01x09 - Rush to Judgement

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Alaska Daily". Aired: October 6, 2022 - present.
Recently disgraced reporter Eileen Fitzgerald leaves her high-profile New York life behind to join a daily metro newspaper in Anchorage, Alaska.
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01x09 - Rush to Judgement

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[g*n FIRES]

Previously on "Alaska Daily"...

Where's Gabriel?

Said he needed space.

I'm not coming back to the paper.

I'm particularly interested
in this guy, Toby Crenshaw.

He invited her to the party
the night she went missing.

Ned Crenshaw?

We'd like to ask you a few
questions about your nephew.

Toby's a good kid.

He'd never hurt anyone.

We just want to know
what happened to Gloria.

I just did. We were friends.

Friends? That's it?


That's it.

They found his DNA?

They're issuing an arrest warrant.

The Pritchards bought up several
parcels of land across the state.

This land is protected.

I think they're building a road.

Those environmental groups

catch wind of your
secret road, that would be

very bad for business.

All right. I'll sell you the paper.

And my business remains my business.









EILEEN: Look outside.


Go to your window.


What are you doing?

Same thing you did for
me when I needed a lift.

But you don't have a car.


Oh. Okay.

But I'm sorry. I'm not
going back to the office.

Get dressed and get your ass out
here. I don't like being late.


GABRIEL: Eileen, I
really appreciate this,

but I don't wanna go back.

- Why?
- I'm scared.

Me, too.

It was scary as hell.

And it shouldn't have happened to us.

You know, I tried to convince myself

it was a freak occurrence,

but things like this keep happening.

That's true.

And that sucks.

So why should I keep doing it?

Because you're good.

And you've only just started
to realize your potential.

You're gonna be a great journalist...

if you show up.

Are you just saying that
to make me feel good?

You should know by now
making people feel good

isn't high on my list of priorities.

For better or worse,
I call it like it is.

That's how I see it.



Not much to look at.


But is there any other
place in the world

that makes you feel as
alive as that newsroom?


There isn't.

Okay. All right. Write this down.


Oh, let me see those.

Here are the documents.

Hey, um, I'll just get to work quietly.

Don't want to bother anyone.

Of course. Take your time.

[COUGHS] Gabriel's back!

YUNA: [GASPS] Gabriel!



I'm so happy you're here!

AUSTIN: Hey, man. Are you good?



How'd we miss it?


We didn't.


just took a roundabout way to get there.

One way to look at it.

Did we figure out how
his DNA got in the system?

According to Nexis, he
was arrested in September

for aggravated as*ault.

Bar fight... just a few
weeks after we talked to him.

Well, look at that.

They actually swabbed someone

and it led to solving a crime.

Almost resembles a justice system.


You got any info on his arrest?

Arresting trooper was D. Howard.

I'm still working on getting
the affidavits for the arrest.



We just got a Slack from Stanley.

Toby's gonna be arraigned in ?

How are we the last to know?


We gotta move.

Governor's office tipped
off Crenshaw's arraignment

city-wide, minus us.

Thacker's icing us.

I guess your chat at the
gala made an impression.

I want you posting
updates throughout the day.

Got it.

Okay, story on my desk by : .

- : ? Really?
- Really.

I want to be ahead on this one.

I told Miles to meet you there.

No way!


All right. Thanks for
talking to Gabriel.

You know me... journo/player coach.

- Mm.
- ROZ: We gotta go.

And don't forget to post.

I need it by : !



Wow. The whole state turned out.

Yeah, looks like we're
just in time for the show.







Toby! Over here!



There's Uncle Ned.

MAN: Eileen? Eileen.

Hi. Dennis Gibson.

I'm a journalist with the
Anchorage Eagle.

Just wanted to say how sorry I was

for everything that happened to you,

and, uh, yeah, that
guy was a real nut job.

Glad you're okay.

Thanks. But you're not a journalist.

That's why The Daily
canned your ass.

You're a hack blogger who peddles hate.

