably
winning Taskmaster.


These are the disasters of this age.


And I think you know it, Greg.

I do now. And yet...

And yet.

He's doing the Tony Blair
thumb point.


If there is a child
watching this tonight

who looks up from their TikTok
or their memes

just because of what I've just said

and thinks, "Why is the nice old
vicar-man saying

"the world's gonna end?"

"I've gotta do something
about that,"

and they tell a friend
and their friend tells a friend,

suddenly you've got
the start of a movement

just because I chose to bring in
nothing to Taskmaster.

And if you can support me on this,

..then I think this could be
the beginning of a real change.

Society needs truth-tellers.

Emmeline Pankhurst,

Rosa Parks, Malala...

..Greg Davies.



I...I just wanna take
a moment, if I may,

cos it's the first time I'll be
included in a sentence

in the same company as Malala.


Right then, Greg. Good luck.

Well, John. It's no slight on
Kathy Burke,

I just haven't met her
so I can't judge.

Kathy, if you're watching,
sorry about this. One point.


Nick. It's difficult because
Nick's magic trick... Hmm.

Like at the moment it's rubbish,
but it might turn out to be amazing.

I'm giving him two points,
full stop, end of.

But if he correctly predicts
the score at the end,

I'll give him a cash prize
from my own...

A cash prize. There we go.

£300. Woo!

Do I have to donate it to charity?


Three points for the robot.
Three to Sophie.

Cos AI might well save us, it might
also destroy us. Big problem.

I'm gonna give the concept of
nothing, even though it was one of

the greatest performances
I've ever seen, just because of,

er, a basic bitch running the gaff
is a bit more tangible,

I'll give her five points there.

Four points to Steve,
five to Joanne, there we go.

That was so genuinely hard to score.

Impossible, impossible.

Let's have a proper task.

OK, well, first up for the final
we have pegs, Greg, pegs.

Loads of pegs, Greg,
and tasks, Greg.

Don't ask, Greg,
but there's so many tasks, Greg,

tasks and peg, Greg. Let's go!


Oh, God.

All right. All right?
Yeah, I'm all right.

John! Hello, Alex.

Please open a task.

Oh, where is it?

It's...it's not that, is it? No.

But they're all tasks.

Is this a random choice of task,
whichever I want? Yes.

This guy.

You sure? Yeah. No.

Oh, God.

"Find and complete the real task."

"Each task has a 1% chance of being
the real task."

"Fastest wins.

"Your time started
when you opened your first task."


Well, this is one of those tasks
that we do from time to time

I think that is
a basic intelligence test.

Cos there are two ways
of approaching this.

It's to take a moment

and to work out if there's
a way of finding out what

the real task is before you, uh,

maniacally rip all of those tasks
off the washing line.

Shall we crack on?
Let's have a look. OK.

Sophie and Joanne are up first
to find the real task. Here we go.

Like there's no point in me
just pulling all these off,

sure there's not.

"Fin..." Oh.
"Find and complete the real task."

No. Find and complete the real task.

Oh, do you know what?
I'm going down here.

There has to be
a better way of doing this.


Is that...am I missing something?

Clue, is there a clue?
I'm not seeing clues.

I'm gonna go in the middle.

What's S mean? Aah!

I know I'm missing something,

I'm missing a trick somewhere.

Right, uh, think, Sophie. Clue.



Will you hold them?

Oh, thank you. Nice to be involved.

Make yourself useful.

Is there nothing in the shed
for this?



This is the real task.

Just about looking, isn't it?

Yeah, peg all the tasks onto
the wa... Oh.

This is like some sort
of lesson, isn't it?

I-It's the moral is,
you know, don't rush in.

Be less reactive as a person

and you won't have to clean up
your own mess afterwards.

outside the box.

I feel like
I'm very much in the box.

Any more letters there?

It's not going well.

Shed! f*ck. Shit.

There you are.

I've stopped the clock!

Brilliant! Sophie, congratulations.

Thank you very much.

"Peg all the tasks to
the washing line!"

This is like Guantanamo Bay.

