Where the Wind Blows (2022)

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Where the Wind Blows (2022)

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All the guards, quick march!

The following story spans three decades

Squad, halt!

We're the storytellers

We're part of the story

I've trained new cadets for years

I always ask them one question:

Why did you sign up?

I was bullied

So you want to prove yourself?

Police are only human

We can't fly but we can die

I don't care if you fly or die

Now that you're a cadet,

you must obey the rules


Who makes the rules?

Someone-not you



Nam Kong: 100

Lee Keung: 80

That's pure talent

You're now a member
of the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF)

Do yourself proud!

Sign here

Signing in English?
Who are you trying to impress?

Your name?

Nam Kong


Look at this, guys! Look at what we did!

Welcome to the August 26th News Report

The Hong Kong government failed to
extradite Chief Godber

after he escaped to the UK on June 8

Hong Kong citizens protested in Victoria Park,

petitioning British Prime Minister Edward Heath

to extradite Godber to Hong Kong

To report corruption,

contact the Independent Commission
Against Corruption (ICAC) office

His many properties were
purchased under the names of relatives

His many properties were
purchased under the names of relatives

"The HK$500M Sergeant" is no joke

- We need a thorough investigation
- OK


Former Staff Sgt. Nam Kong
returned to Hong Kong yesterday

Find him

Yes sir


Nam Kong is in the conference room

This early?

I didn't expect you


I'm an early riser

It's an honor to meet you, Sgt. Nam Kong

Likewise, Officer George Lee

You're famous for preventing colleagues

from getting rich

You're a good fit for ICAC

You have quite the sense of humor

| brought coffee from Italy

in honor of the ICAC launch

I'll send for more, if you like

Smells good

When you open for business,

you must treat all clients well

The air conditioning is a bit too cold for comfort

Perhaps it's intentional?

How about 23°C?


Let's cut the small talk

I want to discuss something with you

What is your opinion on this issue?

What is your feeling right now?

Corruption in the Hong Kong Police Force
is a way of life

I mean, it is as natural as going to bed

and getting up in the morning
and brushing your teeth

Two years ago you failed to extradite Godber

How did you succeed now?

Godber was previously charged under Section 10,

but Britain does not have the same provisions

We gathered more evidence a few months ago

and were able to bring corruption charges...

against Godber under Section 4

It's pretty easy to use the word "frame-up”,

but I pleaded not guilty

ICAC was accused of using underhanded tactics

The police can use the same tactics

to catch crooks but not the ICAC?

ICAC put their lives on the line

Mr. Hunt

Have you ever involved,
in any way, with corruption at all

Absolutely not

Sir, you're lying

Everybody lies

That was a white lie

A lie is a lie

[t has no color, sir

You've got Hunt and now Godber

What do I get?

My men are harassed daily by ICAC

You think Hunt volunteered
to be your star witness?

You think Hunt volunteered
to be your star witness?

Are you stupid?

My wife often tells me:

"Don't expect others to
understand everything you say"

I disagree

Some people just play dumb

When I was young,

I didn't understand why my father made me choose
between a g*n and a typewriter

Now I know

How do you see power?

What is the secret of power?

The secret to power
is knowing that others are weaker than you


Back in the day

British drill instructors wore leather shoes

Indian cadets wore leather shoes

As for us, Chinese

instructors and cadets alike...

we only got sneakers


Lui Lok told me

he didn't just want to shine foreigners' shoes

he wanted to shine my shoes, too

If I don't wear leather shoes,

how can I grant his wish?

He also said

he wanted to shine the shoes of all Chinese cadets

Starting today,

all Chinese cadets must wear leather shoes

In Chinese culture

one offers free shoe-shines in order to get ahead

Offering everyone a free shoe-shine, however...

makes us all equal



do you have a complaint?

No, I'm fine

You can tell me

Treat yourself to tea, sir

Take it back

This is all I have

Take it back

Come here

On your knees

apologize to the officer

Down on your knees!

Stop it!

Kneel down!

Give it to me!

Thank you, sir

Thank you

That's your share

Take it or everyone else will look bad


Refuse all you want,

they'll just leave it in your locker


You ran into me

Bring him over

You're beaten, not because you refused the money

but because you're a snob!

I didn't refuse the money because I didn't want it

I refused because
I don't work for scumbags like you

Waste him!

What's going on here?
We're all colleagues!

Get him, too!

Even cops get beaten up

Lok, just take the money

When you're young, it's normal to get
beaten up for not paying bullies

But getting beaten up for refusing money

that's just stupid

Following the defeats of...

the Western Brigade at Staunton Creek,
Middle Gap, and Wanchai

Governor Mark Young plans to
hand over Hong Kong this afternoon


We're not going on vacation;
we're fleeing the w*r

Pick one of the two

It's almost time, sir


We could be bombed at any time!

Get to the air-raid shelters on Chatham Road!

"Those deserted shops..."

"Are like morgues”

"People die there..."

"Every single night"

"The streets are littered with dead bodies"

People would do

just anything to survive

"how heartbreaking, how heartbreaking!”

My aunt, Hunwa and I were spared, thanks to Nian

a resistant fighter


Everyone is destined to die

If I don't return,

consider me dead

Find yourself a good husband...

who can provide you with food...

and water

This w*r had its...

full quota of horrors that
I can't bear to remember

What's your problem?