You almost got me and
my colleague k*lled

with your baseless rhetoric.

So maybe just go to hell.

Saw that coming.

That was enjoyable.



This hearing of the Third
District Superior Court

of the State of Alaska
is now in session.

The Honorable Judge Mathis presiding.

You may now be seated.

morning, Mr. Crenshaw.

You're being charged with
m*rder in the first degree,

sexual as*ault in the first degree,

and aggravated as*ault in
the death of Gloria Nanmac.

How do you plead?

Mr. Crenshaw, I'm
afraid I need an answer.

[WHISPERS] Not guilty, Your Honor.


Not guilty, Your Honor.

Very well.

Now to the question of bail.

Mr. Miller?

Yes, Your Honor.

My client has deep ties
to the local community.

His uncle, Ned Crenshaw,
will let him live at his house

for the duration of these proceedings.

We're asking that the
court set bail at a level

commensurate with the
family's ability to pay.

You understand I'm looking
at a charge of m*rder one?

I do, Your Honor, but
my client is experiencing

significant remorse. Mr. Bailey?

BAILEY: Your Honor, bail is
simply out of the question.

On top of the m*rder one,

Mr. Crenshaw is a violent criminal

who was arrested for aggravated as*ault

just a couple months ago.

Charges in the case were dropped

because the victim declined to testify.

And I'll remind the
court that he is here

because not only were traces
of his seminal fluid found

in Ms. Nanmac's body,

but Mr. Crenshaw himself
signed a confession

admitting that he as*ault Ms. Nanmac,

drove her several
miles out on the tundra,

and dumped her body.

This man is a danger to society
and should not be granted bail.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Thank you, Counselor.

Bail is denied. [GAVEL BANGS]

Next case.


ROZ: So the DNA they found was semen.

Then the signed confession.

So how did he plead not guilty
if he signed a confession?

Pro forma. His lawyer's
trying to preserve

whatever bargaining power
he has for a plea deal. Hm.

I'd love to get a peek
at that confession.

It has to be on video. Alaskan law.

Even better.

We should visit Sylvie
before the mob descends.

- Get a comment.
- You know what? Why don't you go ahead?

- I'm gonna stay here in case there's a flash presser.
- Good idea.

You wanna reach out to Toby's
lawyer, see if he'll talk to us?

Sure, yeah, will do.

I really want to see that
confession tape. Me, too.

Remember, we gotta get
it all done by : .



ROZ: How you doing, Sylvie?

I'm glad to see someone
arrested for k*lling Gloria.

Did you know Toby very well?

He was around.

Were they dating?

He said that they were just friends.

She liked him.

Was he ever violent?

To Gloria?


Not that I knew about.


Gloria would've told me.





I've been getting calls all morning.

All of these people who ignored Gloria

are suddenly coming out of the
woodwork to "hear my story."

I'm not talking to them.

Only you.


It's Eileen. She's at the State House.

The Governor's giving a presser soon.

I know.

You do?

The Governor actually asked me
to stand up on stage with him

to make him look better.

Man has some nerve.

Yeah. He does.


What's up?

Close the door, please.

More bad things?

I have a source who brought me this map.

Looks like Conrad Pritchard
has bought these parcels

leading up to the foot
of Hockley Mountain.

Hockley. That's interior, right?


My source tells me that he
is planning to build a road.

To where? Isn't most of that
land federally protected?

It certainly is.

I wanna take you off mayhem tomorrow

and send you to check it out.

You okay with that?

I need aerial photographs.


- Mm-hmm.
- Cool.

Am I stealing one, or can we pay for it?

I made a trade deal with one of the
tourism companies out of Fairbanks.

Nine months of free ads. Sounds good.

One story alone, that's
practically a vacation.

Mind taking Austin with
you on that vacation?

Another set of eyes.

Well, it's still a vacation.

You'll fly to Fairbanks,

and then Jack's...

will get you over Hockley.

All right. I'll tell my vacay buddy.


let him know.

It's top secret.

Will do.





Is that for me?


