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A boy! It's a boy!

What happened?

It's a boy!

- A boy! It's a boy!

- Really?

That's great!


Your home is this way.

It's a boy!

It's a boy!

It's a boy!

Let's all celebrate!

He's here. My sweet boy's here.

Today is a day to celebrate

Damodar, take a proper look at him.

I did.

It's a boy.

His name is Sri.


Do you know who that is?

Batsman Srikanth.

My son will be a great cricketer.

He'll play for the country.

Srikanth will be the apple of my eye.

What happened?

Why is everyone so quiet?

It's such a great day.

My son is here. My son...

I am Srikanth.

The apple of my dad's eyes.

But his apple has no eyes.

His life will become hell, Damodar.

Understand why we are saying this!

Think about it.

He's blind.

He has no purpose in life.

The world will treat him like trash.

Don't think.

What's the point in keeping him?

Even if you raise him,

he'll have no one after you die.

It's better for both of you.

Return him to God.

Say, "I don't want him.

Give me a fit and healthy child."


Hey, stop, please.

He is our son. Don't do this.

You even gave him a name.


But everyone's right.

Don't do...

-We're not too attached to him yet,


- so it will be less painful.

- do this!

Later we'll cry every day,

watching his life turn into hell.

No... we'll try for another child.

But I will raise him. I...

I beg you.

Please don't do this.

Please... don't do this.

Don't do this.




Dad says I will be popular

His son will do something productive

But... no one knows

Where my destination lies

Dad says I will be popular

His son will do something productive

But... no one knows

Where my destination lies

Dad says I will be popular

You have to calculate the "C".


Tell me.

Sir, ab... c...



If we take the square root...

C is equal to ten, teacher.

Look at him. He can't see,

but he knows everything.

And the rest of you are useless.

Mahesh, go kneel down.

Want to play cricket?

Yes. I will.

Come on.

I'll unlock the door.

Hold it here.

Give me the ball!

Here, take this.

And listen.

Learn how to beg.

You'll need it in the future.

Blind beggar.

Get up, brother.

Forget it, brother.

- Let's go home.

- Hey!

Let him play if he wants to.

- Get lost.

- Leave!


want to play cricket?

- Want to play cricket?

- Take that!

- Want to play cricket?

- Hit him!

Come on, hit.

Don't let him run.

Take this.

Leave me, Mahesh.

- Hit him.

- I am not a beggar.

I am not a beggar.

You are calling me a beggar?


Stop it. Leave him, leave him.

Are you mad?

Get back.

How many times have I told you

to stay away from them?

Mahesh started the fight.

You should have fled

like Narender.

Fled where, Dad?

Wherever I would go,

they would find me.

I am blind.

I cannot run.

I can only fight.

There is a special school

in Hyderabad for kids like him, Damodar.

Sri needs more attention now.

That is his world.

There are people like him there.

This is not his world.

His world is different from ours.

Their teachers and students

will understand Sri better.

He'll progress academically.

Everything will be provided

to him for free.

Food, accommodation, everything.

Let's go inside.

Come on.

Here, here.

Move aside.

Make way...

New student.

Your first day here?

- Yes.

- Let's go.

I am Thomas.

- And you?

- Srikanth.

Are you completely blind or partially?

Completely blind.


Me too.

Give me a high-five.

This is Devika teacher.

For others, she is just a teacher,

but for me, she's my mother Yashoda.

- Srikanth.

- Very good.

Who kept this in the way?

I did.

Why, teacher?

Come, sit here.

The world is round, Sri.

Things won't always be where they were.

You have to learn

to face this change.

What is this, teacher?


is your freedom.

Once you learn how to use it,

you can go anywhere you want.

Without anyone's help.

This stick is now your best friend.

My mother gave birth to me.

But teacher Devika taught me

how to live.

The new head boy is Srikanth.

Everyone has this desire

All my friends are sitting together

But everyone has this desire

What will they become in life ahead

Everyone has this dream

Someone will become an engineer

Someone will become famous in business

But no one knows...

Where my destination lies

-Dad says I will be popular

-Teacher, done.

- New student.

- Yes.

Are you completely blind or partially?

We both can't see at all.


We are twins.

Oh, my... twins.

My exam results are out.

I came first in class again.

- Let me talk to him.

- Congratulations.

Thank you, Dad.

You students have made

this school very proud.

Mr. Naidu is attending on behalf

of the trust.

So, our head boy Srikanth,

will give a thank you speech

on behalf of the students.

Come, Srikanth.

Sir, very bright student.

Come, my boy.

Mic is here.

Yes. Come.

Thank you so much, sir,

for coming here.

You donate a lot of money

to our school.

Sir, on behalf of all our students,

I want to thank...

Actually, I want to partly thank you, sir.

Because I also want to thank you on behalf

of the principal and his special team.

Because the money you donate,

is partly spent on us,

and the rest goes in their pockets, sir.

They feed us random things.

We can't see.

But we can smell the chicken cooking

in the kitchen every day.

But they serve us eggplant

and lentils every day.

The chicken is getting cooked,

but please ask them who is eating it.

- Who is eating it?

- Who is eating it?

Sir, if you don't believe me,

you can check the kitchen.

It will smell of chicken, sir.

And you...

If I ever see him on campus again,

I'll break your legs.


Stop. Stop.

This stick is the school's property!

Get lost!



Move! Shut the door!

Hello. Devika Teacher.

Are you blind?

He really is blind.

Keep this.

Eat something.

Learn how to beg.

Blind beggar.

And listen.

Learn how to beg.

You'll need it in the future.

Blind beggar.

Blind beggar.

Blind beggar.




- What happened, Sri?

- Teacher.

I don't want to beg, teacher.

I don't want to beg.

I don't want to beg.

I don't want to beg.

Srikanth was expelled from school.

But why?


What are we going to do now?

You don't have to do anything.

He is my responsibility now.

Whether I keep teaching

in school or not,

Srikanth will definitely study...

with other normal children.

"Thus good conductors of heat have

higher thermal conductivity

than bad conductors.

Supposing that one end

of a metal rod is heated.

The heat flows by conduction from

the hot end to the cold end.

As a result, the temperature of every

section of the rod starts increasing.

Under this condition,

the rod is said to be

in a variable temperature state.

The rod is said to be

in a variable temperature state."

Limitations of Henry's law.

Henry's law is applicable

to ideal gases only.

However, the law can be applied

to real gasses at low pressure

when the real gases approach

the behavior of ideal gases.

The rod is said to be

in a variable temperature state...

Factors that could lead

to the rise of new species...

are gene flow, genetic disorder,

reproductive isolation.

Factors that could lead to

the rise of new species are...

- Are...

- Gene flow,

- Gene...

- genetic disorder,

- reproductive isolation.

- Slow. Slow.

- How far have you written?

- Gene flow.

Genetic disorder,

reproductive isolation.

Ram, the list is out.

Come on, the list is out.

- The list is out. Come.

- I'll go check.

I did it. I did it.

I am safe.

Congratulations, Ajay.

Same to you, Sri.

The cutoff is 86 percent.

- We'll attend the same college.

- Yes.

Same college together.


- Teacher.

- I need your signatures.


Chaitanya, look after Sri.

I couldn't get into Science.

I had to take up Arts.

But Ajay got in. He'll take care.


even Sri got Arts.

Why, ma'am?

