06x23 - Episode 23: Aftersun

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Love Island". Aired: July 9, 2019 – August 15, 2021.*
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A group of contestants, referred to as Islanders, living in isolation from the outside world in a villa, constantly under video surveillance must be coupled up with another Islander, whether it be for love, friendship or survival, as the overall winning couple receives $100,000.
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06x23 - Episode 23: Aftersun

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-From our studio perched
perilously on the edge

of a rocky cliff top
high above the Villa,

it's "Love Island USA Aftersun."

[ Cheers and applause ]

-I'm Maura Higgins,

and here's what's coming up
on tonight's epic "Aftersun."

Ariana Madix has the scoop
on what's next

for our islanders.

Cely, Kay Kay,
and Johnny Bananas

are fired up
for the Casa fallout.

Sydney, Destiny, and Ignacio
have the inside story.

Liv joins us live
from the beach hut.

And in a massive
global exclusive,

we'll reveal the two
iconic ex-islanders set

to rock the Villa
for the second time.

Who are they?

Stick around to be the first
to find out.

"Aftersun," start your engines.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Live from Fiji, welcome to
"Love Island USA Aftersun"!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Casa came saw, and conquered.

Here to help peck through the
wreckage is my panel of experts.

First up, my "Aftersun"
work wife for life... it's Cely.

-I love you.

-And a reality star whose name
is as crazy as it is healthy.

It's Johnny Bananas!

- Love you.
- Love you.

And one half of last year's
most-talked-about couples,

it's Kay Kay.
- Yes!

Kay Kay, it's so nice
to have you back.

-Thank you.
It's so great to be here.

-How does it feel
being back in Fiji?

-A little bit of PTSD,
but it kind of feels like home.

-I'm not surprised.
You left the Villa with Keenan

after he was dumped.

Rob could never.

-[ Laughs ]

He disappointed me.

-I got to ask, what happened
after the show?

-Me and Keenan got into
a relationship for a few months,

but ultimately we broke up.

It just wasn't working out.

-Why did it end?

-I think a big part
of it was our age difference

and where we were in our lives.

Like, I was kind of
in my career.

He was still doing
his college thing.

And, you know,

in the Villa you don't really
recognize the age difference

because everybody's
on the same playing field.

But when you get out in the real
world, it's like...

- Very different.
- Very different. Yeah.

-Your catchphrase lives
on forever.

-"Soul Ties" is crazy!

-Should we have
a quick reminder?

-Soul Ties might not be
a big deal to other people,

but to me and Keenan, it is.

Soul Ties is crazy.
- You're not gonna give me a hug?

- No, Soul Ties is crazy.
- Not giving me a hug is insane.

-Not crazier than Soul Ties.

Soul Ties is crazy!

-Soul Ties is crazy!

-I feel like Soul Ties is crazy.

- Soul Ties is crazy!
- Is crazy! [ Laughs ]

-Soul Ties is crazy.

- Kay Kay!
- Soul Ties is crazy.

[ Laughter ]

-You still got it.
You still got it.

Now, Johnny, firstly, shall
I call you Johnny or Bananas?

-Whatever you want,
Johnny Bananas, Johnny.

-I think Bananas is
more suitable.

-"assh*le"... that's what I
usually go by on reality TV.

- "assh*le"?
- Yeah.

When you've been on TV
for as long as I have,

yeah, that moniker,
you know, kind of sticks.

-I was just going
to talk about that.

-Yeah. Oh, yeah?
See, I beat you to it.

-You've done the "Real World,"
"The Traitors."


-You won "The Challenge"
seven times, I believe.

- Uh-huh.
- That's crazy.

-"The Love Island" Villa is
just below us.

Are you tempted to go in?

-I mean,
I wouldn't go in as a bombshell.

I'd be more like an atomic
b*mb going into that place.

-He really would be.

-Would you actually ever do it,
though? Serious question.

-I come from a show

where we literally do
death-defying stuff.


-Like, throw ourselves
off buildings, eat fried rats.

I'd rather risk my life

than have to subject myself
to what they've had

to subject themselves to.

-Are you saying you find
the Villa scarier?

-That's wild.
I think I'm more of, like,

a "Love Island Games"
type of guy

because I'm up for challenges.

No, I like competition.

-Well, I believe "Love Island
Games" is coming back next year.

Would you do it?
- Would I?

I should be the first
on the call list.

- Ahh!
- Yeah.

Now, before we dive in too deep,

let's have a quick-fire recap
of what made this

our biggest week yet.

- I just gave it.
- Did you?

-♪ Casa, Casa, Casa ♪

-"You each have a choice."

-I'm not kissing no girls.

-Casa Amor in the house!

-♪ I need the fire ♪

-The boys have gone to
Casa Amor.

-Look, I just feel like if I
had the decision, I would stay.

[ Women yelling ]

-Hi, guys!

[ All cheering ]
- Yes. let's do it.


-"Kiss the islander
you want to get to know better."

- Put me on the floor, bitch!
- Put her on the floor, bitch!


Watch out, Aaron!

[ Laughs ]


-Ever since he left,
it's been so hard.

-I miss Kordell so much.

-Did you just make out with her?


-Don't do something stupid.



-He's not holding back.

-Yeah, he's f*cked.

-This Casa Amor shit is actually
next-level shit, bro.

-It's not good.
Like, I'm just delusional.

- You're good. You're good.
- You're not delusional.

-I've not done anything wrong.

But I feel
like I've done something wrong.

-It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.

-That's some bullshit.

-♪ 'Cause I need the fire ♪

-Tonight there will be
a recoupling.


-Let's go!

-Not yet.

-You're kidding.

-Aaron, is that Daniela?

- No way!
- You guys are f*cking savages.


[ Cheers and applause ]

-It's hard to clap for that.

- Yeah. It's heartbreaking.
- Yeah!

- It is heartbreaking.
- Yeah.

We have so much to talk about.

I mean, who thought
Aaron would make a move

on a Casa girl so quickly?

-I lived this before.

It's almost
like he felt married.

