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Best Man, The (2023)

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Chuck Farnsworth?
I'm Axel Bates.

You're also on with my partners,
Anders, Bradley and Zeke.

Oh, my God. Thank you so
much for calling me back!

I understand your daughter,
Brooke, was taken 24 hours ago

on a business trip with
your oil company in Mexico.


I'll pay you guys
whatever you want.

You just bring my
baby girl home alive.

I... I can't see anything.

Brooke, I'm Cal. We're
here to take you home.

Lean forward. I'm
gonna cut you loose.

It's okay. It's okay.

Stand up.

Grab my vest. Don't let go.


Zeke, get ready to go.

- Where's Axel and Bradley?
- They're right behind us.

I'm hit.

I got you, brother.

Get in the van!

Bradley, drive!

Where's Zeke?

Axel, no!


What's happening?

Where's Axel?

We gotta go back to
get him. We can't!

I'm sorry, brother.

Could have saved you the
trip. I'm still retired.

Well, so am I.

You just come all the
way up here to say hi?

A guy's not allowed to come check in on
his favorite cousin from time to time?

You up for a beer?
I got a couple.

Oh, yeah. Love one.

Pretty out here.


Just the way I
like it. Thank you.

Ever talk to Anders?

No. Last I heard, he was
beach hopping in Thailand.

That was last spring though.

Right. That's what
I'd heard too.

The number I had for
him, there's no answer.

I was trying to invite
him to my wedding.

Getting married?

I am, if you can believe that.

Uh, cheers to that.

Thank you.

Who's the unlucky
lady? Anyone I know?

You do.

Remember Brooke?

The Brooke from...

That's the one.


Uh, but, uh, congrats.

I guess losing Axel and
Zeke wasn't for nothing.


It was rough, but they knew
what they were getting into.

They knew the risks of the job.


We all did.

I want you to be my best man.

What do you say?

Yeah. I'll be there for you.


Oh, my God. There's my baby.

Dad! There's my girl.

Look at you.

Dad. It's so good to see you.

So good.

You have time to
call this off, right?

The heart wants what
the heart wants.

Didn't your heart
want it four times?

Okay. Where's Cal?

He's parking the car and
bringing the bags in.

I see you still
have your entourage.


After what happened to you, you think
I'm gonna leave home without them?

You shouldn't either.

I have Cal.

And that's a long way from here.

Unfortunately, people
still know I've got money.

Yeah, 'cause you don't hide it.

Nothing but the best for my
baby girl, right? I mean...

I thought I was your baby girl.

Oh, you almost
look as good as me.

This weekend's
about your sister.

Hi, Daddy. Hey, baby doll.

Welcome, everyone. I hope you
all had a pleasant journey in.

Yes, we did. Thank
you. Oh, wonderful.

The rest of the hotel
guests are checking out,

which means you and your wedding party
will have the entire resort to yourselves

for the remainder
of the weekend.

Seriously, Dad?
Nothing but the best.

Is there any cell service here?

Uh, actually, you'll find that a few days
out here is like taking a walk back in time.

That's why presidents and
dignitaries from around the world

not only enjoy our seclusion
and accommodations,

but also come back
for repeat visits.

So there's no cell service?

No. But we do have Wi-Fi and
plenty of beautiful mountain views.

Make no mistake, this is a weekend that
you and your guests will never forget.

If you'll follow me,
I'll give you a tour.

Go on over here. That's okay.

Now, as you can see, we're
surrounded by pristine wilderness.

We have a 36-hole golf course,

15 miles of beautiful
hiking trails.

We also have a spa on the grounds.
Every treatment imaginable.

What celebrities visited here?

Oh, I'm not able to
disclose exactly who...

Guess I found the right place.

Bradley, hey. Hey.

I'm so glad you're here.

Ah, wouldn't miss it.


You could have almost gotten married
at my place in the mountains.

I don't have a lake
like that though.

Oh, this is gorgeous.

Hey, my dad's here.
You wanna come say hi?

Yeah. I suppose I should.

Over here is our
five-star restaurant,

which will be hosting your
rehearsal dinner later this evening.


This is where your
ceremony is gonna be.

Sorry. Chuck, good
to see you again.

Bradley, good to see you.

Especially on better
circumstances, you know?

Right. Give me just a minute.

Let me finish right
here, and I'll be back.


Oh, this is my sister.

