Past Lives (2023)

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Valentine's Day, Hot, Steamy, Sexy, Romantic Movie Collection.
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Past Lives (2023)

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Who do you think
they are to each other?


I don't know.

Yeah, this is a hard one.

I think

the white guy and the
Asian girl are a couple,

and the Asian guy
is her brother.

Or the Asian girl

and the Asian guy are a couple,

and the white guy is
their American friend.

They're not even
talking to the white guy.
Maybe they are tourists,

and the white guy
is their tour guide.

Drinking at 4:00 a.m.?

Yeah, you're right,
that makes no sense.

Hm. Maybe they're
all just colleagues?

I have no idea.

Na Young.

Why are you crying?

Are you crying because you got
second-best marks in the exams?

Are you mad at me because
I got first place?


Hey! I'm always
second place to you,

but I never cry.

If I beat you for the first
time ever and you cry,

how do you think
that makes me feel?

You psycho.

Don't come in!

Talk from over there.

We decided.

What did you decide?

My name will be Michelle,
and Si Young's will be Mary.

I thought Si Young said that
she wants to be Michelle.

Why would you take
your sister's name?

I don't have an
English name I like.

Na Young, you still
shouldn't take Si Young's name.

But I hate all the names.

think more about it.

How's Leonore?

For short, Nora.


Nora Moon.

Na Young.


Who do you
like at school nowadays?

What do you want to draw?

I'm thinking two things.

I want you to draw a tree.

Tree? That's
what I'm good at.

A tree doesn't have feelers.

Hae Sung.


He's manly.

He's manly?

Hm. Yeah. I will
probably marry him.


Does he want to marry you, too?

He likes me, so
he will if I tell him to.

Do you want to go
on a date with him?

look so good together.

Hae Sung talks about
Na Young a lot.

Na Young told me
that she likes him.

We're immigrating soon.

So I wanted to make
good memories for her.

You're immigrating?


But why are you immigrating?

Na Young's dad is
a film director,

and you're an artist.

Why would you leave
all that behind?

If you leave something behind,
you gain something, too.

It all
looks the same to me.

- Black barks and white...
- What is it?

This is called "blue".

This is called "yellow".

You're really leaving?


You're never coming back?


Why are you leaving?

Because I want to.

Why do you want to leave?

Because Koreans don't win the
Nobel Prize for Literature.


Na Young, take care!





- Hello.
- Hello.

My name is
Nora, what's your name?

My name is Michelle.

How are you, Michelle?

I'm fine, and you?

I'm fine, and you?

I'm fine, and you?

I'm fine, and you?

I'm fine, and you?

I'm fine, and you?

I'm fine, and you?

- I'm fine, and you?
- I'm fine, and you?


Toronto Pearson
International Airport...

Toronto Pearson
International Airport...

Na Young, Si Young!

Let's go.

Hurry up!

This is from Korea.

This is our passport, and...


I mean, there is so much in
it that... that I responded to.

But the one phrase that
sticks with me most...

- Mm-hmm.
- "The long journey of rotting."

I liked it, too.

We liked how you
used the long pauses.

Woah, Dong Yun...

He's a lawyer now.

He was a really good kid.

He helped me cover up
when I peed my pants in class.

You'd pee
your pants all the time.

A bedwetter
lives in New York City.


This bedwetter is k*lling it.

Who else should we look up?

- What's his name?
- Hmm?

The boy I had a
massive crush on?

I went on a date with him.


- Uh... Jung Hae Sung.
- Hae Sung.

Whoa! Mom, this is crazy.

He posted on Dad's movie's
Facebook page asking for me.

What are
you talking about?

He posted a few months ago.

"I am looking for Na Young...

I am her childhood friend.

I want to get in
touch with her."

Wow. Really?

Let me call you
back in a minute.



Oh, shit.

Sung! This is Na Young.

Do you remember me?


This is a good thing...

It's a good thing!

Think of it as a
blessing that you broke up,

and consider this
a new beginning.