And he felt like Casa Amor was
like a vacation from the wife.

"So, let me do all my dirt
while I'm gone on vacation.

Then I'll come back home."

-Not knowing that it's like,

you know, they say what happens
in Vegas stays in Vegas.

What happens in Casa Amor
f*cking ends up on a cellphone,

and your girlfriend gets
to watch it.

-Then expects to just come back

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Have her back again.
- That is the nasty part.

- Oh!
- Wouldn't it have been worse

if he would have come back
with another girl?

He came back single.

-He may as well have, though.
Like, own your f*cking shit.

-You did all that just
to come back by yourself?

- Yeah.
- What was the point?

-Because that's what I'm saying.

Here's what I think.

It's like, is the grass greener
on the other side?

He was having
second thoughts going in.

He had that conversation earlier
where he's like,

"Am I doing the right thing?"

So, I think the groundwork was
already laid for him to f*ck up.

I gotta give it up to Kaylor,

That girl 100% is not putting on
a front.

She's not putting on an act.

She's unapologetically
who she is.

-And she deserves better.

-And you feel what she feels.

Kaylor chose to be single now.

Do you think
her stance will last?

- No.
- I...[ Sighs ]

- Don't ask me.
- I want to say yes.

-I want to say yes,
but I don't think that it will.

-Cely, I got to ask you
how triggering was Casa for you

because for me, it was a lot.
- Yeah, it is a lot.

I just feel really bad
for Kaylor and Serena.

Obviously, I know what
that feels like,

and it just... it sucks to see
somebody else go through that.

But I will say, like,
the girl power is girl power.

The way that all the girls have
each other's backs, like,

I'm in tears.

- It is phenomenal.
- Yeah.

Because I'm just like,
"That's so beautiful."

-I know.
Kay Kay, I need to ask you

because all your girls
on your season

were begging you not
to get back with Keenan.


-Like if you were
to turn back time now,

would you, like,
take their advice?

-I definitely would take
their advice.

Yeah, this time around, I would.

-But, again, it's hard
when you're...

-It's very hard.

And it's also, like, you know,
those were my girls,

but he was my best friend, too.
You know what I'm saying?

So, it was like,
"Oh, he made a mistake."

And at the end of the day,

I just wanted to be happy
and in love.

You know, I was in a
la-la delusion land, anyway.

But I feel like my processing
time was off because...

-And we all want to see
the best in people, as well.

-And that's like,
you know, it's a pro and a con.

When you're a genuine person,

you always want to see
the best in people.

And it's like, I wanted that
to be my situation.

Like, I was so fixated on that
being "We're this couple."

You know what I mean?

Like, I had a hard time
letting it go, but...

-Okay, let's move on
to Kordell/Serena and now Daia.

Serena was devastated
by Kordell bringing back Daia.

Whose side are we on here?

- Serena. Justice for Serena.
- Serena.

Serena forever.
- Serena.

- [ Laughs ] You waited!
- That's right.

-No, you're not.
Come on.

-Deep down, I think
he's a very sweet guy.

Honestly, I'm not gonna lie.
- Even now?

-I don't see him as...

I don't see him
as a manipulative, evil person.

I see him as someone
that was in a thing with Serena.

I think it took a lot of time
for him to get there.

-Yeah, but...

-And I think
once he went over to Casa,

I feel like he got
so much more attention

and so much more love and vibed
so much faster...

-It took him less than a day
to jump ship. Please!

-But it took him three weeks
to get Serena to kiss him.

-She had just opened up to him!

-That's a long time.

-But now we see why.

Maybe her intuition
was telling her all along

that this isn't the guy for her.

-I genuinely believe
from watching it...

this is what I believe.

I think that girl has
been so hurt in the past,

and she is a slow burner
because of that.

Like, we've probably
all been there.

I know I've been there.
So, I can relate to her.

And then she opens up to him,
and immediately he does that.

-Yeah, and I understand
wanting to get to know Daia

because she came in,
like, really, really hot.

You know what I mean?

But it's like you could have
done that in a respectful manner

if you had respect for Serena.

And if you actually liked
her the way

that you said that you did,

you wouldn't have gone about it
the way you did.

-It's temptation.
Like, I am not convinced

that he has a better connection
with this girl.

- No, he doesn't.
- Yeah.

-She's 27.
He's what, 22?

- Yeah.
- That's a big age gap.

-Like, think about
where they are in their lives.

Like, I was talking about
the breakup with me and Keenan.

It had a lot
to do with the age difference

in, like, the eras of our lives.

Like, think about that

working outside in the real
world versus Kordell and Serena.

Is he thinking that far ahead?

-Or even having a normal
conversation, honestly.


-Like, just having conversation.

-They don't even conversate,
though, from what we've seen.

- Yeah, no.
- They're talking about...

all she says is,
"You deserve better.

I'll treat you like this
and I'll do this for you

and do that for you."

But. like, are y'all
really connecting or, Kordell,

are you just horny?
- Yeah.

-How do we think Serena held
herself at the recoupling?

- Round of applause for Serena!
- What a woman!

like, that was a great example.

-When she did that.

[ Laughter ]

i was screaming!

-It's so exciting,
especially as someone who, like,

that happened to me.

Like, seeing somebody do all the
things I wish I would have done?

It is healing.
- It is.

-I love to see her stand
on business.

She is such a queen.

And the good thing is that
she knows that she's a queen

and she knows what she deserves.

It's literally healing me.
- Good for her.

-And then all of the girls
had her back,

and that was everything.

- Yeah.
- That was the scariest part,

how all the girls
were bunched together.

And every time a guy walked in,

it's like,
"Buddy, you are f*cking.

You're in for some shit."

-Question, question.

-Just the looks alone,

I'm surprised
those guys didn't just...

they weren't just deceased.
- Burst into flames? Yeah.

-And I got to say,

the longest walk of shame
known to mankind

was going from one side
of that Villa to the other,

either alone or with
the person that you're with,

and having to deal with those
like laser-beam m*rder eyes

the entire way up.

-Kordell couldn't even look up.

