02x08 - Challenge/The Secret

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Dink, the Little Dinosaur". Aired: September 16, 1989 – November 3, 1990.*
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Series followed Dink, a dinosaur, and his four friends as they explore and dwell in the volcanic landscape of prehistory in a place called Green Meadow.
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02x08 - Challenge/The Secret

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Gosh, I'm so feasty.

Oh, there's gotta be water around here

somewhere. That's mine! Now,

Scott Fern first! Get

back! Oh, no, not

again. But I'm bigger, you

little brunt. I can't believe they're

still fighting over that stupid piece of

wood. Not just burp,

berry burp. Very tasty.

One may be very tasty for you,

but it's what I need to finish my nest.

I've had enough of them. Amber, don't get

in the middle.

Stop it.

Ow! I told you not to get in the

middle of a fight. Gosh, Amber, are you

OK?Yeah, Shyler, now

that I've got the bark. You?

Yeah, me. All we've heard from you two

since we got here is fighting over this

berry bark, and I'm tired of it. Uh, does

this mean I don't get to keep it?Yeah,

that's Scat Spark. I don't believe

these guys.

Come on, it's too hot out here for this.

If you guys want to fight, do it when we

get back home. Now let's go find

something to drink. Pink,

I think I see some water.

Come on.

Get them.

Hey, what's going on?

Oh, boy! Hey,

you big boy! Put me down!

You don't have to be so rough. I do know

how to walk, you know. Hey, watch the

wings! Uh, hi. My name's

Dink, and... This was our

watering hole. You drank from it.

Hey, we didn't know it was your water.

We were just thirsty.

Silence! Your thirst is no

excuse to take what is not yours. Don't

you yell at him. Who said this was your

water?Water's for everybody. Who

is your leader?

You must face the challenge of the

desert. Oh, that's not

bad. Yeah, Dink can take it. You must

fight one of us in order to win your

freedom. Fight one of you?Uh,

so maybe he's not up to it. That's not

fair. You're bigger than he is. Pick on

someone your own size.

Amber, let me handle this. The

female is correct. There would be no

honor in defeating small ones.

Okay, great. I'm glad we got that

settled. Come on, guys, let's get out of

here. Stop! I did not

say you were free of the challenge.

There is one among us who is fit to fight

you. You called,


This is Stormfoot. He will be your

opponent in the challenge. Yeah,

great. The challenge will

take place at the top of this Ridge line.

The one who throws the other off the top

is the winner. You mean like falling off?

What's the matter?Afraid. Nuh

uh, not me. OK, OK, I'm

moving. You know I do much better when I


Oh, help. I'm stuck.

Come on.

You OK?My foot's caught.

Don't worry. We'll get you out.

Enough. Leave her behind.

We're not leaving Amber. Dink. Just

go. I'll be OK. We'll be back for you,

Amber. Don't care

on it.

There's no way we can make a break for it

with these dish heads all around us.

You sad little Shiloh. I

miss Amber. What's

going on?Maybe it's an earth shaker.

Now's our chance. Let's make a run for


What's that?Over here.


OK. Sure I am, Shiloh.

How'd you free?What happened?Amber,

you're OK. OKOKI wasn't

really stuck. I pretended. Neat trick.

Thanks, Flat. Better get out of here

before those bullies figure that out.

You aren't going anywhere. Oh, yeah.

Take no.

Let the challenge begin.

Tell you what, if you don't struggle a

lot, I'll go easy on you. Don't do

me any favors.

gosh! That was too easy!

That was close!

This fight's not over.

Hey, what are you doing here?

Get off me!

Try this offersage!

What's the matter?Can't you hit me?

Take that! Hit that!



don't look. Gotta pull off!

Time to say bye-bye. I've only got

one chance.

Oh, no!

Let's see how you like it now.

No way! Dinks sound really gonna

hurt, Izzy. Please, don't

let me fall. Why not?You were

gonna let me fall.

Why did you do that?'Cause I already won.

You spared my son and still won

the challenge.

May we go home now?The young ones may


Thank you. I'm really surprised,

Ink. Oh yeah?At what?That you learned

that nothing is won by fighting. Now and

only they knew that. Give Scat that!

There's no way it's mine, you rat!

Hey, guys, didn't you learn anything

about fighting?Oh.

Here, you take it, friend. No,

Scat, you take it, little buddy. No.

NoFlap, take it! I said you

take it, you little rat! No, you take it!

You take it! No, no Take it or I'll give

it to you. They never change.

Shyler?Where are you?


I give up. I can't find you.

Here I am.

You know all the hiding places in my tree

better than I do. Aye,

I know a lot of things. I've

defeated meat eaters. I've beat up

Tyranor. I'm always leading my friends on

adventures. Must be neat being their

leader. I'm even leading them to the

Great Crossing tomorrow. Uh,

what's the Great Crossing?It's this neat

place the big swarms have to cross when

they go north to build their nests. But

getting there is real dangerous. Frill!