Oh, my God. Alex, are you gonna
help with me this now?

OK, so this is going in one pack.

What time are we at now?

Oh, you've had quite a while now.

Oh, my God.

Now. I've stopped the clock.



What do you think, Joanne,
how do you feel watching back?

I was at the stage in the task
where I knew I was stupid

and missing something,
but I didn't know what it was.

Yeah. But then I did think

I was smart by pegging them all
back up in a lump

rather than individually.

And getting him to do it, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, of course.

Yeah, I had to help
because it had taken so long.

Sophie, not for the first time
you sounded like

an Alan Bennett monologue. Hmm.

"It's a lesson for life, this,
isn't it?"

Yeah, I think I've been baffled for
a lot. It's been horrific, actually.

You weren't that baffled
in this one, Sophie.

You stepped back and saw the
enormous arrow pointing at the shed.

Was the, were the tasks
in the shape of an arrow?


I didn't... I swear to God
I didn't see that.

I don't think you should be allowed
to run the world.

You spotted it after two minutes.
Did I?

You pinned them all back up
after three minutes 41,

you completed the task.

And what was Joanne's time?


Guess what? Yeah, sorry -
here are some adverts.



Hello! Welcome back to part two
of our final where there are

a lot of tasks hung up
on a washing line to dry.

That's right. These guys
had to find the real task

and then do that task.

OK, we've seen Sophie and Joanne

so it's only fair we now see
Steve, Nick and John.

Each task has a 1% chance,
but the H of chance is underlined.

Some of the letters
are underlined, Alex.

It spells out H-E-D-S.
What does that mean?

# A, B, C, D, E... #

Right. In case that's the thing.

Find and complete the re...
No, it's not that, is it?

Is that an arrow?



f*ck this, I'm going to the shed.

OK, hang on. An anagram of H...

Is that the only ones underlined?
H, E and D

and S...STED?

Is that an arrow, Alex?

It's arrow!

Shed...shed. Going to the shed.

"This is the real task - peg all
the tasks to the washing line."


Ha, ha! Ah, you suckers.

I didn't take any off, did I?
I took two off.

I've stopped the clock, John.
Have I finished?

I've stopped the clock.

There you go.

Is that good? Yeah.


Well, this has set the feminist
movement back by years, I would say.


They were quick, deadly. Yeah.

Observant, to the point,
they all had a catchphrase.

Steve, "f*ck this, I'm going to
the shed," for example.

John's - possibly my favourite,
"It's arrow!"


And, "Ah, you suckers."

I think out of the three
it's unsurprising

the slowest was Nick.

One minute 50 for you, Nick. OK.

The others? John, one minute 16.
Steve, 49.8 seconds.


All three were very pleased
with themselves.

Oh, don't, don't, don't, don't.

Oh. Sophie. Yeah?

You are safe. Great.

Oh, hello.

The rest of you, watch this.

Remember you did have to peg
ALL the tasks to the washing line.


See you later. Do you want me to
pick that up?

Yes, please.

Thank you. OK.

Oh, lovely.

Goodbye, Nick. See you later.

Joanne and Nick, you did not
complete the task.

I don't think that's gonna make
a difference to my score,

to be honest. No.
Which means Nick and Joanne

both don't get any points.
Three points to Sophie,

four to John and five
to Steve Pemberton.


Scoreboards, please.

Yes, in the lead with nine
it's Steve Pemberton.

What's next for this big fancy final?

OK, well, this task is all
anyone ever wants, really -

a hug with an old friend.

You like these big
Lawrence Of Arabia

opening approach sh*ts, don't you?


Bet the director's loving this.

I'm not in the right shoes
for this set-up, really.

Having a good day?
Yeah, it's really good

I was just riding a horse
bareback there.

It's not QWERTY,
it's not a keyboard layout.

And it's not in alphabetical order.

But there are also repeats of
some letters cos there's two G...

I should read the task.

"Hug your special friend."


"Hug your special friend."

Does that mean I have to give you
a hug? We are colleagues.

Oh, right, OK.