- No.
- Because he knew what he did.


-Serena strikes me as someone
who stands on her principles.

That's, again,
why, in the beginning...

- Queen!
- I love it!

-Well, no, and that's again
in the beginning

why it took her so long
possibly to warm up to him.

She's like, "I'm just
not going to jump into anything.

I'm a slow burner.

I want to make sure this is
for real."

And it's almost like "Now
that you've betrayed my trust,

there's no coming back."

-I love it,
I literally love her.

-I know. I want to hug her, too.
Great chat, guys.

We'll delve into the other
couples a little later.

For now, give it up
for our panel, everyone!

[ Cheers and applause ]

The queen of "Love Island"
joins me for a one-on-one, next.

And if I know Ariana Madix,

she's brought a whole lot
of hot tea to spill.

Back in a few.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

-Welcome back to "Aftersun USA"!

For the islanders,

my next guest is
just like fireworks.

She's beautiful to look at

but also comes with a risk
of setting everything on fire.

It's queen of the villa,
Ariana Madix!

- Hello!
- Hello!

-Hot stuff.

Best friends.

Oh, God!

I mean, we say this every week,
but where the hell do we start?

-No, exactly.

And we definitely don't
even have enough time

to talk about everything.

-Casa Amor.
What were you thinking?

-Oh, my gosh.

Well, the recoupling was
obviously wild,

but going into Casa,
I was so excited.

Well, first of all,

I got to hang out with the girls
a lot longer than what you saw.

-You were most excited
out of all the girls.

- Yeah!
- Yeah.

And I need to ask,
whose idea was the conga?

-That was Liv's idea.

And once she started,
she invited me to join,

and I was not going to say no.

-It looked like so much fun.

-It was so much fun.

-But it wasn't for Kaylor,

-No, but you know what's crazy
is it got to a point

where it seemed like
she was ready to take it on.

But then obviously,
things just...

-It all turned to shit.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, basically.

[ Both laugh ]

At that time, did you think

Kaylor had anything
to worry about?

- At that time, I did not.
- Yeah, I didn't, either.

-Earlier on in the season,

I thought, "Oh, Casa
is going to be make or break.

Could be really rough
for Kaylor and Aaron."

And then leading up to it,
I thought, "You know what?

I actually think things
are going to go really well."

- I thought the same.
- And, boy, was I wrong.

- Yeah. Very wrong.
- Very, very wrong.

-Because he did the dirty.

-I mean, I get that. You should
be getting to know people.

-Yeah, of course...
have conversations.

- Absolutely!
- Of course.

-I feel
like it would be suspicious

if you acted super closed off
and weird towards those girls.

And the fact that he
was repeating that handshake

with Daniela, it was almost
like he just, like,

transferred his relationship
with Kaylor

right on to Daniela
just like that.

-Yeah, I agree.

And also, it was the first year

that the boys had
the decision to go to Casa.

-Yes, absolutely.

-Like, I was not expecting that.

-Well, you know, as soon
as one said they were going,

they're like,

"Well, we all got to do it

-I mean, I guess the girls are
probably better off

knowing what these boys
were going to do.

-Oh, absolutely.

And I almost feel
like... that's the one thing

is it gives you answers.

- Yeah.
- Someone shows you who they are,

believe them the first time.
- Yeah.

-And I just hope
that Kaylor sticks to her g*ns.

-But I think she's gonna fold

going back to Aaron.

- Oh, I really hope she doesn't.
- And it worries me.

-I really hope she doesn't.

-Well, the way he immediately
tried to sit next to her

after she said she
was going to remain single...

- Wait. You said...
- I separated them.

-No, that was iconic.

-Okay, Aaron,
you can go sit down.

Maybe swap seats.

-I could not believe he was
going to try to do that

in front of anyone else.
- That's just cheeky, right?


-Did you get very protective
of the girls?

-Absolutely. I love them.
I think they're so strong.

That's, I think, my favorite
thing about this entire season.

This group of girls,
they're so strong.

Watching them go through getting
that text message

with the video,
that was so hard.

-Sat around that fire pit
when Liv was sitting there

giving it to every single one
of those boys.

- What a woman.
- I love her.

- Yeah.
- She's incredible.

And when she said she was
worried she was too much?

Never too much.

And if you are too much for
someone, they can go find less.


Speaking of Liv, what do you
make of Liv and Caine?

Because I'm just
not really feeling it.

It kind of seems
like a friendship.

-It does seem like a friendship.

It seems a little bit like...

-She just had to choose someone.

-She felt like she wanted...

She wanted to bring
someone back.

He was the one who was
expressing the most interest.

She was the only Villa girl
to couple up with a Casa boy.

- She was.
- Is there anyone else

you wish had made it
into the Villa?

- George!
- George.

-I thought he was so cute
and sweet.

You know,

I noticed right off the bat
there was certain things

that if I was coaching them...
- Yeah.

It's like, "Help the girl
up the stairs.

Pour the champagne for her."

You have to do these things
right out of the gate

to make an impression.

-I liked Ignacio, as well.

- Oh, I loved him, too!
- He's cute.

-I love the way

he was translating
the Spanish on the video.

-Oh, my God, yeah!

-And the way
when they called him over,

he just jogged on over there.

[ Both laugh ]

And he was making food.
- Oh.

- He seems super lovely.
- Yeah, he's sweet.

-Moving on
to Kordell and Serena...


-What is going on
in that head of yours

because I am not happy
with Kordell.

-I'm not, either.

Of course, I really
was rooting for her and Kordell

because I really loved
their banter with each other,

their jokes.

I felt like they were getting
to a really good place.

She was finally feeling safe
to let her guard down,

which I totally understand.

But ultimately I think
that Kordell is a sweet person.

But him being 22,

I think that the immaturity
is really showing.


And I think
that that's just Kordell's age.

-You want someone to understand.

Yeah, it probably is his age.
- My other problem...

- Oh, God!
- My other problem...

- Oh, God!
- Is these boys

bringing girls back to the Villa

and then acting sheepish

when they get confronted
with their choices,

because the Casa girls
have not done anything wrong.

