02x10 - Part Twenty

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Your Honor". Aired: December 2020 to present.*
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A judges teenage son accidentally kills a Mafia kingpins son in a hit and run.
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02x10 - Part Twenty

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Previously on Your Honor...

The matter of The State of Louisiana

v. Eugene Jones is called to order.

All that matters now is
that you walk out of here

with your freedom.

You say when it comes to Desire,

it's all in or all out.

You haven't been all in for a while.

See, I may give up
Desire one day, but...

ain't a m*therf*cker that's
gonna take that shit from me.

Everything I got I fought for.

I bled for.

But I need you to love all of me, too.

It was a gas leak?

It's got nothing to do with me.

If you choose to do nothing now,

what makes you so different?

I have nowhere else to go.

You may find that you
do belong someplace.

Even if it's not the place
you've always been.

Whatever you tell me, it'll be okay.

But if I find out that you lied to me,

you will never see me again.

All right.

Are you responsible for the
death of the Jones family?

It was a gas leak.


I should tell you I spoke with
an assistant U.S. attorney.

So whatever it is you are
doing with the Calabri family,

you need to stop.

They are watching everything you do.

We got a problem.

Jimmy Baxter just called off the deal.

The entire development
is being scrapped.

The State moves to
amend the witness list.

I would like to add a name.

Michael Desiato.


The prosecution wants you to testify.

What would you have me do?


I can't do that.

Don't be the one to send
Eugene away for life.

Just keep me out of that courtroom.

I didn't know what to keep
and what to give away.

Yeah. It must have been
hard. So, thank you.

Oh, wow.

Oh, my God. These are amazing.

Did Adam actually wear these?

Yeah. Well, before they were bronzed.


They're so tiny.

What's that?

Mariano Rivera?

He was a relief pitcher for the Yankees.

He was Adam's favorite player.

He was the greatest closer of all time.


Rocco, look.

State has one more witness.

What does it even matter?

Everybody says they saw me.

What the prosecution has put forth

are eight people who were at a party

celebrating Carlo Baxter
getting away with m*rder.

Eight cross-racial identifications.

None of the eight people

actually claim to have
seen the g*n being shot.

And what about these?

Concede nothing to these
people. You hear me?

All we need is one juror,
one person to care enough,

to sympathize with what
you've been through,

and regardless of what may
or may not have happened,

to understand that you
do not belong in prison.

You just need to convince one person.

Eighteen months of work

and Jimmy Baxter just decides to
pull the plug at the final hour?

What the f*ck?

It's not you.

It's not. There's something
about this city.

It's designed to ensure its
problems never get solved.

But we can't stop trying.

Oh, I don't want to stop trying.

The question is: Will they
give me another shot?

I mean, they transferred me once
before, they could do it again.

Yes, they can, Nancy.

First, it was New York to New Orleans.

Now it'll probably be New Orleans to...

f*cking New Hampshire.

I'll be prosecuting bootleggers
of maple syrup.

Well, those syrup bootleggers
better beware.

Look, it doesn't matter
if it's Jimmy Baxter or...

Mayor Figaro.

In the history of men,

getting away with shit always
emboldens them to do it again.

And we'll be there.


I talked to Sal Calabri this morning.

He's not pleased with
that husband of yours.

I know the feeling.

Now, if Jimmy doesn't
want to run the family,

it might be time we take it from him.

I completely agree.

Maybe I stay here a little while longer

and help right the ship.

Until when?

Until Carlo is ready.

Papa, I am ready.

Please, let's not have
that conversation. Okay?

If I were your son, I would
be the head of this family.

And you know I would've done a
better job than Jimmy's done.

Listen, this might seem
antiquated to you,

but it's just not the way things
are done in our business.

I thought we make the rules?

Not this one.

They'd like a word.

Hotel living don't suit you, Jimmy.

Though, as far as dog
houses are concerned,

I guess it could be worse.

Take a mighty shiny piece
of jewelry to mend fences

with the missus, huh?

What do you want?

French Quarter.

You control the streets,
the police, all of that.

I want Desire to have free reign.

I have no interest in the drug business.

