Harrisville Haunting, The: The Real Conjuring House

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Harrisville Haunting, The: The Real Conjuring House

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Yo, you alright?

You alright?

He was laying on his back there
when I came through.

Where the hell did he go?

You okay?

I am Matt Benton.

I've been investigating
paranormal phenomena

for a whole decade of my life.

What the f*ck was that?

Woah, listen.

It all started
with my experience

at the Old Washoe Club.

I was only 16 years old.

I got my first interaction
with a possible entity

after asking a question
in The Crypt inside.

If there's a little girl here

please do something. Touch me.

Do make some kind of noise.
Make a tapping noise.

A piece of brick was thrown.

That day I discovered
you can get a response back

from your questions
and I was hooked.

Having that interaction
literally changed my life.

Since then, I've been
travelling the country

looking for the most
active paranormal locations,

documenting my findings.

And presenting them
on my YouTube channel,

Devil's Hour Productions.

Every paranormal investigator

is looking for that next
level of paranormal activity,

that Holy Grail location.

...and like blocked out
that window.

That was a big one.

July 19th, 2013.

The Hollywood film The Conjuring

took the world by storm.

A critically acclaimed
horror film based on

the haunting of
the Harrisville Farmhouse.

Through the perspectives
of the Perron family,

including Ed
and Lorraine Warren.

Every investigator has heard
about the Warrens.

They are pioneers
of the paranormal.

That's probably
the worst thing

we have in this whole museum.

That Raggedy Ann doll
was given to a nurse

in 1970 by her mother
as a Christmas present.

I have researched
some of their cases

and one of them was
the Harrisville Farmhouse.

The kind of activity
they reported having there

is what I would call next level.

So that we would
then leave the house,

evaluate our findings,

and decide what it is
we can do to help the family.

If indeed there was anything
that we could do to help them.

In this case, I do not believe
that any exorcism

or any ritual
of a religious nature

or any one could
ever clear that home

of the very negative spirits

which are involved in it.

We have both human
and inhuman spirits in this home

which are bringing about
these destructive acts.

Destructive acts.

Destructive acts.
Destructive acts.

This farmhouse
piqued my interest.

Is this house truly
that next level location?

I really wanted to investigate

the extraordinary claims
of levitation



and physical att*cks.

At the time, however,
the Harrisville Farmhouse owner

was not allowing
investigations at the house.

It wasn't until October 2019,

I discovered that
paranormal investigators

Cory and Jennifer Heinzen

had purchased the property.

This gave me hope of getting
access to film a documentary

at the infamous
Harrisville Farmhouse.

I then told my friend,
Joe Vitale,

who has over 20 years
of experience

investigating the paranormal

and runs his own
YouTube channel,

Entity Seven Paranormal.

He was wanting to
investigate the property

just as much as I did,

so we agreed to
film there together

as soon as possible.

I got in contact
with the Heinzens

and they gave us permission

and the dates
we could film there.

We were all set,

except my team could not make it
due to personal reasons.

So we decided to gather a team
of four paranormal YouTubers.

Joe and I,

Billy Cook
from Paranormal Pursuit

and Eric Connor
from Epic Paranormal TV.

The four of us
have very different

styles of investigating.

Joe is very old school
in the ways of

paranormal investigating.

Billy is the more grounded
one in the group.

Eric is very energetic
and spiritual,

the 100% believer.

Others say
I'm the more scientific minded

investigator of the team

and willing to put myself
in dangerous situations.

March 16th, 2020.

I'm in Massachusetts.

For the first time in my life,
I'm in Massachusetts.

And I'm on the
way to our location,

to the-- the conjuring house,
the real conjuring house.

This is the house
where the events of

the Conjuring movie
one took place.

This is the place where Ed and
Lorraine Warren investigated.

So I'm on my way to meet up
with Matt, Joe and Billy.

They're already at the location,
to my knowledge,

so I'll be arriving
there shortly.

I'm very excited,
I've, like I said,

I've never even
been in the state.

I've never been this far north

and I've never been
to this location.

And I've also never investigated

with Matt or with Billy.

We've all talked online,
you know, plenty.

But this will be our first time

a location together.

And we've got two days.

We've got two days
and two nights.

We got it all.

It's going to be--
It's going to be lit.

So let's go. Let's get it.

My heart's beating a little bit.

A little bit racing here.

I did my homework
on this location,

so I know the potential

of what we might be
walking into.

The day has finally come

where we set foot on the
Harrisville Farmhouse property

for the very first time.

We wanted to uncover
the real history

and experiences of the house.

So we interviewed
Keith and Carl Johnson,

the first paranormal

and demonologists to
ever investigate the house.

Next, we interviewed
Cory Heinzen,

the current owner
of the farmhouse,

as well as John Huntington,

also a paranormal investigator.

He investigated the house
the longest

and lived there for nine months

with the Heinzens
as a caretaker.

Lastly, Andrea Perron
was interviewed.

She experienced
this infamous haunting

first-hand for ten years
on the property.

Her story is the reason
why we are here.

What kind of led
you on a path that

you finally were able
to come to this house?

What brought you to this house?

It was in the early 1970s,
1973, actually.

And I was part
of an organization.

My brother and I,
my brother Carl,

were members of P.I.R.O

based at Rhode Island College.

Parapsychological Investigation
and Research Organization.

And as I said,
there was no Internet back then.

So how do I get
the word out that

we do investigations
free of charge?

So I just illustrated
a little ad myself,

put it in a local newspaper,
and it was three weeks later,

to the day actually
that it was answered by

Mrs. Carolyn Perron
in Harrisville Rhode Island.

And she said she had moved
in a couple of years ago

to a house that
was built in 1736

and things were happening that
were becoming very terrifying,

downright terrifying.

And she was wondering
if we could come

and check out her situation.

Logic tells you that
something that is immaterial,

that there's a shadow
or something else,

that wind that passes by you,
it lifts your hair.

It cannot really hurt you.

I still feel threatened.
I feel threatened.

As soon as we arrived
on the property,

we felt almost like a barrier.

It was like a barrier
when we stepped out of the car,

the atmosphere
was very different.

I mean, nice family,
the Perron family,

very nice people,
all American family.

Yet the property
and the house itself,

you really felt that
something was kind of wrong.

It was like a very, very
negative energy we sensed

and I believed it to
not be a human spirit.

I believed it to be
an inhuman spirit,

a demon, if you will.

So Carolyn Perron was
most affected by this

whatever the house had.

She would awaken with scratches
on her arms and torso,

and she was visibly shrinking.

She was losing weight rapidly,

so it was affecting
her profoundly.

A coat hanger
came down from the rack.

I didn't bump it, I didn't
touch it, I wasn't near it.

I was bending over at the time.

Came down off the rack, and
started pounding me on the head,

six or eight times.

I needed--
And we had seen things.

We had seen my mother
under attack

in the closet downstairs
off the bathroom.

Beaten inexplicably
with a wooden coat hanger

after stepping
out of the shower.

And she started screaming

and we all ran in to see
what was wrong with mom,

including our neighbour
that had stopped by with a cake.

And she saw it too, and
never came back to the house.

But, you know,
my mother was att*cked

physically a number of times.

Have you met the Perrons?

Yes, we've been able to meet
all the Perrons

except for Carolyn.

Carolyn refuses
to come back up here.

And there was a sister that
passed away a few years ago,

that we weren't able to meet.

Yeah, they had them all up here
a few months ago.

And that was-- You could tell--

Like you can tell when somebody
has been through something

and they had certainly
been through something.

