Gringa (2023)

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Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Hockey and more sports Movie Collection.
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Gringa (2023)

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♪ Another night I'm up
and I'm sleep deprived ♪

♪ Web MD says I'm about to die ♪

That's me.
Large Marge.

Butt too big,
boobs too small,

Generation X-O.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

You can't be such a p*ssy.

People are going to think
that you're a poodle.

And that's Puker.

Huge likes, Puker.

He's a rescue.


♪ It's weird
feelin' happy for once ♪

♪ Now that
I don't cut the world off ♪

♪ I been talkin' to God,
I'mma leave it there ♪

♪ ain't like you care ♪

♪ I been feeling like
I don't gotta be scared ♪



♪ But who am I anyway? ♪

Hey, Pukes?

One like!

♪ I ain't really
need you people ♪

♪ I'm on do not disturb ♪

♪ So, please, do not disturb ♪

Go! Back!

God-- get back!

Coach Cathy.

She was kicked out of Al Qaeda
for cruelty.

Get your ass back!

If club doesn't win
the championship this year,

she's going to open
a tire store.

Get your big ass in there,

-This is your moment.
-I have cramps.

Champs don't get cramps.
You wanted this.

But only in theory.
Like sex.

Right. It's overrated.
Come on, get in there.

Play for the tie. Go.

Let's go,
Blue, let's go!

I'd already
given God a few chances.

Like when I asked him
for my period to start.

And then when I prayed
for him to make him stop.

This was his last shot
at redemption.

Nice pass.

Hey, go. Go!

-No. No!
-Steady, Lem.

Get back!

What the hell, Lem?
The wrong goal?

God blew it again.

Are you kidding me?

You so suck.

Sit down.

When someone's a failure,
everybody is a failure.

That's why
communism doesn't work.

Extra practice
Tuesday and Thursday.

Courtesy of Comrade Marge.

This isn't Survivor.

We can't just
vote her off the team.

She shouldn't even
be on the team.

She was going to
jump off a roof.

Why is it up to us
to make her life better anyway?

I mean,
she lives in a frickin' car.

She lives with her mom.

Oh, have you seen her mom?

She's gorgeous.

She must take after her dad.

You've got to drive through
the drive-through, Marge.

Oh, is that what you learned
at Hamburger High?

It's my major.

Major weirdo.

Says the major victim.

Sticks and stones, bitch.

Do you want to die?

Too late,
I'm already dead.

-Excessive, Lem, even for you.

Says the man
wearing the purple eyeshadow.

Good morning. Good morning.

Oh, my God. Wow.

You're the daughter?

And you're in the market
for a well-appointed,

comfortably priced,
tracked home, I assume.

Where are you going?

My trainer charges
if I miss a session.

Hey. Hey!

My mom's card.

You still might want to
buy the house, right?

I know how to reach her.

What kind of sadist
names her kid Marge?

My mom. That's who.

Mini Marge Bickford.

Realtor of the year,
five years ago.

did I forget to buy milk?

Mm-hmm. It's okay.

I'm off dairy.
Professional courtesy.

Don't say that.
You're beautiful.

You're beautiful.
I'm fat.

The person you see in your head
is not who you are.

The person I see,
is who you are.

You're trying to sell me.

Everything's a negotiation.

Mm, always be closing, Mom.

That guy
gonna make an offer?

He couldn't even make
the deposit.

Ew. That's so gross.

No utilities, honey.

Don't worry.
We'll get there, I promise.

Where is there?

Only seen it
from a distance.

But it looked just like you.
When you're happy.

-Today's your day.
-Go take it.

Puker! Oh.

Hello, bobby.

It really
doesn't stress me out

that my mom has sex
with clients.

In fact,
the abnormality of it

sort of appeals to me.

It's not sex
in the abstract,

like a lot of parents
talk about.

It's sex in the real.

That mom
can trust me enough to know

is kind of cool.

Metaphors be with you.

Hey, Margie.

-How's soccer?
-It's great.


Big school, small world.

Yeah, well,
club is really hard.

Well, varsity
would love to have you.

And club is better.
It's the next step.

And because
your father played club.

You know,
it's not his fault

that he was 20 years
ahead of the game.

It's not the part
that I'm blaming him for,

Mr. Farnsworth.

Did I tell you

I have an exclusive
on that whole development?

