04x175 - Beyond the Limits!

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations". Aired: 9 May 2016 – present.
Boruto Uzumaki follows in his father Naruto's footsteps by training to become a powerful ninja, but being the son of the city's leader comes with its own unique challenges.
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04x175 - Beyond the Limits!

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We're not gonna let you guys have your way!

Damn it!

Looks like that guy's jutsu is capable of long-distance att*cks

as well as defense.

What an annoying jutsu.

Now, it's time to hunt!

Beyond the Limits!

Take this!

It's no good.

Even if we get close, he hardens his defense,

and our att*cks don't get through.

I guess the only thing that'll crush his defense

is my new Rasengan.

Sarada, can you buy me some time?

Got it!

I've tasted many types of cuisines,

but I've grown bored with the flavors of this world.

I will be the one to eat the fruit of the Divine Tree…

and I won't let anyone get in my way.

Release everyone immediately!

They each offered themselves up for the sake of research.

I will not let their deaths be in vain.

Offered? I doubt that!

What are you planning to do with the power of the Divine Tree?!

In order for superior humans to prosper,

other humans must become their nourishment.

It's the same way that

the Great Nations used smaller nations as steppingstones.

f*re Style: f*re Dragon b*mb!

Water Style: Water Barrier!

Hey, this is not good!

f*re Style: Fireball Jutsu!

It's no good! There's not enough time!

Even if I can get close with my Sharingan,

I can't run interference by myself.

A two-man team has its limits!

Isn't my fighting just delicious?

You won't be able to break

these unbelievably beautiful and solid stones that I've made.

Earth Style: Dust Storm!

f*re Style: Flame Flower!

What's going on?

Last time we fought, Victor used Wind and Lightning Styles!

This time,

he's using the Water, Earth and even f*re Styles!

I don't blame you for being shocked.

I can handle every fundamental Change in Chakra Nature.

A shinobi who can use all the Chakra Natures?

Gramps is the only one I've ever seen do that!

You will become my nourishment too!




What are you doing here?!

Don't misunderstand.

I didn't come here to save you.

Just don't get in my way.

You can just stay put over there.

The Hashirama Cell was stolen from my research laboratory.

And I want it back.

You may be Orochimaru of the Legendary Sannin,

but I won't let you interfere with my plans!

Did it work?!

A Self-Regeneration Jutsu?!

Lightning Style: Tenjin Lightning Bolt!

Now, let's see if you can weave a sign!

You can use Regeneration Jutsu too?!

Wounding me is useless!

Granted, your body is interesting.

But it seems your Regeneration Jutsu is not perfect.

Perhaps that's why you want the fruit of the Divine Tree so badly?

How dare you—!

Don't take me lightly, Orochimaru.

Even after all this fighting,

the intensity of his jutsu doesn't weaken!

Humans can't do that!

My abilities are on a completely different dimension from yours.

So weak.


This is really bad!

Who are you?


I'm sorry I'm late.

Are you okay now?

Recovery was near impossible.

But someone stepped in and saved me.


Yeah, I'm going to fight with you!

Team has assembled!

It's time to counterattack, ya know!

You again?

This time, I won't let you get away…

until I've had my fill!

Wind Style: Breakthrough!

Sarada! Mitsuki!

Those eyes!

Very nice! It's coming together!

I thought I finally saw through him with my Sharingan…

But he didn't use his full power.

After I trained so hard!

Fear and pain make you tremble uncontrollably

and lose all hope.

It's the best kind of spice!




You protected him?

I'm not going to lose to you!

I'm going to become the Hokage.

I won't let things end here!

You still have hope?

Team will win, no matter what!

Yeah… She's right!

We're… taking him down!

That's the President's true form?!

So stubborn.

Oh! The bud is opening!

That's not good!

If I eat the fruit of the Divine Tree, I'll obtain eternal life!

And I'll get back the missing parts of my body!

You sacrificed your innocent employees just for that?!

They were sacrifices.

Foolish humans are mere steppingstones.

They should be grateful for becoming my nourishment!

How dare you!

So, you're the one who k*lled Anato?!

Mrs. Mia!

Your steppingstone?

Is that what Anato was?!

So, what of it? Take a look!

The fruit of the Divine Tree is ripe.

Who cares about burnt trash!

I'm going to take the fruit!


Now, Divine Tree!

Give me the fruit!


The flower of the Divine Tree is–!


It may resemble the fruit of the Divine Tree,

but this is an imitation that's not like it at all.

In the first place,

its fruit isn't something mere humans can handle.

An imitation?!

How pitiful.

Lightning Style: Snake Lightning!

Wind Style: Wind Scythe!


This is as far as it goes.

Are you sure about that?

Sarada! Mitsuki!

Sorry I made you wait.

High Compression Rasengan!

Something like that won't work on me!


No way!

So close!

You're the first to see me in this form.

You've gotta be kidding me.

It has a few flaws, but it's good enough to k*ll you.

I'll make sure you taste hopelessness!

Four Black Snakes Formation!

Leave this to me and go.


I'll never feel hopeless!

I don't care if it costs me this arm!

I-It's melting?!

M-My Divine Tree fruit…


How dare you!

How dare you interrupt my meal!

I'll k*ll you all!

I won't let you k*ll my precious friends!

Boruto, don't!

Your arm won't make it!

It's over with this one, Deepa!

Damn you, brat!

Can't you understand that it won't work on me,

no matter how many times you try?!

Come at me then.

I'll make you taste hopelessness!

The level of your att*ck doesn't even qualify…

as an appetizer!


Now, let me taste hopelessness!

Your hopelessness!

I will protect Boruto!

Let's do this, Boruto!

Mitsuki! Sarada!

Super High Compression Rasengan!


My Divine Tree fruit!

I was so close.

I almost got to taste…

the entire world!

Not good. We have to get out of here.

Hurry, guys! Over here!

Yes, sir!

I'm sorry, Mitsuki. It's my fault that—

This is nothing. It will heal fast.

Victor totally deceived me…

as well as everyone in the nation.

I'll testify to anything you ask me.

So that no one is ever sacrificed like Anato was.

Mrs. Mia!

You're leaving?

I've already notified Naruto.

I'm glad that Mitsuki recovered, considering the condition he was in.

An unexpected donor appeared.

I'm leaving the rest in your hands.

Including the child.

Seriously, you two, you're in terrible shape…

So I think you should forget about your pride.

Speak for yourself, Sarada.

We're going home, guys.

– Yes, sir! – Yes, sir!

Anyway, Team is back together again!

That's for sure!


Seems like The Kara have many collaborators.

There's a possibility there are scores of them

scattered inside all Five Nations!

This spells trouble!

The Leaf is no exception.

To defend ourselves,

we'll probably need to restrict people's movements

and blockade the village.

Next time on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:


"Blockade the A-Un Gate!"

This is going to have a big impact on people's lives.

Please let me think about the blockade a little.
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