Mr. McKeachern

who was a historian
in his nineties,

when we moved there,

he came and introduced himself

to my mother and our family.

The spirit that was haunting
my mother clearly

had a broken neck

hanging literally
off the side of her dress.

And Mr. McKeachern
told my mother

that it was Mrs. Arnold,
and their farm hand

took her body down
and moved her into the house

so that she would
be able to be buried

in the family plot
in the cemetery

rather than being excluded

because she had
taken her own life.

Carolyn Perron did have a very

disturbing experience
in her bedroom

where one morning it was shortly
after our first visit,

it was about 5:15
in the morning, she woke up

and there was
something in her room.

She smelled the scent of sulphur
and decaying mingled.

There was something
even fizzling for a moment

on her dresser,

some kind of light.

But then she looked over
and there's this--

It's very difficult to describe
what she saw,

some kind of monstrosity

and vaguely in the shape
of a female apparition

wearing a long gray dress.

But the head was
cocked to one side

on the shoulder as if the neck
had been broken,

and it began chanting to her.

"I'll drive you mad
with fiery brooms.

I'll drive you mad
with death and gloom.

I'll drive you out

but it will be too late.

You'll be dead."

And then it just leered
at her and vanished.

A myth surrounds
the Harrisville Farmhouse

involving Bathsheba Sherman.

People claim
she was a witch and a Satanist

who m*rder*d a baby
with a sewing needle.

Through research, however,

this appears to be far
from the truth.

Bathsheba Thayer Sherman Greene

was a actual historical person.

She was a resident
of Harrisville.

She was a member of
the Harrisville Baptist Church

at the time of her life.

She married Judson Sherman.

They had a rather
prosperous farm.

And somehow--
Somehow, we don't know how,

rumours started up
about her years ago,

quite a long time ago,

she was accused of
being a satanic witch

and supposedly
had k*lled a baby here.

Sacrificed it,
made it look like an accident

by impaling it
with a sewing needle.

And there's been a lot
of research done on that.

And there's been no
actual historical evidence

that that ever happened.

We contacted Kenny Biddle,

a researcher and writer

who has spent a year researching
the history of the farmhouse.

He will give us the facts

of the authentic history
of the property.

If Bathsheba was an evil witch
that k*lled a baby,

it would be in her obituary.

That's what they put
in those obituaries back then.

They told your--
They condensed your life story

with the highlights
in that obituary.

So I guarantee, without a doubt,

if she had m*rder*d a baby,

it would be in that obituary.

On top of that, it's like

back then they took
that seriously if they--

You were considered a witch,

you would have
been shamed for it

and even k*lled for it.

Definitely won't be buried
in a Baptist cemetery.

She would be in the newspapers.

We should be able to find
newspaper articles about this,

but there was nothing.

But unfortunately,
between the movie

and the books that
were written about it,

and then the hundreds
of YouTube channels

that just repeat
shit ad nauseam.

This is the story
that's out there.

This is what people know.

It's the common knowledge now,

and it's an uphill battle
for people like me

and documentaries like this
to present the real history.

The only death
that was on the property

was Jarvis Smith
was a man that he was--

He was walking along and
he actually-- It was wintertime.

It sounds like he was drunk

and he took shelter
in one of their sheds,

a shed that's no longer there

that's been gone for decades.

But he was there
and he died overnight.

He froze to death
on the property.

No unusual history
of deaths from the farmhouse,

however, before the Harrisville
Farmhouse was built,

King Philip's w*r took place
throughout Massachusetts

and Rhode Island.

From 1675 through 1678,

the Narragansett
and Wampanoag tribes

fought a brutal w*r
with the colonists.

Thousands were left dead,
villages were torched,

women and children
m*rder*d and buried alive,

leaving the farmhouse land
possibly haunted.

It was actually P.I.R.O

who contacted the Warrens
about the situation here.

And we were here first
and investigated

and of course, experienced
quite a bit of activity here.

And we sat down at our
next meeting and said,

"I really," you know,
we were talking about

how we should call in
Ed and Lorraine Warren

just to see what their take was.

Lorraine Warren arranged

something I personally
would not recommend,

she recommended
that they arrange a séance

which took place
right in this room,

right where we're sitting now.

And of course, Carolyn Perron
was going to be the conduit.

She was the one that
was going to communicate

since the spirit
was oppressing her.

Lorraine thought perhaps this
spirit, if they hold a séance,

and they had another
psychic medium here as well

that was actually
conducting the séance,

and they hoped that the spirit
would communicate

through Carolyn Perron
and say what it wanted.

My father didn't want to
have anything to do with that.

He strenuously objected

to the ritual going forward.

It took Ed Warren as a priest
quite a while to convince him

that it was necessary.

And then the mediums
started conjuring the spirit.

That's where the name
of the film came from.

And in the process
of doing that,

she collapsed unconscious
on the table,

the table rose up
and came back down on the floor.

My mother started
howling like a banshee,

she started speaking
in a language

that does not exist
on this earth.

The chair that she was in
raised up off the floor

and in a split second
she and the chair were tossed

from the middle
of the dining room

into the middle of the parlor.

Literally thrown off the chair
halfway across the room,

wound up crumpled on the floor.

To all appearances she had,
she was dead.

She wasn't showing
any life signs at all.

And of course,
Roger ran over to revive her

and she did start
breathing again.

Ed Warren advised him,

"You really shouldn't touch
the possessed at this point."

And that's where Roger lost it,

he dismissed the Warrens
very, very adamantly.

He actually literally
threw Ed out of the house.

And that's how
it culminated there,

their involvement in this case.

And everyone present
in the house heard

my mother sulk at that floor

and everyone present in that
house thought she had died.

It was a nightmare.

It was the worst moments
of my life

that shouldn't
have even happened.

It's my personal opinion,

Have you had anybody
that's scared to investigate

after coming here?

We've had a few teams leave
in the middle of the night.

Just because, you know,
it gets too real too soon.

Some people just
aren't ready for it.

You know, they just think
it's just going to be

one of those run of the mill,
you know, hauntings.

And it's pretty much
up in your face.

I hear you out there.

I saw it move a little bit.

Oh, f*ck.

Holy f*ck.

That's f*cking scary.

Okay, John, tell us a little bit

about some of the experiences
you've had in this house.

Scariest thing is I had
a voice yell hello at me.

I came out here and I heard
a bunch of rustling around

and stuff and banging

and sounded like someone
was going through something.

So I just kind of went
quietly walked back,

got my phone, started recording

and then I heard a girl
say hello out loud,

which kind of startled me.

I heard some knocking
and banging sounds

When I walked through
a minute ago.

So I thought just grab
my camera.

It's a car going by.


What the f*ck?



I also had like a toy car
come off from the chairs.

And the library book
came off the shelf.

I'd just gotten up
in the morning

and noticed it on the floor.

And I came right back
and asked Bill if,

you know, did you see a--

Was there a book
on the floor yesterday?

You know, we reviewed
the tape and sure enough,

it just came
right off the shelf.

What kind of tools,
investigator wise,

have you had successfully?

We had our DR16 here
a few weeks ago,

we got some pretty crazy stuff.

Alright, I'm just going to ask
who is here with us,

because this is crazy.

Alright, here we go, guys.

Oh, it's full.

Okay, we're going to
leave that on.

Okay, recording now.

Who is here with us?

Who is here with us?

f*ck you.

Did I just hear a--

Did I just hear what I--
What I think I heard?

...is here with us?

I haven't slowed
what sound is coming.

f*ck you.


Oh, something's not happy, guys.
Something is not happy.

f*ck you.

Oh, my God, dude.

