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Thanksgiving, Dramas Movie Collection.
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Temptation (2023)

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They say you should succumb
to your temptations…

as they may never occur again.

Darling! This is not a slaughterhouse.

If I taught you one thing,
this is patience.

When you spent half of your life
in the place called "Pokusa,"

you may forgive yourself
you forget it means "temptation."

The dictionary meaning of "temptation"
is an urge difficult to control.

Like a big city.
Or a promise of new life.

My dad says time is not
commodity but a gift.

But you can use it properly.

Only the city offers the opportunity
to meet fascinating people.

Didn't you see I was parking, you brat?

f*ck, you're some kind of dork, right?

Only in a big city
you can try if you are hard enough

to achieve your goal.


-Late as usual?

-Herbal? Yuck!
-Exactly 124 calories, as usual.

And only in a city
you can join the rat race

and find out if you can win it.


Oh f*ck, sorry, I didn’t see you.


Hi, thanks. Shit, I'm sorry.


-Piss-off rating?
-Four stars? Four and a half.


Panics like a straight under the rainbow.

Seriously? But why? Anything happened?

Our owner, anxious about
the economic situation,

sent his man.

Gotta be kidding.

This pasta is 100% correcto, signora.

Luca Brasi.

He’s Italian, the comptroller
is from Italy.

-What’s with the Italians today?
-You gotta be kidding.

After all the things I've done for you?

I hope you like abstraction,

because their knowledge
of contemporary marketing is none.


Not bad.

You’re late.

What's wrong with your generation?
No pride?

Marta, the article about young rappers
is on your table.

Have you two met?

A bit like Marcello.



One step away from
being published, get it?

One step, finally.

And now the Italian from Cosa Nostra
will fire me.

I’d say he’s more like d’amore.

No amore. Please.

I said once and for good.
No more love affairs at work.

I told you.

Let me explain.

Youth. Perfect time
for firm resolutions.


Dude, I need a winger.

No idea what you’re talking about.

Top g*n, Maverick snd Goose

I don't get it why everybody in Warsaw

is obsessed with 1970s and 80s.

I don’t dig it.

Right, but now seriously.

I need a fill in for tonight at work.

-Are you in?
-No, Sara. I'll get a sack.

But dude, dough directly to your hand.

I f*cked up today.

Big time.

The Needle has menses or what?

Ever since I started.

Where are you? Do you need support?

On the roof.

Geez, don’t exaggerate, not today.
You’ll die next time.

And today… let’s earn some cash.

-f*ck, nine.

Kobra at nine o'clock.

This is your experienced friend?

Yes, she taught me everything.

f*ck, you vouch for her.

Is this Maks Wygoda?


Why? You’re obsessed with
arty ex-footballers?

Not me, but my father.

We even had a poster
with his autograph in the back.

I thought he’s taller.

Oh, f*ck!

Why do I f*cking spill everything?

Whiskey, please.


Ah, Planet Love 2? f*cking awesome part!

I liked it a lot, really.

Thanks, sorry it wasn't me.

Geez, I’m awfully sorry.

Oh, hi. You have a youtube channel, right?
I’m subscribed to it.

Perhaps we could…


…contact data.

-Always the same. You're brain-damaged.
-f*ck off.

Take your hands off me!

Hello? Yeah, in a mo.

Inez, where are you going? Stay here.
You’re at work.

-Dude, come back!
-Back in a moment.

Not what we agreed.

No, that's all wrong, cause…

…Stramowski was not supposed to be in it.
I don't get it.


-Excuse me.
-Okay, great, we've got other arguments.


-An oyster for you?

-Very tasty, in natural sauce.
-I am.

Goes well with champagne.

-Or Teriyaki tuna?
-Miss. To the agency!

I’ll say it again. You'll take me
to the agency.

Excuse me, is everything all right?

Okay now?

I’m sorry, I need to return to work.

My friend Sara must be mad.
I’ve been away too long.

I’m sorry, anyway your girlfriend…

-A cousin.
-…must be anxious.


time is not a commodity,

It's a gift.

You listen to Inez?

Since the day I was born.


This chick is great, love her.
Particularly her voice.

In fact, I listen to her
mainly for her voice.



Nobody has ever told me that.


