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Holy Inquisition, The (1974)

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He's here

Take off his clothes and wash him

- Did you wash the body?
- Yes

[Praying in Latin]

Oh, Dad


Can you come home?

I want you to be with your siblings and I

There's no way, I need to get
back to the convent before nighttime

Luis, Mariana, Balthazar...
Say goodbye to your brother

Keep it together
[Praying in Latin]

Go see me in Santo Domingo when you can


I'll say Mass in honor of our father

[Praying in Hebrew]

Free me from my enemies, dear Lord

Save me from those who rise against me

Protect me from those who commit injustices

And keep me from the bloodthirsty

They're after my life

The powerful have joined forces against me

Through no fault or crime of my own

With no crime of mine, they get ready to fight me

Know that our holy Christian faith...

...needs the practice of the Holy Inquisition

You must come forward and tell us...

...if you know of people who observe Saturdays...

...honoring Moses' dead laws

If they don't light fire starting Friday evening...

If they slit the throats of the animals
they eat and spread blood on the walls

If they're still waiting for the Messiah to rescue...

...them from their so-called captivity

If they practice circumcision, wash their dead

Or follow any practises foreign to us

If you've ever heard them say
that Moses' law is the true law

Over our Lord's Jesus Christ

We demand you come
forward or face excommunication

So truth can prevail and the evil may be punished

And our holy Catholic faith may blossom

Praise Jehovah, for he is good

- For his mercy is eternal
- What is that?

A book of psalms I borrowed from Rabbi Morales

Put it away, how dare you, we're on the main road

[Monks chanting]

Hail Mary, full of grace

Blessed is the fruit of your womb

Could you spare some water?

- Here Father
- Where are you heading?

To the mines at Taxco, to sell

- Are you creoles?
- From the Peninsula

Thank you, God bless you

Be careful

- Why?
- There's an outbreak

They say Jews are poisoning the wells

[Monks chanting]

What is it Gaspar?

I have lots of doubts, Father Lorenzo

- About your faith?
- No

It's about my mother and my siblings

I think they're living in sin

Explain yourself

I fear they practise Moses' dead laws

What are you saying?

I noticed strange rites at my father's funeral

Consider the gravity of your suspicions

Are you sure?

No Father Lorenzo, I really wish I wasn't

That's why I commited a sin
by not coming forward sooner

And are you, or have you ever been, a Jew?

No, never

You know me, you know I
barely see my family...

...since I joined the convent at age 10

They never told me anything
that went against the faith

I seldom see them since, they practically don't visit

I only went because it was my father's funeral

I can't absolve you, to save your soul...

...you must tell the holy
Inquisition about your suspicions

But I don't know for sure, it's my family

You must do it

Yes Father Lorenzo

Father Lorenzo

We're here to request an
audience with Inquisidor Peralta

Wait here, I'll see if he's available

It's okay, you may come in

Father Alonso, Fray Gaspar de
Carbajal must speak with you


In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit

I'm here voluntarily and I swear to say the truth

- Name?
- Fray Gaspar de Carbajal

From the preachers' order

Speaker at the convent in Mexico City


30 years old

- Originally from?
- Benavente in Castille


Following my Christian duty and my conscience

I accuse Francisca, my mother, Luis,
Balthazar and Mariana, my siblings

Of being Jews and practicing
rites contrary to our Catholic faith

How long since they live by Moses' dead laws?

- I don't know
- How can you not know?

He's telling the truth, I know him,
he's been in the convent since childhood

Do they observe Saturdays?

Do they abstain from lighting
things since Friday evening?

I wouldn't know

Do they practise any of the fasting rituals?

Do they sacrifice lamb and
spread blood across the walls?

Do they slit the throats of the animals they eat?

