01x10 - The Hook

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Poker Face". Aired: January 26, 2023 - present.
A mystery-of-the-week series following Charlie Cale, who has an extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying.
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01x10 - The Hook

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Long time no time.

You know who this is?

CHARLIE: Mr. Sterling.
Yeah, it's, uh, been a while.

My God, kid.

It's a mess, isn't it?

Just spoke to the medical examiner.

There wasn't enough of my son

for me to even identify.

It's a f*cking mess, kid.

I let you off once, Charlie.

Gave you a life.

Pretty good life, right?

CHARLIE: So, uh, what happens now?

You tell me where you are.

I mean, you might as well
tell me where you are.

'Cause there's is not
a corner in this country

small enough for you to hide in.

There's no off the grid

that's off-the-grid enough
for you to hide from me.

I'm a tough old bastard
and I got some years left.


And I'm gonna spend them finding you.

And I'm going to h*t you where it hurts.

And when I do k*ll you, finally...

you can thank me.


tell me, kid...

am I lyin'?

CHARLIE: I got to go.


This is your job now.

You're going to find Charlie Cale,

and then you're gonna call me

and you're gonna ask me

how deep to dig the hole.

CLIFF: Well, that was quick.

ATM ping off highway .

On my way.

We got her.

I found her.

Yeah, she's headed west.



Wait, wait, wait. What
do you mean "Texas"?

Yes. I asked him.

Don't you think I asked him that?



♪ ♪

Yeah, a week ago.

- No, she's gone.
- STERLING SR.: Dammit.

Well, that's a good question.

Allow me to introduce myself.

- My name is...
- (expl*si*n BOOMS)

MAN: (ON TV) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

from the department of...

(expl*si*n BOOMS)

CLIFF: A year.

Over a year.

Over a year of shitty coffee

and bad motels.

The things that I have eaten.

A solid year on the road.

I did not sign up for this.

I should be there with you
running our business, doing my job.

Not out here chasing
some delinquent runaway.

thought I made it clear to you.

This is your job.

And all you're telling me right now

is that you're bad at your job.

Not sure why you'd
even go out of your way

to point that out to your employer.

Call you back.

Yeah. Parker.

PARKER: Hey, we got
something in Colorado.

Your troubles may be over.


Let me take a look at that Jane Doe.

It's over. We got her.

All I need to know is
how deep to dig the hole.

gonna let her heal up.

CLIFF: Well, that, that
might take some time.

Like, like multiple months.

She's conscious, just incapacitated.

I can make it hurt right now.

months is fine. I can wait.

I want her on her feet.

Then you're gonna bring her to me.

You camp out outside that hospital

until she's discharged.

And don't let her slip past you again.

Are you, are you f*cking kidding me?

If you think I'm sitting at some
shit motel in f*cking Denver...

what are you doing?


Now the people who did this are
putting the screws to me too.

I don't wanna be here
any more than you do.

If you can be good, you
get to ride up front.



You take care of
yourself, man, all right?

Thanks. Good luck.

Janelle, I'm going to miss you, lady.

- Bye, sweetheart.
- Bye, honey. Thanks.

Edwin, It's been real,

but I'm afraid it's checkout time.

I'm going to give you guys
five stars on Yelp, no doubt.

So, uh, bill-wise,

I'm not sure how this works.

If you have an installment
plan or something.

Uh, your bill's been paid since day one.

My God.

Thanks, Obama.

What? No. By private party.

You've been here two months.

You had a room with a TV.

How do you think this works?

I don't know, I guess I thought
you guys were like a, a church

you know, can't turn people away.

Ha, ha.

Wait, a... private party.


♪ Lavender blue ♪

♪ Dilly-dilly ♪

♪ Lavender... ♪

Trunk or the cab?

Either way works for me.

♪ If I were king ♪

♪ Dilly-dilly ♪


CHARLIE: Hey! Okay.

♪ ♪


♪ Dilly-dilly ♪

♪ You'll be my queen ♪

♪ Lavender blue ♪

MAN: (ON TV) Drop it
and show me your hands.

♪ Dilly-dilly ♪

You think he's going to make it hurt?

One can hope.


It's a relief in a sick way.

I can feel the muscles
in my brain relaxing

that haven't been relaxed in a year.