"Every time you touch a letter
you must turn it over

"and one minute will be added
to your time."

"Fastest wins.
Your time starts now."

It is on the vague side, Alex.


Special friend's
quite a creepy thing to say.

Oh, is it? Shall I stop doing that?

Yeah, there's been a few times during
this series where I've thought,

"I don't know, I think he's been

"spending a bit too much time
on his own."

Let's start! OK, now it's one for

the birdwatchers out there.
Hi, Dad. Hi, Mum.

Look, it's a pair of jays.

Joanne and John.

Well, I, I guess I'm gonna
start turning over letters.


All right.

I'm gonna go J cos that's my, um...

Well, all right, that, OK.

Let's go Z.


You hungry? No.

Really? Hug your spe...
Oh, do I have to spell out hug?

No, let's spell out your name.
Is it Alex?

That is my name. Ah!

What, what have you found?

Your name.

You think?

A string.

There's probably no strategy
to this.

I'd say it's just
a kind of like a free-for-all.

I get that vibe.


We've got a compass at least.

Oh, no.

Oh, no?

It's one of these.

So I've gotta follow this
in some direction from here,

I would say, so I reckon if I go in
a circle, at the end of this string

I'm gonna find a special friend.


I'm in quite a lot of pain, Alex.

Would you like a biscuit?

Wouldn't mind some gloves,

or just at least an eye
on health and safety.

Hello, hello?



I think I've done the wrong thing.




That's 250 degrees west?

Is it? Yeah. Unless your compass
is wrong.

Which way is north, John?

This compass is wrong.

Have you used a compass before? Yeah.

Ah, that's north.Yeah.

Oh, f*ck.


I've stopped the clock.

I remember him.

He's your special friend.

Oh, hello. I've done it, Alex!

I've stopped the clock, John.

That was incredibly frustrating.


Not bad.

Thanks, Joanne.
No worries, thank you.


Joanne. Hmm.

Have you ever seen
a walkie-talkie before?

Cos you looked at it
with such childlike wonderment.

Well, there's something
earlier in the series

that I thought was a walkie-talkie

but was a barbecue lighter.
A barbecue lighter.


I'm not in the Army, OK?

I, I should have told you. OK.
She's not in the Army.

Why didn't you tell me
she's not in the Army? I'm sorry.

John takes this very seriously,
this show.

He is a Taskmaster nerd
and I enjoyed seeing you get angry.

It was 38 degrees
when we filmed that.

And Alex kept asking me
if I wanted a biscuit

when I found biscuits
under the letters.

I couldn't believe
you didn't want a biscuit.

I didn't want a biscuit, Alex.
John's got no time for whimsy.

He wants to complete the task quickly

and get the delicious points.

Who's next? Next up, all the way
from Fleetwood Mac,

it's "Steve'n Nick's" attempts.
Steve and Nick's.

Who's my special friend?

Is it one of the horses?

I don't know what you do
in your own time.

Right, well, I would love to
spell out the phrase

"hug your special friend",
but scanning the letters

I'm not seeing the letter Y.

Um, I'm gonna just start with an H.

Is this a timed thing?

Fastest wins. Fastest wins, OK.

And one minute per letter
turned over.

Huh? One minute is...

Per, per letter turned over.


Chocolate biscuit.

So it's someone who likes
chocolate biscuits. OK.

Or is it for me, this chocolate
biscuit? It's for me? All right.

Oh. Hello?

Is that my special friend?

Fastest wins, Nick.

Yeah, I, I, I was aware of, yeah.


I'm guessing I'm gonna have to
eventually turn all of these over,

so why am I messing around?

Oh, some wool.

All right, what's the task again?

"Every time you touch a letter
you must turn it over

"and one minute will be added
to your time."

Yeah, you've spent 48 minutes so far.

Oh, and fastest wins.


The mannequin is my special friend.

Uh, so north is that way.

Yeah, if north's that way,
which way do you reckon west is?

This way.

That's west.

I don't wanna expend
unnecessary energy. Hmm.


Hello, over.

Maybe, is this a clue?

Is this an arrow, the mannequin,
that's pointing up this way?

