04x07 - How to Dress a Wound

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Skeptical Kristen teams up with David, a priest in training as they investigate the church's backlog of unexplained mysteries.
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04x07 - How to Dress a Wound

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Hello, Sheryl.


What's going on?

I had one rule.

Don't ever touch my granddaughters.

And if you did...

... I would cut off your d*ck.

I don't know who you've been talking to,

Sheryl, but I haven't
touched a single...


- Where did this come from?
- f*ck you.

Sheryl, we've worked so well together.

Let's not break this up now.

- You tried to k*ll Laura.
- No.

I just wanted Andy to
know that he needed a son.

By k*lling Laura.

Sheryl, what did you
think we were doing here?

From the very beginning?

It's a little late in
the day to start whining

about your granddaughters.

I swore to myself I
would never let a man

control my career or my life

or my granddaughters' lives.

Well, it's gonna be tough
if you want to keep up

your transfusions.

Can't wait to see you
age 20 years in 20 days.

Right back at you, bud.
Have you checked your supply?

No, you did not.


Oh, oh!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

This was ten years' worth of work!

Not all is lost. I
took half of them home.


You miserable bitch!







Too bad you're a
little short down there.

You're not gonna survive this,

coming after me.

If one of us is, I
wouldn't bet against me.


- You're almost there.
- ♪ Go! ♪

It's okay. It's okay.

♪ So, one, two, three... ♪


♪ Because you look so fine ♪

♪ That I really wanna make you mine ♪


♪ I said you look so fine ♪

♪ That I really wanna make you mine ♪

♪ Four, five, six, come
on and get your kicks ♪

♪ Now, you don't need the
money when you look like that ♪

♪ Do you, honey? ♪

♪ I know we ain't got much to say ♪

♪ Before I let you get away... ♪

KRISTEN: I just don't like
deciphering everything.

Too much interpretation, to me,

is really just as bad as too little.

So the world just scares me.

More and more, everything
seems threatening.



♪ ♪


You bitch.


Hi. Need a little help?

LAURA: No, you're doing it wrong.

- Hint. Click "enter."
- KRISTEN: Oh, wow.

I've never had an animated
pen mansplain to me before.

Okay, that's Ecrivant,
and they're gender-neutral.

Here, you just have to
rephrase your search.

What did you want?

An essay on the Book of Job.


I'm not thrilled you
know how to do this.

I just use it for research.

- Right.
- There.

- Mom, I'm almost ready.

I just need to grab
my backpack downstairs.


- What'd I do?
- Sister Anne called.

Your Book of Job essay.

I turned it in on time. I swear.

Read it to me.

"The story of Job reminds believers

to find solace in the justice of... "

"... God in the face of suffering.

In the Bible, Job was considered
blameless and upright."

I did the work, I just didn't know

how to put it into words.

I asked you over the
weekend if you wrote it,

- and you lied.
- I didn't lie.

Yeah, you did.

- Shut up, Laura.
- Hey, don't say shut up.

You're mad at me,

but Laura chews tobacco at school.

Wait, what?!

Okay, it was a "truth or dare,"

and you always tell us not to back down.

What happened to my daughters?
Since when did they become

demented longshoremen?

What, you think that's
a big deal? I mean...

Don't look at me.

Well, Lynn's been
lying about seeing Ren.

- Laura!
- It's true.

- Wait, what?!

- That's the bus. Let's go, guys.
- Bye, Mom.

- Time to go.
- Wait.

You broke up with Ren?

No. She was never with Ren.

Then where have you
been sneaking out to?

Oh, good, I'm not the
only one who's late.


The-the train haunting.

Oh, right.

Um, I need a minute.
Where's Sister Andrea?

Oh... that way?

- KRISTEN: Up the stairs?
- BEN: Yep.


Oh, Dr. Bouchard.

- Well, may I help you?
- Yes.

That's exactly the question
you should have asked

before you started
counseling my daughter.

Please come in.

No, I'm fine right here.

May I just say, how dare
you speak to my daughter

without my permission
about becoming a nun?

