02x01 - Withdrawal

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A white collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and conman.
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02x01 - Withdrawal

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Mozzie: Neal Caffrey is one of the world's best art forgers.

Kate says "adios" to you at prison and gets busy with her disappearing act.

Missed her by two days.

They're gonna give you another four years for this.

You can get me out of here.

There's case law, precedent.

Peter: You understand how this works?

Neal: I'm being released into the custody of the FBI who is that? Garrett Fowler.

I give you the box, Kate and I never hear from you again.

That's my price.

Kate's waiting for you.

This music box... What happens if he gets it?

I don't know... but we need to make sure he doesn't.

You put your g*n down.

Drop the w*apon.

Put the g*n down now!

Drop the w*apon!

Neal is gonna disappear. I need to know where he is.

Give me the drive. You want me to upload this to D.C.?

Fowler: Airstrip by the Hudson, hangar four.


[ Grunts ]

Peter: The jet exploded.

Roe: Neal Caffrey is a felon.

Will you explain the deal you had with him?

He was serving the remainder of a four-year sentence under my supervision.

He was wearing an electronic monitoring anklet with a two-mile range?


But he wasn't wearing it at the time that the plane exploded.


Do you believe that Mr. Caffrey was attempting to flee the country?


He cut a deal with the office of professional responsibility.

That allowed h... do you believe Mr. Caffrey wanted to k*ll Kate Moreau?

That's ridiculous. No.

Do you believe someone wanted Caffrey d*ad?

[ Scoffs ]

Neal was a felon.

He was convicted of bond forgery, and as you can see in those files, he was suspected of doing a hell of a lot of other things.

Yeah, Neal was a pain in the ass.

So did somebody from that past want him d*ad?


But he also helped me clear a 93% conviction rate, and that makes enemies, too.

But I don't think any of this explains why the jet exploded.

You want an answer to that, ask Garrett Fowler.

Fowler... The OPR agent you sh*t?

He was wearing a vest.

Talk to him.

Right now, we're talking to you.

[ Sighs ]

Why don't we go back over the timeline again?


I'm off suspension but hanging by a thread.

What have you got?

Fowler was handed over to OPR two days ago, then not a trace.

They're hiding him somewhere.

Did you get anything off his hard drive?

Good news and bad news...

I hacked it, but the data self-corrupted.

Ah, a self-eating virus. What's the good news?

Well, I was able to recover one entry... a date, a time, and a place.

So you think Fowler set up a meeting?

He's expecting something to happen at 12th and watershed two months from now.

Two months. I should be there.

I'll put it on your calendar.

Glad to have you back.

Hey, where are you going?

To see an old friend.

[ Buzzer sounds, door creaks ]

[ Man speaking indistinctly over PA ]

How you holding up?

They don't let me wear ties.


Food's as bad as I remember.



Oh, cruel and unusual.

New suit?


They give you your badge back?

[ Sighs ]


Justice finished its inquiry.

Then why am I still here?

[ Sighs ]

They think I blew up the plane?

They don't know what to think.

What do they suspect?

You were trying to escape.


Fowler disappeared.

OPR is denying mentor existed.

I got paperwork that proves it did.

Yeah, and I've been reminded that you're one of the best forgers on the planet.

[ Scoffs ] Listen.

There's a chance I can reinstate our deal.

Put the anklet back on?

They've got a new one.


Not supposed to chafe as much.

Wow. That sounds like a really great deal.

From one prison to another.

Overstating that a little?

I'll let you wear ties.



One thing... If we do this again...

I have to know who k*lled Kate.

I'll find out. I'll tell you.

That's how it works.

Can I get back to you?

You're looking at three and change.

Your only choice is to serve out your time with me or rot in this place.

I'm gonna have to interrupt this meeting, gentlemen.

The defendant has requested the presence of his attorney.

Talk some sense into him.

We'll take that under advisement... Suit.

What sense am I talking into you?

Peter offered me my old deal.

The anklet?



I'm open to exploring my options.