All this, everywhere I went,

it felt like I was leasing time.


I know he'd get me eventually.


The hook.

- Eh?
- The hook.

Brings you back. Inevitable.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

You k*lled Natalie, right?

Like, Sterling Jr. gave the word, but...

you k*lled her, right?

Open the glove compartment.

Reach in and take it out.




Suck it in.

Suck it in, suck it in.

If you're Rin Tin Tin or Anne Boleyn.

Make a desperate move or else he'll win.

And then begin to see
what you're doing to me.

This MTV is not for free.

It's so PC it's k*lling me.

So, desperately, I'll
sing to thee of love.

Sure, but also rage and hate
and pain and fear of self.

And I can't keep these
feelings to myself.

I've tried. Well, no, in fact, I lied.

Could be financial su1c1de

but I've got too much pride
inside to hide or slide.

I'll do as I'll decide and
let it ride until I've d*ed.

And only then shall I abide
this tide of catchy little tunes.

Of hip three-minute ditties.

I want to bust all your balloons.

I want to burn all of
your cities to the ground.

I've found I will not
mess around unless I play.

Then, hey, I will go on all day.

Hear what I say.

I have a prayer to pray.

That's really all this was.

When I'm feeling stuck and need a buck,

I don't rely on luck.

Because the hook

brings you back.

You really are the f*cking worst.


Hey, w... w-what is this?

Like, when Pesci gets
whacked in "Goodfellas"?

Is that the, uh, just keep walking?


f*ck, man.

Get cleaned up. Put that on.

I'll be back in an hour.


Okay. All right.


♪ ♪

Hey, kid.

Want a drink?

No. Uh...


A beer.


CHARLIE: All right.

You got me. What happens?

Tell me about your year.

No. No.

My year's been a knot in
my stomach every night,

knowing this was coming.

So now it's here.
Just do me the dignity.

You won. Just do me the dignity

of skipping this
cat-and-mouse shit

and whatever you're
gonna do, just do it.

What did you think was gonna happen?

Now, I just want to talk, huh?

Hey, take the win, kid.


You grew up in Atlantic City, right?

You got family here, right?

Hey, I didn't mean
that to be thr*at.

I just, you know,

I know so little about
you, I heard that,

I thought it was interesting.


f*ck it. Doesn't matter.

This casino is owned

by the Hasp family.

Beatrix Hasp, real piece of work.

Not very nice people.

You can feel it comin'
up from the floor.

I can, sittin' at the
tables, I can feel it.

It's funny

how it seeps all the way
down through the bedrock.


And even still...

there's no place I would
rather be than a casino floor.

I tried retiring.

I tried golf.

It's fine.

I just kept getting
pulled back, you know.

There's nothing that pulls you in more

than being really good

at something for unhealthy reasons.

Running a casino,

that's what does it for me.

I'm very good at it.

For the exact same reasons
I'm lousy at being a father.

How about that?

Any of this making any sense to you?

I didn't k*ll your son.

And I want you to know

what he did

and what Kazimir Caine did

and why I did what I...

- I know.
- You know?

I know.

And I understand.

I would have done the same thing.

I don't blame you for my son's death.

Well, what?

Sterling, what the f*ck

have we been doing for this past year?

- I've been chasing you.
- Why?

Because you've been runnin'.

I was running because
you were chasing me.

What the f*ck is even
happening right now?

And now I caught you.


And now... what?

If I stood up and walked away right now,

so what happens?

Go ahead.

Your car's cleaned up and serviced.

Hey, it's in the west valet. Here.

I don't think you will though.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

And you know I'm not lying.

But I think you're curious

why I got you here.


I know I had you hooked.

do your thing over video?

CHARLIE: Yeah, I think so.

And so when is this game?

STERLING JR.: Day after tomorrow.

We got hours.

CHARLIE: Uh, and, and
your dad's all right

with this, uh, us
plucking his golden goose?


You recognize that?

I've had the whole
place tapped for sound

since the early ' s.

Yeah, evidently.

In tape I trust.

- But there's this.

This happened right before
your meeting with my son.

He's in his office
all by himself. Right?

His private line rings.


STERLING JR.: Not here.

- "Not here."
- STERLING SR.: "Not here."

Meaning, don't call me here.