I don't know. I was handed
over to the Church as a child

So there would be a religious man in the family

I suppose they were covering their tracks

So you have no basis for this accusation

I have them

In my father's funeral, they washed the body

They buried him without a coffin

And prayed in Hebrew

That's enough

Don't talk to anyone or leave the convent

Stay in absolute lock down until the
holy Inquisition tells you otherwise

Yes Father

He's your responsibility, Father Lorenzo

I understand


Mexico City, Friday, May 12, 1593

Being in the morning session,
the present Inquisidors...

...received the Dominican friars
Lorenzo de Alborn—s and Gaspar de Carbajal

Enlighten me, merciful God

Witnesses. Domestic witnesses
such as wives and children...

...are admitted to testify against, but never in favor

Such testimonies hold a lot of power

Given that the crime of heresy is
committed in the heart of the home

Brother may testify against brother,
and son against father

We must first obey God, before one's family

The nature of the crime and identity...

...of the accuser will be witheld from the accused

Order their detention

Get the door

- I'm scared
- Why?

No one but the Inquisition knocks this late

- Arrest her
- No, no, no! Let me go!

No, no! Let me go! No!

Let me go, no!

Have mercy, no, no!

- One's missing
- He's not here

We were expecting the mineral from Taxco tonight

Let's go

Hail Mary, full of grace [...]

[Praying continues]

By orders of the Inquisition

...you will spy on everything Carbajal says or does

I beg you to give me another mission

I don't want to become an informant

I'm not asking for your help

It's a punishment imposed by the holy Inquisition

Remember you're a prisoner

You have committed trespasses against God's law

A sheriff will bring you in periodically
so you can tell us what you know

Other than that, this is in strict confidence

I swear on God's name

It's too dark, I can't see properly

You'll get used to it

Who are you?

My name is Luis de Carbajal

Why are you in here?

I don't know, you?

I suspect my vicar turned me in. I hear voices

And I see things

- I was a priest in Santa Fe
- Santa Fe?

- Do you know Gregorio L—pez?
- No

Who's that?

A wise man, he lives a hermit's life

I can't remember him

- There are no hermits in Santa Fe
- Oh

I'm cold

Cover up, I'll sleep on the floor

It's very muddy, I don't want to put you out

- Have you had a hearing?
- No

- Has anybody come to get you?
- No, no one, never

One night the sherifs came into our
house and brought us before the Inquisition

My mother and sister must be in another cell

Oh, I don't know

Do they feed us?

Yeah, they bring the food at noon

You won't believe me,
but I'm eating better than ever

- What will become of us?
- I don't know

Who knows when we're at the Inquisition

But have faith, our Lord will help us

Hail Mary, full of grace [...]

[Luis joins in prayer]

They're running away from the outbreak

But it'll catch up with them

No one will be spared

What about us? Will we die too?

Not you

Your boat will leave from Veracruz soon

I owe you my life Master Gregorio L—pez

Let me know when you get to Thessaloniki

I'll let your family know

What will happen to them?

Let's eat, go k*ll a hen

Yes Master

I know why you're here

You write Jewish things

The only ones here are those the Inquisition...

...wants to take something from

Liar! The Inquisition isn't after riches

It just wants to uphold faith and good morals

Faith? Morals?

By burning, tormenting, imprisoning?

Doesn't matter. Anything it takes

The life of the flesh is not important

What we must save is your soul

No one can save us through terror, Friar

True religion seeks justice

A religion's truth depends on the God it worships

Ours is a God of love, yours of wrath, vengeance

You're blind, that's blasphemy

There is only one God, yours and mine


The only one, there are no others

The God of Israel is also your God, Friar

I hadn't thought of it that way

But it's not true!

If your God is almighty,
why does he let you rot in here?

Because the just must suffer in unjust lands

I don't understand you, Luis

You're a nobody, Friar Hernando

Deep down you don't believe in anything

You have no faith

Thank you

God help you, Father

Your food was touched by a dog

The outbreak is their fault

Aren't you eating?

- I can't
- Why?

