02x04 - Copy Hats/Telescope Trouble

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "SuperKitties". Aired: January 11, 2023 – present.*
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In the fictional city of Kittydale, an indoor playground called the Purr'N'Play is where children play, sometimes with the place's resident cats Ginny, Sparks, Buddy, and Bitsy.
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02x04 - Copy Hats/Telescope Trouble

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[narrator] The world thinks
they're just adorable kitties,

but when trouble comes knocking,
they transform into...

[automated voice sings]
♪ Kitty cat, kitty cat

♪ Kitty cat, kitty cat ♪

-[Amazing Singer] ♪ SuperKitties! ♪
-[♪ theme song playing]

♪ Meow! ♪

♪ When there's chaos in the air ♪

♪ Don't you worry, don't despair ♪

♪ Evildoers best beware ♪

♪ They're SuperKitties, meow! ♪

♪ They're brave, they're smart
They're strong, they're kind ♪

♪ And with their talents combined ♪

♪ They're SuperKitties, meow! ♪

[Buddy] The SuperKitties
and The Copy Hat.

-Selfie time.
-[camera clicks]



More tuna, Granny Caterina?

I saved you the last delicious bite.

Oh, no, dear, I couldn't.

Well, if you insist.

[both chuckle]

Cool alley! [gasps] Selfie!

[camera clicks]

[gasps] Whoa!

That hat is adorable.

The perfect size for a pet.

-[camera clicks]
-I'm gonna make copies of this cute hat

for every animal in Kittydale.

[Granny Caterina scoffs]


[in sing-song voice]
Cute, cute, cutie.


[gasps] Grandson!

Other animals wearing my hat,
copying my look?

That won't do.
No one should be wearing my hat but me!

-Say no more, Granny.

I'll make sure
no one copies your look,

and whoever tries
won't have that hat for long.

After all, they don't call me
Cat Burglar for nothing.


You can say that again, sonny.

-[horns honking]

[music box music playing]

Look, it's Amara!

[robotic meow sounding]

-[machinery whirring]
-[girl] what's this?

-[boy] Whoa!
-[girl] Wow!

[boy] Whoa, cool!

Hi, everyone.
This is the Purr n' Go.

It brings kitty cuddles
to all of Kittydale.

-We've got cuddly kitties...
-[kitty meows]

-A place to groom them [laughs]
-[boy and girl] Yes!

-And lots of places to play.
-[kitties meow]

Wanna play with the kitties?

[kids laughing] Yes!

[kitties purr]

The Purr n' Go is the best!

-You said it, Sparksy!
-Right, Bitsy?


-[puppy barking]
-[kitty meowing]

[Bitsy meows]

Look at those hats.
They're so, so, so cute.

[laughs] That's a lot of "so"s.

They are pretty cute.

If I had one,
I'd make mine look different.

Give it my own Buddy flavor.


-You two are the cutest.

But you know
what'd be even cuter?

Aw! Two kitties
in the same two hats.

You're matching cuties.

Oh! Another cute kitty.

[gasps] Buddy, did you hear that?
We're matching cuties!

[chuckles] We are.
Until I give my hat some Buddy flavor.


Huh! Purr-fect.

[gasps] Purr-fection.

Oh, hey brother. What's up?

Bitsy copied my Buddy flavor.

Are you okay with Bitsy
copying your look?

That's... That's pawsome.

Yay! I love matching with you, Buddy.
It makes me so happy.

Well, if it makes you happy,
then it makes me happy, too.

Matching cuties forever.


[both scream] Our hats!

-Where did they go?
-Who took them?

[automated voice sings]
♪ Kitty cat, kitty cat ♪

♪ Kitty cat, kitty cat ♪

[all exclaiming]
It's the SuperKitty Call

[Amazing Singer]
♪ They're felines who fearlessly ♪

♪ Respond to the call ♪

♪ Ginny, Sparks, Buddy ♪

Where are our hats?

-[record scratches]
-Oopsie kitty.

♪ And Bitsy ♪

♪ SuperKitties!
Su-purr Charged ♪

Sparks, power up the SuperKitty kit.

Let's see who needs our help.

Superkitty kit, meow!

Pickles, Peanut, Whiskers.
What's wrong?

Someone took our hats.