Because he knew I
could trace the number,

which I did.

It came from the owner of this casino,

Beatrix Hasp.

There's three things I said to my kid

before I gave him the
keys to the casino.

First two don't matter.

The third one...

keep Beatrix Hasp out.

She's the head of the Five Families,

which is exactly what it sounds like.

They've wanted a piece
of Frost Nevada forever.

I keep 'em out.

They're not happy about this.

My son...

he was making a deal with Beatrix

and the Five Families

behind my back.


STERLING SR.: Today, there's a sit-down

between me and the Five Families.

That's why I'm here. At her hotel.

Cliff didn't like the idea
of doing it on her turf.

It's stupid.

STERLING SR.: She hurts
me, she starts a w*r

with the Southwest Syndicate.

I'm hoping she's not that crazy.

And I'm hoping you're
not bad enough at your job

to lose two Sterlings in a row.

I'm gettin' an inkling here.

STERLING SR.: At the sit-down,

I will be promised certain protections.

Assurances will be made
and tensions will be voiced,

and many, many, many,
many lies will be told.

It'd be a good idea for
you to be in that room.


All this,

the healing up, the Dolce,

even the finding me,

it's all that for a job.

$ , clean cash, which
I hope you will regard

as the beginning of a mutually
beneficial relationship.

And if you don't...

no obligations beyond this afternoon.

Deja vu.*

Say it again.

About the money and how I can walk.

"In tape I trust."

K for the afternoon.

After that, you're free.

Welcome back to the world, Charlie Cale.

Oh shit.

STERLING SR.: And, uh, by the way,

I hope you don't think
I'm too sentimental.

Here you go.

Open it.


Reach in. Go on.


From me to you, kid.


- (g*n)




Oh f*ck.


Security, stop that girl!

She k*lled him.

When you follow somebody's
orders for years,

stand behind them and nod,

advance when they advance,
the man behind the man.

When you do that, there's
a very natural impression

to be had that you like the person.

Even love the person.

I don't know, maybe it has
something to do with dogs.


When that's reflected back on you

by everyone who sees you
as the man's best friend,

I guess it can go two ways.

It can hook you, pull you in,

make you start to feel
something like love or...

or it can go the other way.

Start to metastasize.

And all the disrespect
and lack of regard

and all the ways you're
treated like a dog

that seem to bounce
off the obedient facade,


No, no, no.

It all goes somewhere.

Right here.

I hate the old man.

I want a yacht

in addition.

right. We can get you a yacht.

Well, the terms you've
laid out proffer me

more dignity and
respect than I've gotten

in decades from the Sterlings,

so I am saying yes.

Just tell me how deep to dig the hole.

WOMAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah,
this is all good to hear,

but it won't be that simple.

If any connection comes to light

between us and his death,

it's not good.

It's w*r.

And yeesh, w*r.

So you want it to look like an accident?

BEATRIX: Well, even that.

With the timing, people
will be suspicious.

Nope. The best thing, the ideal thing,

we get a patsy.

Someone with a believable motive

that we can set up in an
ironclad way to take the fall.


WOMAN: What's so g*dd*mn funny?

♪ Ain't no use to sit
and wonder why, babe ♪

♪ It don't matter anyhow ♪

♪ There ain't no use to
sit and wonder why, babe ♪

♪ That is if you don't know by now ♪

♪ When the rooster crows ♪

♪ At the break of dawn ♪

♪ Look out your window ♪

♪ And I'll be gone ♪

♪ And you are the reason ♪

♪ That I'm a-travelin' on ♪

♪ Don't think twice it's all right ♪

CLIFF: All right.

She's here.


How's she look?

Healed up?



Next to the chair.

I want to surprise her with it.

Everything else all set?


♪ I'm walking down that
long, lonesome road, babe ♪

♪ Where I'm bound ♪

♪ I can't tell ♪

♪ But goodbye, that's
too good a word, gal ♪

♪ So I'm just gonna
say "fare thee well" ♪

♪ I ain't saying that
you treated me unkind ♪

♪ You could have done better ♪

♪ But I don't mind ♪

♪ You just kind of wasted some of my ♪

- ♪ Precious time ♪

MAN: Room service.