Are you Inez?

I don’t believe it, really? Say something.

I'm saying.

No kidding, you are…

Wow! Can I give you a hug?
I’m sorry.

-Anyway, girl, thanks.

Really, I'm your greatest fan.

Really? I thought nobody listens to that.

How? I like niche podcasts.
People are more honest in them.

And the one with the lady with 12 cats
you asked about temptations.

-Geez, you really listen to that.

I like to listen
to ordinary people sometimes.

Would you like to listen to me?

Are you an ordinary person?

Don’t tell me you don't know who I am.

No, I don't watch TV.

I'm sorry. Everybody says so.

Hey, you really have no idea who I am.

Should I?

I’m awfully sorry.

Usually I am the one
asked to give an interview.


You know what, right now
I am recording myself and…

I’m not sure if that really is
good for me now.

You’d have many more followers.

-I don’t care about followers.
-And what do you care for?


Till it hurts.

Are you up for it?

Interesting, being painfully honest.

Maks, hell.

Are you coming?

Always wanted to say.
Adios till the next vez?

I’m coming.

Oh! Ragazzo, ragazzo Felipe!

Come on, Sara!

f*ck, I don’t wanna talk to you, get it?

I'm sorry.

Cobra cut down our rates by half
because of you.

You don't wanna know
how it went with Maks?

f*ck, if you don’t go away this moment…

All right, I know.

I'm sorry.

I'm useless.

I suck at work.

I fail my best friend.
I crashed two cars,

all same day. I don’t know, Sara,
there’s something wrong with me.

Go on.

Light in the tunnel.

Am I the only one
fascinated with this phrase?

It might appear that the tunnel
symbolizes some limitation,

a trap, a place you got stuck at,

and from which you can't get out off.

A nightmare of claustrophobics.

And then a light appears.

It turns out the tunnel was never a trap,

but just a road to get through.

And that from hundreds,
thousands of possible tunnels,

you chose the one with the way out of it.


And I really thought
you had no idea who I am.

Weren’t you supposed to meet me now?

I’m late, privilege of stars.

No, Maks, I really wanted this
interview for me, for my podcast.

Shame. Might have been fun.

Adios a vez, Inez.

Rap something, Edzio, come on.

Rap something, Edzio, come on.

People think on battles we do bounces

and freestyle is the king's life,
fame and finances

from the win but when I tell you in detail

there were many moments
I was ashamed of doing freestyle.

Thank you!


I do it at every gig
and today is no different.

Is there anyone here who’d
like to face me in freestyle?

Come on, go!

Ladies first, go for it!

I'm not a stupid c**t
I’ve been thru f*cking lot,

and you’d like to sh**t me.

Hey, chick, you wanna play in my league

but looking at you
I see you're weak

You thought your technique
was sharp as blades

but your tongue got entangled
like your braids.

That’s an easy one. What is that?
Nicky Minaj from Poland, who’s this twat?

You’re dumb and fat, what to do?

Sorry that you’re fatter than your IQ

Not the same league, not the same weight

I take all that’s mine, you’re not my mate

Address me correctly, think it hard,

I don’t give a f*ck, you ret*rd,

where’s your mum?

You think you’re better?

You’re a f*cking beta.

Fire in my body and the brains
I've got a lot of this

Panels are running like letters in my mind
And ideas go thru and behind.

No more cheap emotions.

Temptation for temptation!

No more cheap emotions.

Temptation for temptation!

Dude, I thought I’d give f*cking k*ll you
when you pushed me out.

-Hey, girls.


Yeah, who else? In the flesh.

-You showed the kid well.

Have you even recorded anything?

-Yeah, on the phone.
-Cool, perfect.

Maks, pass the keys,
we'll go listen in the car.

-Geez, sorry.
-We could figure it out.

Listen, I got this pal, Grześ, you see…

Your friend is gifted.

-What are you doing here?
-This brat’s fault.

I took part in his video once
and he thinks I’m a rap fan.

-And you're not?

I listen to Celine Dion.

Ouch, Celine Dion?
My mum listened to her when I was a kid.

-Sorry, have you seen Sara?
-Yeah, she was here a while ago.

She’s gone…



Hello everyone.

It's Inez here.