Uh, Hailey, right?
And the maid of honor.

Bradley. The best man.

Nice to meet you.

You too.

You've exceeded all
my expectations.

Wonderful. Well, I'll make sure our
staff has everything set up beautifully

for the big celebration
in the morning.

Now, if you'll all follow
me, we'll head to the casino.

It's great.

All right. We got slots, table games,
you know, fun for the whole family.

And I know it looks busy
right now, but like I said,

this entire casino will
be completely empty

and only available to you and your guests
later today and throughout the weekend.

Somebody was telling me
this place had a safe room.

Oh, um, yeah, we do.
I'd like to see it.

Oh, no. It's really nothing
you would ever need.

Where is it?

Um, yes, sir. Yeah.
It's right this way.

You know, I'm out
there in the lobby,

and I'm listening to
this good-lookin' woman

talk about this big,
tall, handsome blond guy

she saw sittin' all
alone at the bar.

And as I listen to her describe
the guy, I think to myself,

"I bet I know him."

And I do.

You didn't take the tour?

No. I'm... taking the
tour of bourbon country.

I see that. It's great
to see you, brother.

Good to see you too. Hey.

I wasn't sure you'd make it.

Hell, I wasn't even sure
I had the right number.

Yeah, look, I... I still check my
messages once in a while. It's...

In some countries, it's
harder than others, you know?

Retirement looks good on you.

It does. Sun, sand.


Women. Well, you know.

There you have
it. Uh, Thailand.

Ma'am, I'll do the same, please.

Thank you.

Thanks for coming.

I mean it.


Been kind of a long, hard
road, hasn't it, buddy?


Yeah, remember...

Remember that time
in Afghanistan

we got cut into that bottle
of confiscated grappa?

I thought my f*ckin' teeth were
gonna fall out from that stuff.

Well, you became a man
that day. Bullshit!

I... I think I'd earned my
stripes well before that night.

Stuck in the sand, drunk.

It was an impossible situation.

Next morning, we...

did what we had to do.


That, I wouldn't
mind forgettin'.


That's why I drink to pass out.

Helps me to forget, I guess.

I guess Brooke's my vice now.

We kind of help each other get
through the hard times together.


Well, in that case, if
Brooke is your vice,

then this is my Brooke.

Cheers. Congrats.

Missed you. Missed you too.

All right, follow me this way.

This is where we, uh,
make all the magic happen.

Don't mind the mess.

So our, uh, staff
cafeteria is back that way,

and the admin offices are
at the end of the hall.

Yeah. Well, you know, that's cool,
but I just wanna see the safe room.

Ah, yes, well, it's actually,
um... kind of doubles as two rooms.

It's our high-tech security
room and it acts as a safe room,

which we have been fortunate
enough to never have had to use.

All right. Now, there
are two ways in.

One is typing in the code that only
our security team and myself know.

The other is through the security
guard, who's always stationed inside.

They monitor the entire
resort at all times.

Then open the door.


Right this way.

Now, our monitors are
back here in the cage.

Please don't touch anything.

All right. Come on in, guys.

So these cameras just capture
everything. It's all state-of-the-art.

If somebody drops a
quarter on the ground,

we can zoom in and tell you
what year it was printed.


What? Absolutely not.

Yeah, that guy was a real prick.
We all wanted to k*ll him.

Too bad he was a
colonel. Right.

No, lieutenant colonel.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, he was from Connecticut.

There's my handsome man.

Hey. Well, wait, wait, wait.

That's what you're
marrying? This guy?

Thanks for coming, Anders.

Yeah. I, uh, know it
means a lot to this guy.

That's great.

Yeah, it's great. All right.
Well, you guys, um, have fun.

I didn't interrupt
anything, did I? No, no.

Just, uh, takes a little
while to get to know him.

That's all.

Let's go cruise around. Yes.


How you feeling, baby?

Me? I'm pretty good.

I was honestly, I think, more
nervous couple of months ago.

Now I'm just excited.

I think that's 'cause
of how much I love you.

This is why I make
all the big decisions.

Damn right.

Okay, let's make a promise.

For our first anniversary, we
go someplace tropical, right?

Where you can actually
play golf outside.

I just wonder if I might
have made a mistake.

Excuse me?

You think I should have
made Anders my best man?

Come on, honey.

We talked about this.
Get it out of your head.

This weekend is about us.

You're right.
You're right. Hmm?

