w*r of the Worlds: The Attack (2023)

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Space, Time-travel, Futuristic, Aliens, Sci-Fi movie collection.
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w*r of the Worlds: The Attack (2023)

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Before it happened,

no one would have believed that
our world was being watched.

Watched keenly and closely

by intelligences
far greater than us.

Scrutinizing us

as we do cells
under a microscope,

and yet,
across the gulf of space,

an enemy regarded this earth
with their envious eyes.

And slowly and surely,

drew their plans against us.


-A little warning.


We're on course.

This way.

When did you see it, Hannah?

About two hours ago,

just a green light

-passing through the sky.

Aren't meteors
supposed to be white or yellow?

Maybe it's the aliens.

I think I believe
Dr. Stint, Ogilvy.

We're certainly
not alone in this universe.

Dr. Stint.

Why don't you believe her?

All right. Look.

I respect some of her work,

but truthfully speaking,

she has a lot
of crackpot ideas and--

Dr. Stint is a leading
astronomer in England,

and we're lucky
to have her at UCL.

We are lucky to have her at UCL.

Oh, shut up.
You're such a child.

Guys. Let's not waste time.

Let's keep going.

Oh, finger.

-Oh, shut up.
-My feelings.


Not far now.

Thank Christ for that.

My legs are dead.

We have made it
through the woods, boys.

I'll tell you in five minutes

if I've made it through
the woods or not.

Wait. Where's Herb?

What? Right behind us.

- Herb?
- Come on.





Jesus! You scared
the life out of me.

What on Earth
are you doing here?

I thought I saw a...

Come on, let's go.

All right.

Sorry, guys.

You all right there, buddy?

You know what?

I think I've got
a theory about this.

Oh, here we go. Here we go.

-No, I have--
-We've got a theory again.

Where's the camera?
Bring it out.

Yes. Have to get this.

At this time, I have to say it.

For posterity.



Okay. What I'm saying is


what if Martians exist?

So whatever I saw tonight

definitely wasn't a meteor.

Exactly, exactly,

exactly, it wasn't a meteor,
was it?

So what could it have been?

It could have been
a probe, a rocket.

We could be dealing
with a Martian invasion.

All right. Okay,

just calm down,
tin foil hat man.

Herbert, I love you.

But if life on Mars
even existed,

it's long extinct.

Mars is just
a big dusty graveyard.

We'll see, Ogi.

We will see.

Well, you tried
to teach these kids.

Try to raise them right.



Would you stop doing that?

-What is wrong?
-GPS is dead.

Might as well call it a night.

But we're so close.

It's pitch black,
navigation is gone,

could be anywhere
within two-mile radius.


We can stay at my mom's.

She doesn't live far from here.

We'll start early
in the morning.

Oh, stay at yours.

Relax. I'll be there too.

Oh, now you're making it
sound worse.

Look, we can charge
your GPS and start early.

Let's just go, yes?

Hey. Coming.

Good morning, everyone.

It is nine o'clock
on 17th October.

And we were supposed to be

the early bird
catching our meteor

but our super,

super enthusiastic astronomer

is still asleep. Nice close up.

Very nice, very nice.

-Now, Herb.

-Would you please do the honors?
-Of course.


Yeah, I'm letting you get away
with this this time.

Yeah, all right.

God, Hannah, stop being weird.

This is for documenting
our work, yeah?

Not for silly pranks.

Herbert, are you coming?

Yeah, I'm here.

Morning, sweetie.


Did you sleep well?

Yeah, fine.

Are you guys
off out again today?

Uh, yeah, hopefully,
find something interesting.

And what time do you think
you'll be home?

Uh, I don't know.

It depends on what we get up to.

Well, I'm going to
Leatherhead this afternoon

to see your Uncle Tom.

-You sure to make it, won't you?

I'll try.

- What do you mean you'll try?
- I mean I'll try.

Your Uncle Tom's done a lot
for us since your dad--

Mom, leave it.

Look, it's not far to cycle

or you can catch a bus
and meet me there.

Yeah. Just leave it, okay?

-I'll try and make it.
-Your dad and Tom

had the same passions
that you've got now.

And Tom might be
the closest connection

-you've got to your father.

the only connection
I had with dad
was that bloody telescope.

Just leave it, okay?


Herbert, listen!

Hey, Ellie.

Morning, gorgeous.

How have you been?

Good, thanks.

Busy with work.


You made pancakes.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah,
sit down and get them

before they get cold.

Where's Ogilvy?

He's in the bathroom.


I'll get Herbert.

Thanks, Hannah.


So, here you are.

What's that?

It's a walkie-talkie.

Is it your dad's?