We couldn't even
see who took them

'cause they swiped
our hats so fast.

Like this... Swipe!

[gasps] Just like ours.

It seems like someone's
stealing all the hats.

-But who?
-I don't know. But we're gonna find out.

Don't worry, everyone.

You can count on these cats
to get back your hats.

Don't worry, Bitsy.
We're gonna be matching cuties again.

Paws in, SuperKitties.
We're brave!

-We're smart!
-We're strong!

We're kind!

[all together]
SuperKitties go!

♪ Meow! ♪

Look for clues, kitties.

We need to find out
who's stealing all the hats.


[Ginny] Kitties, look!

[Bitsy] It's the hats!

All the hats!

-[Cat Burglar laughs]
-Wait, I know that laugh.

It's Cat Burglar!

♪ Cat Burglar! ♪

Now that's how you make
an entrance. [giggles]

Good day, SuperKitties.

Those hats do not belong to you.

Mmm, they do now!

Call me the cat
in many hats. [cackles]

I like the name Cat Burglar.

What are you gonna do
with all those hats?

You only have one head.

True, and I'm using that head
to head out of here. [cackles]

SuperKitties, go!

Almost got him, come on!

Paws out, claws out.

[Cat Burglar cackles]

Bitsy Boots, blast off!

[Cat Burglar meows]


[Sparks] You're surrounded,
Cat Burglar. Stop running away.

Oh, I'll stop running,

and start skating!

With my sneaky skates.


He's so speedy on those skates.
How do we catch him?

You know how.

SuperKitties, it's time to supercharge.

Pointy claws and springy paws.

[Sparks] SuperKitty Kit Turbo Mode.

[Buddy] Furball Blitz Bounce.

Bitsy Boots Blaster Faster.

There's no stopping us meow!

♪ Go, go, SuperKitties go ♪

♪ Faster, faster
Can't be slow ♪

♪ Gotta run, gotta scoot
when we're in pursuit ♪

♪ Can't let them get away
Gotta go, go, go, go, go ♪

♪ And we won't give up
No matter what ♪

♪ No stopping us meow ♪

♪ No stopping us
No stopping us ♪

♪ No stopping us meow ♪

♪ No stopping us
No stopping us ♪

♪ No stopping us meow ♪

♪ No stopping us
No stopping us ♪

♪ No stopping us meow ♪

♪ No stopping us
No stopping us ♪

♪ And we won't give up
No matter what ♪

-[kitties purring]

♪ No stopping us meow ♪

♪ SuperKitties are
a perfect team ♪

♪ No chase that we face
is too extreme ♪

♪ And we never let 'em
get away ♪

♪ Us SuperKitties
always save the day ♪

♪ So when you see us
on the move ♪

♪ Join in the song
and get in on the groove ♪

♪ There's no stopping us
No stopping us ♪

♪ No stopping us
No stopping us meow ♪

-[Ginny yelps]
-[Cat Burglar laughs]

[Sparks] Are you okay, Ginny?

I'm fine, but Cat Burglar
is getting away.

[Bitsy gasps] Look!
Those feathers. It's our hats1

[Cat Burglar cackles]


Jump in. Time to roll, grandson.

I'm coming, Granny!

[gasps] If he gets away,
we'll never get our hats back.

I won't let that happen.

Activate Glitter Blitzer!

Matching cuties forever!


Too much glitter!

[all cheering]

What was all that glitter?

It's my brand-new Glitter Blitzer.

My bro made it for me.

Sorry, Granny, I almost made it.

Oh, almost shmalmost.

Quick! We can still grab the hats.

Stay back, you pesky critters.

This is my look
and you're not gonna steal it.

Whoa. All these hats
look just like Granny Caterina's hat.

That's right, SuperKitty.

So I don't want any cat or dog
or bunny copying my look.


Don't even
get me started on ducks.

But Granny Caterina,
everyone's just copying your look

'cause it makes
them happy. Right?

[all exclaiming] Yeah! Uh-huh!


Granny, your hat looks fabulous.

[in a sweet voice] It does?

[in a harsh voice] I mean,
of course it does!

[in a sweet voice]
But you really think so?

-[Whiskers] Oh, yeah!
-[Pickles] Amazing!

[Whiskers] You look fab.

