Where Once We Walked (2011)

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Where Once We Walked (2011)

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Louise, where are you?


Rurik, have you seen Louise?

You will unfortunately
have to quit your job, Vivan.

You may stay in the servants' room
until we have found a new wench.

I am not a wench.
- Excuse me, what did you say?

Madam can call me housemaid
or whatever, but I am not a wench.

Does it matter,
considering the circumstances?

You have deceived me and my wife.

The situation could be solved
if you found an abortionist.

That is a no, I presume. In that case
there is not much we can do.

You must leave
before the holidays.

There will be no payoff. There are
enough decent servants anyway.

I have a man who can provide for me.
- Excuse me?

Pardon my suspicions
for HIS serious intentions.

My man is a good man!

Enok Kajander.
I came to meet my fiancé.

And to exchange some words
with director Lilliehjelm.

Sir should know, that my fiancé
has a right to get her salary.

The Helsinki workers' association
will see to it.

I do not fear
any workers' associations.

We have many poor people in Helsinki
and their strength just keeps growing.

Are you threatening me?


Wake up, Louise!

Please take your music sheets with
you, dear Louise, so you can practise.

Lu, don't forget Endymion. Will you be
reciting it at the poetry evening?

Hurry up, Louise!
- Why do I have to go?

Bring suitable clothes for the dinner!
- Boring dinners -

with boring people.
Boring walks and tennis.

Behave now.
- Siggan, could you help!

We'll be right behind.

Where is young Mr Widing?
- Waiting at the gate.

Marie, Olga?

Eric Widing, good day. Eric Karl.

Nice to meet you. Good day.

Eccu, you remember Louise?

Let me introduce Eric Widing,
my school friend.

We did meet
a couple of years ago.

Are you joining us at the dull
tournament, that my sister will win?

Is Miss Louise herself not playing?
- She is just envious of Sigrid.

Hurry up, Louise.

Call me Lucie, all my friends do.


Rumour has it that your sister
has not lost one set.

That is not correct.
Three years ago she lost -

a whole game in Nice,
the semifinals.

The winner of last years ladies'
tournament traditionally meets -

one of this year's
new challengers.

That will be Miss Sigrid Lilliehjelm
versus Miss Lucie L.

Miss Lucie L.?


From here on I will be adressed
as Miss Lucie, if you permit.

Game to Sigrid Lilliehjelm,
leading the set 4-0.

Love - fifteen. Miss Sigrid Lilliehjelm
has won all the points so far.

- Hello.

They are worried about you.
- I just wanted to be alone.

The others don't seem to understand.
- What about you?

I think you were magnificent.

It is palpable.
- What is palpable?

You are as enchanted
with Lucie Lilliehjelm -

as most of the young men in Helsinki.
- You too?

Hardly. There are only two ways
to have a woman.

The first is a promise of marriage,
which does not suit me.

What remains is
a business transaction.

I know where we can meet
willing women. Interested?

You are good.

Are you in a team?
- I'm too young.

You will grow.
- Are you a kind of a rich man?

You could say that.
- My father says you can't trust them.

Do you want to be photographed?

- Father!

The Germans are training Finnish
servicemen to help us win the w*r.

Let's go to Germany
when school is over.

To the jäger battalion.
- To Germany, that would be great.

Then we could chase away both
Russians and socialists, for good.

Try this.

Is it not banal
falsification of history -

to portray Jesus as a socialist?

Of course, Zweygberg.

Nevertheless, one can not ignore
the pathos of righteousness -

or the permanent presence of
proletarian instinct in his sermons.

Therefore it is not entirely wrong
to call the New Testament -

the first socialist manifesto
in the world.

What on earth is proletarian instinct?
- To roll in one's own excrement.

So it is God's will,
that we share everything?

We already do.

The question is, how we get everyone
else to see it has to be that way.

He seems sympathetic,
don't you think, Zviga?

Are you becoming a socialist too?

Maybe he is just a plain humanist.
Or maybe you don't know that word?

Your humanism means
rejecting eager suitors at most.

