Sun and Concrete (2023)

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Random Movies that just don't fit anywhere else yet. Miscellaneous Movie Collection.
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Sun and Concrete (2023)

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Constantin Film

A Seven Elephants

In co-production with
Constantin Film Production

"That's exactly what happened.

But then again, maybe it wasn't."

Stop! Student ID.

You know me!
I've been a student for four years.

No ID, no school.

It's the first time I forgot it.
I always have it with me, man!

No ID, no school.

You'll make me fail the year!

No can do.
- Let me in.

No, right?
Or can he go in?

No, you can't go in.

I don't know any Lukas.


f*ck it.

Hey, fuckface,
shouldn't you be at school?

You skipped school!

f*ck off!


We're going to see
highs of 95 degrees again today.

The first deaths have been reported.

Stay in the shade
and drink plenty of fluids.



... majority support
for his "Agenda 2010."

- How's it going?

Didn't feel like school?
- No, f*ck school, Gino.

Scared of getting caught?

We can go to my place.
- I was gonna pick up Julius.

- Yeah.


We haven't hung out in ages, bro.

And now you want to bring Julius!

You didn't even ask me, bro.

Alright, guys?

What's the plan?

Let's go hit Gropius, Gino.

It's way too hot for the mall.
- Bro!

Gino's coming to my place.
- Seriously?

It'll be full of hot b*tches
in this heat, man.

- Right!

It's 9 a.m. man!
They're all at school.

Guys, if you're not into chasing chicks,

let's just hang out
and get bored to death.

Let's get some weed.

Yeah, man.
See, that sounds like a plan.

Let's go, man.

Let's go, Julius.

f*ck that shit!

He won't pick up.
Maybe he's all out.

Let's go to the park.
Cem's always got some.

The park?
- Yeah.

It's crap there.

We don't have shit.

Let's go around instead, boys.

Cem's always at the end of the park.

I don't wanna walk past the Arab dealers.

Stop sh1tting your pants.
- Gino, come with me at least.

Did you hear about Marek
and his Polish crew?

They got in a serious brawl
with the Johannisthal guys.

f*cking disaster! Fists were flying!
- Were you there?

Your brother was.
- I bet he punched their lights out.

Marek flipped out.
He got some guy with a punch dagger.

Bam! Dropped a b*mb on his face.
Full of blood. The dude's just dead.

Like a movie, man.

Boys, what you need? Speed? Coke? Grass?
I'll give you a great deal.

Hey, look at us!
- Ignore them. They're trouble.

Don't walk away!
I'll give you a good price!

A good price!
- Come here!

Thanks, man, but we're good.

What are you doing?
- What?

Then why you here?
You can sunbathe by the pool.

To see Cem, that son of a whore Turk?
- No, we're not buying.

And we don't buy from f*cking Turks.

Shut up! Let's go!

What the f*ck?
You pulling him away?


I should kick your ass, m*therf*cker!

Hey, chill.
He didn't mean to be unfriendly.

Shut the f*ck up, f*cking German!

Thanks, but we're in a hurry.

You f*cking with me?
What's wrong with you?

f*cking f*g!
f*cking German!

ret*rd! Want me to f*ck you up?
- Thank you, but...

Dumb dog! German c**t!
- Hit him!

Hit him, cousin!

Stay down!
- He deserves it!

Stand up, you f*ck!

Don't come back, got it?

Got it?

Yes? Say yes!


Get lost.
- Don't let me see you here again!

My dad'll k*ll me, man.

That guy!
I swear, I was gonna...

Do what?
Punch him? f*ck him up?

You wimped out,
just like Gino and me.

What the hell?
What kind of friends are you?

Are you a ret*rd, Julius?

"We don't buy from f*cking Turks"?

What if Cem hears that?

Anyone got a smoke?


Whatever. Let's go see Cem,
or it was all for nothing.

Two, four, five...

Two. Enough?
- Let's change it first.

Dealers hate small change.
- I'll handle it, man.

What's up?

What's up?

I need a dime.

"A dime".
- "A dime".

What's up with you?
You think I'm a bum, man?

Idiot! I said bills, paper.
Is that so hard to understand?

A dime!
- Don't bring us that shit again!

Got it?
- Were you collecting bottles?

Where are the guys?
- Back there.

Why are you standing there? Come here.
- Show some respect and say hello.

What happened to you, Lukas?

Nothing, I'm fine.
- Nothing?

Your whole face is f*cked up.
- I fell, Cem, that's all.

Who was it? Who did this?
- No one, I swear.

The Arabs f*cked us up.
- Shut it!

In the park?
- Yeah.

- You know what they called you?

What? What?

"Son of a whore".
- What did you say?

"f*cking Turks," they said.
- Did you hear it too?

Did you hear it?
- I don't know.

They beat my buyers and talk shit!

Call Ali! We're gonna f*ck them up!
Call Ali, Babi. Call Ali!

A club or brass knuckles?

We'll f*ck them up.
Don't let them hit you, okay?

You take the first shot, got it?

Come on, guys.

I told you I'd handle it.

What am I supposed to do?

No idea, Lukas.

I want to get out of here.
- Me too.

Guys, Cem and his crew will f*ck up
the Arabs and we'll get a good deal.