He used to love everything
sort of radios and signals.

We used to just, sort of,

listen to random frequencies

and he always used to brag

that we might come across
some Russian spies

up to no good or something.

Hey, guys.
Should we get breakfast?

Jesus. This is older
than my grandma

and your grandma too.

I don't know why
people still use these.

Why not?

It's so outdated and bulky,

and it's got limited range,

and it's not even accurate.

Listen, it's all about 5G now.

-6G will be next.
-If your brain isn't fried

- with all that radiation.
- Uh-hmm. Really?

-All right.

Put your phone away.
Let's see how long you last.


All right.

I'm gonna go eat some pancakes.

You can come if you like.

By the way, um,
did you guys

blow an air horn this morning?

What are you giggling about?

They're being immature,
Mrs. Wells.

You winding him up again.

It's jealousy, Mrs. Wells.

You know what? I just think

they just can't handle the fact

that I'm
the superior astronomer.

-You are so modest.
-I know.

So how's the research
coming along then, Ogilvy?

Not bad. In fact, very soon,

you should see our names
in the news

for some very important
astronomical event.

Hmm, that reminds me

of something that I heard
in the radio this morning.

What did you hear on the radio?

Something about a meteor
landing at Horsell Common.

What? When?

This morning.

What the hell?

We're already too late.
What's the point?

Just ride!

The only thing
that matters is that

we're the first people
to investigate the impact.

Let's just hope
it's not what we think it is.

What you think it is.

I doubt it's ground zero

of an alien invasion, Herbert.

We'll see.

All right.

Come on, hurry up.

So, we're a little bit late
to be the first ones here.

Let's get some fun.

So much for being
the early bird, guys.

Excuse me.




It's big, isn't it?

It's got to be
at least...

50, 60 feet wide.

We should get close to that.

I don't know if you notice,

but there's police everywhere.

We'll go on the back.

Follow me.

All right, guys.

I need this whole area,
get them out.

Nobody, and I mean,
nobody can come down there.

- Is that understood?
- Yes, sergeant.

Okay. Thank you very much.

Get down.

Sergeant. Sergeant

Okay. Thank you.

Looks clear.


What is this?

It's like a heat
coming off in it.


It's cooler down here
near the impact.

Ogi, have you got that torch?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.

Well, it's definitely
not a meteorite.

-How do you know that?
-Look at the shape of it.

It's all wrong. I mean,

it looks like it's metal.


What is that?

Oh, my God.

We should go.

For once,
I agree with you, Hannah.


Herbert! Herb!

- Herbert, let's go.
- Yeah, sorry.

What are you doing down there?

Get up here right now!


You guys better have
a bloody good reason

as to why I shouldn't have
you guys arrested right now.

What are you doing here?

We're from UCL.

Dr. Stint sent us to start
investigating the meteorite.

This is a restricted area.

Dr. Stint will be coming
herself to investigate.

There's no way
she'll send a bunch of kids.

Follow me, now.


You all right, Herb?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Just thinking about what it was.

I'm just wondering if we should
tell him what we saw.

Tell me--tell me what?

What did you see?


It was like an octopus
shrouded in black smoke.

An octopus?


Stay there.

Don't move.

Well, congratulations, Herb.

You were right.

It feels great, Ogi,
really does.

So, why do we think
that they're here?

How would I know?

To have tea
with his mom or something.


I'm gonna start moving
the civilians shortly

and Dr. Stint will be arriving.

I guess you guys
should speak to her.

Do you think that this is--

that this is dangerous
for everyone?

I'm not qualified to say,

but she is.

- Dr. Stint!
- Why am I not surprised

to see you three here?

-You know these guys?
-Indeed I do.

-Yeah, they belong to me.
-Well, they have illegally

entered a police cordon

and you're all old enough
to be arrested.


Well, what did you see?

It was some kind of... creature.

Dr. Stint, I got close to it.

And it...

I'm just not sure
if it was friendly,

that's what I'm saying.

Damn it.

there's too many people around.

We were the first in the scene.

I've got two
or three more officers.

The MOD, they won't be here
for another hour

- or so, so...
- Yeah, we don't

have time to wait.

I need
to start investigating now.

Dr. Stint.

Be careful.

Don't worry, Herbert.
I know what I'm doing.

That's strange.

What the hell happened
over there?

I don't know,
I can't explain it.

But what is going on over there?

Dr. Stint!
Have you got a moment to talk?

I'm sorry, I don't.
Not right now, okay?

If that goes out live, hundreds,

maybe thousands of people
will descend onto this crater.

We have no idea what
the Martians are gonna do.

Move them back.