That's how we get to
stay there for free.

No. We're squatters.

We're homeless.
We are a statistic.

we're saving money,

so we can buy
our own place.

We're being frugal.

And by that time,
I will be moving out.

Oh, you discovered my plan.

It's fine.
I'll just move in with Dad.

-In prison?
-He's not in prison.

-He should be.
-I'm allowed to miss him, Mom.

Oh, please.

You were two
when he dumped us.

He hurts people, Margie.
He's a professional hurter.

And a professional
soccer player.

For, like, an hour.

Which is half
the amount of time

of the best part
of our marriage.

That is so gross.

I thought it was destiny,
which used to pass for romance.

I want to know
what it's like

to fall in love
for real someday.

Well, maybe
you shouldn't try so hard.


I can't help it
if I meet a lot of men.

Oh, well, this is the part
where she tells us

the heartbreak
in being beautiful.

You know,
sometimes I get lonely, Margie.

Lonely or horny?

What about hornly?


That's what I am.

Get out.


You're my one in a million,

Don't let 'em beat you up.

-Mm-hmm. Love you.

No worries.
A 60-day escrow is perfect.

All right, let's do it.

Let's put it in an offer.

Fabulous. Absolutely.

The first of many.
Thank you.

All right. Thanks, Marge.

Okay, okay, okay.

Hey, kid.
Your mom's a star.

She just sold her--

And if you hold Marge
in your heart,

please do the same
for her daughter,

who she loved
more than anything else.

This is what happens
in California.

Frank, please.

If it wasn't for California,

she never would have met--

Let's just say
we wouldn't be here now.

I wouldn't be here,

we're leaving for Scottsdale.

Can I at least
say goodbye to my friends?

Just be ready
first thing in the morning.

I'm sorry.

Your grandfather
always wants to beat traffic.

Arizona's not that bad.

an air-conditioned nightmare.

I hardly even talk
to my grandparents.

You know, they only ever called
to yell at my mom

about marrying my dad.

-I should go live with him.
-In Mexico?

My dad is in Mexico?

I'm guessing.

My dad is in Mexico,
isn't he?

I'm not sure.

How long have you known
that my dad is in Mexico?

You-- you--

I can't--

This is between you
and your grandparents, Margie,

you know?


You want me to come?

No. Just wait here.

No more chances.


Sh-- shut up.

♪ Just ways to behavin' ♪

♪ And I've shown you the kind of
man that I could be ♪

♪ Like bringin'
the sunlight ♪

♪ Out of a dark night ♪

♪ Like a perfect wave
that's waitin' there for me ♪

-Hey, buddy.
-Can I swim?

Think not.
You were doing good.

You don't even have a passport?

You don't need a passport

if you're leaving.

You can't just go and do this.
Marge, it's insane.

If I don't find my dad,
I'm going to be an orphan.

Who's the drama queen here?

You have family
in-- in Arizona.

-Have you met them?

They wouldn't like you.

Nobody does.

Come here.

Puker, come on.

What do you want me
to tell everyone

when the federales
find your body?

Um, that it was all
their fault.

This is serious, Marge.

Like, life-changing serious.

I know.
That's why I'm doing it.

Is it okay to tell you that
I'm really gonna miss you?


Can I give you something
to remember me by?


How about
if I give you my dog?

-I knew there'd be a catch.
-Nope. No, there isn't.

But, you know,
I googled it,

and, uh, you can't take a dog
into Mexico

without vaccinations.

And that can take
at least a week.

-So, wait.

I'd whimp out
and I'd end up in Scottsdale.

Goodbye, my little...

There you go. Bye, Pukes.

Gonna miss you.

Bye, Puker.

You still call him that?


to Lo de Marcos.

Getting directions
for low daycare prices.


S-- directions
to Lo de Marcos.


-It's very far.

-You're welcome.

Mexico is...




And there's a lot of food.

Really good food.

Go, go, go, go, go!

Hey, Blue!

What are ya doing?

-What're you saying?
-Follow, follow, follow.

Get on her! Go!

It's like a bunch of kids
chasing a ball.

Guys, I am tired
of looking in this direction.

No, no, no!


Oh, shit!

Oh, come on. Darn it!

This might be one of
the stupider things I've done.

All right,
all right, all right.

Yeah, yeah.


We are championship material.