They've done exactly what
they've come to do.

-And also them just stood there.

Like, if that was me, I would...

-I'd be like, "I'm gonna go
ahead and go

if you're not going to sit here
and say that you really like me

and you brought me
back here for a reason."

-They're then disrespecting the
girls that they've brought back.

- Yeah. So now what?
- Yeah.

Oh, well, Ariana,
while we've got you,

what tea can you spill
on next week?

-Okay. Two things.
Movie night.

- Oh, God.
- And then a bloodbath.

-Oh, my God.
Tell me about movie night.

-We have so many things that
these islanders need to see.

- God!
- We're going to need

lots of popcorn.
- My God!

Maybe you and I,
we can just go watch.

-Oh, yeah.

Girls' night.
- Girls' night.

-Yeah, we're having
a movie night, too.

- Mm-hmm.
- We'll probably be in tears.


-I need to hear
about the bloodbath,

but I'm not sure I want to hear.

-Well, the Villa is
very full right now.

I'll just say that.

-Massive dumping, is it?

-People got to go.
There's only so many beds.

[ Both laugh ]

-This series
has just been so dramatic.

-Yes, and there will be
another fan vote

to figure that one out.

- Okay.
- Exclusive, there.

- Yeah.
- Jesus!

-And I will be coming in
to reveal everything.

-Ariana, thank you so much
for joining us, as always.

We love you.
Ariana Madix, everyone!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Time for a quick break now,

but "Aftersun" is just
getting started.

Ignacio, Sydney and Destiny
are fresh out of Casa

to spill the tea.

Liv will be live from the Villa,

and I'll be having
exclusive chats

with two ex-islanders
heading back into the Villa.

The identities of the super
bombshells will be revealed.

See you in a few.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

-Welcome back to "Aftersun"!

[ Cheers and applause ]

The panel are back on the sofa,
where they should be.

And we're all set to enjoy Iain
Stirling's weekly masterpiece,

or as he likes to call it...

-"Iain Stirling's
Unseen Moments of the Week."

[ Groans ]

-Iain, the floor is yours.

-Oh, hi, everyone.
My name is Iain Stirling.

I'm the voiceover artist
of "Love Island"

and the narrator
of "Love Island."

Now, I can't narrate bikini-clad
dating shows my entire life.

Well, I can. I'm not in vision.
Age is not my enemy.

But I am going to diversify
into the lucrative

spiritual-voiceover market.

And I'm using today's
"Unseen Moment" as my demo reel.

So, please welcome to...

for f*ck boys and homewreckers.

Namaste-neem. Namastaby.

I don't... forget it.

Ian's Casa Yoga

is all about letting go
of thoughts of the partner

you're getting ready
to cheat on.

-Oh! f*ck!

-Set your intention.
It's to hook up.

Start by casually mentioning
intimate body parts.

-I think my nipple's gonna
come out. Oh, well.

-That's fine.
Yeah, there you go.

That is crazy!

-Can you feel it in your groin?

-Groin, groin.

-Girls, flirt by giggling
for no reason.

Boys, tell the universe

how the girls could meet
your deepest desires.

-Oh, f*ck me in the ass
and call me Susie.

This is crazy. Jesus Christ!

-Remember, girls,
don't stop giggling.

Try my yoga of chat.

Simply empty the mind of all
intelligent thought and speak.

-Oh, my gosh, some yoga shit.

They're doing yoga over there,
yoga poses.

-Oh, actually. Yes, yes!

-Advanced students
can try more complex poses

that are basically just an
excuse to try out sex positions.

-Lean back, lean back,
lean back. Oh!

-You should end the session
with no thoughts at all.

If you're Aaron,
it should feel very familiar.

Practice Iain's Casa Yoga today,

and you'll have let go
of that annoying,

loving partner by tomorrow.
- [ Laughs ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

-All right, a big thanks to Iain
on that yoga lesson.

And if you'd like to check out
Iain on his other job

as a stand-up comedian,

his new tour is coming
to the U.S. this fall.

You can catch him live
in New York on September 22nd.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Okay, we've just snuck some

Casa kids in with our
panel so we can have a chat.

Please welcome Ignacio,
Destiny, and Sydney.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Welcome, guys.
- Thank you so much.

-Well, you didn't make it
into the Villa,

but you made it on "Aftersun,"

so you guys
are the real winners.

- Yeah.
- [ Laughs ]

-Have you recovered from it all?

I don't mean Casa.
I mean the food challenge,

because that was disgusting!

- I still can't eat.
- It was so gross.

-So gross.

-No, but I had
a really rough time.

I'm not eating ketchup
in my life. I'm done.

- No ketchup forever.
- No, forever.

-Did you like ketchup
before that, though?

-Yeah, of course.
Who doesn't like ketchup?

No, no, it's horrible.

-Johnny, you've done a lot
in reality TV.

Would you have done that?

-I'm sure Johnny's done
a lot worse.

-I've eaten far worse than that,

like pulled pork out of,
like, a hot girl's mouth.

I've eaten, like, a rat.
Eaten a goat's head.

I've eaten balls.
Like, I've done it all.

-That's bad, that's bad.

-Right, well, we need to talk
about the Casa recoupling.

Was it as dramatic as it looked?

-Ah, it is, it is, actually

because you have no idea what's
going to happen, you know?

The girls, it's really hard
to read them.


-Were you really hoping
that Leah would choose you?

- You guys got on so well.
- Yeah.

-Yeah, I know, I know.

But, um, I'm not
her type, you know?

So I knew this part.

And also,
I'm not going to rush anything.

I'm not going to put pressure
or something like that.

Maybe if I did,
it would be different.

Right now, I wouldn't be here.
I have no idea.

-Well, at least
Leah didn't boop you.

- No. Woof.
- You didn't get the boop.

- Yeah.
- Didn't get the boop.

- But almost. Almost. Almost.
- Almost. Almost.

- Yeah, very close.
- She's full of those, you know?