Move them back, get them back.
Come on, move back!


Move, let's go! Move!

Hannah, any ideas?

Head for the bikes!

Come on, Hannah!

How many people
do you think it k*lled?

I don't know.

It's another landing.

What should we do?

Let's go back to my mom's.
Let's go.

This way.

Mom? Mom?

She's already gone
to Leatherhead.

Sorry, Herb.

Do you think
we'll get through this?

They're on their way
to the second landing.

I think that's right.

You know, let,
let's hope the military

-can sort out the situation.
-We'll see about that.

Why can't you be positive, man?

...pebbles into space to wake

what you can't possibly

and now they've thrown
rocks back.

And all you see
is the betterment

of your prideful goals,

reporting it on the television.

My son paid for your sin,

I paid for you sin!

Sorry about that.

Clearly, tensions
are running high here.

Let me just see
if I can speak to--

oh, Dr. Stint.

-Just one moment, Doctor.
-One minute.

Could you explain
to our viewers what you think

the intentions
of the Martians might be?

It's too early to say.

We don't know what they want,

we don't know
what they're capable of.

We attempted
to have a dialogue,

but they don't seem
in the mood for that, so--

Any thoughts
on the second landing?

We're investigating that.

There's no activity so far.

Any safety advice you'd like
to give to our audience?

Stay at home and don't panic.

Leave your radios and TVs on.

We will broadcast updates.

If you are near
any of the landing sites,

do not approach them
and keep clear.

Please, leave this to us
and let us do our jobs.

That's all I have to say.
Thank you.

Dr. Stint, please,
just one more question.

Wait, no, no!



-All the channels are dead!

I'll ring my mom to find out
what's going on in Leatherhead.

Signal's dead.

Try mine.


-No. No signal in yours, Hannah.

Mine is dead, too.

Wait a minute.

Do you think the satellites
have been compromised?


My parents are in Manchester.

Do you think this has hit them?


They'll be moving too slowly.

Why'd you say that?

Because if
we're dealing with Mars,

which I think we are,
then Earth's gravity

is three times
stronger than Mars,

so, you know, theoretically,

they're gonna be down
here moving three times slower.

Thank God, finally!
Something positive!

My parents are probably okay.

They're in Mallorca,
getting drunk,

spending my inheritance.

So what do we do?
Do we stay here or leave?

What do you reckon?

I think for now,
we do what the lieutenant

on the television said.

Stay put till we know more.

Well, without
any communications,

how are we gonna know that?

I don't know.

You know--you know what, guys?

We'll probably be fine.
You know,

our military has
state-of-the-art technology.

for this planet.

I mean, we're dealing
with a world

that's millions of years
older than us.

So what do we do?
Do we stay

at home or do we hit the road?

Stay here.

We don't know
how many are out there.

We don't even
know where we're going.


We may be in conflict,

but we're British, Hannah!

Let's lick some cups of tea!



There's something in the garden!

Hey, who is it?

Say something! Show yourself!


I'm Baxter.

Ben Baxter. Uh, an artilleryman.

What are you doing out here?

I'm just looking
for a place to hide.

Please? I just need to rest.

Come inside.

I'll meet you at the back door.

-Are you nuts?
-It's a human, Oggy.


Besides, he's a soldier.
He might have information.

Thank you.

Of course.

Is everything all right?

They wiped us out.

They just completely
wiped us out.

Would you like a water
or a tea or something?

Oh, come, come on, man.
He's a soldier.

Give him whiskey or something.

Yeah. Of course.

All my friends,

they just...

I don't suppose
I could trouble you

for another one, could I, chap?

Yeah, of course. Yeah.

I'm, um, Herb, by the way.

This is Oggy and Hannah.

Do you wanna freshen up?

Thank you.

Yeah. The bathroom's--

it's up the stairs.

You're welcome to.

So how did you get here?

I got saved by blind luck.

I lost my balance
and fell into a ditch

the moment that heat ray struck.

Wiped out my entire unit.

I was the only one to survive.

It wiped out the town
like it was nothing.

And I was just frozen in fear.

Do you have any idea
what they might want

or where they might be headed?

I'm not sure exactly.
But they're not far from here.

Do we stay here
and hope the military

have got it under control,

or do we get as far away
from here as we can?

I think we should definitely
hit the road.

There's no way the military's
gonna get these under control.

We're like ants.

Where do you think we should go?

As far away from here
as possible.

I have to go to Leatherhead.
My mom's there.

-Then we'll come with you.
-Yeah, man.

No, no. You don't have to.

No, listen, anything we do,
we do as a team.


Is it safe for us to go there?

I can't say exactly.

