01x12 - That New Ship Smell

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Rocket & Groot". Aired: March 10 –; May 1, 2017.
Before becoming Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket and Groot were bounty hunters trying to get a ship.
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01x12 - That New Ship Smell

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ROCKET: Finally, enough credits in the bank.

Let's go buy that ship of our dreams, Groot.

(THUDS) What a beauty.

Take my money now!

(KISSING) At last, you're mine!

I'm afraid not.

During your absence, due to economic issues, there was a small price increase.


Come on.

You're a dealer,

- make me a deal!

- I do have an idea.

- What will you do with your old ship?

- Take it!

What a bargain!




Keep unpacking your stuff while I enjoy


- That new ship smell.

- I am Groot.

Yeah, yeah.

You love that old helmet of yours.

Nostalgia's fine.

But I look the future straight in the eye.

(EXCLAIMS) I'm Al, the AI of this ship.

I will instruct

(EXPLODES) Instruct you in what behavior is appropriate on board a ship of my stature.


Too fatty.

No, there is a speed limit in this sector.

No, too retro!

(SLURPING) Too noisy.

Too tall!

Too long!

Too bushy!

- Too

- Stop!

Take us back to the Junkyard.

- ROCKET: We want our money back!

- Oh, I am so sorry.

- All sales are final.

- What?

You thief

(EXCLAIMS) Give me back my old ship.

Your former ship happens to be a classic, one




You never knew what you had, did you?

But if you want to make a deal, I have an idea.

(SNARLS) What a steal.

ROCKET: Come on, Groot.

I know you love that old helmet, but look on the bright side.

Our classic ship is back.


- GROOT: I am Groot!

- ROCKET: Yeah, yeah.

No one likes to be told, "I told you so."
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