She's 15 years old.

- Excuse me.
- I can still hear you.

I do not want my
daughter proselytized to.

Not without my permission.

You can wait until she's 18.

I'll send you a
postcard on her birthday.

You can grab her then. But until then...

- What's this?
- A permission slip

permitting me to speak about religion

with your daughter.

Yeah, I'm not gonna sign this.

Well, you already did.

- No, I didn't.
- No?

Well, then I won't
speak with Lynn anymore.

- You knew that was forged.
- No.

But I would make this
argument to you, Dr. Bouchard.

Don't withhold any information
from your daughter, she's smart.

I am sorry for accusing you, Sister,

but you've now heard it from my lips.

I do not want you
counseling my daughter.

This is about Lynn wanting to be a nun?

Yeah. And sneaking out,

pretending to be meeting her boyfriend.

So you're angry because
Lynn is sneaking out

to become a nun instead
of getting pregnant?

Ben, I don't need this right now, okay?

Lynn, we need to talk.

You don't dare forge my signature.

Tyrus, these are the other assessors

I was talking to you
about... Ben and Kristen.

KRISTEN: Nice to meet you.

I've been an engineer
at VBLS for five years.

- A train engineer.
- That's right, yeah.

I have to clarify at parties.

I'm the, the kind of engineer

that doesn't make any money.

[CHUCKLES] I started
out as a-a brakeman,

and now I conduct the midnight route,

from Garden City to Sparta Junction.

It's actually... [CHUCKLES]

It's a pretty rough route.

You don't get a lot of sleep, obviously,

and we, uh, we pass through

a lot of mixed-use communities.


Civilian traffic. On foot and car.

So it's not great. [LAUGHS]

Every couple of months we get...

we get suicides on the tracks.

You know, you'll see
somebody a quarter mile off,

someone drunk or,

I don't know, just depressed.

They step on the tracks, or...

they're just lying there.

No, those are the worst.

People just lying there,
looking up at the stars.

So you, uh... you hit the
horn, you hit the brakes,

but at the speed I'm going, it takes...

So you just, uh...

you just watch as the person
on the tracks goes under.

It's terrible.

It's terrible to k*ll someone.

Well, but you don't k*ll them.

But I do.

You can see as the train goes over 'em.

Sometimes I just scream.

By the time you stop, you're

You get out, look to see what's left,

and it's just, uh... it's just blood

and sometimes a body part on the engine.

And now you're feeling haunted.

Yeah. [SIGHS]

Yeah, about a month
ago I saw this, uh...

... this young girl in a, in a
white prom dress on the tracks.

And she wouldn't move, no
matter how hard I blew the horn,

so I... I hit her.

And now, uh...

every time I drive that
route, I, uh, I see her again.

Except now

there's a...

... there's something scary...

... on her, you know, kind of...

dragging her away.

So I stop the train every time

and I get out and, uh...

there's nothing there. [WEAK CHUCKLE]

I don't know what's happening to me.

I don't know if I'm possessed

or haunted or...

But I-I need your help... please.

- Oh, gosh, I...

I'm so sorry.

- Hello?
- MAN: Is this Kristen Bouchard?

Yeah. Who's this?

This is Dr. Stenborg

at Green King's Pine Hospital.

You're listed as next
of kin to Sheryl Luria.

What happened?


KRISTEN: Mom, can you hear me?



[QUIETLY]: Watch... out.

Watch out.



Oh, the hospital.

I hope you bleed to death, Sheryl.

And if you don't, I'll come for you.

Before you talk, you should listen

to who's on the other side of the line,



Oh, the daughter.


How appropriate.

Is she dead yet?

No, but you are.

You should ask your
mother about all the ways

she betrayed you.

Ask her about...

Leland, I just realized
what you're most afraid of.





Come. We need to talk.

Mom, I'm sorry, I just knew

- you wouldn't say yes.
- No, shh, wait.

I don't even know if I'm
serious about religion,

I just don't like the
way the kids at school

- go on and on about...
- Listen.

You can't ever forge my name.

I'm sorry.

This is my compromise.

