00x12 - Slime Diaries: Enjoying New Year's to the Fullest

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime". Aired: February 20, 2013 – October 30, 2015.

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Follows a salaryman who is m*rder and reincarnates in a sword and sorcery world as a slime with unique powers and gathers allies to build his own nation of monsters.
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00x12 - Slime Diaries: Enjoying New Year's to the Fullest

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Rimuru: After a very lively Christmas,

Rimuru: some heavy cleaning, and New Year's Eve,

Rimuru: our hectic year-end events wrapped up...

Rimuru: and it was time to welcome my first New Year since coming to this world.

Rigurd: Please, Great Rimuru, a few words!

Rimuru: Right!

Rimuru: My first moment in the spotlight this year! I gotta look good!

Shuna: We even have a special ceremonial New Year's outfit for you.

Rimuru: All right!

Rimuru: Happy New Year, everyone!

Rimuru: Hey, sorry, but this isn't quite right...

Shuna: Oh? But everyone's so happy.

Rimuru: Where did you learn about this?

Title: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Title: Slime Diaries

Title: Day : Enjoying New Year's to the Fullest

Rigurd: Once again...

All: Happy New Year, Great Rimuru!

Rimuru: Thanks! Looking forward to another great year!

Rimuru: Now, since this is a day of celebration,

Rimuru: I have something to give to each of you.

Shion: Something for us?

Rimuru: Hold out your hands! Go on!

Rigurd: A-All right...

Rigurd: Like this?

Rimuru: Here!

Rimuru: The dropping of the ball!

Rimuru: Get it?

Rigurd: I could not be more grateful!

Shion: Great Rimuru's ball... Great Rimuru's ball...

Shion: Great Rimuru's ball!

Shuna: I'll treasure it for the rest of my life!

Rimuru: Huh? Er... yeah...

Shion: Great Rimuru's ball...

Rimuru: They're just rocks I picked up...

Rimuru: I guess that classic joke wouldn't work here.

Shion: Great Rimuru's ball...

Milim: Happy New Year!

Text: Open the Door Quietly

Rimuru: Open the door quietly, would you?

Milim: What do you think?

Milim: Do I look cute? I look cute, right?

Milim: Say I look cute!

Rimuru: Yeah, you're cute, you're cute.

Rimuru: Fine feathers make a fine bird, as they say.

Rimuru: Huh?

Milim: Th-This is the first time I've ever gotten that compliment.

Milim: You're making me blush.

Rimuru: Eh?

Milim: Fine feathers make a fine bird! I'm gonna go brag to everyone in town!

Rimuru: Wha?!

Milim: Fine feathers make a fine bird! Fine feathers make a fine bird

Rimuru: Wait!

Milim: Fine feathers make a fine bird! Fine feathers make a fine bird!

Rimuru: I'll give you a real compliment! Just hang on!

Great Sage: Notice.

Text: Notice

Great Sage: "Fine feathers make a fine bird"

Great Sage: is a proverb meaning anyone can look great if they dress well enough.

Great Sage:Slime Diaries.

Title: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Title: Slime Diaries

Rimuru: Wow, this is great!

Rigurd: This is the shrine we have just built.

Rimuru: I didn't see even a hint of anything like this popping up here.

Rigurd: Yes, since you said you wanted to do what you called a "first shrine visit."

Rimuru: Well, it's not New Year's without the first shrine visit of the year...

Rimuru: But what are we supposed to put in this offering box?

Text: *This country doesn't have its own currency yet.

Rimuru: Oh, well.

Rimuru: By the way, who's the deity?

Rimuru: Veldora?

Shion: Who else could it be?

Shion: Look.

Text: Rimuru Daimyojin

Rimuru: What?!

Shuna: Please, Great Rimuru, step up here.

Rigurd: It's a huge success, thanks to you!

Rimuru: Uh, wait. I have to just... stay up here?

Text: Body Double

Text: Happy New Year

Rimuru: Make do with this from now on.

Rigurd: Understood.

Rimuru: Happy New Year!

Title: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Title: Slime Diaries

Rimuru: Slime Diaries!