Did I do good, or what?
- f*ck off, you're an idiot.

Cem, Ali's coming too!
- Tamam, bro.

Call your brother.
He'll fix it.

I can't always call Marco!

You know what?
I'm gonna beat that spaz.

Son of a whore!

He deserves it, Gino.
I didn't do a thing!

I'll just whack him in the face
with this thing.

Come on, Lukas. Come here

Go on, hit me!

Hit me!

Lukas! Lukas, bro!


Drive, man!

Please board the train.

Come on, man!

Hold him, hold him!

Come on, guys!

What the f*ck?

I'll get out at the next stop.

You want me to whack you, man?

How much does Cem give you?

How much?
- Nothing.

That m*therf*cker
stole 200 euros from us!

But what can you do, eh?

It's your fault.

You're gonna pay it back.


I thought 200?

- I don't have that much.

We'll hunt you down in Gropius.

We'll come to your school if we gotta.

I'll f*ck up your family if I gotta!


Give me your ID.
- I don't have one.

Your student ID.
- I don't have it.

You little fucker!


3 p.m. in the park.

3 p.m. in the park.

Please stand clear.

What's with your face, egghead?

Shut the f*ck up, runt.
- f*ck off, man!

This isn't Charlottenburg.
- I noticed!

Yeah, calm down.

Can you describe the boys who did it?

- Stay away from kids like that.

Just look at him!
- Smart guys give in. Don't forget it.

You went to school like that?
Look at you!

Yeah, I looked.
- Oh, man!

First Marco, now you're
mixed up in fighting too.

It makes me sick, Lukas. Really!

Karin is visiting
and my son looks like some ghetto idiot!

Hi, Lukas!
- Hi, Lukas!

Like I said, smart guys give in.

"Smart guys give in!"

Like I had a choice!
- You always have a choice!

Can you take Fabian to school tomorrow?

You don't have enough credit.

f*ck, man.

- Salaam alaikum, bro.

What are you doing here?


You staying the night?

Stop staring, you won't get one.

I have my own.
- Your own, yeah?

Kidding. I don't smoke.
- Quit laughing! You gonna tell me?

Tell you what?
- Have you seen yourself?

It's nothing.
- Nothing?

You look like a zombie!

You brawled with Arabs!

How do you know?
- How?

This is my f*cking hood.

Little birdies tell me what goes on here.

And the other guy?

He's at the hospital.
- Yo, Rocky!

Stop it.
- What? Looks like shit anyways.

Like I said:
if they have a knife, get the f*ck out.

Otherwise, you grab your lighter
and f*ck him up, got it?

"Yes, Marco"!
- Yes.

Show some attitude!

I got it.

Smart guys don't give in.
Smart guys hit back.

Left, right, bam!
Now go to your room.

f*ck off, go to your room!

Got your student ID?

You'll get it back tomorrow.

What can I do?

Nothing. You can't defend yourself,
you're a nobody.

Look at your clothes!

If they want to rob you, they will.

Here's a tip: take the bus.

It takes longer,
but you won't run into them.

You're a typical German loser.
Blond, skinny, shitty haircut.

Don't you have a school bag?

What happened to your face, bro?

Gino, you okay?

What's up?

Can someone please get some chalk?

Can one of you get some chalk?
- I'll go.

One of you.

Not all of...

Fine, three of you...

Shut up!

- Shh! Quiet!

They want 500 euros.

From you?
- Not from me, from us.

Quiet down!

Gino? How much do you have?

Why do I smell smoke?

Maybe it's a fuse?


You have a great feel for language.
It's college level.

Woo-hoo, Dr. Lukas!
- Unlike you, Momo.

I have 40 euros at home.
And you?

I dunno.
A few euros, but I was saving up.

Saving up? They're gonna k*ll us!
- You took off!

You guys f*cked up too!

That's enough!
You all get a reprimand!

Where's the attendance book?
- Why do I get a reprimand?

I didn't do anything, Mr. Wednesday!

My name is Mr. Saturday!

Calm down, people!
What's going on here?

What's going on?

So strict today, Jürgen?

Nice threads!

Mr. Thingy, hey!

Mr. Thingy, Mr. Thursday gave us
reprimands for no reason. It's unfair.

I didn't do anything either!

Calm down!
- Is that true?

Hey, hey! Where have you been?

Getting chalk.
- Chalk?

Three of you?
- Mr. Wednesday told us to!

Okay, folks. Calm down.

It's my pleasure

to introduce your new classmate.

He comes from Marzahn-Hellersdorf.

I thought Hellersdorf guys were Nazis.
He's the first black one I've seen.

Look David, another n*gga!

Shut the f*ck up, f*cking Kebab!

Hey, I'm not a n*gga.
I'm a Caribbean boy.

Anyway, here's the news:

The press is here today
for our big announcement.

Have you seen Didem?
Mad tits, man!

What about the money?
We got till 3 p.m.

Will you go get it?

My nose hurts like hell.

I can hardly breathe.

Okay, I'll get the money.
- Thanks.

Hello, hello! Thank you.
Great, thank you.

Thanks for coming.
I'm really glad to tell you

that we have
some positive news this time.

Today we have a special guest
from the Senate Department for Education.

Here is Mr. Reuter!