She p*stol me like...
[ Clicks tongue ]

Like, oh, no, that's that
[indistinct] shit, you know?

-Destiny and Sydney, you both
were getting to know Rob.

- Yeah.
- Yes.

-Were you surprised
when he coupled up with Daniela?

-So, for me,
it really caught me off-guard

because she was so into Aaron.
- Mm-hmm.

-But I could tell she was
a little stressed out

because of the whole
Kaylor situation.

- Yeah.
- And then I also feel like

right when Kaylor got the video,

we were, like, all sitting down
by the fire pit,

and all we heard was,
"f*ck you, Aaron,"

or like f*ck Aaron
or something like that.

-f*ck you, Casa!

- Why are they screaming?
- You felt a little pressure.

-It was Kaylor that shouted.

-Like, once we all heard that,
Aaron completely, like,

was like, "Nope.
I need to back away."

-So you... you guys
heard that from Casa?

- Yeah. Because... Yeah.
- Oh, my God.

-So if he hadn't
have heard that,

do you think he might not
have done what he did?

-110%. I think that...

-You guys should have
soundproofed f*cking Casa, man.

-This is tea.

-Production's like,
"Alright, soundproof Casa.

We cannot have this
happen again."

-Destiny, would you have done
anything differently?

-Yes. I... Me and Rob clicked
immediately the first day.

I think I wish I gave more guys
a chance and, like,

not put all my eggs
in one basket.

-Who do you wish you
would have spoken to

or given a little more time to?
- Kendall,

but I didn't start talking
to him till the very end,

and I knew he was
gonna go back to Nicole.

-Do you think Kendall
could have swayed?

-If I had a conversation from
day one and invested more time,

I think possibly.
- Ooh.

-I don't think Kendall would
have turned his head, though.

-He was the most... I will say
he was the most loyal.

- Yeah.
- He was egging

all the other boys on.
- Yeah.

-But you know what?
Not really, though.

-Was he not?

-In my opinion,
I don't think he was.

I think that he
was really egging on Kordell,

because, in my opinion,
I love Serena,

but from an outsider's,
like, point of view,

I'm watching,
and I'm like, okay,

one minute,
she's, like, all into him.

The next minute,
she likes another...

- She's a slow burner!
- Thank you. Thank you!

Thank you. This is what I said,
and I got att*cked for it

last segment.
I said the same thing.

-No, not att*cked.
She's a slow burner.

- Yeah.
- If you have been in a house

with someone for,
I don't know, a couple of weeks,

and you're still working so hard
to try and get their affection,

and you still don't know
where you stand with them,

and then you meet a girl
that's like all-in day one,

and she's giving you
everything you want?

-She really, really,

really likes him.

Daia and Kordell,
I absolutely love them.

I ship them 110%.

He was so happy,

and you could, like,
see the glow on his face.

- Yeah.
- So with Kendall, like,

being, like, devil's advocate...
- That was chap stick.

That was her chap stick.

-Moving on to Catherine,
Kenny, and JaNa now,

the words of JaNa, "f*ck Casa."

Are we surprised that Kenny
brought Catherine back? Kay Kay?

-I'm a little surprised.
I feel like Kenny was just

kind of all over the place
during Casa.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, you don't say.

-It was like, he's
just here for the vibes.

- So, it was kind of

like a love triangle with Kenny,
Catherine, and myself.

With Kenny,
he would say one thing to me,

and then after, like,
seeing it all, like, go down,

he was saying
the exact same things to her.

Like long-term goals,
short-term goals?

-Run, JaNa, run!

-Are you... I'm sorry,
but are you f*cking kidding me?

You literally asked me
those questions days before,

and then you ask Catherine
the same thing after?

Like, that's just, like,
a player, in my opinion.

-Well, the guy
doesn't sound like...

It seems like
he comes up with one thing.

He doesn't have a whole lot
of other...

- He's got one line.
- Bouncing around in his head.

- That's it.
- It was smooth

coming back in, though.
He's like... I was like,

"Oh, how's he gonna
talk his way out of this one?"

He goes, "I thought you were
doing the same thing back here."

- Oh, my gosh.
- And I was like, "Okay."

-Ignacio, I need to ask you,
were you surprised

JaNa didn't couple up
with Josiah or Jacoby?

-Yes, 100%.

I had no idea which one,

because she's really nice, and
it's really difficult to read.

You couldn't tell
who was better,

like who was she lean to.

They're both really
different person, you know,

really different personalities.

But I was really surprised that
she didn't pick any of them.

Really surprised.
- I will say JaNa was like

the one person I was hoping
would actually bring a guy back,

you know? I was like,
"Slay for Serena and Kaylor

to stand up there on their own."

But I was like,
"I was really hoping,"

I was like, "Girl, come on,
bring someone in."

'Cause I did see, like, she had

genuine connections
with both of them.

-Okay, well, thank you
so much, everyone.

That was great chat
and very juicy.

Give it up for Ignacio,
Destiny, and Sydney

and our panel, everyone!

Okay, still to come, Liv joins
us live from the Beach Hut,

and we reveal
the super bombshells,

the two iconic ex-islanders

set for an expl*sive return
to the Villa.

See you in a few.

[ Cheers and applause ]

- So juicy.


[ Cheers and applause ]

-You're back with
"Love Island USA Aftersun."

Time for one
of my "Aftersun" highlights now,

my weekly Beach Hut party.

And our VIP guest tonight brings
the party wherever she goes.

It's Liv!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Hi, Liv!

-Hi. That was so nice.

Thank you.
- Oh. You like that?

-Yes. Who doesn't want to
be called the life of the party?

-How are you enjoying
life in the Villa?

-I am absolutely loving it.

I mean, I'm by the pool every
day eating gummies, sweets,

like, finding some gossip.
Like, I love it.

-Sticking up for your girls?

- Yes. I mean, we have to.
- We love to see it.

-Thank you so much.

I mean, the girl power's
strong this year, for sure.

- Yes.
- We love that.

-You went into Casa
carefree and single.

How different
was your experience

compared to the other girls?

-I feel like I didn't have to

have, like, a little person
to look after.