I'm gonna let you talk to Sister Andrea,

but only at our house
and only with me present.

You don't have to, Mom.

I want you to hear both sides.

If this is really a decision for you,

then I want you to
consider it like an adult.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

Good. Now, I'll call her

and I'm gonna set up
a time for tomorrow.

- Good? I have to get this.

- How's Grandma doing?
- Um,

- recovering.
- Okay, good.

- Hey, Ben, what's up?
- BEN: What are you wearing?


Tonight in the train engine.

My guess is, it's gonna be cold.

Oh, the haunted train.

Right. Uh, I didn't
know we were doing that.

Yeah, yeah.

We got permission from the
union to ride with Tyrus,

find out if there are any issues.

Right. Well, um, I can't make it.

My mom...

Oh, oh, yeah, right.

- Sorry. H-How is she?
- Well, she's got

she can go home tomorrow,
so I'll have to help.

Can you, uh, can you
explain it to David?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. No worries.

Yeah, I just...

You just... ?

You just... ?

Uh, Kristen, can I call you back?

Yeah, sure.


KARIMA: What's up?

Hey, uh...

... did you move your
stuff into my apartment?

No. Did you want me to?

No, no, I...

Someone broke into my apartment

and left their stuff.

That's not how burglars work, Ben.


Karima, if I don't call you back
in five minutes, call the cops.




Where'd you get that soap?

It smells like a rodeo.


Ben. How you doing?

You need more closet space.

I am going to move some
of these sweatshirts

into drawers, if that's all right.

- I'll fold them.
- Um, Renee...

Look, if you want to keep your
sweatshirts on wire hangers,

that's fine, but it's much
better if they're folded.

Okay, you're gonna have
to help me out here, Renee.

Sure. What?

Are you moving in?

Oh, God, I knew it.

You're weirded out seeing
all our stuff together.

No, no. I just, um...

Did I ask you to move in?


Look, if you're changing
your mind, just change it.

Don't blame it on some
magical jinn, okay?

I got to go to work, but we
can talk about this later?

Throw my stuff wherever you want.




DAVID: You can't take any sick days?

Can't now. I dropped below ten points.

What do you mean?

Every engineer starts
out with 30 points.

You take an unauthorized sick
day, they dock you ten points.

What happens when you get to zero?

They replace you.

That's the problem with
seeing things on the tracks.

Every time I stop the
train without cause,

I'm docked another five points, so...

It's good you guys are here.

If you see something, too,
I can put that in my report

to the stationmaster.

Where do you usually see
something on the tracks?

It's always in the same place.

It's coming up now.

The Death Stretch.

This mile of trestle.
It's always the same place.

Oh, shit. Hold on!


- What was it?

The girl with the prom dress.

- You didn't see her?
- BEN: No.

- I must have missed it.
- Hang on.

The last 50 yards are the worst.



- Oh!

Okay... now what?

Now I get out, I inspect the tracks,

I take photos to show 'em I'm not nuts.

But, uh, there won't be anything.

And you guys didn't see anything,

so they'll say, "Of course he's nuts."

I'm sorry, Tyrus, I wasn't looking, man.

You want us to come, too?

Sure, just be careful.

Yeah, we're on a double track out here.

I'm required to go back
at least two train lengths

to see if I hit anything,
so I'll be right back.

You want us to come, too?

No, you just stay.

All right.

This is spooky.

What's that?

Don't play games. I'm not in the mood.

I'm not.


It's a signal light.

No, next to it.

Okay, we were asked to stay here,

but, sure, let's not do that.

You know, before I
started working with you,

I was a normal person, right?

I never questioned my sanity.

Are you questioning your sanity?

I don't know.

I just like knowing what is what.

What... ?

Who are you?

What are you seeing?




BEN: What was it?

DAVID: I have no idea.

Hey. You see where we are?



KIRSTEN: Ben, what's up?

Kristen, walk out to your backyard.


- Humor me, and look up.
- Ben, what's going on?

I'm hanging up now. Just do it.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


- So, where'd you get off?
- Sparta Junction.

