02x09 - The Final Countdown

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Reginald must learn how to survive his new and impossible lifestyle, which means keeping his nature a secret from everyone he knows.
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02x09 - The Final Countdown

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Previously on "Reginald the Vampire"...

You have 30 days.

When the bell tolls midnight
on that day, I will return.

Where are we?

This is the place where you will die.


- She belongs to me.
- No!

- She could still be alive.
- She's dead.

Abraham! Balestro was your father.

Find Altus.

Find Claire and bring her to us.

- Claire is the key.
- It's time for us to go.

Will I find whatever
passes for the Almighty

on the other side?

Because I am genuinely
curious about that.

Please exit through the gift shop.



♪ ♪


Not today.

Maybe later?

Maybe not.

♪ ♪

Well, let's see what we can see.

♪ ♪

Definitely gotta stop talking to myself.

♪ ♪

This is it. The final countdown.

The end of our endless days.

Our last night on Earth.


Anybody else getting first circle
of hell vibes from this place?

Just me?

Look, guys, are we really gonna go

with the no-plan plan on this one?

Well, ignoring the fact that
all our previous plans ended

with a metaphorical pie in the face,

anything we come up with now

is pointless because
Balestro can read our minds.

And any plans that might be in 'em.

Yeah, I got that part, but
we didn't just come here

to lay down our lives, did we?

Of course not.

Reginald's gonna talk Balestro to death.

Not talk. Reason.

After all, the Socratic method
is humankind's greatest w*apon.

My greatest w*apon is a samurai sword.

And barring reason,

I'm hoping that there's a
loophole that'll save us.

So no plan.

- Got it.
- Can't you just, I don't know,

glamour Balestro to go away?

I'd love to, but he's an angel,

so it definitely won't work.


♪ ♪

Okay, this no-plan
bullshit is not gonna fly.

- Preaching to the choir.
- We need to be ready

to take matters into our own hands.

Or maybe we just let go.

No, somebody I know said that.

- I'm pretty sure it was you.
- Okay.

Processing my feelings
can be complicated.

You put a stake to your own heart.

It made me feel like I was in control.

- What changed?
- I don't know.

Setting aside the stake,

I realized I wasn't done laughing.

Or f*cking.

And Balestro wants to try
and take that away from me?

I'm gonna have to say no thank you

and get your celestial
ass back to heaven.

I hope they find Claire soon.

They will.

But are you sure it's a
good idea to bring her here?

I mean, Abraham said Claire is the key.

If there's ever a time to open a door,

tonight's the night.

- What if she's not happy to see me?
- Wait, what?

Sure, she's my ward,
my protégé, my girl.

This your first time seeing Claire

since she's moved in with Altus, right?


I left my cutest
throwing knives at home.


- Bright side?
- Mm-hmm.

Maybe Ashley won't find Claire

and we all die a horrible
death at the hands of Balestro

before she sees you
without your cute knives.

You're just saying that to cheer me up.


Yoo-hoo! Reginald, darling.

You look absolutely wonderful.

You must tell me your skin routine.

What are you two doing here?

We would have been here sooner

if someone hadn't decided
they knew a shortcut.

The shortest distance is
always a straight line.

A straight line over uneven terrain

is not a straight line!

What are you guys talking about?

We felt this pull in our minds.

More a summons, really.

A distinction without a difference.

You mean the Angel GPS?

Yes. You see, we thought to ourselves,

"Who else must feel this Angel GPS?"

Our good friend Reginald.

So you two are here for me?

Do you have any way to help us?

Like you figured out Claire's door?

Another way to defeat Balestro,

like an unlikely-yet-decisive solution

to our problems, or what?

We came to grovel.

[SOBS] Please! Please save us! Please.

- Include us in whatever

brilliant plan you have concocted

in order to survive this night.

God, you know, guys,
we're not really, like...

You idiots.

You're barking up the wrong damn tree.

I-I don't understand.

Allow me to explain.


Reginald has no plan.

He wishes he did, but he doesn't,

which means one thing
and one thing only.

You're doomed.

♪ ♪

That about right?