Milim: What's wrong, One Horn?

Shion: It's Shion.

Milim: Yeah, that.

Rimuru: You're all dressed up, but you look so down.

Shion: The truth is...

Shion: Unlike the smooth, flat Lady Milim,

Shion: I have an exceedingly curvy figure...

Shion: so my obi is too tight...

Milim: What?

Milim: Want me to rip 'em off for you, then?

Milim: Before they get all saggy and ugly?

Rimuru: Hell of a conversation to start the new year with...

Shion: I exercise my breasts every day! They'll never sag!

Milim: Fool! Of course they'll sag!

Rimuru: Crap...

Milim: Exercise all you want, or even become a Demon Lord! They're still gonna sag!

Rimuru: I don't want to hear this... I don't want to hear this... I don't want to hear this...

Milim: I know one who's starting to sag already!

Frey:Slime Diaries.

Title: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Title: Slime Diaries

Gabiru: So what's my fortune for this year?

Text: Fortune Very Good Luck

Gabiru: Oh! Very good luck!

Gabiru: "You will benefit from every advantage

Gabiru: as all things go in your favor," it says!

Yashichi: That's amazing, Sir Gabiru!

Gabiru: Yep!

Sukero: You are truly the man we knew you were!

Gabiru: Yep!

Kakushin: Indeed!

Gabiru: Yep!

Yashichi: Let me see.

Yashichi: "You will thrive both physically and ment*lly,

Yashichi: and the job you have undertaken will take a turn for the better."

Gabiru: It sounds like I'm really going to prosper!

Kakushin: "Many of your wishes will likely be fulfilled as you desired."

Gabiru: Oh? Remarkable!

Sukero: "All members of the opposite sex will be unable

Sukero: to deny your charms or resist turning your way."

Grils: Sir Gabiru!

Gabiru: Huh?

Gabiru: Y-Yep...

Kakushin: "Every action you take will earn the agreement of many.

Kakushin: With your charisma, you will become the most powerful there is."

Crowd: Gabiru! Gabiru! Gabiru!

Gabiru: Come on, that's enough...

Sukero: "Your uncommonly good luck will spread to those nearest you,

Sukero: bringing limitless good fortune to all of you."

Yashichi: As an invincible being who transcends all others...

Kakushin: ...you will leave your mark on history through your achievements...

Sukero: ...and win the respect and admiration of the entire world!

Yashichi: Incredible!

Kakushin: Indeed!

Gabiru: S-Stop!

Gabiru: That's all wrong! That's not who I am at all!

Rimuru: Oh, that's the one I wrote as a joke.

Gabiru: Huh?

Rimuru: It doesn't count.

Gabiru: Doesn't count? What does that mean?

Kid: That's all wrong!

Rimuru: What's going on over here?

Ririna: Oh, Great Rimuru.

Ririna: Happy New Year.

Kids: Happy New Year!

Text: Let's play together!

Text: Great Rimuru Lucky Laugh

Ririna: We made this Great Rimuru Lucky Laugh game.

Rimuru: It doesn't have many parts... as I'd expect.

Ririna: It's difficult to find the right balance.

Ririna: Just being slightly off turns it into someone completely different.

Rimuru: Well, that's technically what makes the game fun.

Gobta: Okay, let me show you how it's done!

Gobta: I've known Great Rimuru forever.

Gobta: I've seen his face so much, I get sick of it!

Rimuru: Sick of it?

Gobta: A face this simple is a piece of cake!

Rimuru: Simple?

Gobta: Here's the right eye!

Gobta: And the left eye!

Gobta: And the shine!

Gobta: Wow, look! It's already done.

Gobta: That face is hardly even worth putting together.

Text: Perfect Reproduction

Gobta: Well? Looks just like him, right?

Gobta: I know, it looks just like him!

Rimuru: No!

Rimuru: It's nothing like me!

Rimuru: It looks nothing like me at all! See?!

Gobta: You're so competitive, you'd change your own face?

Girl: I'm done!

Girl: Look!

Rimuru: D-Derpy face!

Rimuru:Slime Diaries.