Those poor things just don't see
the charitable action of it.

As a transaction, father has chosen
Lars von Nottbäckin as your fiancé.

Father appreciates
your commercial value.

Father can't sell something he
doesn't own, and he knows that.

A Zolaika cake.

An Alexander cake. What do you
want? - Nothing, please.

And a mocha-meringue.

The Tsar has been unseated!

The Russians have unseated the Tsar.

Long live Finland!


Now we won't have to
swallow our anger anymore.

Now we will chase
the Russians out, for good.

Allan mostly has to care for himself.
He won't say where he's been.

I'm afraid he's on the streets.
I don't want him in some bunch.

It's called a g*ng. They don't accept
small kids who can't fight.

Your revolution rubbish is to blame.
- I can't be blamed for that.

God knows what will happen next.
- The fight for justice has just g*n.

There'll be more strikes in the fall.
The upper crust won't rule anymore.

And now
the Russians will help us.

Happy birthday, Lucie!
- Cheers!


I'm sorry I did not get You a present.

But Your father...
- Please, call me by my first name.

Your father asked for a family portrait.
I can make you a copy, if you like.

On real platinum paper.
- Are you a real artist?

I would hope so.
- Then you cannot give things away.

An artist always takes a reward.
- My father wants me to...

Is this your new Kodak?
You just press here? - No, don't.

I still have things to arrange.
- Do you only take portraits?

No, I am going to be a documentarist.


I want to capture that what lives
and rushes. The human.


Show me!

What about the portrait?
- We can take it later. Come!

We'll travel together in Europe after
the w*r. I won't stay in Helsinki.

Immer so dunkel, immer so nass.
Man kann ohne Licht nicht leben.

What is that?
- Mother used to say about Helsinki, -

that it is always so dark and wet,
but one cannot live without light.

Let's go.
The family portrait.

Come on now!

I think it is too risky.
- Not in Italy.

No, but on the way down there.
- Not if I have an escort.

No language courses this summer!
- What shall I do then?

What about university?
- In Helsinki!

And you, young man,
do not give my daughter any ideas!

Eccu is innocent, quite the contrary.
- Thank you for breakfast.

Sit down and wait
until everyone else is finished.

Act like an Lilliehjelm.
- Unreasonable, according to father.

Good morning. We have a commission
to look for arms stashes.

What commission?
We do not have arms.

Then you won't mind,
if we look on our own.

Only one hunting w*apon.

Krogell, go with Lilliehjelmin to get
the hunting w*apon. And you, -

you will show Marjamäki
the way to the boathouse.

You will show Halme
the way to the tool shed.

Can I offer you some cake?
- No, thank you.

Would that boy like a piece?
- Thank you Miss.


Don't do anything rash.
- Shut up.

Father said
that there will be no sh**ting.

There won't be.


Someone like me
has to fear both sides.

I am a sorry coward, that cannot
arouse anything but hatred in all.

If they knew me well enough, they
would compete about garotting me.

You see, that is the law
of w*r and the human mind.

Ivar Grandell,
are you there?

I am Enok Kajander.
I know you are on our side.

The revolution needs you.

Seek me out
if you change your mind.

Ask for Black Enok.


What is it?

The Bolsheviks nationalize companies
when papers become worthless.

Then you get disgracefully
removed from the railway company.

Put your foot down!
Not just anyone can take the job -

that only father is qualified for.

Get off father's back!
- You are just as indifferent.

Don't you understand the severity?
- And you do? You only worry about -

the curfew, that hinders you
from gallivanting in speakeasies.


The correct word is identification.

Yes, it is me.

I am looking for Cedric.
- He left days ago.

There are rumors about
White free corps outside Helsinki.

Do you know if Cedi has joined one?
- He has probably joined them all.

Is it important to you?
- We have to do something.

Anything is better than
hiding out like rats.

We cannot stay in Helsinki,
everything is closed.

I have to go.
- Wait!

I am going to Björknäs.
Come with me.

- Eccu!

Be careful.


It is impossible to cross the ice here.