It's like you read my

Vampires around the world
are gathering tonight

in forests, on beaches,

on hilltops, in cities, and on the sea.

Vampire sailors?

Billionaires and their yachts.

- Oh.
- Explains a lot.

May I continue?

Do we have a choice?

Tonight I will not
wield a flaming sword,

but instead, a great heavenly fire,

a cleansing fire that will
sweep across this Earth

and k*ll every undead
monster in its path.

♪ ♪

- Shall we begin?
- Over my dead body.

That is the idea.

- We'll see about that.
- Hey, Maurice, what...

- what are you guys doing?
- He's not going down without a fight.

- And neither am I.

Whoa, whoa. Okay, wait. Wait.

This is really cool, what
we're all trying to do here.

But, okay, this guy is
Jackie Chan, all right?

We're the extras getting hit
in the face with the ladder.

I suppose you have a better idea.

Well, that's what
we're hoping for, right?


Reginald has a better idea.

The 30-day thing, that
was a threat, sure.

But it was also a promise.

And by my calculations,

we're on day 29, hour 21, and minute 32.

- Check the watch.
- Very well.

I do not wish to break a promise.

What do you propose we do
with your remaining time,

such as it is?

You once asked me to make
a case for the vampire-kind.

Let me try again.

Give me my day in court.



It almost sounds like...

a prayer.




What is this? Where are we?

You wanted your day in
court. You shall have it.

I am nothing if not a willing judge.

I really hope you
know what you're doing.

You do know what you're
doing, right, Reginald?

I mean, I wasn't expecting
a second location,

but I have seen all of
"Law & Order," twice.

- Oh, my God.
- So I can work with this.



You asked me to make the
case for vampire-kind.

I asked you to give me my day in court.

So let's start with the basics.

Like, um, why we're all here.

We're here because vampire-kind
has failed to evolve.


He's actually winging it.

It is a charge as severe
as it is significant,

but it begs the obvious question,

what is evolution?

Mm, excellent question.

Masterful performance.

Evolution, I submit, if
it so pleases the court,

exhibit to the A...

Let me guess.

- You.
- Me.


I can do something no other vampire can.

I can glamour other vampires.

And that's not all.

Check out the horsepower on this baby.

I admit, your mind is impressive.

A mind unlike any other.

A skill no vampire seems to possess.

Am I not the living...

okay, undead embodiment of evolution?

- Yes, he is.
- Well said!

- We rest our case!
- Order!

- There will be order in these chambers.

Counselor... and I can't
believe we're doing this,

but it was my idea...

do you rest your case?

Hell no.

I am just getting started.

I would like to call to the stand

the vampire deacon of the Americas,

Maurice Miller.

Mr. Miller, in your humble opinion,

how does the typical
vampire spend their evening?

On a typical night, vampires hunt.

And yet, is it not true

that you spend your hours
patrolling the streets

from sunset to sunrise,

helping those in need?

It's true. What I do.

Your Honor, I'd like
to submit exhibit B,

the parable of the Good Samaritan,

Luke 10:25, from the Bible,

as a point of relevant comparison.

Exhibit B is admitted into evidence,

not that I see a point
to these theatrics.

The point is this.

Maurice is a vampire deacon,

a leader who chooses to spend his nights

protecting those he
was created to feed on.

Is that not change?

Is that not growth?

Is that not evolution?

It is...


But all you've done is
prove Maurice's worth,

not the worth of your kind.

The exception is not the rule.

I would like to call to
the stand my next witness...


- Hi.
- Nikki.

- Mm-hmm?
- Is it not true

that you are a retired assassin

who has fallen in love with a human,

the very same that we
are accused of exploiting?

You bet I am.

Are you not also the assassin who,

after two promising retirement,

m*rder*d my brother, the angel, Raphael?


I plead the fifth.

And respectfully decline
to answer your question

on the grounds that
it may incriminate me.

Next witness!

- [SOFTLY] Shit.

Whatever you're about to say
about Angela is null and void,

'cause at this very moment,

she is thinking of ways to k*ll me.

Uh... [SIGHS]

- Guilty.
- Next witness.

Penelope and my
second-favorite LeBron James,

who are selfish,
power-hungry sycophants.