Hi, Mom, Dad! Look

who's here! It's Shyler! We've heard a

lot about you. Frill tells us you're her

best friend. Oh, the bestest!

Everybody in Green Meadow looks up to

Shyler. And he's

gonna lead them all to the Great

Crossing! And you know how dangerous

that is! Oh, can I go with him?Can I

hunt police?Well, now, why would you want

to do something so risky?What do you

think, Shyler?Well, I... I..

We want to make sure our daughter will be

safe. Oh, Shyler will take care of me.

He's experienced at these things.

Oh, please. Oh, please let me go with

you. Well,

okay. If your parents say it's okay.

Very well, Shyler. But we're trusting you

with our child.

Hey, where's Shyler?Why isn't he playing

with us?Give up, Dink.

I always win. Yeah, 'cause you

cheat. See what I

mean?Well, maybe just a little.

I can't wait till we leave for the Great

Crossing. I've never seen the great swine

nets. The swine net's very big.

Hope not too scary. If we

actually get there. I'm sure

of the way this time, guys. Yeah, that's

what you said last year and you got lost.

We'll make it this year, I promise. Trust

me. Look! Shiloh over there! Hey,

Shiloh! What am I gonna

do?I'll go get him.

Hey, Shyler, what's going on?Oh, can

I... Gosh, can I tell you a secret?

Flo kind of told her mom and dad that I'm

the leader of a group. Who

gave her that idea?Well,

I kind of did. Shyler,

how come?Why would you do something like

that?You know what lying does.

I thought she would like me better if I

was somebody big and strong. Like

you, Dink. That's not

true. She really likes you. Now, why

don't you go tell her the truth?It's too

late. I already told her I'm

going to lead her and everybody to the

Great Crossing tomorrow. Her mom and dad

are counting on me to protect her.

What?Oh, Shyler, it's a rough hike to the

crossing. We didn't even make it last

year. Please, Dink, help me.

Okay, I'll pretend you're the leader.

Just stay close to me so I can help you

lead. Phew. Thanks,


Uh, should we get going, Dink?

Uh, yeah, I guess so. Right, Shyler?

Wait. This way.

I thought Dink had a great time over

there. Why is Shyler waiting?

Don't you want to go that way?

This way.

You feeling okay, Dink?

I'm fine! Shiloh knows a secret shortcut,

and it's a little tricky, that's all! Oh,

how brave of Shiloh to take a secret

shortcut! Wow! Scat never

realized how brave Shiloh is!

Guess we should keep going, huhYeah, I

guess so. Oh,

isn't Shiloh wonderful?He sure is.

Watch out for that crater up ahead!

There's another one to the right!

Okay, go left! Left?

Right! Oh,

not that way! Ow, ow, ow,

ow, ow,


Boy, this is worse than last year, Dink!

Well, at least Shyler hasn't gotten us


You're okay, Shyler. Just keep going



Guess I needed a bath anyway. Something's

weird here. Dink isn't this clumsy.

Well, what did you expect?We never even

got there last year.

Here, Shyler. I brought you the best ones

I could find.

Thanks, Dink. You're a real


What's gotten into you, Dink?How come

you're such a pushover all of a sudden?

Who says I'm a pushover?I do. Oh,

look, we're almost at the great crossing

of the swan necks, aren't we?Yeah, but...

So what's the big deal?

We made it! I knew you'd get us here,

Shyler! This is great!

Not a lot of dinosaurs get to see a


Ah, look how beautiful the swan-necks

are! There they go!

Nobody knows where they build their

nests. Maybe it's a place with lots

of food and honey food and melon berries

Oh, big wings! What do we


do something! Oh, golly.

I don't know what to do. I'm not the

hero at all. Dink is. He's

just been making me look good for you.

Wow, you and Shiloh run for that cave!

Follow me!

Take off and make sure those big wings

follow us. Do you know what you're doing?

Trust me! That's what you said the last

time. Hi, guys! You here for the great

croc day?

Lots of good stuff to eat. Look at

those three down there. Don't they look


Hey, would I steer you wrong?I'm a fellow

flyer. Just follow me!

Whoa, they're really doing it. I'm even

better than I thought. I hope you have

someplace to take us. Flapper's done his

part. Don't

worry! It's

dangerous to run through here. There

could be quicksand.

We in a pickle now! We gonna sink!

Oh, quick sand. I hope you got some

kind of idea, 'cause here we go!

now, that's the old dink we all know.

Come on, those big wings are too strong

to stay stuck for much longer.

Hurry! We'll be safe in the cave.

So I made Dink keep my secret, so I

could look brave. But I wasn't

brave at all. Gosh,

Shiloh, I think you're very brave.

You think?I am?Sure

you are. You were very brave to tell the

truth. Yeah, or we would've been wiped

out. See, what did I tell you?

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