Oh, my God.

That was a little alarming,
guys, to be honest.

I almost want to say
it was common place

to see things move
on their own.

Oh God,
we all came to this place,

we came in peace,
and we leave in peace.

Taking nothing unholy
or unnatural with us

And we pray for
our safety tonight.

That they may be kept safe

and they mean
no harm, no danger

as they explore
the wonders of creation.

We pray to your holy name.

Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Before the investigation,

our friend, Jason Emerick,

an investigator and medium,
had given Joe a warning

that I was not told about
for experimental purposes.

And he's going to see if he can
communicate with the spirits

from here at his place.

Got you.

And right now,

I'm not going to say what he's
telling me right now just yet.

Here, do you want
to film it, though?

-Go ahead and film it.
-But it was interesting.

So that way they can see
what time it's at

you know, before everything.

At around 8 p.m.,

we commenced our investigation
in the basement.

Eric was live on his YouTube
channel during the first hour.

This is what was captured
on night-one in the house.

that same feeling in here.

I just had the same
exact feeling I got

when I walked in here
the first time.

There is energy in this room.

That's it, Bill.
That's the well.


Yeah, there's a clear,
concise energy in here

that I can just feel
as soon as we get here.

And there's obviously,
like a change in temperature,

like it's cooler in this room,
the air's crisper in this room.

But there's something else too,
there's almost like a static

energy on top of the air.

-Woah, woah, woah.
-Within the air.

It's clear too.

Here, I'm going to restart.

-Yes, sir.

Do you get any energy
from this well,

from this water source?

I didn't feel the energy
in here, like clearly.

It feels like
it is natural energy.

I'm not feeling
any kind of like presence,

but I'm feeling just like
a whole bunch of energy.

I have to be very careful.

I have face tracking
on my cameras,

and my phones and stuff,
and in my basement, it'll--

What are you doing?

You just stepped
right into the well.

what if I go down there?

You ain't getting back up.

-Okay, let's do this.
-I'll help you.

-Are you really doing it?

Oh, goodness.

Dude, you're going to lose
some equipment in that well.

Definitely going to fall off.

-Are you going to hang like--

How it's going to work?
Whistle or EVP?


If we're not
capturing his death,

it's not worth it.

He's an extreme investigator
for a reason, y'all.

Dude, that's not
going to work.

Be very, very careful.

I hope that he falls.

Yeah, if he falls, you and me
are picking him out of there,

-so get ready.
-Me and you who?

Can someone put
a flash light at me?

-Yeah, I got you. Hold on.
-Let me see what I got.


At this moment,

we capture a possible
disembodied voice

The torch.

The torch.

The torch.

This voice is so clear
and has human tone to it.

We start to think that
it could have been one of us.

When reviewing all the video,

we don't see
any of our lips move.

But Billy and I
are both facing away

from the cameras
during this moment.

The torch.

The torch.

The torch.

The thing that is odd
about this, though,

is that as Americans,

we do not typically
call flash lights, torches.

So it doesn't seem
like our characteristics

and none of us
remember saying this.

So we're leaving this
up to you to decide.

Like, I wonder if they've
got a camera or something?

Here, do you need
any help out of there?

-Got it.
-Got it? Okay.

So, guys, Matt seriously

does extreme paranormal

He goes for it.

All of us were like,
"Well, no, no," but he did it.

Something's wrong with that rec,
let's do one more rec, okay?

Alright, here we go.

We're going to be here
for a while.

Do you have any messages
or warnings for us?

That's weird. Alright,
so if the doorway is open,

will you say doorway, please?

You alright?

-What happened?
-I don't know.

I'll say I got really dizzy
for a second.

How are you feeling now?

I'm feeling okay now.

That was weird, right?
When you said that.

Yeah, that whole
session was weird.

Dude right when you said
that though, I had like--

I just, like, felt like my--

Like my eyes just rolled back

and then I got
really dizzy for a second.

That was weird.

That's scary.

When I said, what,
the doorway thing?


Oh, oh, hey.

Come here. Right this way.

-What's that?
-No, maybe it was a tree.

-Is there a tree?

What the hell was that then?

And I thought that
was a Christmas tree.

I thought there was
a Christmas tree right here.

-You saw a shadow?

It looks like a Christmas tree
was right here.

And then,
all of a sudden it moved.

And then I thought
it was the lighting.

-But no, it was--
-Is there a camera?

Security camera somewhere here?

-Oh, yes, yes, yes.

I thought
I installed some.

-No, not here.
-Oh, it's here at the steps.

But it was the craziest
thing because I thought...

There's one at the very end.

I thought it was
a Christmas tree.

And from your--

From your lighting, when you
were messing with the lighting,

it looked like maybe it was,

you know,
when you brighten the light,

it then make the shadows
kind of move a little bit.

That's what I thought
was happening.

And I was like, "Oh, no,
it's just a Christmas tree."

And then I noticed that there's
not a Christmas tree here.

It was-- That's what
it looked like to me.

-That's pretty wild.
-Hold on, Matt.

Where does this one go to?

-It's blocked off.

-They're locked up.
-We can't go through that.

About 22 minutes later,
we head up to the second floor

and we experience something
absolutely fascinating.

This is my first time.

Holy cow!

Please, dude.


-Was that Matt?

He shut the door
and locked himself in.

Oh, I can unlock it.


-I want to be in here.
-You want some solo time?


He's alright.
He's just doing some solo work.

Anyone in here with me?

That's right, Eric.
That's the area.

This set up? Everything?

Can you move something?

Can you move this stuff
right now?

Can you show yourself right now?

Crooked-neck lady.

Crooked-neck lady.

Come forth.

Into the gateway
in the black mirror.

Maybe restart it.

You said that's good.

A little help right here.

I felt dizzy again.
That was interesting.

We're trying to get
in contact with you.

We are giving you permission
to make your presence known.

-Woah, woah!

You didn't see that?

A bug just flew
and landed on my hand.


Yeah, I saw it come
through but really,

it looked like
a little black circle.

-Like, it landed on my hand.
-Do you think it's a bug?

You sure it was a bug
or was it a black circle?

Hey, guys.

Oh, my God.

Matt, why do you do this?

What's up?
Wait, wait, how do this--

How does this work?

What's good, my man?
What's good?

Come check this out.

We're on the way.

Please don't change it.

Alright, so we just got
walkied in over here.

What's going down?

Look how coincidental this is.

-I didn't even touch it.
-What? What do we got?

Oh, my God. Look, look.

-I just thought that was weird.

I was-- And you were
recording when you came in here.

So we'll be able to see
that you came straight in.

Actually, I even recorded
me walking towards it too.

And so there are no cuts,
no cuts.

-Look at that.

Bro, is it not crazy?
That's crazy.

So I just noticed that
when I was walking down there.

That is-- That is wild, dude.
That's wild.

No cuts. No cuts.



I am seven.

You are nothing.


A possible demonic entity
that Joe, Eric and myself

have experienced
in past investigations.

It seems to follow us
to different locations.

With Jason's warning
to Joe about seven,

could it be the entity

or is it referencing
the seven soldiers

said to be buried
behind the wall?

And they're all saying
together at once.

"There are seven dead
soldiers buried in the wall."

"There are seven dead
soldiers buried in the wall."

And is the block
a coincidence or a sign?

I think you would have
noticed that, though.

I would have made a big deal
about it if I noticed it.

But I'm saying, like,
what if I like filmed,

it wasn't, you know
what I mean, like--

Even though like
it was most likely not moved

like since we've been here

but I just thought
it was a weird ass coincidence.

-Oh, yeah, I know.