There are
a lot of women in the world.

Don't worry!

Shit, I must be an idiot...

Why do I miss that bitch?

Of course you miss
her, you moron!

If you don't miss her

after being with
her for two years,

are you even human?

Hey, no problem. Cry hard.


This is a good thing...

a good thing!

She didn't deserve
you. This is a good thing.


Do you have a secret
girlfriend or something?

What are
you talking about?

Who's messaging
you at 3:00 a.m.?

I have no idea.


Hae Sung, wake up!

Thank you for this meal.

Did you drink a lot last night?


Kind of.

Why are you in such a good mood?




It's you.


I recognize you.

You, too.

I didn't even know
that you remembered me.

I just looked for
you as a joke...

then I saw that you'd
been looking for me.

wasn't a joke for me.

I tried really hard to find you.

It looks like you
changed your name?

Yeah. It's Nora now.

That's why I couldn't find you.

Can I just call you Na Young?

Of course.

But nowadays my mom doesn't
even call me Na Young.


It looked like
you're in New York.

Yeah, I'm...

a writer here.

A playwright.


Kinda like your father.


Hey, that's cool.

Hmm, oh...



Can you hear me? I'm here.


Are you home?

Yeah. I have to
go to class later.

My mom says your
school is a good one.

It's not bad.

I guess you got good grades.

I was ordinary.

We used to compete
a lot in school.

You cried because
you lost to me.

I lost once.

Do you still cry a lot?



You used to cry a lot
back in those days.

Almost every day.

You would stay with me
whenever I was crying.


Why don't you cry now?

You can't cry in New York City?


When I first immigrated,

I used to cry a lot,

but then I realized
that nobody cared.

I see.

What do you study at school?

Uh... Engineering.

I know nothing about that.

I like this.



talking to you.


I'm a really fun
person to talk to.

Oh, yeah?



I gotta go to class.

Me, too. I have to eat dinner.

You haven't eaten dinner yet?

Not yet.

Hmm... What time is it there?

Hmm. Midnight.

And you still haven't eaten?


Go and eat right now.

I will.


It doesn't make sense but...

I'm not sure if I can
say something like this.

What do you want to say?

I missed you.

Me too.

- Hmm.
- It doesn't make any sense.

Umm, I really have to go now.

Class is starting soon.

Okay. Bye.

Let's talk again.

We should talk again.

- I'll send you an email.
- Hmm.

- Bye.
- Bye.



Is it 7:00 in the morning there?

I thought you said you
never wake up before 10:00.

You said this is the only
time that works for you.

Don't you have class today?


So I left home early.

How was rehearsal today?

Your Korean is rusty.


I only speak Korean
with you and my mom.

You said you're leaving
Korea to win the Nobel Prize.

You still want that?



I'm really interested
in the Pulitzer.

You're the same as the
12-year-old kid I remember.


Wants to do everything,
wants to have everything.

Has a terrible temper.


No, no, I'm kidding.

So you're writing
there the whole month?


It's an artist residency.

Can you see?

That's cool.

Where's Montauk?

Hmm... From New York

about four hours east?

Eternal Sunshine
of the Spotless Mind.

Have you seen it?

What did I do?

I love you so much.

I'll do anything
to make you happy.

Tell me what you want
me to do and I'll do it.

you ever come to New York?

Why would
I go to New York?

Why are you going to China?

To learn Mandarin.

You should come to New York

to learn English.

I always wanted
to learn Mandarin.

It's also helpful for my work.

That's good.

That's all I know.



Hae Sung?

Na Young?

Can you hear me?

Hae Sung?

Can you hear me?

We're here.

You can see all of
Seoul from up here.

It's beautiful.

Wish I were there.

We should come here together.

I miss you.


Would you
ever come to Seoul?

Why would I go to Seoul?

Have you done your homework?

I haven't.

You have to do it
for graduation.

I got under academic
probation last semester.

- Mm-hmm.
- Class captain's message.

Let me see your homework.

Maybe next time.