And the drug business ain't
got no interest in you.

I just want your blessing
to expand my operation

in the neighborhood.

Now, why would I agree to that?

Because I'll sell you the club.

And that, as far as
your wife is concerned,

is shinier than the Hope Diamond.

Nothing Gina hate more than look
across that street and see me.

Think of how happy she'd
be if... you gave it to her.

Your offer is rejected.


You've been served.

It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay.

I've... been subpoenaed.

I know you don't want to.

He wasn't trying to k*ll Adam.

Not your job to protect that boy.

And no one thinks you're trying
to ruin his life, but he...

He did leave that baby without a father.

This is not on you.

You're a good man, Michael.


Fia's gonna wait for the babysitter.

She said we should go ahead.




I love you.

I spent the weekend
reviewing your briefs

regarding the witness.

The scope of his testimony
is to be confined

to the night of the sh**ting.

He knows far more about this
case than simply the events

on the night in question.

If you're gonna allow a convicted felon

to testify as a last-minute addition,

I'm entitled to explore
the circumstances

surrounding that event,

which are absolutely pertinent
to my client's defense.

I didn't hold this conference
to listen to you repeat

the arguments you made in your brief.

The allegations you make against
Michael Desiato are damning.

They're also unfounded.

You will not be lodging
them in my courtroom.

My ruling on the scope is final.

And Ms. Delamere, if you overstep,

I will have no hesitation
about holding you in contempt

and ordering a new trial for Mr. Jones.

If you can't lie,

the least you could
do is plead the Fifth.

That's what any lawyer would
advise you to do anyway.

The State calls Michael Desiato.

Do you swear and affirm that the
testimony you're about to provide

is the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth?

I do.

- Judge Desiato, were you...
- Objection.

The witness is not a judge.

It is a sign of respect

for a previous position that he held.

One that was taken from him.


We can't get past the witness's name

without this going off the rails?

If I'm not permitted to
examine this witness

in a way that impugns his integrity,

surely you won't allow the State

to afford him a deferential title
that he no longer deserves.

Get on with it.

Mr. Desiato...

were you at the Baxter House
hotel the night of the sh**ting?


What were you doing there?

I was looking for my son Adam.

And why was Adam there?

He was dating Fia Baxter.

How long had they been dating?

Uh, I'm not sure.

A few months.

When did you learn
of their relationship?

That day.

So, you went to get Adam,

and then what happened next?

There was a party at the hotel.

I-I wasn't on the guest list,

so security wasn't letting me in.

I went around the side,

to a window, so I could look
in at the bar and restaurant.

And did you see Adam?


Did you see anyone else?

Mr. Desiato.

Did you see anyone else
through the window?

Yes, I saw Adam and Fia.

The Baxter family.

It-it was a party, so there
were a lot of people.

And I'm sorry to have to ask, but...

... did you see your son get shot?

I was trying to get his attention.

And then...

Suddenly, there... There was a... bang.

The b*llet hit Adam in the neck.

I looked past him and I saw someone...

standing next to the
kitchen in the back.

And he... He was holding
a g*n in his hand.

Adam fell to the floor.

I ran inside and I-I yelled for help.

I held my son in my arms as he died.

And did you see who shot him?


And was it the defendant Eugene Jones?

Yes, it was.

Mr. Desiato, do you believe in justice?

We've already established
that you were a judge.

Do you need me to
define justice for you?

Objection, badgering.


Allow the witness to answer.

Do you believe in justice?

I don't know.

How about karma?

How about payback,
comeuppance, retribution?

Is counsel serious with these questions?

Fine. How about this one:

Do you believe your son deserved to die?


If this is how it's gonna go,

I'll end your cross right
now, Ms. Delamere.

Mr. Desiato, do you know of any reason

why my client would've
wanted to k*ll your son?

- No, I don't.
- Do you know of any reason

why my client would have
wanted to k*ll Carlo Baxter?

- Objection!
- Approach, now.

Your Honor, the State has already
alleged revenge as a motive.

Which stems directly
from Mr. Baxter's trial

in the witness's courtroom.