God gave Moses the law written in the holy Bible

There are filthy animals that shouldn't be eaten

This plate is crawling with impurities

That's the old law

There's only one law

Only one word, that which God revealed to Moses

Everything else is empty

Those who don't follow it are condemned

Forever in the eternal fire... God is unique

Your prophet wasn't God

He was as mortal as you and me

That's blasphemy

It's not against Him, it's against them

The Inquisition is the home
of pestilence and abominations

Jesus died to save us

He died as a man

He's not the Messiah

The Messiah will be here soon

- I know it
- Christ isn't God?

God is but one, and he's immortal, like his Law

And the Messiah?

He'll come, and I'll be here to see him

No, you won't, they'll burn you

Don't you realize where you are, Carbajal?

I know my saviour lives and will rise from the dust

Keep your voice down, they can hear us

Let's get rid of this filth

Tomorrow we'll get chicked and vegetables

Friar Gaspar? Friar Gaspar?

He won't answer, he's gone mute
since his family was imprisoned

He won't open the door either,
do you think he's in?

Of course he's in, let's go inside

- The outbreak!
- How did he get it?

- He never left his room
- Let's go tell someone, hurry!

Friar Hernando Ruiz is called to a hearing

Tell us what Carbajal has said and
done against our holy Catholic faith

I swear to God that I haven't seen or heard him...

...say anything against our holy Catholic faith

- Okay, watch every detail
- I swear

What did they do to you?

Do you know why I went there?


They summoned me to turn on you

So I could tell them everything
we've discussed for the past few days

- Did you tell them?
- They put me in here to spy on you

So what did you do?


- Nothing?
- Nothing at all


Because I wish my faith was as strong as yours

My faith? Did I convince you
of the strength of my faith?

I don't believe you, Friar Hernando

[Playing a board game]

- Open the door
- Yes, Father

Do–a Francisca de Carbajal is called to a hearing

- No, no!
- Come, don't resist

- No, no, no!
- Let go of her!

Mother, Mother, Mother!

No! Not my mother!

Silence! Silence!

Quick, quick!

No, no, no!

In the name of the Father,
the Son and the holy Spirit

Come closer

Swear you'll tell the truth on anything your asked...

...or anything you say of your own account

- I swear
- Take a seat

Name, origin and residence

Francisca de Carbajal

Born in Benavente, Castille,
residing in Mexico at the Portal of the Sequia

Husband and children

I'm the widow of Rodrigo de Carbajal

Recently deceased

Mother of Gaspar, Dominican friar

Of Luis and Balthazar, merchants

And Mariana, unmarried maiden living by my side

What caste and generation do
you and your family come from?

Ancient Christians, with no lineage to any sects

Have any of them been imprisoned or
condemned by the holy Inquisition?


But my daughter Mariana
and my son Luis are in jail

Are you a baptized and confirmed Christian?

Yes, Father

Recite the Lord's Prayer

Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be thy name [...]

Do you know, or can you guess,
why you're imprisoned?

I don't know, I don't know

Must be libel

An enemy must want to harm me

The holy Inquisition doesn't apprehend anyone...

...without enough information...

...of having said or done anything...

...against our Catholic faith...

...Evangelical law that
the holy Roman Church preaches

Be it Moses' old law or
Muhammad's or Luther's sects

Given that you're imprisoned...

...there must be solid information against you

We beseech you to tell the truth...

...and free your conscience

If you do so, the holy Inquisition will be merciful

If you don't, know that justice will be served

I understand, but I've done
nothing against the Catholic faith

And therefore, I can't confess to anything

It's libel

Someone wants to harm me

That's all I can say

Okay, bearing the evidence in mind...

...we condemn Francisca de
Carbajal to be put in a state of torment

She shall remain in such state until she confesses

If she should die or become
injured during the proceedings...