-I’m with Maks Wygoda…

…who promised to be sincere
more than in his social media.


What's your greatest temptation?

Always to have what I can't have.

So, Mr. Never Satisfied?

Look out! Inez!

Come on, get down.

Okay, if you want to know that…

there was a girl once.


She loved to break limits.

She could walk on the rail of this bridge

and laugh out loud.

Utter lunatic.

So Maks Wygoda was in love once.

k*ller hashtag.

-What happened to her?
-No need to talk about it.

It was ages ago.

But not so long ago I met a girl

in the back yard of a club,
trying to choke me with an oyster.

This is not fair. I saved your life.

Yeah, your own life.

Come here.

Let’s make it forever.

Hey, lovebirds.

So, coming up for an after to my place?

-We’ve got all you need.
-No, thanks, we…

-can manage.
-Come on, we won't hurt you.

Don’t be afraid!

We are feminists, aren’t we, Max?

-Sure thing.

-Yeah, right, they're all feminists.
-Till they’re not.

-No means no. Let’s get f*ck out of here.



Hey, Inez. By the way,
I’m not up before 1pm.

-No idea what he’s talking about.
-Perhaps his d*ck is not up before 1?

-Jesus, Sara, I love you.
-Who knows.

-I can hardly ride this bike.
-f*ck, why did I…

-put on high heels?
-Why am I wearing high heels?

Why are we riding bikes?

I thought my duties are limited to
coffee, lunch sets,

and hotel reservations.
-Sit down.

You're impatient.

I sit to the east of Jan.

-And that’s apparently…
-Zombie zone.


I know about everything
going on in the office.

This girl here leaves Zombie-land
and flies away.

-So you’re fired?
-Quite the contrary.

I got the golden ticket.

Cinderella found her prince?

They appreciated our philosophy.

I need to run.

Wearing that?

What's wrong with that?

What do we have here?

First off…

-Lunch with Edyta, 2.30.
-Cancel it.

-Talks with sponsors.


Okay, I have an idea.

Let’s have a marathon of temptations.

Go on.

I come up with a temptation
and you succumb to it.

A kind of game.

So we’re getting tough?

But, you see, Inez,

none of my
temptations are suitable for the public.

Fast cars, beautiful women,
spiffy outfits.

We’ll come up with something.

On one condition.

Temptation for temptation.

This year's winner,

Maks Wygoda.

-Here you are. Congrats, Maks.
-Thank you very much, Andrzej,

for this award.


It’s a special moment and…

I’m lost for words
but most of all I wanted…

I wanted to say thanks for the time,

the years spent together.

Till now I’ve been doing everything
I was told to do,

and today I’m doing what I want.

Forgive me,
but the temptation is too strong.


-It’s not Celine.
-It’s the 21st century, Maks.


Good! You’re doing great!

Now the other. And everyone repeats.

When like in Kayah's song
you don't give likes to my music

You want to know who I have sex with
Like Beyonce…

-No way!
-Bite now.

Take the blindfold now.
So three… two… one.

Keep the elbows straight.

Thank you and good bye.

Maks, the award.


Maks! I had no idea you were so chubby.

Is that Filip?

Filip played football?

He was really talented.

And they were inseparable with Maks.

-I had no idea they met.
-Yeah, but…

Out of a sudden Filip left.

Without even saying goodbye.

What do you mean?

I don’t know.

But you were their coach.

Old times.

Too many guys in suits explaining
what real football means.

Now I’m here, away from it all,

but keep fighting.

I don’t believe it. Speak of the devil!


Bro, you look like my accountant.

Maks, come here,
look who's paying us a visit.

Maks, it’s not a good idea.

-Do you worry about me?
-Give me a break.

-Filip is my boss.
-Not yet.

You’re working for me now.

No, this is a friendly fight.

-Whoa, whoa, we're sparring only!
-No, Maks!


It wasn't quite fair today.

But well deserved.

He’s a terrible prick.

Always been like that.

And he considered himself superior.

He's the old-time friend?

You’re so nosy.

I saw that photo in the club.

That girl looks a bit like me, right?

You’re prettier.

Maks, we’re at work.

I'm sorry.

I couldn't resist the temptation.


-Your size?

More like 38.