Sri scored 96 percent.

And the cutoff is 86.

The college won't budge.


Doesn't matter.

We'll try a different junior college.

No college will let you get admitted

in Science, Sri.

Why, teacher?

Because in the Indian education system,

the visually impaired

can't choose Science.

But why not?

Is it some law

that the blind can't study Science?

Any rule like that, teacher?

Then tell them to make one.

No science for the blind.

No commerce for the deaf.

No law for the handicapped.

I'll only study Science.

Come what may.

System says I can't study science.

And science says

everything is impossible

until it's done.

Between their conflict,

my choice was clear.

This boy wants admission

into the Science stream.

Shouldn't you go to college for that?

Why come to me?

In the Indian education system,

the visually impaired don't have

Science as an option.

So we're filing a case.

On whom?

The Indian Education System.


Next, case.

Srikanth Bolla vs. Board of Education.

Your honor,

today's case is based

on an insistence.

Even normal people who can see,

are opting for Arts.

What baffles me is why he wants

to choose Science.

The system cannot be changed

for one man.


Mr. Srikanth,

why choose Science?

Your honor,

Srikanth scored 96 percent marks.

So he wants to study Science.

Why did you become a judge, sir?

Mr. Srikanth,

if you want to speak,

then ask for permission first.

And I became a judge

because that's who I wanted to be.

May I speak, sir?


Exactly, sir.

You could have been a doctor,

engineer, businessman, or actor.

But you chose to be a judge

because that's who you wanted to be.

So it's a matter of choice, sir.

Admission depends on marks, sir.

Not sight.

I've heard you need very good marks

to get admission in science.

And I scored 96 percent

in tenth grade, sir.

I deserve it.

Mr. Srikanth,

you must have heard about Newton.

He discovered gravity.

Do you know how?

He saw an apple fall down.


Without seeing the apple fall down,

would he have discovered gravity?

Everyone probably saw my stick fall.

But he's right, I didn't.

But does anyone know the speed

at which this stick fell?

Or how much time did it take to fall?

Does anyone know?

Stick, please.

Thank you.

This is a 200-gram walking stick.

Almost the weight of an apple.

Same apple that Newton saw falling.

If I drop this stick...

Please calculate this, sir.

If this stick fell from

the level of my eye-line,

which is 1.72 meters,

then according to the formula,

time equals to square root of two

into height divided by acceleration

due to gravity.

Sir, acceleration due to gravity

is constant.

It's 9.8 meters per second square.

So accordingly,

the time taken for this stick

to fall...

is... 0.52...

It's 0.59 seconds, sir.


And speed, which is the velocity.

The formula for it is the acceleration due

to gravity into time.

So, 9.8 into 0.59.

The stick fell at the rate

of 5.782 meters per second.



Newton definitely discovered gravity.

That doesn't mean no one saw

the apple fall before.

They must have, for sure.

But no one thought about gravity.

Because gravity cannot be seen.

It needs to be felt.

For that, you don't need eyes.

The next hearing is on 15th October.

And the college to which

Mr. Srikanth wants admission,

summon their principal in court.



Why the Walkman, teacher?

So you can listen

to A. R. Rahman's songs.

These are the first three units

of class 11 physics, Sri.

The case has been going

on for six months.

And the midterms have begun.

Whether we get admission or not,

knowledge never goes to waste.

There is always more.

Keep studying.

Your honor,

Mr. Sreegiri, the principal

of the college Mr. Srikanth

wants admission to, is among us.

He wants to make an appeal

to the court.

Permission granted.

Your honor,

Science isn't as easy,

as he wants to prove in court.

Learning a few formulas

to impress people is one thing.

However, completing the entire syllabus

is impossible for Mr. Srikanth.

Don't tell me

what I can do or not do, sir.

I can do everything.

I see.



read something

to the court from this book,

since you can do everything.

This is the class 11 Physics book.

All the students read from this.

Since you want to choose science...

If you're granted admission,

you will have

to read from the same book.

What are you doing?

Sorry, my lord.

But every college has its own method,

to teach science.

It has its own system.

The system cannot be

changed for one man.


Permission granted.

Principal sir,

even I have a book for you.

Read something for the court from it.

What happened?

It's written in Braille.

I don't know Braille.

Ask if anyone in the courtroom

knows how to read this.

I don't think anyone in the court

can read Braille.


We can't read your book just

like you can't read ours.


if the education system was built by us,

it would have been impossible

for you to read any book.

Sir, I don't want you to change

the system for me.

But please give me a chance

to be a part of it.


we are not a charitable organization.

This favor could ruin

our college's results.

Your college has a 45 percent result.

How much worse can it get?

And don't forget that 90 percent

of the students you've admitted

have scored lower than Srikanth.

Srikanth is doing you a favor.

Your results will improve.


You don't need eyesight

to choose between right and wrong.

Even the law is blind,

but we have complete faith in it.

If Srikanth makes it through,

the system will change automatically.

New subjects and streams...

are introduced for normal students.

Please help us as well, sir.

Now, even I can clearly see

that you've run out of arguments.

Please, sir.

Let's finish this debate in class.

Determined by titrating a solution,

of the base,

containing a lower mass against

the standard asset.

Against the...

Against the standard asset.

Tan square theta plus one

equals to sec square...

Sec square...

King takes knight.

Rook to E8. Checkmate.


Well played.

Four zero four four.

He's right.

But this was an even number.

- Yes.

- Okay, how about this one?

Divide 3567 by 17.


- Seventeen. One-seven.

- "Teen."

It's 209.823529.

- Right.

- What?

Correct, Sri. Correct.

How do you do it?

- Okay, now your turn.

- Yes.

- It's tough, okay.

- Yes.

What's two plus two?


This is the auxiliary equation

of the required

combined equation.

The required equation...

The combined equation

is minus 13x minus 12xy.

Plus 3y is equal to zero.

- Plus 3y is equal to zero.

- Is equal to zero.

Throw here.

Every child in our country

must have thought

of becoming a cricketer at some point.

And for me, it was my dad's dream.

Introduce yourself with your name

and category.

Santosh. B2.

Shafi. B1.

Srikanth. B1.

Here. Here.


Srikanth! Srikanth! Srikanth!

- Sri.

- Sri.


Sri, you scored 98 percent.

You topped the university.


- Hello, sir.

- Hello.

- Good morning, sir.

- Good morning.

Sir, Sri scored 98 percent in 12th grade.


- Please, sit down. Please.

- Sit.

- Thank you, sir.

- Well,

at least my judgment

of this case was right.

Yes, sir. Thanks to Sri's efforts,

visually impaired students

can now choose the Science stream.


I know your son is talented, but...

the children have already been selected

for the Lead India Movement.

No, there isn't a single vacant seat.


There is nothing I can do.


What is the Lead India Movement, sir?

Lead India Movement, Sri.

It's an initiative by Dr. Abdul Kalam.

Is it very difficult?

Can't arrange even a single seat, sir?

Hello, sir.

I want to be an IAS officer.

Thank you.


Hello, sir.

I want to be a space research scientist.

And be the first man on Mars.

Thank you, sir.

Very good.

Hello, sir.

I want to study Biology

and be a life scientist.

Thank you.

Very nice.

Hello, sir.

I want to be an actor

and do good films.

- Very nice.

- Thank you, sir.

- Hello, sir.