...the fault lies with her, for refusing to be truthful

By God, please don't turn against me

For God's sake, tell the truth and spare yourself

I've told the truth

May God punish he who harms me so

I shall endure what He went through on the cross

- Let the executioner in
- Executioners!

Disrobe her

k*ll me, but don't disrobe me or desecrate me

- Tell the truth
- I've said everything I know

No, no, no, please!

Tell the truth

There is no larger torment than
to find myself naked and humiliated

- Tell the truth
- I'll die before I say that which I ignore

- To the device
- No!

No, no! This is just someone's evil doing!

Mother, no! Mother, Mother!

She'll be fine, don't fret

Use this ointment

It's awful, just awful

I couldn't resist, I told them everything

I couldn't bear it, they know everything

- What?
- I told them about you

About Luis, I told them everything

They'll burn us, they'll burn us!

Wise of you to worry

The more you suffer, the less pain you'll feel

This too shall pass

We must die to reach eternal life

I had a vision

King David came to me to give me a potion...

...that makes me immune to pain

He ordered me to change my name

I am no longer Luis de Carbajal

Now I am JosŽ Lumbroso

He who gives light

He who burns in his faith

[Praying in Hebrew]

Guard! Guard I request a hearing!

I'll swear! I'll swear!

No, Luis

I, Luis de Carbajal

Of my own and spontaneous will

Renounce all heresy

Especially the one I am accused from

Moses' old law, its rites and ceremonies

And I admit the holy Catholic faith in me

The one the holy Roman Church preaches

And I shall forever live and die in it

And I swear to God,
our Lord, and Jesus, his only son

And to the four gospels and the holy cross

And swear allegiance to our Pope Sixtus V

And I shall persecute those against our Church

I won't favor, lead or visit them

And if I break these vows

Hold me accountable

Curse me, excommunicate me and execute me

They hung him, they hung him

Hung him! Adonai! Why have you abandoned me?

The Carbajals must keep in secret...

...everything that took
place during the proceedings

And everything they saw or
heard at the holy Inquisition

They shall not disclose anything,
directly or indirectly

Francisca de Carbajal and her daughter Mariana...

...shall lived confined under strict surveilance...

...in the Tlatelolco neighborhood

Luis de Carbajal shall wear a penitent's robe

And serve at San Hip—lito's mental asylum

If they incur in heresy again

Know that mercy will not be granted again

They shall be delivered to justice

And shall burn at the stake

Jewish dog!

The outbreak's your fault, Jew!

Damn Jewish dog!

When you see that someone is impatient

When you see that all they
have are lightnings of zeal

Whims of devotion

When you see that they serve their own interests

Their own satisfaction and glory

Don't trust their love for God

- Hail Mary
- Full of Grace


At your service, Father

I heard you're a caligrapher

- I was
- Can you remember Latin?

Yes Father

That's lucky, I need someone
who can write and translate

Come with me



Of the uncircumcised male

[Reading inaudibly]

Shall be excluded from my people

Are you done?

Here it is, take a look, Father

There's no need

- You're kind to me
- I'm only fair

You deserve it

You know better than anyone that
the holy Bible shouldn't be read

Yes Father

Not only is it a sin,
but you may worsen your situation

Forgive me

It's a shame that you disobey me

Right when I've allowed for you
to sleep at your mother's house

You're not humble

You don't have Christian meekness

- Father
- You swore, Carbajal

It's my fault, please forgive me

Father Oroz

May I continue visiting my mother?

Yes, Luis

Here you go

God bless you, son

Come in, we were waiting for you

[Praying in Hebrew]

I saw you dancing, Justa Mendez


You were dancing with some soldiers

You saw me?

No, I heard

It's not true

You go with men


I get jealous


Nothing's taken from you

You're hurting me

Do you love me?


- The clean draft, Father
- Let me see

I have sinned, oh Lord

But I won't bid your love and mercy farewell

I fear being punished for my sins

And I hope your kindness will forgive me

I fear being loathed for my ingratitude

For my sin comes back enlarged

And you're so worthy of being loved

What would become of me without you?

