01x52 - She Wore Red Velvet

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Justice League Action". Aired: December 16, 2016 – June 3, 2018.
Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman lead a group of superheroes, the Justice League, into action in this animated series.
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01x52 - She Wore Red Velvet

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Batman, emergency.

Code 10, stat.

It's life and death.

All right, Booster.

You can handle this until he shows up.


All right! Let's sign some books.

MAN: Dude, where's Batman? WOMAN: I came here for Batman.

WOMAN: This is not what I came here for.

Batman is my favorite I thought Batman was going to be here.

Right? So strange.

Hey, you got me.

Booster Gold, hero of the future.

I thought you were Animal Man.

Next! Hey, champ.

Who should I make it out to? Bat

-Mite? Just kidding.

Where's Batman? ALL: Where's Batman? MAN 1: What the heck? MAN 2: We came here to see Batman.


I like your costume.

Are you an Elseworlds Harley Quinn?



Red costume, ring on her finger Gotta be a Red Lantern.

You're both wrong, boys.

You can call me Red Velvet.

Ooh! Like the cake.

Nowhere near as sweet, my love.


Whoa, that's rad!


What I won't do to get your attention.

My attention? Ah! All right, Red Velvet.

Start talking.

Just what's She's gone, isn't she? WONDER WOMAN: Why have we never heard of this Red Velvet? Who is she? Maybe Goldie Pants scammed her out of some money.

Scammed? I'm not a con man.

I'm an entrepreneur.

And a philistine.

Philanthropist? What are you talking about?



Intruder alert.



Oh, boy.

This is happening a lot this year.

Guys, Red Velvet is a time traveler.

She's totally a time traveler.

Relax, cupcake.

I'm here to see if you got the present I sent yesterday.

Oh, really? Wonder Woman, has the mail come yet? It's Sunday.

And this is a volcano.

They don't deliver mail to volcanoes on Sunday? Don't worry.

It'll get here.


MJ? Nobody's called me MJ since Margot?


Who is Margot? And what gift did she send? Okay, I'm getting the tone here.

You guys are gonna wanna make a big deal out of this.

But trust me, it's not Earth shattering.



- Whoa! Uh, what was that? The Earth.


This volcano is no longer dormant.

Pressure has been building up since Yesterday.

Red Velvet's gift? She must've gone back in time and blasted through the Earth's crust, so it would blow today.

COMPUTER: Eruption imminent.

Everybody, get to the hangar.







- At least we saved Justice One.



Ah! My suit's charging over there.

Just how do you know this Margot? Yeah, spill it.

Wait, seriously? She's in like nine chapters of All that Glitters: The Booster Gold Story.


I gave you signed copies last Christmas.

You didn't even read it? Talk or I get the lariat.

Okay, okay.

All right, picture it.

Stay with me.




-ta BOOSTER: Metropolis, the year 2462.





BOOSTER: I was at rock bottom.

Then I met Margot Montgomery, heir to the Montgomery Regular Toilet fortune.

It was love at first sight.

From that day on, we were inseparable.

And even though she was a woman of wealth and class, and I was a broke night watchman at the Space

-Time Museum, she agreed to be my wife.

Then on the day of our marriage, and Margot repeated the Ministron 3000's words, "For richer or poorer," it suddenly h*t me.

I had to do better by her.

I had to do more.

So, I excused myself from the ceremony, ran to the Space

-Time Museum, and borrowed a time suit on loan from a "future" collection.

I came to the 21st century to earn my fortune, so I could support us.

You know, be a real partner.

That's why you write books and sell autographs.

And develop that cartoon show.

Hey, I'm very proud of that show.

Once I have enough money, I'll travel back to the moment I left, walk in, and marry the love of my life.

Except that you didn't.

And you won't.

I think you should leave the time

-traveling mechanics to the pros, Bats.

I just told you, I haven't married her yet.

I still have the ring somewhere.

But we know you won't marry her.

Please, if I don't, Margot would never forgive me.

You kidding me? She'd go nuts.

She's got that fiery blood.


We know you won't marry Margot, because Red Velvet exists.

Listen, Goldie.

For whatever reason, you don't go back to the future, you leave Margot at the altar, it drives her mad, she becomes Red Velvet and jumps back in time to get revenge on you!

- Okay, one more time.



What was that? Come on out, MJ.

Let's finish this.

You know what they say? "For better or for worse.

" BOOSTER: Can you give me 20 minutes? My suit's not ready.

Port engines took a big h*t.

GREEN ARROW: We're going down.

Watchtower's destroyed.

My ship's going down.

My fiancee is a m*rder villain.

Is there any good news?



- Oh, my suit's done.

It's now or never, Booster.

You have to go back and marry Margot.

It's the only way to reset the timeline.

So, she never becomes Red Velvet and none of this ever happens.

You're right.

Let's go.

With the auto

-pilot engaged, look out, future.

Here we



- And they're gone.

BOOSTER: I'm back.

Pumpkin! Well, MJ.

That was about the longest minute of my life.

You don't know the half of it.

Where did you go? I wanted today to be extra special.

So, I went back in time and got you a celebrity bridesmaid.

And it's Batman, history's greatest Bat.

Initiate ring protocol.

If there is anyone here that objects to this union, speak now or I do.

Batman! You're about to ruin the happiest day of Margot's life.

You're a terrible bridesmaid.

Booster, when Red Velvet att*cked the Watchtower, she was wearing a gold and ruby wedding band, identical to the one you put on Margot's finger.

It's the same ring.

Wait, if it's the same ring, when did Red Velvet get a hold of it? Right now.

It's not being left at the altar that drives Margot mad, it's marrying you.

Booster Gold was the worst husband ever.

Duck! RED VELVET: He invested my family's fortune in fly


-night schemes.

Come on.


-front property on Pluto? Nuclear barbeques? Self

-zipping pants? I'm wearing them right now.

They're great.









I mean, it couldn't have been all bad.

He goes bald.

Really, really bald.

And he snores like a lumberjack.

- All right, I'm out.




Huh? Margot?


Margot! WONDER WOMAN: So, in this alternate timeline, the Watchtower was destroyed? You know, if I've said it once, I've said it 100 times.

We should've built this thing in space.

How can we be sure this Red Velvet isn't still out there?


There's no record of her, even in the future.


Red Velvet never existed.

Booster, I know how difficult this must be.

But you'll get over it in time.

Do you have Giganta's number? I know she's a villain, but I guess that's my thing now.

You got Giganta's digits? Hey, it's not like you're gonna use 'em.

Always a bridesmaid, right? Bats, come on! She's huge.
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