- Where's that?
- Jersey somewhere.

Took an Uber back.

So, um, he saw something on the tracks?

- Prom dress girl.
- Mm-hmm.

He sees her every time over your house.

Over my house?

And I saw something crawl down here.

Something with horns.

I'm not sure what it was.

Oh, come on.

Do I have to deal with this now?

We're not saying the issue is here.

It could be your neighbors.

That's where we did the last exorcism.

Well, she moved out two weeks ago.

- What? Why?
- I don't know.

Uh, she said the noise.

She either means us or the trains.

I hate to encourage David,

but what is that?

Was that there yesterday?

I don't know.

It could be an animal.

I think we need to assess
the whole duplex, Kristen.

Oh, come on. I mean...

Talk to your engineer. Don't blame me.

Tyrus sees something evil
dragging that prom girl

every time he passes over these tracks.

Yeah, but that's his problem.

I don't want my house investigated.

I think we need to look.

What do you mean "look"?

With the app.

[SIGHS] No, it's so stupid.

It's not stupid.


No, we're not...

LEXIS: Check the corner.

See if the demon is there.

- It's always in the corner.
- I'm going to look in the corner.

[SIGHS] How does this even work?

LILA: Cold spots.

LAURA: Yeah, ghosts are cold.

Like fluctuations in magnetic fields.

It's weird, you just got to, like...

APP: Entity detected.

- Wait, it's by Lexis' bed.
- It's behind you.

- Turn around.
- I'm going to look everywhere.

- Turn around, turn around.
- It's always by your bed.

Please, just let me do my stuff.

APP: Entity found.

Can we... Do we ask it
a question or something?

- It's voice activated.
- Okay, this is stupid.

So, what do you ask it?

This is stupid, you guys.
There's nothing there.

Will you hurt us?

- Guys. Guys, it's moving.
- Wait, wait.

It's in the hallway.
Follow it, follow it!

How does it even hear your voice?

Shh! Be quiet.

This is not how you find ghosts.

Where is it?

It couldn't have just disappeared,

so it's probably here somewhere.

Uh, no, it went away
'cause you guys are so loud.

- Okay, geez.
- Let's check the kitchen.

- Okay. Why?
- I have a theory

that there are, like, ghosts and demons

in the kitchen. I've
seen it in, like, TV shows

- and stuff, so...
- Okay.

LILA: Well, it doesn't look
like there's anything in here.

Not that I can see, at least.

Turn it. Turn it around.

Okay. Turning around.

APP: Entity detected.

LILA: It's coming, it's coming.

- Is that the same one?
- No, it's way bigger

- Wait. No, who cares?
- and scarier.

- It's gonna get us.
- Okay, then ask it.

Ask it again.

Will you hurt us?



- Oh, my God!

We need an exorcism of the house.

No, we don't.

We heard Father Acosta

talking about some demon,

- and we're...
- We're scared, Mom.

Something's going on. We had bats.

A bleeding toilet.

LYNN: Sister Andrea went
through here k*lling demons.

Okay, that's not what
happened. Did you see demons?

No, but she did.

Look, I like Sister Andrea,

and I think she's quite sincere,

but she sees things that aren't there.

The demons are invisible to us,
Mom, but they're still there.

No, baby, no. Listen.

Sister Andrea sees
psychological issues as demons.

It's as simple as that.
If somebody's depressed,

she'll see the depression as a demon.

If people are having
trouble in their marriage,

she'll see that as a ghost.

That's all. But it doesn't
make ghosts and demons real.

It just makes the emotions real.

But Mom, we went around the
house with an app on my iPad

- and it said there was demons.
- Yeah, it really was scary, Mom.

Okay, the only thing
that's scary about that

is that you just gave
the designer of that app

a tour of our entire house

so they can figure out what to sell us.

- What do you mean?
- Well, the app's free, right?

It's not free so that they
can help you hunt ghosts,

it's free so that they
can figure out what we own

and try to sell us more stuff.

If you don't believe me, just
look at your phone tomorrow.