Title: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Title: Slime Diaries

Rigurd: The year's first... calligraphy?

Shion: What is that?

Rimuru: We all write our visions for this year with a brush

Rimuru: and hang them up on a wall.

All: Oh! I see!

Rigurd: Do you mean... something like this?

Rigurd: Swish, swish, swish...

Rigurd: H-How's this?

Text: Creation, Progress, Feasts -Rigurd

Rimuru: That's it! You're in charge of feasts, so I'm counting on you again this year!

Shuna: This is mine.

Text: Well-Fed, Well-Bred -Shuna

Rimuru: Let's try to find some flavor in this year!

Shion: Mine can be none other than this!

Text: Great Rimuru ♥ Love -Shion

Milim: Here's mine!

Text: Besties -Milim

Rimuru: What kind of vision for the year is that?

Text: Road -Geld

Geld: I will complete construction on the road this year.

Rimuru: I can't wait to see how the town grows!

Text: Most Popular Guy Around -Gobta

Gobta: It's gotta be this!

Rimuru: You never change, do you?

Rigurd: Okay, everyone's finished.

Text: Devotion to the Blade

Text: Abundant Crops -Ririna

Text: Dedication to Research -Vesta

Text: Forged Through Many Battles

Text: Independence -Benimaru

Text: One sh*t, One k*ll -Soei

Rimuru: Nice!

Text: Fashion ★ Revolution

Text: Start a Theater Troupe

Rimuru: Don't go overboard, okay?

Rimuru: Another new year is starting.

Shuna: So what did you write, Great Rimuru?

Rimuru: Huh? Er...

Rimuru: I, uh...

Rimuru:Stop Being Lazy -Rimuru

Rimuru:Slime Diaries.

Title: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Title: Slime Diaries

Kid: There!

Kid: Wait up!

Kid: Over here!

Rimuru: The light filtering through the trees makes me stand up a bit taller.

Rimuru: The winter air, the voices of the kids, the sounds of badminton...

Rimuru: Ah, this is New Year's Day.

Rimuru: If I'm not careful, I could forget I'm in another world...

Milim: Where should I write on you next?

Text: Hiya

Text: One Horn

Milim: No matter how long we play, nothing will change!

Milim: No one can defeat the Top Badminton Master of the Ten Great Demon Lords!

Text: Ten Great Demon Lords

Text: Top Badminton Master

Shion: No! Next time... Next time, I will win!

Shion: On the name of the Forest of Jura's Living Incarnation of Badminton!

Text: Legendary Incarnation

Text: of Badminton

Text: Time to Battle

Both: Time to battle!

Both: With badminton!

Text: With Badminton

Milim: Too easy!

Shion: Take that!

Milim: Not good enough!

Rimuru: No, stay careful!

Rimuru: Don't forget that!

Rimuru: It could cost me my life!

Text: Behold the Mallet-Handling of the Monsters of Jura! The Tempest Mochi-Pounding Team

Youm: I dunno... It's supposed to be New Year's, but you guys look kinda plain.

Kurobei: Well, this is a job for us meatheads who've got nothing but brute strength.

Haukuro: This is the time to display the results of your training.

Rommel: You've got this, Youm!

Youm: Isn't mochi that's made by a bunch of filthy dudes gonna taste bad?

Youm: Y-You're done already?

Youm: It's actually cute...

Youm: And it tastes good!

Youm: I really don't get that guy.

Hakuro: Good learning experience, no?

Hakuro: Come, now! Put your back into it!

Youm: Y-Yes, sir!

Youm: Ow!

Soka: It's nice to just relax now and then, isn't it?

Gobta: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Soei!

Soka: Oh, the Goblin Riders...

Gobta: We're flying higher than you!

Soka: U-Um, Master Soei, I don't think that was kite string...

Treyni: A fine start to the New Year, isn't it, Great Rimuru?

Rimuru: Treyni-san... in a long-sleeved kimono!

Treyni: So many things happened last year.

Rimuru: Sure did. So much that I got stuck when trying to keep my diary.

Treyni: Do you remember what I said at the lake in summer?