- Hello, young man.

I want to be the first visually

challenged president of the country.

Thank you, sir.

What is your name, young man?

Sir, my name is Srikanth Bolla.

I want to witness that day, Srikanth.

You are very clear about your goal.

And now even I can see you clearly,

in the future...

Taking oath as the president of India.

Best wishes, young man.

Thank you, sir.

Srikanth was amazing.

The boy created history.

I fought against the government

for this child to study science.

Let it be, Sri.

Don't be a hero. Leave it.

- Srikanth.

- Sir.

Sir, I want to thank you first,

for fighting with everyone

and getting science for me.

Neither you nor I have done

this hard work.

It was done by my teacher Devika.

So she should get credit for this.

So I would like you to honor her.

Sure. Sure.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you.

Tell me, honestly. You did

it to impress everyone, didn't you?

No, teacher.

To show you that I am not trying

to be a hero,

I am a hero.

- Hello, boys.

- Hello, sir.

You all gave your best performance

in the pre-trials

and have come to Mumbai.

Yes, sir.

But you must give

your best here as well.

Yes, sir.

Because based on your performance,

selectors will choose

players for the national team.

Yes, sir.

Is that clear?

Yes, sir.

Come on, boys. Come on.

His name is Srikanth, sir.




- Ticket.

- Hey, blind fellow.

Recognize me?

I taught you cricket.

- Mahesh?

- Yeah.

- Anyone left at the back?

- Your dad got you a good spot for begging.


Where in Hyderabad do you currently beg?

Is that money?

Do you have coins in the bag?

Show me.

Show me.

- Stop it.

- Ticket.

One Machilipatnam.

Three rupees.

It was always two rupees.

Fares have gone up.

Pay or get down.

I'll pay you later.

Get down.

I travel regularly.





You are so grown up, my sweet child.

Dear, come here.


Even without eyes,

your Srikanth will play for India.


you will come to watch me play, right?


Home is this way.


My son

will play for the country.

My Srikanth will play for the country.

That's my brother.

Good shot, Sri.

Thank you, sir.



There's a call for you.

Call for me, sir.

Go on, Sri.

Teacher, how are you?

I am okay, Sri.

How about you?

How is your game coming along?

The game is coming along fine, teacher.

We'll be traveling to the Netherlands

in three months for the tournament.



And how is Mumbai?

Mumbai is very nice, teacher.

I saw the ocean yesterday.

And Shah Rukh Khan's home.


Teacher, did you fill out my IIT form?

I called to inform you, Sri.

Top engineering colleges have the same

problem regarding admissions.

They don't have seats

for the visually challenged.

We can go to court like last time...

I can't be fighting in the court

for everything.

I just want to study.

Changing the system is not my job.


I have an idea.


We can apply internationally.

Foreign universities... The US, UK...

And you might even get

admission with your marks.


What, teacher?

But your dream to play for India

will remain incomplete.

We'll have to run from pillar to post

and if you manage to get admission,

you might have to leave India.


your cricket...

It's okay, teacher.

For me education comes first,

then cricket.

And I deserve the best education,


If IIT doesn't need me,

I don't need IIT.

Apply for me, teacher.

Sri, don't go.

India needs you.

Trust me, sir.

India doesn't need me.

Thank you, sir.

You fought against everything

in your way.

What does it take for you

to swim against the tide?

To swim against the tide, you

need courage dedication, and vision.

And by vision, I am not talking

about the vision that we see through.

I am talking about the vision

that's inside all of us.

So where do you see yourself

in the next ten years, I'd say?

In the next ten years?

Sir, I want to sit

where you are sitting

and give more chances

to students like me.

Because, sir,

all we need is an opportunity.

And then the sky is the limit.

Excellent, Srikant.

But... I just can't imagine

how you will be able to study

like a normal student.

You know, whenever someone says,

"Srikanth, you can't do this."

I question the world and ask,

"Why can't I?"

Where no college in

India offered him admission,

the top four universities in the US

have offered him a scholarship.

Where people have to pay

around sixty-five lakhs,

Srikanth won't have

to pay a single penny.

It will really be an

honor for Haldiram Nagpur,

to sponsor your travel

and stay in the USA,

Mr. Srikanth Bolla.

Thank you, sir.

So, which college would you prefer?


This is economy class.

There are three seats to the left

and three seats to the right.

There are eight exits in the aircraft,

out of which there are

four emergency exits.

Okay, Sri.

Hurry up or you'll miss your flight.


will you miss me?

Because I will miss you a lot.

I won't miss you at all.

Now that you're leaving,

I'll finally have some time for myself.

And there won't be anyone

calling me "teacher" all day.


You've made me capable enough,

to know whether you're crying or not.


Teacher. Teacher. Teacher. Teacher.

Take care, Sri.

Sir, left.

Sir, who else is traveling with you?

No one. I am traveling alone.

Sir, a visually impaired person

cannot travel alone on the flight.

Someone should be accompanying you.

See, ma'am. I must go.

I even have an MIT admission letter.

- Hi, sir.

- If I don't go...

- Yes, hi.

- I am Ravish.

I am the chief officer on duty.

Just give me a second

to understand the situation.

- Sure.

- This person is visually impaired and...

- We'll miss our flight.

- Yes, ma'am.

Just a moment.

-Mr. Srikanth. Actually,


why don't we just step aside?

Okay. Just to your right.

Is this your airline policy?

Can I talk to your

senior manager, please?

I am the chief officer on duty.

First things first,

hold your documents.

- Here you go.

- Please, sir.

- You...

- Keep your documents.

Because you must keep them safe.

- Yes, sir...

- Your passport, tickets

etcetera are in here.

Your bag is right behind you.

Now, as far as airline

policy is concerned,

I cannot let you fly alone.

There is nothing I can do about it.

You can do that, sir.

Please, help me.

I can't. It's for your own benefit.

Please understand. Right?

I am sure you will find a way out.

If you need me, I am right here.

Please call me, alright.

Good luck.

Sir, I need you. Of course.

I need your help.

Sir, who can I get at

the last moment to travel with me?



Excuse me, Mr. Ravish.

Excuse me.

Can you please help me?

Can you tell them

you're accompanying me,

or they won't let me travel?

- Please.

- I am sorry. I am sorry.

Excuse me. Sir... ma'am...

Can you please help me?

I was admitted to MIT.

I have my admission letter with me.

I am the first blind student

in the history of MIT.

If I don't reach on time,

my admission will be canceled.

Please, help me.

See my letter.

I am not lying.

My letter...



Here you go.

Thank you. Thank you.

Can you please help me, ma'am?

Can you tell them

you're accompanying me?

Or my admission will get canceled.

It wasn't easy getting this scholarship.

Excuse me. Sir... ma'am...

Someone, please help me.

Excuse me.

- Sorry. Sorry.

- Sorry, sir.

- Sir, where are you going?

- I am going to Boston.


Sir, please tell them you

are accompanying me.

- Sir...

- Mr. Ravish.

- Sir...

- Mr. Ravish, sir is accompanying me.

Now you can allow me.

Those are their rules.

There is nothing we can do.

- Sir, please. Help me out.

- Please come.

- Please, sir. I'll be very grateful.

- Yes.

Little help, sir.

- Yes... please, sit down.

- Sir, please.

- Sir, please tell them.

- Yeah. Okay?