We're this close.

We still have four more games
left in the playoff.


Yoo-hoo. Okay?

Who's buying
the cervezastonight?

Aw, see?
Oh, you got that one!

All right.
Yo? Again? Okay.

I got the cooler.

Darn it!

I knew
if I waited here long enough,

you would show up.

Did Elsa send you?

No-- uh,
I don't speak the language.

My girlfriend.

No, I don't know her.

I-- I know him.


Where'd you get that?

I inherited it.

I got one just like it.

It's from my mom.

Marge Bickford?

Marge is your mom?

Uh, she was, she...

she-- she's gone now.

Marge died?


The hard way.

Well, when?

Uh, recently.


who are you?

I'm your daughter.

You're my daughter?

-Yeah, I'm-- I'm Margie.
-Holy shit!

Are you drunk?

Not as much
as I was a minute ago.

That's all you can say?

-I don't know, give me a minute.
-You've had 14 years.

Wait. You got an ID?

Holy shit.

Oh, boy.

I carried this
in my pocket for over a month.

-You were scared?
-No, I was terrified.

I loved your mom so much.

Right up until
she kicked me out.

So, why didn't
you fight for us?

You know, like,
try and make it work?

Because I was in handcuffs

and, um, I just wrecked
the family Porsche.

Where is she?

Oh, man,
you're gonna love her.

She is so--

She's so sweet
and kind, smart.

Like-- I don't know.

What's wrong? You okay?

Yeah, I'm-- I'm fine. I'm--
I'm nervous to meet her is all.

Yeah, she makes me
a little nervous, too.

But-- so,
I'm going to have a cerveza.


Isn't it a little early?

Um, well...

we're on London time here, so...

-Hey, there she is!
-We're not open yet.

can't beat the service here.

Don't worry.

I'm gonna need some ID

-for your new drinking buddy.

I don't know what's your plan,

but this guy
comes with a warning label.

-Just so you know. Okay?
-Oh! No, no, no! Elsa!

Sorry. Hold on a sec.

-Elsa! Elsa. Please--
-What? What? What?

Can-- Elsa,
can-- can I-- I'm sorry.

Can I introduce you?

Just one second

and then you can go
back to work, all right?

Just let me introduce you.
Please. Come on.


this is my daughter.



I'm sorry. Hi.

-I'm Elsa.
-Mucho gusto.

Mucho gusto.

-Margie's visiting.
-For how long?

-I dunno.

-No, I-- I wanna live with you.

-If you have space.

Oh, he has plenty of room.

-Yeah, but it-- it leaks.
-Yeah, only in the rainy season.

Well, yeah.

You know, the hard part
is gonna be putting up with him.

-Oh, I'll give it a try.

Because Los de Marcos
needs more strong women.

Uh, look, I'm-- I--

I-- I'm a heavy drinker.

Don't say that--

-I do.

-No, it's bad.
-I just--

-No, I drink a lot.
-You drink-- Don't say that--

-No, it's--
-Well, okay.

Look, will you let me
raise my daughter, please?

-Did he really just say that?
-He did. He did.

Your blood is in her heart,

Oh, my God.

Drama is such a big part
of the culture down here.

See? Look, okay.

Just, um, we'll try...

a month.



It is his house,
so he makes the rules.

He has rules?

I surf
when there's a swell,

I sleep when there isn't,
so don't set an alarm.

I'll assume that you know
everything you have to know

-about Kotex and condoms.

As far as boys are concerned,
don't bring them home

if they're kooks or creeps.


Just humor him.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Welcome to Lo de Marcos.
This is so exciting.

I get 10% of any deals
made on the golf course, Frank.

Yes, it's Frank Nelson.

Frank. It's, uh, Jackson.

I told you
never to contact me.

-That hasn't changed.
-I'm sorry for your loss, Frank.

And the last thing I want
is your sympathy.


Margie is with me.

Well, seeing
as how she walked out on us

when her mom died,

tells me you two
will get along just fine.

Look, I, um...

Margie's safe and I just
wanted you to know that.

-I'll tell Betty.


Hey, what's the password?


-No, that's not it.
-No. No, as in it's busted.

There's no internet.

How do you not have internet?

I dunno. 'Cause I don't.

Well, what about,
like, Snapchat?

who am I gonna Snapchat at?

