03x18 - Eye for an Eye

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Equalizer". Aired: February 2021 to present.*
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An enigmatic woman with a mysterious background uses her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn.
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03x18 - Eye for an Eye

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Previously on The Equalizer...

What about we spend some
time training together?

And I'm not just talking about fighting.


Where did you come from?

You have to be hyperaware
of your surroundings

at all times.

Situational awareness,
cornerstone of self-defense.

MAN: Easy, McCall.

Somebody in this room

led that h*t squad directly to us.

Now, one of y'all better start talking.

You are Colton Fisk, aren't you?

You put my life in danger.

You thought I was a mole.

I needed to find out.

Your arrangement with the Agency

is under my supervision now.

You work for me.

I don't work for anyone.

You almost got me k*lled.

I'm tired of you manipulating me, Fisk.

Until you're ready to start dealing
with me openly and honestly,

this thing, me and you, it doesn't work.

- (g*n)

MEL: Go, go, go!


We're pinned. There's no way out.

What are we going to do?





That's what you taught me, right?


- VI: Robyn, can you hear me?
- Hey, Aunt Vi.

- Sounds like a party over there.

Well, your daughter insists
on bringing me up to speed

on all the latest hits.

Yeah, and she's loving it, Mom.

I don't know about that.

Why it got to be so all up in your face

all the time?

What ever happened to
the power of imagination

and suggestion,

you know, like Earth, Wind & f*re?

ROBYN: Ooh, the elements.

It's hard to compete with the classics.

Thank you.

ROBYN: But I do remember
Daddy telling me

how Gran-Gran

called your disco
records the Devil's music.

- Why you trying to be so wise, huh?
- Ooh.

- That's my job.
- Hey, Mom,

you sure we can't pry you away
from the Chevelle to go shopping

- and to the movies with us?
- I would love to,

but I have to pick up some air filters

before the auto parts store closes.

- How about dinner?
- DELILAH: Ooh, yeah, we can, uh,

we can try the new Peruvian spot

- Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- ROBYN: Peruvian?

Try not to fill up on popcorn.

- Don't worry. We won't.
- Mm-hmm.

♪ When you said you live in a dream ♪

♪ We can keep that asleep ♪

♪ And you gonna laugh
with all your G's ♪

♪ Countin' them sheep,
sheep, sheep, sheep ♪

♪ Talking about Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z ♪



I've got a visual.


I mean, can you believe
the price of eggs?

I mean, unless

the literal golden goose laid them...

Heads up. Two men. Five o'clock.

Don't look.

You can't say that
and expect me not to look.

Pretty sure they've been following us

since we went into the store.

- Well, who do you think they are?
- I don't know,

but my g*n's in the car.
We're not gonna make it.







♪ Let the bodies h*t the floor ♪

♪ Let the bodies h*t the floor ♪

♪ Let the bodies h*t the floor ♪

♪ Let the bodies h*t the floor ♪

♪ Let the bodies h*t the floor ♪

♪ Let the bodies h*t the floor ♪


♪ ♪

♪ One, something's got to give ♪

♪ Two, something's got to give ♪

♪ Three, something's got to give now ♪

♪ Let the bodies h*t the floor ♪

♪ Let the bodies h*t the floor ♪

♪ Let the bodies h*t the floor ♪

♪ Let the bodies h*t the floor ♪

♪ Let the bodies h*t the floor ♪




♪ Hey! Come! ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ Come! Hey! ♪

♪ Come. ♪


VI: So, listen. Load up on snacks.

I'm not paying movie theater
prices for Twizzlers.

All right, coming in hot.



Life was safer when I was d*ad.

I got your text. Everything okay?

Well, we lost a good
can of soup, but yeah.

- How about you?
- Good, considering

I had to fight off three assassins.

Three? We only got two.
Now I'm insulted.

So this was a coordinated att*ck.

Yes, but by whom?

Come on, let's go downstairs.

I want to try pulling
footage of the att*cks.

HARRY: What the hell?

MAN: Nice place.

It could use a pool table, though.

ROBYN: Fisk.

Keshegian. Taller than I thought.

HARRY: You're sitting in my chair.

FISK: It's comfy.

Mel, right?

Small package, big punch.

You've got a lot of nerve,
breaking in here.

Yeah, about that,

you might want to look into
your security measures.

MEL: Oh, yeah? You might want to rethink

that stupid grin on your face

because after everything
you've put her through,

the lies, putting our lives
in danger, I ought to just...