I was admitted to MIT.

- Okay.

- It wasn't easy getting a scholarship.

My admission will be canceled.


This is the entrance to the flight.

An air hostess stands to the left,

welcoming the passengers onboard.

This is the economy

section to the right.

There are three seats to the left

and three seats to the

right side of the aisle.

- Excuse me.

- Yes?

What is the total number

of seats where you are sitting?

- Three.

- Three.

And are their seats at the back too?

Yes, 20 to 25 seats.

Three seats on both sides?


Okay. Thank you.

Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.

This flight is about to take off.

Please board your seats.

Excuse me, Mr. Srikanth.

- This is Ravish. What are you doing?

- Sir.

Nothing, sir.

I've something to show you, sir.

Two minutes.

Mr. Srikanth, I am requesting you,

please don't make a scene.

No scene, sir. Just two minutes.

Please, come.

- Come where?

- Sir, will you please hold my documents?

- I'll tell you.

- What?

Ravish sir, this is our flight.

And we're standing at the entry gate,

where your team member

will check my boarding pass.

Come. Let's enter the flight.

The air hostess will

be standing on the left,

welcoming me.

Good morning.

And we'll take three steps.

The cockpit is on

the left at nine steps.

And two toilets on either side

of the cockpit for business class.

The area on the left is business class.

Row one to row six.

The total number of seats is 24.

Now imagine my seat number is 18D.

This entire section is economy.

Let's start.

Seven, eight, nine...

There are eight exits in the aircraft,

out of which four are emergency exits.

Seventeen. Eighteen.

This is 18C.

This is 18D.

Oh. Sorry, sir.

Excuse me.

- Yes?

- What's your seat number?

- It's 18F.

- 18F.

- Yeah.

- That's your seat. This is my seat.

Sure. Sure.

Thank you.


Without any assistance.

Excuse me, sir.

Can you move?

My seat is up there.


I'll have a glass of orange juice later.

I can't wait to study.

- Yeah.

- Hello. Everyone, please sit down.

Open up your books, please.

Hello, Srikanth.

- Hello. How are you today?

- I'm good, thank you.

Sorry for the delay.

Here are your books.

Here. Take it.

This is your syllabus

for the first semester.

Welcome to MIT.

Thank you so much.


Hey, Kelly.

- We got to go.

- Yeah.

I was living my best life in America.

I was doing everything

that a visually impaired person

can never do according to the world.

Go, Sri!

When everyone was saying, "Sri can't."

I said, "Sri can."

Come on!


Sri! Sri! Sri!

Sri! Sri! Sri!

What's this, Ed?

Oh, that.

That's a baseball bat.

Oh, baseball. Just like cricket.

Don't tell me you want

to play baseball now.

- You ready?

- Yeah.

It's a home run!

That was a home run.

What's your name?

Let's begin

From where you ended the tale

No time to be sad

This is not me you see

Say my feet to me

Let's return to those paths again

God, unite me with my love

Teach me to laugh

Teach me to live

- Ready?

- Ready.


That day I created a world record.

No one has ever hit such a long shot

in the history of baseball.

From Boston to Hyderabad.

Some girl liked one of your photos.

A Swathi from Hyderabad.

Medical student.

Do you know her?


She sent you a friend request

and a message.

Give it to me.

One message. One new message from Swathi.

One new message from Swathi.

How can you hear anything

at that speed?

I've got superpowers.

- Where are you going?

- I'm just coming.

Teach me how to laugh

Teach me to live

Hello, Srikanth.

I am Swathi from Hyderabad.

How are you?

I am Swathi from Hyderabad.

How are you?

I am Swathi from Hyderabad.

How are you?

Hi, Swathi.

I am good. How are you?

And, by the way,

you have a lovely voice.

Hi, Swathi. I am good.

How are you?

And, by the way,

you have a lovely voice.

Thank you for accepting

my friend request.

You really are a very interesting man,


And your journey is super inspiring.


What do you know about

my life's journey?

I read an article

about you playing baseball.

Later I Googled about you.

Did a little research.

Read about your court case,

cricket, MIT.

Mr. I want to be President.

Not "Mr. I want to be,"

but "Mr. I will be the president."

By the way, can you drive?

No. Why?

Just asking. I love going on long drives.

Madam, what are you doing?

Madam, sir will yell at me.

- I'll lose my job. Madam.

- Brother, don't worry.

- This is so much fun.

- The car...

Swathi calling. Swathi...


I've been waiting to surprise you

for a long time.

I am coming to America to do my MD.



You never told me this.

I am telling you now

because I am flying tomorrow.

Can't wait to see you.


Which college?

The University of California.


But that's on the West Coast.

And I'm on the East Coast.

You said you like long drives.


- Is she here?

- Yes.

How does she look?

She looks more beautiful

in real life, Sri.

She's gorgeous.

- Hi.

- Oh...

- That way.

- She's...


- Hey.

- Hello.

- Hi. Hi.

- Hey.


- Bye.

- Bye.

- Bye, Sri.

- Bye.

- Have fun.

- Bye.

I've been taking driving lessons,

and finally, it'll be put to good use.

Don't mind, but can I say something?

Yes, go ahead.

I can't see, but my hearing is perfect.


No, it's fine.

I wish the day ends

With my head on your shoulders

Wouldn't that be a beautiful day?

My desire for you

Gets stronger every day

Would you be my sky?

With you I want to spend my life, my love

You're the one for me

Together our vibe resonates

In this air, beloved

Since I found you

We've become crazy

In your love

I've learned to smile

Since I found you

We've become crazy

In your love

I've learned to smile

Our love is destiny

God led me to you

I've found my sights

In your arms, beloved


Since I found your companionship

Life has become colorful

You are my sh**ting star


Every word you say sounds so sweet

My heart doesn't listen to me

I wonder what spell you've cast

Since I found you

We've become crazy

In your love

I've learned to smile

Since I found you

We've become crazy

In your love

I've learned to smile

I've heard when people pray,

laugh or cry out loud...


when they kiss,

the eyes close automatically.

Because some things

can only be felt by the heart.

My desire for you

Gets stronger every day

Would you be my sky

Teacher calling.

Teacher calling.


Congratulations on your convocation.

Thank you, teacher.

The campus placement

interviews are today.

I've got a lot of offers already.

I thought you were coming back.

Why should I come back?

I know there are no respected jobs

for me back home.

And India doesn't need me.

Life is best over here.

Just pray that I get a good job.

Then you can come to live with me.


All the best for your interviews.

Thank you, teacher. Take care.

My teacher Devika.

She thought I was going back to India.

I had a great time.

Thank you.

I'll be here.

We can meet over weekends.

Sri, I think you should go back to India.

You are an inspiration

for a lot of people.

They don't know about you

because you are here.

Sri, if you can do for others

what you did for yourself,

then imagine the

change you can bring to

the lives of the visually impaired, Sri.

I am not that great, Swathi.

Didn't you want to be the president?

You fought for yourself.

To take up science.

And now science is available

for all visually impaired students.

Several must have tried

and given up.

But you fought

and paved the way

for everyone, Sri.

This is what makes a country great.

The country is not some piece of land,

a country is comprised of us.

If the visually impaired have support

from the educational system

in India just like in the US,

there could be many more Sris.

But who's going to do it, Swathi?

Challenging the system is pointless.

It leads to nothing.