Oh, there's something colourful.



Oh, you look like one of my
characters from League of Gentlemen.

Oh, f*cking hell!

SLOWED: Oh, f*cking hell!

Oh, you're terrifying.

Well, that wasn't too bad.

No? Yeah, I think
I did middling on that.

Hmm. Well, you turned over



And see, this is the difference
between John and Nick,

is that when you see a whimsical
biscuit's been left under...

I eat it. You think,
"I'm prioritising this biscuit."

I think it was the biscuit that made
me forget that you weren't meant

to turn over many letters,
cos as soon as I had that biscuit

I just started turning over
as many as I could find.

Yeah, the other difference is that

Nick obviously did very badly.

Very pleased with himself.

"I think that went quite well."

Steve, how do you feel?

Uh, annoyed I didn't eat
the biscuit.

Um, I was looking forward to finding

a lovely word thing
in the labyrinth of words.

Totally forgot the fact
that each one was a minute.

Yeah, and then the greeting was,

I mean, borderline orgasmic.

Had you forgotten there was someone
inside your mannequin?

I'd totally forgotten, cos it was
weeks and weeks earlier.

So I screamed, didn't I?

It was hilarious. Yeah.

Good. Now I'm not one
to make, uh, judgements

and I'm always fast
to apologise when I do.

But I predict Sophie's gonna be shit
at this.

OK. Time for another ad break.
See you in a bit.




You join us for the third quarter
of our final

and the completion of a task all
about tracking down old friends.

Yes, old friends that they made
for themselves -

quite sad, really.
They've all managed to find

and hug them so far, but there is
still one person left to go.

WILLan Sophie be reunited
with her old friend?

Let's find out right now.

Right, OK.

"Every time you touch a letter
you must turn it over.

"And one minute will be added
to your time."

But I don't want to touch
a letter, then.

"Fastest wins."

Is it a tree-hugging exercise?

Is it that sort of thing?

The problem is you've got crew
hiding in bushes, haven't you?

It's quite daunting.




I might aim for that tree
over there.

Yeah, OK. Do...and I don't wanna
faff about with these, do I?


Hello? Who's there?


Oh, see...

Oh, I thought it was gonna be
an old school friend or something.

It's your old friend Wolfie.

I've stopped the clock.

Is that it?


I formally apologise.

Thank you.

Incredible, I mean, 100% accidental?

Well, I thought you would have

a friend of mine from Manchester
hid in a bush that's...

You thought that several times.
I thought Amy again.

Yeah...yeah. Yeah.

No, this show isn't about
reuniting people with... Yeah.

..long-lost friends.

She has kept saying will her friend
jump out of something.

Where's Amy? Always Amy. Yeah.

I don't know why, I just thought
Amy'd be someone you'd approach.

Have you not seen Amy for a while?

I've not. Or this show ever?

She managed to find it
in four minutes 44 seconds.


No punishment, no extra minutes.
Want to hear the points?

Yeah. Well, Sophie found it quickest
in four minutes 44.

Ooh, five sweet points.

Exactly, yeah.

Er, Joanne, 11 minutes 20
with your punishments.

Four sweet points.
Four sweet points.

John, you turned over ten
which means you had a total of

Oh, the three sweet points.

Yeah, and then the guys
who turned over 45 cards.

Steve, your total time
was 52 minutes 37.

Nick, 56 minutes 25.

Two points to Steve, one point to
Nick Mohammed. There it is.


Wow, this is my worst round yet.

Good. OK, what's next?

Well, the bad news is
it's the final task.

Aww. But the good news is,

Greg, you've just become
a TV commissioner, at last.

Hello, Sophie. Hello.

Hello, Nick, hello, Steve.
Hello. Oh, hello.

I keep forgetting that you're here.

Pardon? Sorry, nothing.

OK, good luck.

"Present the best new short-form
shiny floor American game show."

"Alex will be the contestant.

"One of you must be his rival
and somebody must win."

"The game show Greg most wants
to see commissioned wins.

"Also there is a bonus point
for best new game-show catchphrase."