You damn bastard!

What're you doing?

Back off! You want to die?

I'm sorry...

Move back! Shut up!

No.451, get out!

Get out!


Keep moving

Don't slack around!

Time to go


What're you doing?

You're getting a promotion


Let's celebrate


don't force yourself

What do you mean?

This is money

People die for it


It's just tea money, not a bribe

A bribe is a bribe-

there's no sugar-coating it

Welcome the Mountain Master

After the founding of
the People's Republic of China in 1949...

Kuomintang (KMT) General Kot Siu-wong...

and his followers relocated to Hong Kong

Their Guangzhou headquarters
was located at No.14 Po Wah Road

hence they were known as the 14Tong

As clansmen,
you must never collude with government officials

Yes, sir

Never betray your clansmen

Yes, sir

Never betray your seniors

Yes, sir

Or you'll be stabbed three times


serve Sgt. Yu some congee

You must be Master Kot's son

Give him some

The world belongs to the young now

From now on

Lok will take care of things for you


it's easy for you to say

Are we the scapegoats in your power struggle now?

A handshake between cops and criminals?

What's the world coming to?

Not bad

but not as good as the congee from my hometown


our food is a little base and coarse

I know-and so are your dealings

Sit down all of you!

Sit down!

Let's make a deal:

My men will arrest one man each

Arrest whoever looks at you wrong

For all I cared

people said I was too young to fear

or acting without thinking ahead

I just knew that...

I must let the triads know they place

Officer Lui Lok was outstanding in this operation

He struck a severe blow to the triads

Officer Lui Lok was outstanding in this operation

He struck a severe blow to the triads

Nam Kong

Why don't you present the case
to the senior officers?

The 14Tong is an anti-Communist action group

They're mortal enemies of the
local triad organizations

Fights often ensue

In other words, rather like Al Capone?

Yes, sir

But with or without syphilis?

God knows

Sources say

Nam Kong's father was a lawyer

Nam grew up affluent,

a St. Joseph's College alum,

A sharp sh**t

His nickname is "Headless"

Give me all your b*ll*ts

Just so you know, I'm not returning any

It's just you?

Yes, just me

Why? It's not like I'm moving house

Rumor has it that on that day,

I volunteered to capture

the bus mogul's attempted abductors

in order to get myself a promotion

My true intention was to

subdue the criminals

In the end,

was the brave man victorious?


the wise man was

Let's get a drink sometime


Want to recruit me?

What are you thinking?

I'm just interested in a partnership

OK, when?

Liquor or herbal wine?

Your nickname shouldn't be "Headless"-

My full name is...

"Screw You, Dickhead"

Take care of me

You're the boss, brother

You speak Teochew too?

I don't want to drink

Let's go for breakfast instead

Skipping breakfast is unhealthy

You'll get gallstones

Screw you, dickhead

Screw you, dickhead

That Shanghainese man is Tsai Lin

He owns lots of land and factories

struck it rich

[t shows

Next to him is his daughter

That's clear

May 17?

Sorry, I'm in a rush

These are for you

Brother, can we switch seats?


No problem, sir

Miss Tsai, I need to escort...

these flowers

Officer Lui, do you think you're Gregory Peck?

Far from it

You're better-looking

Airplane Snacks!

Get the clothes

Nice color...

Do you want to try it on?

Yes, please

I almost forgot

You silly

Wonton noodles

Let's eat

Is this for me?


I will marry you

How many children do you want?

Two? Is that all?

I still don't understand

why you chose such an uncultured man

He can't even afford to buy himself a decent rank

I chose someone solid and capable

Money's not an issue for him

I won't ask you for money

Don't worry

KMT supporters raised the ROC flag

at Lei Cheng Uk Estate

to commemorate the 1911 Revolution

But estate staff pulled down the flags

triggering mass protests...

The protesters demanded

compensation for the damaged flags...

a firecracker event and a public apology

Negotiations failed

I told you just to stage some looting

to cut me some slack

How did you get the ambassador's wife k*lled?

Beyond your control?

What kind of triad boss are you!

This is not a simple issue about Hong Kong

It's a high political issue

Do you understand?


Any solutions? Any suggestions?

Anyone have suggestions?

I have an idea

I believe a g*ng of hired thugs...

are behind the riots

Our riot police have cordoned off Tsim Sha Tsui,

Yau Ma Tei and Sham Shui Po

But the rioters are using guerilla tactics

to hit Kowloon City, To Kwa Wan and Jordan

By the time we get there

the rioters will be gone

Our entire police force is only 6,000 strong

We also need to protect the banks,
police stations, and government offices

We don't have the manpower to handle the rioters

Seventy percent of the rioters are triad members

Forty percent of them are looting

Our priority is to catch...

the looters


We meet again

We haven't even had breakfast yet

I'd rather have a drink

My gallstones have yet to harden

I'll send you an invitation

Officer Lui, you're lucky to have won...

Miss Teat's heart

So you know?

You just need to

clean up this mess before the wedding

Any suggestions?

We just received our orders:

Open fire to suppress the riots

if necessary


Then we'll follow our orders

Do you have a better idea?

Do you?

You're about to get married

A blood bath is inauspicious

How do they tell the looters...

and the KMT apart?

Long live San-min Doctrine...