He tripped!

Quiet, please. Quiet down! Hey!

Quiet down!

Anyone can stumble.
It can happen to any of us.

It's five steps. How can you trip?
What an embarrassment!

Quiet down now! Quiet!

We have a fantastic announcement
and I don't want to keep you waiting.

Curtains, please.

The Berlin council

has provided our school
with 50 brand new computers!


we can offer computer science,

giving you a head start
to a successful career.

To tell you more, here is Ms. Staake

from Neukölln District Administration.

Gino? Come here, time to eat!

It's important to eat together, right?

Sit up straight.

Why aren't you eating?
Did you mess up the spices?

Can I leave?
- Where are you going?

I have to go back to school.
- Sure, go.

No, no, no!

How's it going at school?



Your teacher called.

You know what he said?

He said...

you skip school almost every day.
Is that true?


You skip school?

Almost every f*cking day?

That's the truth?

It's very important.

I'm going.
- You're not going anywhere!

Keep out of this!

You little bastard!


I can't come.

Here, from Grandma.

I've almost saved enough
for us to visit her.

f*ck! Oh, man!

Hey, you good?

You get away okay?

Because I bailed, you mean?
- I mean the cops, man.

Oh, yeah.

Do you know a Denise?

What class?

No idea, bro.
Don't even know if she's at this school.

I met her at the pool.
I even got her number,

but I lost the slip of paper.
A smoking hot babe.

I tell you,
I'm gonna f*ck her so hard...

The Arabs
want the money off of me.

The 500 euros.
- What?

What the hell?

They said you stole 200 off them.
- I stole from them?

Can't you give it back?
- Give it back? Seriously?

You an idiot?
They won't get a cent!

"Give it back".

Who the f*ck you think are you?
They won't get a cent from me!

How dare you ask me that, idiot?
f*ck off.

Okay, good luck with Denise.

Call me, I've got fresh stuff.
Tell your boys.

- Yo! What's up, shithead?

Julius? What's up?

What's going on with you?
You just bailed, man!

They want 500, bro.
- Bro...

No one wants shit from me!
And anyway...

Who is it?
- Djamel and his crew.

Honestly, Lukas, f*ck them.
- f*ck them?

I'm going to see my girl. Talk later.

Yo, got any condoms?

You don't even have hair on your balls!

Can you lend me ten bucks?
- f*ck off, cockroach!

Get out of here! Man!

What's going on?

You live here?
- Yes, here.

What are you doing?
- He wanted to help us move in.

Put it down there.

So, let's get something straight.
Do you always rob your neighbors?

Is that your scam?

Did you steal anything else from us?

I'm sorry, it was just...

I hope you're sorry!

What happened here?

Who did it?

Family? Then it's okay.

Come here!

What do you want?
- Come here.

Why don't you come in?
- No time.

No money?
- Sure I do, but...

Business, you know what I mean?

I have to go.

Is your mom always so funny?

My mom's great, Loco.
And yours?

My mom is dead.

What do you mean?

Why is she dead? Seriously?

Bro, how did...
- Just zip it, okay?

- What d'you mean, f*ck?

You screwed up?
- It's fine.

It's good like that.
Really Neukölln.

Hold on.

There's a hole, bro!

- It's 3 p.m. Did you forget?

Why do you say that?

Your buddies. Homework.

Hold on, I'll put them on.

Lukas? It's me, Hamudi.

Come home.

You need your backpack tomorrow.
For school.

I don't have the money yet.

That's not good, Lukas.

That's not good.

But I...

Shit, man!

Can I stay at your place?
- Yeah, if you fix it.

Why are you so scared of them?

I owe them something.
It's a long story.

We'll figure it out. Trust me.

Shit, this tastes so gross!

Why did you buy it?

I didn't buy it.
I stole it, man.

I won't steal that shit again.

Is that them?


Who was that?
- Boom, man!

Bon appétit!

Go f*ck yourself!

What's up?
You shit your pants?

I was just f*cking with 'em.
You gotta do it.

Their faces, man!

Party tonight at Grenzallee, okay?

f*ck the party!
- What party, man?

Please, man!
- It sounds sick!

Today we party.

We'll fix your shit tomorrow.
- Promise?


Guys, don't just leave me hanging.

They probably forgot.

Forgot? They were at my place!
You said you'd get money!

I need the money for my mom, Lukas.

Sanchez! Go!

Hey, stop! Stop!

f*ck you!

Did you ever do a girl?

I don't just mean... kindergarten stuff.

I mean for real, like putting it in?

Ever kissed?

Or licked?

Ever touched a girl, bro?

And you?
- Are you f*cking kidding?

I'm an animal.

Yeah, you f*ck elephants.
- Shut the f*ck up, man!

Do you agree, guys?
Women are women, but moms...

are goddesses?

It's better to learn on an old bike, huh?
- I didn't mean that!

Who got the f*cking joint wet, man?

Oh, man...
- That was my last gram from Hellersdorf!

Stop laughing like a dumb f*ck!

Now for some real music.

You hear that?

Turn that shit off, man!

It's Cuba style!
- Is that pop shit?

It's Reggaeton, man!

- He wants to meet girls.

It goes like this: They stand here
with their fat asses, okay?