It is better to start in Taivallahti,
and then go out behind Seurasaari.

I am sorry, but I will not go.
All resistance is useless.

There are too many Reds,
and the Russians help them.

We must do something!
- Eccu, it is pure su1c1de.


Halt or I will sh**t!

To Louise Lilliehjelm
after my death

- Don't sh**t! I want to join!

Zviga... He...

I was looking for Cedi, but I...

So, you are awake.


I am Aina Gadolin.
We have met before.

Thank you.
- At the ball, -

after the tennis tournament.

You probably do not remember me.
You were with Miss Lilliehjelm.

Rest now, please.
I will make supper.

I don't feel sick, can I not get up?
- You have a fever, nothing worse.

It stems from the cold
and the overstrain.

If you get something warm
you'll be up again by the evening.

Miss Gadolin.
- Yes?

I am sorry, I do remember you now.
My friends call me Eccu.

I will look in again soon, Eccu.

You'll stay here.

Load off the glass and porcelain,
but leave on food and list it.

We are commandeering
the carriage and the food.

This is the lady of the house.
Talk to her about it.

Show me the kitchen.

The cows' should be milked. We don't
have the time, too many have left.

Halme, take the inspector
and Krogell with you to the barn.

Count how many we need to care for
the animals. They should not suffer.

Oh, it's only you.
Don't touch anything.

Take off your shoes.

And who are you, if I may ask?
- I'm with the Reds.

Well, that explains.

You can go anywhere you like
and take whatever you want.

Tell me who you are.
It is not like you are mute.

I am Allan Kajander.

My father is the chairman
of the provisions com...


That is a fine merit.
You should not be up here.

Take the perfume.
I did not like it anyhow.

Father said I must not touch anything.
- I promise I won't tell.

But leave now and promise to take
your Father Chairman with you.

The Finnish workers
have authorized us.

Our duty is to commandeer, so that
people won't freeze or starve.

You'll be paid when the economy
and everything else is in order.

How the hell are you
going to create order?

Has any one of you even finished
elementary school?

You damn butchers.
Don't talk to me like to a beggar.

I'll sh**t him right here.
- No-one sh**t nothing.

It's him who partitions
the fishing waters.

My brother is a fisherman.
He got Ahvenkari and Haukilahti.

Don't moan, those sound good.
- There's no fish!

They should be called fishless!
- But we don't sh**t because of that.

Father, where are the others?

Damn. Stop!

Bloody butcher!
Now it's your turn!


A list of Whites we'll sh**t.
What the hell is happening here?

Calm down.
- The hell I will!

Bergkvist sh*t a shopkeeper
and threw him in the swamp.

Helander sh*t a crofter
because he hid some oat.

Many are overheated.
- Those were executions.

Marjamäki doesn't even feel remorse.
Those m*rder just brag.

You shouldn't call them m*rder.
- What then?

Be reasonable, and rest some.
- You know as well as I do, -

that this is going to pot.
- We can't control the men fully.

Isn't it justice we want,
not a bloodbath?

Those traitors ravaged our country.

Their demands are based on
anarchy and v*olence.

Society's worst elements
are splitting up our country -

instead of fighting with us against
our arch-enemy, Russia.

The free Finland now trusts its life
to general Mannerheim's troups.

Good morning. How did you sleep?

Well, thank you.
- The look reveals all.

The Reds have layed siege
to the area at night.

We need voluntary observers.

Men, it is time.

att*ck! att*ck!


Maybe I am the only one afraid.

I have seen people die.
The sick have just passed away.

Many are calm in the end.

All are equal before death.



Are you good?

I'm all right.
- Is Cedi there?

Don't you know
where he is either?

Good morning. Prime Minister
Kullervo Manner is expecting me.

Comerade Manner is not here.
- Might you help me then?

It concerns the prisoners of w*r.

You mean the rebels
that were taken to the lyceum.

Call them what you like.
Is my brother among them?

The name was?
- Cedric Lilliehjelm.

I'll have a look.