♪ Don't think twice it's all right ♪

♪ Ain't no use in
calling out my name, gal ♪

♪ Like you never did before ♪

♪ No, there ain't no use in
calling out my name, gal ♪

♪ Because I can't hear you anymore ♪

♪ I'm a-thinking and a-wonderin' ♪

♪ All the way down the road ♪

♪ I once loved a woman ♪

♪ A child I'm told ♪

♪ I gave her my heart ♪

Open it.

♪ Don't think twice it's all right ♪

♪ I'm walking down that
long, lonesome road, babe ♪

STERLING SR.: Go ahead,
reach in. Go ahead.

Reach in. Go on.

From me to you, kid.

♪ But goodbye, that's
too good a word, gal ♪

♪ I'm just going to
say "fare thee well" ♪

- (g*n)


Oh f*ck.


Stop her!

She k*lled him.

She k*lled him. Security!



Who's this?

No, wrong number.


Yeah? No.






This is Agent Clark.

CHARLIE: Oh, thank God.

I knew that the last number had,

like, a round part in
it. I just couldn't...

Hey, it's Charlie Cale,

from Joyce and Irene.

You, uh, you gave me a card.

- Uh, Luca, right?
- Yeah.

- Sugar nephew.
- Charlie.

CHARLIE: Okay, so I'm
not sure where to begin

to explain this, but, uh...

Okay, so since we last parlayed,

I find myself in a, a very, um,

let's say, specific situation.

I know. Charlie, here's
how I can help you.

Turn yourself in to the
authorities right now.


Don't turn yourself in.

Yeah, I wasn't planning on it.

- Where are you?
- Uh, well, I'm in Atlantic City.

I'm not sure if, you know,
you saw it on the news

or if you get some sort of
special FBI wire services.

But, yeah, I'm in a very bad situation.

I know, I know. Where do
you think I am right now?

CHARLIE: You're here?


The FBI is here?

This is the Franz Ferdinand of mob hits.

The bureau has the
case, and I'm lead man.

God, man, no offense, but I thought

you were low-level,
like Uber for stoolies.

Well, yeah, I got a promotion,
and I owe you for that.

I tracked down that email you sent,

and we got Kazimir Caine.

That was kind of a big deal.

Huh! You got him? Yes!

Oh man, I didn't see that on the news.

No, you didn't.

Look, y-y-you said
you're lead man, right?

You're lead man, you can help me

because you know I
didn't do this, all right.

I was set up, so you
can get me out of this.

Uh, I don't know that.
No, there's video.

There's a lot of video, all
the security cameras, of you

pulling a g*n on Sterling.

Then the power goes out.

He's d*ad. sh*t with
the same g*n you pulled.


I did not know

what I was pulling out of that box

until it was in my hand.

Then the lights went on and he was d*ad.

But I did not f*re that g*n.

It had been fired twice.

Ballistics, fingerprints,
everything. It's there.

I, uh...

It's just been... How? Like, f*ck. Okay?

Just how?

Where are you right now?

I'm, I'm in some random room.

I, uh, I lost Cliff in the crowd,

and then I, uh,

I hid out in the interfaith
prayer room for a few hours.

And then I swiped a key
from the housekeeping station

'cause they keep the cards in the carts

and, yeah, I got in here.

Wait, you're still in the hotel.

Yeah, but they turn it over

in, like, I don't know, minutes,

so I got to make a move here.

Get out of the hotel!

Okay, my car is in the west valet.

if I can get there.

Can I get there? What's the situation?

Do not, don't get
your car. Are you nuts?

The bridges all have checkpoints.

The whole island's shut down.

Don't get your car.

Okay. I'm coming to you then.

You're in the casino. I'm comin' to you.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

I come to you, we figure
this out together, all right?

We solve this. I'm
surprisingly good at this shit.

Charlie, no. Charlie, listen...

- Listen to me.
- We solve this together.

- Listen...
- Because I didn't do this.

It doesn't matter. It
doesn't matter if you did it.

It doesn't matter if you solve it.

The truth does not matter.

If Beatrix Hasp and the Five Families

k*lled Sterling and set you up,

then your goal, your only one goal,

is to get off this island alive.

Between you, me, and a burner phone

if you turn yourself in,
I can't promise you that.

Do you know anyone in the city?

Can you get someplace safe?