But, hey,

if anything ever happens to me,

he'll be there to protect you.

I like you.

All right. Let's see it. Okay.

You've had a couple of lessons.

Okay, wait. Okay.

Ready? Step one.

And... batter up.


Yeah, that's good for baseball,
but for golf, not so great.


Feel like a club
pro here. Yep.

Okay, Miss Farnsworth,
soon-to-be Gray.

You just get in there.

Getting the grip.

Put that left hand
down like that.

Cover it up with
your right hand.

Bring it back
slowly, and then...

Uh, I'm sorry. I thought
this was a golf lesson.

Ma'am, I don't know what
came over me. I-I apologize.

Uh, here's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna give you the lesson for free
as long as you don't tell my boss.

Okay, let's see
a good swing now.

Concentrate. Okay.

My man. Good to see you.



All right. Now, look...

I'm gonna give you some advice,
not that you're asking for it.

Have fun. Have a great weekend,
but be careful, you know.

She'll break your heart.

Got it.

Mind if I play a bit?


All right.

All right.

I always just thought
that was a pickup line,

when he said he
could play the piano.

Who knew? Not bad.

Oh, no!

You're pretty talented.

Oh, yeah? You think so?

I don't know.


One more thing.

Need you to hold
on to this for me.

Guard it with your life.

All right? With your life.

I got it.

That is a very big

Fancy meeting you here.

So, what's your deal?

You and Cal.

Oh, uh, cousins.

Our moms are sisters.


You two don't have
a lot of family.

Are any of your
relatives joining?


Probably better
that way. We're...

Well, our family is more likely to be
the help than the ones getting help.

Guess you could
say we're low-key.

I like low-key.

Do you, though?

Okay, burn.

Sorry. Cal told me that...

I should, uh, keep
my eye on you.

In what way?

I don't know.

So I guess you won't
be joining me then.

Too bad.



Guess this will do.

Want some?

f*ck it.

Oh, I haven't...

done that since high school.

Why'd you stop?

I just wanna let you
know that I was married.




She died a couple years ago.

It's the only reason I took
the job your dad offered,

'cause I didn't expect
to make it back.

I'm sorry to hear that.

But I'm glad you did.

My sister wouldn't be
here if you didn't.

We can go back.

What was that?


Has it started? Oh,
God, they're setting up.

f*ck me! Shit!

Oh, f*ck!

Hey, Juan. How's
it looking today?

Mighty quiet here.

I could use a lot more days
like this. That's for sure.

So, is that, uh...
Is that for me?

Oh, uh, yeah. Yeah, the, uh, father of the
bride brought in his own Colombian coffee,

so, I thought you'd like a cup.



Wow. That's good.

Yeah, bud, real... real
Colombian beans, you know.

Nothing but the best
for this wedding party.

Well, it don't look like I'm the
only one here that could use a drink.

Mind if I join you?

Be my guest.

You know, it's a hell of
a place you picked here.

Yeah, it is.

You know, my daughter got married.
I didn't even get an invite.



if it weren't for you guys, I bet this
wedding wouldn't have happened either.

And I appreciate that.

I mean, I really do.

Cal is a great guy.

You know, he might be.

But that sure don't
make this day easier.

But that might.

My turn to pour.


That's it, my friend. Cheers.


Yeah, everything's on schedule.

See you soon.

Keep it together, Dad.

I got it.

Oh, boy.

Just let it come.

Um, I'm gonna...

Thanks. I'll see you. Okay.

Okay. I got you. All right.


He'll be okay.

Right here. Chair.

Which one?

Hey, Dad. Dad.

Sit, sit, sit, sit. Calm down.

Go to your seat. What?

Go to your seat.

She's gonna get
married, okay? Shh.

You made it.

Viktor, Marshall's
putting C-4 on the exits.

Give him cover.
No one gets out.

Nobody uses that door.

Clear them out of here.

I see why you got those Michelin
stars. Compliments to the chef.

Look, I-I've done everything that
you asked, all right? Can I...





Stop screaming.
Stop it. Sorry.

I know. I know.

Just gotta... internalize it.

Besides, I did you a favor.

You don't want anyone thinking
you're in on this, right?

Perhaps I should have waited until
you got us into the safe room.

Some people annoy me.

Shrimp cocktail?

Wrap it up. Let's go.

May I have the rings?

The ring.

The ring. Yeah, uh...