That thing is pretty strange.

Literally the number--

And you walked in here
by yourself and saw it.

No wonder you radioed us.
That makes sense.

No, I just wanted you
to see what was up.

I mean, I was kind of cool.

It seems like a sign.
It seems like a sign.

Especially, we're going to
show you some stuff later.

I don't know when

but Joe and me will have
to show you at some point

and you know,
it'll all come together.

It'll all be very,

very informative.

Should you
be sharing the--

Your, what,
your session also at first?

Or what--
Or Jason Emerick's first?

-Let's do--
-Any relations to any of two?

I feel like--

I feel like I should do--

-I should do a tarot reading.
-Oh, shit!

-What? What? What?
-The rocking chair.

-It's moving. It's moving.
-Move, move, move.

Okay, jump around.

Jump around.

Okay. Yes, it was moving.
It was f*cking moving.

-I caught a little bit.
-Hold on.

-I got it, I got it.
-I'll go this side.

I got a little bit of it.

The boards don't go
all the way through there.

Okay, back up, guys.
Let's back up.

-I gotta try.
-Give us some space.

Give us some space for a bit.

We'll try and debunk after this.

At first, well,

I want to try and get the--

I want to try and get
the phenomena first.

Then we'll try to debunk, okay?

-Alright, because

this just happened,
so if they could do it again,

let's see if it can.

If you're here, I did say--

When I was in here,
I have it on video,

when I was in here, I said,

if you're in here can you please
make something move?

So just as that happened,
my camera died.

-And it started moving?
-It started moving.

That's freaky.

-What happened?
-My camera's dead.

Here I have
another one for you.

That's crazy.
I saw that rocking chair moving.

-I put my camera on it too.
-I caught a little bit of it.

I didn't capture it initiating

is the issue.
No one's going to believe it.

I thought it was an
optical illusion at first

because of the way
that the rails are.


Why didn't we give Bill
the other AH33 or the 53?

-I know.

Hook him up
with it right now.

It's downstairs, I don't think
it has battery in it too.

Alright, I'll grab it.

-We're here.




Oh, God.

It's the exact kind of sound
when you said Joe earlier.

Every place with donations,

This is on too.

..keeping it ultra real.

-Guys! Guys!
-What? What?

-We have it. We have it.
-Hold. Hold up.

-Hold up. Hold up.

-Oh, yeah!
-Yes, we have it.

That's right.
We have cameras all over.

What time is it?

Yo Bill. I'll check this too,
just in case.

Yeah, check time. Check time.

-Surely that's wide enough.
-It's 2:22.

So I'll say around
10:00 o'clock.

At 10:12 p.m.,

the Heinzen family's DVR system

captured the rocking chair
move on its own.

Before we reviewed the footage,

we tried every method
we could think of

to debunk the chair
moving on its own.

We stomped on the ground near
the chair and it didn't budge.

Okay, jump around. Jump around.

Okay. Yes, it was moving.
It was f*cking moving.

-I caught a little bit.
-Hold on. I got it. I got it.

I caught a little bit of it.

The boards don't go
all the way through there.

Okay, back up, guys.
Let's just back up.

-I gotta try.
-Give us some space.

Give us some space for a bit.

We'll try and debunk after this.

At first, well,

I want to try and get the--

I want to try and get
the phenomena first

and then we'll try
to debunk, okay?

-Alright, because

this just happened so
if it could do it again,

let's see if it can.

This should not have moved.

Now I wanna do
the debunking process.

I was trying to get it to do it
again right off the bat, right?

That's why I didn't
want to do it then.

But now let's try and do a
debunk-- Another debunk process.

-So here--
-Step around, guys.

Billy was where you are
and we were over here, so yeah.

-Nothing. It's not even moving.
-Let's just stomp.

-But we weren't doing that.
-Yeah, we weren't.

I'm just trying
to over dramatize it

because then it shows
even more that it's not us.

-And that's crazy.
-It's not moving at all.

No, it's not.

So this moved by itself,
we captured it.

We then recreated
a door vacuum

and that also did not
make it budge.

Seriously said,
"Can you move something?"

Actually, hold on, hold on.

I think I might know how
to debunk us. Open that door.

Close it, open it.

Suction effect.

Okay, now open it
how you did before.

Opened it big too.

-So if there's any--
-That's not doing it.

After reviewing
the footage,

we know exactly
where Bill stepped

when the chair moved.

As you can see,
he steps in between

the fourth and fifth
wooden plank,

right when
the rocking chair initiates.

Which is about a foot
away from the chair.

We also checked if this cord

had been wrapped around
the chair prior to it moving.

Upon review of the video,

eight minutes
before the chair moved,

the cord was in the same spot,

not touching the rocking chair.

When we headed downstairs,
our walkie talkies

had an electrical interference.


You guys pressed the button?

You guys pressed any--

Guys, are you pressing this?

Guys? Guys, are you doing this?

Camera's on.

When I walked into this room,
it started doing this.


And you were recording
the whole time?

Yeah, the whole time
I was recording.

-It just went on.
-Somebody hold. Somebody hold.

-This is weird.

Oh, now this is weird.

It's when you cross over
the threshold.

-What the heck?

-That's weird.

Wait, turn back like that.
Turn back like that.

Right there. Stay right there.

-Bill, can you say hello?
-Can you speak to me?


I'll turn this one off

That one's not doing it.

Power on.

It's only mine.

And the other one's upstairs.
We both left it upstairs.

-It's literally only yours, yo.
-That's weird.

Oh, my God. Whoa!

Why are you doing this?

This kind of reminds me
of Cosmopolitan.

Something like this happened
to me in Cosmopolitan.

Similar, but not like this.
This is more direct.

That's so crazy. Look, as soon
as he crosses that threshold.

-Alright, walk forward.
-Yeah, walk closer to the door.

Because that's where

It's not. Oh, there it is.

What's upstairs, dude?

What if that's a--
You know, the--

Maybe look up some tech forums.

Yeah, see,
different walkie talkies

do this every now and then.

I've never seen this before.
This is really...

And then it stops
like entirely right there.


It's not going off at all.

Moving around erratically
doesn't do anything.


Bro, that's crazy.

That's weird.

Ten, four, three.

You got it on three, alright.


-So it's just on three.
-Only three?

That's three because
the one upstairs is on three.

This is the marking
of the Trinity too.

-Oh, my God.
-That's f*cking weird.

It's only doing it on three.

Hey, now one's doing it.
It's on three?

-Only on three.

I'm telling you
it's something more than--

It's got to be EMF.

Switch it to two.

Take them on two, Bill.

It doesn't make sense.
They should still be doing it.

Yeah, it's just the frequency.

Maybe it's a tower close that

you know,
it's picking up a signal.

And whatever's in between there
is causing an interference.

It seemed to be
a natural phenomena

because we could recreate it
on every walkie talkie

while on channel three.

Another source of EMF
could be the cause.

While on break,

Joe went outside to retrieve
some items from the car.

Then, as he entered the house,

he had his own experience.

And dude, iPhone was
actually going to have...

-Who the f*ck was in here?

Who the f*ck was in here?

What do you mean,
who the f*ck was in there?

Dude, I swear to God,

I thought one of you guys
were in here.

-No. Why?
-Because I looked over,

I thought-- I thought it was
you, Matt, that was in here.

Did you see someone in there?

Then I thought,
I looked over and see Matt,

I thought maybe
it was you, Eric.

Yeah, I saw somebody in here.

It was standing right over here.

Well, I'm having a deja vu
moment right now.

I thought I saw someone
standing right there.