And you are free to explore that area...

but not with this witness.

That trial, as far as Mr.
Desiato is concerned,

is out of bounds.

Mr. Desiato, can you
describe your vantage point

when Adam was shot?

I was looking through a window.

Big window, small window?


Any obstructions?

Blinds, curtains?

There were curtains, but they were open.

How wide?

Wide enough to see inside clearly.

Inside, how many people were there?

Twenty, thirty at least.

Were you able to see Adam right away?

No, I-I was... scanning the
room until I spotted him.

And the sh**t...

did you see him before he fired?

No, after.

Did he run?


How long were you able to see him for?

A couple seconds.

So you're looking through a window,

past curtains,

into a dark room with a lot of people,

and you were focused on your son.

Are you certain, that past all of that,

that it was Eugene Jones
you saw holding the g*n?


- You saw his face?
- I did.

Did you see what he was wearing?

Jeans and a white T-shirt

and a checkered hoodie, unzipped.

You only had a couple seconds

and you claim to have seen his face,

his pants, his shirt?

No, that... that is what he was wearing.

I-I didn't ask you what he was wearing.

I'm asking how can you remember that?

How can you confidently identify a boy

who you have never seen before?

You wanted to tell the truth.

Objection. Argumentative.


He was wearing the same clothes

that I had seen him in earlier that day.

Objection! Beyond the scope!

Move to strike.

The witness opened the door, Your Honor.

Yes, he did.

You may proceed, carefully.

When did you see Eugene
Jones earlier that day?

I saw him in my chambers.

He was selling me a baseball.

Objection! The witness is
offering narrative not asked for.

- Sustained.
- Fine.

Why was he in your chambers?

He was selling me a baseball.

- How much for?
- $ .

Why so expensive?

It was autographed by Mariano Rivera.

What was your interest in that ball?

It once belonged to my son.

Do you know how Adam's baseball

came into the possession
of Eugene Jones?

He inherited it, from
his brother Kofi Jones

after he died.

How did Kofi Jones end
up with that baseball?

It was in my car.

The car that hit Rocco Baxter?


The car that Kofi stole?


The car that he stole October ninth?


He stole the car on October tenth.

The day after the car hit Rocco Baxter?


So Kofi Jones wasn't driving that car

that was involved in the hit-and-run?


Who was driving?

My son.


Don't you dare.

Fia, I'm... I'm so... I'm so sorry.

For what?

For lying to me this entire time?

Or for covering up my brother's death?

I didn't want to hurt you.

You failed.

You're a liar.

And so was your son.

Oh, Fia...

Well, based on Desiato's
testimony today...

How f*cked are we?

He-he hasn't said anything that
implicates anyone in this room.


So, then... how exposed are we?

Well, that depends on
what Desiato might say,

and on what he can prove.

Well, it's simple then.

Let's make sure he never talks again.

Shut the f*ck up, Carmine.

Don't you talk to my father that way.

I can make sure you
never talk again, too.

Okay, okay.

A couple of things,
since we're all here.

A couple of reminders.

One, attorney-client privilege
does not extend to future crimes.

Two, it certainly doesn't
extend to crimes

that you planned in my presence.

He was just blowing off a little steam.

Yeah, but he's got a point though.

If we could get rid of Michael...

Okay, I'm going to take
a walk around the hotel.

- Talk amongst yourselves while I'm gone.
- Wait, wait. Wait.

What do you recommend we do
right now, this very minute?

Nothing. Nothing.

All Michael did today
was implicate himself.

So then we return to court
tomorrow, as a family...

... and show we have nothing to hide.

Fia... ?

Oh, God.

It's all right, it's all right.

It's all right.

It's all right.

You did a good job today.

Negligent homicide, time served.

You didn't do that good of a job.

Your boss is in real danger of
having to retry every conviction

from Desiato's courtroom.

Every defense lawyer will
file an appeal for retrial,

every prosecutor will be forced
to double their workload.

The district attorney's
reelection hopes, dashed.

I've already got Michael talking.

Who knows what else he's willing to say?

One thing he will say is that
Eugene Jones k*lled his son.