Prisoner of w*r, Cedric Lilliehjelm,
asks for permission -

to temporarily leave his group
to sit at a different table.


How did you dare to ask her?
- The Black Angel you mean?

That is what she is called. Quiet as
a fallen angel, black as sin.

A damn whore if you ask me.

Was Zviga not with you?

He was sh*t in the back
in February.

So he is d*ad?

Damn, to be disarmed by people, -

I would not even let empty
the latrine at Björknäs.

A passport for you and your son?

He'll be safer with his mother
in Helsinki.

I warn you, because you are a friend.
People are talking behind your back.

Don't we have enough enemies?
Do we have to fight each other too?

The choice is yours, not ours.

Are you afraid of them?

What do you mean?
Why would I fear?

There is nothing to worry about.

They are quite reasonable,
if you compromise a little.

They want you to sign a paper.
I asked for my books -

from the University of Technology.

You should sign too,
it is for the best.

Did someone persuade you to look
for rebels at Sigurds? - No.

Do you still think it was right?
- Yes.

Is Cedric Lilliehjelm
a close friend to you?


Was it him that persuaded you
to take up arms? - No.

If you want us to promise never to
threaten you with arms again, -

give me the paper,
and I will sign.

But why?
- It's safer for him here.

Where is it safe?

Have you got into disfavour?
- No, I haven't, -

but the moods are a problem.
- See now what your revolution does.

Take your coat off, son,
and sit down.

There's enough for you both.
- Nothing for me, thank you.

Almost 35 000 potatoes have arrived
to the western archipelago -

and these potatoes
were of the best Pomeranian quality.

It is German soldiers.

Here it says that Mrs Frostelius has
made a painting, a factory landscape.

She writes that she chose
a white frame for it.

Friends, listen up!

Tampere is ours!

And Helsinki awaits us
behind these walls!

Let's overtake the guards! If we do it
together they don't stand a chance!

We are many,
they are few!

Calm down, not yet.

You whore, you will not make it.
- Take him.

The Pomeranian potatoes are here.

The German army cut
the throat of the red dragon -

like Wagner's hero Siegfried.
We thank you.

So there you are, Kajander.
You are lucky I did not find you first.

Damn m*rder!


Have you sh*t somebody?
Will they sh**t you?

Don't worry, Allan.
Everything will turn out fine.

Farewell, Zviga.
Please forgive me.

The White Guard
has regrouped.

I and Julle are in Viapori.
New prisoners come in daily.

I have signed up for the
Länsi-Uusimaa batallion.

What will it do?
- Put things in order of course.

What the hell do we have to do
with them?

It is our duty.

Think of who they m*rder.
They must be punished.

I am in.
I will talk to Bruno too.

- But we signed the paper.

We promised not to take revenge.
- I did not sign such a paper.

You were prisoners.
You were threatened, right?

- True.

It's never the losers
who dictate the rules.

A real man should help
his country and people.

I cannot believe
he would have been in battle.

He has always been a man of peace.

He has six children,
and they have suffered no need.

He has confessed
that he took part in battle.

The law only admits
a death sentence.

Take you positions!






The Reds commissioned the oats.
- It was theft anyhow.

The children need food.

Where is your husband?
- He d*ed in Tampere.

And your firstborn? We're looking
for him too. - I don't know.

And if I knew I would never tell.

According to our information you had
him at 16, and the father is unknown.


Can we not release them now?
Have they not been punished enough?

Ask Cedi, it is his call.

I have always avoided him
when he turns that way.

Is it possible to imagine
your best friend as evil?

Can it be, that one is powerful
and the other constantly fears?

Is that friendship at all?

This is the time of action,
not of friendship.

No! For God's sake! Can't you see
she's expecting our baby?



Therefore it is
general Mannerheim's order, -

that illegal trials or executions
must not occur.

All matters will hence
be setteld in court.

The battalion
will not yet be dissolved.

We still have the mandate
to look for Red Guards.

I need a group for
Vesala and Kumberla.

We cannot let them free
the prisoners without trial.