Can you bring it to me?




Thank you, Gabriel.

Have you had a chance to
go through the traps today?

Not yet.


Can you do that for me?


Yeah, okay.

Thanks, Bob.



- Good seats.
- Pays to linger.

Social event of the season.

And they keep forgetting to invite us.

- Yeah, weird.
- Good afternoon.

I'm Public Safety
Commissioner Brenda Haynes.

Thank you for coming out
to hear about our efforts

to keep Alaska safe and
to do everything possible

to end our missing and m*rder
indigenous peoples crisis.

It's my privilege now to
introduce Governor Thacker,

who is spearheading this effort.



Good afternoon.

I'm proud to announce the violent k*ller

has been taken into custody.

This morning, Toby Crenshaw
was formally charged

with the m*rder of Gloria Nanmac.

These guys have no shame
in taking all the credit.

After years of doing nothing.

I want to take this opportunity
to acknowledge the collaboration

between the Meade and
Anchorage police departments,

and the Alaska State Troopers.

Our victory today shows just
how far we're willing to go

to see justice served.

It's a good day for Alaska.

I'm happy to take some questions now.

- Yes?

Nell Jacobson, KQJS.

How long did the investigation take?

This was a tricky case, Nell.

It took about two years
of hard work to close.

Yes, Kim?

- Hi, Kim...
- Eileen Fitzgerald, The Daily Alaskan.

Pleasure to be here.

Why'd it take two years
to run Gloria Nanmac's DNA?

Was that the tricky part?

You need to wait your turn.

- My apologies, Ms. Lando.
- MAN: Governor.

What else is the Department
of Public Safety doing

to reduce crime against Alaskan women?

Our administration is
doing everything it can

to ensure the safety of all Alaskans.

Our MMIW task force has
dedicated significant resources

to finding Ms. Nanmac's k*ller,

and will continue to seek justice

for those missing and m*rder.


Roz Friendly, The Daily Alaskan.

What about the other untested DNA kits?

Do you plan on running them?

I didn't call on you, Ms. Friendly.

EILEEN: Governor Thacker,
how can you say that this case

took two years of hard work to solve?

Commissioner Haynes just reclassified it

as a homicide a week ago.

I think that's enough
questions for today.

Thank you.


And they're taking a victory lap.

- STANLEY: It's a win.
- If it sticks.

Signed confession. Seems likely.

But we can't say for sure.

Regardless, I need your
story on the arraignment

- and the presser by : .

- It's : .
- It is.

Your investigation has
become breaking news.

- Cover it.
- We can't sort out all that nonsense by : .

We still don't have the
affidavits for the arrest

or the video of the confession.

We can't hold this story. It's rolling.

- Just give us at least another day.
- You can do a Day Two tomorrow.

Keep going.

- But I need this today.
- Yeah, yeah, by : .

Whatcha doing?

Sitting, breathing.

Breathing is good.

You okay?

I don't know.

It's hard not to think about it.

And when you do think
about it, how do you feel?

I think, mostly, I'm angry.

I would be, too.

And I'm worried.

Even though I know the odds
of another lunatic with a g*n

showing up at the office are pretty low.

Very low.

It's how I choose an airline to fly.

I go with the one with
the most recent crash.

Better odds.

It's just a sad statement
on the way we live.


You know, after Jordan Teller d*ed,

I realized very quickly
I needed an outlet

for my fear and anger.

I can't imagine you angry.

Oh, I do angry.

Really well. [CHUCKLES]

So what's your outlet?

It's hard to explain.

Give it a sh*t.

Tell you what.

Why don't you try to figure
out what you need first?

And if that doesn't work,
I'll show you how I cope.





I feel like the graf on
Sylvie needs more real estate.


We got . Let me drive?


"Lose" has one "O," not two.

Thought I was a bad speller.

You are.

"The guards guided Toby Crenshaw

through the crush of
cameras and micro... "

That seems soft.



"Swept," that's good.




Gotta love a deadline.


Food's up shortly.