Look at your texts, look at VidTap,

see what advertisements
pop up on the side.

My guess it's gonna be for
stuff they want you to buy

to put in your room.

Look, I want you girls to be realists.

I don't think it's healthy to
believe in ghosts and demons.

Then why do you perform exorcisms?

I don't. An exorcist does.

But why do you agree?

Because I think it's a healthy ritual.

I think it can help some people.

And it acts as a placebo.

Then, Mom, give us a placebo.

- We love placebos.
- You know, Dad's gone, so...

Okay, well, now you're playing me.

- This is what we're gonna do.

I am going to ask Father Acosta

to come to our house

and perform a ritual in each room.

Is that like an exorcism?

Yep, that's a minor exorcism.

Why a minor one if we've
clearly got major problems?

Okay. It's just what they call it.

Quit while you're ahead, okay, girls?

I just said yes, so say
thank you, and that's it.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Mom.

- Thanks.
- Seriously.

Um, I think Sister
Andrea should come, too.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- I'll think about it.
- Okay.

I'm seeing a jinn.


When I was in the
particle accelerator...

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I know, we've already covered that.

I was hit by a gold ion
beam, and then for some reason

I've started seeing a jinn.

And I've started making
decisions unconsciously.

What does that mean?

I'm making phone calls
I don't remember making.

I'm making commitments
that... I don't understand.

Go back to your doctor.

I did. There's nothing
wrong, neurologically.

It seems like I'm just reliving

images from our youth.


Oh, God. Okay, I know that voice.

Ben, you had a quantum beam

shot through your head and lived.

You're an experiment
in physics right now.

- Mm-hmm.
- You're so stuck in your atheistic ways

that you won't even acknowledge
the overlap you represent.

What overlap?

Religion and science.

- Oh, God.
- You're not seeing

a figment of your imagination.
You're seeing a jinn.

Karima, stop trying to convert me.

Just help me.

You think religion is just
too bizarre to be real?

So let's talk the
many-worlds interpretation.

Oh, my God, Renee said
exactly the same thing.

Maybe she's right.

Dad used to get migraines.

- Didn't he?
- Yes. Why?

So, after I see the jinn,

I feel a migraine coming on, like my...

head is being squeezed.

How did Dad get rid of them?

He never talked to you about this?

No. Well, maybe.

I-I don't remember.

It was during my rebellious stage.

You should talk to him.

I'm talking to you.

Why are you being so cagey?

I don't think I am.

It's just...

Mom and Dad weren't very happy then.

Dad would get migraines
and go out at night.

And Mom thought he was
using them as an excuse.


- Talk to Dad.
- No.

What are you talking about?

Dad was cheating.

- [SNORTS] What?
- And Mom thought

he was using the migraines as an excuse.

Wasn't a very happy time.

Oh, my God, that...

- Blowing my mind right now.
- I can't help it

if you're oblivious.

[SIGHS] Talk to Dad.

You think the migraines were an excuse?

I don't know.

But... after Mom died,

his migraines went away.

This. You take one every hour.

And this you can take for pain,

but don't exceed four a day.

Thank you. It's nice to be babied.


What, Mom?

I-I just have to say...

No, you don't.

I'm sorry.

And after I unwind a few things,

I can tell you more.

Please, Kristen.

Oh... [LAUGHS]: Ow, ouch.

Can I please just give you a hug?

No, I don't want you
to hurt your stitches.

- No, I'll risk it. It's okay.
- Look.

I'm helping you because you're injured.

But nothing's changed.


But I swear, Kristen, I
will earn your trust back.






Thank you for coming, Sister.

You're welcome.

Thank you.


Where's Dr. Bouchard?

KRISTEN: Hello, Sister.

Would you like a marzipan cookie?

Well, I would.

Thank you. How did you know that I...


- Yes.
- I know

you don't like that I'm here right now.

Oh, Sister, I am compromising

with everyone in my life these days.

So, this is just another accommodation.

Now, where would you like to start?

So is the whole point of
this to make it spookier?

We clear a room, Ben,
to prevent the demons

from returning by blessing each corner.