And you go...
You don't stand around like Gino.

Not like that 4/4 shit.

This is music!
- I swear, guys.

You'll never get laid
if you listen to music like this.

You have no idea
how crazy women go for Reggaeton.

This is Neukölln, dude.
Women here party to our music.

That is music!

We're gonna destroy your mom!

Shit, you're Ret*rded.


Yeah, man!

Guys, they're f*cking hot.

I'll get a phone number, I tell you.

Forget it!
- You know me, I'm good with girls.

You're here, she's here.
- You wait.

You won't get her.
- Wanna bet? Watch this.

Hey, girls, I'm a plumber.
Can I check your pipes?

Eww! What's wrong with you?

Wanna go out with us?

We're already out.
- Yeah, with us!

Go somewhere or whatever.
- Who is "us"?

We're gonna party.

Oh my God!

Just give up, man.

You smell like a freak!
- What's up with you?

Sit down!
- I wouldn't even f*ck a bitch like you.

Go sit down!

Go on, f*ck off!

f*cking pervert!

Embarrassing, man!

Hey, Julius!

f*cking whores!

Shut the f*ck up!
- I don't know him, okay?

Get off with me if you want!
- f*ck off!

Suit yourself, putas!

You scum!

Suck my d*ck!

Shut your mouth!
- Come over here!

Shut it!
- Shut the f*ck up!

f*ck you and your dead,
you godless m*therf*cker! You got that?

Your mom is a whore!

f*ck my dead, yeah?

Screw you, boy!
- f*ck you!

Show your p*ssy!

Real whores!

One was pretty hot.

Too bad.

Where is the party at, Julius?

This is like nowhere land.

f*ck that shit, man!

Now that I'm really in the mood...

Let's check it out anyway.
- No, let's get out of here.

If they search us I'm f*cked, man.

I've got a blade and mace.

Why did you bring that shit, man?

If you wanna get beat up
again like last time, then fine.

But I'm no loser.

If anyone messes with us...
- Dude!

I hate being poor!
Public transport sucks.

Let's just take a bus.
A taxi's way too expensive.

Guys, I'll pay, okay?

It was shit tonight. Total crap.

You know why?
'cos we've got no money.

If we had some money,
we could've gone to a club.

Then had some gas station vodka
with the chicks from the bus,

then Mickey D's
and a good f*ck.

Not this shit.

Can you turn on the radio?
- I wanna hear Jam FM.

Turn it up?

Sure, Habibi.

Please don't drink in here.

I'll be careful.

That'll be 12.30 euros, guys.
- I'll get this.

Wake up, we're home.

Get out, bro.

12.30 euros, right?
- Yes.

Welcome to Neukölln, m*therf*cker!

I told you I've got this, guys.

You're sick.

No women, no party...

We gotta do something, guys.


What about the school computers?

We'll break in and steal them.

Ten grand for each of us,
just sitting there.

That's like a year's income.
- What the hell, guys?

They'll f*ck us over.
- How can they?

Think about it, Gino.
What will your dad do

when the cops take you home?

Well... you can count me in.
- Yeah, man!

We'll do it without you
if we have to, Lukas.


What you looking at?

Shut up.
- You shut up, okay?

Marco, he didn't do anything.

Why the dumb look, then?
- I have some good news.


My job contract. Here.

- Humboldt University!


You finally made it to university,
Dr. Matthias.

Yes. Part time.

I take home 800 after taxes.

800 euros? A month?

800 net.
- I used to make that in a day.

Except this is honest work.

- How long would you work for 10,000?

You're welcome to find a job too.

Why do you ask?
- No reason.

Welcome to gym class.
Today: Table tennis!

Film it!

Let me throw it!
- You already threw it!

Do you act like this at home?

You've gone too far this time, guys.

You little douchebag.
He's bleeding!

It's okay, I'll take the blame.

You should see a doctor.
- I want you all to leave the room.

Go on, out!
- Sorry, Mr. Saturday.

Lukas! Why are you still here?

I wanted to ask about doing my exams.

Lukas, that's great.

I've got something for you.

I just wanted to ask how it works.

I can help you register.
That's no problem.

What's up? What happened?

It's nothing. f*ck it.

Crazy. What's with his eye, dude?

It was his f*cking dad.

Man, who took a dump here?

Come in.

Wait here.

I need to talk to Gino a sec.

About school and shit.
Chill in the living room.

Who are they?
- My brother and his friends.

Take off your shoes.
- Seriously?

This place is f*cked up.

Yeah, gross.

Where are his parents?

No idea. They took off ages ago.

Hey, listen...

Take off your f*cking shoes.
My brother mopped the floor.

Take off your f*cking shoes,
or I'll stick your foot in his ass!

Shoes off! Man!

No respect!
You're not at home here.

Can't we just go to Julius' room?
- What are they doing here in my flat?

She doesn't like you.

Giacco, Giacco, Giacco. Easy!

What the hell is that animal?
- No idea.

Some weird kind of lizard.

Let's go to Julius' room.

Dude, Julius,
don't you have any furniture?

I've got something for you guys.

What are these keys?

Where's Gino?

His f*cking dad won't let him out.

Keep your voice down!
- Huh?

What's up with you?
I'll shout if I want to.