Crazy Chuck

Freeze! Police!

Search upstairs

Arrest them all

We're not done searching that side, let's go

Stop there

...or you'll die

Run? Wanna run?

Run, I dare you! Hit him...

British troops may intervene soon

Then it'll be out of our hands

Do you think I should smoke now or not?

I'll get you even if it costs me my life

- Come help out!
- We're not outnumbered or afraid of you!

We just received our orders:

All officers are free to open fire

I understand how you feel

We've lost a few colleagues ourselves

But our targets are looters,

not protesters

There's safe passage for you on the backstreet

Please cooperate

Let us catch the looters first

Go home take some rest

Come back to protest tomorrow

British troops may intervene

Then it'll be out of our hands

This is a Chinese affair

Keep the foreigners out of it!

My father and uncles all are KMT

I don't want any of you to get hurt


What should we do?


Is your father KMT?

What do you think?

During the unrest earlier this year,

Officer Lui Lok exhibited great courage

and displayed unwavering commitment to
suppressing these rioters

He is now promoted to the rank of detective

in the Tsuen Wan District in the New Territories

Nam Kong also displayed outstanding abilities
in suppressing the rioters

He is now promoted to the rank of

senior corporal in Sham Shui Po


Thank you, sir!

I will do my utmost to assist
the detectives in Sham Shui Po

to bring order to this chaotic old quarter

My sources found out

why you got transferred out of Sham Shui Po

Deputy Chan issued the order

He wanted his henchmen to take control

I believe the recent riots and
disturbance caused by the triads

are headed by the 14Tong

This toxic cancer of society must be rooted out

Safe travels to Taiwan

Take care of your father's funeral arrangements

I'll send you condolence money

The bride's here

Leap over fire and smoke:

The bride will bear an heir

The bride enters the marital chamber

The phoenix and its mate sing in harmony


Uncle Nian, your tea

May this household will be
filled with prosperity

and happiness for generations to come

Thank you, Aunt Hunwa

Kiss her


Thank you, everyone!

- Sir
- Lok

Lok, a small token




Thank you

I knew my husband would invite you

Thank you for coming

He mentions you often- he admires you

Admires me? What's so good about me?

What did you say to my wife?

I was badmouthing you

You'll get drunk at this rate

You won't stand in for me?

Drink up!

One more!

He's sober, give him more!

- Refill
- Drink, drink, drink!


Did you know I was a cop?

A cop?

You're pretty good for a cop

You've been firing b*ll*ts all night

without knowing who I am?

I've set up the meeting

I feel bad for you

They took credit for your work

Sham Shui Po and Tsuen Wan...

are worlds apart

Tell the seniors it's time to retire

to make way for you

Why sit on the pot if you're constipated?

You may not like the triads,

but they're useful when you need
some dirty work done

Mrs. Lui, talk some sense into him!

Women should stay out of men's affairs

Bring us more wine

I need to hear his full confession

They say Lui married a smart lady-

they weren't exaggerating

Skip the small talk

Mr. Kot must know why I am here

My husband thinks I'm on a business trip

I promise everything stolen from 14Tong

will be returned

Lui is on the path to greatness

If anyone gets in his way,

we'll eliminate them

Deputy Chan?

Tsai Zhen and Kot Sui-hung

formed a partnership and
did all sorts of things...

to help Lui Lok get ahead

Those were kind of open secrets

Even I got wind of it

I told you to take action

I didn't tell you to k*ll people

Miss Tsai

For triads, taking action means

k*lling people

If I didn't do it

how could Mr. Lui land his post?

It says...

Lui Lok never received a formal education

He was a shoeshine boy, a paperboy,
and a rickshaw coolie

But Lui Lok...

was probably the last to know

The triads have overtaken every district

Their turf wars create unending chaos

The current system is not working

I'll grant a limited number of licenses to

opium dens, gambling joints
and brothels in our district

and eliminate the others

Each establishment will
pay us a set fee each month

Each establishment will
pay us a set fee each month

That should take care of everyone
from the Police Chief...

That should take care of everyone
from the Police Chief...

down to toll guards

In short

the district sergeant will
determine who and how much to charge

Now, the rules are...

clear and simple


This circle represents our district

The triad establishments will be licensed

We'll charge a monthly management fee

The collection and payout will be centralized

We'll be filthy rich!

Payout is easy

but collecting is tricky

You can start by collecting from
strip joints and mahjong parlors

The monthly take will be easier to handle

...took a red pill out of his bag

The maiden swallowed the pill
and felt great pleasure

She asked the fairy:

"What is this pill called?"


Daily collection from drug dens,
brothels, and banks will be

too much for you to handle

They're big money


Gambling houses, idiot!

Let the name lottery begin!

It's the most profitable game

Hongkongers are the most gullible

This name lottery proves it

The winning names are predetermined

No one sees how much money goes into the pot

It all comes down to one word- "belief"


I'd like Room 517

I'm sorry, sir

But it's currently occupied

Ask them to leave

We'll rent it long term

Keep it simple

Just break down the key points,

Just break down the key points,

so it's easy for me to remember

Over the last three months,

Yau Ma Tet's revenues...

...doubled. Why?

It's called a management fee

We'll collect from them...

only once a month

We can't all flock to the lucrative districts

Sharing a cake with many people
means a smaller slice

Where's the good in that?