And that's why you turn off the lights?

No, demons are more likely to appear

if the lights are off.

So demons take their
rules from horror movies.

Hmm, I don't know how
to answer that one, Ben,

so I won't.


Holy water.

Am I doing the right thing,

letting her up there?

I don't know.

Everything I do these
days makes me humble.

I thought I knew what I...

... believed. Thought
I knew what I wanted.

Life is a f*cking mystery.

Is it the world or our job?

I don't know.

You know how many mass
sh**t there were last year?

We're not even halfway
through the year yet

and there are 647 mass sh**t.



Meaning people are going nuts.

People are...

... evil.

I don't know why.

It's not scientific.

I just think that is the way they are.

I just found out that my dad

was cheating on my mom for years.

And using the excuse of his migraines.


- How'd he do that?
- I don't know.

Guess he thought that having pain

gave him certain privileges.

I'm sorry, man.

Parents are difficult.

Any demons up there?

Just a few trails,

but they're gone.

- Okay.
- We need to do the basement.

- Why?
- The bats came from down there.



What's that?

I don't know, It's always been there.

The bats came from down there.

- Sister, no.
- No, it's all right.

It's in there.

- Here.
- Sister, let me go in.

I have to, David. It
won't show itself to you.

Sister, I can't let you go in alone.

We need to draw it out.

I'll yell if there's any problem.

Sister, you all right?

Yes, it's very hot.

DAVID: I can't hear you.

I said I'm fine!

Who are you, demon?

I am Lou.

Are you haunting this house, Lou?

No, just resting.

Is this the path to hell?

Why, you want to go?

Answer me.

Deliver us, O Lord,

by your Holy Resurrection.

By your wondrous ascension.

Doesn't work down here.


Deliver us, O Lord, by your baptism,

- by your holy fasting...
- Sister, believe me.

You can't hurt me here.

But I can you.


- Oof.

- I know that stings.
- ANDREA: That's all right.

Thank you, thank you.

- How did this happen?
- LAURA: Did you find any demons?

Girls, to bed. I'll tuck you in later.



Mom, are you kidding?

Why is that there?

KRISTEN: [SIGHS] I don't know.

It's part of the house.

Contractor was supposed
to close it up, but...

Why did he not?

KRISTEN: I don't know.

He's a contractor.

Well, close it up.

It's only a few feet deep.

It's deeper.

What is it, Sister?

ANDREA: You and I can talk later.

I really need to urge you

to close this up now.

Okay. I mean,

I can call the contractor tomorrow.

How fast can you do it, Ben?

As soon as I get the bricks.

Well, there's bricks in the churchyard.

They've been there for five years.

What burned you down there?

Well, you're not gonna believe me,

so there's no use in saying.

I'm just gonna stay right here tonight.

What? No. Why?

This house needs protection.

It's under attack.

- Sister, it's not safe...
- It's freezing down here.

I'll be fine.

This is important.

It's like I'm right
back in Catholic school.

Nun tells me what to do,

I f*cking do it.



LOU: You'll fall asleep eventually.

No, I'm good.

We know about you.

The nun who can see us.

Oh, good.

I like being known.

Won't end well for you.


I have God on my side. It will.

KRISTEN: Everything all right

- down there?
- Yes.

I heard voices.

- Really? More than one voice?
- Uh,

no. Just one.



Oh, thank you.


I made some more cookies.

Oh, well, thank you.


You don't need to stay. I'm fine.

I know.

- Lynn's a good kid.
- I know.

She's got a bright future ahead of her.

She is smart and she cares,

and she could make a
difference in this world.

I agree.

It's just that...

the thought of her mopping floors,

giving up her will to men...

I don't give up my will.

There's a nun I met
in a silent monastery.


And she was so young

and so full of life,


everything that made her fun,

God seemed to want her to turn off.

And I just...

I can't imagine Lynn that way.

Or actually, I...

I can imagine it, and
that's the problem.

It hurts my heart.

Oh, I can't change your mind, Doctor.

Oh, you don't have to
call me doctor anymore.