To be ex*cuted, to be ex*cuted,
to be ex*cuted.

This is not right.
We need our workmen.

They are prisoners of w*r
who have fled justice.

These are people
who we have lived with for ages.

People who we work with, -

and who take care of their jobs.

Some ran amok when the Reds ruled,
but no greater harm was done.

Those sentenced to death
must be ex*cuted. It is the law.

Decide for yourself
to which camp you send the rest.

We will not execute the women.

We also ask for permission
to conduct the executions ourselves.


Sometimes I almost think
you are on their side.

Less would be enough.

All this k*lling...
- It is the law, Eccu.

The sentence is always ordered
according to the deed.

We do this because we have to.
None of us want to do it.

The bride and groom!


Come on up.

Go on and play now.


I have some coffee and fresh baked.
- Thank you, but not now please.

Would Sir look at the accounts?
- I trust that they are correct.

That is up to Mr Widing to decide.
- In that case I desist.

So, how are the English lessons?
- I'm taking private lessons now.

Are you going to Mrs Sirenius?
- No, a student.

She is inexpensive.
Miss Lilliehjelm.

When did you get home?
- Around midnight, I think.

You work too much.

You cannot go on like this.
- I know.

This little seed
is put in the soil, like that.

And when it grows,
out comes a carrot.

It's been a long time!

Have you seen Lonni's advert
for the new toothpaste?

Rectal - your breath has never
smelled better

The funniest part is
that Cedi's company imports it.

Has he seen that?
- I don't think so, he would k*ll Lonni.

Cheers, friends!

A toast to all the secrets, -

that will be revealed sooner or later.

I presume no-one has lost their
manners due to a couple of tea cups?

My sister is right.
We all have secrets.

And everyone makes mistakes.

Good evening.
- Good evening.

Once a Red, always a Red.

Don't show up here again.

Are you Black Enok's son?
- Allan Kajander.

Allu is with me.

What about tomorrow then?
- I'm in.

Should you not try again, Santeri?
- They would not take me anyhow.

I'll help.

Sit down, dinner is ready.

I'm not hungry.
You just eat.

Want to join the g*ng?
- Woima?

That would be great.

Then we might even win.

No, it takes too much time.
- But you will help my sister move.

Do you speak English?

Thank you.

- Eccu!

Is everything all right?
- Really well.

Are you sure?
- I swear.

Do you want company?
- No thank you, no need.

Some fresh night air,
and everything will be fine.

Woima needs a substitute tonight,
want to come? - No.

There you are.

You are so beautiful.

How did you like the meal?
- It was alright.

I thought it was excellent.

This is where I live.

Do you know how to sneak?
- Certainly.

Sneak home to yours, then.

- Hi. May I come in?

These are for you.
- Thank you.

What are you reading?
- Just Mary Marck.

Have a piece, it's delicious.
- Thank you.

Won't you open your present?
It's nothing extraordinary.

Smell it.
- It' s nice.

Landysh, from Russia.

It's lily of the valley in Russian.
Smells just like it.

Actually I came to tell you
that I'm going to sea.

I don't know how long I'll stay.
A year, maybe.

When I return,
I want us to be together.

I want you to wait for me.

I can't accept your presents
if you say such crazy things.

It'll be us two in the end.

You'll see.

Beloved friends.
In memory of our father Rurik.

to our sister in Germany, -

as well as our mother in her new
marriage in Södermanland.

I and my sister Lucie welcome
you most cordially.

We hope you enjoy yourselves
in our Björknäs!

Unless Lucie already has mortgaged
her share in a fashion house in Paris.

You should only know
how lucrative fashion is.

The smaller the cloth,
the higher the price.


Dear guests, may I introduce:
Micki, Maggie, Nita and I.

You ought to know
that I tried to stop this spectacle.

Lucie, Lucie, Lucie, Louise.

I do love you,
but you never love me too.

Eccu, should you not go after Aina?
She needs you.

Aina, what is it?
- Nothing in particular.

I have a headache.

You just go to the others.
- I don't want to leave you alone.

