01x02 - Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV mini-series "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe". Aired 30-31 May, 2015.*
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"The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe" is based on the bestselling biography by J. Randy Taraborrelli. The the series focuses on Marilyn, her battle with mental illness and her troubled relationship with disturbed mother along with some of her most intimate secrets.
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01x02 - Part 2

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Male narrator: Previously on The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe...

How would you like to approach your therapy?

I'm sick of drudging up things that are in the past.

Everyone's childhood plays itself out.

You're such a pretty girl.

We'll, I'm your daughter.

I don't remember giving birth to you.

You're already a star, except the right people don't know it.

I'll make sure they find out.

What's your name?


This is not what God intended for you to do with your life.

Well, I hoped you'd be happy for me.

Gladys: This is a sinful business. People in that business, they'll lead you astray.

(Low hum of chatter, slow jazz music playing)

Waiter: From the gentleman at the bar, sir.

Bartender: Again, Phyllis?

Phyllis: Hhm. How long has he been there?

Bartender: Almost two hours.

Diner: Mr. DiMaggio...?

Phyllis: Who the hell would keep Joe DiMaggio waiting?

Diner: Would you mind? Baseball isn't the same since you hung 'em up.

Joe: Thank you.

Phyllis: Send over a round, would ya?

(Loud commotion, excited murmurs)

Marilyn: Hello. Hi.

Jules: Marilyn!

Marilyn: Oh, hello Jules.

Marilyn: Oh... It's nice to meet you, Joe.

Joe: Marilyn. Please. Bottle of Dom.

Waiter: Yes, sir. Right away.

Marilyn: How'd you know I drink champagne?

Joe: Well, I know a lot about you.

Marilyn: Good things, I hope.

Joe: Well, I stuck around.

Marilyn: Was I late?

Joe: You look nice.

Marilyn: Well, thank you. You look wonderful yourself. I hope you'll forgive me, but... Well, I don't know a thing about football. I would have thought you were a steel magnate or a congressman.

Joe: I um... I haven't seen any of your pictures.

Marilyn: Well, that's sweet, isn't it? We can start from scratch. Well, the first time I saw my name on a marquee I... Well, I was driving down Hollywood boulevard. I had to pull over, you know, to take it all in. (Chuckles) I thought somebody had made a mistake, but there it was. (Sighs, then chuckles) Am I talking too much? I always do that when I get nervous.

Joe: What are you nervous about? You get, you get nervous in front of the camera?

Marilyn: When I'm in front of the camera (Shudders) Yes, I get nervous, but... Well, when we start rolling, it just all just kinda melts away. Do you get nervous before you go out on the field?

Joe: I'm retired.

Marilyn: But you're still young.

Joe: (Chuckles) I couldn't play like I used to, you know, um... I just didn't want people to see me like that.

Marilyn: Hmm. Oh. Where'd everybody go? (Laughs)

Joe: It's ten after one.

Marilyn: Is it? Oh. The night flew. I uh... (Clears her throat) Well, I have to be in makeup by six.

Joe: I'm at the Knickerbocker. You think you could give me a lift?


(Small giggle)

(Moans, exhales)

Alan: You really thought he played football?

Marilyn: (Laughs) Can you believe it?

Alan: No, I can't.

Marilyn: Oh, I was used to being around movie stars, always showing off... But Joe didn't have to. I fell in love. We were magic.

Marilyn: Thank you.

Lena: Good afternoon, Mrs. Goddard.

Grace: (Tired exhales)

Marilyn: Phew! Ooh!

Grace: Oh, just let me rest a bit.

Marilyn: Me too.

(Tired exhales, labored breathing)

Marilyn: (Giggles) You all right?

Grace: (Pants) Has Joe said anything to you about marriage?

Marilyn: Oh. I think he's g*n shy. Do you love him?

Marilyn: I do. (Sharp, pained exhale) What is it, Aunt Grace? I'm just a bit exhausted, sweetheart. No. Something's wrong.

Grace: Can you get me a glass of water?

Marilyn: Yes. Lena! Can we get a glass of water, please? Thank you. Something's wrong, you're not telling me. It's cancer. Oh... no. We'll fight this. I'll get you the best doctor. It's God's will.

Marilyn: Do you believe that pain and illness are not of God?

Grace: They are not of God...

(Labored, pained breathing)

Marilyn: And you have no belief in pain...

Grace: (Heavy breathing) I have no belief in pain... (Heavy breathing) Oh. (Heavy breathing) You see what God can do?

Marilyn: Aunt Grace...

Grace: Oh... You know how happy you've made me? If I'd been your own mother I... I couldn't have been more proud.

Marilyn: I have a premiere to go next month. I'll buy you a gown.

Grace: Something...

Marilyn: All white. I'll have Whitey do your makeup. You'll look so beautiful, no one'll look at me. You'll steal the show. Here. Here. (Lighter snicks and clicks shut) She k*lled herself... With an overdose of barbiturates. After all those years in Christian science, she used medicine to k*ll herself.

Alan: How did you feel about that? (Sighs, lighter snicks) All my other foster mothers went away, but my mother didn't. She stayed.

Alan: But how did you feel?

Marilyn: Like I always did. Alone. Angry. Guilty. But then I felt proud. She made the choice. Why go on living if the point of life is gone?

Alan: Is there a point to life? Certainly. That tomorrow will be better. If I... didn't believe that, I couldn't keep...

Alan: How was Joe during all of this? He couldn't have been sweeter.