- I'm going.
- Oh. Huh?


What's your plan
for the weekend?

Playing games.



You're not asleep yet?

Not yet.

You okay?

Of course.

What did you want to talk about?

When is it possible for you
to come visit me in New York?

A year and a half or so,

because of my language
exchange program and...

You don't have to
explain yourself.

It'll be at least a year before
I can come visit you in Seoul.

I want us to stop
talking for a while.


I immigrated twice to
be here in New York.

I want to accomplish
something here.

I want to commit
to my life here,

but I'm sitting around looking
up flights to Seoul instead.

So you want to
stop talking to me?

Just for now.

It took me 12 years
to find my friend.

I'll be back before you know it.

We're just taking a brief break.

I think it's a good idea.

Why am I like this?

I'm sorry.

What are you sorry about?

Were we dating or something?



Talk to you later.


Talk then.

Are you okay? We
walked around a lot.

My leg's a bit
hurt, but I'm okay.

- This leg hurt?
- It's okay.

- Rock, paper, scissor.
- No, thanks.

Hae Sung, you're late.

We're here because of you.

You all packed?


So when are you flying out?

This Sunday.

So you'll be there all summer?

Hey, tonight we
drink 'til we die.

Why is he like this?

Hell yeah!

If Hae Sung says
we drink, we drink.

Another soju, please!


Hi! I'm Nora.

I'm Arthur. Nice to meet you.

When'd you get in?

This morning.

- You got the worst room.
- Right?

I know.

is a word in Korean.


It means "providence".

Or... "fate".

But it's specifically

about relationships
between people.

I think it comes from Buddhism

and reincarnation.

It's an In-Yun

if two strangers even walk
by each other in the street

and their clothes
accidentally brush.


it means there must have
been something between them

in their past lives.

If two people get married,

they say it's because there
have been 8,000 layers

of In-Yun.

Over 8,000 lifetimes.

You believe in that?

Believe what?


you and I knew each
other in another life.

What, because we
are sitting here...

at the same table

in the same city

- in the same time?
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, wouldn't that make this

an In-Yun?


- Mm-mm.
- Mm.

That's just
something Koreans say

to seduce someone.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Where you going?

New York City.

Why're you going there?

We live there.

What's your occupation?


You're what?

We're writers.

How long were you
visiting Toronto?

Ten days.

What was the purpose
of your visit?

We were visiting her family.

Are you two related?

We're married.



"If you bought a
ticket to see this show,

"took the subway or
a cab to be here,

"it cost you
something to be here,

"and spend a couple hours
with these old women,

"that makes you some
kind of immigrant.

"And all this cost
me something, too.

"I crossed the Pacific
Ocean to be here.

"Some crossings cost
more than others.

"Some crossings you pay
for with your whole life."

Sit most of the day,

and in the end I...

And then I started
to write about...

After Dinner.

Um, yeah, I mean,
it's my kind of time.

Uh, but you're studying, right?

I'm hungry.

Me, too.

What do you want to eat?

I don't know.

What can I do?

- You know what I want?
- What?

Chicken wings.

Holy shit.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Oh, genius.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yes.

Chicken wings!


What're you thinking about?

Remember I told
you about Hae Sung?

Oh, yeah.

Is that this week?


Why is he coming here again?

I think vacation.

Why are
you going to New York?


Rest, enjoy, have fun.

You're not going there
to see that girl, right?


Why are you pretending
not to know who I'm talking about?

Your first love. I
thought she lives there.

You gonna see her now that you
broke up with your girlfriend?

You think I'm nuts?
She's married.



I think it's been
about seven years.

She married early.

you poor bastard.


It's going to rain the
whole time you're there.

"Severe thunderstorm".

Hey, don't forget
your rain boots and raincoat.

It really does say
"severe thunderstorm."

Uh, trunk? Trunk?

Hae Sung!

Woah. It's you.

Ah, what can I do?

What should I say?

I don't know.

Was the last time we
talked twelve years ago?