You really think you can
plead this down, Lee?

Your narrative is crumbling.

Eugene is as much a
victim as he is a culprit.

You need to convince people

that this kid hasn't
already suffered enough.

It's too late now, Lee.

I'll take my chances with the verdict.

Hey. What'd the prosecutor say?

Don't worry about him.

The jury heard what happened.

They heard Michael's story.

Well, would it help if they hear mine?

I don't know.

Everybody's just always
trying to make me disappear.

And I'm tired of hiding.

You don't have to testify.

Yeah. I do.

I don't even know where to begin.

I covered up a crime.

I destroyed evidence.

I lied to the police.

I told Adam to lie.

You did it all to protect Adam?


Then that's all you got to say to me.

Have you come to arrest me?

After your testimony today...

I'm here to protect you.

Please tell the court your name.

Eugene Jones.

How old are you, Eugene?

I'm .

And where are you from?

Uh, New Orleans.

The Lower Ninth. Born and raised.

Where were you on the
morning of October ninth?

Uh, I was in Judge Desiato's courtroom.


My mom had been busted for possession.

What happened that day in court?

Judge Desiato had let her go.


Uh, because the cop that arrested her

had lied about seeing her hide dr*gs.

And were you in court alone?


Your three youngest
siblings were with you?

Yeah. I was taking care of them.

So you and your family went home.

What happened the next day?

Cops arrested my older brother Kofi

for stealing Judge Desiato's car.

And that's how he came to be charged

with the hit-and-run
that k*lled Rocco Baxter?


Did you have any more
run-ins with the police?

They had raided our house,

and they were looking for a phone.

Rocco's phone, I guess.

But they didn't find it?


Because my brother didn't k*ll Rocco.

And, as we've already heard,

even though your brother
didn't k*ll Rocco Baxter,

Rocco's brother k*lled Kofi in jail.

How did you learn about that?

I, um...

I heard my mom crying in the other room.

She kept calling his name.

What happened the following day?


The next day... I went
to go get us some food.

Because... we hadn't eaten all day.

And I was walking back to the house...

... and it exploded.

With your mother and
your siblings inside?

Yes, ma'am.

What did you think had happened?

Objection. Calls for speculation.


What was going through your head

when you saw that your house
was engulfed in flames?

That the Baxters did this.


Your Honor, to call that speculation
is an understatement.

There was an investigation
and a police report

that concluded that the expl*si*n
of the Jones home was an accident.

The result of a gas leak.


Strike the witness's last answer.

Members of the jury,
you are to disregard

what the witness just said.

Eugene, were you ever made aware

of any investigations into
the death of your family?


How do you feel about the
same police department

that falsely accused your
brother of k*lling Rocco Baxter

also failing to uncover the
truth about your family's death?

Objection. Your Honor,
this is a ploy by counsel

to engender sympathy for her client

by mischaracterizing the deaths
of a mother and her children.

They have names.

What did you say, Mr. Jones?

Everyone keeps saying...

... "mother and her children."

My mom was Female Jones,

and her kids were Goodluck,

Sophie... and Rose.

And they have names.

- Could we take a short recess?
- Yes.

Um, we'll come back at quarter after.

Lee. Lee. I need to talk to you.

- Leave me alone, Michael.
- No, please. Just give me a minute.

- Please.
- I have nothing to say to you.

Look, I'll catch you, okay?

Eugene had to go get food, right?

- So what?
- He was in my courtroom days earlier.

We had a conversation.

It's part of the official record.

Eugene, do you know the
term "survivor's guilt"?


When someone close to us dies,

sometimes we who didn't perish feel
guilty about still being alive.

Did you ever think about
how close you came to dying

with the rest of your family that night?


All the time.

Do you ever feel bad, like
you... did something wrong

to not be with them when tragedy struck?


Why did you leave the house that night?

Everybody was hungry.

Was it often your responsibility
to... feed Goodluck,

Sophie and Rose?

Even your mom?

She just didn't have
it in her sometimes.

Eugene, you said earlier that you
were in Judge Desiato's courtroom

for your mother's hearing.

Did you participate in
any way in that hearing?