(Rushed footsteps)

Marilyn: Joe, I'm so... The director kept making idiotic changes, we were sh**ting out in the middle of nowhere, I couldn't find a phone... I know I spoiled the dinner. Daddy, I did everything I could.

Joe: Marry me.

Marilyn: What?

Joe: (Exhales) From the moment I saw you. Oh, Christ. You were what I wanted. The... the minute I laid eyes on you I- I loved you, Marilyn. And um... I'm not very good at this.

Marilyn: (Laughs) You're great.

Joe: Marry me. Whattaya say?

Marilyn: You really... You really would marry me?

Joe: All I wanna do is make you happy. If you give me half a chance I promise you-

Marilyn: Oh, gosh you do. Like no one ever. But we're different. Oh, we're so different.

Joe: No. No, we're not different, Marilyn. We want the same things. We both want a family, a life together. This? This crap? This is... this is nothing. And we both know that. I want a home. I want a real home with you. Will you let me give you a home?

Marilyn: Yes. Yes.

Joe: Yes?

Marilyn: Yes.

(Passionate kissing)

(Approaching footsteps)

(Startles awake)

Joe: Good afternoon, sleepy head.

Marilyn: (Sleepy moans) Joe, oh... that was so... Did you say afternoon? Oh! My call time! I'm supposed to be at the studio-

Joe: Hey, don't worry, I called Zanuck. I told them you were sick.

Marilyn: But I'm not!

Joe: It'll be fine. No. They'll say I'm unprofessional!

Joe: No, they better not. It's my job, Joe!

Joe: They are working you like a dog.

Marilyn: You shut off my alarm. You had no right.

Joe: Marilyn, you're exhausted.

Marilyn: That's what the pills are for. You don't need the pills, all right? You need someone that loves you that will take care of you. And that's what I'm here for. (Giggles) But Joe, you can't just... What did Zanuck say? He asked me for an autographed baseball.

Marilyn: No!


Joe: All right, we'll be down in five minutes for the car. Thank you. Wow, look at you. What do you say we drive out to Malibu?

Marilyn: Oh, I have to see my mother. She doesn't know about Aunt Grace.

Joe: I'll go with you. I want to meet her. No, I... I don't think that's a good idea.

Joe: It's the right thing to do. I mean, after all, she's about to become my mother-in-law. Well... (Chuckles) She doesn't do well with strangers. Some days she doesn't even know who I am. All right, I tell you what: I will introduce you. I wanna meet her.

Marilyn: Joe, please...

Joe: No. It'll be great.

Gladys: So Grace is dead. I'm glad.

Marilyn: Mother, you don't mean that-

Gladys: She was always trying to make you love her instead of me.

Marilyn: Well, that's not true.

Gladys: Always talking about the picture making business and putting all these foolish notions into your head that you could actually earn a living- But I am. I'm doing very well. You are?

Marilyn: Oh yes. I have my footprints at Grauman's. I mean, don't you remember when you used to take me... That was Grace. Spilt milk. Young man... you played baseball professionally?

Marilyn: Yes, he's my Joe. The Yankee Clipper. The greatest of all time. Oh, babe Ruth was the greatest. She's right.

Marilyn: (Chuckles)

Gladys: Sit down. So, Joe...

Joe: Yes.

Gladys: What are your intentions?

Joe: I want to marry her.

Gladys: Do you believe in Jesus Christ our lord and savior? Absolutely.

Gladys: All right, you have my permission.

Marilyn: Thank you, Mother. We have to go now-

Gladys: But there's something I feel compelled to tell you about her.

Marilyn: Oh, no, no. We have a very important meeting.

Gladys: If you're gonna get married, he has to know.

Marilyn: Mother, we have- She is absolutely hopeless with money. If you don't keep her on a tight leash she won't have anything to show for her endeavors.

Marilyn: It's true.

Joe: All right. Well... I'm tight enough for both of us. (Chuckles) All right, then... Excuse me, I have to make my rounds.

Marilyn: See you soon, Mother.

Gladys: Oh, and um, did you tell him that you can't have children? You know that, right?

Joe: Is that true?

Marilyn: I mean, I've had problems, but I might be able to.

Joe: But you might not. Were you planning on telling me, Marilyn?

Marilyn: Of course, it just, oh, it just happened so fast. It doesn't change anything, Joe. Does it? Tell me it doesn't.

(Receding footsteps)

(Light kiss)

Marilyn: I can't sleep. I don't know what's wrong with me, Joe?

Joe: Marilyn, no.

Marilyn: I need to sleep.

Joe: No, damn it! No!

Marilyn: God damn it! You don't know what it's like to not be able to sleep. I have to be prepared. Pills... What?

Natasha: Those awful terrors of the night. Oh, how painful for you, darling. Have you had the dream before?

Marilyn: (Sighs) Now I'm afraid to sleep. I just want it out of my head.

Natasha: As difficult as it is, an artist must use painful moments to build character.

Marilyn: I want to forget it.

Natasha: You must not. You must store it. And draw upon it whenever a line or a scene calls for it.

Joe: You want her to suffer?

Marilyn: No. She didn't mean it that way. You want her to "store" it? So I can be a better actress.

Joe: You don't need this, Marilyn. You don't need her.

Marilyn: Joe! He doesn't know what he's saying.

Joe: The sooner you get rid of her, the better.

Natasha: Perhaps it's best if I leave.