I lost my comms in that ditch

and I've got no way
to communicate with command.

Would a walkie-talkie do?

Yes. Without the satellite,
that's the only way

we could contact
any other military units.

All right.

The first cylinder
had landed here,

and the second one was here.

Now, you guys said you needed
to get to Leatherhead, right?

-That's there.

Let me see if we can find out
what the situation is.

This is 19473F,
is anybody there? Over.

This is 19473F,
is anybody listening? Over.

19473F, is anybody there?

This is 19473F,
is anybody there? Over!

This is 18385D.
What are you looking for? Over.

This is Ben Baxter,
artilleryman, Unit F,

looking for a status update.

Please identify yourself. Over.

This is Corporal Fred,
Unit D command post.

Good to hear from you.

We thought Unit F had all gone.

Any other survivors? Over.

It's just me.

I'm in a bit
of a hot zone here, Fred.

-Uh, I'm in a residence, uh...
-Maybury Hill.

...uh, Maybury Hill.

We're about three clicks out
the first landing site.

Uh, I'm with three civilians.

Okay, Ben.

We need you guys to move ASAP,

get to a safe zone. Over.

These guys need to get
to Leatherhead, Fred.

Do you know
if the route's clear? Over.

Leatherhead? Over.

Yes, Leatherhead. Over.


The third cylinder
landed at Pyford,

and Tripods are crawling
all over there.


All right.
Let me get back to you. Over.

Okay. One last thing.
Do not use petrol vehicles.

The Martians can lock
onto the exhaust trails.

Please use
alternative transport. Over.

Copy that, Fred. Over and out.

Godspeed. Over and out.

What do you guys think?

We go north to Weybridge,
down to Leatherhead.


I'll take you guys
as far as Weybridge.

I can join
the other troops there.

Right. Let's do this.

We need to pack as much food
as possible.

We've got no idea how long
this thing is gonna last for.

Well, you heard what Fred said.

It sounds like we're walking.

We've got bikes.

It's probably not the best time
to say this, considering, uh,

but you look ridiculous
on that bike.

-I look ridiculous, Oggy?

Martians landing
and taking over the world,

and I look ridiculous?

Huh. I think we're going
right soon, right?

Yeah, it's definitely
next right.

-Not yet.
-Hannah, it's the next right.

We'll turn right
when I tell you to turn right.

Listen, I'm telling you
it's the next right!



Let me check in with Fred.
Hannah, give me the walkie.

This is 19473F.

This is Ben Baxter
looking for Fred.

Are you listening, mate? Over.

This is Corporal Fred.
Where are you guys? Over.

Fred, we're in Woking.

There's not much
of the town left here

and we've just seen fighters
heading east.

Is everything all right
over there? Over.

Stay to the west. Over.

Roger that, Fred. Over and out.

Let's keep moving.

Oh, my God.

We're too close here.

We got to keep moving.

This way.

There you go.

Welcome to Weybridge.

Let me ask these boys
what the situation is.

That sounds good.


Hi. Can I help?

Ben Baxter.

I'm all that's left of Unit F.

I'm trying to get these guys
as far south as possible.

Where are you going now?

We're going to Leatherhead.
We're looking for my mom.

I wouldn't suggest that at all.
It's very dangerous.

A third cylinder just landed
very close to Leatherhead,

the Air Force
is on their way there now.

Well, what about the people
who've already been evacuated?

We're moving everyone
towards London.

So, I suggest your family
is on their way there now.

-How is London?
-Clear so far.

The underground
and the old bunkers

offer more protection against
any att*cks in the center.

But right now, it's just
the town South of London.

What about Manchester?

No reports coming out yet.

What about Mallorca?

No reports of anything
coming out of Europe yet.

If you go across that bridge,
you'll find Officer Marvin.

He'll take your names
and arrange a boat for you.

-Thanks, Lieutenant.
-Thank you.

That's it. That's the base.

Let's ditch the bikes here.

Ah, I'll miss you, old girl.



If we get through this,
I'm coming back for my bike.

Come on, let's go.


at least we've got
the whole army with us.

It's not gonna do
any good.

Why? Is there really nothing
we can do?

Against their shields, we might
as well be using bad language.

- There's the queue.
- That's the one.

Well, at least it's not as long
as we thought it might be.

Or because everyone else
left town already.

I'm gonna go check in
with the unit
and get some information.

Catch you guys up.
You check in
with Officer Marvin.

All right.

Stop it! Stop it now!

I said stop! All right?

You two need to talk
your shits out,

or there's neither of you
getting on the boat.

Now, get back in line quietly,
and let us do our jobs.

Corporal Fred, this is
a command post, please respond.