Uh, yeah.



looking for a blond woman,

floral sequin dress.



MAN: (ON RADIO) Lobby all clear. Over.



CHARLIE: Jesus Christ.


Come on.

Oh, come on.



Uh, I'm safe. I'm, yeah, I'm good.

Uh, so give me news.
Are things cooling off?

- LUCA: Very much not. No.
- Shit.

LUCA: The Southwest Syndicate
is getting on w*r footing.

They think Beatrix and the
Five Families h*t Sterling.

Which, yes, she did, is what I said.

LUCA: But if she gets
you brought in for it,

they can sew it all up.

They need to catch you.

Oh, I... I-I remembered something.

Th-th-the tape.

I had the tape recording on the table.

So, you know, maybe there's something.

maybe you can tell how far away

the sh*ts were from,

from how bl*wn out it
is on the recording.

LUCA: No, I've been back
and forth over that tape

like Gene Hackman, and
it's all consistent.

- Hey! All right.
- LUCA: The sh*ts are bl*wn out.

It's a cheap recorder. There's nothing...

No, no, no, the other side.

The, the, turn the tape over.

Okay. Listen to the other side.

Sterling's son gets a call from Beatrix

that proves the, uh...

LUCA: Proves what?

Shit, it doesn't prove anything.

LUCA: I'll listen to it anyway.

But, Charlie, get out
of town any way you can.

I, uh...


Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.



There's a woman in the yard.

There's a what, baby?

A woman in the yard
crawling under the house.

I think she's going in the secret way.


Hey, Em, how you been?

You gotta be f*cking kidding me.

No, I'm serious.

Go easy. I just did a lot of crawling.

Cops. Cops at my door

outside right now, on a Sunday.

I got to explain to my
little girl the cops.

What are you wearing?

No. You know what? I
don't even want to know.

You know, I got to explain to Shasta.

"Oh, that, that hooker
crawling under the house,

that's your Auntie Charlie,

who you met once when you were three."

It's great to see you. Just great.

Jesus. Look, Em, do you have
any olive oil or something?

- What?
- I just need it for just...

Weird. Uh, never mind.

You know, I ought a march
you out to the cops right now?

- Don't, please. Don't, please.
- Yeah. Yeah.

I'll regret it the rest
of my life if I don't.

Look, I, I, you know I don't
want to come here like this. Okay.

The last thing in the world I want
to do is come to you like this.

All right? You know that. All right?
So just, I just need one thing.

- Oh, you need one thing. God!
- I need one thing!

One thing, and then I'll go.

- Why do I always get pulled into shit with you?
- Dude.

Saving you when you're just ruinous.

You are ruinous.

Jesus. Em. Em.

- Just...
- Would you keep it down, please. She's...

I'm sorry.

Look, I want to know, uh...

did you, uh...

I sent you...

A couple of years back,
I, uh, sent you, uh...

The money?

So what do you want now?

Me to thank you for the money?

- I...
- Or that's what you need?

You need money?

No, no. (STAMMERS)

Look, I just wanted, I
didn't know if you got it.

I just wanted to know

that you did...

get it.

All right, look, I, uh,

I can be gone in two minutes.

I just, I need Dad's boat.




Thanks. Thank you.

You're f*ck' welcome.


I'll wait over there.




I'm Charlie. I'm, uh,
I'm your mom's sister.

So that makes me your aunt.

You swim?

Do I swim?

I haven't swam in years.

Why? Do I look like I swim?

I, uh...


And who didn't believe I could do it?

Who doubted me?

Well, hello.

That's, uh...

yeah, that's me and your mom.

(SCOFFS) Yeah.

Well, uh, Dad, I'm sorry,

Granddad used to take
us out on his boat,

and then he'd make us
swim back to shore, so...

That was fun.

I like swimming.

CHARLIE: Ah, you do? That's good.

Yeah, I hate it.

Then why'd you do it?

Well, I guess I was good
at it for some reason and...

You know, you end up in the water,

what else are you going to do? Right?

EMILY: Shasta.

Auntie Charlie was just saying goodbye.

You say goodbye to her?



Baby, what is that in, in Jan's hair?

It's a hot roller.
I'm giving her a perm.

Aunt Charlie dropped it.

Okay. I'm sorry about that.

