17x06 - Message in a Bottle

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The cases of the BAU an elite group of profilers that analyze the nation's most dangerous criminal minds in an effort to anticipate their next moves before they strike again.
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17x06 - Message in a Bottle

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Previously on "Criminal
Minds: Evolution"...

GARCIA: Sebastian Gasper's phone
files didn't just have payroll,

they had assignments.

So this Gold Star isn't just one person?

No, it's a program.

Five members, five points of the star.

PRENTISS: Damien is the leader.

What if we were to reach out to
Damien and lure him into a trap?

What brings you out of the woodwork?

I can't stay here.

We're gonna have to meet face-to-face.

ALVEZ: That little tap-tap-tapping
he was doing on the desk

as they were talking was Morse code.

Final target codename is North Star.

- What the f*ck is North Star?
- It's nothing.

GARCIA: Got a meeting time and
a location... Davenport, Iowa.



- Please, help me.

- You must be Jade.
- You brought some friends.

Let's make a deal. You
look me in the eyes,

I'll tell you how to find North Star.

- How do we get North Star?
- They gave me four words

that are a "get out of
federal custody free" card.

- Teresa is in trouble.
- Who is Teresa?

Hi. It's me. Call me back.
You might be in trouble.

- How bad is it?
- Restricted duty until the director sees fit.

The BAU is yours.

I'm not at my best right now.

None of us are, me most of all.




How did this happen?!

Voit was being transferred to his cell.

Then he made his move.

I f*cking knew it.

We should have never let him out.




He couldn't have gotten far.



No, no, no. Don't talk,
okay? Medical is on the way.

Voit has me g*n.

Stay with him.



PRENTISS: ♪ When you're smiling ♪

♪ When you're smiling, the
whole world smiles with you ♪


♪ When you're laughing ♪

[CRYING] ♪ When you're laughing ♪

♪ The sun comes shining through ♪

VOIT: Oh, way off, Davey boy.

Why don't you come back
out, give me another shot?

- Are you sure you really want that?
- Oh, I'm sure.

All right. Since you asked so nicely.

I do love a ménage à trois.

[GRUNTS] sh**t him.

sh**t him.


[SOBBING] ♪ When you're crying ♪

♪ You bring on the rain ♪

♪ Stop your sighing ♪

♪ Be happy again ♪

sh**t him now before he...




Oh, hey, let me show you how it works.





♪ When you're smiling ♪

♪ When you're smiling ♪

ROSSI: Our virtues and our
failings are inseparable,

like force and matter.

When they separate, man is no more.

Nikola Tesla.



Damien is still a ghost. No one
laid eyes on him at the park.

Okay, what about Jade?

Unless she and Damien
are under direct threat,

I don't see them resurfacing.

I mean, I-I agree.

Damien k*lled that strike team
and then went quiet for weeks.

They're probably lying low,
planning their next move.

Except Voit tried to
drive a wedge between them.

That could destabilize the partnership.

I think we should go back to Voit.

ROSSI: We're not doing that.

We could force him to
reach out to Damien.

LEWIS: Actually, we can't.

- Why not?
- Voit's lawyer just petitioned for him

to start his reduced prison sentence.

That doesn't even make sense.

Voit didn't get us Gold Star.

T-The director can't bend on that.

Well, the argument is
that he got us as close

as possible to Damien.

A-And the fact that we f*cked up
the takedown was on us, not him.

What, and Madison is
willing to accept that?

Apparently he's considering it.

PRENTISS: sh**t him.

Um, h-has anyone heard from Prentiss?

sh**t him now!

I need to reach out to her,
make sure that she's all right.

- I... I can do that.
- Good.

Well, we've got a lot of work to do.

Um, we need to follow the money trail.

Yes. Yes, sir. I... I
have done that repeatedly.

Well, we're going to do it again

because we... we need to see
where this program started.

Yes, yes, we need to chase...
chase the money. I... I...

Sir, I-I mean this with
all the love and respect

- in the world...
- Dave.

Dave? Dave?

[ECHOING] Same thing over and over

and expecting... expecting results...


- PRENTISS: ♪ What you're smiling ♪
- VOIT: Dave?