Yes. We are.

But they're... they're here.

Absolutely correct and truthful.

Bravo, Reginald.

A month ago, these two
wouldn't have bothered

to show up anywhere

that didn't involve a
blood-soaked amuse-bouche.

So that's... progress.

Relatively speaking.

A bar so low, a cockroach
couldn't walk under it.

But I'm feeling particularly
magnanimous today, so...

why not?

- Let's chalk them up in your favor.

- We helped!
- Mm!

With Maurice and yourself,

that's four vampires to the good

and hundreds of thousands
of vampires to the bad,

counting all the vampires in the world.

Then give us more time.

It's barely enough
time for immortal beings

to make the decision to change.

Vampires were given
far more than 30 days.

You've had tens of thousands of years.

Not only are you depraved,
indiscriminate K*llers,

you revel in it.

Or shall I call on my witnesses?


You're so full of shit.

Excuse me?

You sit there

and you act like having wings

gives you the moral high ground?

How would you do if
we put angels on trial?

Take your best shot.

Mike Choi deserved
better than what he got.

- Aah!

The angel Uriel cut open his own flesh

so that his blood would burn Mike alive.

And you call us K*llers.

It looks like we're in good company.

A rather one-sided
portrait of your friend,

don't you think?

And then there's Nikki,

who you accuse of
murdering the angel Raphael.

- But who hired her?

Who gave her the sword to k*ll an angel?

Nikki might have held the blade,

but she was merely a
w*apon wielded by Uriel.

You've made your point.
But Uriel is flawed,

an unfit representative
of the celestial.

Exactly right, and I wouldn't expect you

to pass judgment on the many
for the actions of the few,

whether angel or vampire.

Inspiring fairy tales
about Reginald, about Nikki,

about you...

that hardly constitutes the many.

Can you honestly be so sure about that?

How far have you traveled?

How many of our kind have you met?

How many damn minds have you read?


- Exactly.
- Very well.

I will consider your argument.

A short recess is in order.


my m*therf*cking deacon!


- Good job, Maurice.
- Whoo!

♪ ♪


Mike. [GASPS]


♪ ♪


Oh, God. I'm so sorry.

- For what?
- You're here.


The docent called it heaven,

but since when is heaven
a weird art gallery?

Where are my harps and pearly gates?

I would have settled for the
River Styx and a ferryman.

But a gift shop? How cynical is that?


Oh, it's good to see you.

How is...

- Todd?
- Not great.

He misses you so much.

♪ ♪

But, uh, can we talk about
how much I love this look?

[CHUCKLES] Well, this
was me in my band days.

- Oh.
- It's when I was at my happiest.

I think the afterlife is trying

to make us comfortable
enough to cross over?

Cross over to what?

A grand reward?

The next life? A final judgment?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Well, whatever it is will have to wait

because I'm pretty sure today's the day

that Balestro's countdown runs out.

I think you're right.

Uh, I can't be sure, but
from what I've gathered,

I think there's still
time left on the clock.

Well, then we need to use
that time to help our friends.

Sarah, helping our
friends is not an option.

- We're dead.
- But you have information, don't you?

I mean, how else would you
know how much time is left?

It's not like there's
any clocks around here.

I found a way to get information.

- Nothing more.
- Show me.



♪ ♪

You may be seated.

After much contemplation, I
have come to the conclusion

that your argument has merit,

but ultimately, angels are
not the ones on trial here.

Your testimony is
therefore inadmissible.

- What?
- Is this what you call justice?

This is what I call bullshit!

- You're being unreasonable.
- Maurice's speech was so good!

- Unfair...
- Silence!

Angels may have the capacity for sin,

but no comparison could ever

lessen the stain of the vampire.

You are guilty.

You are all guilty,

and now, you will face my judgment.


Who dares interrupt these proceedings?

I do love a good courtroom drama.


Hey, Dad.

Long time, no see.

My son.

You've returned to me.

And I left a damn good party to be here.

So why don't we skip to the part

where you just tell me what you want?

Even after all these years,
clinging to old resentments.

There you go again.

Bringing up the past.

Like you always do.

But might I make a suggestion?