"You have a maximum of 30 minutes.
Your time starts now."

You, what about if
you had to go through

the stool of your
opposite contestant

and guess what they had
for dinner last night.


Can you play the keyboard?
No, but I can do...


I imagine Greg would

want to see something
quite violent.


So our opening thing is, it goes...


Oh, no. Oh, no.


What about if it's, uh... Shorter.


You-you've not really run
with my stool idea.

No, I still...I haven't
even written it down.

Guess the age to win the wage,
take to the stage.

Oh, yes!

# Guess the age
Take to the stage #

Oh, I love it! Oh, that's great.

Feel the...

..w...rage the...

..m...uh, lage, mage, cage.
Of the wage.

Fage, beige.

Right, what about something like,

ESP or something like,
it's just people who like,

you know, might sit in front of

one of those things that just drop
lots of ping-pong balls

and they have to try and get it into
a certain shape using their mind.

Right. It's either that or
coming on with your stool.

I know I keep coming back to this,
but I think Greg would love that.


I just want to make sure
I've 100% heard correctly.

Steve's suggestion, uh,

is of a game show where contestants
root through each other's shit?

Nick didn't wanna do it.
I mean, he... No, no way.

Did he not?

He kept pushing for it.

So I'm presuming he won.
I don't know.

Oh, yeah, we did it, yeah, yeah.

Um, this team seemed
a bit more democratic.

I think I got a bit hung up on
the theme tune, didn't I?

I hope you've included some
of those great rhymes like

lage, mage and fage.

Right, shall we do it? Let's do it.

It's the game show you most
want to commission.

First up, we know there'll be
a keyboard involved.

It's the team of three.

# Take to the stage to guess the age
to win the wage! #

Hey, everyone I'm Chad Whopper

and tonight we're asking
the question,

how close to death...are you?

Contestant number one,
what's your name?

My name is Lucia D'Lacey

and I'm 25, all the way from
bubblin' Dublin.

Bubblin' Dublin.

A round of applause.

Contestant number two,
what's your name?

My name's Alex Horne, I'm 25 as
well. And I'm also from Dublin.

Our guest this evening is sitting
right here. What's your name, madam?

My name is Champagne Bonanza.

Champagne Bonanza!

Each of our contestants
has two questions.

Champagne can only provide
yes or no answers.

You may not ask Champagne her age

if you want to win her wage.

# Take to the stage to guess the age
to win the wage. #

But as always, our contestants

must lower the goggles

as the mind boggles. Boggles.

Very good. Lucia, what's your first
question to Champagne?

Champagne, would you remove
your teeth for me, please?

No. No.


Do you enjoy the music of Lil Wayne
or Lil Nas or that sort of thing?

Oh, yeah. That's a yeah.

It's time for the final question.

Cosmic Rhythm, could we have
some tense music?


Champagne, hello again.

Would you describe yourself as Gen...


No. No.


would you still be in the market
for a tampon?


OK, folks, you've guessed how old.

Are you hot or cold?

# Guessed how old

# Are you hot or cold?

# Ah! #

Lucia, what's your age?

My guess is that Champagne is
a fizzy 29.

A fizzy 29.

Alex Horne.

I think Champagne is a sparkly 25.

A sparkly 25.

Drum roll, please.

Champagne Bonanza, can you please
reveal your age?

I'm 39. 39!

We have a winner.

Lucia D'Lacey, you walk away
with Champagne's wage.

Thank you.

# Guess the age to win the wage
Take to the stage

# Guess the age to win the wage
Take to the stage. #


How long did they have
to do that, half an hour? Yes.

I mean, bloody hell, it's good.
Isn't it?

It's like, it's like an actual show.

Yeah. It, it was very shiny floor,
but I actually think

it would be quite a good game show,
guessing people's age.

Yeah, well, well, I mean,
the suggestion of the game show

is you're guessing how long
they've got left to live.

Like it was all quite light
until you went hard in on,

"Are you still having periods?"

Yeah. Very,
it's a very telling answer.

It is. What's going on here?

