01x07 - St. Luke's

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Proof". Aired: June 2015 to August 2015.
"Proof" is a fascinating series in which a brilliant surgeon searches for proof of life after death.
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01x07 - St. Luke's

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[Rain pattering]

[Thunder rumbles]

You know, I read this place is supposed to be seriously haunted.

We better stay close, then.

A lot of people say they've seen him.


Joshua Butler, the ghost.

It was all in the file.

What file?

I thought we came here to make out.

Apparently, he was a sailor who was going in for a drink at a bar, and this woman smiled at him.

And Joshua smiled back. You know, just smiled.

Big mistake.

Especially in 1910.

Get back here, boy!

When he got up to leave, the woman's husband and a bunch of his friends were waiting for him.

For smiling.

[Men shouting]

He tried to run away, but they chased him right down that hill.

Don't let him get away!

He was running for his life trying to get inside the church.

I guess he figured it would be safe there.

[Shouting continues]

But just before he got to the door, the mob, they grabbed him, and they dragged him to that tree over there.

Move your feet, boy!

Yeah! String him up!

The priest ran out of the church trying to help, but it was too late.

[Indistinct shouting]

[Joshua gagging]

[Sighs] Kind of a buzzkill, Soph.


How come you know all this stuff?

I got it from my mom.

She's looking into that kind of thing.

Thought you said she was a doctor, like your dad.

Oh, I mean like a hobby.

Like, she's interested in that kind of thing.

We both are.

That's how I know about the whole ghost of Joshua story.

So, I'm freezing my butt off here for a ghost?

[Both chuckle]


What was that?

I don't know.

Maybe Joshua wants to party.

Wade, cut it out.


Wade, seriously, stop.

That wasn't me.

[Rattling continues]


Seriously, that was not me.

Run. Go. Head for the gates.




This is private property, you little shit!

I'm sorry. Ugh!

Sophie: A-are you okay?


What did you do?

Nothing. I didn't h*t him.

[Siren wails]

Good, good, that's... That's what we'll tell the cops.

Wade, I'm serious. I didn't touch him.

[Breathing heavily]

My daughter? Sophie Barliss?

Is she okay?

I'm fine.

Dr. Tyler? Dr. Barliss?

What is going on?

Your daughter told us we'd find you here.

She was involved in an incident outside the old St. Luke's Church.

I didn't do anything.

What kind of incident?

The security guard alleges she as*ault him, knocked him out.


You're kidding, right?


Look, he's the one who should be locked up.

He att*cked Wade.

Who's Wade?

That would be me.

Sophie's boyfriend.

Dad, we're just friends.

Really? I thought we were a little more than that.

You did?

You know what? We can talk about that later.

Woman: I need one of you give me your information.

We'll look into it and let you know how we're gonna proceed.

I'll do it.


So, exactly what were the two of you doing at that old church at night?


Ghost hunting.

What did you say?

We were looking for a ghost.

We can finish this later.

Wade, I'm sure your parents have been notified.

Sophie, you're going home.




I don't know why you're so bent out of shape.

I told you, I didn't tell Wade anything about your Turing investigation.

It's not just that.

Be honest with me. Did you h*t that guard?

What? Mom, no.

How could you think that I would do that?

You shoved that girl at school. You snuck out to go to the party.

I mean, I don't... I don't know what you're capable of anymore.

Mom, it wasn't me. I swear.

I really think it was...

You know what? Never mind.

No, finish. What were you gonna say?

What's the point? You're not gonna believe me.

Try me.


I think it could have been the ghost.

The ghost.

The one from the file.

Wait a minute. You went into my Turing files?

That's what this is about?

Okay, yes. Look, I'm sorry.

It's just, you're always so busy at the hospital or investigating one of those files.

I thought maybe I could do one for myself.

You know, figure out if any of it's true.

Why are you so interested?

Same reason as you.

Because if any of that stuff is real, it means we could have a chance to see Will again.

Sophie, that's not why I'm doing this. I told you, it's...

Medics International, yeah.

Look, mom, I really think there's something out there at the church.

A ghost.


Look, come with me and check it out yourself. You'll see.

Look, I've got back-to-back surgeries for the next couple of days, and I'm gonna be working late. Your father's busy, as well, so you're not going anywhere except to your grandparents.

What? Wait, you're sending me to Grandma and Grandpa's?

Yeah, someone's got to keep an eye on you.

I mean, you're on complete lock-down until we sort this thing out with the police.

I mean, besides, I really don't see the point in going back to that church.

If Ivan Turing asked you to do it, you'd be there in a minute, but me, I must be making it up.

I'm sorry, Soph, but...

I really don't believe in ghosts.

Big surprise. You don't believe in anything.



Okay, so what have we got?

b*llet points, preferably.

Well, I looked into it, but I thought you rejected this case.

You said you didn't want any more ghost stories.

I changed my mind.

My daughter thinks that there might be something here, so I wanted to check it out.


Well, St. Luke's Church was built shortly after the Civil w*r.

It hasn't been used in years.

A restaurant chain bought it recently, and they're planning on turning it into a gastropub, but the construction workers are refusing to work on it.

Well, that makes sense.

The last thing this city needs is another gastropub.


The workers think the church is haunted.

Some of them claim to have seen the ghost of Joshua Butler.

Zed: It says here the sightings have increased recently after the church was sold.

Okay, well, let's go inside.

It's locked.

Oh. Well, the... The construction crew has a trailer over in the parking lot.

Somebody must be able to help.

I'll go with you.


Dr. Tyler?

I dropped Ivan's name, so they're sending a foreman over with a key, but he is stuck at another site, so he can't be here for about an hour.

I can't wait that long. I've got to pick up Sophie.

I've got a ton of patient notes to review.

You two can handle this, right?