You don't care how he's doing, right?

Are you Ret*rded, bro?

Just shut the f*ck up! Please!
- There's no one around.

No one cares.
- I don't wanna get arrested.

f*ck the cops.
If anything happens, look what I got.

It's my brother's gas p*stol.

You f*cking crazy?
- Check it out, it's awesome!

Give that here, bro!
- No way.

Why are you like that?
- Huh?

Lukas is sh1tting it.

Loco, I'm serious. Give it here, man.
- No!

Give it back, you ret*rd!

- You want to get caught?

Take it easy!
- Get your own g*n!

Give it back!
- Shut up!

Give me my g*n!
Give me my f*cking g*n!

Shut up!
Give him the g*n, man!

Watch out, I can't see you in the dark.

You'll thank me, guys.
- Go f*ck yourself!

This way, guys.

- To the left.

Which way, Lukas?

That's the staff room.

- Julius, come on!

- Hey!

Turn that shit off, Julius!

Chill, it's just for a second.
For orientation.

What the hell?
Cover up, they might have cameras.

Julius, turn the light off!

- 'cos you're dumb!

Turn if off! What orientation?

Now I can't see.
- Julius, you f*ck everything up.

Wait for me.

Where's the stuff, man?

I cancelled a date for this!

My chick's been a dancer for ten years.

You know what a fine body she has?

So many books, Loco!

Who needs this many books?

f*ck the books, man!

f*ck you, man!

You shit your pants!
- Where are the f*cking computers?



Guys, here! I found them!

Don't f*ck with us, Lukas.

Check it out!

Holy shit!

These are flat screens, man!
- We hit the jackpot!

Dude, what are you doing?
- This is awesome!

Put your address too, ret*rd.

I tell you,
you're the most boring guys ever.

And you're the dumbest, bro.

- Got a better idea?

I said we should go out the front.

But you whine
when I spray your school.

Help me up. I'll climb over.

You help Julius up,
he throws them over,

I'll catch them.

It'll never work!

It'll work.

Sexy ass, Lukas!
- f*ck you, man!

You've got skid marks, man!
f*cking gross!

How long you had them on for?

Then you push it.
It's f*cking hard work.

Pushing that
makes your ass even hotter.

Give me that.

The first thing I'm gonna buy
is a sick chain, man.

150 grams minimum. And a fishing rod.

For sure.
- A fishing rod, Loco?

What will you do with it?
- Go fishing, bro!

What'll you do with the cash?

Come on! Hurry up!

Come on!
- Where did all these cars come from?

What are you looking at?

Let's cross!
- f*ck off!

Push, Lukas!
- Take your shit someplace else, freaks!

f*ck off, m*therf*ckers!

- Shut the f*ck up, assh*le.

- Shut the f*ck up!

Are you Ret*rded?
- Bro! I thought it was a gas p*stol!

Seriously, man?

Every f*cking time!
What's wrong with you?

Every time!

Next time I'll hit you, faggots!
f*ck off!

Come on, Julius!


Keep going!

In there!

- Come on! Run!

Come on. In here.

Come on.

Watch out for Giacco.

f*cking kid.

Give me the dirty underwear.
- I'm not touching that shit!

Then they won't touch
the computers either.

Throw the dirty clothes on top.

If my brother finds them,
we're dead.

Don't you ever wash?
- No machine.

Julius, there are too many.
I'll take one home, okay?

- Turn around.


... stole the computers.

Expensive ones,
and the screens too.

Sit down!

My seat's taken.
- Then sit down there.

The neighbors reported seeing
three perpetrators.

Male, young...

And possibly armed.

So if any of you hear anything...

You can talk to us, okay?
We don't bite.

The damage is in the thousands.

A real haul, huh?

Shut up!

I promise you this:

We'll find them.

And punish them.

All of them.

It's in your own interest.
You want to learn on the computers.

Yes, hello?
- Hello.

Who is this?
- Who do you think?

It's your brother.
Are you dumb?

You hid your number.

Why not?
Were you just at school?

Yes, why?

I heard some losers
stole your computers.

Yeah, the cops were here.
- What losers!

We would've done the same.
But not nowadays.

What's the difference?

Those computers are registered, bro.

They'll find them right away.

Oh, okay.
- They have numbers, like a tracker.

You know who did it?
- No idea.

Sure, you don't.
What a dumb move. f*cking losers.

Anyway, I'll make some calls...

Hang up! Hang up!

Hang up! Right now!

Welcome! How you doing?
- What's up, Marek?

f*ck your "What's up"!
And you know why.

You come in, eat your f*cking kebab
and play my slot machine

with your greasy f*cking fingers...

When will I get my money?
- Soon, I promise.


Give me 10, 14 days and I'll pay.
- What?

I can't get it any quicker.

Come out the front now!
Take him! He's your buddy!

Marek, chill.

Put your hand on there!
- Marek said to...

Put your hand there!
Don't make me shout.

Calm down, Marek!
- Just break his finger!

Break his finger!

Yes, and all you hear is...

There's no point anymore!

I worked for this school
in my spare time.

No one paid me for it!

A problem school in Gropiusstadt.
v*olence, neglect,

a predominantly migrant neigborhood.

Many students live in poverty.
Few of them own a computer.