We were att*cked, and then you show up.

What's going on, Fisk?

I picked up some chatter

that someone was looking for a woman

who fit your description.

That's it? That's your cr*ck intel?

No, but it piqued my interest.

Is he... Oh, my... No, no, no, no.

You can't... No, no, no, no, no.
You got to get out of the chair.

- Okay. Okay, take it easy.
- Out of the chair.

So, I did some digging,

and I found this.

Any idea who's behind this?

FISK: No. What about your assailants?
Any distinguishing features?

- Masked up.
- HARRY: Nothing that stood out.

MEL: Well-trained, that's for sure.

One of them tried to stick me with this.


I think it's midazolam.

A knock-out drug used on
patients before surgery.

So they weren't trying to k*ll us.

They were trying to abduct us.

FISK: Maybe.

But whatever's in this serum

is not pure midazolam.

Any idea what else is in it?

- No.
- I know someone who might.



He runs a makeshift lab

out of his basement uptown.

What kind of lab?

The illegal kind, which is exactly why

he might know what's in that.

- Yeah, if he didn't make it himself.
- Yeah.

FISK: I'll check into things on my end.

Guys, this is right across the street

from where you were att*cked,
at the auto shop.

Yeah, that looks like the van

that was following me this morning.

HARRY: Okay, all I got to do
is reverse trace it

back to its point of departure.

I can do a little recon
while you guys check out

- the pharmacist.
- Wait, I don't know, babe.

- What? I'll pick up some cans of soup.
- I'm serious.

Okay, if you go, bring a g*n,
but don't engage.

Call that Dante.

He can handle himself pretty well.

I'll be in touch.

ROBYN: You have
a split second to evaluate

whether that signifies a thr*at.


We have to go now.

No, relax. We've got minutes

- before that movie starts.
- I'll explain outside,

but we have to go now.

Are you okay? Did something happen?

Not yet, but I think
there's a man up front

about to rob the store.

There's an exit sign behind you.

It's locked.

There's only one way out.



Is that him?

DELILAH: Mm-hmm.

VI: Let's go. Stay close.

Stay calm.

Empty the register. Empty the register!

Empty the register now!

And the safe.

Anybody moves, people will die!



Hey, Dante.


What are you doing here?

I tried calling you a bunch of times,

but I, uh, I guess your ringer was off.

So you tracked my phone.

Yeah, sorry. Desperate times.

Desperation and drinks.

Perfect timing.


BARTENDER: Coming up.

Yeah, I got to say, it's not exactly

where I expected to find you at, well,

this early in the day.

It's : somewhere.
Perks of suspension.

Suspen... What happened?

I was doing my job,
that's what happened.

Wait, is this about that guy
that sh*t your pal Manny?

I was bringing him in,
doing the right thing, you know?

Seems that doesn't
count for much these days.

I'm sorry, that's super messed up.

I mean, we are the good guys, right?

Maybe my dad was right.

Things are stacked against us.

Hey, look, I get you're going through

some tough stuff right now,

but I-I could really use your help.

With what?

Some pretty hardcore mercs came after

me, Mel and Rob this morning.


Is she okay? And you?

- Mel?
- Yeah. Well, I mean, we're okay.

That could change, though,

unless we figure out
who's coming for us and-and why.

Any leads?

I tracked a van to
some spot in Brooklyn,

but, you know, I promised the ladies

I wouldn't go without backup,
so what do you say?

Perks of suspension.

I got nothing but time.

Besides, I could use the distraction.

- Coffee to go, please. Black.

ROBYN: Jakob.

What the...

I thought we had a deal.
I made you those paralytics.

In exchange, you don't
come around here anymore.

Yes, but I need to know
what's in this syringe.

I don't know what the
hell that is and don't care.

Last time you were here,

I-I was in the hospital for a week.

I don't think he wants to help us.

No, and he barely looked
at that syringe,

which means he definitely
knows something about it.

I don't know what it is,
and I don't care.

Now, for the last time...


You remember something now?

The antidote, the antidote,
I need the antidote.

MEL: Oh, I think you
jogged his memory, Rob.

Okay, it's a mixture.

A cocktail of midazolam and scopolamine.

Scopolamine. What is that?

Cranks up your autonomic nervous system

so much, your body goes on autopilot.

Decision-making is inhibited.

You answer as asked,

- you do as your told.
- It's a truth serum.

You become completely
compliant, until...

Until what? If you don't counteract it,

your nervous system burns out.

Your body literally
forgets how to function.