So then India's loss is America's gain.

Bye, Sri.

See you.

Kalam sir said...

"You progress, country progresses."

Now it was my time,

to make the country progress.

Madam, this is the best space

to open a computer center.

It's correct even according

to the vaastu.

And the important thing is...

over here.

The view from here is outstanding.

What to do, Sri?

The view from over here is outstanding.

The view is really outstanding, teacher.

Even the sunset looks pretty beautiful.

The rent is 50,000 and 400,000 deposit.

It's the cheapest rate

anyone can offer you.

But that's too high.

Lower the price.

It's the lowest you'll get, madam.

We are on a tight budget.

Not possible, madam.

Education isn't easy anymore, teacher.

No school or coaching center will

take you in if you don't have money.

Your coaching was excellent.

Your recorded notes,

I could learn it in a jiffy.

Srikanth, I think challenging

the system is pointless.

We must create our own system.

If you can study,

why can't you teach?

As in?

We'll start a computer

center right here.

On this terrace.


Good idea, teacher.

We can do it.

And even the view here is outstanding.

Srikanth's Computer Center.



What a brilliant idea, Srikanth!

I know.

My house, I'm the teacher,

but you take the credit.

- But the idea is mine, teacher.

- Your idea?

I just came up with this idea...

But you said this idea struck you

because I used to study here.

So technically, it's my idea.

This is East.

Over here.

So according to the vaastu...

All sides are the same for me, teacher.

Pull more to the right.

Pull more to the right.

Make it tighter over here.

- This corner.

- Make it tighter over here.

Break anything,

and it's coming out of your pay.

Break anything,

and it's coming out of your pay.

Why are you repeating everything?

Did you buy it all from the flea market?

Yes, it's working.

- The computer has software called JAWS.

- Okay.

It lets you see without having to see.

- I can hear it.

- You can?


- Is this okay?

- Down. Down.

Higher from the right.


Now lower from the left.


Is this okay?

No, no, lower on the right.

That's it.

Is this okay?

Yes, fix it.


Nice name, Sri.

Is the board okay, teacher?


Absolutely straight.

All the options and menus

are read out to us by JAWS.

Hello, sir. This is Devika.

Sir, I run a computer center

for the visually impaired.

Is there a requirement for

a computer operator in your company?

Only Dhruv and Mayank showed up today.

Where are the rest?

What's the point?

No one's willing to give them a job.

They are educated, and computer literate.

But no one believes

they can give a good output.

People think they are

only good for making candles,

and begging in trains.

The entire system is in chaos.

Let the system stay in chaos,

and we'll bring order.

People can't give them

jobs and opportunities.

That's okay.

We'll create jobs for them.

And how will we do that?

We'll make recycled packing paper.

Bring the change in you,

as per your dreams.

Let your dreams guide you.

Don't depend on your fate.


is a bonus.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, Dr. Kalam.

And we have a surprise for you.


Come on up, young man.

Hello, sir.



Please meet...

Srikanth Bolla.


Sit here. Over there.

- Yes.

- Thank you, sir.

Sit down.

You know...

Now to all these students,

I asked only one question.

What do you want to be?

Out of all the students,

this boy here,

he got up, and he answered...

"I want to be the first visually

challenged president of the country."

His relentless hard work,

not only secured a seat,

but he also got a full fee waiver,

from MIT, Boston.

I was very happy to see his vision.

And his ambition.

My hero.

Srikanth Bolla.

I am proud of you, my son.

I am no hero, sir.

I am garbage.

And I'll personally train them.

I'll handle everything...

First handle yourself,

Mr. Srikanth Bolla.

Together we can achieve

something no one's ever imagined.

You know, Thomas Edison...

When he was making the bulb,

people said it was impossible.

But he did it.

He turned night into day.

Ma'am, together we can

create wonderful things.

What do you think of my idea?


Well, Srikanth,

we don't invest in projects like these.

But we want to help you.

Diwali is around the corner,

and we always distribute

gifts to our employees.

So maybe you can get us

those candles that you make.

Ma'am, if I was making candles,

I wouldn't come to you.


He's doing a good job.

Creating jobs for blind people.

Look at the quality, sir.

Stop carrying his garbage everywhere.

Throw it in the dustbin.

Look... this is not some

charitable organization,

where anyone can sell us this garbage,

and we'll buy it.

Get it?

Throw it in the dustbin.



You are not garbage, Srikanth.

You are a hero.

I am happy that you really understood,

what "Lead India" meant.

I am going to invest in your journey.

And I am hundred percent sure,

this will be profitable for me too.

There's not much I can do.

On my salary, I can't afford much.

So this will give you a start, okay?

But there is just one piece

of advice I will give you,

as an investor, Mr. Bolla.

Be bollant.



Be a good person and do good.

Be good and do good.

If you do the right thing,

the right people will join you.


Yes, sir.

March on.

I wish you all the best, young man.

Thank you, sir.

God bless you.

Kalam sir's investment boosted

my confidence

and jump-started my business.

But I still needed an investor,

who would advance my vision further.

Hello, Mr. Hegde.

This is my first startup,

and I won't find a

better partner than you.

Let's meet over lunch

and finalize everything.

I have a small courtesy meeting.

Just ten minutes.

- I'll finish that and leave.

- He is talking over the phone.


See you.

Ravi sir.

Hello, Mr. Srikanth.

Ravi Mantha.

What is it?

People are usually baffled,

and unsure how to meet me.

Whether to shake hands or say hello.

So, I usually extend my hand

and introduce myself.

It felt good that

you shook hands with me.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Ravi.

Same here, Mr. MIT, right?


You know, they rejected me.



So, Srikanth,

what business are you planning to do?

Packaging paper.

I want to set up a craft paper plant.

- Paper?

- This. Yes.

It's a big market.

There is a lot of scope

and not many people have taken notice.

I was hoping, you would have

a new idea, something futuristic.

This is a novel idea.

I've researched well.

Do you know what business

Mr. Hegde wants me to invest in?

He wants to set up

a plant for electric bikes.

Environment friendly.

Visionary thought.

Now that is new.

Hold it.


Meet Srikanth uncle.

Say bye.

- Bye.

- Bye.

- Bye.

- Go home and get ready for school. Okay?

Come on.

- Raghu, drop them home.

- Yes, sir.


And batteries?


When their batteries

die after five years,

what will you do with them?

We'll dump them.


Disposing them will be a challenge.

No one's thinking about it.

If not disposed of properly,

the battery's chemicals

will leak out and harm nature.

I am thinking about that dump.

You should know a visionary

man has already invested in my idea.


- Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

- What?

Here's a check for 25,00,000.

I've zeroed down on a factory.

I'll get it at a good rate.

We can check it out now

if you want.

This is all garbage.

We'll yield gold out of this garbage.


See here.

It's completely rusted.

But rubbing,

chipping and paint will fix it.

The bearings need to be replaced.

Switch off the red button.

You're quite knowledgeable

about machines.

In fact, you...

You detect machine problems by sound.


It's time to replace the air filters

of your car too.

Your idea of making differently-abled

people self-reliant is nice.

But dozens of NGOs

are already doing this job.

But what...

you're talking about is business.

Why would I or others,

invest in your business idea?

Do you know how rapidly

the packaging market is growing in India?

Fifteen percent.

Packaging companies like Dicxy

and Solo have a monopoly in America.