Marilyn: No, don't go.

Joe: Let her go.

Marilyn: I'll call you!

(Door slams shut) Joe... Don't you ever do a thing like that again!

Joe: She's hurting you.

Marilyn: She cares about me. And she cares about my career.

Joe: And what about us? From day one you have spent more time at that studio than you have at home. Is that how it's gonna be? I'm home now! And for what? Hey, aren't we going to talk about this? Or is this how it's going to be?

Lena: Marilyn, I'm so sorry, Bella. (Sighs)

(Water running, bottles clink)

(Door shuts, footsteps thud)

(Knocks) Sweetheart? Marilyn!

Physician: I pumped it out of her. She'll sleep off and on for a day or so. Has she tried anything like this before?

Joe: Tried anything? It was an accident.

Physician: I don't think so.

Joe: It's the studio, all right. They-they have her hooked. They're giving her things to stay awake, to-to go to sleep... And this g*dd*mn acting coach has her so she doesn't know which way is up. Where's her mother? What does that have to do with it? Well, Marilyn was fairly incoherent, but she kept mumbling that she was afraid of her, of what her mother had done to her. She's in an institution. In Pasadena. But Marilyn's fine. Has she ever undergone psychiatric evaluations?

Joe: It was an accident, Lou! There is nothing wrong with Marilyn that can be fixed by gettin' out of this g*dd*mn town!

(Door creaks open)

(Door shuts lightly)


Zanuck: "The Girl In Pink Tights". I developed it special for you.

Marilyn: Oh, that's wonderful, Mr. Zanuck. I'd love to read it.

Zanuck: What for?

Marilyn: Well, so I can decide whether or not I'm going to do it.

Zanuck: You just show up and say the lines. You don't have script approval.

Marilyn: Well, I'd like to discuss that.

Zanuck: No.

Marilyn: "The Girl In The Pink Tights" was already a Broadway play that flopped. And you had it developed for Betty Grable and she turned it down. What that hell do you know about it? You think you know everything. I know that I am tired of these same old sex roles, Mr. Zanuck. I want to do better things. People have scope, you know.

Zanuck: Hmm. People? What people? When was the last time you looked at your contract, Miss Monroe? I also know that my pictures grossed forty-two-million seven-hundred-thousand for this studio-

Zanuck: Your pictures?

Marilyn: Yeah, I think I'm entitled to have a say in which once I'd like to make.

Zanuck: No you're not.

Marilyn: I'm not chattel.

Zanuck: You'll do any damn picture I say!

Marilyn: (Exasperated sigh)

Zanuck: Chattel is exactly what you are!

Marilyn: Please!

(Door slams)

Marilyn: Come on, Joe, let's get out of here! Let's go up to San Francisco! I want to meet your family. I wanna start one of our own. Let's get married up there.

Joe: All right, what about work?

Marilyn: Well, I told Zanuck I'm not going to work.

Joe: What did he say?

Marilyn: I thought he was gonna choke on his cigar. I just want to be with you.

Joe: I love you.

Marilyn: You do?

Joe: I do. Ck called every day when I was in San Francisco. And I wouldn't take his calls. My agents were going crazy.

Alan: You realized you had power.

Marilyn: And I was going to use it to get respect. I didn't care if he didn't like me - Without respect you're nothing. And I knew what was good for me and what wasn't. You know it takes a smart brunette to play a dumb blonde. (Chuckles)

Alan: Did you consider what might have happened if your power play didn't work?

Marilyn: I knew it would. (Laughing)

(Lively chatter, music playing)

Marilyn: Look daddy, I made it myself!

Joe: It looks amazing. Bellissima! (Beautiful) Fatto buona! (Well done)

Mother: Se mangia! (You eat)

Relative: Everybody, we're gonna say grace now. In the name of the father, the son, the holy ghost. Bless us our lord for these thy gifts which we are about to receive through thy bounty through Christ, our lord, amen.

Family: Amen.

Marilyn: Amen.

Man: Mangiamo! (Let us eat!)

Family: Mangiamo! (Cheering, glasses clink) Salute!

(Laughing) Cheers, everybody!

(Envelope rips, rustles)

Marilyn: Joe! Oh! Look! Zanuck caved in. He sent me the script for pink tights! He said he wasn't going to, but he did!

Joe: Christ, Marilyn, I thought you were through with that. With what? You told me you were ready to get out of L.A., of Hollywood.

Marilyn: Well, sure, for a few weeks.

Joe: So all this, you coming here with me, that was just so you could get Zanuck to send you a script?

Marilyn: Oh, not all, Joe, but what, did you think I was quitting?

Joe: Everything about starting a family, makin' babies, that was all just sort of-

Marilyn: You know I want them. How, Marilyn, tell me how? How are you going to be a mother and take care of them when you can't stop working? You knew who I was when you married me.

Joe: I don't know... I think, I guess I just figured you were gonna quit. When you retired you were on top.

Joe: What's that got to do with it?

Marilyn: I haven't gotten there yet. But I'm close, and no one's gonna stand in my way. Just go, Marilyn, go back to Hollywood.

Marilyn: But aren't you...

Joe: No. No, I'm gonna stay here.

Marilyn: Joe, what do- What do you expect of me? You want me to stay here and then clean house and make lasagna like your mother-(Slap) That was the first time and the last.

Joe: Marilyn. Marilyn!

(Door opens and slams shut)

Zanuck: You read it?

Marilyn: Every cliche.