I'm not a stupid c**t
I’ve been thru f*cking lot,

and you’d like to sh**t me,
but you have no balls.

I'm not a stupid c**t
I’ve been thru f*cking lot,

and you’d like to sh**t me,
but you have no balls.

Temptation for tempt…

-Shit, dude, you scared us.
-Me, you?

-Guys, grab a beer from the fridge.
-Hi, guys.


-I don't know what to start with.
-Like, the start.

Okay, remember that video from the club?

-Right now

it has 5 million views.

-No kidding.

-All’s good?
-Yeah, awesome.

-It’s not over yet.

-Grosz signed a contract with me.

-I got paid in advance.

-We're moving out from this hole.
-No!!! Smashing!

You’re not ashamed
to do it with two of them?

Dude, triangle is a wet dream
of each chick.

Not each, I guess.

Each. If she says otherwise, she lies.

You’re not feeling…


You're supposed to exploit them,
not the other way round.

Maybe you're right.

Sara, sorry, do need us?

My mum called
and I need to walk the dog.

Look and learn.

Great coat. Where did you get it?

Thanks, I borrowed it.

But I look at it
as if I was going to a pageant.

Geez, is that Channel?

-May I?
-I created a monster.

Yeah, I know this pain.


"You deserved it, Maks."

Did you deserve it?

Sit down.

I want to show you something.

Oh, f*ck.

Why did I show you that?

Someone keeps sending
such productions to the paper.

It’s nothing unusual.

We get almost daily some denunciations,
sex tapes, evidence of cheating stars.

These movies are something different.

You wanna be a journalist?

Go and talk to her.

Convince her to tell you her story.

-This is…
-Yeah, the face under the emoji.

You’re late. Instructions on the fridge.
The kid ate half an hour ago.

Bath at 7.

Her medicine is here.

Another does in the evening,
no matter what she says.

Who is that?

Yeah, cause I…

-… am not here to…
-"Help on the move,” right?


This shitty app sucks big time.

I should’ve known.
What are you doing here?

The Needle, Marta Chociejska
gave me your address.

-You’re from Glam?
-And you’re Maks Wygoda’s cousin?

What do you want from Maks?

I want nothing from Maks.
I wanted to speak to you.

-In private.
-I'm in a hurry, I’m leaving.

All right, it’s about a film production,
in which you participated.

You played in a film?

A specific one.

With emoji instead of face.

Get your f*ck out of here.

-I just want to help.
-Get your f*ck out of here now! f*ck off

-from my home.
-I'm begging you, really.

-Give me five minutes!

f*ck off!

Geez, I can’t believe
we can afford it all.

We can’t. But soon.

I have to show you something.

It’s Maks’s cousin.

A novice influencer.

Hey, how do you know that?

She was at the party
in the club, remember?

I don’t know what to do.
I don't know if Maks knows.

I don’t know, perhaps tell him.

So I'm to go to Maks Wygoda
and show him a movie in which his cousin

fucks some guy and tell him:
“Look, do something about it”?

Not like that, but he knows people,
he might be able to help.

I don’t know, if someone
had such movie with me,

I wouldn’t like anyone to see it,
particularly Maks.

All right, we'll be saving the world
tomorrow. Today…


Into our mouth!

To the party!

Hi. Yo!

Oh! 36!

-So it fits?

Come on! I got it!

Pull up. People, are you here?

Right, Sara is here, my discovery,
her fresh video for you.

Let’s roll!

I'm not a stupid c**t
I’ve been thru f*cking lot,

And you’d like to sh**t me,
but you have no balls.

I'm not a stupid c**t
I’ve been thru f*cking lot,

And you’d like to sh**t me,
but you have no balls.

Temptation for temptation!

No more cheap emotions.

Temptation for temptation!

When like in Kayah's song
you don't give likes to my music

You want to know who I have sex with
Like Beyonce, bass, bass, bass…

Bruderschaft! Polish way, you know it?


Sara, get up.

f*ck, you want me to clean all that?

Where is my phone?



I'm at the hospital.
Something's wrong with Sara.

You know. She wasted no time last night.

Maks, f*ck, she’s in the intensive care.

Is it that bad?

I don’t know. They're resuscitating her.
Can you come?