♪ When you're smiling ♪

You feeling okay?

♪ The whole world smiles with you ♪

♪ When you're laughing ♪

♪ When you're laughing ♪

♪ The sun comes shining through ♪


Oh. L-Look, I'm, uh... I'm fine.

Some days we just spin our wheels.

This is one of those days.

Get to work.

He's not okay.

- He's not okay.
- No.

- Not even a little.
- But I'm gonna do it again

because he said to do it again.

So I'm going to do it again.




You okay?

Uh-huh. It's just a waste of time.

Mm-hmm. [CHUCKLES]

Sure there's not anything else?

Wasting time is my
third most hated thing.

It's between beige and bad
kissing, and you know that.

Yeah, I do. Strangely.

I also know something
is up when you are quiet.

So... spill it.

What's going on with Emily? Hmm?

I've never seen her like this,

and I've never seen Dave in
whatever state that he's in.

And I don't know who to
be more worried about.

- All right, give me your keys.
- Why?

My guess is she's sleeping
it off at your place.

Okay. You profiled
that. I did not tell you.

No. You didn't. You know what?

You're not going to be
able to focus on this

if you're worrying about
Emily, so just come on.

- Give me your keys.
- Yeah. Here.

Thank... you.

I did not set the alarm
because I could just imagine

Emily accidentally making that go off.

Oh, when you stick the
key into the top lock,

you have to jiggle it a little.

Uh, what else?

I put a clean bucket by Emily's head.

I'm sorry if when you
get there it's full.

Please. I'm a mom. I've seen worse.

Ooh, you're an angel of helping.

It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

Hello. Penelope Garcia... cat guardian,

technical analyst,
all-around enchantress.

Not a good time.

Uh, what was that about?

I don't know. And you know what?
I'm not asking any questions.

Because if I ask questions, I'm
going to care. And I don't care.

This is the face of someone not caring.

Well, then we can both
count our blessings, then.

Because the only thing more awkward

than you working with Tyler
is him working with me.

Luke, we need you in here.

Put on your awkward pants.

Kidding me?

- How is your day going?
- I don't want to talk about it.

You don't want to talk about
it period or just with me?

Oh. With me.

You remember when I promised I'd stop

taking advantage of our relationship?

I'm respecting that.

And I... I have respect
for you respecting that.

But also, you went in there, and
then he went, and he was like,

"You got to leave." Who is she?

She's a possible
connection to Gold Star.

And does she have a name?

- Teresa.
- Teresa... ?


And you know Miss Teresa Campos because?

She's the woman I
dated... right before you.



[g*n CLICKS]

[g*n CLICKS]


VOIT: Oh, way off, Davey boy.

Let me show you how it works.




Hey, I...


Oh. It's fine. I-I'm just cleaning it.

Your finger was on the trigger, Dave.

What do you want to tell me?

Tyler's ex-girlfriend is here.

She's the Teresa that
Brian Garrity mentioned.

It's too early to tell,
but we think she may have

something to do with Gold Star.

Well, that sounds pretty important.

Not as important as this is.

Look, it's not a secret
that you've been struggling.

And it's not a weakness
to talk about it.

I do. I talk about it.

With who?



I'm guessing you've been avoiding

your mandated trauma therapy?

All right.

Well, unless you have
another forensic psychiatrist

that you trust, would...

would you be willing
to talk to me about it?

Is it PTSD?

Because that's what it looks like.

All right. Is it getting worse?

You know something that I love about

when it's just you
and me working a case?

We can just sit together, you know?

Just... quietly with our thoughts.

So I'm thinking,

why don't you and I just
sit here now, together...


and you can know that you're okay?

Thank you.


We're not talking.



O... kay.


You here?


Um, is everything okay?

Uh, everything's fine, until it's not.

What are you even doing here?

Just making sure you're okay.

Thanks. I'm fine. [GROANS]

Oh, sorry.

Thank you.

What time is it?

Time for hydration, I think.


Here you go.

Oh, it's got what plants crave.

It's got electrolytes.

You see that movie "Idiot City"?

Wait. Idiot city?


That's it!

Hey, did you ever...