But in India,

this market is split into small sectors.

I want my company

to grow as huge as Dicxy or Solo...

and control the entire market.

I don't want to start an NGO.

People call us disabled and do charity.

But I want to make them

highly-trained workers

and give them a place

in the mainstream workforce.

Productivity will anyway increase.

It's all business.

What investment are you thinking about?

- Eight crores.

- Brother.


Please help a blind man.

Please give some money

in the name of God.

Only ten rupees to buy some food.

Are you giving them money?

Give it to me.

We'll give him a job.

Sir will give you a job.

Thank you, brother.

Eight crores.

Seven crore, ninety-nine lakh, ninety-nine

thousand, nine hundred and ninety.

You have already given ten.

We can only see,

as far as our eyes can see.

- Sri.

- Thomas.

Sri can see beyond that.

We only have sight.

But he has a vision.

Without Bolla, there is no Bollant.

Thank you for hiring me.

You are God for me.

I am not God.

I told you I'll give you a job,

and I did.

Sure. Thank you.



- What happened, Sri?

- Teach...

We got our first order.

What happened?

Why did the machine stop?

- Hari.

- Yeah, tell me.

Guess there's a power cut.

Such high electricity bill.

But we bought this factory a month ago.

Sir, the factory hasn't paid

their bills for over two years.

But due to non-payment

of dues and fines,

the final amount

is one crore twenty lakh rupees.

But why will we pay this bill?

We haven't used the electricity.

Since you bought the factory,

you have to pay the outstanding dues.

Or we may have to seal the factory

if you don't pay the dues.


How can you seal the place?

You should have checked

what amount is still due on the factory,

before purchasing it.

Since you are the owner of the factory,

you will have to pay.

Once the factory starts,

we can pay the bill gradually.

If the factory stays closed,

you'll never be able to recover

your 87 lakhs.

Your department will be at a loss.


He's the CEO of Bollant Industries.

Srikanth Bolla.

Rule is rule.

I cannot allow you to start the

factory until the dues are not cleared.


Tea, Mr. Srikanth Bolla?

- No, thank you, sir.

- Let's go.

Srikanth Bolla sir.

You know him?

Of course, sir.

You were glad to know

my son is studying science.

It's all thanks to him, sir.

He even has books

in Braille to study.

Thanks to the case you

fought for blind children,

now every blind child in

the country can study science.

You are like God to us.

Please, I am no God.

Your son got into the science

stream because of his capability.

Not because of me.

He was always capable, sir.

But he had no path.

You showed him the path.

You don't know what

a great job you are doing.

You are God to us.

No, thank you.

- Let's go, Sri.

- Yes.

Wait, Mr. Bolla.

I cannot change the rules for you.

But there is something I can do.

You can start your factory.

But you must pay all

the dues within a year.

Since this is not your fault,

so I'll try to waive off your interest.


Thank you.

And what if I turn this

87 into 187 and flee?

I have realized,

you are not a deserter.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

Thank you, sir.

- Mr. Ravi.

- Yes?

- Please sign this form.

- Sure. Sure.

You are like God to us, sir.

You are not a deserter.

You don't know what

a great job you are doing.

You are like God to us, sir.

I have realized,

you are not a deserter.

Thank you for giving me a job.

You are like God to us, sir.

You are like God to us, sir.

You are not a deserter.

You are a hero.

Dad says I will be popular

His son will do something productive

But... no one knows

Where my destination lies

Someone will become an engineer

Someone will become famous in business

But... no one knows

Where my destination lies

Today my factory

completes a year.

I proved worthy of the trust,

people placed in me.

And will continue to do so.


I can do anything.


Greetings, ma'am.

Thank you.

- Thank you, madam.

- Yeah.

We can never fail.

Do you know why?

Because we started this

company with no personal benefits

and without any fraud.

Srikanth only draws

as much salary as required.

Only eight thousand rupees.

- The rest we invest back in the company.

- Ravi sir,

it's hard to believe that...

you invested in a

visually challenged man,

and started such a huge company.

Without you...

Srikanth was running

from pillar to post.

But to no avail.

You are the real hero, Ravi sir.

Thank you...

Do you know 80 percent

of the workforce in our company

are differently abled people?

And this was my idea.

Awesome, sir.

You are doing a great job.

- Thank you so much.

- Sri. Sri. Sri.

- Sri, it's Mahesh.

- Mahesh.

I came all the way

from Machilipatnam.


I needed your help.

I lost my job.

And as soon as I heard

you started a factory...

Come here, Mahesh.


Meet my friend Mahesh.

I owe everything I am to him.

We were together in school.

Mahesh always said a blind man

is only good for begging.

Without him,

I could have never dreamt of all this.

This fire you see in me

was started by Mahesh.

Thank you, Mahesh.


Sir, will you give Mahesh

a job in your company?

He's my friend.

Please have lunch before you go.

Thank you so much for coming.

- Murthy.

- Sir.

Please take care of them.

Let them have lunch.

Ma'am, please follow me.

- Thank you so much, sir.

- Thank you so much for coming, guys.

Thank you.

- Thank you, sir.

- Mahesh.


You're physically fit, aren't you?

Yes. I am absolutely fit.

I can do any work.

- Really?

- Sri.

I will take any job.

How ironic is this, Mahesh?

You always said to me in school,

that I will beg my whole life...

since I am blind.

And now look.

You're physically fit

and still, you're begging in front of me.

Looking for a job?

Yes, Sri.

You won't get it here.

What you did with Mahesh

wasn't right, Sri.

Insulting him...

Was it necessary?

Aren't you in charge

of all the good deeds, Ravi?

You heard how people respect me.

They honor me.

They consider me God.

The Sri I met...

called himself garbage.

Srikanth was running

from pillar to post.

But to no avail.

You are the real hero, Ravi sir.

Thank you...

- Thank you.

- You are the real hero, Ravi sir.

It's you... Ravi sir.


Ravi also thought the same

about this factory.

But I created a business out

of the garbage.

It was my idea. I worked hard on it.

It was my vision.

Then how is Ravi a visionary?

I don't need Ravi,

rather he needs me.

And if I wish I can line

up many like him.

We should expand.

Yes, for sure.

We'll be in profit by next year.

Then we can think about it.

No, not next year. Now.

That should be our dream.

Sri, the factory is practically empty.

We'll have to set it up completely anew.

Where will we get the money?

I know.

I've spoken

to the factory owner.

Venugopal Rao.

We don't have to pay him right now.

We can pay him in six months.

We'll find an investor over that period.

But, Sri, try to understand...

Don't be so negative.

Why won't we?

Come on, Sri. Stop dreaming.

Be practical.

Dreams are never practical, Ravi.

And practically,

dreams are all I can see.


I did it before.

I will do it again.

Will I get paid in six months?

For sure, sir.

Has she arrived?

Yes, ma'am is here.

She is here.



Hi! Welcome.

Thank you.

- Let's go!

- Yes.

Ravi, let's start working.

Sri, give me the brick

for our new house-raising.

Swathi, you could have stayed back.

I wish I could.

- Sri.

- Yes?

You're really lucky.

She's lovely.

And beautiful too.

Thank you.

She is also lucky.

Of course.

But what happened

to your luck, Kavita?

How could you fall

for someone like Ravi?


You are pretty, intelligent.

- You could have found anyone.