Uh, yeah, the judge had
asked me some questions.

Defense would like to submit
the hearing transcript

for Female Jones into the record.

I'm going to read to you the questions
that Judge Desiato asked you.

And I want you to read the answers

that you gave that day.

"Please tell the court your name."


"Eugene, where is your father?"

- "Busy."
- "With what?"

"Side girlfriend."

"When was the last time you saw him?"

"I don't know."

"What did you eat for
breakfast, Eugene?"

"We had some pickle juice.

Hot fries sometimes
when we're helped out."

"And who helps you out?"

"My older brother, sometimes."

You had to survive on
pickle juice and hot fries?

Well, whatever was around.

We had cereal, too.

Eggs, bacon?

No, none of that stuff.

Why not?

We couldn't cook.

We couldn't cook...

because we didn't have any gas.

Your gas had been shut off.

Eugene, are you sure about that?

Yeah, we-we didn't have enough
money for-for bills, or...

We didn't have gas for weeks.


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,

please be here at : tomorrow morning.

We are now adjourned.

Could you just give us
a couple of minutes?

You were great today.

Am I done?

The prosecution still gets
to cross-examine you.

Judge Desiato.

I'm sorry about Adam.

I know.

I'm sorry too, Eugene.

What's your plan now?

What do you want me to say?

That I'll fall on my sword if I have to?

That's the least you could do.

Are we to overlook the fact

that sending a message to the
Jones family was your idea?

You are a pathetic excuse for a man.

And I can't believe my father ever
trusted you with the Conti family.

It's the best decision he ever made.


- Give him to me.
- Wait, Fia.

- Fia, no.
- Get off me, Carlo.

- Just calm down.
- Get off me!

Please, calm down.

Give him to me!

Give me my f*cking child, Carlo.

- It's not right!
- No, not while you're in this state.

Give me my f*cking son!
Get off me, Carlo.


- You need to calm down.
- Calm down!

Don't you f*cking touch me.

You k*lled an innocent
woman and her children.

You are monsters!

All of you.

Did you know about Adam, too?


- No! No!
- Calm down. Calm down.


You did so well in court today.

Yeah, well, I've got another
big day tomorrow, so...

Can you tell me what you found out?

Yeah, absolutely.

We went to, um, Entergy
New Orleans this afternoon.

Checked the records.

The Jones family hadn't paid
their gas bill in months.

Eugene was right.

The gas was turned off seven
weeks before the expl*si*n.

On top of that, the investigation
into the expl*si*n

was headed by Lieutenant Brendan Cusack.

I'm pretty sure he's Baxter-owned.

So, if Eugene agrees to be a cooperating
witness against the Baxters,

the federal government will
grant him protective custody.

I can't be sure that he witnessed

any criminal activity from the Baxters.

Well, then I guess I won't
be able to call on him.

Then why?

Because I want to help this kid.

So no prison time?

You'll be free tomorrow.

Can I go back to Houston?

Eugene, you saw what the
Baxters did to your family.

You'll never be safe in Houston,

or anywhere that people
know where to look for you.

No one can know where
you are, or who you are.

I can't give up my name.

It's the only part of
them that I got left.

Eugene... ? For the rest of your life,

whenever you hear someone
say the name Eugene,

your heart is going to skip a beat.

You're going to be forever
looking over your shoulder

for someone who isn't there.

You're going to feel alive
and destroyed all over again.

Hey. Look at me.

Regardless of what anyone calls you,

you will always be Kofi's
brother and Female's son.

You'll always be Eugene Jones,

because that name is
a part of who you are.

And no one can take that away from you.

I told you I'm done negotiating, Lee.

You're just here to watch.

The Justice Department has offered
my client witness protection.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I did not agree to that.

Oh, did I forget to mention
the U.S. Attorney's Office

is taking this case away from you.

This meeting was just a courtesy.

I just found out that...

the guy that I fell in love with

is the one who k*lled my brother.

And they knew.

They knew and they didn't tell me.

Do you think you can find
forgiveness in your heart?

I think for Adam I already have.

I'm so mad at him.