Well, where are they?

Uh, they're safe. I got 'em.

Are you kidding me? No.

Just one sec.
Shit, shit, shit.


They'll be right back.

How'd a squirrelish fucker like you
get in charge of a place like this?

Believe it or not, I'm... I'm
actually really good at my job.

I think there's a kitchen
staff that might beg to differ.

You... You said nothing
about k*lling the staff.

So I need to give you my plans?

No, no. Here. Here
we are. Here we are.

The rest of the employees
will give you no problem.

They've all been
trained to do...

What the hell are you doing?
He... He was knocked out cold!

Now he'll stay that way. It's
one less thing to worry about.

Guys, clear him out.

You... You do realize that
as soon as you get the power,

the backup generator's just
gonna kick on in under a minute.

Yes, Aaron, I do know that.

But it also shuts
down the Wi-Fi.

Which can only be restarted
by an employee. You.

No Wi-Fi.

No cell service.

No phone lines.

They're shit out of luck.

This isn't my first rodeo.

Oh, my God!


Get into position.
Wait for Viktor.

Oh, God!

Shut the f*ck up!

We've all been shot before.

f*cking headache.

Oh, God.

What the f*ck?

Is that it?

Yeah, man, we're good. Let's make
our way to the security room.

Okay, boss. All exits ready
to rock and roll. Fantastic.

Viktor. The boys are waiting for
you. Why don't you go join 'em?

See if we can crash
that wedding, huh?

Hey, Vik.

Do me a favor and save that
first kiss for me, huh?

Got it.

All right. What
have we got here?

That's the first floor. Yeah.

Second floor.
There's the casino.

We're holding there, waiting
to go in. Viktor will join.

Well, all right then.

Let's give 'em a surprise.
Let's rock and roll, baby!

Where the f*ck did
I leave this thing?

The pool.

Of course. You coming?

Hey, hey!

Hey, we gotta go. Everybody's waiting.
Let's just chill for a second.

No reason to show up all sweaty.

Nobody's going anywhere.

Okay. You're right.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Look at you. You're a mess.

Sorry. I'm usually calmer
in these situations.

Don't worry.

CFO of my dad's company.
I'm used to chaos.

Chuck sure did make this easy for us,
didn't he, renting out this whole place?

Yeah, he did.

You wanna watch some of
this? When the fun begins.



Hey, you might not feel good, but
you're still looking good in the suit.

Everyone, stay calm.

You run, and we'll sh**t you.

Get down! Get down.

- Take her.
- Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Come on! Come on! Go, go!

Think your sister's
gonna be pissed?

No, she's gonna be fine.

Let's just take the
stairs. Come on.

Uh-oh, uh-oh, oh, boss.
Check out this one. Okay.

Oh, hey, kids. Anyone tell you
Fourth of July is coming early?

Three, two, one.

What was that?

Sounded like a b*mb.


Head back to your
room. Find cover.

What? Hell, no!

I'm safer with you! Wait!

Get your head down! Get
your head down! Stay down!

Everybody, stop!

I'll take the guests
to the holding area.

Go see if they need
help finding the others.

You got it, boss.
Let's go! This way.

Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Come on.

I don't wanna leave you.
That way. You gotta go.

This way. This way.

Come on.

This way. Come on.

There she is. Oh, yeah.

Let me zoom in on that.


Like catching fish without
bait. You stay here.

I'll get us our lovely
bride. All right.

This is exactly what happened
to my sister when she was taken.

Are we gonna be okay?

All right.

Boss says start checking
the hotel rooms.

Stay here.

Come on! Come on! Come on!

You're lucky Axel
wants you alive.

I'm here to help.

Anyone there?

Hotel security.

I'm here to help.

I'm so scared.

What are we gonna do?
There's no "we," all right?

You're gonna stay here, and
you're gonna find a place to hide.


Look, they have thousands
of security cameras.

They could be
watching us right now.

Then we're gonna find you an exit. You're
gonna head for the tree line and get help.

I am not going out there alone.

You used to get paid
to protect people.

Protect me.

Bradley, please.



Stay close. Okay.

What happened?

I had him.

Who? Cal.

He do this?


Bradley and Anders with him?


Just him and these guys.

He's shit-faced.

Guess if my daughter was marrying
that man, I would be too.


You're gonna need
some new bodyguards.

These noises are f*cking
k*lling my headache.