All I want is what's best for you.

All you want is what you want.

You hid from every responsibility!


- Whoa!
- Well, I'm not hiding anymore!

How dare you bear your blade to me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay.

Uh, before we get

to the supercool stabbing and cleaving,

how about we try a little,
uh, reflective listening?

Is that a form of combat?

Well, it's actually a
form of conflict mediation.

All right. Look, look.

Instead of "How dare you
bear your blade to me,"

why not say, "I feel sad when
you bear your blade to me"?


[SIGHS] All right.
How 'bout as a first baby step,

we put away the flaming weaponry?

Abe, come on.

Balestro, be the adult in the room.


♪ ♪

[SIGHING] Thank you.

Now Balestro, would you mind
transporting us somewhere

that's more conducive
to family mediation?


Wow, oh, this is exactly
what I was thinking.

You really can read my mind.

This is where you get your news?

It's just another empty gallery.

only empty till needed.

Needed for?



♪ ♪

Well, how about that?

It's me.

- Hello.
- Hi.

I don't know you. Should I?

Oh, no matter.

Welcome to my dream.

I'm Trevor, by the way.

- Trevor...
- This is not a dream.



I remember.


The last thing I heard was
the sound of my own flatline.

Oh, gosh.

I'm dead, aren't I?

Yes, you are.

♪ ♪

I should feel sad.

Why don't I feel sad?

I think it has something to do

with discovering that
death is not the end.

Trevor, before you departed,

did anything catastrophic happen,

like a mass vanishing?

Or what about

people spontaneously
combusting all over the world?

Wow, not that I know of.

Seems like I'd noticed
something like that.

I was an avid consumer of the news.

I lived alone,

afraid to show the world the real me.

I'm gonna take a look
around if you don't mind.

It was a pleasure to
make your acquaintance.

I think I'm gonna like it here.

Would you look at that? I'm pretty.

Someone dies

and an empty gallery
populates with their photo.

That's how you get your information,

from the new arrivals.


Until they exit through the gift shop.

It's not much, but
it's also why I believe

there's still time on Balestro's clock.

There's nothing that we can do to help?


Whatever our friends are going through,

they're on their own.

Please exit through the gift shop.


Let's start with you.

Tell us what's going on.

But phrase it with
the words "I feel... "

I feel...



Why do you feel betrayed?

Because despite my great gifts,

my son chooses to waste
his angelic potential.

Ooh-kay. Digging deep. Very good.

Abraham, how do you respond?

If exterminating the entire vampire race

is what you call "angelic
potential," then...


Phrase it with the words "I feel... "

Then I feel that I want no
part of the family business.

- Balestro?
- I feel frustration at a son

who thinks this is
merely about vampires.

I feel suspicious about your motives.

I feel hurt by your suspicions.

I feel doubt about your pain.

Okay. [CHUCKLES] Let's slow down.

And what about my love?

Do you doubt that too?

What could you possibly know about love?

You're so drunk with vengeance,

drunk with the power to extract it.

There's no love in you. Only hate.


Whatever conflict divides
us, you are still my son.

I made you.

I do not wish to see you unmade.

Please, let me save you.

I was trapped for 50 years

and I was waiting for you to save me.


But you never did, Dad.

You know who did?

[WHISPERS] My hero.

How do you think Reginald
came to my attention

in the first place?

♪ ♪


Feeling the harsh glare of
the spotlight once again.

Oh, well, this was an unexpected turn.

And me, the sacrificial lamb.

Angela, what are you doing?

Stop the apocalypse,

let us live,

or Abraham dies.

Ruthless, reckless.

But putting your life on
the line for vampire-kind,

that is the stuff of heroism.

Counteroffer: I'm willing
to spare your life,

but everyone else dies.

- Deal.
- What?


What a shining example you are.

I am not f*cking ar...

- What happened?
- He's doing the same thing he did to Maurice

at the council meeting.

He stopped her time.


♪ ♪

Aw, man.

I loved that pick.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

I have seen nothing,
including Angela's bargain,

that convinces me that vampires
have the capacity for change.

I think you're wrong.

And I'm willing to stand
with them to prove it.


I'm proud to.