But I also believe that
he really loved me.

I still feel it.

But I don't know if I
can forgive my family.

The things they've done...

Is it f*cked up if the only reason

I'm willing to entertain
the notion that God exists

is because I'm certain
that the devil does?

I don't know why bad
things happen to us.

But suffering is a part of
the human experience,

and it's never fair.

I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

But I do believe the
pain you endure here

will be transformed
into everlasting love.

If Heaven does exist,

Rocco is the only one
who's going to be there.

I don't have a lot of answers, Fia.

Especially ones that
will help you right now.

But... Look at me.

There is a Heaven.

As sure as we're sitting here.

And your brother is there, right now.

I need that to be true.

I need to know... that
when we lose someone,

we haven't lost them forever.

♪ I met this girl down in Tally ♪

♪ She said she flew in from Cali ♪

♪ Not L.A. though,
she live in the Valley ♪

♪ Got a twin and I
think her name Sally ♪

♪ Not my type, so I
curved her real proudly ♪

♪ Don't remember last
night, it was cloudy... ♪

What the hell do you want?

Just hoping to talk to
the man of the house.

- He's indisposed.
- Oh, that's too bad.

Just curious to see if he'd
given any more thought

to my offer he rejected, but...

What offer?

Oh, he didn't tell you?

I tried to sell him the club.

Knew you'd want to get me off the block,

but... guess it doesn't matter to him.

Excuse me.

Now that's my long game.

What happened, darling?

- What's wrong?
- Pop.

What, what?

It's Jimmy.

He blames me for what he
did to that Jones family.

He's always held it against me.

It's all right. It'll be okay.

Papa, he's going to
confess to the police.

- What?
- Jimmy's threatened to implicate me too

because he hates me.

He told me that.

He wants to take me down.
He's gonna destroy us.

Is he in his room?

You were never my family.

I'm calling from the Baxter House.

I just heard g*nshots.

Please send help right away.

Thank you for caring about me.

Take care of yourself.

Stay out of trouble, okay?

So now what are you going to do?

I have no idea.

You can sell anywhere in the Quarter.

Except on my street.

I'm looking forward to a new
era in our special relationship.

The whole city's ours.

Real soon, we're gonna be minting cash.

Can I help you?

Yeah. Any chance y'all
looking for performers?

New owner's across the street.

You got to talk to her.

- All right.
- Mm.

Hey, yo.

Let me see what you got.



Thank you.

♪ When the sins of my father ♪

♪ Weigh down in my soul ♪

♪ And the pain of my mother ♪

♪ Will not let me go ♪

♪ Well, I know there can
come fire from the sky ♪

♪ To refine the purest of kings ♪

♪ And even though I know
this fire can bring me pain ♪

♪ Even so, Lord, just the same ♪

♪ Make it rain, make it rain ♪

♪ Make it rain, make it rain ♪

♪ Make it rain, make it rain ♪

♪ Make it rain, make it rain ♪

♪ Every seed needs the water ♪

♪ Before it grows out of the ground ♪

♪ But it just keeps on getting harder ♪

♪ And harder ♪

♪ And the hunger more profound ♪

♪ Well, I know they can't
count tears from the eye ♪

♪ But it may as well be in vain ♪

♪ Even though I know these
tears will bring me pain ♪

♪ Even so, Lord, just the same ♪

♪ Make it rain, make it rain ♪

♪ Make it rain, make it rain ♪

♪ Make it rain, make it rain ♪

♪ Make it rain, Lord ♪

♪ Make it rain ♪

♪ Well, the sea is filled with water ♪

♪ Stops by the shore ♪

♪ Just like the riches of grandeur ♪

♪ But it'll never reach,
never reach the poor ♪

♪ Well, let the clouds fill
with thunderous applause ♪

♪ And the lightning be the veins ♪

♪ Fill the sky with all they can draw ♪

♪ When it's time to make a change ♪

♪ Make it rain, make it rain ♪

♪ Make it rain, make it rain ♪

♪ Make it rain... ♪
♪ Make it rain ♪

♪ Make it rain... ♪

♪ Make it rain ♪
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