04x06 - The Mystery of Water

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Jay Jay the Jet Plane". Aired: December 13, 1994 – October 29, 1996.*
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Series is centered on a group of anthropomorphic aircraft that live in the city of Tarrytown and takes place at the Tarrytown Airport.
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04x06 - The Mystery of Water

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i'm so excited you're all invited to

solve a little puzzle with me

so it's a lot like play but we learn

along the way

it's jj's mysteries yeah

the mystery of water

it was a bright sunny day in terrytown

the kind of day that usually made the

airport a very busy place

but on this sunny day terrytown airport


very very quiet and empty

that's because all of the planes were

flying to pangaboola island for a fun


all except for two of them

lina wait up you're going the wrong way

lina what's the matter jj

there's too much agua down there i'm

afraid it will never end

and we'll get lost i'm flying back to

terrytown where i know i'll be safe


lina jj what are you two doing back so


lena got a little bit frightened and

wanted to come

home frightened of what

we were flying over the ocean and i got

scared crossing all that aqua

oh it's okay to be afraid and you did

the right thing to come back here

you too jj i was really looking forward

to seeing

pangapula island but all that water

scared me

hmm what is it exactly about the water

that scared you

i don't know it's so deep

it seems so spooky

hey i have an idea why don't we dive in

and try to solve a brand new mystery the

mystery of

water i love a mystery


good and if you learn more about

something scary

like water then it's easier to overcome

your fear of it

spin errific


i guess i could give it a try great

you can do it you can do it find the

clues there's nothing to

it it's another jj's mystery


would you like to help us solve this

mystery too

you would great this is called

a globe it shows our whole planet earth

it's where we live did you know that

there's more water on earth

than there is land there is

yes in fact much of the earth is covered

in water

see is it all in the ocean

no we can find water in a lot of

different places

and there are two different kinds of


there's ocean water sometimes called

salt water

and the second type of water is called

fresh water

it's in places like lightning bug lake


water that's what we drink right

exactly jj that's why we need to keep it

nice and clean

i love a cold glass of water

but just where does all the aqua come


good question to answer that i'll need

for both of you to fly to the top of

tippy top peak as fast as you can

spin we're on our way

jj calling brenda blue come in brenda

i hear you jj tell me what do you and

lina see below



let me ask you something have you ever

touched snow before

sure well what did it feel like

now that you mention it it felt what

yes water snow is water frozen by the

cold into an icy form

but when snow gets warmer what do you

think happens to it

whoa look leena the sun's heating up the


and melting it it's turning into water

so all the water comes from rain or snow

now that's another good question to

answer that i'll need for the two of you

to fly

to terrytown national park okay

we're on our way

okay brenda we're here at cherrytown

national park

now what look down and tell me what you


oh i see a waterfall now

you two follow that water and see where

it goes


wow now it's real a river

good keep following it okay

the river empties into the ocean it's

turning into fog and clouds

and a small storm is gonna break over

the ocean

and you know if that storm goes inland

it will cause snow to fall over the

mountains again

wow that was a great trip

it's like el agua went around in a big

circle first

the rain and then it went into the


and became lakes and rivers which led

to the ocean you know brenda

now that i know where water comes from

i'm not quite so afraid of it anymore

then are you ready to take a trip over

the ocean

um i don't think so

why not i still don't know what's going

on below

all that aqua that's what scares me

you know how you see all kinds of

beautiful birds and butterflies when you

fly in the sky

uh-huh i like to see all of those pretty


well planes can't fly underwater but if

they could

you'd see all kinds of wonderful

creatures that are

every bit as pretty to look at as the

ones are

above water really sure

just close your eyes and pretend you're

flying underwater

but we can't really do that well

this is just pretend but i'm even afraid

to go there as pretend

okay then just pretend it's somebody

else like

like snuffy that's flying underwater



if you could fly underwater you'd see


and pretty coral and jellyfish and

dolphins and whales pig blue

whales oh

i can see it so clearly in my


whoa spinnerific

now i wish i really could fly down there

i had no idea there were so many

incredible creatures that live in the


you should also know that every living

thing doesn't just like

water every living thing on earth is


made of water no way

even you brenda yes

even me without water i'd be as brittle

as these potato chips

so water isn't really a stranger at all

it's part of

everyone we know lena jj

would you like to help me figure out who

needs water to drink

see okay and while they're helping me

you can help them who needs water to


this doll this statue

or this little girl


a little girl that's correct

this little girl because she's a human


now who needs water to drink this doll

this rocking horse or this teddy bear

you're right the dog okay

let's try this one more time

why don't you guess who needs water to


this rock this plant

or this brick

you are so smart this plant needs water

to drink

it's all part of the mystery

we got it

does that mean you're ready to fly over

the ocean to pangaboola island lina

i don't know come on

lina you can do it i'll stay right by

your side the whole way

remember lina the more you learn about

what makes you afraid

the less you'll be afraid of it and you

learned a lot about water today

see brenda this is true now that i know

how good aqua is for us

i guess i'm not so afraid of it anymore

all right i'll do it good for you

and you know what what congratulations

you just solved the mystery of water

yeah all right you got it

you did it you solved every clue jj's


good for you domino's jj

now i'm really not afraid anymore

how's it going lena muy bien

in fact i like flying out here

the ocean looks so beautiful and i even

saw a dolphin

and lina up ahead there's something else

you should see

panga island i

can't believe it the trip went by so

quickly calling brenda blue

come in brenda hola lina how are you two


guess what jj and i made it to pankapula


i am so glad to hear that it's so bonita

it must be because of all the aqua now i


how important water is for people

animals and plants when you look at the


what do you see water wonderful

water it is just as important as the air

we breathe

water wonderful water it holds from the

sky as

rain or snow we see it in the lakes and

rivers that flow to the ocean where the


live below we all need water to live and


and i'm not afraid anymore when i see

water plenty of water oceans of water

wonderful water

the plains of terrytown had a lot of fun

during their stay on pangaboola island

especially lina now that she knew how

important water was

the thing she loved most about the

island was that there was water

all around as far as the eye could see
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