Chaozhou pastries are the best,

but they're too small to share

Our goal is to make a bigger cake

Let's make a big Xiqiao cake

But can we have our cake
while ignoring the triad problem?

What about Her Majesty?

Collect reports regularly

Make the triads provide

an account of all dealers and loan sharks...

on the streets

Find out who's doing what, where...

and for whom

With this information

we will have power over the triads

Put out the news

that we have the triad situation under control

Better yet, disband the Anti-Triad Unit

Then we all look good

So the foreigners will have nothing to do?

No, they'll be busy

...counting money

Thanks to the recently
implemented security reforms

crime is down

Brothels, gambling,
and opium dens have been repeatedly raided

Armed fights among criminals are at a new low

People claim that they're
feeling safer on the street

I want 100% of cases solved

But there will always be some that slip through

Find some scapegoats

Pay them off

Come get your crime tokens!

For the To Kwa Wan robbery!

For the Sham Shui Po as*ault!

For the Kowloon Tong robbery!

Brother Lok,
why don't you start a football club?

The boys love football!


Sai-wing is our best footballer!


You set it up

As you wish


You've dabbled in horse racing, movies, publishing

You've even written news columns

And now football?

Do you have a real job?

Of course, I do

I work for Brother Lok

Don't we all?

Please don't mind

Brother Lok may be less educated,

but people refer to...

you two as "Lui and Nam

never "Nam and Lui"

In other words

Headless may be educated,

but he can learn one thing from Brother Lok-

how to make friends

When I was small, a fortuneteller told my father

that I had many servant girls in a past life,
so I'm fated...

to be a servant in this life

He also warned me against being ambitious

It's not easy being a servant girl

Keeping a house in order...

is no small task

Nosy, listen closely

After mahjong

we'll visit Club Tonnochy

No need to bring cash

Fat-Bee says there's a new batch of girls


Yeah, they all have melon-sized breasts!

No way

Quit stalling

- Impossible!
- Pong!

Don't tell me... Brother Lok?

- Pong
- Just pong

Yim, trying to lose on purpose?

It's a ten-grand game!

Did Limpy Ho give you money
to buy a sergeant rank?

You've become generous

Limpy Ho?

Yim's cousin?

He's great; smart man with guts

I have Yim to thank for the introduction

7 Myriads

But it takes more than money
to be a ranking officer now


I have a winning hand...

Hurry up

Come on!

- 1 Myriad!
- I win!

- That's the one!
- No way!

No way!

You're so lucky, Brother Lok!

Why didn't you intercept the tile?

Nam, you could have won

You folded with a great hand?

No wonder they call you "Headless"

I dozed off and missed it

"Thirteen Orphans” is the top hand

Let's say we both won

There's no double-win in Cantonese mahjong

You can't make them pay twice

Why not?

Can't we both win?

Are you the master...

or a servant girl?


It's just a game!

Carry on

Everything's fine!

Let's play

No matter how I look at it

I can't call this a winning hand

Can you?

Son of a bitch!

Did I ask you to throw the game?

Are you the boss?


You think you get to decide who wins?

It's just a game!

OK, OK, it's my fault

It's my fault! I deserve to die!

What's wrong with you?

What's wrong? Don't you know?

All these years,

I've humiliated myself doing all your dirty work

I did it all

Instead of thanking me,

you just stomp all over me

Who told you to lick my boots?

How about I make you a sergeant? Are you up to it?


- Don't..

We're all brothers

Don't fret

Take your winnings


We each get half


Your glasses are broken

I think so

They're expensive

I'm leaving

Brother Nam

Come drink with us

Forget it, my glasses are broken

What are you doing?

Keep it

Brothers, clean up

Let's clean up. Come help out!

Come here


Good evening, gentlemen!

We've got something new for you tonight-

something you can't find
anywhere else in Hong Kong!

Please welcome Helen, Mary, and Vivian!



Thank you for saving me

Thank yourself

I'm Lui Lok

Xiao yu

Why is a girl like you transporting corpses?

Where's your family?

I have a brother

I heard the soldiers took him

I've come to find him

We'll find him together

Don't slack around!

People sent here come out changed forever

Get inside


Don't move!

A beautiful woman!

Come over!

Let go!

- Don't struggle
- Help!

You should feel honored to serve the Imperial Army

- Move back!
- Let go!


We don't need any sh*ts!

Get your sh*ts

We should infect you all with our diseases!

- Let go!
- Come here!

Come over!

"Victory Over Japan Celebration”

Xiao yu!


What's wrong with Xiao yu?


Why aren't you helping her?

How? With what?

Do you have money?

I want to help them all-

but there aren't enough resources

The suppliers are inflating the drug prices

I can only help

the ones likely to survive

Mr. Lui

Mr. Lui, she's here

Your skin is so pale

You've got bruises from pole dancing


Does it hurt?


Are you sure?

I followed Master Zhang

to Hong Kong

but no one was interested in Peking opera

Master owed the smugglers money,

so he sent us here

I'm slow

I fall down a lot

Next time you fall,

I'll catch you

Are you Mary, Helen, or Vivian?

I'm Xiao yan, and you?

Lui Lok

Don't worry, I'll be fine

Are we going to have children?

Yes, we'll have lots of children

You promised...

to give me lots of children

Yes... I promise

Don't leave me again

Up all night again?