Did I ever what?

I don't know.

Wow. You are in rough shape. [CHUCKLES]

Chug that now, please.

Oh, no. No, leave those chips!

- Ah, chips!
- Those... The salt and vinegar!


They're underrated.

So are chopsticks, apparently.

Oh, you don't do this? You gotta start.

The coating is delicious
but insufferable.

It's worse if you have a hangnail.

And there's never napkins around.

Open up.

Oh. Uh...




And no mess!


So what have you been drinking?

Wine. Chablis.


Feels like it's more than a crisp white.

Emily Elizabeth Prentiss...

are you high?

I'm not not high.


- [LAUGHING] Oh, my God.

She seems really cool.

I didn't know super-hot
Latina was your type.

My name is Garcia.

I don't have a type.
And please don't start.

I'm not starting. I
just... I'm confused.

When we had our ritual
airing of the ex's,

there was no mention of a Teresa Campos.

And I'm wondering why that is.

- Hey.
- You aren't allowed to give me the silent treatment.

I get it, your ex showed up,
but she's on my turf, champ.

So if this has something
to do with Gold Star,

I'm going to find out
one way or the other.

So who is she, and why is she here?

ALVEZ: Feel comfortable
sharing information with us?

- Absolutely.
- All right.

It all started last
week when I got these.

- Someone was following you.
- That's what I was afraid of.

And then Tyler called me to
say I might be in trouble.

- He said your team could get to the bottom of it.
- Yeah, we're gonna try.

But Tyler got this message
from an unreliable source,

so we're going to need to
confirm a few things first.

Well, you recognize anyone here?

No. Should I?

No. No. That's good. Um...

Tell me the story of you and Tyler.

I'd just gotten my
less-than-honorable discharge.

I had no job, no mission,
nothing to do but drink...

at a bar... where she worked.

I know it sounds clichéd, but
I had a thing for army guys.

- Still do.
- I got my act together.

She gave me a reason
to get my act together.

Yeah. She was your new mission.

- When I'm in, I'm all in.

Don't I know it?

And who doesn't love a
good love b*mb, am I right?

But then comes the inevitable

"I can't do that for you" moment.

I had one. I'm assuming she did, too.

He found a lead to his sister's m*rder,

something involving a
network of serial K*llers.

I told him to take it to the police.

I couldn't hand it over to the
cops. They'd just screw it up.

Oh, yeah, they would.

Better idea is to lie to
your friends and clone phones

and get shot by the psychopath
who k*lled your sister.

- All right.
- Sorry.

Indulge me in one more question.

Who ended it? You or him?

Him. He just disappeared.
No goodbye. No nothing.

I mean, I've been ghosted
before, but not like this.

So there's been no contact
between you two for a while.

Yeah. Until those pictures.

[SIGHING] Oh, God.

You okay? Want an aspirin?

I would. Thank you.

Okay. I'm sorry.

It's just the stress of all of this.

And you deal with this every day.

This or worse.

How do you manage it?

Some days better than others.

He's taking over.

Who's taking over?


Okay. All right.

How is he taking over?

Sometimes I talk to
the UnSubs in my head.

- It helps me profile.
- Mm-hmm.

But now I'm talking
to Voit all the time.

- And it's...
- Unwanted.

- Yes.
- Intrusive?

- Hell, yes.
- Okay. Look...

Dave, what you're describing
are classic symptoms

of trauma survival.

Voit locked you in a shipping
container under the ground.

Honestly, I'd be more worried about you

if you weren't experiencing
these kinds of symptoms.

Can it be managed?

With therapy. Absolutely.

I recommend 90 minutes a day, minimum.

- No, I'm not doing that.

Now is not the time to
go all John Wayne on me.

All right? You study human behavior.

You know what therapy can do.

And I also know that we're on the clock,

and I don't have time
to do therapy every day.

I mean, can't I, I don't know...

Can't you give me a pill
or something for this?

No. Absolutely not.

There is no shortcut through this.

And ignoring it is only
going to make it worse.

All right, listen, tell me this.

When you've had UnSubs
in your head before,

what's made them go away?

- Arresting them.
- Okay.