Zanuck: I'll have it re-written.

Marilyn: It's no good.

Zanuck: I'll double your salary.

Marilyn: Oh, you don't understand-

Zanuck: Who do you think you are?!

Marilyn: Everything you think I'm not.

Zanuck: Consider yourself suspended.

Marilyn: I could use the break.

Zanuck: Without pay!

Marilyn: I've been poor before.

Zanuck: A thousand Marilyn Monroe's get off the bus every day!

Marilyn: No. A thousand Norma Jeane's get off the bus.

(Door slams, Zanuck sighs)

Marilyn: Joe wants me to quit acting. I know one day I'll be fat and wrinkled then-

Gladys: No. You should never let yourself go, dear, look at me. How are the Yankees doing?

Marilyn: Well... Joe's retired, Mother.

Gladys: Oh. Well, there you go. That's the problem, right there.

Marilyn: Zanuck put me on a film. It called "the seven year itch". Billy Wilder is directing, I'm starring. And Joe just doesn't understand why it's so important to me.

Gladys: Does he love you?

Marilyn: Yes.

Gladys: Do you love him?

Marilyn: Yes.

Gladys: Have a baby.

Marilyn: Look, I just don't want to mess everything up. Please Mother, what do you think I should do?

Gladys: I think you should stop coming to see me because you never ask me how I'm doing, you never do anything for me. All you do is talk about yourself. I don't know how I had such a selfish child.

Marilyn: "Didn't you just love the picture? I did. But I just felt so sorry for the creature. At the end."

Natasha: "Sorry for the creature? What did you want him to do-"

Joe: When do you leave for New York?

Marilyn: Day after tomorrow.

Joe: I'd like to go with you.

Marilyn: Oh! Joe...

(Squeals, kiss sounds)

The girl: Didn't you just love the picture? I did. But I just felt so sorry for the creature. At the end.

Richard: Sorry for the creature? What'd you want him to marry the girl?

The girl: He was kind of scary-looking. But he wasn't really all bad. I just think he craved a little affection. You know, the sense of being loved and needed and wanted.

Richard: That's a very interesting point of view.

(Subway rumbles)

The girl: Ooo! You feel the breeze from the subway? Isn't it delicious?

Men: (Whistling, catcalls)

Richard: Sort of cools the ankles, doesn't it? Well, what do you think it'd be fun to do now?

Billy Wilder: Not so much-cut! Not so much air from the subway, and get her another pair of underwear - You can see everything!

(Embarrassed) Oh...

Men: (Shouting) Ms. Monroe! I love you!

(Camera shutter snaps)

Marilyn: Hi. Hey...

Joe: You embarrassed me in front of all those people!

Joe: (Grunts angrily)

Marilyn: No... They all think I married a whore which I did!

Natasha: We are about to sh**t the scene in Mr. Sherman's apartment where you first realize the true nature of his intentions.

Marilyn: Can you hand me a couple reds, peaches.

(Pills rattle)

Whitey: He could have k*lled you, Marilyn.

Natasha: We must reach for the emotional foundation of the scene. Beneath every comedic moment is a dramatic conflict.

Joe: Hey, Whitey.

Whitey: Joe.

(Receding footsteps)


Joe: I took care of the hotel guy. He won't say anything to reporters.

Marilyn: (Scoffs) What, do you think they don't know? Everybody knows. What will the hall of fame committee think? Well, maybe you'll get the sympathy vote 'cause your wife is a whore.

Joe: (Sighs) It won't happen again.

Marilyn: I know it won't. I called Jerry Geisler. When I get back to L.A. I'm filing for divorce.

Joe: Marilyn...

Marilyn: I warned you once.

Joe: Can't we just talk about this?

Marilyn: It's too late. Nobody uses me as their punching bag.

Joe: I know that. I know. It's my fault... It's all... It's all been my fault. It was because... Marilyn, it was... Because I love you. That's all. I just- I just love you so much.

(Perfume spritzes)

Natasha: Honestly. (Door opens then shuts) (Door opens then shuts) I will tell Mr. Wilder that you cannot work today.

Whitey: He can't expect you to be funny. Not after this.

Marilyn: I'll be funny. I'll be the funniest bitch they ever saw. (Sighs) It's all very complicated with Joe. I never stopped sleeping with him, you know.

Alan: How were you able to have sex with a man who abused you? Well, he didn't abuse me when I stopped being his wife. I've always been really terrified to be someone's wife, deeply terrified. Arthur Miller. He was a true intellectual. He talked to me. And he'd listened to me, and he was proud of my work. I've re-written this 12 times...

Marilyn: You want me to read it?

Arthur: Well, I'm going for a... Light comedy kind of thing and, uh, it's not what I'm known for. You do it better than anyone else.

Marilyn: Thank you, darling.

Arthur: I want you to be honest. I mean, if it's stilted or desultory, don't sugarcoat it. The critics never do.

(Phone rings)

Marilyn: I'll tell you what I think. Hello. Oh hi, Natasha, yes, I have to call you back. Well, I'm helping Arthur with his work. As soon as I can. Okay. Bye.

Arthur: She never gives you a moment's peace.

Marilyn: Well, I wouldn't be where I am without her.

Arthur: You've got that backwards. You don't need her. You've outgrown her. And I'm here for you now. I'm gonna write for you.

(Passionate kiss, Marilyn moans)

(Paper rustles)


Alan: So you never saw Natasha again?