Um, Elsa.

She snaps at me
without it.

I get all the information I need
just looking out my window.

Nothing works.

Look, my priorities
are to keep this town running,

surf in second,
I'm third.

Where do I fit in?

Yeah, I'm still trying
to figure that one out.


I think I'm gonna love
the challenge.

Are you going surfing?

You will get to a point

where you won't have to
ask that.

Can you teach me?

You know, you can't really
teach someone how to surf.

It's like walking.

No one taught you how to walk,
did they?

Well, you and Mom did.

No, we just picked you up
when you fell down.

Walking part
you did on your own.

Help yourself.

Oh! Oh!

Had enough?

I'm just getting started.

All right.

Waves come in sets.

Here, usually
three or four at a time.

Then there's a lull.

That's when you paddle out.

you sit off to the side

from where the wave
starts to break.

The part that curls,

Float on your board,
on the shoulder,

that's that rolling hump
coming out the back.

And rest, okay? Chill.

And watch. Always watch.

Watch for waves,
watch for sharks,

watch the horizon.

Watch your ass.


Nobody surfs
the first day, Margie.

Takes a lifetime.

Nobody surfs
the first day, Margie.

No. Takes a lifetime.

You'll get it.

"La Margies," is that me?

Uh, that's the town crier.

Telling everyone
the latest chisme.

That's you.

-What's chisme?

What are they saying?

He's saying...

that you came here
to save me.

Maybe you got that one


Hey, there's practice
this afternoon.

-You coming?

All right.
Well, see you there.



Nothing hungrier
than surf hungry, huh?

I haven't been able to eat much
since Mom died.

Try drinking.

I wonder
how many karma points you lose

for using your dead mom
as an excuse to binge.

I promised myself
I would only do it

when I felt really bad.

Which wasn't great,
because I felt bad a lot.


Are you sick?

I went surfing.

How'd that go?

Still waiting
for it to change my life.

I see you did the dishes.

Yeah, I'm--
I'm staying here, so...

And you fixed that.

-It's just a bulb.
-Well, don't tell him.

You know, Marge, I...

I used to get sick.

From surfing?

No, no, from...

from eating.

You know, Mexico
is the comfort food capital

of the world, so...

you know, who doesn't wanna be

I'm comfortable.

Elsa, I am fine.

Are you? Okay. Good.

Well, tell your dad
I-- I stopped by, okay?

I will.

Take care of yourself.


Control it. Go.

That's it.

Wow. You have a big kick.

you never googled me?

I was afraid to.

college ride.

Signed with Portsmouth,
300K a year.

First season,
started every game.

Met your mom,
got married, had you.

Second season,
learned how to drink.

Uh, wrecked two cars,
got arrested, ruined my life.

Went surfing.


Fat, slow, unpopular.

Only ever played
when we were way ahead,

or way behind.


'Cause I hated it.

Went to Mexico.

You left out the part
about your mom dying.

These ladies are--
are really good.


I mean, two years ago,

they couldn't kick
their boyfriends out of bed.

But they--
oh, I'm sorry.

That wasn't very dadlike,
was it?

How well
did you know Mom?

You should've stuck around,
you would've liked us.

Well, I don't think
you would've been too crazy

about the kind of dad
I was back then.

What kind is that?

This kind.

Hey. Go.

-No, no, no, no.
-Yeah. Come on.

Can't just sit there.
Come on. Go.

There you go, kid.

Get in there, kid!

I wonder
if drinking too much

feels as bad
as eating too much.

I wonder
if it runs in the family,

like big kicks.

And quitting.

Sorry, uh,
I don't speak Spanish.

I speak English.
Like Harry Potter.

Hey, I saw you at,
um, Tal Ivan.

-Uh, the tacos.


You no remember Chilo?

Not really.

I, um--
I teach you how to surf.

My dad says that no one
can teach you how to surf.

He never meet Chilo.

Come on, I teach you.

-What? Now?
-Yeah. Let's go. Come on.

Uh. Oh! Okay.

Come on! Come.