♪ ♪

You'll stand with vampires?

[SOFTLY] Yeah.

Then you'll die with them.



- Here we go again.
- Maurice?

Celestial m*therf*cker.

Maurice, are you seeing this?

A deadly halo of blue flames.

Cool, cool. Just checking.

That is the flame that
will sweep across your Earth

until every vampire is
consumed by its holy fire.

You have ten seconds
to say your goodbyes.

Ten, nine...

Reginald failed?

Eight, seven, six...

- Ashley.
- Guys, I blew it.

I'm so sorry for letting you all down.

Five, four...

Nothing you could do
would ever let me down.

Three, two...

Wait! Stop everything!

I demand the stopping now.

- Claire! You're here.
- There she is.

Miss me? Well, I'm back.


Reginald, what is it?

Claire is the key.

♪ ♪

You. You came.

You know her?


That's why he trapped us in the Shack,

to keep us away from Claire.

You really are the key.

And I'm ready to open
whatever magical door

you found for me to open,
so let's do this thing.

- That's my girl.
- The thing is,

the door, it's still a work in progress.

Classic Reginald.

Always keeping us hanging
till the last second.

I don't think he's joking.

But we found Claire.

Actually, we found Altus.

Turns out when a foul-mouthed crone

att*cks a teenage boy,

it makes the local news.

I didn't like how he
talked to my daughter.

All he said was hi.

Yes, but he said it with bedroom eyes.

Oh, my God.

All I'm saying is that one day,

you're going to start
having certain urges.

- Oh, my God!
- Hold on, hold on.

You're the child of a
human and an incubus.

- Yeah, don't remind me.
- Hmm.

Our little miracle.

When you said Claire was
the key, you meant that?

Now you getting it.

- Getting what? What's happening?
- In all of history,

you're only the second child to be born

of the union of a human and an incubus.

Ew, don't call it a union.

The first was Merlin of Caledonia!


Um. Hello?

Reggie, look.

Maybe you could help fill
in a couple of blanks.

Okay, crash course on Merlin.
He was King Arthur's wizard.

He had the ability to summon lightning

and also occasionally shape-shift.

But most importantly, he
had the power of prophecy.

And that matters how now?

This has all been about

the evolution of vampires.

Balestro believes that we don't
have the capacity to change,

but he doesn't know that for sure.

He can't.


Why does he keep saying that?

Because he wants you to
do the one thing he can't:

Look into the future.

- He wants me to what?
- Provide us with

a extremely well-timed vision

in which you see vampires in the future

that are evolved and
good and totally not dead.


[SHEEPISHLY] Sure, I can do that.

- Speak.
- Don't rush me!





Yup. There it is.

That's the future, all right.

And would you look at that?

Vampires are gonna be good, big-time.

Evolution coming right up.

What else?


they'll start drinking lots of blood?

Don't they already drink lots of blood?

- No.
- Oh!

Drinking from bottles, except...

not blood.

They'll invent...

they'll... they'll
invent a blood substitute.

- Yeah.
- This is deeply unconvincing,

yet I can't read your mind.

I couldn't read Merlin's mind either.

I guess that settles
it, then. [CHUCKLES]

- Claire, your nose.


- [WORDS ECHOING] w*r is coming.
- What is happening right now?

Vampire will turn against vampire.

Their blood will fill rivers.

In the battle for the
soul of the vampire nation,

a new beginning will
require great sacrifice.

Only one can save them.

But to save them,
Reginald Andres must die.

- Claire Bear!
- Whoa.

- Are you okay?
- You okay?

[NORMALLY] I'm okay. I'm okay.

What kind of new beginning do you see?

Sorry, I don't write the
songs, I just play them.

w*r? Blood-filled rivers?

I don't see how that could
possibly be a good thing.

Well, you can't, though.
That's the point, right?

But she can. And if for nothing else,

the fact that she sees a
future with us in it means

that we survive the night.

It means that you don't
wipe out vampire-kind.

- Right?
- In truth, by the sound of her prophecy,

you'll k*ll each other for me.

Maybe we will. Maybe we won't.

But that's tomorrow's problem.