Nosy and Fat-Bee made me play mahjong

They kept winning and wouldn't quit

Father said...

he wants to name our son


How does he know?

It could be a girl

What makes you so certain?

Because I want a girl

I've already chosen a name


Lui Nian-yu


I thought you men from Haifeng

prefer boys

You're still speaking to your father?

He's my father

He should know if he's having a grandchild

When I was young, I was fascinated by

high heel shoes

By the time I was old enough to wear them

they said I was too tall to wear high heels

I was so angry

If others could wear them

why couldn't |7

They said I was headstrong

I felt even more alone,

especially after my mother passed away

Mrs. Lui, you've just had a baby.
Shouldn't you be resting at home?

Lok wanted to come;
I want to keep him company

What's taking Nam so long?

That's how he is

Your father has passed away

Why didn't you visit him on his deathbed?

Who wants to see a dying man?

Do you?

You asked me why I didn't go see him one last time

I was afraid if I went,

it really would be the last time

When Japan invaded Hong Kong,

my parents and I fled to the mainland

I met a Japanese officer there

His name was Tokai, Tokai-san

I was 20 years old at the time

You want this?

You like it?

He often had me play piano in the barracks

He said he liked the piano

The Japanese soldiers often saw us together

They thought we were friends,

so they treated me well


What did you mean to him? A friend?

I don't know

There's a lot I don't remember

Or maybe I just don't want to

One day

he took me to a deserted building

Inside I saw my father
crouching over my mother

My mother was lying on the ground,

covered in blood

He gave me a handgun

k*ll him and follow me

Be my son

We'll go to Japan after the w*r

You won't die

You'll have food

I remember that my father grabbed my hand

and told me to pull the trigger


sh**t me!

sh**t me!

Without thinking...

I turned around and shot Tokai

I thought I was done for

Stand down!

It's an order...

from your superior

When we left,

I didn't dare look back at him

Why didn't you sh**t me?

You almost got yourself k*lled!

The events of that day

were like some strange play rehearsal

No matter how many times

the scene plays over in my mind

I still can't watch-

especially the part where my mother died

We didn't even say goodbye

The scene was pathetic...


You seldom smile

except when you apply rouge

When we were little,
the troupe master always said:

"Only dead people wear rouge without smiling"

I like seeing your smile

I'll buy you more rouge

You've had enough

Stop nagging!

I'm drinking because I'm happy!

I'm getting married to make you happy

Sorry for leaving early

How are you?

Same old same old


I miss you

I'm asking, what do you plan to do next?

There is no such thing

You know how it is in our family

We'd never replace a dead dog

or a resigned servant

That's not what I'm saying

Just take this:

Stop doubting yourself so much

The Police will establish two posts
for Detective Staff Sergeant Class One

They shall lead the CID, give direct orders,

and execute unified transfers and commands

Yau Ma Tei and Mongkok are both yours

Don't let me down, OK?



Bee, switch places

Ready? 3, 2, 1

I appreciate your continued support


Everyone here gets a share!

Police babes!

You have properties across Mid-levels

Wanchai, Tsim Sha Tsui and Kong Tong

The paperwork for the 8-story building
at 299 Shau Kei Wan Road

is underway

Limpy Ho, the infamous drug lord...

moved to Hong Kong in the 1950s

He began as a street dealer

Thanks to him

the drug trade has changed forever

His heroin joints grew

from making pocket change

to making tens of thousands a day

My husband and I don't like to be questioned

We'll let you know when it's time

How are you?

I know you deal dr*gs to provide
for your military government

They get the whole country

You get the big contracts
for building railroads and ports

That's a good deal

We can't do that, damn it

Hong Kong was conceded
to the British because of opium

Need I say more?

You know people give you a name

"Hongkonger Lo Hsing-han"

Mr. Yim

A small token


I don't know who the heck is Lo Hsing-han

You tell him

My name is Ng Cheuk-ho

"Limpy Ho"

Not enough?

Friends don't quibble over small change

I'll introduce you to Sgt. Nam Kong later

You'll make more on his turf in one day
than a month anywhere else

You can repay me later


Stick together

through thick and thin!


Have some soup

You know...

I wouldn't mind one more person...

at the table

Fat-Bee is busy

Sai-wing started a football club


I married you because...

you've always been honest with me

You know what |I'm talking about

I've been too busy lately

I should thank her for taking care of you

I keep getting headaches at night

I can't fall asleep until 3 a.m.

Will it affect my baby?


This medicine will take care of it

Trust me

With both Nam and Lok behind him

Limpy Ho has taken over...

all the prime districts

The other three clans are powerless

He even took over my turf

You may not be able to intervene,

but you must at least warn Lok...

about Nam Kong

Uncle Nian

Take refuge in Wanchai for now

I'll resolve this somehow

Brother Ho!


It's been a long time

Sit, sit, sit!


Talk to my wife

If I don't play with my children,

they'll be upset

Brother Ho is such a doting father

Have some tea


I've been learning Shanghainese

Don't laugh at me


What do you think of me?

What do I think of you?

Your reputation and conduct are beyond reproach

Who are we to judge you?

It seems you do know your place

I encouraged Ho to be ambitious,

I never asked him to cross the line

What line?

A line you drew?