You can't breathe, your heart
stops b*ating after minutes.

If those guys this morning were
trying to inject me with truth serum,

they want some information. But what?

Well, between your m*llitary
and CIA experience,

- could be anything.
- The antidote,

I need the antidote.
It's in that cabinet

- right over there. Please,
- MEL: All right.

- please, please.
- Calm, calm. You're so emotional.

- Give it to me, please.
- Wait, wait. This one? You want this?

- Yes.
- I'm gonna hang on to it.

- Come on.
- Shut up.

Who'd you sell it to?

Anonymous buyer. I swear.

I think he needs another dose.

No, no, no. Okay, okay, okay.

They had some type of accent.

Cuban? South American? I don't know.

That's all I know.

(CRYING): Now, please,
I don't want to die.

ROBYN: Ah, relax.

It's just saline and whiskey.
You'll be fine.

This is the serum
that you made, you genius.

ROBYN: But if I find out you lied,
I'm gonna come back here

and give you the real deal.

Hurry up.

Hurry up.

- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Nobody's coming in

or getting out.

DANTE: Looks like you were right.

Here's your van.

So, uh, what's the plan?

DANTE: Stay on my six.

Could be squatters.

You recognize that symbol?

No, Rob might, though.


What'd you find, Harry?

HARRY: Hey, uh, so the van's here,

but the place is empty.
I just texted you

a picture of a symbol.

Does that mean anything to you?

It's the symbol for the
Venezuelan freedom fighters,

soldiers I was helping

fight Alexander Montilla.


He was a ruthless dictator
and mass m*rder,

heinous human rights violations.

And we almost took him down,

until the U.S. changed its mind,

and the CIA withdrew overnight.

Leaving those freedom fighters
to his mercy.

No equipment, no a*mo.

We betrayed them.

Left them there to die.

I lost my whole unit in the extraction.

Watched two of my best friends,

Ed and Michelle, get bl*wn to pieces.

Sorry to hear that.

Michelle and I came up
through the Farm together.

Thought we could change the world.

so if the freedom fighters are here,

could this be a revenge mission?

ROBYN: I mean, I couldn't blame them.

But why now?

And why us?

HARRY: Yeah,
Mel and I weren't even there.

But Bishop was.

And if Bishop was there,

then his protégée probably was, too.

Fisk. Which means he probably

knows more about this
than he's letting on.

One way to find out.
Hey, we'll call you back.

Time to pay Fisk a visit.

Have fun with that.

We better jet.

Last thing I need
is a trespassing charge.




You okay?

Better than him.



Dante. Dante!

HARRY: Can you hear me? Come on.

Okay, we're gonna get you fixed up.

Come on, we're gonna get you some help.

- Just stay awake.


Hey, babe. Everything okay?

HARRY: Well, that depends.

Dante just got stabbed with a syringe

full of maybe the same stuff
they almost h*t Rob with.

Damn. We have the antidote,

but we're already too far away.

(SLOWLY): Is that Robyn?

Hey, girl. How you doing?

Robyn has such a great smile.

Doesn't she have a great smile, Harry?

HARRY: Yes, she does.

Uh, hey, what else was in that stuff?

A very powerful truth serum.

Okay, that follows.

And her eyes. You could get lost

in those eyes. Like pools of warm,

soothing water you just

- want to dive right in.
- Uh-huh.

- What's he saying?
- HARRY: Nothing, it's fine.

Listen, I got to take him
to a hospital, okay?

There's one ten minutes away.

No, no, no, no.
You have to take him to Jakob's.

If Dante doesn't get the
antidote in the next minutes,

his heart will stop.
I'll text you the address.

It's in a cabinet in the back.

Okay, copy that.

Where's Robyn? Where'd Robyn go?

I want to see her.

Okay. Hold on, Romeo.


(SHIP HORN bl*ws)

ROBYN: What do you know
that you're not telling us?

All right, slow down, mall cop.

What are you talking about?

Dante got h*t with
one of those syringes.

It's a truth serum, and it's lethal,

so I need to know
everything you know about

why Venezuelan soldiers are here.


Look, I don't have all the answers,

but yesterday, my personal
servers were h*t

with a cyberattack in
an attempt to smoke me out.

Which you conveniently left out.

I didn't have all the information yet.

After I repelled the incursion,

my security systems
picked up the chatter

about you and your team.

So they figured if they grab me,

I could tell them how to find you.

But what made them think

I would know where you are?