Like, I could just,
like, run wild.

So the other girls had to, like,
be, like, a little bit cautious.

But I was just like
a headless chuck.

I was like, "Boys, boys,
boys, boys, boys."

-We love you for it.

-You had your pick of the boys.
Why Caine?

-I feel like Caine is funny.

He doesn't care.
He will say it straight up.

I love someone who just, like,

gets the problem
over and done with.

And, like, he's attractive.

So, I mean,
that's like a trifecta, right?

-I love that.

-Right, Liv,
while I've got you...

- Yes.
- You're a straight talker.

- Very much.
- Are you prepared

to dish the dirt
on your fellow islanders?

I'll ask you
some quick-fire questions.

- Okay.
- You give me the first islander

that pops into your head, okay?
- Yeah.

- Okay, let's go.
- Okay.

-Who is the loudest islander?

- Aaron.
- Oh.

- Or me, but...
- No hesitation there.

- Yeah.
- Who's the messiest?

-Wait, as in, like, room-wise?
'Cause Kaylor.

But as in, like, messy
like between two people,

- Ooh. That's tea.

-Who's the most trustworthy?

- Serena.
- Aww.

-Shout-out Serena.

-Which islander
is playing a game?

- Daniela.
- Why? Why?

-Because you're with one guy
the entire Casa,

and then the night
before recoupling,

you go his best friend?
I don't know.

Where I come from, that's messy.

-Who has the most red flags?

-Oh, my God. Um...

- Daniela. Again!

-Liv is gonna tell it straight.

-Who has the most green flags?

- Serena.
- Aww!

- Justice for Serena.
- Yay!

-We love the Serena love.

-Who is the worst dressed?

- Rob.
- I knew she was gonna say that.

- Rob.
- Rob. The overalls.

-How can I forget the overalls
and the spider chain?

- Yeah, those overalls, bin them.
- Burn them!

-Who would you snog,
marry, avoid?

-Okay. Snog, I would... Kenny.

Marry, Rob.

Avoid, Kordell.

- Marry Rob?
- What about Caine?

-Why? For all of them.

-Kenny's tall and sweet,
and, like, his morals are good.

Rob, like, has funny humor.

Kordell, I'm just like,
"Love you, brother."

But he's like a brother.

-And you're coupled up with
Caine, who you didn't mention.

- [ Laughs ]
- Whoops. Whoopsie!

Did you forget about Caine?


-Well, that's time up.
[ Laughter ]

-Oh, my God.
That's so bad of me.

- Liv, one last thing.
- Yes.

-When Nicole and Andrea
first entered the Villa,

I gave them a secret mission

to get the islanders
to say fanny flutters.

- No way.
- And now I've got

a secret "Aftersun" mission

for you and you alone.
- Okay.

-I want to see
if you can do one better.

- Okay.
- I want you to take

a brand-new,
totally made-up word

and convince the islanders
it's a genuine slang word

that you use all the time
in Australia.

-Okay. Okay.

-So, I brought fanny flutters
to the UK.

- You k*lled that.
- What are you gonna bring

to "Love Island USA"?

-Oh, my God. Okay, a word?

-Just something
absolutely bonkers will do.

- Bobbletrot?
- Bobbletrot?

- Bobbletrot.
- What are you gonna tell

all the islanders what it means?

-It means, like,
that walk you have

when you're really drunk
from a night out.

- Yeah, I like it.
- [ Laughs ]

That's so good.
- That is so good.

No hesitation. I love that.
- Okay. Bobbletrot. I got this.

-She's gonna make bobbletrot
happen. I can feel it.

-Liv, we look forward
to your success.

Don't let us down
on "Aftersun," now.

-I will not. I will not.

-Give it up for Liv, everyone!

- Thanks, guys.

- We love you!
- Love you, too.

-Alright, next up, I meet
the two iconic ex-islanders

set to hit "Love Island"
for the second time.

They don't know about
each other,

so I'm gonna chat
with them separately,

but their identities will
be revealed after the break.

I'm gonna need the sofa, guys.
[ Laughing ] I'm sorry.

- I forgive you.
- See you in a few!

[ Cheers and applause ]


[ Cheers and applause ]

-Welcome back to "Aftersun USA"!

Okay, I can't hold it in
any longer.

I can now exclusively reveal,
soon to make his return

to the "Love Island" Villa,
from Season 5,

it's Harrison!
[ Cheers and applause ]

Welcome, Harrison.
- Thank you very much.

- Good to be back?
- Nice to be back in Fiji again.

-You left the Villa last season
with Emily.

I'm assuming that...
You're sitting here alone.

It didn't work out.

-Yeah, no, we're not
getting married or anything.

-Okay. What happened?

-Well, she was in I think Texas.

I was in Miami.
She came to Miami for a bit,

and we just hung out,
spent some time on the beach.

I introduced her to my friends
and whatever else,

but it just...
just wasn't right.

Just wasn't the right job.
- Right.

You went in hard
as a bombshell last season

and made a very big impression
right away.

Let's have a quick reminder,
shall we?


-Ah! Hi!

- How you doing?
- Oh, my God.

- There's a boy. There's a boy.
- Hello!

-He looks beautiful.

- Hi.
- You look lovely. How you doing?

- Thank you.
- I'm Harrison.

-I mean, that's
a whole lot of man, okay?

- Cheers!
- Cheers, cheers, cheers.

-He's a handsome dude.

But you the best dressed
out here.

You got the blazer and shit.
[ Laughs ]

-He's tall, good looking, blond,
everything that I want to be.

[ Cheers and applause ]

- Thanks for the clap. Thanks.
- I mean, even the boys

were interested in you.

How are you gonna beat that?

-I don't know. Like, I just...
I come in, do my thing.

I like dressing nice,
so it was good.

It helped I had the sparkliest
mask, as well, you see, so...

-What's your game plan
second time 'round?

-So I'm gonna go in and just,

you know,
go for exactly who I want,

just find out about them,
get in there I guess head-first

and just see, you know,
see what it's all about.