Ambience. You t...
And, and information.

It's just, I sensed
it's an American game show,

it's very shiny floor. Hmm.

And then there's some
northern version of

the Pet Shop Boys in the corner.

Right, time for our last
ad break of the series.

Soon someone will go home
with absolutely nothing,

courtesy of Steve Pemberton.

We'll find out if Nick's
prediction was correct

and of course we will crown
our new series champion.

We'll see you soon.



Hello. Here we are, then.
It's the final part of our final.

Ooh, finally.

And the final task sees
head of light entertainment

Greg Davies trying to pick between
two short-form

American game-show pitches.

Hey, guys, remember when Steve
kept pushing for the stool idea

over and over
and over and over again

and Nick was having none of it?
Well, here we go.

Welcome back to
Poo Do You Think You Are.

I'm joined here with Steve and Alex.

It is time, guys, to trade turds.

Well, I've done a big shit in a box.


And you have 30 seconds
to go through your poos,

before we get the scoop on the poop.

Now. 30 seconds.

Got chopsticks there.
Don't have to eat it.

Don't have to? You don't have to.

Hey, this guy's got
an unfair advantage,

being that he's a chef and all.

Well, I don't make the rules,
I'm just the host,

and that is time up, Alex. Poo down.

Steve, poo down.
OK, so we're gonna go Alex first.

You gotta guess
an ingredient starting now.







Lychee fruits.




Caramel ice cream.

Dang it.

I'll give you honey.

Chocolate sauce.


Will you give me honey?
I'll give you honey.

OK. I think that is your time up
on that. Hmm.

We have a winner,

and his name is Alex!

So, Alex, before you get
too excited...

..we're gonna get Gabby over here,

who is gonna present
the celebrity poop.

Gabby, do you wanna come on
and bring the celebrity poop?

Thank you very much Gabby,
just pop that down there.


OK, so Alex.
Mm-hm. Your chance to win...

Ooh. This delicious celebrity poop.

Three guesses to guess whose poop
this is.

My first guess is Gwen Stefani.
No. No?

No. I get it,
I get the reference, I love it.

Hints of many, many children.
A ghostly presence?

Exactly. Half... Half a... Yeah.

...half a, not a full Moore,
a Demi Moore.

Demi Moore is the correct answer,
thank you so much.

I can't believe you got it.

Congratulations, you get
to take that home.

You've gotta have...you get to
keep this.

You get to keep everything,

everything that was
involved in this show,

you've gotta take home with you.

Thank you so much, Alex.
And now... Thank you.

Gabby you wanna see him,
see him off, or...?

Thanks man.
And thank you so much, great stuff.

Congratulations to Alex,
thank you so much, Alex,

been a great contestant.

Commiserations to Steve,
don't know why he's still here.

I'll see you next week on
Poo Do You Think You Are.

Why are you nodding at me like that?

Steve's going, "See?"

You're gonna eat your words.
LAUGHING: I'm not.

It's actually a lot better
than I remember, to be fair.

The most shocking thing for me about
Poo Do You Think You Are,

is that the host clearly does not
want to be part of it.


Can you tell that?

Oh, and side note,
he's dressed as Dracula.


There were some good catchphrases,
"It's time to trade turds",

"Get the scoop on the poop",
"I'll give you honey",

"Poo down", and at one point I said
"I've done a big shit in a box",

so there's a few options.


Which show would you most like
to commission?

I mean who thought this would be
the end of the grand final?


Who thought this is where
we'd arrive?

After all of the trials and
tribulations we've been through,

the bonding, the journey,

here we are with two
Tupperware boxes of shit.

It's an original idea.

There's not enough original thinkers
out there,

but I do think you were probably
pipped to the post

by the other team who didn't do
something absolutely disgusting.

I think because of the originality

and the heavy pain,
I will give them three,

but I will give Lower The Goggles
As The Mind Boggles...

That's your favourite catchphrase?
..as my favourite catchphrase.

So it's six points
to the team of three,

and three points to the team of two.

There we go, well done, everyone.


OK everyone, please make your way
to the stage

for the final task of the series.