Even the SuperKitties know style
when they see it. [chuckles]

Well... [chuckles]

If copying someone as stylish
as me makes you happy, then...

I suppose you get a hat.

And you get a hat.
And you get a hat.

You can all copy my hat. [laughs]

Just don't get any ideas
about copying my granny pack.

[all laugh]


[all] Aw!

Cat Burglar stole all the hats so no one
could copy Granny Caterina's look.

But Buddy taught Granny that sharing
what you love can make others happy.

And I'm taking that to heart.

-Ta da!

Matching cuties.

[Amazing Singer]
♪ Matching cuties ♪

Hey, Bitsy, what do you say
we show off our hats?

-[both laughing]


[Buddy] The SuperKitties
and The Telescope Trouble.

Oh! Look at all those stars.

They're so pretty, Ginny.

And they'll be even prettier

when Polaris gives us a peek at them
through the Kittydale telescope.

Yeah! Wait, what's a telescope?

A telescope lets you see things
in outer space up close, like stars.

Whoa. Sparks, can it
show us the moon?

-Yup. It sure can, brother.
-[Buddy giggles]

And tonight, the moon's
gonna look extra special

-'cause tonight's the red super-moon.
-[Bitsy] Whoa!

It doesn't happen every night,

but tonight the moon's gonna
look big and red in the sky.

Like this. SuperKitty Kit, meow!

-[Buddy] So red!
-So super!

-So moony!
-Yeah! [laughs]

[all laugh]

I wanna know everything
about the telescope.

-Come on, Kitties. Let's go!
-[all laugh]

[Amazing Singer] ♪ Meow! ♪

-Hi, Polaris.
-Hi, Bitsy.

Here she is, the pawsomest
astrocat in Kittydale.

[laughs] Thanks, Ginny.

Are you kitties ready to see
the new Kittydale telescope?

-[all meowing]
-[Buddy] Yes, please.

[laughs] Check it out.

-[Bitsy] Wow!
-[Ginny] It's so cool!

That is the most
amazing thing I've ever seen.

Can I try it first? [chuckles]

[gasps] Bro, you look tiny.

Polaris, is the telescope broken?

[chuckles] No. Here.

Try looking through the small end.

-Oh, through this thing?
-Yup. That's the eyepiece.

Okay, eyepiece.
Show me... blurry blobs?

Is that how it's supposed to look?

Turn the focus knob.
It'll make everything less blurry.

[Ginny] Like this?

The telescope's so much longer.

And that means this knob
will make it even longer.

-Wait, Buddy.
-Don't worry, I got it. Oops!

[laughing] Whoa! Whoa!

Oh, no. I'm sorry.
I guess I'm no good at telescopes.

Aw, it's okay. It's not broken.

Buddy, it's okay to not know things
when you're learning something new.

But I thought I'd be great
with the telescope.

Instead, I was pawful.

You've just gotta keep trying
and asking questions.

-I know you'll get it.

-[Sparks] Of course.
-[Ginny] Definitely.

Plus, there's still time to learn
before we see the red super-moon.

[chuckles] Oh, yeah. Okay, kitties.

I'm ready to give
that telescope another try.

Whoo-hoo! All right, Buddy.

Hey, Polaris, can I try the...
Uh, where's the telescope?

[Bitsy] And where's Polaris?

[automated voice sings]
♪ Kitty cat, kitty cat ♪

[all exclaiming]
It's the SuperKitty call!

[Amazing Singer]
♪ Ginny. Sparks. Buddy ♪


-[record scratches]
-[giggles] Oopsie kitty.

♪ And Bitsy ♪

♪ SuperKitties!
Su-purr Charged ♪

Sparks, power up the SuperKitty Kit.

Let's see who needs our help.

SuperKitty Kit, meow!

-Polaris? Where'd you go?

Up! Some flying machine
picked up the telescope

and took me with it.

-[all gasp]
-Who would do that?

I can't tell. All I can see is
the bottom of this telescope.

Then hang on to that telescope, Polaris.
We're on our way.

Paws in, SuperKitties.

-We're brave.
-We're smart.

-We're strong.
-We're kind.

[all] SuperKitties, go!

♪ Meow! ♪

Okay, SuperKitties.
Keep an eye out for the telescope.

I see it!

It's Polaris! And...

[all gasp] Lab Rat and Otto!

