02x26 - Link

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Lilo & Stitch". Aired: September 20, 2003 – July 29, 2006.*
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Continuing where Stitch! The Movie left off, Lilo and Stitch are given the task of collecting the rest of Jumba's missing experiments, changing them from bad to good, and finding the one place where they truly belong.
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02x26 - Link

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Tookie bah waba!


Iki bah bah.

Ha ha ha.

♪ I Laila 'o kaua'i la ♪

♪ no malihini ohana ♪

♪ welcome, cousins,
a-come on by ♪

♪ aloha, e komo mai ♪

Maka maka!

♪ I Laila 'o kaua'i la ♪

♪ no malihini ohana ♪

♪ welcome, cousins,
a-come on by ♪

♪ aloha, e komo mai ♪

♪ aloha, e komo mai ♪

Ha ha ha!

Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

♪ Iki tookie nee hi! ♪

♪ Iki tookie nee hi! ♪

♪ Aka tiki bah bah ♪

♪ aka tiki bah bah ♪

♪ gabba ika tasoopa? ♪

♪ Gabba ika tasoopa? ♪

Ooocha! Chi-ka!

♪ Miki miki coconut ♪

♪ I Laila 'o kaua'i la ♪

♪ no malihini ohana ♪

♪ welcome, cousins,
a-come on by ♪

♪ aloha, e komo mai ♪

♪ aloha, e komo mai ♪

♪ aloha, e komo mai ♪


Innocent onlookers cower

as Dracula soars over the city!

They do not know that
the pure-hearted Lucy

will triumph in the end.

Because they have
not read the book

or seen the movie...

ow! Hey!

Lilo, what are you doing?

Aloha, myrtle.

Stitch and I are
playing Dracula.

You want to be Lucy?


What I want is for you

to stay as far away
from me as possible.


I said, aargh!

Are you a real pirate?

Aye. A pirate I be.

Wow! Pirates are almost
as cool as vampires.

Ehh, ehh! Keel haul the lubbers!

Ah, let me introduce myself.

Grinnin' Jack be the name,

pirating be me game.

Arr, mateys.

Be ye wantin' a treasure map?

A treasure map? To what?

Arr! A treasure!

Here ye go, little wench.

Mahalo, Matey.

It's mine!

But he was giving it to me.


Ye can all share.

There be enough
treasure for ye both.

Ooh! Ooh!

Here's the starting point,

under the giant "x."

Now it says we need to
go paces to the east.

Which way is east?

Ha ge ta!

Stitch says it's that way.

What is he, a compass?

Uh, no.

He's, um... Part pointer.

One... ... ... ... ... ...

... ... !

This is it!

We better start digging.

Sorry, I don't dig.

Ok, that means I'll
get to the treasure first,

but I'm sure there'll
be some left for you.


, bagel burner.

, food spoiler.

, moldy bread spreader.

, single sock eater.

Ah, come on, there's gotta be
one useful experiment in here.

A Bologna maker
or a mustard squirter.

Come on, give me something...

Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

What are you doing?

For your information, fish face,

I am searching for an experiment

to assist my pursuit
of the perfect sandwich.

For your information,

we need to keep
the computer free

in case any experiments
are activated.

Why do you care so much?

Oh, yeah.

Your so-called "job" as
hamsterviel's errand boy.

I am not an errand boy!

I am working
toward my retirement.

Warning... Experiment

Binds together
incompatible individuals.

Now what the heck
does that mean?

Who knows?

I just work here.

Yaaargh! Grrr! Rarrr! Grr!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Why do you always
have to dig for treasure?


You have to dig for
it 'cause it's buried.

When I find the treasure

I'm gonna invest it
in condo-minimums.


You can't invest gold coins

and diamond necklaces.

Gold? Diamonds?

I'm going to give some to nani,

some to that pirate guy,

and some to the home
for retired vampires.

Unless I find it first.

Keep it all for myself, retire,

and tell Dr. Hamsterviel
to get another errand boy!


Gantu! I have an errand for you.

Pick up the dry cleaning
you dropped off last week.

What?! That's on
planet slygnatz.

Sir, that's parsecs.

What are you waiting
for?! Go, go, go!



Finally, the bedroom
is all fresh and clean!

How about that?

Hmm? Ehh... No.

Not dusty.

Uh, jumba, didn't I get the room

all fresh and clean? Hmm?


Oh, you missed a spot.

I did not spend years
at the galactic academy

so I could clean up after
an interplanetary ex-convict

who never helps!