And now the school
can no longer offer ITlessons.

The new computers are gone,
many destroyed.


Come here.
- The thieves left a trail

of destruction.
- What's going on?

What do you mean?
- This. It's on all the news.

... the cellar
of the Gropius School.

It is not only the theft
that has caused anger,

but also the vandalism.

Like it was perfect before?

The school management assumes
the thieves are their own students.

Kids from your school!

Vandalism, exhausted teachers,
the police are powerless.

... high-quality computers
have been stolen

and we're looking for the culprits.

This stuff happens there every day,
and nobody cares!

This is no biggie, and now you care?
- No biggie?

They were brand new computers.
They cost a fortune!

You could've finally learned something!
But, no!

Some idiots stole them!

Did you hear what I said?

This stuff happens every day.

Constant fights,
Turks bring knives to school...

- Shouldn't that bother you?

Spare me your gangster stuff, okay?

I grew up here too,
I know a thing or two.

You don't!
That was 100 years ago!

You don't have to tell me
all your old tips from 1970.

Keep out of trouble.
If a guy has a knife, keep out of it.

You don't have a clue!
You're stuck in your damn Katrin bubble!

Karin! Her name is Karin!
Can't you get that in your head?

f*ck the f*cking computers
and f*ck your Karin!

Now you can f*ck off, son.

"f*ck off."
- f*ck off!

Always the same shit!
- f*ck off!

Why did someone hit you?

Ask yourself! Why?

Because I'm black. You know why?

I'm a foreigner. An Arab.

They think I'm like that, so I am.

Why shouldn't I be a man?

Should I study with him?
Just look at him!

Anyone could kick his ass!
- Look at yourself, you wimp!

Should I just sit there
if they attack me?

Should I say "hit me",
just so my mom thinks she's right?

Should I do that?
And just get beaten up all the time?

- Should they all attack me?

My child...
- And stomp on my head?

Should they all stomp on me?

Am I not a person?

If you cut me, do I not bleed?

So it's their fault.
- It's all their fault.

I have to go.

I have to go.

Are you f*cking serious?
- What?

You're getting stoned?
- Chill, Loco.

We still owe them 500 euros!

Relax. We have the computers.

Then we'll give them to Djamel.
- Never!

Marco says they have codes.

They're registered.

You serious, Lukas?

What if the cops raid my place?

I gotta go.
- f*ck you, man!

You gotta go, huh?

You need to help now.
You weren't there at the break in.

Believe me, the f*cking Arabs
hit harder than your dad!

You bastard!

What the f*ck, man?
- None of you f*ckers are helping!

Give me the computers.
- Oh, yeah?

And if I don't?
- Chill out, man.

Lukas, the computers are worth more.

We'll sell them to the
electronics shop on Sonnenallee.

Desktops. Latest operating system.

1500 euros.
- No.

What? No?

1500 is a great price.

We're being nice to you!
- Let's go, man.

I said it's pointless.
- Then what would you give us?


Say something, man!
- Julius, dude!

Show respect!
That's f*cking rude!

At least look at 'em!

f*ck off!

Go, go, go!

Bring those pigs back!

Look out!

Why'd you stop?

He's right there.
- f*ck it. Let's go.

But he's right there!
- f*ck it.

We'll try again tomorrow.
- No. The computers are registered.

The cops might find them by then.
- Bro...

Ask your brother again.
He's gotta know somebody.

Same as ever, eh?
Gropiusstadt is still standing.

It's just as ugly too.

At least it's summer.

Now it's not just concrete.
It's sun and concrete.

Marco, where'd you get
your money back then?

Don't do anything dumb, okay?

Look, the refugee!
Where's my ten bucks?

The whole crew.
Don't you crooks got homes?

You owe me 10 euros.
- You'll get it, Ali.

- You'll get it back!

Keep it down up there!
Get down!

Come say hello.

Quit grinning.

Let him grin.
He's like Cem, only girls on his mind.

Cem! Cem!

Who's your girl?

Denise, bro. Denise.

f*ck her, Denise, Menise.

He's doing my nut in.
Every day: Denise this, Denise that.

If I hear that name again I'll go nuts.
Little shit.

I'll be right back, Ali.

Who is that?


He got 80,000
from my f*cking slot machine.

I'll call you back, bro. What's up?
- What's up, Marek?

How's your hand?
- Great.

This isn't a parking lot.
Please move your vehicle.

Get down from the roof right now!
One by one!

Do you maybe know
where I could sell something?

You f*cking kidding?
You dumb or something?

Sell what? Grass?
- No, just some stuff.

Everyone off the roof!

Off the roof! All of you!

Please. Marco would never tell me.
- What are you selling?

Just stuff.

For who? Yourself?
- For a friend.

Lukas, are you serious?

A gold dealer?

Quality goods, I have to say.

Where did you get them?

From my uncle.

He works at an office supplier.
They got sent more than they ordered.

Do I look Ret*rded?

Do I look Ret*rded to you?

The computers were taken from
this basement. Ifyou look closely...

We're fortunate enough
to be able to come in here...

He said they're from his uncle, man!

They're not the only computers
in the world.

How much did you want?
- 1500.


Are you nuts?
For three stolen computers?

They're not stolen!