I can get you out of here, but it'll cost.

It'll deplete most of your reserves.

I can always get cash.

What do you want to do?

[ Air hisses ]

[ Bell dings ]

[ Bell dings ]

Hi. I'm Nick.

Nick Halden. Today's my first day.

We're not expecting any new employees.

Hmm. I spoke to Brittney in HR.

She said my welcome badge and packet would be ready for me.

Nobody told me about any of this.

Hang on.

I'm sorry about that. Welcome packet's right here.

All right.

Looks like me.

Come on in, Nick.


Yeah, just... back this way?

Yeah, right here.

[ Beeping ]

Am I fired already?

First-day glitches.

Got you.

Here you go.

[ Door beeps, clicks ] Ah, thank you.

Oh, you got a little something... lint right here.

Got it... Just some lint.

I hope you like it here.

Oh, so far so good.

[ Door beeps, clicks ]

[ Beeps ]

I hope you're not planning on walking with that.

No law against thinking about it.



Yeah, looks like it's all here.

All right, let's go tell our branch managers their bank isn't secure.

Let's do it.

It's good to have you back.

It's good to be back.

Uh, Neal.

Oh, yeah.


Welcome home.

Morning, gentlemen.

All Midtown Mutual banks have similar layouts and use the same security system.

Miss Renee Simmons... gentlemen.

...Who is in charge of all security for your branches, requested that we conduct a test on that security.

Would you please tell us why this is necessary?

We found several flaws.

Neal: Hi. [ sighs ]

[ Briefcase opens ]

Mm, mm, mm. That's a lot of money.

Basement access let me bypass the metal detectors at the entrances.

The teller cages are nicely protected, but your employees need to be more vigilant.

Also, the staff should wear their access badges around their neck, not clipped to their waist... It makes them too easy to lift.

And the old dye packs you're using are way too easy to spot.

And, guys, the pass codes need to change daily, not weekly.

[ Briefcase closes ]

Each of you have received a card like this in the past week from someone calling himself The Architect.

We believe this is the same person who has h*t banks in Dallas, Chicago, and Boston.

If he's operating under the same MO, one of your vaults will be emptied within a week.

That's why it's necessary, so let's strategize.

Neal: That went great.

I'm sure they'll sleep soundly tonight.

So, what do I tell them when they start to panic?

Tell them that we're shoring up their security and that the bureau is on it.

Did that help in Dallas, Chicago, and Boston?

This is New York.

We'll catch him.

I hope so.

"We'll catch him?" That's your halftime speech?

Well, you could've said something.

This guy is amazing, all right?

Dallas was good. Chicago was a work of art.

Peter: Boston?

I still don't know how he did Boston.


Well, we better figure out how, 'cause I do not want to add Manhattan to that list.

You holding up?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm holding up.

You sure?

Yeah. [ chuckles ]

I'm gonna...



[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Where are you?

Man: [ distorted ] We had an agreed-upon protocol.

Are you using a voice changer?

You sit on the bench, open the Times to the international section.

That's what we agreed on.

You're using a voice changer.

[ Cellphone beeps ]


[ Cellphone dialing ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

I don't see a newspaper open.

Get over here!

It's your dime, suit.

How's Neal doing?

You spend just as much time with him as I do.

I need him. I am counting on him.

A lot of people are counting on him, and I don't need him going section 8 on me.

He's not exactly forthcoming.

Kate's only been d*ad two months.

No one can snap back that fast.

Are you telling me the two of you aren't looking into what happened at that airport?

The question was, "How's he doing?"

Not "What is he doing?"

All right, then what do you think?

Quid pro quo.

All right.

He's got the shakes.

He's flashing back to that moment in his mind, and he's freaking out about it.

Your turn.

As you may imagine, he's a little curious as to who may have k*lled Kate.

Does he think whoever k*lled her was trying to k*ll him?

It's crossed his mind.

[ Sighs ]

All right, I'll keep looking into things on my side.

Until you hear from me, let's keep him busy.

We've got a good case now, so let's keep him working on that.