Most of the time.

Most of the time?

Well, a handful of
them have stuck around

- after I arrested them.
- All right.

And what made those ones go away?


I go see them in prison.

And by doing that, I...

I believe that I've done
everything that I can do.

Uh, absolutely not.

I'll go to therapy first.

This would be therapy, all right?

It would be exposure therapy.

It won't work.

The guys I saw in prison never got out.

Voit will

because he's convinced the
world he's not Sicarius.

Look, I don't know if this
is going to be a magic b*llet.

I-It might not work at all.

But I think if you want to
keep Voit from taking over,

you've got to get him to admit
to you that he's Sicarius.

Maybe just seeing him behind
bars will get the job done.

But either way,

you got to confront Voit

one on one.

Thank you for coming to my presentation.

May it please the court,

I would like to give a
brief, oversimplified,

"do not try this at home"
primer on how hacking works.

I present exhibit "A,"
Teresa, your phone.

Now, I did a breakdown
of your tiny robot

and discovered this, exhibit "B,"

which is a hacking app that had been put

on your tiny robot unbeknownst to you.

Now, what this is doing is it's a bug

that's transferring all of
your data to a third party.

I saw this, I said to myself, "Hmm.
Where have I seen that before?"

And then I knew where
I've seen it before.

It's exhibit "C,"
here, a few months ago,

when a hacker had
attempted a similar trick.

It's the same app.

Mm-hmm. Good eyes. It sure
is. This is called Phone Pulse.

It is a tactical app
that civilians do not use.

So this is the same guy, right?

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

One would think so, wouldn't they?

Can you get the cellular
data thingamajobs

- to tell us who it is?
- Oh, I can do one better, new friend.

Uh, this is what us hacker types

call a "message in a bottle" attack.

And it was used on David Rossi's phone.


What am I missing?

It was me. I did that.

Are you...

Is this real?

Well, no, it wasn't
Tyler, because the date

and the GPS data on your phone
does not track with Tyler's phone.

Also, Tyler was consulting with
us when you were being stalked.

Then why would someone
do something like this?

Because someone wants
you to think it was Tyler.

ALVEZ: It's a hell of a frame job.

You know that 81% of stalking
victims are stalked by somebody

they know, and 43% of
women are stalked by current

or former partners?

I would like to acknowledge the,

uh, sticky chemistry that is
in the room between us all.

We need to transcend that

and delve into the histories of you two.

Because whoever did this
is someone from your lives.

In order to make this
investigation less awkward,

I'm gonna suggest that we do this,

uh, boys with boys and girls with girls.

That's the less awkward option?

Yeah. For me and Teresa, it is.

- Sound good?
- Sounds good.


PRENTISS: I can feel your
disappointed stare on my back.

JENNIFER: Not disappointed.

Just didn't know you smoked.

I don't smoke. Not blunts.

Stop judging. It's legal
in the District now.

I know. And again, I'm not judging.

When I need to think
or contemplate life,

THC focuses me.

Contemplate life, huh?

My future with the FBI.

Look, you've been benched. It happens.

Once Madison and the brass
can tame the PR beast,

you'll be back in the
field couple days, tops.


This is how careers come
to an end at the bureau.

Not with a bang but a whimper.

So I'm going to take care of it myself.

What does that mean?

No, you don't mean that.

Yeah, I do. I'm done, JJ. I'm quitting.

You are not quitting. Okay?

You are hung over and not "not" high.

But this today, right now,
probably not the best time

to make any big life decisions, right?

Besides, what would you do, anyway?

Be a catcher in the rye."

- What?
- A catcher in the rye, like the book.

Just run through the field, and
you... you catch all that rye.

You haven't read it, have you?

- I have not.
- Yeah.

But I do know this... Voit
is gonna get what he wants.

If not now, eventually.

And I crossed a line with him
that I never thought I would.

And so, now I'm struggling
t-to try to figure out

why I'm fighting so hard to win
this battle of good versus evil.

So if I'm going to go out,
I want it to be on my terms.

Okay. Come.

Sit. We need to talk.


What are you even looking for?

Every snack in the world is over here.

No, I need something sweet.