♪ ♪


Holy shit, it worked.

- Looks like it.
- [LAUGHING] Claire, you saved us!

- Oh, my God!
- [CHEERS] Oh!

- It happened!
- Yes! Yes!

- Yeah, we made it!
- My man!

- Yes!

- Guys, oh, my God!
- I can't believe it.

- Thank you!
- All right, all right!

- Oh, my goodness!

♪ ♪

Everybody, listen up!

Given our unexpected reprieve,

thank you, Claire,

given the years we
got, and we got a lot,

let's get this party started!

- Oh, man. Now what?

Welcome to the Slushy Shack.

- How may I help you?
- Very funny.

Take the smock off.
Wearing it is a privilege.

My son was right about you.

You are special.

Dude, know when to make an exit, okay?

Claire did the thing.

Your circle of holy fire went dark.

And I am done begging for my life.

Oh, but this isn't
when you beg, Reginald.

This is when you receive your gift.

Take my hand.

What kind of gift are
we talking about here?

- It's a surprise.
- I don't trust you.

Don't care. This is a gift you need.


♪ ♪

Can you maybe describe it in a sentence?

Call it power.

Call it an evolution.

But I can't do this
without your permission.

The decision has to be yours.

That's what Maurice said to
me right before he turned me.

- Mm, what'd you say to him?
- I said yes.

Say yes to me now.

- Why?
- Because according to that

impossible child's prophecy,

your troubles are only just beginning.

♪ ♪

- Started! Whoo!

♪ ♪

Reginald? What's wrong?

Uh, I'm... I'm not sure.

You don't look too good.

Balestro left me a parting gift.

What kind?


I have no idea.

♪ ♪




Oh, hell.

It's surreal, isn't it?

A day just like any other,

but a day I never
thought I'd get to see.

And I owe it all to
Reginald and that little kid.

[CHUCKLES] That little
kid turned out to be

way more special than I thought she was.



That's the kind of special
we should keep an eye on,

don't you think?




We almost owed it all to you.

Taking Abraham hostage and
bargaining for our lives?

And you came this
close to saving the day.

And then you threw us all under
the bus to save your own skin.


Okay, I have never tried
to be the hero before.

- Takes practice.
- Oh, no judgment.

Look, if Balestro offered
to spare me and only me,

I-I would have taken that deal.

No, you wouldn't.

- I might have.
- Never.

You're too attached to justice,
too attached to your people.

And that's a fight you
will never stop fighting.

Maybe I fight harder for
some more than others.

And for some infuriating reason

that I will never understand,

survival has just never
been enough for you.

That's because there's a difference
between surviving and living.

And that's exactly the kind
of fortune cookie nonsense

I would expect you to say.

But maybe you're right, Maurice.

Maybe survival isn't enough.


Maybe it's time I tried
something different,

considering I've tried
just about everything.

That's it, right?

The countdown came and went

and we haven't seen any vampires,

friendly or otherwise.

- I don't wanna jinx it, but...
- It's over.

They survived Balestro.

I don't know how, but they did.

I bet Reginald had
something to do with it.

I bet he did.


So what do we do now?

Please exit through the gift shop.



I held on.

I stayed because I wanted to be here

in case our friends didn't survive,

but they did.

And now that I know they're okay...

it's time, Sarah.

What? Mike, no.

We'll find another way.
Please, we can't just give up.


You can't.

And you shouldn't either.

Your life was cut short. But mine?

I've lived countless lives

and cheated death every single time.

Like that sideshow in New Orleans.

Or the earthquake in San Francisco.

Before that, Osaka, Busan.

♪ ♪

Or the first time,

covered in my sister's blood,

hoping I'd be next,

when a stranger offered
me a chance at revenge.

♪ ♪

But being a vampire

meant I got to live more lives
than I ever thought possible.

I've had my time.

I'm ready for what comes next.

♪ ♪

You better get going
before I come up with

a real good reason for you to stay.


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

That's different.

I don't get it.

Where's your white light?

Maybe walking into the
light is for humans.

Maybe vampires walk into the dark.

Or maybe this is just for me.

♪ ♪

You wanna hear something strange?

Feels like the time and place for it.