How do I do that?

You're his friend.

You'll figure it out.

I kept everything as you left it.

Exactly as I left it, I see.

Oh, welcome back.

I couldn't bear the thought of you at that motel.

Besides, you can't imagine how quiet it is around here without you.

Hmm. [ chuckles ]

I like a little, uh, excitement now and then.

Me too.

[ Chuckles ]

Thank you, June.

Of course.

Let's see it.

There's a lot.

I know.

This is everything?

Yeah... everything on your search for Kate, Fowler, Mentor.

Have you heard from Alex?


Since the... expl*si*n, she's been laying low.

Can't blame her.

She'll surface.

What about the music box?

According to the evidence log, the new lady suit... that would be Diana.

Diana logged it into evidence in your New York office after Peter recovered it from Fowler.

I want to see if it's still there.

Whoever blew up the plane wants that box.

They're not gonna let it sit around in an evidence locker collecting dust.

We find the person who wants the box, we find who k*lled Kate.

[ Sighs ]

The Architect.

That's an excellent sobriquet.

Is this your first case back?


I need a new nickname.

Mozzie's not cutting it anymore?

What about, um, the question, or perhaps the skeptic?

Con man?

The... The Architect... He's a bank robber?

A good one. Since when are you concerned with FBI cases?

Uh, since you started spiraling into the dark place.

And, as you may remember, I have colluded on a bank heist or two in my day.

Come on. What do we got?

[ Sighs ] All right.

Three clean jobs in five years, no trail, no evidence.

All we have are these business cards.

Embossed... Very classy.

What do you make of the "A"?

I don't recognize the typeface.

Forensics doesn't either.

Custom font.

That speaks to a high degree of Hubris.

Mm-hmm. What do you think?

The elongated slant... It could be a Cyrillic influence.

A bit of Russian?

If you left a calling card, how would you sign it?

I would never leave a card. It's way too brazen. Would you?

Of course you would.

The better question is, if you were him, what card would you leave?


I found something on the card.

I'll take obscure Russian painters for a thousand.

The "A" has a definite Cyrillic influence.

Well, our tech guys already cracked that one.

If The Architect is a mad Russian, that doesn't narrow down our list of possibles.

Not a Russian, but a fan of Russian paintings.

Ivan Aivazovsky... look at his signature.

Ohh, look at that.

Got it.

Look at you two working together.

Look at that teamwork.

We dug up every auction in the last two years to see who's been bidding on Aivazovskys.

Excellent, but that's a pretty thick list.

What if we cross-referenced people with a business connection in Dallas, Chicago, and... right here.


Yeah, the list gets shorter.

One name... Edward Walker.

Let's go have a visit.

Let's do it.

Good work.

Good work.

[ Chuckles ]

Mr. Walker, these gentlemen are with the FBI.

Well, if you're here to give me a ticket for hitting golf b*lls into the Hudson river, I'll have to write you a check.

Whitney, get my checkbook, would you?

The bureau doesn't give tickets.

Well, in that case, Whitney, get my golf permit, will you?

I'm Special Agent Peter Burke.

This is my consultant, Neal Caffrey.

What do you consult on, Mr. Caffrey?

Investigations that involve my areas of expertise.

What areas are those?

It's a long list.

Here, try a swing.

No, thanks.


When was the last time you got a chance to h*t a golf ball off the top of the world?

[ Chuckles ]

Oh, okay.

[ Sighs ]

You recognize this?

Oh, I'm not an architect.

No, you're just a hedge-fund manager with too much time on his hands.

Well, having a hobby is not illegal, is it?

Depends on the hobby.

Is there something specific I can help you with, Agent Burke?

Contemporary Russian art. Got any Aivazovskys?

Three. You thinking about stealing one?

It's that device on your ankle.

Ooh, you must've been some kind of criminal for the FBI to want to keep you so close.

I was.

Ooh, you sliced that one over into the Chelsea pier.

You know, my permit doesn't cover that.

Peter: I understand you have offices in Dallas, Chicago, and Boston.