Invention of
ketchup-flavored rocket fuel

takes much of jumba's time.

That is the dumbest
invention I ever heard of.

Hey, astronaut
with empty gas t*nk,

French fries and no
ketchup would disagree.

Found anything yet?

Nothing. Naga.


You must be digging
in the wrong place.

Give me that!

We're supposed to
be working together.

We are, separately.

Hey! What?



Not another one of
your freak dog thingies.

Ehh... ehh... We're stuck.

Get this off!

Naga Bo tifa!

Hurry up! I want my treasure

and my condo-minimums.

Stitch, uh, maybe
you should go get

a saw or something?

Ooge taka!


I never should have agreed

to do anything with you.

I'd like to see
ketchup-flavored rocket fuel

washing the toothpaste
out of your bathroom cup!

Evil monster!

Eeevil monster!


Uh-oh? Why "uh-oh?"

What do you mean by uh-oh?

What does uh-oh mean?

Why would you say uh-oh?


Nice .

Good .

Very tricky experiment.

Finds people who
are not cooperating

and schplatzy!
Sticks them together

with super-sticky goo.

Without cooperation,

society is turned
into big, stinky mess!

You're telling me?!

I've been trying to
get you to cooperate

on the big stinky
bathroom mess for weeks!

Aaah! Oh, no!

I'm bonded to an evil genius.

And I'm bonded to
a bathroom cleanser.

No! No, no!

Let me go!

Is useless!

I'm desperate!

Also surprisingly strong. Whoaa!

No! Don't go that... wait! Wait!

What is going on in here?

Who is responsible for this?

Tookie bah waba!


I knew it!

Drop that chainsaw!

A chi gata! Sa sa!

I don't have time to
deal with you today.

I'm supposed to be
driving the water ski boat.

Aba tookah! Aba tookah!

Pajagi na!


What is this?

This is an uh-oh.

I'm not happy about it, either.

But this is a new
responsibility for me,

and I'm not gonna blow it.

I'm so sorry I'm late.

Ha! You better be.

I've been waiting minutes.

You're bringing your dog?

Oh, he just loves the water.

Dah cha dini! Dunga!

I'm picking up dry cleaning

for Dr. Jacques Von hamsterviel.

And please hurry,
I'm hunting treasure.


Oh, um, I left it on earth.

Sorry. Gotta have a ticket.


You'll be fine.

This boat's totally

Except for the motor.

Hey! What's the deal?


It will just take
me a second to fix.

Or maybe an hour.

Come on!

Get that hunk of junk going!

Zee boogo!


This is a boat,
not a rocket ship.

Kandigi bah. Zizzit!



The boat!

Nobody's steering the boat!


We gotta wait for stitch.

No! We gotta find that treasure

before somebody else does.

No! We have to find stitch's
cousin before gantu does.


Um... mr. Gantu.

He's from Nairobi.

He's with animal control,

and I don't want him to...

Catch my dog.

This way, wierdlo.

No, this way!

No! This way!

Stitch! Do something!



Why did I ask you
to do something?


Aaaah! Unh!

Oh, that was
actually kind of fun.

Na ga! Chuchu choo!

Aaaah! Aaaaah!

Aaaaaah! Unh!

Man, that was great!

I'll be back to do it
again this afternoon.

Hear that?

Looks like we're
working the next shift, too.

Check it out!

The mud made that
blue gunk dissolve.

Eh! Maka maka!

Za za!

Until your so-called genius

can figure out
how to unstick us,

you do know how to
operate one of these, huh?

Of course.

How dare you defile
the broom like that?

I cannot possibly work with you.

Hey, is also not
piewalk for jumba,

being stuck to
non-evil non-genius.

Come to laboratory.

We'll find a way to
cut sticky handcuffs.

No! Wait!

Your evil laboratory
is... is evil!

He's been here already.

Duh! Can we go now?

Look, the sooner you
help me find stitch's cousin,

the sooner we can go
back to get the treasure.

No, treasure first!


He's right there!

Come on! We'll just grab him

and then we can go right
back to treasure hunting.

Oh, all right, but hurry up!

He's getting away from us.


Make like a lasso!


Mahalo, myrtle,

you helped me
catch an experiment.

I think I'm gonna
name him... Link.

Because he links
people together?

No, silly.

It's short for linkenstein,

the zombie president.

Now where are you going?

We have to find the one
place he truly belongs.

No way! We had a deal...