How we doing tonight?

Not sure.

Didn't I just read
you guys got your guy?

Did you?

The story just posted.

Congrats. Drinks on the house.

- Thanks, Karla.
- Thanks.


They used the perp walk.

That sucks.

Toby's being held in the same building.

They just drove him around

to parade him in front of the media.

Yeah, we've been pushing
this story uphill for months.

Now, suddenly, it's
rolling downhill fast.

We reported that Toby was
charged and he pled not guilty.

Those are the facts.


Now we're caught up in the current.



Look at Toby's photo.

The jumpsuit, the cuffs.

Cements the idea he's guilty
before he even goes to trial.

And we quoted the Governor.

Which gives the whole story
a stamp of authenticity.


Did we just play a part
in the rush to judgment?

It feels that way.


FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Please remain seated.

The fasten seatbelt sign is on.

You've been at the
paper, what, years?

next spring.

Which means you've
survived how many sales?

Two sales, three rounds of layoffs.

You think this story
could blow things up?

Mm, I don't know.

Tough to predict with the
Conrad Pritchard of it all.

You got an escape hatch?

There's always PR.

I wouldn't last minutes.

Yeah, me neither. [BREATHES DEEPLY]


You looking for a Plan B?

Anna wants to move to
Chicago for a big new job.


What about Zach?

She's threatening to break
our custody agreement.

Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

How ya holding up?

A lot of angst.

And a fair amount of second guessing.

I feel like I need a life chopper

so I can just pop up
to , feet and hover,

- get a better read on things.

"Life chopper." I like that.

Let me know when you find one.




Why didn't you tell
us the truth in Kodiak?

Is that a serious question?

Did you sexually as*ault Gloria?

No. I would never do that.

So it was consensual?


We loved each other.

We were in a relationship.

But you confessed to
as*ault and m*rder her.

I didn't have a choice.

These two detectives,

they kept going at me and going at me.

They'd come in and out, asking
those same questions over and over.

They wouldn't even let me sleep.

Said they had DNA that
proves that I k*lled her.

Said I would go away for
life if I didn't confess.

I would've signed anything
just to be able to shut my eyes.

To your understanding,
what did you sign?

A piece of paper that says I k*lled her.

Even though you didn't?

Gloria's d*ad because of me anyway,

so what's the difference?

Why because of you?

I should've gone with her
to Skeeter's, but I didn't.

If it weren't for me,
she would still be alive.

Toby, feeling guilty isn't the
same as being guilty.



Got the affidavits for Toby's arrest.

Anything interesting?

Yeah. Look at the name
of the arresting trooper.

- Dawn Howard.
- But she didn't sign it.

Look who did.

It looks like...

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

Yeah, your old buddy.

What is Commissioner Haynes doing

signing a trooper statement?

Better question, why
didn't Trooper Howard?


Can't get this view in Chicago.

Hell no.

Funny thing, our job.

Here we are in the middle of nowhere,

looking for we're not sure what.

Sounds like the definition of reporting.

And some people wonder
how we miss stories.

Kind of amazing that we ever find them.

PILOT: Approaching Hockley Mountain.

Claire, up ahead. On the left.



What is going on down there?


Looks like a small army.


Can you get us any closer?

I sure can.


Oh, I do love my job.



ROZ: Trooper Howard.

- Got a minute?
- No.

Roz Friendly, Eileen Fitzgerald,
The Daily Alaskan.

We're writing a follow-up story
to our article on Toby Crenshaw.

You were the arresting trooper, right?


I got nothing to say.

Ma'am, remove your
hand from the vehicle.

Why did Commissioner Haynes sign
your trooper statement for you?

I don't talk to reporters.

We're on background.

Off the record.

Last time, off my car.

Why didn't you want your
name on the affidavit?

Did something about the
interrogation bother you?

Look, I better not
see this in your paper.

Anchorage police detectives had
that boy in the box for hours.

God only knows what happened in there.

I'm a trooper. That's not how we roll.

No way I'm putting my name on that.