I'm sorry, McCall,

but I'm afraid I might've
brought this onto you.

You mentioned Venezuelan soldiers?

Vargas. God.

Someone want to fill me in?

Enrique Vargas.

He was the leader of
the Venezuelan freedom fighters.

Worked closely with the CIA.

I was his contact. He trusted me.

Yeah, his first mistake.

We went in with the right intentions,

but then the orders came in,
and we had to pull out.

Soon after we...

...abandoned them,

Vargas' friends and family,

they... they were rounded
up and ex*cuted by Montilla.

Vargas survived, and he's been leading

an underground rebel group ever since,

but he holds me accountable
for the deaths of his people.

(SCOFFS) Iran, Afghanistan.

How many times has the CIA done this?

Sounds like this guy
was right to blame you.

CIA only cares about the game,

not the players.

Not even our own operatives
who we've lost down there.

Michelle Chambers and Ed Lee

were outstanding agents.

I know how you felt about them.
I'm truly sorry.

But that's not
what's relevant right now.

Vargas is extremely dangerous,
and we need to take him down.

Did you say "we"?

Because this sounds like
a "you" problem.

Vargas will not stop
coming after me. Or you.

You want help?
Call your buddies at the CIA.

The CIA has never acknowledged
what happened in Venezuela,

and they won't start now.

ROBYN: And that's exactly why I left.

Either you have
your people's back or you don't.

Good luck, Fisk.



FISK: McCall!

ROBYN: Come on, they got Fisk.

Get in the back!


ROBYN: I knew something was off.

Fisk rarely leaves himself this exposed.

You think he got nabbed on purpose?

You heard him, he wants me involved.

And he knew I couldn't
stand by and let that happen.

- Well, what if he was wrong?
- What can I say?

Love him or hate him,
the man knows people.

Rob. I see it.

Just get me close.

I'll blow their tires out.

Wait. If they wanted him d*ad,

they'd have k*lled him by now.

And if we stop them,

we may never find Vargas.

But if we follow them to their hive,

we can take them all down.

All right.

You're too good for Fisk.

Hey, Dante. Just hang in there.
Just hang in there.

(ECHOING): Stay with me.
You're doing great, buddy.

Just stay with me, okay?

You're a good guy, Harry.

Thanks, pal.

My father always said

good was just a construct,

for simple-minded people

who couldn't see shades of gray.

- Hmm.
- What do you think?

- Uh...

Ah, saved by the bell. Hey.

MEL: How's Dante?

Channeling his inner Jim Morrison.

Look, we're only a few
blocks away from Jakob's.

Did you talk to Fisk?

Yeah, right before he got grabbed.

Grabbed? (SIGHS)

- What is going on today?
- Tracking the van now.

You focus on Dante,

we'll circle back after.

- All right.
- Robyn.

She showed me things about myself

I didn't even know were there.

Showed me that justice

wasn't so black and white.

(SIGHS) I love her for that.

Did he just say...

- HARRY: No, he's good.
- I don't know.

It's just the radio.

W-W-We're two seconds away.
We'll call you back.


HARRY: Hello? Hello?

- DANTE: Maybe they're playing a game?
- Jakob?

Like hide-and-seek.

Okay. Easy there, big guy.

We break it, we buy it.


Anybody there?

You know who's always there?


She's my ride-or-die.

HARRY: Oh, no. No.

They must have found out
he told Rob about the serum.

Call Robyn, she'll know what to do.

She always knows.



Who is that?


Who the hell is that?

Maybe you should answer that.

It could be the cops.
They probably want to find

a safe way out of this.

Yeah, like hell they do.

Shut up, stop ringing!

Would you like me to answer it?

- No!

Sir, if you don't answer the phone,

the cops are gonna come in here,

and it's gonna get a lot worse for you.

I know you don't want that.

None of us do.

But whatever led you here today,

it's not too late to turn back.

I promise you, whatever
happened in the past,

you still have a lot to live for.

You see, I did everything right.

I was loyal and I worked hard,
and you know what it got me?

Discarded like a piece of trash!

So, don't tell me that I got
something to live for,

'cause I don't.




MEL: So what's our move?
Try to infiltrate?

- No, we're gonna need backup for this.
- Who?

You heard Fisk, the CIA's
not gonna touch this.

That doesn't mean we're out of options.


Rob, movement.

We've been made. Hold on.


ROBYN: Michelle.

Mel? Mel!

Mel, wake up. (GROANS)

There you go.

You okay?