Marilyn: Was that wrong of me? I sometimes feel badly, the way I did it.

Alan: Well, people with abandonment issues will often abandon others in a similar fashion.

Marilyn: It wasn't easy, you know. I just... Stopped growing with her. And I decided I was only going to do one picture a year anyways. I started my own company... Marilyn Monroe Productions. (Giggles) Oh... we did "bus stop".

Alan: I loved that one. You are really wonderful on screen. And Arthur when he started writing a screenplay, "the misfits". (Sighs) And he got stuck. (Giggles) The more he got stuck the less we talked. Why is it that nothing good seems to last?

Alan: Well, your movies will last. But they're not real. Children are real. I wanted to concentrate on my marriage to Arthur, and to children.

Marilyn: Arthur? Oh, Arthur! You've gotta hear this... Monroe shows a real sense of comedy and can command a laugh with her walk or with an expression". Pretty good, huh? And that's variety.

Arthur: Damn it! (Paper rustles) Well, put it in a scrapbook, or whatever you do with that crap.

Arthur: Leave it.

(Sirens wail, honking)

(Phone rings) Hello... Yes, this is Mrs. Miller. Are you sure? There can't be any mistake? Yes. Yes, no. I-I can't wait to tell my husband! Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

Arthur: What is it? What?

(Chuckles) Marilyn? You look so happy. What is it? Well... if it's a girl, you pick the name. But if it's a boy... I get to... Oh, I just got off the phone with the doctor.

Mary: Oh my lord!

Marilyn: Oh! Don't you just love it? I saw it in the window at FAO Schwarz and I said, "that's for my baby!"

Mary: Wait! Let me help you with that.

Marilyn: No, no, I've got it.

Marilyn: I had to stick its head out the window of the cab... People were waving... And I said, well, I was just back from a safari... (Laughing) Oh, and I bought the most adorable sheets and towels from Saks.

Mary: Two hundred dollars?

Marilyn: Don't tell my husband - He'd have a fit. Where is he?

Mary: Lunch at Sardi's with his agent.

Marilyn: Too busy. Don't you think? I'm gonna have 'em re-done. Dr. Spock says too much visual stimulation leads to emotional stress. So no paper, just paint pale yellow. Or what do you think, Mary?

Mary: Would you like to lie down, Mrs. Miller? You've been on your feet all afternoon. I'll get you a nice cup of tea. Put your feet up and just relax.

Marilyn: She's gonna know she's loved from the very first moment... And that she'll always have a home.

Mary: Hmm. She'll be all right, Mary, won't she?

Mary: Oh, she'll be perfect. There won't be anything wrong with her, will there?

Mary: Now why would anything be wrong with her? Well, they said there could be.

Mary: Who said?

Marilyn: Because of me. They said she could be damaged because of me. And everyone would know. Oh, you know how they'd know? Well, my mother would tell them. She would tell them it was all my fault. My own mother! I couldn't stand it.

Mary: Mrs. Miller-

Marilyn: I couldn't stand it, Mary. Please tell me she's going to be all right. Please tell me she's going to be all right. Please tell me!

Mary: S-she will! She'll be perfect. (Sighs)

Marilyn: Perfect.

Mary: Yeah. I... I don't need any tea right now, Mary, thank you. (Happy exhale)

Marilyn: Arthur? We have that dinner at John Huston's.

Mary: Hm. He'll be back soon.

(Liquid pours, bottle clangs)


(Shocked exhales)

Mary: Are you all right, Mrs. Miller?


(Emotional exhale)

(Lighter snicks)

♪♪♪♪♪♪ Marilyn! Listen to this. Gable's gonna do "the misfits". Drinking before we even get to dinner?

Marilyn: Go without me.

Arthur: Huston wants to see you.

Marilyn: Tell him to go to the movies. I only have gable if Huston directs. And Huston won't cast you unless you pull yourself together. Well, I don't know what you're talking about. Cast me in what? All you do is tear paper out of a typewriter and crumple it up. There is no script!

(Footstool scrapes across the floor) It's not me who needs to pull herself together. (Yells) It's twenty after eight! For God's sakes. (Sighs)


(Stunned exhale)

♪♪ You look stunning.


(Door shuts)


(Heavy breathing)

(Wincing in pain)

Marilyn: Arthur?! Arthur!

Arthur: What?

Marilyn: Arthur...

Arthur: Oh God!

Marilyn: Look at me... Come. Come. Come.

Marilyn: Help me. Please...

Marilyn: Please.

Arthur: Come. I know, I'm not stupid. I'm not someone to be pitied. I've never asked for pity in my life! He was a coward. He was afraid to divorce me! And that's why he left it there so I'd find it and would read it and I'd be the one to file! Why didn't you? Hmm. You know, the thing I don't understand, is why can't people be more generous with each other?

Alan: Because everybody's too busy thinking about themselves. Oh, what do you think about me, Dr. DeShields? Certainly you must have formed an opinion by now. I think you've had a hard life and that you're sad. (Crying) Business...

"The misfits" was supposed to be this thing that I'd been searching for for so, so long. A great drama. Arthur said he wrote it as a gift... It's a gift to me.

Marilyn: Does he want more re-writes?

Arthur: I want them.

Marilyn: (Exasperated sigh) It was beautiful once. And now it's bleak and bitter...

Arthur: It's growing, it's evolving. You just can't let go of the past, Marilyn. That's your biggest problem.

Marilyn: I'm an actress. I don't want to play myself. You promised me a great role.