ROZ: Thank you, Officer.

If that shows up in
print, you'll regret it.



What do you mean, there's
no tape of his confession?

All confessions have to be videotaped.

- It's state law.
- Equipment failure.

Happens all the time.

Does it?

Protected by a Supreme Court ruling,

Stephan v. Alaska, .

You'll have to enlighten my colleague.

She's an outsider.

"Acceptable excuses for
not recording a confession

can include an unavoidable
power or equipment failure."

Are you serious?

You could drive a truck
through that loophole.

- They have.
- Look, Toby's case isn't unusual.

The cops get a young guy
in the box without a lawyer,

he's not informed about his rights,

he's pressured into confessing
and signing a statement.

Suspect. Conviction.

That's the system.

So what's the play?

The play?

Uh, I-I just cut a deal
with the prosecutor.

What's the deal?

I got him down to m*rder two.

Instead of years to life,
Toby could be out in .

Now, there'll be a hearing in two weeks

where he'll officially
change his plea to guilty.

- What, you're not gonna fight it?
- Even if it was coerced?

A plea deal is his best option.

He's not gonna win in trial,

not with the DNA evidence
and a signed confession.

I-I got a hundred other felony
cases on my desk right now.

I'm working -hour weeks.

I'm sorry to say this, but
you can't save everyone.

Well, maybe not, but we can run a story

about a coerced confession

and possible miscarriage of justice.

That's your call,

but my gut is it's too little too late.

We publish tonight. Go with
the forced-confession story.

We got two weeks to figure
out if Toby's innocent.


So this is Pritchard's
partner... Katona.

"Katona Resources specializes
in enhancing value for investors

through the mining of
rare earth minerals."

That's the stuff in every cellphone,

every electric car
battery, wind turbine.

You can't have a green
revolution without rare earths.

CLAIRE: Yeah, but the
radioactive elements

they shake loose and the
risk of toxic runoff...

lot of environmental issues.

What's the political angle?

We're talking about
federally protected land.

Nothing legal happens there
without a change in legislation.

When you covered the Moses campaign,

did he ever say
anything about Pritchard?

Not directly.

But he seemed pretty confident

- about getting the paper's endorsement.
- Mm-hmm.

Go back to him. See if there's more.

Uh, I'm not sure he'll talk to me.

I basically knee-capped his campaign.

Maybe the enemy of his
enemy is his friend.

Pritchard did desert him
after my story came out.

See if you can sweet talk
him into helping us out.

But keep it quiet.

I don't want it getting back to Aaron

until we know what we've got.



Lift, kick.

Lift, kick.

You want to feel it in your hamstrings.

If it doesn't burn,
it isn't working.

Controlled movements.

From your core all the way
down to the b*lls of your feet.

You find an outlet?

I found something
called "Butts and Guts,"

but it seems very rigorous.

Good rigorous?

Is there such a thing?

It's kind of an instructor/class thing.

I don't love classes.

Especially when there's
a stranger yelling at me.


Anything else?

- Oh.
- Kitten therapy.

- Oh, no.
- Yeah, I'm not sure.



are you ready for the
Yuna Park Outlet Adventure?

I think I am, if you'll have me.

Tomorrow night. We'll go after work.

You'll need gloves.

Gloves, like, for cold?

Like for work.




Standing there, you
almost look harmless.

They teach that in J-school.

You understand Alaska
isn't black and white.

We agree the state needs
environmental protections

as well as industry.

Didn't stop you from
scuttling my campaign.


My job is to report the news,

regardless of my political opinions.

You said you stood with the salmon...

awkward phrasing, by the way...

but you tried to hide
your ties to mining.

That's news.

Look, Conrad Pritchard
dropped you like a hot potato.

Did that piss you off?

Is this meeting about me or him?



Did he expect you to do
favors for him in Washington?

Politics .

Sure, but did you have a special
deal for specific legislation?

A quid pro quo?

I wouldn't tell you if there was.

Frank, I love this state.

I know you do, too.