I've overdosed on salt.



Why are the walls closing in?


Oh, the...

- Did you... ?
- Yeah, I did.


Those are edibles?

You're gonna need to lie down.







No! No!


No! Stop!



Help! Help!

No! No!



Considering the scary
nature of this business,

I'm going to recommend that we
start with your past paramours.

I don't have, like, a
file of old boyfriends,

but maybe we can look through the years.

Sure. All right. Tell me about him.

Remote. Wounded.

Wounded enough to stalk you?

Mm, no, he had mommy issues.

- Oh, that happens. All right.

What about him?

Distant, as in, "I make
less money than you do,

- so I'm going to be distant.
- Ah. Yeah.


I don't see any photos of Tyler here.

Yeah, we didn't take very many photos.

What was it about him?

I lost my mom a few years ago.

Oh. I'm sorry.


And I just needed someone
I could feel safe around.

And he has this, like,
vibe, like pheromones.

Except I don't really
believe in pheromones.

And now, just being around him,

I know he's over me because
I don't feel it anymore.

You know?

Oh. Huh.

We should keep looking.


Quick question.

When did you and Tyler start dating?

Look, why don't we
start with Brian Garrity?

Whoever gave him the name
Teresa has to be the stalker.

Garrity is desperate.
Leaving him out of this.

I need a list of anyone
you've ever made angry.

Of course you do. You
love this, don't you?

No, I really don't.

All I know is that you like
to go off lone-wolf style,

and it gets you and everyone
around you in trouble.

So why don't you just rattle
off a list of your victims,

you know, besides Penelope and Teresa?

Are you seriously? f*ck you. Okay?

You don't like me. I get it.

But you're a ranger, right?
And what's the ranger motto?

- Sua sponte.
- Which, if I remember

my ninth grade Latin,
means "of your own accord."

- So?
- You ever act on your own accord, Luke?

Take matters into your
own hands, not because you

don't care about people,
but because you do,

because you don't want to get them hurt?


Thought so.


- Now it's awkward.
- Yeah, I know.

- You want to de-escalate?
- Sure.

Scott Adkins or Donnie Yen movies?

Are you kidding?

Donnie Yen.

Even when they're in the same movie,

like "John Wick: Chapter 4," Donnie Yen.

Just wanted to be sure.

What do you say we make
this easy on ourselves?

Um, Teresa said that
this started a week ago.

Who have you pissed off recently?

You feel that, Sebastian?

I've got my thumb on about 50
units of Clostridium botulinum.

We used that in Darfur. You remember?

Here I thought we were mates.


Shit, shit, shit.

Who is it? What did you do to him?



PRENTISS: sh**t him. sh**t him.

sh**t him now before...


I haven't seen you around
these parts for a while.

Hey, Galen. How's it going?

Quiet. Uneventful.

- Just how I like it.

You here to see the main attraction?

I am.

- Okay.
- Oh, wait. Um...

Would you do me a favor?









Did you do that?


Are you gonna k*ll me?


Then why did you turn the cameras off?

Because we need to
talk, just you and me.

I'm here. Let's talk.

Your deal isn't going through.

- It's not?
- No, it's not.

The terms were for the apprehension

and prosecution of Gold Star.

We've neither apprehended
or prosecuted anyone.

- It's not my fault.
- It's all your fault, Elias.

Your deal isn't going through.

You haven't met my lawyer.


So you turned the cameras
off just to tell me that?

No, no, it's not just that.

I want you to admit to
me that you're Sicarius

and to tell me that
you k*lled 60 people.


That's all I needed to hear.

No, no. It's not. You know why?

Because you don't think about me at all.

That's what you told
me on your fancy jet.

You said, "I haven't thought
about you at all, Elias."

So why would an FBI agent
come all the way down here,

when he doesn't think about me at all,

just to confirm what he "already knows"?

I just needed you to say it. Just once.

Tommy Yates... You wrote
about him in one of your books.

You said that you used to talk
to an imaginary version of him,

even after he was arrested.

And it wasn't until you
visited him in his cell

that he stopped haunting you.

Nobody haunts me.

Tommy Yates did.