♪ Give me sunshine
and lemonade ♪

♪ on a holiday ♪

♪ Wanna dance all night
in the soft moonlight ♪

♪ So hot, so high,
feeling just so right ♪

♪ Yeah, I dig it ♪

♪ I burned my tongue
on a ♪

♪ And on top of that,
got a flat ♪

♪ And I broke my heel
trying to change the wheel ♪

♪ Gotta get away,
run to the sun ♪

♪ Have some fun,
there's an ice cold lemonade ♪

♪ Ooh, I think
you know what I'm saying ♪

♪ Keep it back in the
with the fuzz ♪

♪ Make me wanna start
misbehaving, yeah ♪

♪ I think you know
what I'm talking about ♪

♪ Now give me some of that
sunshine and lemonade ♪

♪ on a holiday ♪

♪ Wanna dance all night
in the soft moonlight ♪

♪ So hot, so high,
feeling just so right ♪

♪ Sunshine and lemonade ♪

♪ Watch the sunset ♪

♪ Slipping through
my favorite shades... ♪

My first gringofriend
in Mexico.

Señor Bickford.

Professional football,
great surfer.


mi nueva novia.

Okay. Hello.

Who also happens to be
mi nueva hija,Chilo.


When did you get
a daughter?

I ordered one.
Long time ago.

-She just got here.

What did he say?

Uh, to be a gentleman.


-Jackson is your papa?

You're lucky.

Lo de Marcos
loves him very much.

He-- he brings us pride.


So, how many boys
have kissed you?

I'm not telling you that.


So, how many Mexican boys
have you kissed?

It's easy. None.

Well, now it's one.

All right,
let's bring it in.


Stay positivo.

Whistle doesn't even--
bring it in.

Come on. All right.

We're two players short,

so everybody's gotta play
the whole game,

but we can do it, okay?

Go ahead. All right.

García, Placencia, Veneda,
Rodríguez, Morales, Guerra,

Martínez, Avalos,
González, Bickford.

No, no, no, no, no. No.

Mi, mija. Margie.

Okay? All right.

-D-- Dad, no, please, no.
-No, Anna's kid is sick.

No, I will not do it.
Please, please don't make me.

You need a jersey.
Here, wear mine.

Mi equipo, yo jofe-- yo jefe?

What is it?
What do I say? Just talk to her.

Hey, you know what,
tell her that she is lucky

that-- that she's a good goalie.

They don't want me here.
I'm an expert at this part.

Oh, Nayeli will get over it.

-She's so pissed.
-This is how it was back home.

-I'm not going to do it.
-You have to.


My house, my rules,

-This is so unfair.
-No, you know what?

Eating termites off a stick to
stay alive, tha-- that's unfair.

This is Mexican football.

You know, and you're right
with the drama being a big deal

down here,
so if you humiliate me,

I'm gonna hate you
for the rest of my life.

That's what dads are for.

Oh, two days
and you're an expert?

Does this make me look fat?



Oh, my God.


All right,
let's go, let's go, let's go.

Bickford, go!

That's good, that's good,
stay, stay, stay.

There you go, there you go.

Open up, open up.

Keep with her. Go, go!

That's it,
that's it, that's it!

That's a foul!

how do you say foul?



No, no, no, no, no, no.


Way to go, Nayeli!



-Hey! Bien.

Ah, she is hard to like,
but I'm glad she's on our team.

There you go,
there you go, there you are.

Right, right, go, go!

Perfect, perfect.




Yes, baby! Yes!

Yes! Bien!

Gracias, amiga.

-Not gringa?

Gringa y amiga.

I got it, I got it, I got it.

Ladies and gentlemen!

We are...

one and one!

Ooh. Jesus.

You have to start
treating yourself better.

You first.

Don't bullshit me, Margie.

You make yourself sick, too.

Did Elsa tell you that?

-She said it was a possibility.
-Yeah, well, I did.

But now I don't.

You still drink.

Yeah, well,
how would I know?

Because you fall down
and then you throw up,

-that's a clue.
-No, no, no.

About your bulimia,

I did it to get rid of the parts
me that I didn't like.

And then when it was over,

it was the only parts
that were left.

That sounds like the lie
I tell myself about drinking.

There are more parts of me
that I like now.

What, now that Chilo
was being nice to you?


Maybe because you are.

I mean, I jumped
into the middle of your life

and you didn't make me
feel bad about it.


you're my daughter.

So, when are we gonna
start acting

like we care
about each other?

We care about each other.

Show me.

Stop drinking.


Promise me
you'll stop drinking.

The only promise
I was able to keep

was the one about
not making any more promises.