I have offices in most major cities around the world.

Could you tell me where you were on April 19th of last year?

Off the top of my head?

I have no idea.

But my assistant could look it up for me.

Whitney keeps my calendar.

Uh, April 19th.

Oh, of course. I know exactly where I was.

And I would be happy to tell you, providing you can get a warrant based on some bizarre connection you've made between me, an anonymous business card, and random questions about Russian art.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I, uh, have too much time on my hands.

Whitney can show you out.

Oh, and, Mr. Caffrey, a suggestion for the next time you commit a crime... don't get caught.


On your backswing, just keep it smooth.


But I hope he did it. Be fun to arrest him.

He got to you. Don't do anything stupid.

I won't.

Don't tell me it's not in the realm of possibility.

We are under a ton of scrutiny here.

Both of us.

Got it.

So, why would somebody like him do it?

Doesn't need the money.

The guy's chipping golf b*lls off skyscrapers.

You said it. He's bored.

So he's gonna risk prison for an adrenaline rush?



Listen, I'm gonna head back to the office and grab a late bite with El.

We're done for the day.

Tell Elizabeth I say hi.

Neal, nothing stupid.

Nothing stupid.

Talk to the FAA.

We need flight records, commercial and private.

I want to know if Walker was in Dallas, Chicago, or Boston on the dates of those robberies.

Done. I'll run credit cards and phone records, as well, maybe get him making a call or place him at a hotel.

Thanks, Jones. Let me know what you find.

Have you checked your calendar?

Fowler's mystery meeting is in three days.

These the locations?

Very little foot traffic, no cameras, several alley exit points... I see why Fowler picked it.

I'm gonna be there.

We both should be.

Ooh! Oh, sorry. God.

These tables are so close to...



Mr. Caffrey?

Please, Neal. Neal.

All right.

That's what I love about New York.


Small world.

Please, sit down.

Join me?


Well, sit down.

Cape Cod... What a relief to meet someone else who's over the Hamptons.

I know.

I always felt like I was in a Fitzgerald novel.

Maybe it's 'cause I'm not from New York.

A kindred expatriate.

Would you like another glass of wine?



Peter: Well, this is nice.

Elizabeth: It is nice.

You live here, you forget what's right in front of you.

Yeah. [ chuckles ]

How's Neal doing?

Great... as far as he says.

He's putting up a facade, huh?

Of course he is. It's his natural state.

Problem is I don't know how bad it is.

Well, what do you think?

I think he went through one hell of a trauma.

I also think if he was ready for a straitjacket, he'd be grinning and saying, "Peter, you have to trust me."

Well, it's gonna take him some time to become himself again.

So, you actually prefer nantucket over Martha's vineyard?

Yeah. Yeah, it's a sentimental thing.


Let's go international.

Uh, Maldives, hands down.

Those turquoise waters are unreal.

That an acceptable answer?

Very good. Mine's the Seychelles.

Yeah. Did you know the sand's actually pink?


Yeah, it's actually pink.


[ Beeping ]

All right, I'm gonna get you another drink.

But when I come back, European cities.

And you are not allowed to say Barcelona.


[ Chuckles ]

Does he know?

Not how bad it is.

Well, he knows that we're under enhanced scrutiny by the bureau.

What he doesn't know is that if we drop a case, I'm collecting unemployment and he's using pictures of Macaulay Culkin for money.

[ Chuckles ]

There was this moment right before the plane exploded.

Neal was walking away from me.

He stopped, and he turned around, and he was about to say something.


Well, what do you think he was gonna say?

I don't know. No.

Do you think he was gonna stay?

And leave Kate?

I don't know. Doesn't matter.

Well, I think it matters.


It's kind of a moot point now.

It matters to you.

[ Sighs ]

Copied her SIM card.

Too bad you're conning this one. She's cute.

Yeah, I noticed.

Be cruel to be kind.

You're right.

The truth hurts, Moz.

You know, I have got to show you these photos from Morocco.