ALEX: Look at Nick.

I mean that is a bit... Yeah.


It got a round of applause.

Who's reading the final task
of the series out?

The smart Steve Pemberton.

Guess the five ingredients of
the stool of your neighbour.



Crawl around behind the wall
for 20 seconds.

On Greg's command, you must then
pop up from behind the wall.

If Greg correctly predicts where you
will pop up, you will be eliminated.

Last player correctly
predicted wins.

If there is a tie in the final
the round is replayed.


OK here we go. First scuttle.

And they're off.


Five seconds left.

Stop scuttling.

OK, so, Greg, where do you think
Joanne McNally is?

Joanne McNally has tried to deceive
me by remaining in lane one.

OK where do you think
John Robins has gone?

John Robins is in lane three.

Nick Mohammed?

He dived toward two...

..so he's in four.



Sophie Willan?

Willan's gone right over to two.

And Steve Pemberton?

Steve Pemberton is my age...

..and will not have been bothered

to go more than two squares,

so he's stayed in three.

Three in there with John Robins,
you're saying.

OK. Right, then,
let's go down the line.

Please pop up, Joanne McNally.

How'd you do that?!

I knew it!

OK. Please pop up, Sophie Willan.

She survives.

She's had a lovely time down there.

OK, please pop up, John Robins.

GREG: Ah. Oh, he's also survived.

He lives.

And Steve Pemberton, pop up.

GREG: Yes.

I went all the way over there,
and came back again.

Sure you did.

And finally, Nick Mohammed.


And my instinct was right, though.

Only three left.
Greg, I'm gonna stay in five.

OK, mate.

Round two.


Quiet as mice.

Where do you think John Robins is?

I don't think he's gone far.

No, well, he can't have, because
it's a couple of metres, isn't it?

OK. John's in three.
Sophie's in one.

Nick Mohammed? Oh, Nick's trying
to Derren Brown me,

and he's wanting me to say five,

but I think he's capable of
a double bluff as well.

But he's also capable
of being smug enough

to go all the way over to one,
so I'm gonna say that.

With Sophie.

If he comes up in five

I'm gonna windmill into
the audience with rage.


First up, Sophie Willan,
please pop up.

And let's see where John Robins is.


Let's see, has Nick played you?
Nick Mohammed.

We have a winner, Mr Nick Mohammed!


Please come and join me.

We'll add that to your final scores.


You were good at that.

Well, thank you.

Well, obviously you guessed Joanne
and Steve immediately,

so they come joint fourth.

I think they're lucky to get two
points each.

Sophie and John joint second,
four points each. Lovely.

Nick Mohammed. The full five points.
NICK: Yes!


Still rock bottom... Oh, yeah.

..of the episode,
with a meagre 11 points.

Sophie's never won an episode.
She's on 21, she's won the episode!

Sophie Willan wins the episode!

Please go up and hold up your hope
for humanity.

Final slut drop.

Ooh! Sorry.

Sorry! Didn't mean to do that.


Welcome, welcome to the series
champion awards ceremony.

What an achievement it will be
for one of them -

and what a total waste
of time it was for the others.

Alex Horne, please reveal those
final scores.

In last place, and he's been there
for a while now,

it's a man who's written something
in an envelope.

It's you, Nick. OK.

But you might win 300 quid.

Thank you - yeah, I mean,
that's why I'm here.

Can you show them the seal?

Behold the seal.

In last place, it's Nick Mohammed
with 131 points.

Is it indeed?

There's another envelope within. Ah.





Well done, Nick.

in instalments.


And so we move up
the table by 13 points,

with 144, she won today's episode
it's Sophie Willan.


We leap up again in third place
with 153 points,

he brought in nothing,
but he's gone away

with an enormous amount
of respect it's Mr Steve Pemberton.


With 171 points, in second place,
it's Joanne McNally.


Over to you.

Our new Taskmaster champion,
ladies and gentlemen,

and the owner of this
beautiful gilded trophy,

is John Robins!


Congratulations, John.

Thank you very much, Greg.
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