Yes, Captain.
This is Fred. Over.

We are mobilizing
all units.

Threat intel coming in.
How many civilians are with you?

We currently have
20 civilians here.


Are there any more after that?

Looks like
it's the last of them.

We can't say for sure. Over.

Make sure you are ready.
As I say--

- And you, sir?
- Scott Jones.

-And you, sir?
-Mark David.

-And you, lady?
-Anne Fulbert.

-And you, sir?
-Herbert Wells.

Herbert Wells. And you two?
Uh, Hannah Jones.

-Ogilvy Montague.


Captain Marvin, stand down.
These three are with me.

Just carry on
down the line, please.

Excellent. Thank you.

Listen, I managed to get us
our own boat.

-Which one?
-It's that one right there.

It's nice.

How'd you manage that?

Benefits of knowing somebody
in the unit.

Thank you, Ben, really,
for everything.

Listen, it's me that has
to thank you. All of you guys.

You really helped me out.

Now, listen,
get yourselves on the boat,

I'll get some supplies,

and I'll catch you in a bit.

-My first name is Ogilvy.

Really having issue
with Montague?

Your parents
didn't like you much, did they?


This has to be them.

Excuse me. Does one of you
happen to be Daniel?

-Yeah. It's me. You're Herbert?

-This is your boat here, okay?
-Thank you.

-Listen, you got to row it
yourself, okay?


All right. Great.

Oh, oh, looks like we're rowing.

Yes, it does.

-Are we all set?
-Gotta wait for Ben.

-How wrong was I?
-About what?

Walkie-talkies, maps, compasses,
all low-tech technology.

You're right.

-I will be, yeah.

Aww, what a nice candid moment.

- Shut up, Oggy.
- Gotta get it on camera.

Uh, give me
my camera back, Oggs.

What? At least it is waterproof.

But it's not Ogilvy-proof.

-Your mom's not Ogilvy-proof.



Go on! There's more, run!

Come on!

-Hannah, come on. Hurry up.

Come on, move.

We need to get
out of here.

Yeah. One of us
is unconscious at the moment.

Yeah, we're gonna have
to carry her. Carry her?

-She's, she's awake.
-She's waking up.

-Hey. Are you okay?
-Yeah. I'm fine.

What happened?

You kind of fell over
and hit your head,

so we brought you through here.

Look, they took out
the whole military.

We have to go, now.

- Yeah. Give me a hand.
- Yeah?

Oh, okay.
All right. Wait, wait, wait.

You good?

-Three, two, one.

I need my bag.

Okay. Let's go, guys.
See if we can find the boat.


Guys, look.

We can take this boat
and try and make it to London.

Sound like a plan?

Fine by me.

We should give it a push,
I guess.

God, look at this place.

- I hope Ben made it out okay.
- Yeah.

Look, we need to find shelter.

we're gonna to turn ice

by the time we reach London.

Okay. Let's just find
somewhere to hold up.

Nope. It's dead.

Do you think
it'll ever work again?

Always has before, maybe.

I don't think so.

Never the optimist.


who is that?


Are you okay?

It's okay.

Do you sin, boy?

Are you clear of conscience
and pure of heart?

Padre, this boy
is as pure as they come.

He hasn't sin a day in his life.

He won't even Google
the answers to the crossword.


We're all gonna die.

This is the end of humanity,
the human race.

We have abandoned God,
and now he is punishing us.

Sorry, who, who are you?

Why, why are you sat
on that log?

I'm one of God's
loyal messengers.

Are you--are you local--
are you a local priest?

Do you--
do you know the area well?

Do you know where we are?

Look, we've just been
by the river.

We're just, just looking
for somewhere to get...

We're all gonna die.

You really should keep
some hope, father.

It's the beginning of the end.

How can we escape?

They can't be destroyed.

We saw them get destroyed
this afternoon.

That doesn't matter.

We humans deserve this.

For too long, we've ravaged
and r*ped the planet,

and succumbed
to impulsive desires.

You've brought this all
on yourselves with you,

your youthful folly.

I tried, Lord.

Do you know what?

Over there is an actual
invading Martian army.

And over there,
our army is amassing as well.

So you can stand around here
if you like

bemoaning the human race

and guess what?
You'll meet both of them.

And you'll probably be turned
into ash.

Or you can just be decent
and just help us.

Tell us where to go.



It's--it is possible...

in that direction,
you may find some houses

and maybe some food, too.

-Thank you.
-Hey, uh, let's make a move.

This guy is nuttier
than squirrel shit.

What gives you that idea?

I'm quite sane. Thank you.

I'm the only one
who understands.

Come on, guys.