Neal: Yeah. - They are in my phone, which is in my giant handbag somewhere.

Maybe it's on the table. I'm always leaving my stuff, like, right in front of me.

Could be. But...

Oh, it's in here. Here it is.

There you go.

Um... Do you...

Do you want to look at these back at my place?

Where is that?

Gramercy Park.

Yeah. That's within my radius.

Your what?

Oh, um...

Is that a tracking anklet?

Electronic monitoring anklet, actually.

It's a... it's a funny story, though.

A couple years ago, the feds came after me for everything from art theft to counterfeiting.

The only thing they got me on was bond forgery.

I thought you worked for the FBI.

Oh, yeah, yeah, with Peter.

He caught me, both times.

Oh. Anyway, this is a big day for me.

You're the first girl I've had a drink with since I got out of prison.


That's not... That's not a problem, is it?

I should... really go.

Okay. Is it... is it something I said, or...

You know where to find me.

[ Chuckles ] Have a good one.

[ Sighs ]

Neal Caffrey on paper... not so great.

It's a lot to process.

Well, at least we got Walker's calendar.


On the days of the previous bank heists, his itinerary is highlighted in green.

Usually it's blue.

Green for money.

Oh, really? The symbolism had escaped me.

Look at tomorrow.

He's got a meeting at First Unity Bank at noon, marked in green.

I think we got him.

Peter: You happened to run into her, and then she invited you for a drink?

Got to love New York.

Yeah, and then she handed you a copy of her SIM card?

Yeah, I'm a confidential informant, right?

And if someone found this information on the street and brought it to you, you wouldn't blink.

I told you, nothing stupid.

Word on the street is that Walker is gonna h*t the First Unity branch tomorrow at noon.

You're sure about this?

Oh, yeah.

We've got everybody in position.

What makes you sure this bank is the target?

Word on the street.

I don't understand. Why don't you think this bank is secure?

Well, they haven't had time to install half the security measures we recommended.

You've been inside?

I'm very thorough.

Well, we've reset the vault doors in all of our locations to change daily.

There's no way they're getting in there without the access codes.

Jones: These guys have bravado and then some.

Dallas was h*t at 9:00 a.m., Chicago at the lunch hour.


The northwest guard takes lunch at noon.

That's their point of entry.

Man: Team one is clear. Vault stairwell, clear.

[ Alarm rings ]

Commander: What have we got, people?

The sound-activated alarm has been triggered.

I got no visual. Accessing vault.

Do you see anyone?

There's nobody down here.

They could have disabled the motion detectors and bypassed those cameras.

All units, go. Someone find out what triggered that alarm.

We're moving in.

Move it, move it.

We've got something inside the vault.

You're not gonna believe this. Meet me outside.

Jones, take the monitor.

Peter: What's going on?

This another one of your bank tests?

What do you mean?

That was inside a safety-deposit box.

Whose name was on the box?

Peter Burke.

Someone's messing with you, Burke.

In the future, don't waste my time.

Don't waste my men's time.
Edward: Well, well, well, if it isn't Agent Burke and his personal criminal consultant.

What a coincidence. It's odd seeing you here, Walker.

Why is that?

I have a meeting right across the street at the Nix t*wers.

I guess we missed all the excitement.

Nice clock.


He played me. He...

Yeah. Now we got problems.

They've been in there for almost an hour.


You think we'll lose the case?

With the department of justice, we'll be lucky if that's all that happens.

Come on, we were set up. They know that.

Yeah, and they think Peter should have known that.

This is the FBI, Neal. We don't act unless we're sure.

Peter trusted your lead.

So, today was a bit of a setback.

You think?

Took me a while to wipe the egg off of my face.

We can catch this guy.

This guy is no longer our investigation.

This is bad.

There's something you should know.

When we were at the hangar that day, before... everything happened, I was gonna tell you something.


I didn't want to run anymore.

If I'd gotten on that plane, regardless of whatever deal was made, it wouldn't have felt like freedom.


Because it was an escape.

You were right, Peter. I have a life here.