Do you know who you want?

-Nicole's caught my eye
from the moment she came in.

-I mean, she seems pretty happy
with Kendall, though.

-She does. Yeah, she does,
and so that's the only...

I guess that's the only
downfall there, right?

-Okay. Anyone else?

-To be honest,
I'm gonna say Catherine.

- Catherine.
- Yeah.

- Why?
- The attraction's there,

and we'll see
if anything else follows.

-Harrison, have you been
getting ready for the Villa?

Have you been hitting
the gym hard?

-I feel like I always train
pretty consistently.

-Every day?

- Not every day, not every day.
- Every second day?

-But I aim for, yeah, I aim for
like five times a week for sure.

-We'll have to
just see the rig now.

[ Crew laughing, cheering ]

See? It's not like...
It's nothing crazy, right?

Nothing crazy. Work to be done.

Work to be done.
- No, no.

No, that... That looks... good.

[ Both laugh ]

Final question.

You're going into
the most dramatic season yet.

Are you ready
to go into that trap?

-Hell yeah. Why not?
Like, I'm...

I feel like I'm built
to kind of deal with

any sort of social situation,
so I'm ready for it.

Maybe that's why they're
putting me in at the end.

[ Both laugh ]

Okay, well, thank you
so much, Harrison.

We are all so excited to see you
back in "Love Island."

Do us proud.
- My pleasure.

-For now, give it up
for Harrison, everyone.

-Thanks for having me.
[ Cheers and applause ]

Thank you.
- Thank you.

-That's alright.

-Right, time for another huge
"Aftersun" exclusive now.

Let's take a look at who else
is set to give the Villa

a shocking case of déjà vu
next week.

-Hi! Welcome to the Villa!

-The Latina's here!

The boy I would like
to couple up with is Leo.

The brunette,
I know that he f*cked her.

That's disgusting.

So, the person I would like
to couple up with is Leo.

-Would you like
to be my girlfriend?

-Of course.

-Yes, returning to
"Love Island USA," it's Kassy!

[ Cheers and applause ]

- Thank y'all. Oh.
- It's so nice to see you.

- Great to see you, Maura.
- How are you?

What's it like
being back in Fiji?

-It's crazy. Like, I still...

I still can't think I'm here.

Like, I've been pinching myself,
like, "Oh, my gosh.

Is this for real?

-Well, you're returning
to "Love Island."

What was your reaction
when the producers got in touch?

Was it an easy yes?

- Yeah, it was an easy yes.
- Really?

-And it was a text.
Surprisingly, I got a text.

- Oh, wow.
- So... I know, right?

But, yeah, I'm single.

I've been single, so
it was just the perfect timing.

And I was like, you know what?
This might be my second shot

at finding love. Yeah.
- Yeah, why not?

We had Leo
on the show last week.

-Ooh. How was that?

-How shocked is he gonna be
that you're going back?

-I think really shocked,

I mean, hopefully
he's rooting for me.

Hopefully he's...
He's supporting me.

But it just didn't work out,

and we didn't end things
on the best terms.

- Oh.
- But I do want the best for him.

-So does that mean you guys
aren't speaking now or...

- No, not at all.
- No?

- But like I say...
- What happened? Why?

-[ Sighs ] It just...
Long distance,

and if I have to be honest,
the minute I got out,

it's like rose-colored glasses
came off,

and I realized I couldn't
really get over what happened.

- Aw.
- You know, it sucks.

Bittersweet, but it was also
a learning lesson for both.

-Have you been watching
this season?

Which boys do you think could
still have their heads turned?

-If have to be honest,
probably all of them.

Maybe Kendall might be
a little bit more closed off.

- Yeah.
- But even that,

he was kind of open to Sierra.

So, yeah, he's a good-looking
guy, let's be honest.

[ Laughs ] But...

-Who else have you
got your eye on?

-I think I have my eyes
on a lot of guys,

but I do have a few.
Maybe Miguel.

I will say, the accent,
it does it for me.

- Okay.
- But I think he'd also

have to really show me that he's
looking for something serious.

And then, this one
might shock you.

- Oh, God.
- It might shock a lot of people,

but this next one is...

-Are you gonna say Rob?

-Maybe? Yeah?

Only because, only because...

-The overalls.
[ Both laugh ]

-Hey, y'all know I love
denim on denim, too.

But no, I think only because,
you know, I know him.

There's some history.

We've known each other
last summer.

In Casa, we tried to explore,
but he was more into Carmen.

I was more into Matia.

-Will Kassy be a bigger test
to the islanders than Casa?

- I'd say so.
- Ooh.

-Only because
I don't have any loyalties

with any of the girls.
- Yeah.

-I'm in there
to do what I want to do now.

- You're going in there for you.
- Mm-hmm.

You were second place last year.

- Mm-hmm.
- Are you here for the win

this time?
- You already know...

I'm just kidding.
I'm just kidding.

No, honestly, this time,
I think I just want to come out

with a strong connection,

with a real connection
this time.

I think I'd be winning
with just that.

- Yeah.
- But we will see.

-I cannot wait to see
how you get on in there.

I'm so excited.
Make me proud, won't you?

- Thank you, Maura.
- Give it up for Kassy, everyone!

- Thank you guys.
- Aww.

Alright, time for
a quick break now.

But don't go anywhere,

as our panel will be back
with their predictions.

See you in a bit.


-What up, "Aftersun"?
It's Nikki and Brie.

-Yes, and on this week's
"Spill the Tea,"

we are bringing on the queen
of "Love Island" socials, Cely.

And you know we're gonna dive
into the expl*si*n of Casa Amor,

that traumatic recoupling,

and what you all
are saying on social media.

-That is right, Nikki.
So make sure to tune in

wherever you get your podcasts.


[ Cheers and applause ]

-Welcome back to "Aftersun."

Our panel are back.

And the news is out.

Kassy and Harrison
are returning to "Love Island."

What do we make of this?

-They are the best
two islanders to bring back.

- Honestly.
- Definitely.

Go, bestie!
- They're gonna k*ll it.