Glad the weather is nice today.

You're right.

Should we go?


Before I got married,

I went to Korea with my husband.

I know.

I emailed you,

but you didn't respond.

I wanted to see you.

I was disappointed.

I'm sorry.

I wanted to meet
your girlfriend, too.

How are you two doing?

We're not
together right now.

You broke up?


It's not that.

We just need time to think.

We just started talking
about getting married.

Do you not
want to get married?

I don't know.

If you love her,
why don't you know?

It's a little complicated.

What's complicated?

The conditions are not met.

What do you mean?

I'm an only child.

If you're going to
marry an only son,

he should make more
money and be better.

I'm too ordinary.

You're ordinary?

My job is ordinary,
my income is ordinary.

It's all ordinary.

She should meet someone
more impressive than me.

Is it hard to get married if
you don't make a ton of money?

At first we didn't think so,

but then we started
thinking that way.

Want me to take a photo of you?


You look good.

Would you and your husband
come out here often on dates?


We lived near here before we
moved to the East Village.

We did all our dating here.

We would fight here, too.

- You two fight?
- Oh yeah, we don't f*ck around.

Why do you fight?

Just because.

It's like planting
two trees in one pot.

Our roots need to
find their place.

Does your husband get
along with your family?

Yeah. He plays Hwa-Too
with them all the time.

He plays Hwa-Too?

Of course.

He knows how?

He's good.

Is his Korean good, too?


But he can say a few things.

Oh, yeah?

His favorite food
is Yook-Gae-Jang.

Yook-Gae-Jung? He's
not f*cking around.

He's not f*cking around.

Do you and your girlfriend...



She's not really my
girlfriend right now.

You should get married well.

You're worrying about me?

Getting married is hard for
idealistic people like you.

Hey, I'm not so
old that you should worry.

Hae Sung.


Why did you look for me?

- 12 years ago?
- Hmm.

Do you really want to know?

I just wanted to see
you one more time.

I don't know.

Because you just
left so suddenly...

I was a little pissed off.


What are you sorry about?

You're right. There's
nothing to be sorry about.

You disappeared from my
life, and I just bam...

found you again.

Why would you do that?

I don't know.

Just because...

You kept entering my mind
when I was in the military.

I see.

We were babies then.


And when we met 12 years ago,

we were babies then, too.

We're not babies anymore.

- Hi.
- Hi, my love.

How was it?

You were right.

I was?


He came here to see me.

It's so crazy to see
him be this grown-up man

with a normal job
and a normal life.

He's so Korean.

He still lives with his parents,

which is really Korean.

And he has all these
really Korean views

about everything.

And I feel so not Korean
when I'm with him.

But also,

in some way, more Korean?

It's so weird.

I mean, I have Korean friends,

but he's not, like,

He's Korean-Korean.

Is he attractive?

I think so.

He's really
masculine in this way

that I think is so Korean.

Are you attracted to him?

I don't think so.

I don't know, I mean...

I don't think so.

He was just this kid in my head

for such a long time,

and then he was just
this image on my laptop,

and now he's a physical person.

It's really intense,

but I don't think that
that's attraction.

I think I just missed him a lot.

I think I missed Seoul.

Did he miss you?

I think he missed the
12-year-old crybaby

he knew a long time ago.

You were a crybaby?


Most of the time he'd have to
just stand there and watch me.

When is he leaving again?

Morning after tomorrow.


Are you mad?


It feels like you are.

I don't have
a right to be mad.

What do you mean?
Of course, you do.


That guy flew 13
hours to be here.

I'm not gonna tell you

that you can't see
him or something.

He's your childhood sweetheart.

And it's not like you're
gonna run away with him.

Are you?

Definitely. I'm gonna
throw away my life here...

and run away with him to Seoul.

Do you even know me?

I'm not gonna miss my
rehearsals for some dude.

I know.

I know you.


I was just thinking about
what a good story this is.

- The story of Hae Sung and me?
- Yeah.

I just can't compete.

What do you mean?