If there was something you could've done to protect Kate, I know you would've...

I would've.

The same way I know you can get Walker.

It's not fun being tweaked by the bad guy, is it?

Especially when you see him make one of your friends look like an idiot.

What? Not that you, you know, look...

Little bit, yeah.

But you kind of... yeah.

All right, let's start from the top.

Why would he send a card to warn the bank?

To challenge us?

For what purpose?

To see if we're on his level.

It's a test.

There's no fun in playing the game unless you have a worthy opponent.

He wants to see if we're as good as he is.

Go back.


You said "test".

Yeah, to see what we'd do.

What did we do?

We ran the...

We ran the security.

We revealed the bank's weaknesses to him.

I wonder if the bureau had security tests on the other cities' banks before the robberies.

Who you calling? Jones.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, look at that... ESP.

Jones, I was just calling you.

Jones: Peter, turn on your TV.


Channel 3.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Reporter: City officials are reporting a total of 36 alarms have gone off in banks throughout the city.

[ busy signal ]

There is serious speculation...

[ Cellphone dialing ] Every cop in the city must be out there right now.

I can't get anybody from NYPD.

[ Busy signal ] He's spreading us thin.

It's another misdirect.

None of these banks got Walker's cards.

He's going after one of the initial five.

You got that right.

Renee said she changed the vault access codes.

Well, no one can get in without her.

We got to find her before someone else does.

And that's my intention.

We'll keep the lines of communication open.

[ Electricity crackles ] Ugh!

[ gasps ]

Have a good night.

You too.

I'm sorry, gentlemen.

We're closed for the night. You'll have to go now.

Not so fast, lady. We need to make a withdrawal.

Get your hands off me!

Let go of me! Shut up. Lock those doors.

[ Tires screech ]

Diana: I'm almost at First Unity.

First Unity, where we arrested the clock.

Yeah, their alarms are going off again.

Half the banks in town are being robbed.

I don't think so.

What, you think it's a smokescreen?

Yep, Neal and I are headed to Midtown Mutual.

Midtown's one of the few that's silent.


Well, if Walker's crew are there, you can't go in without backup.

Then get us some.

I got a feeling they're going after Renee.

Okay, I'll find you a SWAT team.

Man: Move it, move it, move it!

[ Tires screech, car doors slam ]

You see him?

Yeah, I did.

Where are you going?

We got to break in.

Nobody said anything about breaking in.

Look, even if we could get through these doors, which we can't, they'd see us.

We'll have to go another way.

There is no other way.

We sealed off the basement after your test.

The basement was the easiest way in. Easiest?

There's always another way.

Come on, Peter.

Well, looks like Walker knew about the roof vent.


He's got a radio.

We're gonna have to do this quickly before he alerts the rest of them.


Drop your w*apon... so much for taking him alive, sheriff.

Now he's gonna tell Walker we're up here.

No, he's not.

Now drop your w*apon... let him go. We got to get to Renee.

Nice sh**ting, Butch.

Thanks, Sundance.

All right, ready? 1, 2, 3.

Well, what do you say?

Ready to break into a bank?

Peter: Were you ever gonna share your alternate access route with me?

I just did.

Admit it, Peter, we'd make a pretty decent team.

[ Chuckles ] Bank robbers?

I see you smiling.

Come on, the infamous Caffrey and Burke... We'd be legends.

Yeah, I can see the wanted posters now, but it'd be Burke and Caffrey.

Man: Get moving!

All right, stand down, guys. Pack it up.

More clocks?


They're setting alarms off all over the city.

Now will you listen to me?

We've got to get to Midtown Mutual.

[ Door beeps, clicks ]

[ Door beeps, clicks ]

That was supposed to be returned to the bank.

Aren't you glad it wasn't?

This way, this way.

Open the vault.

I'm trying. I'm doing my best.

Neal: Is it Walker? - I can't tell.

I'm try... I'm trying. I don't remember.

Come on.

[ Beeping ]

[ Door beeps, clicks ]

All four of them armed and involved with Renee.