I'll make you a deal.

800 in cash. Otherwise, no dice.

Is he f*cking kidding?
He'll pay 1000 easy.

Let's ask for 1200.
- He won't pay a cent more.

800 euros. 800!

And another thing:
I know your faces.

You were never here. Got it?

We've got five more.
Want them too?

Leave the computers and f*ck off!

f*ck off!

Yeah, man!

Hey, 800 euros for nothing!

So much!
- Let's bring it to Djamel.

You can give him your share.

But we split it.
Everybody gets 200. Gino too.

Gino wasn't even there!
- He'd give it to you!

Remember when your mom died?

Who took care of you?

Gino and his mom were there for you.
- I know, man...

And if the Arabs k*ll you,
at least you'll be well dressed.

It'll be fine.

- Let's go in.

If we're not here today,
it's super suspicious.

Come on.

Hey, Pablo Escobar!

Tony Montana!

I've been looking for you, Lukas.

Can you come with me
to the counselor's office?

I'd like to talk to you.

- It's me, bro.

You sleeping?
- What's up? Stop stuttering!

You know that break-in?
- Yeah, why?

Talk, or I'll hang up.

We did it.
- Huh?

What do you mean? Who did what?
- We did it.

We broke into the f*cking school.

Seriously? Seriously, Lukas?

I told you, don't do anything dumb!
- Hey, stop shouting.

The whole school knows.
Help me.

What can I do?

I'm standing outside
the counselor's right now.

Listen: no matter what he knows,
don't say anything.

And don't snitch.
- Okay.

I'll call you later.
- Okay, bye.

Everything okay?

I'll give it to you straight:
It's about the stolen computers.

And about you.


Coffee is a life saver.

Do you drink coffee?
- No.

I can't function without it.

Lukas, my keys were stolen
when I was in your classroom.

What do you have to say?

I wanted...
- I know. You don't have to say anything.

I won't ask those Abduls for help.

We both know it was those Ali Babas.

But they won't talk.
They stick together!

We have to stick together too.

It must drive you nuts.

I know you're ashamed.

You write great essays
but then they laugh,

so you don't dare anymore.
I get that.

This country is going to the dogs.

Look at these photos.

Who do you suspect?



If you hear anything, let me know.
- Okay.

You can come to me anytime.
And Lukas...

Watch your back.

- No, Lukas.

Oh, we thought
you'd be eating with us later.

Oh well,
sometimes it's gotta be pizza.

How was school today?
- It was okay.

Fabian never tells me either.

I remember my mom waiting
for me at the door after school.

"How was school?" So annoying!

You're done with school soon.
- I'm doing my exams.

You've set yourself a big goal!

I wanted to discuss something.

Wouldn't it be nice
to live with your brother?

I'm not being mean.

You could visit us any time.

I live here, okay?
And I'll stay as long as I want.

It's too small for us four.
- What do I care?

It was fine the last few years
before you came.

So f*ck off before I tell Matthias
and he punches you!

It was his suggestion.

Did you get some money?



What's wrong, Mom?

Did you find the new computer?

Where did you get it?

Me and the boys found it.

Oh, you found it?

- Where?

You know, people leave trash
on the sidewalk to be picked up?

It's brand new!

What else can I do?

How about not stealing?
Maybe go to school!

Do your exams or something else!
- Something else?

Than stealing? Yes!
- If I didn't steal, we'd have nothing!

I wouldn't have these shoes.

Or the stereo...
Not even the flag!

All the others have MP3 players and shit!

What can I do, Sanchez?

Work 24 hours a day?

Let creeps grope me
so you can get new sneakers?

You want a prost*tute for a mom?

- No. No!

I think we can manage
without a stereo and sneakers.

I'm sorry.

Go and get your ID card.

Why do you want me to get my ID?

We're going to the police.

Sanchez, I bust my ass here for you.

Every damn day!

And you just screw up.
- No! You have no idea!

Seriously, when was our last vacation?
- Out! Get lost!

I have nothing!
- Out!

I don't have shit!
- Get out!

I want you out of my sight! Go!

Go! Get out! Go!

Never, ever talk to me like that again!

Go to your room!

I want you out of my sight!
- Mom!

You can't just turn your back on me.

If anyone's turned their back, it's you.

You dad wants to say something.

Karin thinks I should apologize.


I'm really sorry.
I should've told you myself.

The thing with Marco was just an idea.

You know I care about you.

And I know what you're going through.

It was the same for me back then.

Oh, man...
- But you have to stay out of it.

Smart guys give in.

Smart guys hit back!

You think I had it easy back then?

I'm sick of hearing
your f*cking old stories!

If you shout, you're wrong.

What's going on?


- Drive!

f*ck you, man!


At least that still works.

All because
you can't keep out of trouble.

You're blaming me now?


That's my mom.


What are you doing with my sister?

I don't have the money.

And I don't know
which m*therf*cker stole...

What's your problem?

He's just a friend.
- A friend?

He's just a friend. Go back inside.

Yallah, come up.

Both of you come up.

Come up here!

Salaam alaikum!
- Salaam.

Go ahead.

Why were you fighting?

We weren't. He's my buddy.

He stole my backpack.

Did you really?
Is that true?

I don't know what backpack he means!