I'll try.



The sun will give us
enough electricity?


And yet you still
don't believe in miracles.

I do not.

Patrick, I believe in science.
You should give it a try.

Ah, Jesus on a f*cking bike,
it works.


What's wrong with riding a bike?

What do you mean,
"What's wrong?"

I mean,
Jesus doesn't ride a...

a f*cking bike.

He rides a-- a good bike.

A nice bike.


You need to work
on your tolerance, padre.

There you go.

What is the good people
from Lo de Marcos owe you?

-Uh, same as you always. Nada.
-Come on, please.

-You have a daughter now.
-All right. 50 pesos.



Don't spoil me, Patrick.

You know
I don't handle it very well.


I'll pray for you.

Eh, pray for them.
I'm good.



El Bichos are two and one!

Move, move, move, move!

Who's marking?

That was a tough loss,

But, hey,

we're still in contention
for the league final.

And maybe
even the friendship cup.

All right?

Hey, hey, hey.
Uh, only if it's for good luck.

There's no such thing
as luck.

What about my lucky shirt?

Maybe Chilo
will buy you this.

Oh, my God.
This town is too small.

There are no secrets
at the plaza.

Only chisme.
Chisme, chisme.

Is Chilo a good guy?

He goes to church
and he takes care of his mom.

That matters.

-Is my dad?
-No, he doesn't go to church.

Yeah, but,
I mean, is he a good guy?

He is to me.

You've been good for him,

-He's been good for me.
-Is that why he quit drinking?

I hope that one's for him.


You know what?
I'm gonna miss you.


A month ago,

I was a drunk soccer coach.

Hanging out in Mexico
without a peso to my name.

I'm a single dad.

Hanging out in Mexico
without a peso to my name.

-How does it feel?
-So different.

You gonna be okay?

Yeah, I mean,
I'm gonna miss you like crazy,

but now that I have
a real dad,

it'll be easier.

Hmm. I'm a real dad now, huh?

Sometimes too real.

I'll take that
as a compliment.

Hey, last night.

Let's, uh--
let's take a walk on the beach.

See me a full moon.

I'll show you where I used to
bang my head against it.

Oh. Jeez. Dad, I'm sorry.

It's my last night,
so I told Chilo we would--



Be careful on your last night.

if there's a full moon.

we're going surfing.


Well, you know, you've been
doing a lot of that lately.

I just...

I just hope
he's wearing a leash,

-is all I'm--

Just doing my job, kiddo.

I won't be late.

Not that
it's any of your business.


Have fun.

for being late and stupid.

you come by it honestly.

-Good surf?
-Yeah. Made some fun ones.

Yeah, naked surfing

under a full moon... a tradition down here.

And Chilo
is a traditionalist.

Uh, when is--
when is the bus?

I want you to keep it, Dad.

Went by fast,
though, didn't it?

It was the best month
of my life.

You know, they're probably
gonna put me in boarding school.

"Sorry, kid, your mom died,
but we have tea times."

I love you, Margie.

Where's the bus?



Aw, you know what?

The bus was yesterday.


Yeah, see,
it's, like, martesis Tuesday,

miércoles is Wednesday.

I always get
the two mixed up.


I wonder how the surf is.

-So, I'm not leaving?
-Not today.


no more naked surfing.

What if
there's a full moon out?

Now, don't. Don't even--


Wait, wait, wait--


Hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

What's this?

this is quite an honor.

Is Azu getting married?

Hmm. Not yet.
She's only 15.

-She's 15?

I'm older than Azu? Whoa.

Wow. She's so pretty.

Azucena is inviting you
to her quinceañera.

Her what?

It's a celebration,

as Azucena
is crowned queen of her life,

takes command of her body
and walks into womanhood.

-Is that a translation?
-Word for word.

You know, I think that Azu

walked into womanhood
a few miles back.

Well, girls grow up fast
in Mexico.

You know,
my older sister wore this dress

to her quince años.

And I wore it to mine.

What about
your little sister?

she wanted to get married in it,

but it didn't fit.

Ah, look who's here.

Quinceañera rule number one.

Never look more beautiful
than the queen.

We broke that rule, big time.


And you are the queen
of my life.

How can you know
so soon?

Because I do.



Are-- are you gonna
keep your hair like that?


All right.