Let's get him out of
here. Go somewhere else.

Got him.

I'll search the exterior,

in case anyone made
it out of any windows.

Good. Remember, Cal, Bradley
and Anders, alive if you can.

'Cause I'd like to have a
little conversation with 'em.

Shut up.

Wake up!

Holy f*ck!

Oh, there she is.

Welcome back, buttercup.

What the f*ck do you even want?

Daddy? Hailey?

Daddy, where are you?

Don't say another f*ckin' word!

Let him go!

No, no. I don't think so.

Hello, Bradley.


- No!
- We gotta go.

I'm not leaving him. We gotta
go. We got no choice. Come on.

When he dies, this
is on you, Bradley!

That man is in
need of a killin'.


You knew him!

This is all your
fault! No. Hey, hey.

Stop. Stop. Hey!
Stop. Quiet, quiet.

Hailey, please, quiet, okay?

They're gonna... Who was that?

It was Axel.

I thought you said he was dead.

I thought he was.

If he kills my dad, it's on you.

I just gotta... Hey. Get
the f*ck off me! Get off me!

Can you keep it down.
They're gonna find us. f*ck.


My-My-My dad has a phone.

He has a satellite phone.

What do you mean,
he's... His room.

Come on.

Hi, Chuck.

You know who I am?

We've never had the pleasure
of meeting in person,

but we have spoken on
the phone a few times.

I talk to a lot
of f*ckin' people.

Does the name Axel
Bates ring a bell?

You're a dead man.


death certainly would
have been merciful.

But instead, I was picked
up by those friendly folk

who kidnapped your daughter.

Tortured me for a
couple of months.

Unfortunately for them,

they just got a little
too comfortable with me.

So they're gone.

And here I am with a fresh,
new perspective on life.

Let me tell you something,
you son of a bitch.

All I wanted was to
get my daughter back.

What about Zeke?

He was someone's kid.

And he has a daughter.

Zoey is five years
old right now.

And guess what, Chuck? Her
daddy ain't ever comin' home.

So let me ask you:

Is Brooke's life more
valuable than Zeke?


g*dd*mn right.


No, you didn't...

No. No!

It's okay. Come on.

Put some pressure on it.

That was the first
place I was shot.

That's the second.

And it left me with
a hell of a headache.

You wanna see what it feels
like? No, no, no, no. No.

I'll do whatever.


Because you offered us five million
dollars to bring your daughter home.

I want my share.

Is that what you want?

You want a million bucks?

I'll make it happen. No.

No, no.

What are both your daughters'
lives worth to you?

Two times? Three?

I don't have that kind of money.


No! Oh, no!

Oh, shit.

You want five million dollars?

I'll give you five
million dollars.

That's not enough for
what I went through.


But I promise you,
that's all I can get out.


I can live with that.

I don't begrudge you
for what you did, Chuck.

Any father with your means would
have done the exact same thing.

But Cal, Bradley, Anders,

they made their choice.

And now it's time
for their reckoning.

Listen. Now, I don't care.

Just don't hurt my daughters.

You do what you say
you're gonna do,

you have my word.

You f*ck with me, I'm gonna
k*ll everyone in here.

And then I'm gonna make you watch
while I k*ll your daughters.

Got it?

Got it.

I got it.

Hey, g*ng.

Pay close attention now.

We have, uh, five wedding members
currently roaming the hallways.

Ooh, get this. In the kitchen,

yeah, we have the lovely
bride-to-be, Brooke.

I think that she is with a
blast from the past, Anders.


And that's not all, g*ng.

And we have the bride's
sister, Hailey, maid of honor.

Yep. On the third-floor suite.

And she's with the
best man, Bradley.

But watch out, Bradley's got a
g*n, and it does go bang, bang.

All right.

And then, g*ng, our
number one target, Cal,

the unlucky groom.

Looks like he's heading to the
top-floor suites, I believe.

Happy hunting.

We have to go.
Wait, wait, wait.

Someone will come. But
don't worry, I have a plan.

You need to surrender.

What? Yes.

Put your hands up, stay
right here and surrender.

Trust me. I'll
handle the rest.

Okay. I'm not leaving you.

Get on your knees!

Where's Anders? No.

Let's go get me my money.

Come on.

Okay. Okay.

Over there. Yeah.

What's this moron
doing? Jesus.

Hey, dipshit. Everyone's
supposed to go to the restaurant.