You know, there's this tripod
and everything.

But it was right here.

Dude, I'm having a deja vu
moment right now.

It's weird
because remember you--

I remember you in this
situation now right now.

Well, here, let's...

If you're in here with this,
can you give us another sign?

Joe just saw you.

We ended our first night

with a séance
and Ouija board session.

This is when I had another
personal experience.

-It's like rumbling.

Guys, guys, I was like,
I f*cking felt something weird.

I literally have
tears right now.

What happened?

I was...

I don't know.

Well, what--
What were you feeling?

So for a second when I closed
my eyes, I just felt like

something from above just went

straight through my body,
through my spine and...

I don't know
how to explain it. It was...

That sounds familiar.

Yeah, in my meditation I saw

something coming
from above the house,

into the house, go in the floor
and then it came up

out of the floor it's like six
or seven different things of--

It's-- It was--
It was very strange.

But that same kind of experience
with it coming down

into the building.

It was just like white energy,

it was like a white string
energy, it was massive at first.

Yeah, I felt the pulse of like--

But it came from above of me.

It came from above
and straight into my--

Through my spine
to the ground like,

through my body,
straight to the ground.

That's weird. We've had a lot
of correlating stuff happened.

Alright, keep focusing, y'all.
Keep focusing.

Joe and Eric

are the only ones that
knew of Jason's warning.

I had no prior knowledge
and seemed to be

the only one affected
at this location.

It is very rare
for this to happen to me.

In the morning of our second day
at the Farmhouse,

I talked to Cory about
reviewing the footage

from the DVR cameras.

So last night we did
capture some interesting things.

So the two biggest moments

would be the rocking chair
moving by itself.

We even tried to debunk that
and we have it on DVR

because you have a camera
pointing straight at it

and we want to review that
with you, if that's possible.

Oh, of course. Yeah.

And then
another thing is that

Joe said he saw an
apparition right here

and you have a DVR
pointing this direction.

So we want to review that.
We have the times marked down

around that time period,
so that we could easily find it.

Easy enough.

-Hey, Eric.

Do what?

What are you doing?


-What's up?
-We reviewed the footage.

-But we captured it.

We captured it, clear as day.

-No way. No way.

I'm coming, I'm coming.

Holy crap.

No way.

Yes, that is awesome.

So we captured it,
is what you're saying?

Yes, we captured it.

We captured it.

I want your guys's
reaction to this.

Yeah, I haven't seen this yet.

Alright. Ready?


Let's see.

Holy crap. Oh, my God.

And so we tried to
recreate that for, like,

30 minutes,
trying to jump around,

pounding on the floor.

There-- There was--
That's crazy.

A huge movement.

-Can we see it again?

Just because
that was just so incredible.

It was incredible.

Well, you-- I mean,
I just-- I jumped back.

-I was like, what the heck!

I was wondering because
you said you're walking up to it

and I didn't have any idea
of how close you were to it.

But this is-- This is amazing.
This is fantastic.

And watch, you're going to
see him get away from it

when it starts.

Oh, my God.

Now, another thing,
though, is like

he didn't step on it,
he didn't step on it.

In order for him
to step on it like

he would have to
be at an awkward angle.

-You know, like to reach out

-and step with his foot.

-So if anybody thinks that.
-I'd have my leg stretched

-in front of me and--
-He'd have to been way closer.

And it starts rocking before

he's even halfway
through this board.

And then he takes,
like, another step

after it's already
started dropping.

Yeah, because
I didn't notice it, yeah.

I mean, that's--
My first reaction was

I thought it was the lighting
from everybody's cameras.

You know, and I thought
that a shadow

was moving on the wall
from the lighting,

-but it was the actual rocking.
-It was the chair.

You see that clear
as day on camera.

We just caught an amazing
piece of evidence right here.

Upon trying to review
the footage

of the possible shadow
figure seen by Joe,

we found that the camera
had unexplainably stopped

during the night.

Wait a second.
What's going on here?

Oh, is there no footage here?

Look at the time code,
is it fast forwarding?


That's weird.

Blocked camera?

That's what I'm saying.

Holy crap.

You're on 17 right now.

But if you just press the play
button, see what happens.

That's what he did initially
and it started fast forwarding.

-Like, see?
-What the hell?

Look at that,
it's jumping wildly.

Oh, come on, no way.

-What the hell?

Okay, where we are
right now? Okay. Okay.

It shows movement,
though, right?

Those are the green spots.

Yeah, it should be but it
should be playing at this point

because you're right--
Right here at 1300.

Now 15, 16, 17, 18.

-So we're all okay now.
-It's jumping. It's jumping.

And then around there's
when it was captured.

Oh, ain't that
f*cking convenient?

-What the hell?
-The f*ck? Are you sh1tting me?

While we were outside
filming B-roll,

I went back inside to grab
my camera and jacket.

And while I came back, Eric
told me something interesting.

We're outside,
about to do some drone sh*ts,

and I thought Matt had came out

in his T-shirt
and then went back in,

to, I guess, get
a jacket or something.

He said he hadn't
come out at all, right?

No, I-- The only time
I came out was when

I just-- You just
now saw me come out.

I was actually looking
for this camera.

I saw him 100%
come around that corner.

It was him to a tee,
his shirt, his hat, everything.

It was 100% you.

-Dude, that's crazy.

I saw a doppelganger
of Matt here.

That's weird.

Could it have been
my doppelganger Eric saw?

This is only one of many
encounters we have had

of possible mimicking.

I don't know, where--

So you heard it while
you're in the bathroom

or when you were coming out.

I was still in the bathroom,
I was getting ready to come out.

And I heard
a little girl say, "Daddy."

Did it come from, like
in the bathroom or out here.

What do you think?

No, it definitely
came from out here.

-Got you.
-So, I don't know.

It's just weird stuff like that.
It's bizarre.

Well, I was going
to say that daddy thing,

I guarantee you,
that's not a little girl

calling out for her daddy.

That is so like--

Yeah, that's so-- It's too
typical. You know what I mean?

That's too, like that is--
That is definitely something

like mimicking or something.

Check this out, though.

So Bill had his daughter
on the phone,

remember, on his speaker phone?

That's right.

Maybe that helped
trigger something.


Also, what I found
interesting is

when you mentioned
the mimicking thing,

remember what you saw earlier,

of me; seeing me

-in my t-shirt.
-That's right. Hold on.

So that's a good point.

I saw him walk around
the corner of the house

when we were getting ready
to do a drone shot.

I saw him walk out
in his t-shirt

and then he walked back

and then he came back
out with the jacket.

And I was like, "Did you walk,

you know,
walk out and then walk back?"

And he said, "No, not at all."
It was him.

I saw him exactly
but there was no one there.

I saw the doppelganger of Matt

walk on the side
of this building.

Well, see,

well, that was last night
when I come in.

I thought Matt was in there.

Oh, yeah.
That was your initial thought

-is you thought it was Matt.

And I looked in here and at
first I only seen you and Billy,

so I thought Matt was in there
and I looked in there again.

I didn't see anybody.

And then when I turned
to look again,

-there was Matt.
-There he was.

I'm like, "Whoa, wait a minute."

And then damn camera.

Yeah, the camera,
right after that,

completely no-- No footage
at all on camera five.

All the rest of
the cameras recorded

just fine throughout
the entire night,

the entire investigation,

camera five, for some reason,

doesn't have any footage on it.

That's just strange.
That's just strange.

What we know now
is that this thing is mimicking.


Completely mimicking
in multiple different ways.

And that's very strange
and we all know that

what that possibly
leads to so...