- What...

No, he fell for me.


This year Mr. Mukesh Ambani,

the chairman of Reliance Industries,

wins Business Excellence Award.

This year's business grant publication...

This time it was Reliance,

next time it's going to be Bollant.


Don't compare us to Ambani.

Why can't we win it?

I haven't thought about it, Sri.

You didn't, but I do.

Anand Mahindra, Natarajan Chandrasekaran

and now Ambani got it.

Why can't I get it?

You can...

But I never dreamed so big.

Maybe you don't,

but dreams are all I can see.


That's not what he meant.

Of course, you can win this award.

Even Ravi has complete faith in you.


it's almost time for your flight.

Let's go.

Sri, finish your coffee.

Sri, let's finish the coffee first.

It's available at the airport.

We can drink it there.

I am glad you came.

Thank you.

But Sri, I am not.

Mahesh I can understand, but...


You couldn't stop praising

Ravi until yesterday.

He's helped you a lot.

Since when did you start

using that tone with him?

What about him making

fun of me regarding the award?

Did you not notice that?

Swathi, do you also think

I can't win the award?

Sri, I know you will win the award.

Always here for you.

I am just scared that...

while trying to win this award...

don't lose the people close to you.

That won't happen.

There is still time for your flight.

Can we get some coffee?



Nobody believed I could win that award.

But I was adamant.

Srikant Bolla would surely

win the award.

And I could go to any lengths for it.


Srikanth, you're doing a great job.

And we always support good people.

Come to the office someday.

- Sure.

- And we'll talk in detail.

Sure, ma'am.

See you later, Srikanth.

- Goodbye.

- Goodbye.

Let's go.

- Get in the car.

- Start the car.

What was the minister

doing in the factory?

Reddy ma'am?

She knows all about our business.

She wanted to meet me.

She's become my fan

after hearing my story.

She is a politician, Sri.

She must have an agenda.

No agenda, just a plan for my future.

She wants to nominate

me for the state elections.



Imagine, Ravi.

My political connection will

take Bollant to the next level.

This will be great for our business.

We won't have to go anywhere.

We can get everything

done at our convenience.

So easy.

Bollant is a young factory, Sri.

Your entire focus should

be on business development.

And you've always done

everything the right way.

I am doing this for Bollant too.

And the right way is too time-consuming.

Venugopal calling.

Venugopal calling.

Venugopal calling.

Venugopal calling.

Venugopal calling.

- We've about 150n ton...

- Venugopal calling.

Three more trucks by Friday.

Venugopal calling.

Its delivery...

Venugopal calling.


Why aren't you answering

Venugopal sir's calls?

- It's alright.

- Talk to him.

- Hello.

- Hello, Srikanth.

Yes, sir. I said you'll get your money.

We need some more time.

How much more?

It's been almost a year.

You are putting pressure on us.

You know I am a blind man.

If you put too much pressure,

I'll hang myself from the ceiling fan

and mention your name

in the su1c1de note.

Will that be acceptable?

What are you saying?

I didn't mean it.

Just trying to scare him.

I won't do it.

- What happened, Ravi?

- Unknown caller.

- He's changing drastically.

- Unknown caller.

- Unknown caller.

- Srikanth isn't what he used to be.

What do you mean?

He was threatening Venugopal sir.

He was saying he'd commit su1c1de,

and mention him in his su1c1de note.

- What?

- One second.

- Sri...

- One second, teacher.

Ms. Marya,

can you repeat what you just said?

Sir, I'm happy to inform you

that Business Front Publications,

has nominated Bollant Industries

for the Business Excellence Award.


Congratulations, sir.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Sir, this year we've

introduced a new category,

for companies run by differently abled.

- I'll send you all the details.

- Thank you.

- Congrats.

- Congrats.

Thank you.

Teacher, Ravi always thought we...

No, sorry, I can never win an award.

You can't grow big unless you think big.

And, Ravi, you couldn't,

but I will handle Venugopal.

Excuse me.

Venugopal calling.

Venugopal calling.

Thank you very much for coming.

I am very happy that you came here.

My pleasure, ma'am.

Open the gate.

I want to meet Srikanth.

Do you have an appointment, sir?

Will I need an appointment

to take my own money?

Open the gate.


Call Bolla sir.

Watchman calling.

Watchman calling.

Watchman calling.


Hello, sir.

Mr. Venugopal is here.

Am I there?

I am not, right?

Tell him to come back later.

He says he wants his money.

He is insisting on it.

Do you owe him money?

I owe him money.

And I am not there.

So what's the point in

making him wait unnecessarily?

I'm the owner of the factory.

Till I don't get my money back,

I am still the owner. Get it?

Sir, he looks furious.

Inform it to him.

Srikanth, all good?

Yes, ma'am.

- Come, there's another floor.

- Sure.

Reddy ma'am.

I wanted a little help from you.

Yes, of course.

How can I help you?

- Wait. Open it.

- Sir.

- Open it.

- I said let me go.

Let me go, sir.

Leave me.

He is the owner of the factory sir.


You guys called the cops on me

- and manhandled me.

- Sorry, sir. Come.

You called the cops.

Sir, Ravi sir is calling.


- Why did you have to call the police?

- It's been a year.

- You owe him money.

- Haven't received a single penny.

- You asked for six months.

- It will not happen again.

- You didn't pay him.

- Give us some time.

- You lied to him.

- We'll return your money.

You will have to say sorry to him.

I didn't call the police.

I asked Reddy ma'am to handle it.

And you guys should

be thanking Reddy ma'am.

She's done a big favor for us.

And why did you let

Venugopal in the factory,

when I said no?

And now you want me to apologize.

You all owe an apology to me.

Grow up, Sri.

You will have to apologize.

You can't behave like this.

Don't tell me what I can't do.

I can do anything.

- Murthy.

- Sir.

Take it away.

Reddy ma'am,

Venugopal's issue is sorted.

Can I say something?

In Sri's defense?

He won't say sorry.

It's not that he doesn't want to,

the truth is he doesn't know how.

Be it humans or animals

when faced with any danger or threat,

they react in two ways.

Either they fight

back mercilessly or run.

Running is easier,

it's what most of them do.

But Sri never had that option, Ravi.

How and where would he run to?

So he only knows how to fight.

Mr. Venugopal.

Just spoke with Sri.

He wants to personally apologize to you.

Look, I'll repay your

ten crores with interest.

What are you searching for?

My stick.

Why do you need a stick at home?

I'm stepping out.

You have the minister's support outside.

Ravi has brainwashed you too.

I can't fathom his insecurity.

He should be happy with my growth.

This isn't your growth.

Ravi is worried for you.

So, if I follow his orders it's alright.

But God forbid if I listen to my heart...

Today, the world is impressed

by Srikant Bolla.

Reddy ma'am chose me as I am efficient.

I think about others.

Yes, you do think about others.

But Ravi is only thinking about you.

I didn't ask him to do that.


nobody needs to worry about me.

Neither you, nor Ravi.

I can take care of myself.

Who kept this...

You said you would handle it.

But you slipped, Sri.

That too in your own house.

You can rise up today.

But if you lose your self-respect,

you'll never be able to rise up again.

I gave this stick

to make you independent.

But you're still looking for support.

I never thought you could not see.

But for the first time, I feel that

Reddy has blinded you, Mr. Srikanth Bolla.