After all those lives, all those years,

I'm about to walk into
the darkest dark...

and I can't get Todd... off my mind.

Love is strange.

Yeah. It is.

♪ ♪

Goodbye, Sarah.

Goodbye, Mike.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪




Sorry. Enjoy your slushy.

♪ ♪

How you doing, Reginald?


- Don't look okay.
- I'm fine.

Claire saved the day.

I mean, you helped. More than helped.

I may have contributed
to our favorable outcome.

That's another way to put it.

But in the end, we're
right back in the Shack.

Three registers and, well,
there's only two of us now.

♪ ♪

"What's the Story, Morning Glory?"


- It's a song.
- I know.

- By Oasis.
- I get it.

It's the game Sarah and I used to play.


[CHUCKLES] That's Adele.

[CHUCKLE-SIGHS] All right.

You name the artist
or the song, not both.

If you're gonna play the game,
you might as well play it right.

Oh, got it. Right.

What was I thinkin'?

"What's the Story, Morning Glory?"


Uh... "9 to 5."

Oh, Dolly Parton. Solid choice.

"It's All About the Benjamins."

Okay. I see your Diddy.

Raise you "Mo Money Mo Problems."

Ooh, Biggie. Nice.

♪ ♪

"Everybody Hurts."


"I'll Be There for You."

Thanks, Todd. That
really means a lot to me.

No, I don't know what
you're talking about.

That's the theme song from "Friends."


- The Rembrandts.
- Yeah.

Should we all get matching hats?

This is so dorky, but yes, I'm in.



Claire, um, can we talk?

Oh, no. Did the car get towed again?


- We'll get out of your hair.
- Oh, no, no, no. Please.

You should stay for this. Please.

And, uh, the car is fine.

At least I think it is.

No, um, this is about, um...


you know I love you, right?

- Okay.
- Mm.

And I'm so proud of you
for standing up to Balestro,

and also a general
fatherly amount of pride,

also I love you.

You said that already.

- It's just...
- You're an incubus.

You don't stay still or in one place

or even in one shape for very long.

You deserve stability, and
I can't give that to you.

Not like, um...

Your room is still
made up if you want it.

It's true. Nikki changes
the sheets every day.

Just... just in case.

♪ ♪


I'm not gone forever,
just in constant motion.

And sometimes that motion
will bring me back here

to check on...


- Your nose.
- Oh, no. Not again.

[GASPS] She's having a vision.

What do I do? What do I do?

That was weird, but it's okay.

I'm okay.

What... what did you see?

We're gonna be really,
really happy together.


We don't need the gift
of prophecy to know that.

We need to get the nose cleaned up.

The nice tissues are in the break room.

Oh, mm.

♪ ♪

We'll be right back.

♪ ♪

Goodbye, my girl.

♪ ♪

"w*r is coming," she said.

Vampire against vampire.

For the soul of the vampire nation.

Sort of burying the lede here.

But in order to save them...

Reginald Andres must die?

That's me.

Not great. Could be better.

We finally sort out our
Balestro problem and now this.

You know, Merlin was big on metaphor.

Is it too much to hope this
is all not just, I don't know,

a figure of speech and
not a full-blown civil w*r

that ends in my untimely death?

Hope is free, Reggie.
Take as much as you want.

Bright side: Everyone
got their happy ending.

And Todd, he hasn't asked me to
turn him in at least 48 hours,

so that's progress, right?

What about you, Reggie?

What's your happy ending?

Well, you know how you said

we "sorted out" our angel problem?


That's not completely true.

Are you having those dreams again?

No, no. Balestro's gone for good.

I hope so.

I'm talking about another angel.



He's a problem.

Maurice, he k*lled Mike.

He k*lled Sarah.

I know that.

I can't let him get away with it.

All right. Noted. But look,

what exactly are we talking about here?

We're talking about my
happy ending, Maurice.

[SOFTLY] I'm gonna find Uriel.

I'm gonna make him suffer
for a very long time.

And then I'm gonna k*ll him.

I'm gonna k*ll him with my bare hands.


♪ ♪

♪ You're alive ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ Fire running through the dark ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ ♪
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