Who would save me from
myself if you weren't there?

If your hand didn't give me grace

How couldn't I love you, my God?

You, who suffers and bears with me?

Who would take me if not you, my Lord?

Well, it doesn't really rhyme much

And what was all that about
"me" and "you", for example?

It's a bit of a flaw

But it could also show audacity on your behalf

What matters is your sincere contrition

Your Christian feeling...

...is magnificent

Thank you Father Oroz

Dog wearing a penitence robe

God damn heretic, the outbreak is your fault

Rabbi, rabbi, you probably have rabies

Miserable Jewish scum!

What are you doing there?


Why don't you knock?

I don't dare

Is there anything wrong?


Why are you here?

To bring you this

I have sinned, oh Lord

Why did you write this?

You know why

I want to see you




Not here

You're so beautiful, Justa Mendez

Do you love me?

Did anyone see you?

Will anyone realize?

- Don't be a coward, Luis
- A coward?


Prison broke you

You're terrified of pain

You didn't have the strength of your faith

And you swore out of fear

No Justa Mendez

I didn't swear allegiance to any of their gods

I just had to get out

I discoved in jail that I have the power...

...to drive people to the true religion

Shut up

Come here

I had a vision in my cell

I, JosŽ Lumbroso, needed to
be free to sire the Messiah

Do it inside me

It's okay, it's okay



The sacrifice of my
circumcision is to cleanse my sins

And for your glory, Adonai

I can't bear it, I can't bear it

I hope the pain subsides

I don't want to go back to the Inquisition

Hang in there, don't be a coward, Luis

I can't, I'm going to die

He'll heal, but it was
stupid not to ask me to perform it

Do you think I can take him home?

No, it's best for Rabbi Morales to hide him

We're being watched

They wouldn't suspect a doctor

If they find out about the circumcision...

...we'll go back to the Inquisition

And they'll t*rture us

He'll be all right here

Tell Father Oroz that he has a fever

The outbreak is spreading
throughout the New Spain

It's the Jews

They dismember children during their ceremonies

They poison water and their food

Their fault indeed

Completely their fault

For the love of God, that's nonsense

They came here searching for the new Jerusalem

They want to destroy us and keep the spoils

We must exterminate them without mercy

The Inquisition persecutes heretics

But our Lord wants to see them repent, not dead

And the outbreak?

You are the head of the Royal Hearing

Ask the Viceroy for help, pray and have faith

Evening prayer

[Praying in Latin]


Approach, what's wrong?

- I committed blasphemy
- What?

I took the Lord's name in vain

I wanted Justa Mendez and I
told her it was to sire the Messiah

I hope the circumcision returns my chastity

Let's hope to God that from now on

Your faith is greater than your lust

You're a good man, Luis

Marry my daughter

- Glad to see you, son
- Thank you Father Oroz

Is the fever gone?

I'm okay, I'll catch up with my work

[Praying in Hebrew]

Let me go! Let me go! No, no!

I don't want to go back!

I'll rather die than be tortured again!

- Calm down
- Mariana, calm down, no one will hurt you

It's all Luis' fault, I can see the blood

- Stop
- I don't want to go back to the Inquisition

Let go! I'll rather die!

- To the bedroom!
- All is lost!

- I want to die!
- She'll calm down in a while


We must continue with the ceremony

Show me the way, Lord

Stir me away from being unjust,
or making mistakes

Everything I do, I do for your glory

To guide souls into singing you eternal praises

Show me the way, Lord, don't leave me

Justa's here to take you to Rabbi Morales' house

She asked me to return her book of psalms

Please give it to her

Are you okay?


- The psalms!
- What?

It's a small book, I lost it, help me find it!

Calm down, Mariana

It has his name on it!
They'll catch us and it'll be my fault!

Because of me! I don't want to go back!

I don't want to go back!