Arthur: And you've got it.

Marilyn: No! No. What I've got is a caricature of my life for everyone to see! What? A divorce from a man who beat me. I make Gaylord go crazy - and he suffers for it! What? You don't think people are gonna think you're Gaylord, and I make your life miserable? That's my life, Arthur... And I'm entitled to protect it! The audience-

Marilyn: Is entitled to a performance! That's all! I expected a little loyalty from the man that I'm married to. This script... is about people with no future. I have a future. I like them runny.

(Loud smash)

Marilyn: Now they're runny.


(Typewriter keys clack)

(Keys clack loudly)

(Typewriter keys clack)

Marilyn: Shhh. You'll wake the baby. (Giggles) You'll wake the baby. You'll wake the baby.

Gladys: I warned you... You have no one to blame but yourself. No one to blame but yourself.

Marilyn: Where is she? I told Mary not to... Not to take her without telling me where she was going. Mary's gone. You fired her. So she kidnapped her! Out of revenge! She always hated me! She was afraid of you. She kidnapped our baby!

Arthur: Our baby is dead! Three months ago. You've been in the same nightgown for a week-and-a-half. Was it a girl? Did-did you hold her? Were her eyes blue?

Arthur: She never opened them. She couldn't get what she needed to live. She never had a chance.

(Receding footsteps)

Marilyn: Are you blaming me? Nobody wanted that baby more than I did! You think I k*lled her? Well, if you think so, then just say it! Say it!

Arthur: Yeah, you k*lled her! She starved... While you gorged yourself on pills and booze! You m*rder*d her... And your w*apon was your own weakness!

(Crying) Please... Please stop. You m*rder*d my child, Marilyn, and if there's any justice in the world you'll never have another one. There'll just be that little voice in your head, the voice that you deprived of life. (Exhales) I like to stay informed.

Alan: Were you always interested in politics?

Marilyn: Not always. It's all part of the journey.

Alan: Hmm.

Marilyn: Are you a democrat?

Alan: I voted for Kennedy.

Marilyn: I met him when he was still a senator, through his sister. She lives with her husband in Malibu, Peter Lawford. Oh, I love Pat. She's all I ever wanted to be.

Pat Lawford: What's the occasion?

Marilyn: I've missed you. It's been six months since we've seen each other. I saw it in a window and said, "That's for Pat."

Pat: Oh, thank you. Wow, I can't even imagine how much this-

Marilyn: What's money for?

Pat: So nice.

Bartender: Hey Joe, what can I get you?

Pat: Ignore him. He's not good for you. Oh boy, here we go... Oh, it's just a hello and a goodbye.

Pat: You haven't been seeing him, have you? Well, how are you, Joe? This is Pat Lawford. Her brother's Jack Kennedy. My folks ask about you all the time. Well, send them my love.


(Heavy breathing, moaning)

(Heavy breathing, moaning)



Marilyn: Thank you. Joe could be mean, but he wasn't mean spirited. I never knew what deliberate cruelty could be until Arthur.

Alan: But you stayed.

Marilyn: Tell me why. I'm curious. Let's hear something!

(Seething exhale) Well, I think you stayed after the miscarriage because... Even his cruelty seemed more of a comfort than isolation. Because you didn't want to swing at that third strike. Because you thought "the misfits" would finally bring you respect as a serious actress.

Marilyn: There were new pages every day! I couldn't prepare - And they blamed me for being late. He was trying to destroy me! Oh, and I was working with Clark gable! Oh, when I was at the orphanage I had a picture of Clark gable next to my bed. And I told the other children that he was my father. And then two weeks after I stopped sh**ting... Then he died.

Alan: So you finished "the misfits" and divorced Arthur.

Marilyn: January 20th, last year. In Juarez. I picked it on purpose. Inauguration day. I got my divorce decree while every reporter across America was glued to their sets. (Chuckles) That's very clever. Well, that's me. I outsmarted everyone. This for the drive down to the desert. And this is... Oh this is for cocktails with the president. I read "profiles in courage", and "why England slept" and all of his speeches in the congressional record. I have so many things to talk to him about. I don't think going down to meet him is such a good idea. And this little number, well, this is for the pool... I know my brother-

Marilyn: And this is for Saturday night.

Pat: (Groans) Ooh!

Marilyn: What is it, Pat? You look pale. Can I get you anything? Saltines.

Marilyn: Oh, Pat, you're pregnant!

Pat: Oh, I was gonna wait to tell you. I didn't want you to be upset.

Marilyn: Upset? Oh! It's wonderful! Well, how far along are you?

Pat: Ten weeks... Oh. And this is the last one.

(Running footsteps, door closes)

(Frustrated sigh)

(Toilet flushes) I know you're gonna think I'm a snoop... But all those pills... The cabinet was open, and I just...

Marilyn: Oh, they get me going in the morning, they put me out at night.

Pat: From six different doctors! Oh, Marilyn!

Marilyn: I want to talk to Jack about the civil rights agenda, funding for the national endowment for the arts, the peace corps.

Pat: Oh, Marilyn, he won't talk shop especially with- Well, he won't talk shop with anyone. He's there to relax. Well, then over drinks... After he's relaxed.

(Low hum of chatter)

Marilyn: "Having Hollywood reach out to underprivileged communities, "government grants to colleges...

"inviting foreign film-makers"...

Secret service agent: Miss Monroe...