Before we arrived at
the Harrisville Farmhouse,

Eric conducted
a tarot card reading

and now he is revealing
their meaning.

Some of what he mentions

what is to come.

The card visible
at the center of the cross

represents the obstacle
that stands in your way,

it may even be something
that sounds good

but is not actually good
to your benefit.

Strength, courage,
fortitude, conviction,

energy, determination,
defiance, action,

awareness of temptation
and the mental

and physical abilities
to overcome them.

Hidden forces at work
are challenged.

Heroism, virility, strength
to endure in spite of obstacles.

We got the seven
of cups reversed.

-There's that number.
-Yeah, and it's also reversed.

Which means desire,

strong willpower,
a goal attained,

intelligent choice,
desire, will, resolution

The card at the right
of the cross represents

an approaching influence
or something to be embraced.

Alright, here's the capability
of perceiving

temptation and avoiding evil.

So again, that's good.
Now, here's the last one.

The card at the top of the staff
represents the ultimate outcome

should you continue
on this course.

We got the Knight
of Cups reversed.

Subtlety, artifice, trickery,
deception, fraud,

a sly and cunning person,
a person capable of swindling.

So basically
this thing's thinking

this is going to be a battle,

an absolute battle,

and it's going to be
battles of despair,

battles of hidden forces,

battles of evil and good

in this house with the spirits
and with us.

And then he talked about Matt.

This is leading up
to what you and I know

about the message from Emerick.

Oh, yeah. Do you want
me to talk about that now?

Yeah, talk about that now and
then I'll go ahead and reveal.

Okay. We're talking about
the Jason Emerick thing.

Okay, listen, Billy and I
don't know anything about it.

So this is new.

"Seven will be there.
Matt needs to be careful.

I don't know what to say really

to what was coming through.

I know they're all going
to be all over his energy.

They said his name
more than once,

within minutes. Sounds.

Or within minutes, seconds.

The door is open."

Everything he said came true.

Now he said inside the mirror,

the Black Mirror Ouija board.

"Please tell Matt to
please take extra precaution."

About an hour after being
informed about Jason's warning,

we started gearing up
for our 30 minute

individual isolation experiment.

So right now we're about
to do our solo sessions,

and this is going
to be your setup.

It's a very similar setup to

what I use for
Man Versus Paranormal.

So you got everything you need.

It's a 4K night vision camera.

A good audio Zoom H4M pro.

Dead light, the best
IR light in the business.

And then we have a face cam

for your reactions because
we want those reactions

also it's good for EVPs

if we can-- So you know
that he's not

or something like that

he's in the building by himself.

So if there's any voice
and it shows him not whispering,

that's going to be interesting.

And especially for
disembodied voices,

this will capture
the disembodied voices

because of how
clear this audio is.

So here it is.

This is going to
be our solo setup

and it works really well for me
for Man Versus Paranormal so...

This is a beast,
this a frigging beast, dude.

This is awesome.

They call you Matt Tactical
for a reason.

Oh, my goodness.
There is something up here.

Like one hundo.

Like, no joke. Like one hundo.

Eric says
there's someone up there.


Alright, I got to bust out
some equipment here

because I know you're here.

There was just a noise
in the corner, I think.

Look, if you're familiar
with me and the equipment,

will you make a noise in here?
So that way I know--

So that way I know.

I'm going to-- I'm going to walk
into the center room here.

every fibre of my being

is telling me
to turn on the flash light.

So is someone over here?

If so, can you please
say something?

Here, I'm going to bust out
a recorder

that you haven't seen yet.

It's called the Sony Saint.

It's the Sony ST25.

I'm hitting record,
so when I hit record,

you can talk and I'll hear you.

William, are you here?

What was that?

Fellas, are you all talking?

Did Joe just say
something real loud?

None of us said anything.

No one said anything?


Okay. I got to get
into this other room.

Oh, my God.

That voice was clear as day.

It sounded like Joe talking.

It was that type of voice.

I swear, that sounded
like Joe talking.

That's crazy.

I only hit play
on the Sony Saint.

Remember the mimicking.

Oh, that's right. The mimicking.

Oh, my God, I forgot about that.

Holy crap.
And it sounded just like Joe.

Oh, man.


Well, I'm going to listen back
because I think I was recording

when it happened.

William, are you here?

William, are you here?

Hey, wait, I'm going
to turn the compressor on.

Whoa, I think that was it.

I caught it. I caught it.

I caught it on the Sony Saint.

Are you there?

Right there.

William, are you here?

What was that?

Fellas, are you all talking?

Did Joe just say
something real loud?

I'm going to set this down
for a second.

Fellas, what's my time like,
am I at 15 minutes?

16 minutes and 48 seconds.

Got you. Alright, it's time
to go downstairs.

Alright, let's get resituated.

Oh, goodness gracious.

The door's like
partially cracked open.

Oh, the cellar, if you will.

That was me.

Are you kidding?

I just felt a gust of wind
from my right side.

Here we go.

Oh, that's a big
first step, jeez!

The gateway is radio silence.

You know what? If the gateway's
going to be silent...

Well, here, I'll switch to AM

at some point.

Not right now.

Alright, first steps
in the basement.

Oh, no.

Is there anyone down here?

Spirits, can you tell me,
is there anything down here?

There's something
walking around.

Man, I'm feeling stuff all over
me, on my head and my hand.

Who's there?

I have to go
upstairs after this.

But this is Eric from Epic.

What do you want
to tell us for tonight?

Oh, goodness.

That fricking heat or something
just turned on.

Okay, time is up.

Time is up.

Alright, hitting stop.

Try the different buttons.
It's up to you. Good luck.

Thanks. Let's do this.

You got this, man.
You've got this.

So Matt's style is kind of
in between all of ours.


Matt's far more scientific

but I can tell, I mean, he's
getting open to more things.

He's been real open
on this journey.

Talking about goosebumps, huh?
Yeah, I know the feeling.


Just you and I right now.

I'm really feeling you,
so you better do something good.

Well, I feel you all over.


If there's an entity here,

let's get you going here.

Let's actually
have a conversation

and let's make something happen.

That's me sighing.

Okay. Come on.

Where are you hiding at, huh?

If you're a demon,

if you're just
calling yourself a demon.

You're not showing your strength

your so-called strength.

You affected a family,

a whole family terrified of you.

But you can't do
a single thing to terrify me.

If you want to really

scare me?

Physically hurt me. Physically.

-I give you permission.

The paranormal drives
every fiber of my being.

I am riveted by it.

When I invite an entity to
physically hurt me, I mean it,

especially if it helps

paranormal phenomena
to manifest.

I give you permission.

I heard you lift beds,

move beds.

I hear you attacking people.

What a...

I'm standing here offering it.

Literally, an offering.

All this talk

and affecting

a family so horribly

and then when
someone stands up to you,

you back off.

Well, most people would say,

this is stupid
what I'm doing right now,

but I'm really here
for evidence.

I'm an investigator
and I want evidence, okay?

And that's why I made
an offering right now.

I'm giving you that offering.

You got 16 minutes.

16 minutes.


After our isolations,
we split up into two groups.

Eric and I did another séance
session on the second floor

because of what I experienced
in our first séance.

Meanwhile, Joe and Billy
were in the basement

conducting EVP sessions.

-Now, I've started, okay.
-Rolling? Alright.

We're about to head upstairs.

Matt and me are going to do
a little séance action.

Me and him had some good
results with it last night.

Now it's going to be
just him and me.

We're going to focus
for however long it takes

because we know
something's up there.

We know they're trying
to come through.