We will continue to pay Chief Lui's fee-

not a penny less

but don't interfere with our business


Why work so hard?

Chief Lui doesn't acknowledge your work

behind the scenes

So why bother?

Don't meddle in our family affairs

As for Kot Sui-hung,
I can't keep him at bay much longer

Who's afraid of that bastard?

Now that you mention it-

Kot is rumored to be your lover

Even if I keep quiet,
Chief Lui will find out eventually

Men like him cheat all the time,

but if he finds out that his wife cheated on him,

your family will be ruined

If I hear a whisper of such a rumor again

even if you don't breathe one word

I'll hold you responsible!


my Shanghainese is so poor!

You spoke too quickly for me to understand


shouldn't you save the best cut for your own men?

Tell Uncle Nian to retire

His wealth should last for generations

Such lofty talk!

Isn't Limpy Ho selling dr*gs too?

That's Limpy Ho's business

This is Hong Kong-

the strongest stay on top!

- Red Pocket here!
- Thank you, Sister

Enjoy yourself!

Thank you Brother Ho

Come watch the show!

Trash the place!

Breaking news!

Limpy Ho and the Big Three Clans
have united against Yee Sun!

k*ll him!

Brother Bee, a call

Come in

Hello, sir


I've saved you a seat

I want no part of this

I don't care if Lok finds out...

I invited you here today

You have a seat at the table

But if you wish to leave...

please give Lok my regards

Go to hell

I curse all of you!

Go to hell!

Lui Lok has been a loose cannon lately

So do you think we should replace him?


What are you doing?

Do you know how Xiao yan died?

You instructed her doctor to prescribe...

ab*rtion dr*gs

It left her in such pain,
she took opium incessantly

Xiao yan

It hurts...

I'm still hurting

I need to make it stop

Back off!

There are obstacles in your path

But you don't care-

you don't even know

And Xiao yan?

Whose path did she block?

Everyone respects you

You're Lui Lok's only true wife

What more do you want?

I checked Xiaoyan's background

The word "yu" never came up

You can barely read,

but you know the words "Nian-yu"?

I gave birth to a boy, not a girl...

but you still insisted on that name?

I thought

I could give you

what she couldn't

I'm sorry...

I've lost our baby

You may have k*lled Xiao yan,

but you won't k*ll Xiao yu!

I'm glad...

we met

The doctor lied to me

He said no harm would come to the mother

On that day

the soldiers threw me into prison

- Here
- the Superior Salute!

Next, no. 518

In there

whoever's shirt number got called out

would be ex*cuted at once

Eventually, only he and I were left

My brother has big eyes, a big nose,

even bigger ears

His nickname is "Big Ears"

I robbed him of his no. 517 shirt

He took the fall for me

sh**t him!

Do it!

I survived

I saved myself

That's how...

I became what I am today

That's right

I am Lui Lok

A simple life is all I ask

When you're ready, I'll help you

I want to quit opium

Please help me

Let me smoke!

Tsai Zhen

Tsai Zhen

Fresh walnuts!

Shipped in with the cargo from Burma

Try them

I don't want my hands dirty

Limpy Ho and I may be brothers,

but he won't listen to me

I know him

He won't stop until all his enemies are destroyed

That's Limpy Ho

I have an idea

Lui Lok hates to get his hands dirty

His wife, Tsai Zhen,
takes care of his backroom dealings

She's made many enemies

She'll do

If anyone dares to do it

tell him to buy himself a coffin first

If he can't afford it, I'll buy him one

Thank you, Miss Tsai Zhen

Your generous support

has made our troupe's success possible

Please welcome Miss Tsai to the stage!

Protect Miss Tsai!

He's upstairs!

Get out!



Take my wife to the hospital now!



Be careful!


You're indebted to Lok

Tell him

I've prepared a coffin for Yim

Whether I send it or not

it's up to Lok

Tell the boys to meet me at the station

Got it

The b*llet missed all the major arteries

Her condition is stable

She got here just in time

Fortune and misfortune-

neither can be avoided

It's confirmed:

Deputy Chan's henchman
Crazy Chuck hired the hitman

He claimed that

your wife and 14Tong's Kot Sui-hung
planned Chan's m*rder



Go find Crazy Chuck


Charge him with drug possession
and conspiracy to m*rder

Right away!


Yim, what kind of stunt is this?

Just run



Don't move!

Where are you going?

What're you doing?
You've messed up everything!

What a coincidence?

You too?

Go back up

Go back up?

Wanna run?

It wasn't my fault, Brother Lok

Yim made me do it

You're spouting nonsense!

You're out of your mind!

Son of a bitch!


Calm down

Are you serious?

You'd k*ll a brother?


You find it funny?

You played me?

Brother, let's play

He wet his pants

Congratulations! You've cracked a big case

You'll get a promotion, buy new pants...

unlike him

Who are we but some sacrificial pawns?

Unlike you, the big boss

I won't k*ll you

You're as good as dead

Headless is not your master

You're my dog now

Local news

Senior Corporal Yim Hung
who cracked the Lee Theatre sh**t case...

is promoted to District
Detective Sergeant of Yau Ma Tei

Yim became a detective sergeant

Limpy Ho, bent on monopolizing the drug market

took the chance to rise above the Big Three Clans

He waged w*r everywhere to
shut down Yee Sun's businesses

Uncle Nian and 14Tong's Kot joined forces
to go against Limpy Ho

Uncle Nian and 14Tong's Kot joined forces
to go against Limpy Ho

It was complete mayhem

Limpy Ho was replying on
Nam and Yim to have his back

Uncle Nian was counting on his wife's nephew, me

Both sides were in need of a reality check

Son of a bitch...