Mariana calm down, we'll find it

What's wrong? May I help?

Leave her

She has fits, she's insane

- Is it the outbreak?
- Go away!

They'll burn me! They'll burn me!

It's the Inquisitions handywork.
That's how they convince people

They want everyone to be like them

And to what end? Terror, insanity, death

- Will she be okay?
- I don't know


Is it okay if I don't come in tomorrow?

I need to get money

The Inquisition demands
it so I can remove the robe

Where will you go?

To a hacienda close to Santa Fe

I'll put you in touch with friends who can help

When you get enough money,
I'll speak to the Inquisition on your behalf

Thanks Father

I'm leaving, I'll be back soon

And the book?

Don't worry

No one will find it

Adonai is merciful to us

- Luis
- Don't touch me Justa Mendez


Master Gregorio L—pez!

Who's knocking?
- It's me, JosŽ Lumbroso

You broke your word, Lumbroso

You never come to see me

Master, it's hard to leave the convent wearing this

Could I have some water?

I have news from your brother Balthazar

He made it to Thessaloniki

Tell your mother not to worry about him

I'm glad

Mariana is now the problem

The Inquisition's t*rture drove her mad

You're the only one who can help her

We could hide her here

What they did to her is unforgivable

My mother's distraught

- She's not the same
- It's evil

Just look at the original inhabitants of the land

They way they treat them, like slaves

The powerful commit injustices

But Jehova will turn rulers into dust

Give this to your sister

Ancient Mexicans used these herbs

They'll ease her pain

She'll get her wits back


Master, my brother's dying, the outbreak

Luis, the herbs!

Leave the room, please

You're in a death trance, domingo de Lucena

Ask forgiveness for your sins

Return to Moses' law

The true faith of your elders

- You can still be saved
- No!

I'm Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Catholic

I have nothing to fear

Christ will save me

Ours is the one true religion

Everything else is empty

Air and dust

- It's nothing
- Leave me alone!

I don't want to

- Drink
- Stay away, Gregorio L—pez

Drink this, it'll save you

You still have time

- Come back to the one true God
- Luc’a, Luc’a!

- What is it?
- Throw them out, throw them out!

Poor blind man, you know not what you do

How can I help you, Father Oroz?

The Inquisidor Peralta summoned
Luis de Carbajal to a hearing today

I'm here to speak on his behalf

He has the requested amount to remove the robe

I must say I believe in his true contrition

In his Christianity and good faith

Okay, I'll let him know you're here

Father Oroz and Carbajal are here

Go and take a look from the small door

That's him, he's the man
who was with Gregorio L—pez

He wasn't wearing the robe

Tell the truth, every offense
against God and the Catholic faith

I told you the truth

I won't deny being a Jew, I will die

Who would I be hiding?

I don't want to say more than
I should for fear of t*rture

Carbajal, your process has been
overseen by outstanding people

They've decided you must be
placed in a situation of torment

So you tell us the whole truth

Whatever I say in that device
will be just to get out of it

And may God forgive me

- Executioner
- Executioners!

For God's sake, tell the truth and avoid suffering

God knows you're tormenting me without fault

Help me God so I can resist without telling lies

To the device

- Tell the truth
- I have nothing to add

First turn

- Tell the truth
- I'll speak!


It's true, my mother, my sister and I swore in vain

We've never stopped believing in Moses' law

- What else?
- That's it

Tell the truth

I've told you everything!

Second turn

Lord have mercy on me, this is an abomination!

Tell the truth

Third turn

- Tell the truth
- Yes, yes, yes!


Gregorio L—pez too and Juan de Almeida

Constancia Rodr’guez, Clara Enr’quez

Sebasti‡n de la Pe–a, Tom‡s Cardozo

Antonio D’az M‡rquez and his wife Beatriz

Crist—bal G—mez, Ana Zœ–iga and her son Carlos

- And Elena Baez
- And who else?

I don't know!