-You ready for this?
-Yes, I am.

-Me too. I'm excited.
-I'm ready.

I like this kind of thing
because like--

Like you're saying,
like we feel it.

Like, I really-- I was
really feeling it last night.

-It was building up.

Judging from
the experiences we had,

Eric and I were in the most
active part of the house,

so I decided to do
something different

and completely open myself up
to the entity there.

I wanted no barriers between me

and whatever is in the house,

hoping the house
would speak to me.

I'm letting it affect me
in any way it likes.

This is something
I don't usually do,

but Jason's warning
made me want to.

so we're focusing on you.

We're focusing our energy,

our passion,
our drive, our desires

and our will to communicate,
we're focusing it all on you

so that we can come
through and talk to us.

-I didn't hear anything.
-I did not.

We have the rem pod here,
if you touch that.

I know that you're here.

What do you think of Matt?

If you're here,
don't be afraid to reach out.

I know Matt was intense earlier,

but he was just trying
to look out for you.

I was just trying
to protect people

from being affected again

and stand up from what's evil.

All the good ones.

I'm completely open
and accept you.


Hello. You don't have to
hide back there.

-You can walk over here.

Completely open and accept you.

-Accept you.


What do you think of me?

What do you think of Matt?

I guess, I heard his name.

Matt. Can you hear it?

Yeah, I can sense it.

-Right there.
-Yeah, sounds like Matt.

It's something. I mean,
it sounds like Matt, but--

It does.

We should probably
go chill with them.

-Do our last push.

Yeah, we're going to
have to call it.

We're going to refocus
our energy on you.

On the spirits here.

It's me again.

And that was Matt saying,
"It's me again."

I keep seeing the woods
but with like a tombstone.

I keep seeing a shadow.

-Where at?
-I mean, in my mind.

-In your mind?
-Behind me.

Alright, let me try to look
behind you as well.

Okay, alright.

There is 100%
something behind you.

I tried looking at it like
meditation wise,

like pastural wise,
and there was immediately

this gigantic, like,
dark, greyish, like

-just energy.
-One second.

I'm seeing little maggots
from the room bottom.

I'm seeing,
like little red dots,

like little red specks flashing.


That's them. That's them.

That's Bill.

So you said
there's something behind Matt.

That there's
something else in here.

Can you confirm?
Are those both correct?

I hear those noises
are Billy downstairs moving.

Just for notation.

You know, when I was
doing the séance part,

you know what I was envisioning?

What did you see?


Is that what you saw?

No, what did you see?

I saw a shadow behind me,

I was getting dragged into
that room back there.

That's freaky.
The middle room?

-The rocking chair

Spirits, did you see
something similar to that?

Matt getting dragged
into the room?

Leave now.

-Leave now.
-Leave now.

-Leave now.

-Bro, we--

That was so cool.

That's a "Leave Now."
It's so clear.

Why should we leave?

Please elaborate.

I feel so drawn to that area.

Take a camera.

Get it, whatever it is.

The deal.

-The deal.

The deal.

-The deal.

Come on, hold it.

God damn.


Like now?

I heard Sarah.



Yo, Billy.

Can you come up here with us?
It's pretty lit.



We were doing
an EVP session down there

-and I was asking

what they thought of all of us.

-I said, What do you think--"


Damn, surely that got it.

Had to have...

I can't believe
he shut the door.

Yo, you alright?

What happened?

Did he pass out or something?

Are you recording?

What's up?

You alright?

What happened, big dog?

I'm going to get some air.

-I'm going to get some air.

Okay, follow him.
Are you getting all that?

I got it all.

Yeah, I want to get
some air too.

He was laying on his back there
when I came through.

We have to watch that camera

because he was just
sitting in there, right?

Yeah, sitting on the floor.

He was laying right
flat on his back.

Where did he go?

Oh, shit.

There's no freaking light
whatever the hell's this thing.

Where the hell did he go?

What a hero!

He's entered the cemetery?

What happened to Matt?

Did you do something to Matt?

You smell that?

-Smells like wood burning.

Yeah, I definitely smell that.

It's burning wood.

That's strange
since we haven't smelled that

since we've been here.


You okay?

They're not in here.

-I really don't know.
-You got the talkie?

Matt was lying
like a dead man up there.

Are they in there?

I don't know.
Here's my walkie.

Where are you guys at?

There you are.

You alright?

I was just zoned out.


I felt the terror from

the Perrons,
or at least one of them.

I think it was one of them
I was really feeling


I felt, like, suffering

from someone else,
not me at that time and...

I completely zoned out.

I was following

to the certain areas
of the top floor

and I was completely losing,

like completely losing
my equilibrium.

And I almost cried at one point
from feeling her emotions.

And that's weird
because they're alive,

you know, they're alive,
they're not dead or anything.

Yeah, but I felt like
I was feeling

someone-- someone from a family
that was here or something,

which makes no sense.

Their emotions--
Dude that makes perfect sense.

Their emotions
are probably still here.

Imagine all they
went through, you know?

And at one--
When we were doing that--

We were doing that focusing

and then you got up
and just walked off.

You felt something.

Oh, my God and that was also

the vision of being
dragged in there.


And then you go in there

and then you get dragged
into a trance.

You get dragged deep

-into those emotions.
-I was so in a trance.

I have never had that
in my whole life.

I have never had that ever

in my whole entire life

felt that way in a location.

It took you deep
into that emotion.

That's wild, dude.

So you do feel it was external?

It was--

I felt like I was being
guided into there.

And then I felt

that person, I don't know
which one it was, I just felt

that-- their emotions and I--
and I almost--

It was-- I can't explain it,
to be honest.

It's hard to explain in words

what the f*ck happened.

so from where we were,

it sounded like you fell.

I fell twice.

Yeah and we--

So we got up
and we're like, "What the hell?"

The thing is like, I was--

And then when you
started talking--

I didn't black out.
I was just in a trance.

I was going to say,
when you first said something,

it sounded like you weren't
here, you were spaced out

like, in a way deep trance.

The moment you said something
I knew like you were--

You had just come
from somewhere else,

is what it sounded like.

I felt like I was in

a completely different
time period,

like different situation, like,
you guys are away from me.

I'm like, not even--

It's hard to explain in words,
to be honest.

So this is something that's
never happened to me before.

I've been oppressed before,
like a couple of times,

but that was just
feeling their emotions.

But this was a trance,
I've never been in trance

like this before.

I've never been,
like, drawn and--

And losing my complete
balance and falling--

How do you feel now?

I feel better, like

being out of the house.

Fresh air.


-Well, hey.
-That's crazy.

Now that
I know you're okay,

fist bump
because that was badass.

You just experienced
something way deep.

That was very deep.

I've had oppression before,

like, feeling
someone's emotions,

but I've never been
in a trance like that.

And I felt like
time stood still.

One of the things that I
need you to understand is that,

you know, when you push,
like you did earlier

with the provocation and such,

you know, it also
kind of puts us all

in a little bit of danger, too.

But at the same time,

just because
nothing happens here

doesn't mean it won't
happen at your home.

I knew that. I knew that.

That could also
affect us as well.

Mm-hmm, I'm aware.

-But I specifically said,

the invitation's for me
and I got what I wanted.

That's what I wanted.

It's not all physical.

Most of this is psychological.

And we have to be careful.

-And spiritual.
-I know.

But to be honest,
I kind of liked it.

Like, I want that more.

My goal from
challenging the entity

was to invoke a reaction.

Whatever is necessary.

As an investigator,
I want evidence,

but at the same time
I do not like

when an entity is taking
advantage of someone.