I can't change your mind, Kristen.

Some people live their lives
in the service of others,

and that becomes their pleasure.

That becomes their fun.

Even if others use them?

Yes, I can't stand idiots.

A lot of priests I serve are idiots.

throws challenges at you

to make you better and
smarter and stronger.


I won't abuse your trust, Kristen.

I think your daughter is smart enough

to know the difference

between truth and falsehood.

So I will not try

and sway her toward the vocation.

I'll just answer her questions.

And yours.

Every year, I swear I want
less religion in my life.

Every year, I seem to end up with more.

Hmm. God probably loves you.

Well, if He did,

He'd leave me alone!


Oh. Yeah, that's probably the bricks.

I'll wait here.





Oh, no, please.

Oh. Oh, sorry. Sorry.

Where were you, babe?

Uh, building a wall.

At 2:00 a.m.?

Well, it was a wall to
block off the gates of hell.

Oh, okay then. Hey, watch out...


Sorry. I was organizing those.

- Mm-hmm.
- So, what kind did you get?

What kind?


Don't know what you're talking about.

You said you were gonna
get scented candles.

[CHUCKLES] I said what?

[LAUGHS] I knew you'd forget.

Don't worry about it.
I'll get some tomorrow.

Come here.

When did I say I would
get scented candles?

Well, it doesn't matter.
I'll buy some tomorrow.


When did we talk about
getting scented candles?

Um... after lunchtime. Around 2:00. Why?

Uh... see...

No, I wasn't here at 2:00.

No, on the phone.

Oh, you called me?

No, you called me.

What is going on? What are you doing?

I'm just checking my calls

because my phone tracks all of my calls.

Oh, my God. You think
I'm gaslighting you?

What? Um... I-I don't... No,

no, I'm just... That's why I'm checking.

Ben, you can go f*ck yourself.

What? I'm just looking at my phone.

And I didn't call you.

According to my phone,
I didn't call you.

You have issues, buddy.

First, you have trouble remembering

inviting me to move in

and now you think

- I'm making something up.
- I'm just wondering

why I would agree to something

that seems so odd to me,

that seems so opposite of me.

Go to hell, Ben.

Decide whatever you want.

I'll come back for my shit.


LAURA: Whoa, Ben did that?

- Last night.
- And no more demons?

Sister Andrea said no.

- Do you believe her?
- Yes.

TYRUS: I don't know
how you did it, but, uh,

it's over, it's gone.

So, no more girl in a prom dress?

No, no more anything.

Yeah, last three nights, I
didn't stop the train once.

And I, uh, I didn't see anything

on that trestle. The Death Stretch.

Aw. But that's great news.

Oh, I'm even, uh, I'm
getting my points back.

- I'm back up to 30.
- DAVID: Ah, congratulations.

Well, I mean, you
look much happier, too.

- Right, Ben?
- Yeah.

Well, uh, I just wanted

to say thank you very much. Uh,

you know, God bless you guys.

- Hey.
- You guys are legends.

- So welcome.
- Thanks.



that felt good.


Another notch in the win column.

How many wins is that?



Come on.

Ben, the answer is no.


Oh, my God.

You are a nightmare.

I don't know what you want from me, Ben.

Renee, I told you from the beginning

I'm-I'm bad at commitment.

Then stop calling me and
pleading for me to stay.

When did I do that?


♪ Baby, come back ♪

♪ Any kind of fool could see ♪

♪ There was something ♪

♪ In everything about you ♪

♪ Baby, come back, come back ♪

♪ You can blame it all on me ♪

♪ I was wrong ♪

♪ And I just can't live without you. ♪


I'm so sorry about last night.

I pushed you away.

I was a jerk. I got scared.

I am so sorry.

Please come back.

♪ 'Cause I just can't
live without you. ♪

Th-That is...


Yes, that's the word.

- I think I'm losing my mind.
- Here's the thing,


I prefer this Ben,

but most of the time, you are that Ben.


Wait, wait, wait.

I-I don't know what is going on.


Maybe I can

learn to be...

that Ben.










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