Yeah, aside from being gassed

and, you know,
tied to a chair, I'm peachy.

This is gonna sound crazy, but
I think I just saw Michelle.

Michelle Chambers,

who was k*lled in Venezuela?

That's the crazy part. Back at the car,

right before I passed out...

I think I saw her.

I don't know, maybe I was hallucinating.

Makes sense, you know?
She was on your mind.

Plus the gas.

It seemed so real.


- Is that Fisk?
- Yeah,

and I'm starting to suspect this
is about more than just revenge.

They were using us to get to Fisk.

Why are we still alive?

I'm not waiting around to find out.

HARRY: Okay, okay, okay.

It's got to be here. Got to be here.

W-Where... what did Mel say?

Back wall, back wall, back wall.

How you doing, pal? You doing good?

(SLURRING): I'm not doing so great.

HARRY: It's not here.

Oh. No, no, no, no, no.

Pal, pal, pal. Wake up.

Wait. Dante. Come on, come on.

Don't do this. Okay. Okay. (GRUNTING)

There's got to be a pulse.
There's got to be a pulse.

Oh, come on.

There's got to be
a quick-start guide, right?

I can't read upside down.

You're good, you're good, you're good.

You're good, you're good. Here we go.

Here we go.

Okay, okay. Sorry about this.

No pain, no gain, right?

- Come on, pal.

- Breathe. Breathe.

- Come on.

(GASPS) Oh, God. Oh, God.

You okay?

- Never better.
- Okay.

Yeah. Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

I'm good. I think
my heart stopped. (LAUGHS)


I'm sorry for what you're going through.

What do you know about it?

I know you're hurting.

The clothes,

the nonperishable items
in your-in your basket.

Wool socks

that you took.

Keeping your feet warm and dry is...

...is important when you don't have...

...when you don't have
a home to sleep in.


I'm homeless.


You think that makes you better than me?


Nothing could be further from the truth.

You have a wife.

Your ring.


You spend your whole life at the plant,

and you're making the steel beams

for the buildings and the
bridges all over the city.

And then suddenly,

almost overnight, everything changes.

It becomes more automated.

Suddenly they don't need so many guys

with my skill set.

So, you lost your job?

What am I gonna do?
Too old to learn a new trade.

So, yeah, she left me.

But I don't even blame her.

I couldn't take...

I couldn't take care of her anymore.

But she believed in me.

Kind of like I believed in
the American dream.

So, it turns out we were both fools.

I spent my life doing everything right.

People act like I'm invisible.


I see you.

I'm Viola.

What's your name?


I'm sorry, Drake.

You deserve better.

the man inside holding hostages,

we have tried to make contact.

Come out now and surrender,
or let the hostages go free.

Sir, please consider surrendering.

They might sh**t you if you don't.

Maybe that's for the best.

Help! Please, help!

She's not breathing.


I don't know what the hell
you people did to her.

You have to help her.


- Mel, the Kn*fe.
- Okay.


Why do I feel like
you've done this before?


This reminds me of Catholic school.

You could learn a thing or two

from Sister Mary Catherine...



Much better!

Everything's a big joke with you.

Were you laughing when you
and your CIA abandoned us?

You got a raw deal,
I will not deny that,

but I had nothing to do with it.

Pulling out was not my call.

MAN : Fisk.

Sticking to the same story, I see.


Still not taking responsibility.

I lost a lot of good men
when you Americans pulled out.

Men who were tortured for sport.

And then k*lled.

And their families?

Montilla and his men
did far worse to them.

I trusted you.

I took your word.

I'm sorry, Enrique.


If I could've done
something, I would have.

We were comrades in arms.

If it weren't for that,

you'd already be d*ad.

Tell me everything

I need to know to make this right.

Drake, it doesn't have to be this way.

You wouldn't understand.

You're right,

I can't imagine
what you're going through.

But I do know what it is

to live paycheck-to-paycheck.

When an unpaid parking ticket doubles,

gets your car impounded,
so now you can't get to work.

Lose your job, no job, no rent.

Next thing you know, you've got

an eviction notice pinned to the door.

And then things get really desperate

'cause now you're doing
whatever it takes to survive.

I know that fear,

and it ain't pretty.

I didn't even know who I was anymore.

I didn't... I didn't think
I had anything left

to contribute to this world.

But thank God I had a net.

My family.

I was able to move in with my niece,

to help raise her wonderful daughter.

That gave me purpose again.

And bought me time, time to
figure out what to do next.


what'd you do?

Believe it or not,

I started painting again.