Treyni: The town is currently drawing the attention of many powerful forces.

Treyni: There is no guarantee that you will be laughing tomorrow.

Treyni: It seems as if a dreadful wind is about to blow.

Treyni: I have a bad feeling.

Treyni: This is a wind that could blow down the trees...

Treyni: Great Rimuru, it appears you will need to keep your mind

Rimuru: more focused than ever in the new year.

Rimuru: That's why you're wearing the kimono?

Treyni: Yes.

Treyni: In all things, the way you start is the most important.

Treyni: This is how I appear...

Treyni: when I am serious.

Rimuru: R-Right...

Shuna: It's been some time since we had a meeting with just us.

Hakuro: You and the young master have been particularly busy.

Benimaru: Come, now.

All: Cheers!

Hakuro: Ah, what luxury!

Shuna: Isn't it delicious?

Benimaru: And you've been busy training Youm, old m—I mean, Hakuro.

Hakuro: That's hardly a big deal.

Benimaru: And I hear your shop's reputation is soaring, Kurobei.

Kurobei: Aw, you'll make me blush.

Soei: And, Soei, you've been constantly on the move with no rest.

Soei: I took today off.

Benimaru: But although we're all doing different jobs,

Benimaru: we all have the same goal.

Benimaru: Devoting our bodies and souls to Great Rimuru.

Benimaru: Same for you, Shion.

Shion: All I can taste is ink.

Benimaru: How did that even happen?

Rimuru: Slimes don't sleep.

Rimuru: Naturally, we don't dream, either.

Rimuru: Or so I thought.

Shizu: The ozoni is ready.

Rimuru: It could be interesting to train myself to dream.

Rimuru: The image that vanished the moment I woke up

Rimuru: became my goal for the new year.

Rimuru: I sure would love some ozoni...

Shion: Great Rimuru.

Shion: I've come up with a fantastic idea.

Rimuru: There's still ink on your face.

Shion: If we put this round mochi we made earlier on this stand...

Shion: See? It looks just like Great Rimuru!

Rigurd: I see!

Shuna: Wow!

Rimuru: Uh, come on, that's a little...

Rimuru: Hey...

Rimuru: Maybe it would be fun to put a second mochi on top?

Rimuru: Just kidding!

Shion: I don't know why, but it works!

Rigurd: It doubles the celebratory mood!

Shuna: Let's show it to everyone right away!

Shuna: You've done it again, Great Rimuru!

Shion: I came up with the idea first!

Rimuru: The mistake is a mistake no longer!

Rimuru: And that's when the custom of decorating with "Great Rimuru mochi" at New Year's was born.

Rimuru: From the Tempest Saijiki.

Text: Tempest Saijiki End

Milim: Give me candy!

: Om, nom. Om, nom, nom.

Rimuru: That's a different holiday.

Shuna: Great Rimuru, the meeting is about to start.

Rimuru: Oh, yeah. What's our topic today?

Shuna: Something important to you...

Shuna: No, something important to the whole town.

Milim: What's going on?

Milim: Is it snack time?

Shuna: I do have tea, as well.

Milim: And mochi?!

Shuna: Mochi?

Shuna: Yes, I have mochi. You still want to eat more?

Rimuru: After all we ate over the first three days of the year...

Milim: All right! Let's go, Rimuru!

Rimuru: Okay, okay.

Rimuru: You two go on ahead.

Milim: Hurry up or I'll eat all the mochi!

Shuna: Lady Milim, wait!

Milim: The mochi's waiting for me!

Rimuru: And that's the end of our fun New Year's...

Rimuru: Thanks to all its residents, the city of monsters is thriving again today.

Rimuru: There are lots of things I want to do,

Rimuru: and it looks like some people are gonna become a pain...

Rimuru: Yeah, it looks like a lot will happen,

Rimuru: but let's see...

Rimuru: What will this new year be like for us?

Rimuru: For starters, I'll try to remember to keep my diary going this year.

Milim: Rimuru! What's taking so long?

Rimuru: Yeah, I know!

Rimuru: I'm coming!
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