Boys, Kiffen and HIFK
have weak teams.

I've heard the workers' team
has good players.

Maybe some could be moved
from there? - No way.

They think the bourgeois sports
are unhealthy and only aim for profit.

In the same way they are convinced -

that Jesus
was not Gods' son, -

but an extraordinary agitator.

do you ever listen to yourselves?

You just have to have all.

It's not enough that you own
the farms, factories and shops.

Even the football players
have to be yours.

And God forbid if the poor and hungry
should try to take something from you.

Then you will sh**t most of them
and put the rest in camps.

Change your tone
or you can go join the ladies.

Oh, little Cedric.
And what if I will not obey you?

I will not tolerate
such behaviour here, Lu.

You, who were prisoners, -

complained to the consul when the
Reds took your cheese off the bread.

Later on your enemies had to seek for
undigested seeds in their excrement.

You know nothing about those things!

Quod erat demonstrandum.

What are you muttering, Bolshevik?

Which is to be demonstrated.
Lucie is right.

What the hell are you saying?
- The Reds were treated too harshly.

I completely disagree. Their
civil confidence was restored -

even though
they wanted to k*ll us all!

It is a big lie
that they wanted to k*ll us all.

Ivar, you are using the wrong words.
We wanted to k*ll you all -

is what you should say. We all know
which colour you are deep down.

Calm down, Cedi.

- What?

So much happened that spring.
We have to talk about it at some point.

Talk about what?
- t*nk, Kumberla.

It never happened.

We do have something in common.

We don't want the party to end.
- Maybe so.

Next time you want to expand,
and need capital, -

can you not ask me first,
instead of Henning?

I have a condition though.

You have to photograph me for some
hours, and put your soul into it.

Good night.
- Good night.

Sweet dreams.

Did I do something wrong?
- No, I'll just arrange the lights.

I'll arrange my clothes then.
- You do that.


You can take pictures later.

Eccu, put the camera away.

I have never felt ugly, -

not even as a child
with crooked teeth.

But I have often felt -


One can be beautiful in the wrong way.
You redress me.

I did not do it. This is you.

You shine.

Remember when you wanted to
find a new way of seeing?

You wanted to leave
and discover life.

It's not too late.

Lucie, I...

Lucie, I am sorry
that I have not kept in touch, -

but the family and work
have filled all my time.

People like me can find a tolerable
existence in everyday life.

Would you come to bed?

Your refusal to give in
is so strong.

I doubt you would ever
be happy here.


How was Paris?
- Paris is like an overflowing fountain.

One has to be a little crazy,
especially in Rive Gauche.

All the prost*tute
in Montparnasse and Montmartre -

made a pilgrimage
to Saties' funeral a few years back.

Imagine all the indignant writings
if something like that occurred here.

All love is bought.
The upper class wives -

are nothing but breeders who
have not even learned how to enjoy.

Excuse me, a pot of tea please.
The strong kind, thank you.

What on earth?
- A n*gro from Montevideo taught me.

Is Mandi going to the games?
- You should forget about Mandi.

She can't really love that
snob from the business school.

- Mandi.

You are so beautiful.

Weren't you supposed to be
somewhere in South America?

I changed ships.
I wanted home for summer.

I dreamed about standing at
Kivinokka looking over Helsinki -

on an August night
as the lights glitter.

Only one thing is more beautiful.

And then the thing with my mother.
- My condolences.

I speak English now. And a little
Spanish, that's a funny language.

I have to go now. I'd invite you in,
but Lauri is coming soon.

Mandi, you were supposed
to wait for me.

What did I ever promise you?

I don't think you are suited
for that Lauri Kanervo anyhow.

Who do you think you are?
I make my own decisions.

At the piano: Robert W. Jones.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Aurora Premier Brass Band!

- Yes.

Lauri Kanervo?
- Yes?

Hi, little Hans-Rurik.
He has your mouth.

But Cedis' character. If he doesn't
get what he wants, he screams.

How is Cedi?

He sends his best,
and is sorry he could not come.

You know he means well.
I know him better than you do.