-Terrible moment.

-Family issues, you know. Serious.
-I'm not feeling very well.

Listen to me. Think positive. Could you
drop by in the evening?


-Wait a second. Are you family?
-No, a friend.

Can I see her?

I told the man who brought her here,

we only provide information to the family.

Her mother is on her way.

Please, go back home.

Someone added something
to her drink at the party and…

with all the drugstore
we took yesterday, you know.

But where? At our party?

I know, friends only.

Hell, who does such things?

You think you know people and then…

such a thing happens.

Fear to be afraid.

Maks, one more thing.

How did you get it?

It's your cousin.


Someone blackmails her on the internet.

I don’t know, I'm sorry,
I shouldn’t have told you that.

But you know, with Sara,
at the party yesterday,

if it was me, I’d like to know

I just don’t know anybody else.
I didn’t know what to do.


Look at me.

You are safe here.

You’re not in danger.

Come on, easy.



Maks, leave me alone. Maks.


I'm sorry.

I’m very sorry.

I have to get going.

I'll take care of that.

You know what? I’m feeling bad
and good at the same time.

-I wasn't so lucky.
-Oh my God!

What kind of world do you live in, sister?
100% straight?

So much blind hatred.

As if I were a threat to the species
which anyway, without my help,

reproduces like locust.

People are just afraid of everything that
doesn’t talk, walk and look like them.

Come here.


Come on, don't move,
it will end up faster.

Say that to politicians
who live on this fear.

Rainbow bothers you?

Shines through?

Let it shine through.

Come here.

Careful, it’s infectious.

Allegedly we perceive the world
as our reflection.

Our joys, suffering and fears live
in the reality which surrounds us.

The time starts and finishes with us.

Sometimes it’s enough to close our eyes

and all blurs into nothingness.

Suffering and pain disappear,
and loneliness is desirable

in a place where nobody
and nothing exists.

Close your eyes,

hold your breath,

at least for a while.

In a place where you can start
everything from the scratch.


What are you doing here?

Bonjour Inez!

-You look gorgeous.
-Thank you.

Same as you and Filipe.

Here you are. I promote a brand.

Would you like a drink?

-No, thank you.
-Er, give me one, I mean…



You don't think perhaps
I came here to follow you?


Perhaps you followed me?


I don't think so.

You look at me as if
I were last year's Dior's collection.

Damned. All’s that’s left is to drink to

the end of our interesting friendship.

To you, Maks.

Quite good.

Filip would know the vintage.

Filip is so…

He knows everything.

A family tree dating back to Adam.

Antique, Roman roots.

Slender, beautiful,
suntanned fingers, the nose.

You know what my father gave me

for my 16th birthday?

A bottle of rye vodka.

"Drink, son!"


He really said it.

All right, Maks. You’ve had enough
for today. Please.

Hey, Inez!

-I signed a deal with Negroni.
-Congratulations. Super.

What? Perhaps you think
you deserve the credit?

And temptation for temptation…

everyone loved it.

Me too.

Good night, Maks.


I heard your movie has received
great reviews.

I sure hope so, but
“Temptation for temptation”…

I took part in it.

-Thank you very much.
-Could you work for me now?

Such a beautiful woman
is not supposed to be alone.

You scared me.

Listen, I want to apologize for yesterday.

I went over the line, I know.

I celebrated the contract.
Can you forgive me?

I’m forgiving you.

You look amazing.
Filip is a lucky bastard.

Stop it. Filip is my boss.

You're not jealous, right?

I’m just a guy trying to seduce
a girl he really likes

in a way he can.

There are men who
write poems and sing serenades.

I buy shoes.

-The goal is always the same.



Do you really think I exploit women?

Or perhaps it's the other way round?
Or maybe they are keen on my money.

They want to f*ck
a well-known sportsman or…

you know, exploit the source.

Perhaps you choose wrong women?

Let’s take a walk along the beach.

You'll tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Filip is busy anyway.

Perhaps in the end
I can take you out, huh?

You know…

Perhaps one day, but…

so much is happening is my life now,
you know best,

I really need some space
to get away from it all.

So thanks, but no, thanks.

Perhaps you’re into girls, huh?


Would you like to try?