Am I haunting you?

For the rest of your life,

you're going to have to ask
permission to take a piss,

check your food for maggots,

maybe, if you're lucky, get a
half-hour of sunlight every day.

No, you don't haunt me.

- Not anymore.
- What?

Well, the way you said
that, the subtext...

You know subtext, right?

The unspoken part?

The way you said, "No,
you don't haunt me,"

what you meant was not anymore.

It started when I locked you
in that shipping container,

- didn't it?
- No.


Okay, fine. I don't haunt you.

So why are you here?

Because you mentioned Gold
Star to Douglas Bailey.




Yeah, nothing. It usually is with you.


I don't think your troubled subconscious

- has anything to do with me.
- I don't care.

You didn't talk to Tommy Yates in your

head because he was a serial k*ller.

You talked to Tommy
Yates in your head because

there were 40 more victims
that you couldn't find.

That was the fear, wasn't it?

The fear that you let
down 40 other families?

Tommy Yates... he was
just a, um, a totem.

I think I am, too.

I think I'm just a totem for something

you can't stop thinking about,
something even worse than me.

Nothing is worse than you.

[CHUCKLES] Think about
what you just said, Dave.

Right there... nothing's worse than me?

You would never give
me that satisfaction.


Never, ever, ever, unless...

unless your repression is so deep,

you'd rather lie to
me than face the truth.

But I think you and I, we
can figure out that truth...


- No.
- Why not?

There are three people

who know more about Gold
Star than anyone in the world.

Two of them are in this
cell, and one of them I...

Well, I had to sh**t him in the face,

but I think I can help you.

And how do you think you can do that?


Take what we know...

we make deductive inferences,
and from those inferences...

we build a profile.

Oh, mate, what have you got me into now?

This is ridiculous.

You brought me in here to
ask me if I'm stalking a woman

- I've never met.
- Well, if memory serves,

you're vengeful.

So I'm betting you hacked her

phone the same way I hacked yours.

What are you doing?

Let the record show

I'm sitting here with
Tyler Green and SSA Alvez.

I would like them both to stipulate that

Tyler cloned this VeriTrax phone,

serial 4RF64393,

and that anything he or
Alvez find off this phone

is inadmissible in a court of law.

Sebastian, you're not under arrest.

If you're not behind this,

we just need your help
to figure out who is.

Nothing ensures compliance
like the guarantee

of going to hell together.

Want me to talk?

I need collateral.

I cloned the phone.

Agent Alvez and the FBI
had nothing to do with it,

so turn that off.

- Half the loaf gets half the answers.

So here's what I'll tell you.
What you cloned wasn't my phone.

It was a work phone

given to me by the ones who pay me.

Who pays you?

Do you think they're stupid
enough to let me know that?

Come on. You must have some idea.

They're private contractors,

the kind who make the
Wagner Group look tame

and that don't care
about collateral damage...

or you.

What do you mean, me?

That's the game, isn't
it? We get what we want

and let the little
people clean up after us.

That's not me.


That woman who's in
trouble because of you,

she might disagree.

Don't you think?


"Upon further investigation,

the claims against you have
been falsified and are void.

Effective immediately,

you are reinstated as
unit chief of the BAU."

[SCOFFS] Hell yeah. Let's go.

"Director Madison,
effective immediately,

I am resigning from the FBI."

Should I delete the "sent
from my phone" handle?

N-No. Stop. Stop. You can't... No.

You can't send that.

Not... Not until we can justify this.

Think about everyone who's
come and gone since we met.

Gideon. Morgan. Hotch.


It's like the longer
you stay in this job,

the odds are you're
going to lose yourself

or someone you love

or your sense of honor.

It just takes and takes and takes.

What's one thing this job has given you?

Well, most recently,
the deep-seeded fear

that someone from my son's high school

will find the BAU-gate website.

Oh, no! You found out.

Yeah, I found out. Come on.

But you know what bugs me the most

is you... you didn't tell me.

D-Did you think I couldn't handle it?

No. I knew you could handle it.

That doesn't mean you had to.

I'm supposed to protect the team.

I can't even do that.

It's another reason why I need to quit.