You kids had best repent

before it's too late.

Whatever you say, Padre.

I can save you.

I can save all of you.

We're here.

It looks like the owner
didn't have time

to take their luggage.

Thank you, Lord.

Can you not see these are mine?

Take yours from the bag.


What does it matter if I take
my food from there or there?

I took these,
therefore they belong to me.

If you want your share,
take it from there,

not from my share.

What happened to share
and share alike, Padre?

Isn't that in the bible?

You paraphrase the bible,
you blasphemer.

Do not disrespect
and dishonor a sacred text.

Sacred text?

It's a bunch of gibberish.

- Oggy.
- What?

-Slow down.

This guy is an assh*le!

Oggy, just leave it.

What kind of priest
is this anyway?

He's clearly crazy.

What do you wish of me, Father?

Father, what do you wish?

Listen you little prick,

you better stay away
from my food.

God does not want me
to help you.

You're all sinners. All of you.

You, and you, and you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Please don't k*ll me.
Please don't k*ll me.

Please, please don't k*ll me.
Calm down.

Calm down.

-Please don't k*ll me.
-What do you wish of me, Father?

Put it down, Padre.


Please put it down.
Don't k*ll me.

Please don't k*ll me.

Please. Please.

Okay. Okay.


Listen, pal,
we can get out of your way,

you can have this place
to yourself, yeah?


You stay.

He hasn't decided on
your destiny yet.

I will tell you
if and when you may go.

Now, sit!

You must eat, woman.

You are the weaker sex.

Keep your strength up.

Thank you.

You see, gentlemen,
a little respect,

this woman puts you to shame.

Yeah. We're sorry.

There may come a time soon

when the repopulation
of the planet must begin.

Only the great
may give you their seed.

As God's messenger,
I shall be one.

These troglodytes,

they may not infect you
with their inferior seed.

What happened to you?

What made you turn your back
on everything you stand for?

I haven't turned my back, boy.


I've never been
clearer of my purpose.

For too long,
I found myself questioning Him.

I would question the disasters
of the world and hear nothing.

Then He took my wife.


I questioned Him
night and day after that.

"Why, God, why?"

I'd served Him so faithfully,
one moment of doubt

and He took her from me.

Then I hated Him.

I questioned His reason again.

And He took my daughter.

Then these things came
from the sky and He,

He took my son.

But then, I finally heard Him.

I heard His voice.

Now I understand.

I understand my sacrifice.

What it took for me to hold
court with our great Lord.

It took everything.

I'm so sorry.

Don't be sorry, woman.

What I have lost
in mortal distraction,

I have gained
in eternal greatness.

And I will be reunited
with my loved ones eventually.


I mean, to take a nap.

And I want no one to disturb me
or come close.

If you do,

I will carve the name of God
into your flesh.

Get down.

It's gone.

Sinful fiend.

I warned you what would happen.

-Just--please, just--
-Oh, Lord, give me guidance.

How do I help these sinners?

-Father, you need to--
-Do not silence me!

-Okay. Okay.

come away from the window.

He has spoken.

We should all be grateful.

The Lord has been merciful
to you.

He has granted
you two safe passage.

Safe passage to the next world.

And a quick death in this one.

You must live for now,

to fulfill his will.

You need to...



Oh, God.

This is Corporal Ben Baxter
to Hannah, Ogg, and Herb.

Where are you? Please respond.

This is Corporal Ben Baxter
to Hannah, Ogg, and Herb.

Can you hear me?
Please respond. Over.

This is Corporal Ben Baxter
to Hannah, Ogg, and Herb.

Can you hear me?
Please respond. Over.

Ben, it's Hannah.

We're here. Are you okay? Over.

Hi, Hannah, I'm here.
I'm okay.

Are you guys all good? Over.

Yeah, we're just holed up by--
in a house by Richmond.

Where are you? Over.

I'm at Putney Hill. Over.


Uh, near the forest. Over.

Okay. We'll come find you.
Stay put.

See you guys soon.

Over and out.

What is this red
weed thing everywhere?

Maybe they're
terraforming the planet.

That's plausible.

Whatever it is,
it's giving me the creeps.


Me, too.

Does anyone know where we are?

-We're here.

And the woods are,
like, near there.

So that way?

There's only one way
to find out, right?


Look. What's that?

I don't know.

Could be a signal?

Only one way to find out.

Guys, let's hope
this ain't another crazy priest.

Oh, it's Ben!

Hi, guys.

Good to see you.
We can't stay here.

We gotta keep moving.

Take this. Follow me.

Welcome to Camp Baxter.

- Oh, dang.
- What is all this?

These are the supplies
I was telling you about.