Catch your dog's weird
disconfigured cousin,

then we get the treasure.



I agree with the freckled one.



I have run my last errand.

I'll take that experiment first,

then the treasure.


This way!

No, this way!

Aaaah! Aaaah!

Whooaah! Whooaah!

I think we did better
when we were cooperating.

Link is getting away!

I've got you!

He didn't get us.

Aaaah! Aaaah!

He got us.

Oh, blitsnak!

Lilo, the only thing
weirder than you

are your weird friends.

He's not my friend.

He's a big dummy!

Quiet, you two.

Hold on.

Like we have a choice?

Link! Run!

Nice shot.

Huh? Aah!

You're coming with
me, troublemaker.

Jumba! Pleakley!

What are you doing?

I'm breaking down
gluey handholder

with full-body laser infusion.


Hah! Smile, and say "kafratzka."


The blue stuff
washes off with mud.

Not possible.

's immobilizing bond

is designed for
indestructible function

on different planets.

Is earth on that list?

No! Earthlings immobilize best

with big screen TV
and pepperoni pizza.

Come to think of it,

I visited many a
planet in my day

but mud is something
I've only found on earth.

Tookie bah waba!

Oh, no, you don't.

I just cleaned up in here.

Is either mud bath
or internal lasering.

Ok, fine!

But this is your evil mess,

you have to clean up after it.


Ok, that's messy.

That's... messy!

I'm free!


Who would have thought being
a mess could make me so happy!

And jumba is so
happy to be free,

he will clean up
with no complainings.

Pass soap and sponge, please.

Yeah, something
is definitely distorting

the tasty ratio.

Let's see...

Oh, there we go.
Too much mustard.

Hey, can I have a ride next?

Oh, be quiet.

I was using that!

Did that dog just talk?

Quiet! You're distracting me.

I need to research a
way to remove this stuff.

Maga ta!


Halt, abomination!

Myrtle, jump!

Aaah! Unh!


The dog catcher has me!

Surrender or the
bespectacled one

will be vaporized.

Myrtle, catch!

Aaah! Aah!

You've got mud on my face!

Well, it's better than
your usual egg. Heh!

You are such a loser.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Come back here, you trogs!

Oh, no, you don't.

We are not going anywhere

till after lunch.

What the... oof!

Please enter mayonnaise ratio.

Let me go! No.

But the experiment,
the treasure...

No. My retirement fund!


What are you doing down there?

Where is my dry cleaning, hmm?!

I mean, how long does it take

to get into a rocket ship,

fly to planet slygnatz,
pick up the dry cleaning...

I mean, do I have to
pay you even less money

to get you to do more work?

Is that it?

And where is that experiment

you were supposed
to bring me? Huh?

I hope it isn't errand
boy experiment,

because you are a
failure even at that!

You can forget about your
retirement pay, you hear?

So what about the treasure?

Don't worry. All we have to do

is follow the map.

You still have your half
of the map, don't you?

No! The animal
control guy from Nairobi

must have took it.

We'll never find it now.

I can't believe we
wasted a whole day

searching for that dumb...

Congratulations, mateys!

Ye found grinnin'
Jack's treasure chest!

Hee hee ha ha!

What?! We found it?


The riches ye seek be inside.

It's... it's... A
piece of paper.

This is a treasure?!

Aye! It be a coupon
for a free trip to...

Grinnin' Jack's ye
olde dentist shoppe

for a free teeth
cleaning and Polish.

Eww! Eww!

Because there's
no greater treasure

than a healthy
smile. Heh heh, yarr.

What a waste!

Not a total waste.

We caught an experiment.

Let's get one thing straight...

This whole weird
day didn't happen.

There were no weird spaceships,

no weird aliens,
and no weird dentists.

I'm leaving weirdsville

before I turn
into a weirdo, too.

Well, I've got to
hand it to you, nani.

First your speed
waterskiing tour, and now this.

After this we're going fishing.

I like to fish on my vacation.

This is my vacation, too, now,

and we are going to
the botanical gardens.

Have fun.

Whoaah! Wahoo-hoo!

Let's do it again!

Nani, I think you've
earned a raise.

You won't regret it.

Mahalo, Mr. Jamison.

It's like link has
perfect places in one...

A great adventure activity

and teaching couples
to do things together.

Ehh! Sorry, no treasure.

You know what? It's ok.

'Cause for about seconds,

even myrtle and I cooperated.

And maybe that's the
greatest treasure of all.


I took the free
cleaning and polishing.
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