Childhood sweethearts
who reconnect 20 years later

only to realize they were
meant for each other.

- We're not meant for each other.
- I know.

I know. In the story, I would be
the evil white American husband

standing in the way of destiny.

Shut up.

What do you not like about it?
Our story's just so boring.

We met at an artists' residency.

Slept together because we
both happened to be single.

We realized we both
live in New York,

so, we moved in together
to save money on rent.

We got married so you could
get a green card. So...

Oh, you make it
sound so romantic.

Right, that's what I'm saying.

I'm the guy you
leave in the story

when your ex-lover
comes to take you away.

He's not my ex-lover.

What if you met somebody else

at that residency?

What if there was another
writer from New York

who had also read all
the same books you had,

and watched all the same movies,

who could give you useful
notes on your plays,

and listen to you complain
about your rehearsals?

- That's not how life works.
- Oh.


But wouldn't you be
laying here with him?

This is my life, and
I'm living it with you.

Are you happy with it?

Is this what you
imagined for yourself

when you left Seoul?

When I was a 12-year-old?

Yeah. Is this what you
pictured for yourself?

Lying in bed in some

tiny apartment in
the East Village

with some Jewish guy
who writes books?

Is that what your
parents wanted for you?

You're asking me if
you, Arthur Zaturansky,

are the answer to my
family's immigrant dream?

- Yeah.
- Wow.

I know.

This is where we ended up.

This is where I'm
supposed to be.



It's just that you make
my life so much bigger.

And I'm wondering if I do
the same thing for you.

You do.

I'm just a girl from
Korea, you know?

And you're forgetting the
part where I love you.

I don't forget that.

I have trouble
believing it sometimes.

Do you know you
only speak in Korean

when you talk in your sleep?

- I do?
- Yeah.

You never sleep talk in English.

You only dream in Korean.

I didn't know that.


You never told me that.

Well, sometimes I
think it's cute.

Sometimes, I don't know,

I guess I get scared.

Scared of what?

You dream in a language
that I can't understand.

It's like there's
this whole place

inside of you where I can't go.

I think that's why I've
been trying to learn Korean,

even though I know
it's annoying for you.

You want to understand
me when I'm dreaming?


I'm sure I'm just
saying gibberish.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Did you get home
safe last night?


Sorry I'm late.

Did you eat something?


Eat this.

Is it for me?

I wanted to ask you yesterday...

What prize do you
want to win nowadays?


When you were little, you
wanted to win the Nobel Prize,

and 12 years ago you
wanted to win the Pulitzer.

What do you want to win now?

I haven't thought of
things like that recently.


Then think about
it for a moment.

There must be an award you want.

A Tony.

You really are exactly the
same as I remember you.

Still psycho?

Still psycho.

A little bit to your left.

One, two... three!

One more.

Why are you taking
it so close up?

Fine. Go back a little bit.

turned against us.

Hold on.

You look young.

Because of my green card,

we got married a little
earlier than planned.

He knows I'm coming over?

Of course.

He knows who I am?

Of course!

He wants to meet you.

Come in.



Nice to meet you.

Uh, hi.
Nice to meet you, also.

His Korean is good.



Are you hungry?

Are you hungry?

- Hmm?
- Oh...


Ah, oh. Yes.

would you like to eat?



Pasta? Yeah.

You like pasta?


- Okay.
- Okay.

- Let's get pasta.
- Pasta.

What did you two do today?


The Statue of Liberty.

You took the ferry.

- Yes.
- Yeah.

It's, um, nice.

I've never been.

- What?
- Really?

Yeah, I've never
actually been there.

Hey, you
should take your husband.

Have we seriously
never been there together?


When I was 24 years,

I, uh... Um...

Military service?


military service.


You know how Korean men have
mandatory military service?

Yeah, your dad talks
about it. How was it?

You like it?

How was
it? Did you like it?


Uh, but military and work, same.


Same? How?

Uh, you have, um...

You have a boss.


overtime pay,

stuff like that here, right?