Pritchard loves money.

And what he's doing up at Hockley

may have major
environmental implications.

Can you live with that?

What do you know?

I know he's got a lot
of mining equipment

next to protected land up
there but he can't touch it.

You sure about that?

What am I missing?


Newly-elected Senator Brewster
is about to sponsor legislation

that might be of interest to you.

Legislation to ease mining restrictions

on federally protected areas?


I could have done a lot of great
things for this state, Austin.

Now look who you're stuck with.


EILEEN: Anything?

Nope. I haven't gotten

a single phone call or
e-mail about our story.

- You?
- No.

And I can tell you why.

No one is reading it.

This story should move the needle,

create some public outcry.

And right now, Bob's fat bear story

is b*ating us by , readers?

That's because fat bears are cool.

Fat bears are cool?

By Alaskan standards, yeah.

Fat bears are also aspirational.

To survive, they gorge
themselves and take long naps.

All while commanding
respect and adoration.

I would second that.

I have a lot to say about that,
but I don't have enough time.



We can't wait for this story
to shake something loose.

I think we should go back
to Commissioner Haynes.

Down with that.

We gotta get Haynes to
open up the case again.

There's no way she
can deny the evidence.

I'm not sure I'd take that bet,

but it sure beats sitting here

watching the fat bear story k*ll us.

STANLEY: Any luck?

Moses says Pritchard's
got Brewster in his pocket.

CLAIRE: My source in D.C.
confirms that Brewster's

about to file a bill to lift protections

against mining in Alaska,
and not just at Hockley.

We gotta believe the
environmental groups are onto this.

We could lose the story
if they make a move first.

But they don't know that Pritchard
and Katona are at the gate.

So is it time we tell them?


Commissioner Haynes:
Let me get this straight.

First we moved too slow, and
now we're moving too fast?

You guys are a little hard to please.

Not the first time we've heard that.

But Toby could be innocent.

He could spend a chunk of his life
in prison without a fair trial.

Taking a plea deal was
Mr. Crenshaw's decision,

- and his alone.
- Was it?

Or did the system play some part in it?

Gloria's k*ller could
still be out there.

At least review the details of his case.

I have. Thoroughly.

What he described sounded
like a coerced confession.

But there's no way to confirm it.

- There was an equipment failure.
- Okay. But that happens.

- It's not a reason to just...
- We just want the AG or a special prosecutor

to look into the
circumstances of his arrest.


Sorry to interrupt, Commissioner.

You wanted action?

You got action.

You wanted DNA testing?

You got DNA testing.

We solved Gloria's case the same way

we're going to solve
all the other MMIW cases,

with solid police work
and aggressive prosecution.

You may not like it,
but the system's working

the way it's supposed to.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have another meeting.



I'm rethinking the
"Butts and Guts" class.

Not for long. Just watch your step.

Is this illegal?

A little bit.

I did a story on this place months ago.

Real-estate fraud.

It's been sitting here
empty for three years.

So you just come here to...

hang out?

Not quite.




- Uh...
- Just throw a block.





That was amazing!

- Yeah, it is!
- Yeah!


Whoo! Agh!

- Oh!




Toby could be in jail for years.

I'm not even sure he's the k*ller.

Is that even your call?

I just feel complicit in it.

We've been pushing this case.

We got them to test the DNA.

Okay, but the facts are the facts.


No one seems interested
in the facts right now.

All they care about is
hanging this on someone

and putting it to bed.

And maybe I'm biased, but it seems
damn convenient that he's Native.

This isn't just about who k*lled Gloria,

it's about a very broken
system that devalued her life.


And I'm a part of that system.

Well, you didn't put Toby in jail.

And you didn't coerce
a false confession.

Maybe I lit the match.

So light another one.


AARON: He's building a rare earths mine

- at Hockley Mountain?
- When/if the legislation passes.

And you think Brewster's
in my father's pocket?

He's already put forth the legislation.

And your father donated
heavily to Brewster's campaign.