Oh, yeah.
That's what I'm talking about.

So what? How do you use this?
Are you gonna teach us?

Put that down.

You point it at the bad guy
and you pull the trigger.

-Now, don't touch it again.
-Yes, sir.

For Christ's sake,
don't call me sir.

Look, if you want
something to play with,

this is a solar powered radio.

We're actually
in a pretty good spot here.

You might be able to pick up

some of the pirate radio

Bit old school for you,
isn't it, Oggy?

Shut up, Herbert.

Do you think
it's safe here, Ben?

With the fire on
and everything.

Well, so far,
there haven't been any reports

of any landings near here.

we should be all right.

You hungry?


I think we've
kind of filled up...

Yeah, we had lima beans,

---from--yes, we had the tins.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Are we still aiming for London?

I don't know.

Things have changed a bit
since the seventh landing.

-Seventh landing?

Primrose Hill.

All of the Tripods seem
to be heading in that direction.

What about all the people
that have been evacuated

to London already?

They shipped most people

across the channel to Belgium.

And our best guess
is that everybody else

-has now gone into hiding.
-Into hiding?

All we seem
to do is bloody hide.

When are we gonna
stand up and fight?

There's gotta be a better way
to deal with this situation.

Well, I've been thinking
about that.

There is one possibility.

Which is?

We go underground.

We live in the sewers.

Look, I know that's not great,

but maybe if we're out of sight,
they'll leave us alone.

You want us
to live in the sewers?

BEN The point is,
Oggy, that we live.

That's absurd.

Furthermore, there's no
guarantee that we'll be safe

-down there anyway.
-No, there's not.

But what other option
have we got?

They could stomp us
into extinction like that

because we are nothing to them.

Oh, you keep saying that.

But we saw one get taken
out at Weybridge, no?

You wanna hear
what's going on out there?

Because I'll show you.

This is 19473F.
Is anybody there? Over.

Copy, 19473F.

What are you looking for? Over.

We're trying to get to London.

Can you give us a status update
of what's going on out there?

- Over.
- Pretty bad.

Tripods are capturing humans
and collecting them like

cattle at Primrose Hill.

So, I strongly advise
you stay out the way.

- Over.
- Copy that. Over.

Now, do you really
wanna go to London?

Sorry, Herb,
I think Ben's right.


Stop it.

Fool. Give me that.

I don't care
if you hurt yourself,

but I'm not having you blow
the rest of us out, you fool.

No worries.

I know this is awful.

But, you know, I kind of
feel safe with you, guys.

Especially you, Herb.

You know, you're braver
than you think you are.

That's what my dad
used to say to me.

Usually when I was
getting something wrong.

Like, it took me until
about age nine to learn

how to ride a bike.

I think every other kid
in the neighborhood

had it down by about six.

I'd be practicing and failing,

and he would always just say,
"Keep going, Herb."

"You're braver than
you think you are."

I'm gonna keep trying.

I'm going to Primrose Hill.

-Are you nuts?

they're gonna keep collecting us
one by one.

We can keep running
and keep hiding,

or we can actually join
the rest of the human race

-and we can fight.
-We need to find out

what they're doing,
why they're collecting people.

No. No way. I'm not going.

Why the hell not?

For Queen
and bloody country, right?

-Are you serious?

we're going. We are.

So whether you come
with us or not,

it's up to you.

Really? Herb, Hannah!


- Do you guys know the way?
- No.

There isn't
a single person around.

Did they manage to take
many people up to Belgium?

Trying to get
as many people east as possible.


that's where they've got
the ships to Ostend.

Do you think
there's gonna be enough ships

to get everyone out?

I've got no idea, mate.

Jesus Christ.

What chance do we have
against them?

Can't believe it.

We should carry on.

Hannah's right.

We gotta keep moving. Come on.

Just go around here.
Go! Go around.

Stay. Stay here.

Just wait.

Any second.

All right, now.
Now, go! Run! Run!

Come on.

Come on, Hannah. Come on.

Jesus Christ.

Look at the size of that thing.

Why are the Tripods going
around this end?

I think we need to get closer,
take a better look.

Yeah. We go around west,

down past the woods.

Oh, hold on a second.
Just slow down.

I'm not getting any closer
than we are right now.

I don't wanna turn
into a pile of ash.

Oggy, we're going
that way anyway,

so you either come with us
or you just stay here.

You know what, I don't know
what's going on here,

but I'm sick and tired of you
giving me ultimatums.

What happened to team spirit?

Okay. In team spirit,

why don't you and Ben
stay here as a team

and me and Hannah
will go down there as a team?

Are you sure about that?


Could you watch us with the g*n?