Fourth turn

Tell the truth

Lord of Israel, must I lie?

Oh, my! I told you everything I know!

Just finish me off!

Tell the truth

Fifth turn

Tell the truth

k*ll me, k*ll me, that's all I know!

Sixth turn

Tell the truth

Enough, enough, enough!


Dr Morales and his daughter Catalina

And Justa MŽndez


She's in there, in the bedroom

I don't know anything, I'm innocent!

- Apprehend him!
- No, no!

What's going on? No! Let me go!

Is this Gregorio L—pez's house?

- Who?
- Gregorio L—pez, the hermit

- I don't know him
- We know he lives here

- No one's ever lived here
- So what is that?

Just rubble

You told them about us, Luis

I swore I wouldn't do that and I've kept my word

He who told on us will not only cause our death

But he also helped them seize our property

That's what the Inquisition is really after

It's not about saving souls, but seizing goods

Nothing leaves the Inquisition alive

If they let anyone go,
it's because they've broken him

What are you saying? You don't believe me?

I'm Jewish!

And want to die as such

And be burned on a Saturday

If it's true that Christ is the Messiah

That God created him, that he was spawn

Then I will go to him

However, the Inquisidor dogs will go to Hell

Where I shall see them burn in torment

Fear has made you mad, Luis

"Where I shall see them burn in torment", Carbajal

"Fear has made you mad,
Luis", I don't know who that was

The mad woman can't stay here

We must lock her up in San Hip—lito

[Praying in Latin]

Having concluded the proceedings,
the Inquisidors find Luis de Carbajal guilty

Of the following: changing his
given name to JosŽ de Lumbroso

Being Jewish and believing in Moses' law

And going back to his faith
even after swearing to God

We accuse him of waiting for the Messiah

Of laughing at Christ's law

Of blasphemy

Of spreading his heresy

He's guilty of all of these crimes

He relapsed and shall be excommunicated,
as well as delivered to justice

He shall be burned alive, thus he will
be punished and made an example to others

His estate shall be seized and
given to Phillip II, King of Spain

- What's your name?
- Mariana

- Mariana de Carbajal
- Praise the Lord! She's sane again

She can hear her sentence
and receive her punishment





First the dead and those absent
who shall be symbolically burned

Now the reconciled

Relapsers and preachers of Moses' dead law

In the name of the Father,
the Son and the holy Spirit

I, Alonso de Peralta,
head Inquisidor of the New Spain

At the service of God and our Majesty, declare:

That the holy Inquisition upholds its
mission to preserve the Catholic faith

Which is the greatest mercy the
aboriginees of this land have received

We must take care to keep these
people as faithful Christians and true Spaniards

To avoid scandals befalling other lands

We mustn't allow any
deviation from our Catholic faith

We must punish and remove errors
and heresy following our current laws

Thanks to this, we have
avoided abominations and pestilence

And we hope our ideals
will be preserved henceforward

We celebrate this event to punish
transgressors and make them an example

Crimes against religion and
good morals shall be punished

These Jews shall be delivered to justice,
asking for mercy and compassion

In the name of the Father,
the Son and the holy Spirit

These prisoners shall face beatings, banishment

Beatings, seizing their property, live imprisonment

And for the relapsers,
being burned alive at the stake

Til they turn to ashes and their memory is erased

- Good bye
- Son!

Let's go

Repent, Luis

There's still time for a confession

You can still make a choice and save yourself

- Will you die in Christ's faith?
- Yes Father

Death by beating and fire to the body

Do you repent? Will you die in Christ's faith?

The cross

Her sanity's back, death by
beating and fire to the body

- Do you repent? Will you die in Christ's faith?
- No, I die in Moses' law

Burn her alive

Do you repent? Will you die in Christ's faith?

Kiss the cross

Death by beating and fire to the body

[Yells out prayer in Hebrew]

I know our savior lives
and shall rise from the dust
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