Good, then.

Shall we sit down?
- Yes, please.


- Lucie, beloved Lucie.


What is haunting you?

Sometimes there is light...

Everything is -


Like snow, fresh snow.
And you are there and then...

But mostly it is dark.

It gets dark inside and I -

I don't know what to do.

Woima! Woima!

I must admit that this is much more
interesting than I expected.

Woima! Woima!

What car is that?
- Shoo now.

Where are you going?

Henning Lund, how do you do?
I would like to talk to you.

I haven't done anything.
I'm not political.

May I enter?

I have seen you play.

I am a manager at Helsinki IFK
and I have a suggestion:

That you play in our team.

You would get better jobs, too.
- What jobs?

Think about it. Come to my office
tomorrow afternoon.

Good bye.

Good day. Has Kajander
considered my suggestion?

If I play football in this city
it will only be for Woima.

The usual, please.

A cup of coffee, please.

Excuse me.
- Thank you.

You just sit and drink your tea, Aina.

I have a headache.

You and Cedric always were
such good friends.

I am worried about you.
Everything you touch shatters.

You have to learn
to let go of the past.

Whatever you did,
it cannot be undone.

Just give me a minute.

- Hello! Let's go.

Leave the car here.
One has to row to Kivinokka.

First you have to see Lemmenniemi,
or else it's not right. Come on.

Steady on. I forgot to tell
that the damn boat is leaky.

Scoop on, or we'll both sink.

What place is this?

We who don't have mansions
need some place to be.

The Heat rock.
Many kids have been conceived here.

You know, the Swedish and Finnish
students have started walking -

on different sides of Esplanadi-street.
It is so sad.

If one has friends on the other side
they're seen as Trojan horses.

I mean potential enemies.
- I know the meaning.

Only rich people can afford
to quarrel about such things.

Shall we go to The Heat rock?
- We don't need to.

I have a mansion just for us.

Hurry up.

You clumsy idiot!

The hell!

You can get your last wages
and leave, Kajander.

- Hi.

First we will have a glass.
Would you open it?

Do you want one?

I'm not a damn kept man!

Take your champagne and leave.

I get it, but I'm just trying to help.
- You don't get anything.

It's not help that is needed.
We need a new society.

You're just pretending.

You incline your head when you hear
about poverty and need.

The next moment
you just think about going to bed.

Everything is just a game for you.

You don't understand
what true suffering is.

Get out.


Mandi asked about you.

About how you are.

Did you know
she broke off her engagement?


Aina, where are you?
- I will stay at home.

But the party at Hennings' pavilion?
- You can go alone.

That is what you truly want,
to drink and whore with your friends.

I hate them.

Our marriage has failed,
and you know it too.

I can't match up against Lucie
Lilliehjelm. You crave for her.

She is just a friend.
- Do you think I am stupid?

You loved her before we even met.

To Louise Lilliehjelm
after my death

I have tried to forgive you.

I just wanted an ordinary life.
A few children, -

and that there would be
some love between us.

But such life does not suit you.

Dear Eccu. I took Stigu with me
to my parents.

When we get back, you must have
taken your things and moved out.


Over the past twelve years it has
felt like we are reconciling bit by bit -

despite the horrible memories
and deaths.

But now evil has returned.

They speak of honour and pride, -

but they go out on the streets
to hate and to persecute.




Greetings to the damn Russians!

And for example Vikström,
Kajander or Virtanen.

Kajander? Enok Kajander?
- No, Allan.

Can I help you, gentlemen?

We know what you are doing!
We have surrounded you!

Don't resist. Come out in peace,
and nothing will happen to you.

Damn Bolsheviks!

We are cowards!
The papers take the fascists' side -

and brand all the socialists
as savages.

People are afraid of communism.
- Damn, Hanemann.

They are afraid of their oppressors.

You see? We are winking at
the Lapua Movements' crimes!

Your duty as chief editor...
- I define my own agenda.

They are planning a march
through the centre of Helsinki.

Write about it, then.
I'll protect you.