Why can't I take the blows
when I ask for it

instead of people
like the Perron family?

And she knows this

and he told her after

that he would never
put her through

anything like that again.

And she believed her and I think

aside from "I love you,"

I think the most
you most powerful words

in this or any language are,
"I believe you."

I understand you wouldn't--

I'm sorry I didn't give you
a heads up on this

but I thought this was
a really important story

to share with people.

I do want to-- I want you to do
good with if you could, honey.

That was that one that...

I got lucky
and I got an interaction back,

which doesn't always happen.

Judging from
all the correlations,

I was a target
since the beginning.

I am glad I was.

I wish this would happen to me
at all locations I investigate.

I wouldn't mind them
follow me home either.

I want paranormal
phenomena to manifest

as much as possible in my life.

This is what I signed up for.

When we arrived back home,
Joe and I spent hours

reviewing our findings.

After reviewing the footage,
we still did not know

what was causing
the walkie-talkie interference,

and we wanted to try
one more time to recreate

the chair movement
with our new knowledge

of where Billy stepped when
the rocking chair initiates.

From when we examined
the DVR footage frame by frame.

So Joe and I
decided to head back

to Harrisville, Rhode Island,

and our good friend, Levy Reyes,

invited us to join him
at the Farmhouse.

Alright, so this has been
one hell of a drive.

The weather is bad,
the roads are bad.

This is insane.

Upon trying to debunk

the walkie talkie
interference with Cory,

we discovered no interference
could be duplicated.

Hey, Joe, it's not
doing it any more.

Yeah, there's nothing here.

Okay, so channel three
is on right now.

This is exactly--

You didn't change anything
with your security cameras

-or anything like that? Nothing?

Because that's what we were
probably thinking of is

do you have any wireless stuff
with your security cameras?

-No, you don't?

It's all-- Okay.

I'm on Channel three
right now, look.

Ten, three.

Okay, it's three. Same channel.

It was happening
all the time in this area,

now it's not happening.

They changed
out their DVR system.

They said they didn't.

Didn't you change it out,
like get a new system?

We got a new system coming in.

Like Ethernet.


This doesn't make sense.

It was going crazy
on Channel Three.

What the heck?
Why can't we recreate it now?

It was going insane.

So you didn't do
any new things electrically?

It is on if it helps.

Like, I was thinking it was
gonna be easy to recreate again

because we were
able to recreate it

over and over again
when we were there.

But now, if you didn't change
anything electrically...

-That's kind of weird.

Since Cory states,
he has not changed

anything electrically
at the house,

a natural explanation

couldn't be found
for what we experienced

that night
with the walkie-talkies.

Okay, so right now
we are back about

nine, ten months later

after the original footage

when we captured
the chair moving.

Bill, after reviewing
the footage,

we noticed he steps exactly

at this crack right here

and we want to
know approximately

the distance that he was

when he stepped from the chair.

As you can tell, the stubs
right here are very short.

So he obviously
did not step on the stub

to accidentally make
this go like that.

And so what we're going to do

is measure about the distance.

So if he stepped
right around here

and they'll say
his foot probably was--

Let's use my boots for

Yeah, let's use your boot
for an example.


This is an estimation obviously.

He probably has a bigger foot
or smaller foot, we don't know.

-These are a 12, so--
-Put your foot here.

Put it where exactly?

Right there is fine.
So estimation.

Well, I was right about a foot.

A little bit over a foot,
13 inches

from where
he's standing right here.

And that's when this moved.

Now, back up.

13 inches away approximately.

Probably the same for Bill.


look at this.

It doesn't even move.
It doesn't budge at all.

Not even a little bit.

So that right there

is some amazing evidence.

I'm pretty excited
about this one.

The cool thing about this is

how many angles we
have when this happens.

We have about, I think
four cameras or so

and plus DVR cameras
and all that.

That's a lot of cameras
running at the moment.

And we had a live stream going,

which was Eric's live stream
when it happened.

Like, I have a 4K camera,

A couple 4K cameras,

literally pointing at the chair
right after it happens.

It's extremely obvious
there's no string

and we're--
Literally with the lights on,

you will be able to see that
string if there was one so...

I think this is classified
as paranormal

without a doubt.

The next morning when
I was transferring SD cards

and packing up our gear
to get ready to leave,

all of a sudden I heard water
running in the restroom.

There was no one in there

and I was the only one
awake at the time.

Joe? Paranormal experience.

Okay, so this was
not caught on camera.

Somebody in here?

It has a lot of force.

You need a lot of force
to that to move it.

It's not loose.

The Hollywood film,
The Conjuring.

Overdramatized and embellishes
what actually happened.

But the question
we wanted answered was,

is the infamous
Harrisville Farmhouse

truly that next level
haunted location?

From the evidence we captured,

including our
personal experiences,

we can conclude the house
is definitely more active

than most locations
we have investigated.

It was The Conjuring
that brought our truth to light

and gave me the opportunity

to tell the world that yes, the
truth is stranger than fiction.

I know what some might think

after watching this documentary,

is the footage
we captured truly real?

-It's moving. It's moving.
-Move. Move--

Was it all
a hoax for a film?

Psychologist Leon Festinger
said it best.

What he is talking about
is a psychological theory

called cognitive dissonance.

"Psychological conflict
resulting from

incongruous beliefs
and attitudes

held simultaneously."

In other words, what we
presented in this documentary

is 100% real.

Like the lighting
because they're like,

you know how like the-- The--

-These things are--
-Right there. Oh, shit!


-That's why I was like, oh shit.

-Look at this.
-That's badass, dude.

-And look how fast it stopped.


But no matter how
much evidence we present

towards paranormal phenomenon,

many will deny it.

Cognitive dissonance
can be a problem

among sceptics and believers.

As a paranormal investigator,
I try my best to be unbiased

and present our findings
through the art of film.

Is there any experiences
that you've had

or any of your family members

for mimicking,

like mimicking other people.


-Oh, really?

Oh, okay.
Let's go in depth with that.

Bathsheba came through--

Well, a few years ago, I was
doing a spirit bath session

and I was working
with my paranormal partner

at the time, George Lopez,

and she came through

with my voice.

And he said, "No, no, no, no.

You don't use Andrea's voice,

you use your own voice or we
can't have this conversation."

And then she came through
with that child-like voice

that I recognized.

And I heard a little
girl say, "Daddy."

I was feeling
very disoriented.

Yes, and I-- Someone being
terrified of something,

just complete terror
is what I felt.

Well, there was an incident
that occurred

when my sister Cindy was 14,

where a black mass that she saw
hovering above me in bed

swept down off of me
and grabbed her by the ankles

and dragged her down, partially
down the bedroom stairs.

The bedroom
that was my bedroom,

directly above the parlour.

Wow. I didn't even
know this story.

That's really intriguing. Wow.

So that was my vision
of being dragged

also by a shadowy mass and--

Cindy was terrified
out of her mind that night.


Okay, I might have felt her.

I am not
making the bold claim

that what we encountered here
is without a doubt, ghosts.

But objects are being
moved on their own here.

f*cking shit!

Holy shit!

Oh, my God.


What the f*ck!

It was all over the place.

Holy shit, dude.

And that is truly
paranormal phenomena.

Something we don't
exactly understand yet

and defies our known
laws of physics.

Science always changes.

One day we might have
some of the answers,

but until then,
we keep searching.

Matt, every time
somebody like you

goes into that house
with the owner's permission

and has their own
experiences in there,

and what you do serves
to vindicate and validate

my family's story.

Every time you compile more
and more evidence,

it serves to validate our story.
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