-Kay Kay, you were
in there with them.

How do you think
the girls are gonna respond

to Harrison going in?
- I think they're gonna

be excited.
I mean, he's hot.

- He's hot. Yeah.
- That's all he needs, right?

-He looks like
he could be related to one

of the Hemsworth brothers.

- He's interesting.
- I agree.

- Yeah.
- I agree with that.

How do you think the boys
are gonna react to Kassy?

-Ooh, they're gonna be
foaming at the mouth.

-She did say she's into Miguel.

-Yeah. I could see that.

-I think he'd be into her,
for sure, too.

- Yeah.
- I mean, I think they all

are gonna be like, "Oh, shit."

- Yeah.
- She's fit.

-Yeah. They're gonna be wishing
they weren't in a couple...

- Yeah, that's for sure.
- Already.

-I mean, if it has a pulse,
I feel like Miguel's into it.

You know what I mean?
[ Laughter ]

-That's actually
very real, yeah.

-If it's alive, Miguel's like,
"Yeah, that's my type."

- Wow.
- Why can I actually see

Rob, like, going for Kassy?

-They have history.

-I could actually
kind of see that.

-Yeah, from Casa.

-And after all the chaos,
I feel like that could be

a comfortable, like,
safe space maybe.

- Maybe.
- I don't know. You never know.

-Could be. I'm just anxious
to see how it all plays out.

I feel like Kendall
would be a good match for her.

I'm just not sure
if he'll be willing.

-But we don't want to break up
Kendall and Nicole, do we?

-No, I don't want to break up
Kendall and Nicole, no.

-We don't want to give,
you know, homewrecker.

-Kendall is not
giving up Nicole.

- No, he's not.
- I think he's actually into her.

I think she's actually into him.

I think out of all
of the couples in the Villa,

I think they give off the most,
like, real relationship energy.

And, I mean, again, you've
made it through Casa Amor.

I think that was the big test.
- Yeah.

- I think that was the big test.
- And they passed.

- And they passed.
- They passed.

- They passed.
- They passed.

-Right, Johnny, I've got to ask.

You were on "Traitors US"
with Bergie.

- Mm-hmm.
- We love Bergie.

- Love Bergie.
- What was he like?

-Oh, dude.
I mean, I think Bergie...

How he made it on this show,
I have absolutely no idea.

- [ Laughs ]
- No, for real.

I mean, I really do
feel like this was, like,

you know,
him being a fish out of water.

But, dude, Bergie's just
such a lovable guy.

-And he found his person,
as well.

- He did.
- He found his person.

He did really well
on "Traitors."

But I think that's... Again,
I think going back to, like,

just, he's just genuine.

He is who he is.
Such a sweet guy.

So I'm all about Bergie.
I'm Team Bergie, man.

He's a good dude.
- Team Bergie.

-Which of the islanders
this year do you think

would make a good
"Traitors" contestant?

-Oh, man. Apparently, Aaron won

the UK version of "Traitors."
- He did. He did.

- He did that.
- As a Faithful,

which is kind of ironic,
'cause the guy's as...

He's about as far...
- He's giving Traitor on here.

-He's giving not faithful.

That doesn't surprise me,

But who would I think...
Who would be a good Traitor?

I think Liv would be... I think
Liv would be a great Traitor.

-Ooh, that's a good one.

She'd be phenomenal.
- She just... She's hard to read.

And I think regardless of
which position you put her in,

Traitor or Faithful, she'd be...
she'd be a tough nut to crack.

- Yeah.
- I mean, here I am

giving advice on how to,
you know, do well on "Traitors,"

and I was there
for a total of 72 hours.

- 72 hours?
- I had one outfit change.

-They said, "Get rid of Bananas.
He talks too much."

-I didn't make it
to one breakfast. Yeah.

No, it was more like, "This
m*therf*cker's too dangerous.

We don't want him here."

-Right, enough about "Traitors."

Let's talk about the week ahead.
- Okay.

-Who's headed for heartbreak,
do you think?

-Aaron and Kaylor.

- They're already at heartbreak.
- But I feel like even if they

get back together,
it's still gonna be...

Like, I feel like even
if they get back together,

there's gonna be
heartbreak there,

because that's not something
you can just get over.

And they're gonna
be battling that,

I feel like, in the Villa
and even when they get out,

if they stay together, you know?
I mean, we know from experience.

-Yeah. Even if she says
she forgives him...

-When you get out of the Villa,
it's a whole other story.

- Yeah.
- I think Kordell and Daia,

I think that they're in it
for the long haul.

- No way, Jose.
- Definitely not.

- She's headed for heartbreak.
- Not a chance.

- With him?
- She's headed for heartbreak.

-This guy's not breaking
anyone's heart.

If anyone,
he's getting his heart broken.

-He's gonna run back to Serena,

and Serena will not
take him back.

-She won't take him back,
and he knows that.

- Yeah, but he's still gonna try!
- No, he won't.

-Yeah, and that's gonna break
her heart at the end of the day.

It's gonna break Daia's heart.
- No. Agree to disagree.

-Well, movie night is coming.
How excited are we?

- I'm so excited.
- We love movie night.

- Yep.
- My stomach is turning

thinking about movie night.
- Oh.

- I can't wait to see it.
- It's gonna be carnage.

-It's gonna be amazing.

-Here's what I see
happening, alright?

You're gonna have
Kaylor rekindling

and then her having to watch
more videos

of what Aaron did in Casa Amor,

and it's just gonna, like,
reopen all those wounds.

- Yeah, absolutely.
- And then you're gonna have

Kendall narrating
the whole thing.

- Right.
- In the background.

The peanut gallery.
- And that's gonna break

her heart more, too.
- I know.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

-Well, thank you so much, guys.

Great chat, as always.

Our panel, everyone!

[ Cheers and applause ]

That's all
we have time for tonight.

Huge thank-you to all my guests.

Join us next Saturday
for more tea and exclusives.

New "Love Island" drops
tomorrow night on Peacock.

Don't miss it. Good night!

[ Cheers and applause ]



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