- Get him out
- f*ck you!

f*ck you!

Miss Tsai

Where's Mrs. Nam?

Taking dance lessons

Your favorite, Haut-Brion

Imported from France just for you

But you sent it back

Good wine needs time to breathe

I only have one request:

Stop your attack against Lok

I would never-

quite the contrary

Lui Lok has been a loose cannon lately

So do you think we have to replace him?

Let's just watch him closely for now

Don't worry. I'll handle it

Mrs. Lui, you just left the hospital

You should rest, not worry so much

Listen up

I'm the officer in charge;
everyone, step outside

Go, let them eat in peace

Early lunch?

Looks good

Join us

How could 1?

- Make yourself at home
- Thanks

This needs more sugar

it's too salty...


Why are there so many people?

There are cops on the other side too

Son of a bitch

Out of b*ll*ts!

Uncle Nian!

Uncle Nian!

Why are you here?

To cover you!

Damn you, Headless!

I'll come back for you

Get out of here!

Go away!

Watch out!

Cease fire!

Cease fire!

Have some Mid-autumn Festival dumplings

Thank you

Have you forgotten

why we set up the rules?

To control the triads

so that everyone can profit

If you continue causing trouble,

I'll fight to the end

I haven't forgotten-

you have

The triads have taken over every district

Their turf wars have created chaos

The system is not working

See for yourself

Do they have to live in squalor
just because they're poor?

In the past, the triads were to blame

Now the police are responsible too

To them, nothing has changed

You want to control the triads?

They're thriving better than ever

I used to think I was smarter than you

Later I realized

I really was smarter

I knew your system would fail

But you got everyone to play along

I couldn't just walk away

I never wanted to compete with you

You were making a big mess,

I just wanted to fix it

But I've had it

Smart people...

also make mistakes...

but they know when to quit

Back when you rejected me,

you said I over thought things

You preferred a simpler man

I used to admire your husband

He was simple and direct

But I never imagined

you would do all that dirty work

just to protect his ego

It got me wondering

how far...

were you willing to go?

One night a few years ago,

After playing Mahjong with you, Cora came home...

and threw away the perfume I gave her

She asked me what was wrong with her

I didn't know what to say

She later confessed...

her only crime in life was that...

she wasn't you

I'm sorry

I keep stepping on your toes

It's fine

Go home, it's late

Did you ever suspect me of hiring that hitman?


Not even out of jealousy?

On the contrary-

I suspected what you did

had nothing to do with Lok

It was all for me?

"You smiled and my heart's no longer mine"

"It keeps on repeating your lovely name"

"Even when we are far apart”

"Oh what have you done to my heart"


Haircut, please

Mind waiting?


Please sit

Carry on

I'll pay for him



Bribing me?

Would I dare?

You have an army of henchmen

All my men...

defected to your side

Take some back

I was always bad at "human resources”

I was always bad at "human resources”

I'll just help you reestablish order

then you can take it from there

Don't use English

"Human resources" -

the art of misinformation

...your specialty

In 1967, anti-British sentiment was on the rise,

Many workers and students rebelled
violently against the colonial rule

Cars were set alight in the street;
bombs threats were omnipresent

plunging the city into a crisis
that lasted 7 months

To rebuild social and political trust

the government adopted a new stance
against endemic corruption

Justice of the Peace Jason told me that...

the British government just passed a bill

They're sending an anti-corruption
commissioner to Hong Kong

I'm worried

I wish to make an announcement

I'm retiring

I'm immigrating

to Canada with my family

Why don't you all join us?

We can go into business together

There are five of us-

let's call the company "Five Dragons"

What part of you resembles a dragon?

Maybe your claws?

I'm serious

The British are not playing games

this time

Haven't we seen it all before?

The British...

don't know how to deal with the Chinese

They always resort to threats

Let's wait and see

Business is booming out there

Even if we wanted to leave,
our men wouldn't let us

I'm not leaving; it's the same everywhere

Not at all

Hong Kong is unique

All kinds of people end up here

It's a place where anything can happen

if you put your mind to it

I'm used to the smells of Hong Kong

I'll be sorry

if I can't taste its street food anymore

Inside the brightly lit Lion Rock Tunnel,

it's easy to forget that
we're traveling through a mountain

On December 6, 1972

a fire broke out at 7 a.m.

at White House Hotel on Wanchai Road

The entire hotel

was reduced to a pile of rubble

Welcome, sir

A burnt out ruin-

what's there to see?

I've never been inside this place

They say it was a hangout for
elite members of the police force

The elite? The police?

They're just men

They can't fly but they can die

Are you a policeman?

I'm a...

civil servant

INTERPOL issued Red Notices
for the arrest of senior officers

embroiled in corruption

Some say it's customary...

for officers to accept cash gifts
in Chinese culture

It's not corruption; any comment?