Like my life depended on it.

Yeah? How'd that work out for you?

It worked out great.

I-I showed at an art gallery,

and now...

I teach art to kids.

Drake, I promise you,

if I can do it, you can, too.

I think the world's gonna
look at us a bit differently.

I think you're wrong.

The buildings, the bridges

that you built with your hands,

they're still standing.

You did that.

They make a difference in our lives

every single day.

You're right about that, but here I am.

They may be able to

take away your pension, but they
cannot take away who you are,

and what you've achieved.

You can do this again.

You still have so
much to offer the world.

- OFFICER: He's got a g*n.

Take him down! Take him down!


Drop the w*apon!

His g*n is empty!

Please, no!

His g*n is empty. It's empty!

- It's empty.
- Dee.

She's right.

g*n's not loaded.

Delilah, what are you doing?

Come on.

Don't move.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can

and will be used against
you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney...

I meant what I said.

You can do it.


OFFICER: Let's go, buddy.

Come on.


Your goon can h*t me

as much as you want.

I can't tell you

what I don't know!

Then I guess we'll have
to try something else, hmm?

ENRIQUE: Give me the information I need.

FISK: You're wasting your time, Enrique.

(WHISPERING): That's Fisk.

I was hoping to avoid this,

but you give me no other choice, yeah?

These side effects
are rather unpleasant,


it seems w*r

has made us both monsters.

- What do they want with Fisk?
- I don't know,

but if they gave him that drug,

we've got minutes
to get him out of here.

We've got company.



Go, go, go!

We're pinned. There's no way out.

What're we gonna do?

MAN: Hold your f*re! Hold your f*re!

(g*n STOPS)

MAN: We need them alive!




Where are they taking her?

If anything happens to her...

WOMAN: It's not your friend

you should be worried about.


I thought you were d*ad.

I thought I was, too.

Many times over.

But do you know what got me through?

Was waiting...

for this moment.

What the hell, Michelle?

You left me for d*ad.

Because I thought you were d*ad.

We were overrun.

I saw the IED level that building.

- Bishop had to pull me out of there...
- You were supposed to be

my Bishop.

But do you know who was?

Enrique Vargas.

I need that info.

I can't help you, Enrique,

even if I wanted to,

which I don't.

Give him another sh*t of the serum.

He'll break eventually.


Michelle, you know me
better than anyone.

I would never have left you
if I had a choice.

Did you know that the IEDs

that took out that building were armed

with an incendiary component?

Ed and I had no way out.

We took shelter

in a below-ground supply room.

When the IED detonated,
the blast was so severe

that it blew out my ear drums.

And Ed?

We were separated when
the roof caved in from the blast.

Literally folded between us.

I found a small hole to the other side.

Ed put his hand through

and reached out for me.

You know, I remember thinking,

"Thank God he made it,"

as I held his hand around my arm.


it turns out among the supplies
on Ed's side of the room

were a dozen drums of kerosene.

And the blast ignited them.


The collapsed roof protected me,
but not Ed.


He held on to me the entire time.

Even as the flame engulfed his body

he never let me go.

You know, I would've d*ed myself
from smoke inhalation

if Vargas hadn't pulled me out,
nursed me back to health,

saved my life.

We were two survivors

with a common hatred of the CIA,

both victims of their betrayal

and broken promises.

He's using you.

Oh, like the Agency is using you?

I left the Agency after Venezuela.

(LAUGHS) And yet, here you are,

still at their beck and call.

Michelle, I'm so sorry. Truly.

"Sorry" won't bring Ed back.

- (g*n COCK)
- Put them down.

I'll take care of this myself.

I'm not going to fight you.

I'm not going to fight you.

Why, because v*olence is wrong?

You're like the CIA now.
You're morally superior

to the rest of the world.

You don't want to fight me,
that's fine. You can sit there

and watch your team die
like I watched Ed

after you abandoned us.

I don't get it. All of this
to get revenge on me?

You would think this is only about you.

But you're just the appetizer.

Do you guys smell something?

Yeah, it smells like...


- We got to get out of here.
- Okay.


Light it up.

HARRY: No, no, no, no.
You don't want to do that.


No, no, hold on!



- Wait, wait!

Michelle, no. They had
nothing to do with any of this.

Unfortunately for them,
it's the best way to hurt you.

Come on.



- Freeze!

Don't move!


There's no way around it, McCall.


You're going to watch them burn.

And then I'm going to k*ll you.


♪ ♪

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