It's my hair-do. It's...

Yeah, okay.

Shasta seems like a good kid.

I'm sorry I didn't ever get to, uh...

Well, I have a situation
I have to get out of.

But after that, if you'd allow it,

you know, I'd love to try to...

I mean, we should talk at least, right?



I mean, there's a world
where we get to talk.

We, we hash out the past,

talk about Dad,

what you did,

what you ruined

with your truth and bullshit.

You learn more about my life,

my kid, and we build that.

But that's not the life you chose.

That's not "The Charlie Show."

You think I chose
this, like, doing this?

You think I like living like this?

I don't know.

But, I mean, "like." What is "like"?

I don't care. I mean...

Yeah. You know what? Yeah.

It's the life you got.

And someday you're gonna have to admit,

you chose it.

This is not just a series of situations

you keep getting reeled into.

You choose to be out there,

wherever the f*ck you are,

just swimming free, cool and breezy.

And I bet people love you.

And I got a lot of bile
kicking up right now, I know,

but I'm not saying they're wrong.

You got a good heart.

You choose to spend it on strangers

and then breeze on down the highway.

But I don't know. Maybe that's right.

You know. I mean...

I bet you do some good.

I bet there are a lot
of people out there

who need someone like you.

But us?

We're doin' just fine.



How the f*ck?









CHARLIE: Why would I k*ll Sterling?

Where are you?

You know what he was doing?

He was giving me my life back.

It makes no sense.

I mean, you can see that, right?

Look, people do things. Where are you?

You heard the sh*ts in the dark.

Did they sound like
they came from the table?

I mean, Cliff, did they?


Where are you?

Look, we were set up. You as much as me.

It kills me, but we're
in this together now.

You want to know who k*lled the old man,

we're in this together.

Let me come to you.

We'll figure out what happened.

Cliff, where are you?

Okay, um, I'm on a boat.

You're what?

State Marina? Pier .



Hello, Chief, It's Cliff LeGrand.

Uh, listen, I'm on my
yacht, docked down here

at the end of Pier ,

and Charlie Cale is
currently on her way to me.


Yes, I can try to
keep her here. Uh-huh.

You're welcome.


Yes, ma'am.

I did. Yes.

Mrs. Hasp, pleasure
doing business with you.



That was, uh, that was quick.

CHARLIE: Uh, yeah.

Uh, you know, wild coincidence.

I happened to already...

Yeah, anyway, hey.

Do you want a beer?

Yeah. Cool boat.

The g*n the police found at the scene

had your fingerprints on it.

Two sh*ts fired.

It was the g*n that sh*t the old man.

Look, man, all I can do

is say again what happened.

I reached my hand in.

I was like, "What the hell is this?"

I pulled it out, the lights went out,

and then...

- Then.
- Then.

Then... (SCOFFS)

something glowed.

I'd forgotten that.

The chip, the casino chip,

he was, uh, holding it.

It glowed or, uh, it
started glowing like,

like it turned on or something.

Does that make sense?

Well, I mean, sometimes
casinos have chips that glow

under black lights for security.

And with the lights out, the sh**t

would have wanted to have a target,

especially if he was trying to blend in

or didn't want to get
night vision gear on or off

or use a g*n with an infrared scope.

Where'd he get that chip?

I think it was on the
table when he sat down.

He always did that with a, with a chip.

Oh shit, you're right. He did.

Yeah, I remember that.

Well, gosh, anyone who
knew him would know that.

I mean, Beatrix Hasp would know that.

Yes, she would.

But maybe I just say f*ck it.

Turn you in for it anyway, though.


Truth and all that whatnot.
But maybe just f*ck it.

Yeah, I, uh...

I guess I'm betting

that you're even just
a little bit like me

and whoever did this for real,

you want to see them get theirs

because you loved the old man.

So what do we do?

Well, gee, I don't know.

We're on a boat, so
I guess for starters,

we leave.


What do you think?

Maybe the DR.

Yeah, maybe.

Grab my iPad from down below, will you?

It's just down there.

All right.


All right.



- Hah.

Cliff. Cliff.

Hey, I found your glow-in-the-dark
things, you son of a bitch.

Cliff! Oh, my God,

I found your m*rder things,
your chips, you assh*le.


Hey. What are the cops going
to think about that, huh?