♪ Lab Rat and Otto! ♪

[Lab Rat laughing maniacally]

meet my flying cheese cycle.

Now I'm the most brilliant
animal on land and in the air.

[laughing maniacally]

Otto, of course,
is the most brilliant on water.

Lab Rat, put Polaris down.

-Uh, hello.

What? Argh!

I just wanted the telescope,
not the astrocat.

-Then put me down.
-No way!

I've got no time to waste.
I'm on a mission for science.

[laughing maniacally]

Science? What kind of science?

Cheese science, of course.

As soon as I bring my new
telescope to my lab,

I'll use it to get a good look
at the moon

and prove that it is made of cheese.

[all] Huh?

Once I look through the eyepiece
and turn that focus knob,

I'll settle this once and for all!

SuperKitties, help!

We've gotta get closer
so we can pull her in.


I don't think I can get any closer.

Not without hitting the cheese cycle.

[gasps] What if Polaris
makes the telescope longer?

-Like she showed us.
-Bitsy, that's brilliant.

Then Polaris can reach us.

[device beeps]

Polaris, can you make
your telescope longer?

Whoa! Nope.

If I try by myself, I'll fall off!

I know.
What if a SuperKitty bounces over there

and makes the telescope longer?

You mean me, right?
I can bounce,

but I'm no good
at using the telescope.

Last time I used the telescope
I almost broke it.

Brother, it's okay. Polaris can teach
you everything you need to know.

All you have to do is listen
and try. You can do this.

-You really think so?
-I really, really do.

-[Bitsy] Me too!
-[Ginny] We all do!

Then so do I.

Polaris, I'm coming to save you.

Time to supercharge.

Furball Blitz Bounce.

Whoa! [groans]

[gasps] What is going on
down there? A SuperKitty?

[groans angrily] Otto, pedal faster.

If you can make
the telescope longer,

I can do a flip into the copter.

Okay. But, uh,
I need a little help.

-How do I do it?
-Turn that knob.

[Buddy] Okay.

No, no, not that one.

[gasps] Oh no!
I still don't get telescopes.

Huh. What did Sparks say?

All I have to do is listen and try.

-What do I do now?
-Just try again but turn the other knob.

Go, Buddy, you're doing it!

I am? [gasps] I am!

Time for the triple moon flip.



Hi, kitties. You miss me?

-[Sparks] Great job, bro!
-[Bitsy] Pawsome.

See that, Otto?
No more astrocat on my telescope.

Things are looking up!

Now, how do we get
the telescope back?

I've got an idea.

Sparks, time for the Sonic Meow.

The Sonic Meow?

Yup. The Sonic Meow turns your meow

into a super loud sound
that can shake anything.

Bitsy, give it a try.

-[clears throat and meows]
-[meow echoes]

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
What is happening?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
We've gotta land!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

[Lab Rat screams]

[Ginny] We've got you
surrounded, Lab Rat.

Time to hand over that telescope.

No! [sobbing]

All I wanted was to look through it

and prove the moon is made of cheese.

You didn't have to steal
the telescope to do that.

Yeah. This telescope's
for everyone in Kittydale to use.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. I could have
just asked to use the telescope?



[sighs] I guess we're sorry
for stealing the telescope.

And for taking you, astrocat.

It's okay but try not to do it again.


-[Lab Rat] Ooh!
-[Bitsy] Wow!

-The red moon!
-[Buddy] So pawesome.

Wait... red moon?

But cheese isn't red.

It is the purrfect time
to use the telescope.

But you saved the day.
Wanna go first?

Um, yes, please.

Okay. Just like I learned.
Look through the eyepiece.

Adjust the focus, and then...

-Wow. Wanna go next?

You know, this thing looks a little more
complicated than I thought.

How about some help?

It's working! Thanks, SuperKitty.

When Buddy didn't know how to use
the telescope right away, he felt upset.

But it's okay to not know things
when you're learning something new.

If you keep trying and listening,
you'll figure it out.

And I'm taking that to heart.

But why is it red?
I know it's made of cheese.

Maybe it's made of strawberry cheese.

-It's not cheese, right?
-Not even strawberry cheese. [laughs]

-[Bitsy] Wow. That's ameowzing.

[Buddy] It sure is.

[♪ theme music playing]
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