With your permission,

Stop with the bowing.

That's a miracle.

What, that I haven't
k*lled him yet?


-Vamos, vamos.

♪ Ram-pa-pam-pam,
ram-pa-pam ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ Ram-pa-pam-pam,
ram-pa-pam ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ Feel the beat
pound, pound... ♪

Hey, keep dancing.

Hey, congratulations.

No, no, no. I'm good.


Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.

Oh, no.

Dos, tres, cuatro, cinco.

Wait, wait, wait.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Okay, okay, okay.

Uno, dos,
tres, cuatro, cinco.

Your turn!

What-- what's up?

What's up?


Should we tell her?

It's just that...

Chilo sleeps
with all the gringas.

Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.



You were right.
Chilo isn't a good guy.

Wha-- what about Chilo?


I'm sorry.

Margie, look,
I've been drinking a long time.

I mean, you don't learn
how to surf in one day.

C'mon, Margie, it's a process.

We had a promise!

And you broke it.

You know,
Mom was right about you.

I shouldn't have come.

My dad started drinking again.

Where is she?

Are you still drunk?

You hurt my daughter.

And you didn't?

So, are all men assholes?

Mi abuela will think so.

I can't say, though.
I've never had a boyfriend.

-You're a virgin?
-Of course I am.

-Come on!
-I am.

Oh, but if someone
is special, yes.

If I'm getting married one day,
of course.

But until then,

local guys can do it
with the gringas,

I don't care.

I'm sorry.

No, I deserve it.

I was stupid.


Weak. Not stupid.

A little bit stupid.

A little bit, yes.

-I have nothing to say to you.

No. It's Margie.

She ran away.

She must be trying
to get back across the border.

I don't know what to do.

I don't know.

Get in.

You're gonna need this.

Let's go find her.

Be brief,
don't tell them too much,

and they will let you pass.


Thank you
for being so kind to me.


Oh, and, Marge.


Country of birth?

-Uh, North, South, Central?

Um, North.

-Uh, no. The United States.

Okay. Passport.

Oh, I don't have one.

Uh, you need one.
I'm sorry.

Well, when I came to Mexico,
um, I didn't need one.

And I'm American.

Well, they don't check, we do.

Do you have
other documents?

you're undocumented, amiga.


-What are you doing here?

-They wouldn't let me in.
-But why? You're an American.

An undocumented one,

Welcome to my world.

Follow me.

Hey. We are fine.
But it's not cheap.

-It's 1,000.




This is the longest
of long sh*ts, man.

And that's a miracle.

We're looking for your daughter
and you're sober.

-Yeah, barely.
-Barely a miracle?

Barely sober.

You need to be thankful
for the smallest gift.

Trust me.

And him.

you make atheism hard.

Dude, that's what I do
for a living.

Uh, the ring.



I haven't lived long enough

to do
a lot of stupid shit,

if you don't count tracking down
my loser dad in Mexico.

But following a psycho
into the desert...

...gotta top my list.

Oh, it's lunchtime.



Now come on!

-Wait! Wait!
-No, no, no, no, don't!

Oh, come on.

Are you good?



There's the highway.

We're close.

-Morning, gentlemen.
-Good morning, sir.

Passports, please.

And, uh...

where are you guys from?

San Diego, California.

Bakersfield, California.


-You're from Bakersfield?


I'm an anchor baby.

My parents got deported
when I was a kid.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I get the whole thing.

But you never told me
you're from Bakersfield.

-Yes, I did.

If you told me
that you were from Bakersfield,

I would have said,
"Yeah, he's from Bakersfield."


Oh, thank you, sir.

-We had breakfast this time...
-We've never had breakfast.

-...and then we talked--

-Oh, I'm sorry.
-Let's keep it going.

Dr. Foster,
please come to the ER.

Dr. Foster to the ER.


-Sí, sí.

-Marge Bickford?

Your bloodwork is normal,
but you're very dehydrated.

What happened?

Football injury.

Rough game.

Let's take care
of your eye.

You sure
you don't want to stay?

Totally and completely sure.

But you're here.

It could be so hard
to get back in.

You know who thinks everyone
wants to live in America?


Now, it's fine
to be the neighbor.

And I'll keep
an eye on you

while you're keeping an eye
on your dad.

-I've given up on him.

He hasn't given up on you.