No, no, don't do that.

It's not about... It's
not about protecting us.

It's... It's about being honest with us,

with me.

I am.


I want to quit.


So this Gasper guy wouldn't
say who he's working for?

We got everything we could out of him,

but we don't have enough for an arrest,

- so we had to let him go.
- What's the plan now?

Garcia does a deep dive
into his background...

employers, known associates.

The good news is that if
anyone can unmask whoever it is

that's harassing you,
it is Penelope Garcia.

I do not know why anyone
would want your job,

tracking K*llers and crazies alike.


He who hangs out with the
wolves learns how to howl.

Something my grandmother
used to say when I was a kid.

But what does that mean to you?

It's better to be smart than brave.

All right, Wolfman, [SPEAKS SPANISH]

that she has nothing to worry about

because her grandson
isn't even brave enough

to tell his coworker
how he feels about her.



She knows I love her.

And she still has a thing for Tyler,

I get it, but don't pretend
like there's nothing there.

For your information,
we went on one date,

- And?
- And it was a hard pass for both of us.

You know, this job, dating
a coworker is a bad idea.

Yeah, but that's every job.

Yeah. What about you and Tyler?

Mnh-mnh. Dating a
customer is different.

Yeah. It's, uh, equally stupid.



So I guess maybe

you and I should find
a different dating pool.



You know what we need in here?

We need one of those big whiteboards

where we can put all
our case details on it,

like you guys do in the,
um, the circle table room.

No? Okay, fine.

Well, it doesn't change our goal.

We just need to go through everything

that's bothered you since my arrest,

- starting with number one.
- North Star.

[SIGHS] Bullshit. That's not number one.

That's, like, last on the list.

I like to work backwards. What is it?

Nothing. I told you, it's nothing.

Then why did Damien
and Jade respond to it?

Do you really like to play video games?

- What?
- Do you...

I-I'm not a fan-boy in here.

But you said in an interview once

that you really like
to play video games.

Do you still?

Well, it's been a long time
since I picked up a controller.

Okay. What kind of games
did you like to play?


First-person sh**t, racing games.

- Did you play any quest games?
- No.

What the hell does that
got to do with anything?

Do you know what every
current conspiracy theory

is built upon structurally?

Video games, specifically quest games.

Oh, for f*ck's sake.

You wander around looking for clues.

Those clues lead you to a
boss. You defeat that boss,

the next level gives you
more clues, another boss,

yada, yada, yada, yada, yada.

Two generations have been taught
that this is how the world works.

Games are not real life.

Yeah, real life's f*cking
boring unless you gamify it.

If you get the players
to look for clues,

it makes their sad,
boring, depressing lives

more interesting.

Damien and Jade did
not lead boring lives.

No, they did not, but they
are searching for clues.

So I threw them a loaded term

and let them draw their own conclusions.

What is North Star?

Oh, Jesus Christ. Okay.

You tell me. What's North Star?

astronomically, I don't care.

Well, when you're looking
for constellations,

you start by finding the North Star.

Okay. Or North Star
is where it all starts.


It's semantics.

Look, when you're lost and desperate

and on a quest like Jade and Damien are,

all you want is something
to help you connect the dots.

Honestly, the clue was just a bluff,

a meaningless, stupid bluff.

But it got their attention.

Given the fact that they're
both revenge-driven K*llers,

I thought maybe they'd want something

to blame for why they
are the way that they are.

Blame something like North Star.

I don't know who it is.

I don't know how the
program got started.

I looked into it, trust me.
But I think maybe you know.


Maybe this is why I'm haunting you.

Maybe this is why I'm a totem.

Sounds like this Stuart House
place was the perfect crucible

to create serial K*llers.

Who would have given them that idea?


I mean, it's just a profile.

And even with all the research,

a profile really is
just an educated guess.



- This was fun, Dave.

Should do it again sometime.


- Hello?
- GASPER: You can make this all stop.

- Gasper?
- Listen very closely.

Teresa will have her life back.

But you need to do something for it.

I need the phone back, so
I have an address for you.

Show up alone, unarmed,
and this ends for her.

Your choice, Tyler.



You armed? Wired?