You are correct

Such transactions are customary among...

friends and relatives

But for civil servants, it's corruption-

pure and simple

Good morning, gentlemen

I'm sure you're all aware of the
political circumstances

occurring outside of this room

Now I'm concerned that this crisis
may affect our ability to rule the colony

Now I'm concerned that this crisis
may affect our ability to rule the colony

So what I need is a proposal

Mr. Governor

I don't have any suggestions yet, but...

I would like to ask the Commissioner of
Police some questions, if I may

May 17?

It's fine

I took a tram here today,

and I haven't been taking the tram
for a long time, actually

Because my car was smashed by
demonstrators yesterday, right here, outside

Because my car was smashed by
demonstrators yesterday, right here, outside

Do you know who those people are?

They're Royal Hong Kong Policemen

They're your men then, right?

That's correct

May I ask what their duty is?

To uphold the law and order

And what are they doing now?

They're just expressing their grievances

Expressing their grievances by
smashing the door of ICAC?

By purposely breaking the law?

Governor, under the circumstances,

I hope you'll request
the police to do something

After all, this is their mess

This is an emergency


If I may,

it is rather difficult to carry out these arrests

After all, they are our colleagues

You know they are
facing a period of great hardship

Of course

We fully understand
the brotherhood among you all

Some have already lost their lives

So to save the embarrassment,
not only on your part,


I feel that you might consider sending forces

to resolve the crisis at a suitable time

Would the British forces in
Hong Kong support the colony?

No, sir, we oppose this proposal

It is completely wrongheaded

Even if we carry out the mission
without using weapons,

the relationship between the British Army
and the Royal Hong Kong Police Force

is certain to suffer

So it's brotherhood again

So seeing as the military nor the police
are prepared to solve this problem,

it leaves me with just one solution-

and this will cause some embarrassment
for some members in this room...

and God knows, myself, a lot of pain

My staff and I have sat down,
and we have come up with a very bold proposal

We propose

an amnesty

Any corrupt act which occurred
before a certain date

will not be prosecuted

Sir Murray just warned us that

the crisis outside will strike a major blow
in colonial rule

Maybe he's correct...

I think he is correct

Because to you we are just a colony-

that's what we are

But I must admit

that our work in ICAC has
always been painful and shitty!

We have hundreds of letters every day
crying out for help-

people stifled by corruption,

right now, right here!

So if...

we grant an amnesty now,

I suppose all departments will be happy,
and they'll go along fine,

when your tour of duty is over,
you all go back to United Kingdom, and...

What about me?

And the four million people

who have to carry on living in this colony?

What about them?

What about them?

What choice have we got?

We don't want to live in a city where we'll have

to bribe a fireman to put out a fire in your house


As the saying goes

"Money makes water flow; No money, no show"


We don't want to live in a city where
you have to bribe an ambulance crew

to take your sick mother to the hospital

This is not what the Hong Kong people want

I remember Abraham Lincoln once said:

"I don't know who my grandfather was,

but I am most concerned about
what my grandson will be"


I am most concerned about

what kind of a city my son
and my grandsons will live in


the so-called crisis outside right now

is about the integrity of our people

It's the key foundation of the future of Hong Kong

It's the key foundation in building
a clean and beautiful city

Governor, I suppose that is all I want to say-

Governor, I suppose that is all I want to say-

except... I hope... with all my heart...

you'll seriously reconsider...

the amnesty

I wonder what will become of Hong Kong

Corruption-free, I hope

Is that possible?



I hope Hong Kong's rule of law will not disappear

I may as well tell you

I had goose noodle soup on the house several times

It was wrong

So I paid one day and my colleagues went berserk

Soon, I got transferred to the Marine Region

Hong Kong's problem is not
that bowl of noodle soup

Hong Kong's problem is

whether we'll produce
a decent policeman one day...

someone who will proudly

pay for his goose noodle soup
out of his own pocket

I announce a new policy with
regard to ICAC operations

Have a good day, Sir

As from now,

the ICAC will not normally act on complaints

or evidence related to of fences
committed before January 1, 1977

or evidence related to of fences
committed before January 1, 1977

I'm leaving the police force for good

Your worries will be over

But you love Hong Kong


But you're all I have

You also have two brats

How could you forget?

They're God-given-

You're who I chose

So when do I get to choose?

How about this time?

Would you choose Canada,
Taiwan, or Thailand?


I won't go to Canada

I don't want to share my husband

Let's just live; we're married, after all

We'll rely on each other

for the rest of our lives

I'm grateful that I met you



Rest if you're tired

You should eat more

You're too skinny


Do you think humans are born actors?

Look at him

He's not even two...

still got that baby smell

When he plays and falls,

he picks himself up without a fuss

But if his mother is near,

he pretends to fall again and cry,

so convincingly

His emotions are real

Have we all been acting our entire lives?

I think so

Those able to fool even themselves

are truly gifted

Then again...

don't dwell on such thoughts

We only live once

Just follow your heart


After I die,

probably no one will tell this story again

Everything disappears eventually

We just become characters in some other story

How that is told...

no longer concerns us

The Taipei District Court
passed the verdict on Chen Shui-bian's

corruption trial last Friday

Chen was sentenced to life in prison,
fined NT$200M and permanently...

banned from running for office

for embezzlement, bribery

and money laundering

Many things happen in a lifetime

What we remember tends to
fall into two categories:

things worth remembering


things we'd rather not remember...

but can't forget
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