Marilyn: Oh... If you'll follow me, the president is just finishing a call. Well, are you boys going to frisk me or something? I, uh... heh. I-I think you're just fine.

Marilyn: You know, I think gentlemen are very brave protecting the president. It must be very stressful for your families.

Secret service agent: It has its moments. He likes to get out among the people.

Marilyn: Oh, that's why everybody loves him.

Kennedy: Marilyn!

Marilyn: I've been looking forward to this, Mr. president.

Woman: Woo! Woo! (Playful laughter)

Marilyn: You know, Jack and I had this immediate connection. I haven't felt anything like it since I met Joe. And he did want my opinions. Well, I spoke with him yesterday, Marilyn. He never mentioned that you were there.

Marilyn: Well, of course not. That was our agreement. Even I have to be careful. You know they're listening. The white house phones are the most secure-

Marilyn: No, not his phone, silly. Well, who'd be listening to your-

Marilyn: And just between you and me, he's going to divorce Jackie. Jack said that? He wants a woman who appreciates him, a woman he can discuss things with him. And I don't think she's ever read one of his speeches. He's going to stay with her until he's re-elected, and then you and I, we're going to be more than just friends, Pat! Here's to being sisters! When will the president be available? Mrs. Lincoln, I left four messages yesterday! And last week I- Well, could you just... Let him know that I hope his trip goes well, and that I'll be praying for him. (Slams phone) (Angry groan) N-no! Agh!

(Glass smashes) We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we're willing to accept...

(Dishes clatter)

Marilyn: Why didn't you tell me it was here?

Lena: Hmm? This is from my mother. Are you hiding it from me? They opened it. They read it!

Lena: Who? They have this kind of poison... They can put it in a letter, and if you open it-

Lena: Who, Marilyn? Any of them... J. Edgar Hoover, Zanuck... Jackie... It had to be Jackie... And she's using my mother. Oh, Madonna Mia.

Marilyn: I have to go back to New York. But I spoke to my lawyer. If anything happens to me - They could have the place bugged. They could be listening.

Gladys: Yes. That's the way they work.

Marilyn: I want you to know... If anything happens to me, that you'll be taken care of.

Gladys: No, I would go too.

Marilyn: Oh, no. These are people who... Well, they'll stop at nothing. I hate to leave you, but it's easier for me to hide in New York. Alone.

Gladys: How long?

Marilyn: Well, I have a friend. He's a very important man. And I know that if I can reach him he will help me. Oh, I can't tell you who he is, but that's for your own protection, in case they come and question you. But in the meantime, Mother-

Gladys: Don't worry. I can handle it. I've been dealing with this all my life.

Marilyn: Good.

Gladys: Yeah. (Gladys chuckles)

Marilyn: Oh, Mother.

(They chuckle quietly)

(Engines roar, honking)


I could feel myself falling.

Alan: What stopped you? Marilyn. What stopped you? Hmm. Who would have taken care of my mother? She'd be alone.

Alan: You needed help. Who was there for you? Well, I had a doctor in New York. Dr. Kris. She said I needed rest. And I trusted her.

(Exhausted exhale)

Marilyn: Agh! No! No! Stop it, please! Please! I don't belong here! Let go of me! Let go of me! No! Let go of me! Please!

(Sobbing) Stop! Let go of me! Stop!

Radio announcer: Film star, Marilyn Monroe, was taken by ambulance from her New York City hotel, and was admitted to the Payne Whitney psychiatric clinic. The actress, who has a history of drug and alcohol use, is being confined in the maximum security wing of the clinic for her own protection. Neither Fox Studios nor Miss Monroe's representatives could be reached for comment.

(Razor slices, blood drips)

Woman: Let me out of here! Let me out!

Orderly: It's all right.

Marilyn: Do you know who I am?

Orderly: Take it easy.

Marilyn: I have to get out.

Orderly: The doctor will be here in a minute.

Marilyn: I need you to make a phone call.

Orderly: I can't.

Marilyn: I don't belong here. I'll do whatever you want.

Orderly: It's against regulations. It's time to take your medication, Ms. Monroe. Good. Hey, hey, hey. Come here. Come here. Come here. I still need you to make the phone call. Please.

(Door click shut and lock turns)

(Spits out)

(Footsteps thud)

Joe: I want you to release my wife. You know who I'm talking about.

Desk nurse: Sir, I need authorization to-

Joe: Then get it. Now.

Desk nurse: Mr. DiMaggio, her admitting physician's not on duty till-

Joe: Now. If you do not release her to me I will tear this g*dd*mn building apart piece of wood... By piece of wood. (Press and fans shout) Marilyn! Marilyn!

Marilyn: Hi.

(Cameras flash)

Fans: (Screaming) Ooh! But she's my mother! Well, why wasn't I called?! That's no g*dd*mn excuse! I'll be there in the morning!

Joe: I'll go with you.

Marilyn: I'm going alone!

Joe: No. I won't let you.

Marilyn: Who the hell asked you?! I know what you're trying to do!

Joe: I'm trying to help you.

Marilyn: No! You're on their side! Poor, screwed-up Marilyn! She's going nuts and she's not responsible! She's my mother, and I am responsible! I'm not an invalid, and I'm sick of being treated like one!

Joe: Marilyn, you need someone-

Marilyn: No!

Doctor: We'll keep her sedated for the next 48 hours. She should make a full recovery. This was in her room.

(Door shuts)

Marilyn: I'm sorry...