Take her. Put her in her office.

Don't be stingy with the tape.

They're coming back.

There's an emergency exit off the rear staircase.

You create the distraction. I'll get her to safety.

Good idea, but wrong. I'll get her to safety.

I know the layout.

I have a g*n.

Neal: All right, you get her to safety.

I'll create the distraction.

Good idea.

I'm gonna need your phone.


I'm doing the phone thing. Come on.

[ Cellphone dialing ]

Do your thing, dirty Harry.

Lights out in here. Check it out.

Make sure SWAT is not outside.

Let's check this out.

She's not going anywhere.

Stay clear of the front windows.

Do you see anybody outside?

If there's somebody in the building, we got to move.

Neal: [ whistles ] Down here.

Hey, this might be a good time for all of you to leave.

Damn it!

[ Sirens wailing ]

We got sirens.

Come on back. Meet us back here.

Agent Burke.

Shh. I'm getting you out of here.

All right.

We're here.

What took you so long?

We're 30 seconds behind schedule.

We have got to move. Take them.

[ Sirens wailing ]


Sounds like Diana knocked some sense into SWAT.

Let's get Renee out of here.

They're going out the back.

It doesn't matter.

I'm going after them!

Let them go! They've got g*n! Neal!

Damn it. He never listens to me.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Jones, get me Walker. I want to talk to him.

He's already here.

Oh, I heard what happened at the bank.

I thought maybe I could save you some trouble.

So you're here to confess?

[ Laughs ]

I figured you're gonna give me a call, because I'm sure Mr. Caffrey has my cell number.


You'll find my alibi in there in addition to my company's lawsuit.


Yes... unwarranted harassment, defamation of character.

And, you know, there's a litany of other charges, but, gee, why spoil the surprise?

Enjoy this game you're playing.

It won't end well for you.

Oh, the game is already over.

This architect, whoever he is, has already won.

Mr. Caffrey.

Oh, if I did do it, do you think they would make me a junior FBI agent, too?

Wow, that is one arrogant bastard.

Huh. That's one way of putting it.

This is gonna be a problem.

Peter: Nothing useful on the tapes.

They were in and out in five minutes, gridlocked half the city to k*ll your response time, plus they had a perfect exit strategy.

Walker was in control every step of the way.

He wants us to know it.

Then that's how we get him.

The one thing he can't control is his ego.

Vanity is not cause for indictment.

I was never bold enough to walk into your office when you were after me.

[ Sighs ] I want this guy.

Hell hath no fury like a fed scorned.

We are facing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit from a suspected thief who walked away from the crime scene in broad daylight.

What, are you saying we're done?

We better not be.

Otherwise I can't stop the DOJ.

From putting me on the breadline and you behind bars.

Come on, man. While they were chasing ghosts around the city, we were right.

Doesn't matter. We didn't catch him.

Final tally.

Looks like they got away with $8.2 million.

[ Sighs ]

You sure about that?

Jones has excellent penmanship.

Four guys, two Samsonites each.

Peter, about how big would you say the briefcases are?

I don't know... 16" by 13"?


4 or 5 inches.

Denomination of the bills... all Franklins, right?


100 bills in a pack, volume of each pack is less than 8 inches.

The dimensions don't add up.

We're looking at around $960,000 in each case.

That's over $6.5 million total.

Final tally was $8.2 million.

Which means that more than a million and a half is unaccounted for.

Sounds like enough to be a share.

Peter: Thank you.


I appreciate your taking the time.

You said you had a theory?

Our faceless friends may have left something behind.

I'd like to re-examine the vault, just in case.

No rest for the weary, huh?

Those creeps held a g*n to my head.

I'll rest when you catch them.

[ Buzzer sounds ]

Your team was pretty thorough.

What is it you think that they missed?


Excuse me?

Deposit box 213... pretty sure no one's looked in there yet.

Sounds like it's worth a sh*t.

Uh, I'm sorry, gentlemen.

That's the property of one of our customers.

You'd need his authorization or a warrant.