All the best.

Reddy has blinded you.

Yes, you do think about others.

But Ravi is only thinking about you.

I am so excited.

Hello, Srikanth.

- I am very happy that you're here.

- Greetings, ma'am.

Welcome, I'm super excited.


- Careful, are you okay?

- Yes. Yes.

Let's go.


We're going left now.

Very good.

Let's go.

Sit, please, Srikanth.

Thank you.


Can't you see?

Give the teacup in Srikanth's hand.

How will he manage?

It's okay, ma'am.

I can manage on my own.

Thank you.

Yes, sir.

Madam, the banners are ready.

Okay, fine.

Read it out for sir.

"He's blind, but he's not dirty."

Repeat it.

"He's blind, but he's not dirty."

Yes. Now...

"I may be blind, but I'm your support."

Do you approve of our poster?

Isn't it good?

So, Mr. Srikanth Bolla.


Welcome to our Swarna Rashtriya Party.

Ma'am, I had a question.

Are you giving me this opportunity

for my work or my limitations?

There is no lack of businessmen

and industrialists in the city, Srikanth.

More influential businessmen

than you queue up behind me.

If this was about your work,

I would have only

asked you for a donation.

Money is good for contesting elections,

not winning them.

I am giving you this opportunity

because your blindness is your strength,

not weakness...

to win a seat.

Reddy has blinded you,

Mr. Srikanth Bolla.

You can rise up today.

But if you lose your self-respect,

you'll never be able to rise up again.

Learn how to beg.

You'll need it in the future.

Blind beggar.

Be Bollant.

- Bollant.

- Yes.

It means...

Be a good person and do good.

Be good and do good.

If you do the right thing,

the right people will join you.

- God bless you.

- Invite the blind workers, as well.

We'll build an entire

campaign around your blindness.

Please give the ticket to someone else.

- What?

- Thank you.

I don't understand.

Someone went through a

lot of pain to make me realize,

that I have no limitations.

I am the best the way I am.

But then I began taking

advantage of my blindness,

for my own selfish means.

I would expect the same from you,

of course.

Your workers were right.

"I am blind, but not dirty."

Let me show you out.


It's okay, ma'am.

I needed support to get in here.

But I know the way out.

Thank you.

When a blind man runs without thinking...

he forgets to count his steps.

And finally, he falls.

Ravi invested in my vision.

Devika teacher taught me to walk.

And I tried to run without their support.

That was my downfall.

No, Sri.


You look like a minister.

I am sorry.


Sorry, Ravi.

I didn't hear that properly.

I am sorry!

- Heard that?

- Loud and clear.

It's not easy for me.

I never said sorry to anyone.

Doesn't come out of my mouth.

I'll personally apologize

to Venugopal, as well.

If he can't say it,

my hero doesn't have to say sorry.

And anyway...

Venugopal wants his money,

not your apology.


- Be happy.

- Sorry.

Your 11 crores with interest.

Sorry for everything

that happened between us.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.


I'm sorry.

Swathi, I didn't mean it.

It won't happen again.

I miss you.

We will be happy to collaborate

with Bollant.

Thank you, sir.

Tata Company has invested

in Bollant Company.

Now, ladies and gentlemen,

the story of this year's award winner,

in this very special category,

will not just inspire you

but will uplift your soul.

And to present the award

in this very special category,

I'd like to invite on stage,

National award-winning filmmaker,

Mr. Hansal Mehta.

The Business Excellence Award

in this special category,

goes to Bollant Industries.


This is your dream, Sri.

Go on.

Thank you.

Good evening, everyone.

I'm blind.

But I can see...


And I dream big.

But there's a different narrative playing

in your mind for us.

"Poor guy."

"So sad."


That's really bad."

Nothing bad happened to us.

And we're certainly not helpless.

Don't be fooled.

We'll trade you for something better.

When I was born,

people told my parents,

"He's garbage, k*ll him."

Imagine, had my parents listened to them.

I'd have met the same fate

as many other similar kids.

Srikanth Bolla wouldn't have existed.

So, thank you, Dad.

Thank you, Mom.

I couldn't have done all this alone.

My teacher Devika...

has always supported me.

Especially when I was thrown

on the streets to beg.

As a blind man is only supposed to beg.

He can't do anything more in life.

She gave me a shelter.

Educated me and made me capable.

Rather she taught me to fly.

And I flew directly into MIT. America.

Thank you, teacher Devika.

My friend, my brother, my partner, Ravi.

He trusted me when nobody else did.

Ravi never demanded his share

in my success.

He is incapable of doing that.

Didn't you see, he left me alone

on stage too?

He takes advantage of my blindness.

That's a sin, Ravi.

You seek virtue from us.

Ravi seeks sins from us.

As he knows us.

Thank you, Ravi.

I have a love story too.

I would like to share it with you.

But please keep it a secret.


She didn't love a "disabled man."

But simply loved "a man."

Yeah, it's true I'm handsome.

Also, I have a question for everyone.

Why do you use us

to express your love?

Phrases like "Blinded by love."


Be crazy, fanatic,

or even mad in love.

Why do you want to be blind?

Don't take our superpower

from us, please.

In fact, if a blind man

is waiting at the signal,

people forcefully make

you cross the road.

What if I didn't want

to cross the road?

But you wanted to earn merit.

Good karma.

Many only do this much

to support the blind.

Help them cross the road.

But you can help in many more ways.

Srikanth Bolla is not a significant man.

Please don't get inspired by me.

If you want to be something in life...

then be their Ravi,

Devika, or Swathi.

Who knows you might make many more

Srikanth Bollas.

I read a line once...

I liked it so much

that it stayed with me.

In our country,

two percent of people are blind,

but ninety-eight percent can't see.

It was my dream to receive this award.

And I did get it today.

But in a special category.

What is this special category?

Business is just an idea,

and ideas can't be seen.

We're all blind from that perspective.

So please judge me for my vision.

And if you think I don't deserve it,

you can give this to someone else.

I will work harder

and come back again,

to receive this award

in the normal category.

We don't want your sympathy,

we want an equal opportunity.

And for that,

I'll keep fighting till the end.

Because I don't know how to run.

We just want you to notice us,

but not out of empathy, please.

With equality.

Today, I'm initiating that equality.

I can't accept this

special category award.

So, if you could please take it back...

The day you accept us as normal,

I'll be here to receive the award.

Thank you.

Now, friends,

I'll tell you a very interesting story.

When I was the President of India,

I met a group of tribal students

from the Lead India 2020 movement

on August 28, 2006.

I asked them all a question.

"What do you want to be?"

Out of many responses,

one visually challenged boy,

studying in the ninth grade, stood up.

His name was Srikanth.

He answered, "I'm Srikanth.

I want to be the first visually

challenged president of the country."

Sri, be careful.


Sri, are you okay?

Get up.

Are you okay, Sri?

Are you hurt?

- Swathi.

- Yes.

- I can see.

- What?

- I can see.

- What?

I can see.

I can see.

You are so pretty.

Look at these trees.

The sky.

I can see, Swathi.

I can see!

I can see everything!


How did you like my performance?

- Sorry...

- Not funny.

- Not funny at all.

- Sorry.

I didn't find it funny at all.

I wish...

it had happened, but...

But I know you are very pretty.


I thought it was a bit...

No? Okay. No, no.
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