-Me, you and Sara…

I was kidding! Come on!

How are you feeling?

Good, I guess I just have to…

What I really want is only you...
only for myself.


What are you doing?! What's going on?

-Nothing is happening.

Maks, what are you doing?!

-Shhh, quiet.

Strong, but not efficient.

Shut up! Quiet.

Peace, p*ssy.




-She wanted it.
-What a girl, incredible.

-But it's the second time!
-With the same girl?

No, before it was a red-head.

-He f*cked her really well.
-Great video.

I am aware of it!

You again?

Wait up. I know you're not his cousin.

I'm not gonna lie.

I was fascinated with him.

At first enchanted.

But this sex?

I can’t remember that.

I had menses then and...

You know, I wouldn't have sex consciously.

There was a white, suede sofa.

It got dirty.

He started blackmailing me
the day after,

if I didn't buy him a new sofa
the movie would go online.

What did you do?

I paid him 15 grand.

I was desperate. I had to take a loan.

He’d call me few times a day,

send me messages
he’d destroy me.

If I didn’t pay him the money,

my career would be over.

I was so ashamed.
I had no idea what to do.

And then?

-Did he leave you alone?

It's not that easy.

Every time he wants something,
he sends me this video.

And keeps sending it…

But I don’t give a f*ck.

We must put an end to it.

You're not alone. If you are in one
of these movies, stop the silence, PM us.


There’s more and more.

-We’ve got him.

You're not alone. If you are in one
of these movies, stop the silence, PM us.

Come inside.

Do you want to talk about it?

I'm not gonna talk about assholes.

Inez, remember, if it wasn’t for Filip…
I wouldn’t be here.

Shit, girls, come here,
I hacked his account.

One more video.

We haven’t seen it. Look.

Oh, f*ck.

I know who it is.

You must think
this was unprofessional?

Not the first word
that came to my mind.

In spite of it all, you did really well.

For a puppet?

Marta, you’re hiding behind these women.

You served me on a platter
knowing what he could do.

That’s why Filip was to protect you.

-We meant to do well.
-You know what with good intentions.

Catch the temptation
because it may not happen again.

See, you have more fans
than you think.

It was a trip of a few friends.

I rented a beautiful apartment
so everyone was sitting in my place.

A lot of fun and booze.

I just wanted to forget for a while,

to go crazy.

And something happened.

I remembered nothing in the morning, but…

I knew something happened.

And really, till now I wasn’t sure
it was Max.

Why didn't you come out?

Hey, who’s there?

Little mice, hi. What do we say?


And shoes? How many times
can I repeat that?

I got tired.

Wow, bravo, give me five.

Right, take T-Rex for a walk.

-But Lila…
-But he really needs it. Quickly.

Look how he begs.

My God, he has to. Now.

-Mr. Maks Wygoda.
-Yes. I have a meeting about a movie.

Mr Koestler organized everything.
He’s waiting.

Please, come inside.


-Maks Wygoda.

I awfully love watching your movies.

Great, because I’m also really happy,

and I am even aroused
to make a movie about you.

So, first name terms?

-Yeah, sure.
-Listen, sit down.

I have a general concept.
I’d like you to feel it.

So you get the feeling
what the movie is about.

I put together an introduction
based on the available archives I found.

I wonder what archives.

I could give you my own.

First, I’d like that to be a surprise.

Second, you know how it is.
You can find all online.

All right.


What’s that?

Turn it off! What’s that supposed to be?

Turn it off now!

-You scum!

Magda? Agata.

-What do you want from me?
-The truth, Maks.

I’ll tell you the truth. The truth is,
every single one of you

wanted it.
You jumped to my bed.

You can’t do anything.

Ah! Marta!

What the f*ck is that?

-Your end, Maks.
-You should be happy someone

wanted to play with you.

All right, girls.
Family reunion is over.

And just some advice…
avoid events like this.

I prefer you away from the herd.
Menses synchronization and stuff

is not good for me.


Your new life starts outside this door.

I understand you wish me luck.
Thank you very much a lot.

Peace, pussies.

I still close my eyes.

There’s nothing wrong
in temporary silence.

In running away.

But now I want my eyes open wide.

For everything.

So much from Inez. Till the next vez!
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