No idea.

What backpack?

The red one. It's in the hallway.

Sit down!

Apologize to him. Yallah!

You can't do that!

Why should I?

Go on. Apologize to him!

- Please say sorry!

Do it, my son.

I'm sorry.

That's better.

Will you leave me alone now?

But don't come to the park ever again.

Hey? You want peace?

Yes, hello?

You have to get the shit out of here.

It's a bad time...
- What?

Right now, got it?

- Yeah, man!

Get that shit out of here! Get it out!


You tried to f*ck me over,
your own brother!

You wanted to get me jailed
and have the place for yourself.

With your buddies, right?

Thought you could f*ck us over, eh?

Can we take them to your place?
- No. It's a bad time.

Get this shit out of here
before I k*ll Julius!

Coming, Julius?
- "Coming, Julius?"

We cleared it all out.
- Great.

Okay, where's my g*n?

What g*n?

I'll ask again: Where's my g*n?

My g*n, you fucker!
Where is my g*n?

Give him the f*cking g*n, Lukas!

Let him go!

I see...

Sit down, both of you.

Sit down!

Julius is coming with us!

- Sit down.

Come on, Julius.

Bye, you fat m*therf*cker.

I'll lay it down, okay?

You get your g*n back,
and I leave.

And then we're good?



Hey, Marco.

I made a few calls, bro.

I know some guys who'll buy it all.

I'll send you the address
and you go straight there.

- And you only talk to Abdul, got it?

Nobody else.
- Thanks.

Thank me after I slap you
for being a dumbass. Later.


He'll send me the address.
But we only talk to "Abdul", okay?

I'll talk to Abdul for a few grand.

Shut up! Shut your dumb mouth!

Did you hear me? Shut it!

Are you out of your mind?

Hey, is that Abdul?
- Are you kidding?


Are you Abdul?

Let go of me!

No, go away! Go away!

What are you doing?
- Gino! Come here!

Are you Abdul?

You got the money?

What does he mean?
- Back yard.

That's all of it.
- Where's the money?



Hey, man! Hey!

What's going on?
- Hey! Hey!

That m*therf*cker!

Where's Abdul? Where did he go?

Where's Abdul?

Abdul! The fat guy!

With the beard! Where is he?

Where are the computers?

What's up?

What's he saying?
- Lukas, call Marco.

Okay, okay.

Go back in the kitchen!

Your guy ripped us off!

What do you mean?

He ripped us off,
the computers are gone.

Don't bullshit me! Seriously?
- Yeah.

Why would I make it up?
- Describe him.

He was like a gangster. Tall...

Bald with a beard.

Abdul has long hair, man!

How could you screw it up?

I told you one thing:
Talk to Abdul, and only to Abdul!

No one else. Is that so hard?
- I know!

But what assh*le rips off school kids?

And you...
- We all make mistakes, man.

I'll call around, but I doubt I can help
when you f*ck it up so bad.

At least the computers are finally gone.

Got any charge left?
- Why?

My phone's empty.
Can I put my SIM card in yours?

Pin number?
- Four times four.


- Seriously?

Dude, you've got nine missed calls.


It's ringing again.


What's wrong?

Blood everywhere...
- What blood, dude?

... and ran off.


Yes, sure I will.

Dude, what's up? What's with Gino?

He hit his dad with a bottle
and took off.

What? Gino?

Don't lie.
- He jumped off the balcony.

He would never do that.

He would.
- What do you mean?

I need to talk to Gino a sec.
Go chill in the living room.

This is Tilidine.

You did what?

You gave him Tili? Are you Ret*rded?

I just wanted to help.

Gino wanted to fight back,

but he felt too inhibited.

So I said I'd get him some Tili.
It lowers your inhibitions.

Take 20 drops, then wait 10 minutes.

Then you knock your dad out
and go to Italy with your mom.

Are you brain dead?
- You did nothing!

Nothing at all!

And now you're mad at me,
now that it's all over?

You call yourself a friend,
but you punched him!

Gino is my best friend.

And I don't want his dad
to beat his brains out!

I swear, I hope his dad dies.

I just wanted to help him.
Do you believe that at least?

Yo, guys!

What's up? You guys okay?

Lukas, come here. How's it going?

You remember my dream girl, Denise?


She's my girlfriend. Say hi.

I finally found her!

Why so shy?

Come say hi.

You blew me yesterday, now this?

Are you sick?

Are you sick?

Who are you trying to f*ck with!
- Lukas!

Little jerks!

I'll k*ll you guys!

Enough, man!
- Get off me!

f*ck off, assholes!

That bitch played us, man!
- What?

Are you Ret*rded?
- We don't want any stress!

Okay, I swear we can talk.
We'll talk.

We have other problems, okay?

We'll talk?
- I swore, okay?

Get off me!

f*cking assholes!

I almost suffocated!

You dog! I should have k*lled you all!

I swear, Cem...
- Shut it! I'll sort this! f*ck off!

Want some?

I'm done.


You know what we'll do next?

Our f*cking school exams.

Next stop: Klinikum Neukölln.

I hate this hospital.

This place isn't so bad.

My mom died here.

We're looking for Gino.
We're his friends.

I swear, I just wanted to help.

Can I come in?
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