All right. Great idea.

I'm gonna go try and find us
a better angle.

Don't know why everyone's
so heroic all of a sudden.

Don't worry, mate.

We weren't expecting
any heroics out of you anyway.

Yeah, all right.
Calm down, John Wick.

Are they nesting?

Get down.

Oh, my God.

It's feeding.

Go. Go on.

What do we do?

Call Ben.

Ben, Oggy, are you there?

Hi, Hannah. We're here.
Everything's fine.

Nothing so far.

You guys find anything?

I--I--I can't even begin.

But we need to leave now.

Is Oggy with you?

Oggy's with me. He's fine.
He's just keeping--

Jesus, Oggy, behind you!

Guys, they've got Oggy.
I'm in pursuit!


Okay, go. This way!

Ben! Ben!

I'm coming, Oggy!


Over here, you piece of shit!




Go, go, go, go.

This way, come on.

Guys, in here!


Oggs, help me!

We need to get out of here, now.

No way.
I'm not going down there.

We can't stay here.

What is this?

No idea.

Okay. Try down here.

Okay. Fine.

We'll just--we'll just
stay here for a while.

-We'll just hide out.

So we can live out
Ben's stupid idea

of living in the sewers
and eating rats.

Show some respect. That man died

saving our lives, Oggs.

Hannah, shut up!

You're not my mom.
Stop telling me what to do.

-Oggy, that's enough. Leave it!
-You know what,

both of you could shut up.

It was your idea to come
to London, wasn't it?

So don't tell me
he died saving me.

He died because your little
boyfriend wants to be a hero.


This is no one's fault!

We all made this decision.

And we're gonna have
to stay here, okay?




What to do when we...

go up tomorrow
and the world is...

a totally different one?

Well, I think the first thing

we do obviously is,
is repopulate.

What, with your inferior seed?

That's it.

No, I don't know.

I don't even know
if my mom is still okay

or if she's up there or--

I don't know anything.

But we'll be together.


Should we go
and have a look outside?

Wait. Wait. Listen.

Don't hear anything.


No bombing, no sh**ting.

It's all stopped.

Let's go and have a look.

It's too quiet.

I think
the military's been wiped out.

What about everyone
else in London?

Something seems wrong.

Should we carry on
to Primrose Hill?

Yeah, okay.

Let's do this.

Oh, God.

What on earth?

It looks like it's dying.

Is that--
is that alive?

I think it's dead.

Well, listen--
wait, wait, wait, wait.

We need to know.

I don't trust
these guys.

Right. Let's check it out
but stay in the trees.

We don't know
what's happening here.

Look. What's happened to it?

It might be
playing dead.


Oh, my God. God.

I don't think
they're pretending.

Oh, it's Dr. Stint.


My students, I am very glad
to see you made it.

So what on earth happened?

-Simple science.
-What do you mean?

We tried everything.

They defeated our military
at every attempt.

What took them down,
Mother Nature.

Mother Nature?

The bacteria that our body
is perfectly capable

of living in harmony with,

the Martians,
they couldn't cope with it.

So they suffered and they died

at the hands of our little
microscopic friends.

I can't believe
all that tiny bacteria

beat these giant Martians.

Wait. Hold on.

So you're saying...

that my armpits
are more damaging

-than all the Martians combined?

-Something like that.
-Yeah. Your armpits

always have been lethal weapons.

You need to come with us now.

Let's connect with the other
survivors in Ostend.

So are we in the clear?

Well, London
and the surrounding areas

are gonna stay in quarantine
for some time, I imagine.

But so far,
there are no alien survivors

and crucially the landing
has stopped.

Dr. Stint, do you copy?

Sergeant, hi.

Are they there?

Yes, I'm with them now.

Excellent. Put them on, please.

I got some news for you.


Herbert. Is that you?

Mom. Where are you?

Are you okay? Is everyone okay?

Yeah. Ogilvy is fine.
Hannah's fine.

I'm--I'm--I'm fine.

They're taking me home.

-Will you be there?
-Yeah, okay.

um, I'll see you at home.

Come quick, Herb.


I love you.

I love you, too, sweetheart.

I've gotta go.
I'll see you soon.

- No.
- Come here.

Come on. After you.

Thank you.

The creatures saw our species

that was self-destructive,

weak, and ready to be conquered
by higher beings.

What they didn't count on

was that the world we inhabit

is also home
to the smallest organisms.

These microbes
became the ultimate protector

of humanity

against these alien invaders.

The air they breathe, the food
and the water they consumed

were slowly k*lling them
the whole time.

As humans,

we may have lost the battle
on our own

but the earth won

for now.
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