Ah, but since you have the
lovely bride that-was-to-be,

what do you say we
have a little fun, huh?

f*ck you.

I never did like you, Anders.

f*ck you!

It was him or us. Good choice.

Okay, give it to me.

Good. Everything's okay.

One, two...

What are you doing?

One, two, three, four, five.

They're searching the rooms.
Five seconds in each room.

I'll be right back.
Find that phone.

They're holding the guests
hostage in the restaurant.

Where are you going?

Do my job.

Here. Take this.

Now you know how to use it.

Lock the door after I'm gone.




Don't sh**t me.
Please, please. Hey!

Help. Please. Please. Please.

Hello, hello. Police?

911. What's your emergency?

Oh! Please! The hotel has
been taken over by t*rrorists.

Please hurry!

Ma'am, the closest police
force is 30 minutes away.

You need to hurry!
We'll be dead by then!


Oh, God.

Oh, God. Hailey.

Hailey, it's over!

There is no way out of
this. They're all dead.

I have nothing to do with this!

Take it up with my boss.

Come back for more?

No weapons, huh?

Don't need one.





Cal! Help him!

Help me!

Grab him.


Got him? Yeah. Hang
in there, baby.

Stay here. You'll be
safe. Just stay here.

All right. You're
safe. Stay here.

All right, good.

Marshall, open up!


- I need the computer.
- Open up.

I need the computer. Open up!


Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Oh,
my God! Baby, I'm sorry.

Okay, okay. Oh, my
God. Oh, my God.


Oh, my God!

I'm okay.

You don't tell
them. You hear me?

What the f*ck?

I'm so sorry.

Open the door.

Open the door!

Open the f*cking door! f*ck!

No, no, no, no, no!

Don't open this door!

I'll give you a count
of three. One, two...

Don't you open this door.

Daddy! Oh, my ear!

Open the f*cking
door! Oh, shit!

You okay? I'm okay.
Okay. I'm okay.

Oh, God. I'm okay.
Shh, shh, okay, Dad.

Got into your account.
Need the password.

I can barely hear!

- Hey. Shithead. Password now.
- All lowercase!

All lowercase words.



- Oh, baby. Oh, my God.
- It's okay. Come on.

- g*dd*mn, Chuck.
- Okay, okay.

- You might be able to do 7.5?
- Okay.

f*ckin' liar.

It's okay.

That's it. Pleasure
doing business with you.

Come on, sweetheart. Time to
go find your hubby. No! No! No!

No, you're not.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Help! It's okay.

Okay. Okay.

Help me!

This way.



Open the door! Hailey!

Open the door!

Daddy, open the door!

Oh, my God. Daddy.

Oh, my God. Oh,
my God. Oh, God.

I'm okay. Keep the
pressure on that.

Okay. Okay. Where's Brooke?

Axel took...

Axel took her. My God!

Axel took her.

Oh, my God! I know. Daddy's okay.
Daddy, it's okay. It's okay.

Right. Stay here. Stay
here. There was nothing...

Keep pressure on the wound.
There was nothing I could do!

Daddy! Daddy!

Okay, come on. Come on.
Okay. I'm okay. I'm okay.


I said, shut your f*cking mouth.


One shot. I'll
follow your lead.

It's Axel. I know.

Axel Bates, you f*ckin' rat.

You're a dead man.

No, I've already
been dead. Your turn.

Well, lookee here.

We got the band back together.

Hey, Axel. Take it easy. All right?
You don't have to do this. Okay?

You're a f*ckin' assh*le.

And you, Bradley, of all the
people, you left me to die.

Hey, hey!

It was my decision to
leave you behind. Okay?

I thought you were
dead. All right?

Just let 'em go. Okay?

You can k*ll me.
Just let 'em go.

Okay. Drop the f*cking g*n!

No! No f*ckin' way.

Anders, drop the g*n.

Drop it, or she's dead. Now!

Hey, drop it, Anders.

Hey. Remember the colonel.

Yeah. Whatever the f*ck
that is, remember it.

All right. You got me.

There you go.

Why don't you go join 'em?

You, princess, I made a
promise to keep you alive.

Guess I'll keep it.
Run along, little one.



It's us.

Bradley! Are you okay?

Hey. I'll be fine.


With my life.

Where's that damn manager?

I'll get you a minister. Just
don't invite me to the wedding.


I love you all.
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