You wanted me, you got me.

No offense. It's not you that I want.

I'm going to reach into
my pocket. It's not a g*n.

- It's a copy of your work phone.
- Very good.

I'll have to get it
validated, of course.

Sebastian, don't let me
leave here empty-handed.

Can't you give me some clue
to who you're working for?

Who I work for isn't as
important as what they want.

Which is what?


I couldn't risk going to the feds,

but two mates who are never truly mates,

I figured that we could come
to some kind of arrangement.

- We always have.
- If these people are as dangerous as you say they are,

- why the change of heart?
- Because they are that dangerous.

You cloning that phone
put a price on my head.

I've got a flight in an
hour. I'll make a delivery,

and then you and I will
never see each other again.

Now, if you don't mind,

I'd like to get on with
the rest of my life.

Please... put the phone on the table.

- [g*n COCKS]


It wasn't about the phone.

Need more than that to save your life.

You need proof I'm dead.


Me too.



Drop the w*apon! Right now!

On the ground.

Turn around. Back it up slowly.

- Back up.
- Hands behind your back.



He's clear. Clear!


Don't. No morals, okay?

[CHUCKLES] I was just

gonna ask you something.


"Private Ryan" or "Thin Red Line"?


Just didn't realize until I served.

I get that. Hoo-ah!

There is only one question

that needs to be answered right now.

One question that decides everything.


What is it?

These are brilliant.

How did I not come up with this?

- I know, right?
- All those years with cheesy fingers?

Seriously, mind blown.

[CHUCKLES] Shit. What
was I talking about?

The question.

The ones that came before us...

Gideon, Hotch... what
did they have in common?

How much time have you got?

They left.

The two of us, we were
[CHUCKLES] kicked out.

They're gone.

We're still here, Emily.


We are stronger than anyone...
anyone gives us credit for.

Well, not for long.

It's just a matter of
time before they fire me.

Then let them fire you.

Because we don't quit. We don't.

I didn't... I didn't
quit on you in Paris.

Don't... Th-That's not fair.

You didn't quit on me
after my miscarriage.

Oh, God damn it!

You know what? This...
This job takes a lot.

But you know what it gives?

It gives me you.

And you know what? After all of this,

if you still want to go,
you know, I'll support you.

I will. [CHUCKLES]




Oh, shit. It's Rossi.

So, what's it going to be?

Grab your keys. Let's f*cking roll.


I can't... I can't drive.

- Well, I can't drive.
- Rideshare?

- So I'm not in danger?
- No.

Discrediting Tyler was the goal.

He was a target all along,
and you are totally safe.

I'm just sorry you
got wrapped into my...



Stop ghosting,

- especially them.

- Thank you.
- Oh, you are so welcome.

Thank you, all of you.





Well, things are
complicated enough already.

- Don't you think?
- She's just being nice.

Oh, it's not her I'm worried about.

Penelope's right.
She'd wreck you. [SCOFFS]

- Yeah.

Now what?

Rossi's calling another all-hands.

He wants you there, too.

[GASPS] New development, oh, great one?

No. An old one...

from our archives.

What is this?

A white paper

that Jason Gideon and I
drafted but never submitted.

Wow. 30 years ago.


I've written so many books and papers,

I forgot we even came up with this.

It's amazing what your
subconscious will hang on to.

And why are we looking at this now?

Back in the mid-'90s,

when we started ramping up
our study of serial K*llers,

we were asked to come up
with a hypothetical scenario

that would generate a serial k*ller.

How to find at-risk kids

who grew up in a 360-degree
environment of family v*olence?

You remove them from that environment

and isolate them in worse conditions,

ideally during puberty.

Where they could then be
evaluated for psychopathy.

Given the right variables,
these kids could be controlled.

Not just controlled, directed.

And that's why we never published.

It started to feel like a recipe.

I'm sorry. You're saying that
somebody got ahold of this paper

and created Gold Star out of it?

Yes. And pretty soon, Damien
and Jade will figure it out, too.

How can you be sure about that?

Voit helped me to see it,

where Gold Star began.

It began with North Star.

And North Star?

North Star is us,

the BAU.

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