CLIFF: Put those chips on the table

against video evidence,

fingerprints on the w*apon.

You bet a bum hand, Charlie Cale.

(LAUGHS) Nowhere to run.

Just sit tight, Charlie. Relax.


The f*ck?

All right, man. No.

Shit, shit, shit. Okay.


(PANTING) Oh, f*ck!

Take it easy take it easy!



Son of a bitch!

OFFICER: Sir, can you stay
right there for a second?

Hey, she swam off.

She just swam off that way.

She's got to be right
off the boat that way.

- Charlie Cale.
- Cliff LeGrand,

I'm FBI Special Agent Luca Clark.

Whoa. You okay? Your
eye is really f*cked.

No, I'm not okay, but it doesn't matter.

Charlie Cale, the one
who k*lled Sterling,

she's getting away right there.

We're not here to talk
about Mr. Sterling's case.

- What?
- Can I ask you to verify for us?

Is this your voice on this recording?

CLIFF: Should we call your father?

STERLING JR.: No, we're not
calling my f*cking father.

I'm handling this.

Hey, you want me to turn it up for you.

STERLING JR.: I can handle it.

CLIFF: Then tell me what to do.

Cliff LeGrand, you're under arrest

for the m*rder of
Jerry and Natalie Hill.


♪ ♪



Thanks, you. Thank you.

This is the second massive
case I've closed in six months,

- all thanks to you.
- Ah.

I'm just happy you got him.

Him, yeah, but no.

Cliff turned like a bad
penny on Beatrix Hasp.

Sold her down the river
for Sterling Sr.'s death.


Why do you think I'm not
arresting you right now?

'Cause we're friends.


I mean, we haven't caught her yet,

but the word is out on the street.

She's under siege from
the Southwest Syndicate,

big news for us.


Well, look...

I'm going to ask you one more time,

as a friend this time.

You want a job?

Had to ask.

- All right.

LUCA: But keep my number.

I stick with you, at this rate,

I'll be head of the bureau in a year.


So what's next?

Well... what are you, a cop?

Take it easy, man.

There you go, hon.

Come back again, okay?






Do you know who this is?

Yeah. Uh, I have an assumption.

I mean, Beatrix Hasp, right?


Yeah, that's what I assumed.

BEATRIX: Well, listen, Charlie,

I'm here with the Five Families.

You're there with all five of them?

BEATRIX: Yeah, I got you on speaker.

And what we are dealing
with now is a w*r.

It's expensive and a pain in the ass.

And it is no good. It's bad.

It's ruinous, is the word.

And it didn't need to happen.

But it did. It happened because of you.

Well, I disagree with that.

BEATRIX: Which is your prerogative.

Look, this is a courtesy call.

I know what your life's
been for the past year.

That was with Sterling,

who still did surveillance
with cassette tapes.

We, on the other hand,

are a fully modernized crime syndicate.

There is no corner of the country
deep enough to hide from us.

We're gonna find you.

And your death will be
neither quick nor comfortable.


and this offer expires when I hang up.

Cliff told me about your
circus freak lie detector thing.

You come back right now,

you put it to work for the Hasps,

and we'll see how it goes.

I mean, look at that highway, kiddo.

This life, how you're living,

you like that life?

Uh, I don't know.

Uh, I'm good at it.

It's what I got.

BEATRIX: Uh-huh.

And how long do you
think you can keep it up?

Well, Bea...

let's all of us find out together.


♪ I hear some people been ♪

♪ Talking me down ♪

♪ Bring up my name ♪

♪ Pass it 'round ♪

♪ They don't mention ♪

♪ The happy times ♪

♪ They do their thing ♪

♪ I do mine ♪

♪ Ooh, baby, that's hard to change ♪

♪ I can't tell them how to feel ♪

♪ Some get stoned ♪

♪ Some get strange ♪

♪ But sooner or later ♪

♪ It all gets real ♪

♪ Walk on ♪

♪ Walk on ♪

♪ Walk on ♪

♪ Walk on ♪

♪ I remember the good old days ♪

♪ Stayed up all night ♪

♪ Getting crazed ♪

♪ Then the money was ♪

♪ Not so good ♪

♪ But we still did ♪

♪ The best we could ♪

♪ ♪
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