Yeah, well,
it sure feels like he has.

What is he doing here?

I called.

you should have asked me.

He was amazingly
not there for me

when I needed him.

He's new
at being your dad.

Be kind.

I'm gonna need you, Dad.

I'm here.

Come on.

Let's go home.


Los Bichos are going to
the friendship cup in Tijuana.

Let me see that.

We've been selected
as Nayarit state team.

What's it say?

-Yeah, I know. In English.
-We're going to Tijuana.

-That's it.
-Okay, cool.

Let's go tell them.

!Bichos, Bichos!

Gracias, Padre.

I told you.

Come on, guys.

Look sharp.

Is that Lem?

Is that Large Marge?

No, it can't be.
Her ass isn't big enough.

Sure looks like her,
but-- but she looks good.

I thought
these guys were from Mexico.

They're supposed to be.

Lem's dad lives in Mexico.

Jackson Bickford was the best
soccer player I've ever seen.

All instinct, no restraint.

Looks like he's
El Bicho's coach.

Y'all need to
level up today, girls.

Go. Get out there.
Go, warm up. Let's go.

Come on.

You already won.

Have fun.

Move it over!

She's open, pass!


Attagirl, that was goal!

I'm back.

No, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no!


-All right.
-Good job, ladies!

Let's go back.
Come on. Hurry up!

Let's go!

Come on. Get on her!

Let's go, ladies.

What are you doing?
What are you doing?


-Feels good. Huh?

Rápido. Come on.
Go, go, go, go, go!

Hey! Hey!


-Are you okay?
-Yeah, don't worry.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Come on, guys!

Come on, kid, come on!

Gringa, Gringa!

!Bichos, Bichos!


So, you beat your old team?


Well, how does that
make you feel?

This feels bigger.

Good answer.

We are here...

because of God's grace,

and the promise

that Marge Bickford
will be remembered well.


and forgiveness

are the gifts

we leave to our children.

Rest in peace.


"Marge and I came here
on our honeymoon.

Back when
we were so in love.

When life looked easy.

And everything...

was still out
in front of us.

It's the only
place that I've ever felt whole.

Which is..."

Sorry. It's hard.

"...which is why..."

Come here.

"Which is why...

I came back here.

I need
to thank Marge for that.

And her daughter

for all the love
I'm feeling right now."

Mom would have loved
you're with me here right now.

She never stopped
trying to make my life better.

And all of a sudden...

it is.


I love you.

I know.

-Thank you.
-There you go, baby.

-Mm. Delicious.
-Oh, forgot the knife.

It's your daughter, again.

Hey, kid.

-Hi, Dad.
-Say "hi."

-Oh, hi, Elsa.

-How you doing?
-Oh, uh, yeah, I'm okay.

-I just really miss you.
-Good. You're supposed to.

But I'm here.

-Oh, man, I'm jealous.

-Thanks for getting Internet.
-Oh, no worries.

I actually kind of
like the machine.


You're gonna do
great up there.

When are you gonna come up?


That's, like, a month away.

Remember, months go fast.

Yeah. Okay.


Hey, um,

you're that hotshot futbolista
on that full ride.

Uh, maybe.

I'm the hotshot Mexicano
on that full ride, too.

-Um, mucho gusto.
-Mucho gusto.


You played for Los Bichos.

Yeah, I did.

Wow. They're legendary.


♪ Ooh, come on now,
oh, come on now ♪

♪ We can go ♪

♪ Any place that we dream of ♪

♪ 'Cause I know you know ♪

♪ We can spend
the rest of our life together ♪

♪ Maybe this is love,
let's kiss and see ♪

♪ I wanna make you
believe in me ♪

♪ Anywhere you wanna go,
I'll take you there ♪

♪ If this is everything
you're looking for ♪

♪ You're never going back
to Southern California ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ We can go ♪
♪ We can go ♪

♪ Any place that we dream of ♪

♪ 'Cause I know you know ♪

♪ We can spend
the rest of our life together ♪

♪ We can go ♪
♪ Oh, we can go ♪

♪ 'Cause I know you know ♪

♪ We can spend
the rest of our life together ♪

♪ We can go ♪
♪ We can go now ♪

♪ Any place that we dream of ♪

♪ 'Cause I know you know ♪

♪ We can spend
the best of our life together ♪
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