Open up, Eccu!

What the hell are you staring at?

We are your friends.
We came to help you.


You have to get straight.


I'm standing straight.

Ergo, get out.

What is your problem, Eccu?

Why don't you sort out the material?

If you do that, I can arrange an
exhibition. These are excellent!

These are just rubbish.

If one has dreamed about a world
without walls and a roof, -

but then has to tread
in this damn swamp...

Please leave.

No-one is...
- Leave already!

Looking at the men in the Lapua
movement and their sharp look, -

you can also see a strong glimpse
of lechery and decadence.

If you then close your eyes,
you can easily see the same faces -

powdered and with painted lips,
singing a bawdy number -

in a genuine Berliner cabaret.

That bastard!
He makes people laugh at us.

Let's teach him a lesson.
- Ivar Grandell is not important.

Chief editor Hanemann is responsible.
- What if we transported him a bit?

I know where he is. At the publicists'
summer house in the archipelago.

Are you coming to the farm
to get milk?

I'm not finished yet.

Are you Hanemann?

No, unfortunately.
- You are lying.

I assure you, I am not Hanemann.
- Search the house.

- We know that Hanemann is here.

Is this Grandell?
- Put down the revolver.

Ivar, we are being serious.
Where is Hanemann?

We got a catch. It was this joker
who wrote that we look like clowns.

Lets take him for a little ride.
- For the last time, where is he?

He is not here.

Look closely. The inside of this sack
is the last thing you will see.

And this will be your last journey.

You dogs!

Don't sh**t!

Is it the sub-editor?

My call concerns Ivar Grandell.
He is on the Pikku-Noita island.

There now.

All is well.

Should I report them?
- But is it to any use?

They were looking for you.
- We will just let it be.

Good day.
- Good day.

Excuse me,
I did not sleep much tonight.

The Ostrobothnians will walk in front.
We'll join them.

President Relander and Mannerheim
will welcome us at the Great Square.

See you on the Boulevard in 20

I don't want you to end up in prison.
- If we don't resist -

they will crush us all.
I promise to be careful.

It was you who said
that we'll be together eventually.

I'm sorry Mandi. Forgive me.

Father, why are you
sitting on the floor?

Forgive me.

- Thank you.

Runeberg's cakes.
- Thank you.

There is one for Henrik too.
- He is not at home, but he'll be soon.

Stigu! Come see who came.

He's been expecting you.

Now say good day.
- Good day.

Well, good day.

A small birthday present.

What did you wish for the most?
- Skates.

Father said it's better to buy new.
- Thank properly now.

Thank you.

I don't need this anymore. Maybe
you'll take an interest some day.

Come on, I'll show you how it works.

Like this.

- Like this?

Excuse me, may I sit?

How nice to see you.

You look very healthy.

I'm glad to see you.
- I had planned to look you up.

Sometimes I think things would
have been different if I had you.

It's like I did not want to do
everything I did, -

but I did it anyhow
and everything just got worse.

There is so much light in you, Lucie.
- You might see me that way.

But I don't always feel like it.

You always followed your dreams.
- I have no regrets.

But I am lonely.

I'm planning on moving to Paris.
Would you go with me?

We two have always
understood each other.

It's not too late.

But the darkness, Lucie.

I cannot help it.

I'll write to you right away.
Promise that you'll write back.

Did you hear about Kajander?
The footballer.

He will go to Court Martial.
- Why?

For spreading leaflets.
- One should have guessed.

He refused to play
for other than worker's teams.

They say he even helped
Russian paratroopers to hide.

There is only one punishment
for his kind.

I wanted you to know
that I want to help.

Petition for a pardon.

So what?
They want me d*ad.

We have applied for a postponement
for a new discretion.

Do you remember Henning Lund?
He has connections.

You are as helpful and
self-sacrificing as always.

You don't need to be
disparaging towards me.

I know you mean well.

I'm just not used to that.

It's not worth it. I don't want you
to trample me again.

Maybe you could do it for
Mandi's sake, or your son's.

Is pride more important than life?
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