We're planning to
publish tomorrow morning.


Wait, you gave me the land deal

- as leverage to keep the paper from being sold.
- I know,

but that was before we knew
what he was doing at Hockley.

Okay, but I-I told him that
we wouldn't report on this

if he sold me the paper, and he did.

Aaron, forget that he might've
bought a U.S. senator for the deal.

This mine is a potential
environmental catastrophe.




Have we gone to him for comment?

Austin's headed over there now.

But I can tell him to stand down

if you'd like to give
your father a head's up.

He's never gonna talk to Austin.

We still have to report it.

Are you asking me to okay this?


But your support would be nice.


EILEEN: We want you to walk us through

what happened the night
Gloria went missing.


Like I said, Gloria and I met up
at a party early in the evening.

She wasn't feeling good.


Her frostbite was k*lling her.

That's why she wanted
to go to Skeeter's.

She was looking for some Oxy.

- I didn't go with her.
- Why not?

Because Skeeter is a sketchy dude,

and I don't like being
around those people.

So, what happened?

Gloria was mad.

She left.

I went home and watched a movie.

Did you see her again that night?


She called, and I didn't pick up.

She called you?

A couple times.

I wished I answered.

But that doesn't make any sense.

We went through her
phone records months ago.

There weren't any calls
placed from her phone

the night she went missing.

She left a voicemail.

I've listened to it a hundred times.

Where's your phone?

My Uncle Ned's.


Fish forever, stop the lies!

Well, that story is making some noise.


Pritchard's neighbors can't be happy.

The Global Resource Fund just posted

they got a preliminary injunction.

And I just got a call
from my source in D.C.

Sounds like Brewster's
backing off the legislation.

Mm. Nice.

That should slow Pritchard's roll.

Protected land stands.

For today, at least.

Oh, true that.

Good job, partner. You
can ride with me any day.

Up top, Ms. Mayhem.

- Boom.
- Boom.

[CHANTING] Fish forever, stop the lies!

Fish forever, stop the lies!

- Fish forever, stop the lies!

Fish for...

What the hell did you do?

Hi, Dad. Do you want to come in,

or should we talk in the hallway?

We had a deal!

It wasn't my call.

It's your damn paper.

- Church and state.
- The hell it is.

The more they dug into the story,

the more it revealed...

So stop digging. It's my deal.

It was not my intention
to cause you harm.

Harm? [SCOFFS]

You cost me a billion dollars.

You call that "harm"?

The paper just reported the facts.

Oh, screw the facts.

I gave you that paper.

You sold it to me.

What would it be worth if I used it

to protect my family's
financial interests

by keeping secrets
from the Alaskan people?

So now you're choosing
the paper over your family?


Now we're family?

Is that it, Dad?

Oh, don't be such a wimp.

That's what you used
to call Danny. A wimp.

Don't you bring your brother into this.

He wasn't cut out to run this business.

He doesn't have what it takes.

No. You made that abundantly clear.

Turns out he's the
smart one. He got away.

Well, that didn't stop him
from putting his hand out.

Or you. Until now.


I gave all that up to protect something

that's worth a hell of a lot more...

the paper.

Well, it won't be worth
much for long, son.


You want a w*r?

You got one.




The hell do you want?

Toby told us Gloria left him a message

the night she went missing.

Do you have Toby's phone?

We wouldn't be here if we didn't think

it was our only chance to help Toby.



Got it.

- GLORIA: Toby, answer your phone.

I'm sorry for what I said.

You know I love you.

You were right.

This place is bad.

I'm scared, seriously.

Please come get me.

I don't want to be here anymore.

- Wait a minute.
- What?

This number, the one she's calling from,

- that's not her number.
- What do you mean?

I mean this is a different number

than the one Sylvie gave us.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, look.

Look, the numbers don't match.


I'm calling it.




- AUTOMATED VOICE: We're sorry...


You think it belonged to someone

who was with Gloria the
night she was m*rder?

Could be. Yeah.

Could belong to the
person who k*lled her.



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