In Korea, you work
overtime all the time,

but there's no overtime pay.

There's no
overtime pay in Korea.

- Really?
- Mm.

You have to do
all of your boss's work first,

then you do your own work,

and then you can go home.

Late at night?

That's so hard.

It's, uh, very hard.

Hmm. Uh, work. Work is hard.

Hard physically or mentally?

or mentally?

Uh, yes. Uh, both.

Physical, very hard.

- Uh, and, um...
- Hmm. Mentally.

Uh, mentally, I'm strong.


strong mentally?

Yes, right.

It was good that you immigrated.

Mm. I agree.

Korea is too small
of a country for you.

It's not enough to
satisfy your ambition.

I'm glad to have seen you.


And thank you for introducing
me to your husband.

I can tell he really loves you.


I didn't know that liking your
husband would hurt this much.



When we stopped talking,

I really missed you.

Did you miss me?

Of course.

But you met your husband then.

You got a girlfriend then, too.


It's okay.

Seeing you again

and being here

makes me have a lot
of weird thoughts.

What kind of thoughts?

What if I'd come
to New York 12 years ago?

What if you had
never left Seoul?

If you hadn't just
left like that,

and we just grew up together,

would I still have
looked for you?

Would we have dated? Broken up?

Gotten married?

Would we have had kids together?

Thoughts like that.

But the truth I learned here is,

you had to leave
because you're you.

And the reason I liked
you is because you're you.

And who you are is
someone who leaves.

The Na
Young you remember

doesn't exist here.

I know.


that little girl did exist.

She's not sitting
here in front of you,

but it doesn't mean
she's not real.

20 years ago,

I left her behind with you.

I know.

And even though I was only 12,

I loved her.

You psycho.

I think there was something
in our past lives.

Otherwise, why would we be
here together right now?

But in this life,

we don't have the In-Yun to be

that kind of person
to each other.

Because now, finally,

we're in the same city

for the first time
in 20 years...

We're sitting here
with your husband.

In this life, you and Arthur are
that kind of In-Yun to each other.

You two have the 8,000
layers of In-Yun.

To Arthur,

you're someone who stays.

talking about you.

Who do you think

we were to each other
in our past lives?

I don't know.

Maybe... an impossible affair?

Between the queen and
the king's henchman?

Or maybe we were
forced to live together

in a political marriage,

and we were awful to each other.

Cheat on each other a bunch.

Say hurtful things
to each other.

Or maybe we were just
sitting next to each other

on the same train.


Just because that's
what our tickets said.


we were just a bird

and the branch it
sat on one morning.

sorry we speak alone.

Uh, we will stop.

It's okay.

You haven't seen each
other in a long time.

I never thought I'd be a
part of something like this.


Sitting here with you.

Do you know what In-Yun?

Yeah. Nora told me about
it when we first met.

You and me.

Yeah. Yeah, you and I

are In-Yun too.


I'm really glad you came here.

It was the right thing to do.

Mm. I'm gonna walk
him to his Uber.


Uh, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

Uh, come visit me in Korea.


I'll be right back.


it be here soon?


Two minutes.


Na Young.


What if this is a
past life as well,

and we are already

something else to each
other in our next life?

Who do you think we are then?

I don't know.

Me neither.

See you then.

I'm sorry!

Building statues In the park

Mosaic faces Fading in the rain

Recalling memories of love

We're untouched And unscathed

Is this really A mystery life?

We all learn from
Our own mistakes

We stare, fall down stairs

Maybe you're Too much for me

We cry out

Break my heart, now

You called it out
You called it out

To stay here

A long car drive

Music in my head

Come from a place

I don't know where

Swear that stars
Are aligning but

On a faraway stair
On a torched midnight

A field of death On
those marble steps

We'll meet again in life

That's how it's done

That's how it's done

And I would soon burn

That's how it starts
That's how it starts

And I will soon know

Fall, fall

Falling down In spite of it all

Fall, fall

Will we meet Again and again?


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