Pat Newcomb: No, she cannot report for work today. Bronchitis and a fever. I do know how many days she's been unable to- What...? It's a chronic condition. And she's so sorry for the inconvenience she's causing the studio.

Marilyn: Ask him if he knows what guilt feels like.

Pat Newcomb: I'll call you later, Al. They're gonna sh**t around you.

Marilyn: My mother looked so tiny in that bed... Like she was the child. Don't blame yourself for what happened.

Marilyn: She did it because of me - So I'd be "free" of her. (Phone rings) I don't want to talk to anyone.

Pat Newcomb: Hello. One moment please. (Whispers) Marilyn.

Marilyn: Hmm. Marilyn, it's the white house.

Marilyn: The president?

Pat Newcomb: Ken O'Donnell. (Nervous, then preparatory exhale) Hi, Kenny! Oh, I'd love to! Yes, I'll- Thank you! Okay, I'll talk to you soon! They're having a gala for Jack, may 19th, Madison square garden, and I'm going to sing "happy birthday!"

Pat Newcomb: What?!

(Excited squeals and laughing)

(Crowd laughs)

Msg stagehand: Oh, I'm so sorry. I'll-I can get more.

Marilyn: Oh, that's okay, sweetie. I just hope I told them the right key.

Peter Lawford: ...This young lady I'm about to introduce is not only pulchritudinous but for the first time... Punctual.

(Crowd laughs)

Marilyn: It's a joke. They're making fun of me because I'm always late.

Msg stagehand: They really shouldn't do that.

Marilyn: Oh, it's okay. I'm letting them. You keep a good thought for me.

Msg stagehand: Sure. Bye.

Peter Lawford: ...There has been no one female who has done more, who has meant so much to so many, and who epitomizes the-

(loud cheering and applause)

Marilyn: Well, how do ya like that? Fired! Fired for doing my patriotic duty for our commander-in chief.

Pat Lawford: Suing for damages... What are you gonna do?

Marilyn: Well, you would have thought I would've at least heard from him. I sent him a watch. A gold Rolex, and I had his initials engraved in it.

Pat: He doesn't wear fancy watches.

Marilyn: Well, he could've at least acknowledged it! I mean, you know, I get it, he's too busy to-to-to talk. But, I mean, so send a note, Pat, just send a note!

Pat: What do you want from him? Huh?

Marilyn: Well, I mean, is that how you treat somebody that you love? Pat, I'm just- Well, I'm just looking for a little respect...

Pat: Stop living in a dream world!

Marilyn: Well...

Pat: No, you were with him for a weekend. That was it. It's no different than the hundreds of girls he's had before you and the hundreds he'll keep on having. He doesn't love you! He doesn't now, he never has and he never will! He told me. It's all in your head, and the sooner you understand that, the sooner you can go on living your life. Quit the booze and quit the dr*gs. It's driving the people who do love you crazy. Do it, Marilyn! Do it, Marilyn! Or I'm quitting you! Hey! Look, if he told you he doesn't love me it's because he's keeping it from Jackie! Oh! Oh, what do you know?! Why would he tell you anyways?! He wouldn't!

(Waves lap)

Joe: Where is she?

Mrs. Murray: (She stutters) I-Oh...

(Door burst open)

Joe: Get rid of those pills and clean this place up.

Mrs. Murray: She's like a child.

Joe: You listen to me: If you can't do it I'll find someone else that can. Clean it up.

Marilyn: Joe and I are going to Florida next week.

Alan: So you're back together?

Marilyn: Oh... we'll see. But first I... Well, my agents patched things up with Fox. I just signed a two-picture deal for a million bucks... Oh, and they put "something's got to give" back on track.

Alan: Hm. Sounds like things are looking up. (Sighs) I want them to get even better. Do you think you can help me?

Alan: Do you think I can? You're different from Dr. Greenson. You don't tell me what to do. (Small laugh) You just listen and you don't judge me. I like that. I want to continue with you. I want to continue with you too.

(Door squeaks open)

Alan: So, Tuesday, three-thirty. My office. And Marilyn, don't be late.

Marilyn: (Laughs) Goodbye Dr. DeShields.

Alan: Goodbye.

(Exhales, door squeaks shut)

(Liquid sloshes)

(Glass clinks)


(Pills rattle)


(Covers rustle, restless moaning)

(Labored breathing)

(Dial tone)

(Rotary rattles)

(Soft exhale)

(Receiver thuds)



(Soft exhale)


(Waves lap)

Marilyn: Do you remember I bought you ice cream cone here once.

Gladys: You got it for free. But it's the thought that counts.

Marilyn: Do you remember how we used to-

Gladys: No, stop, stop. You know, remembering is what made us both so unhappy. Don't think about the past. The past is over, it's done. Don't think about the time that we've lost. We're here now. And I want you to get better.

Marilyn: Does that mean you love me? Do you do love me just a little?

Gladys: From the very first minute. (Kiss) I saw a house for sale. A little cottage. Kind of a fix-me-upper. And uh... but it has room for horses, and a garden.

Marilyn: Can I see it?

Gladys: Of course you can. You're the one with all the money.

Marilyn: Oh, we could fix it up together. It's be like-

Gladys: Hm-hm. We'll see the stars. We can count them.

Marilyn: Yes. We're gonna count the stars.

Gladys: Yes, my sweet Norma Jeane.

Marilyn: I love you, Mother.

Gladys: I love you, baby.

(Waves lap)
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