Got this from the Bank President.

But the box doesn't belong to one of your customers.

It belongs to you.

[ Chuckles ] I'm afraid you're mistaken.

No, we did a background check on all the boxes in this vault.

Did you know 213 was rented to your uncle two months ago?

I don't see why that would be a problem.

I do. He d*ed two years ago.

Either it's a miracle...

Or you forged his application.

My money's on the latter.

[ Chuckles ]

Okay, fine.

Why don't you have a look?


$1.5 million in cash.

All right.

Did you know she had a g*n?

I did not.

Okay, get the bag, and put the money in the bag.

Not a bad plan...

Walker leaves your cut, and all you have to do is walk out with it once the dust settles.

Pretty good plan, I'd say.

Except we figured it out.

You really think you can outrun the FBI?

For the record, it's a marathon, not a sprint.

He would know.

Stop talking, and put the money in the bag!

That was a pretty nice acting job you did for the cameras.

Even the best laid plans...

Shut up.

Walker convinced you to help him, didn't he?

He convinced me I shouldn't wait 20 years to have a mediocre pension to retire on.

Why wait when I can have three times that right now?

Because you'll get caught.

Again, he would know.

Did I tell you to stop?

Keep filling the bag.

Could you stop doing that, please?


Rubbing it in. It's very hypocritical.

Well, it's not untrue. I caught you.


Okay, you know what? I'm tired of this.

Of being held hostage or what?

No, bickering with you.

Well, you're not the only one.


Yeah, really.

Wow. Okay.

Maybe it is time for this partnership to end.

Okay, that's fine by me. I can finally start my novel.

Novel? You can barely write a parking ticket.

You know, that's very immature.


Hold on.

Hold on.

You really want this to end?

Do you?

I'm ready.

Let's do it.

Shut up!


Ugh, my eyes!

In here! We're in here!

Right there.

Handcuff her.

Somebody read her her rights.

Man: Yes, sir.

Nice job.

Not so bad yourself.

Mr. Walker?

This just arrived for you.

Peter: It's only fair.

You gave us a heads-up. I'm returning the favor.

Well, this is only going to help my lawsuit.

Mm, there won't be any lawsuit.

And why is that?

Your inside woman. Renee talked.

Why settle for 25 to life tomorrow when you can plea-bargain today?

Oh, next time, don't get caught.

[ Handcuffs click ]

Whitney, call Arthur. Call the legal team.

[ Sighs ]


You ready?

I am now.

[ Sighs ]

I saw a mockingbird in the park.

Then you say, "What color is the mockingbird?"

I'm doing the newspaper thing.

I'm not doing the stupid bird thing.

How's he holding up?


I'm seeing the old Caffrey coming back.


Whatever part you played in it, you did good.

I'm sure you didn't call me down here to tell me how great I did.



You did good. Great.

Look, I know he won't tell me everything.

I get that. He's Neal.

I'll keep an eye on him and you.

But that puts me in a position to clean up a mess, not stop it before it happens.

Oh, that's the part you want me to take care of.

Just tell me if he's gonna do anything stupid.

I can't rat out my friend.

It's to protect him.

That's the same rationale that was used by the Gestapo and the KGB.

Look at me.

He's my friend, too.

I'll take that under advisement.


[ Knock on door ]

[ Door opens ]


We got to talk, mon frère.

What's up? It's about the box.

Something strange is going on with the music box.

The trail starts here.

It was bagged after forensics held it for two hours in your New York office.

Then OPR requested it be transferred to D.C.

I knew they wouldn't let it sit still.

Somewhere between here and there, this happened.

That's not the box.

I mean, it's got a similar shape and coloring, but... it was swapped.

And the real box is in the wind.

Though we cannot change the direction of the wind, we may adjust our sails.

Well, the question is...

Which way are we headed?

[ Cellphone dials, cellphone rings ]

Diana: Yeah?

Peter: Diana, you ready for Fowler's mystery meeting?

I'm on my way.

I'm right behind you, boss.
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