You want us to do the investigation?

Is that a problem?

Good. Let me know what you find.

[Knock on door]

[Footsteps approaching]

Hi, Mom. Um, give me a minute.


Oh, you must be Sophie's mom.

Hi, I'm yours.

I get it, Mom. I will try to come by more often, but really, right now, I got to get going.

I know, you really got to get going.

Come on, you can't just wait and see your father?

He's just out for his run.

Okay, I'm ready. Thanks, Grandma.

Oh, thank you.

You ought to get in trouble more often.

See you soon.

Oh, I doubt that.

I'll try. Okay?

Hey, Carolyn!

Hi, Dad.

What, are you taking her away already?

What's the hurry?

Sorry, Grandpa. Mom has to go.

Oh, yeah. And what's your excuse?

So, how many miles did you do today?

10 klicks, my usual. Mm-hmm.

You? Still running?

Yeah. Well, when I can fit it in.

You know, I've been kind of busy at the hospital lately.

Yeah, good, good.

I'm gonna go shower.

Yeah, I should probably get...

Good to see you, too.

This must have been beautiful once.

Janel: It's sad.

Think about all the life events that happened here.

Baptisms, weddings.

Funerals. [Chuckles]


Now it's gonna be nothing but pumpkin beer and truffle fries.

Wait a minute.

Do you feel that?


It's cold.

Right there.


It does feel colder there.

There's a theory that for ghosts to manifest, they have to draw energy in the form of heat from the environment.

That's why haunted places can feel unusually cold.

[Door creaks]

What about wind?

There's no theory about that.

I suppose it could be evidence, too.

Uh, a form of rapid energy dispersal caused by a manifesting apparition.

Or it's just...


Your turn. What do you need?

I thought you'd like to hear what we found at the church.

Right, the ghost. Tell me.

Well, there's not much to tell.

There was a cold spot, and then the wind blew a door shut.

As I said, nothing to speak of.

Okay, well, I guess that's enough to tell Sophie we tried.


Given Mr. Turing's interest in ghostly phenomenon, Janel feels like it could be worth further study.

And since this is one of Mr. Van Owen's files, perhaps he could help us try...

Excuse me, Dr. Tyler.

I need to speak to you right away.

You know what? It's your case. You do whatever you want.

I got to go deal with whatever this is.

Your father's in the E.R.


He may have had a heart att*ck.

What happened?

Nothing, nothing.

Your mother overreacted.

He had a sharp pain in his jaw, and his arm was numb.

It's not nothing. Okay? These are symptoms of a heart att*ck.

We did an ECG, chest C.T., blood work, started an I.V.

So far, he seems okay.

Okay, great. Well, let me have a listen.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

No, get away from me with that thing.

Now, Len already did all that.

Just give me some aspirin, send me home.

Great, the one person in the room without any medical experience is the one giving orders.

I want a full work-up on you.

Nuke, med study, troponin, angiogram, the works.

I'm having you admitted.

Oh, the hell you are!

Oh, the hell...

Virginia, get my pants.

If you're going home, you're going without me or your pants.

Len, come on, man. Help me out.

Len: Sorry, Colonel, when it comes to the heart stuff, your daughter gives the orders around here.

Oh, and who thought that was a good idea?

Maybe we should just transfer you to pediatrics.

It might be a better fit for you.

[Door opens, closes]


Zed: Thank you for coming.

Uh, we wanted to ask you about one of your files.

Joshua Butler, the merchant marine who was k*lled around the turn of the century.

Peter: Yeah, yeah, the church haunting.

It's an interesting case.

Why don't we order some hand sanitizer and wait for Dr. Tyler?

She's not coming, is she?


Ivan was very intrigued by your file and preferred to have someone of your exceptional talent and expertise research this case.

Rather than Dr. Tyler who, as you know, can be a close-minded skeptic at times.


You said in your file that this was a residual haunting.

Yes, it's when the energy that remains after a person dies traumatically, what some would call the soul, is separated from the body too quickly and it lingers, unable to move on.

Who are you?


Zedan Bedawi.

How can you prove that?

Is it in your DNA?

Your passport?

Or is it a process bonded to your cells?

And if it is, if the soul exists as an energy, how can it be destroyed?

You're talking about orchestrated objective reduction.

Yes, I am.

It says that our souls exist, neurologically speaking.


Our ghost was lynched.

He was seeking sanctuary and denied it.

This is a perfect recipe for a residual haunting.

So, you think those reports could be real.

Would you be willing to come to the church with us to find out?

[Chuckles] No. I'm not a ghost hunter.

But you say you can communicate with the d*ad.

Maybe you could reach this Joshua Butler.

I mean, it would be interesting to see if we could make contact, yeah.

But, no, I'm too busy. Sorry.

Maybe Dr. Tyler has some more discretionary free time.

You know, if you find anything intriguing, let me know, all right?

Sophie: So, how's grandpa doing?

We ran some tests.


And it turns out he's stubborn and opinionated and won't listen to a word I say.

Ha! Gee, I wonder what that's like.

Uh, I did listen to you, for your information.

Zed and Janel are out looking for your ghost right now.

You're kidding.

Don't get too excited.

They haven't found anything yet, but they are bringing in someone to help check it out.

Really? I-I want to go, too.

Well, how about you go visit your grandpa first?

I know you just saw them, but he's gonna be in the hospital for a few days, and it'll mean a lot to him.

[Sighs] Yeah, I will.


It's weird with him sometimes.

What do you mean? Weird how?

I don't know. I...

I feel like when they look at me, I know that they're thinking something's missing.

I think they look at me the same way.

Is that why you don't go?

Well, it's a little more complicated than that.

Do you think grandpa blames you?

I don't know.

What do you want to drink with dinner?

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Door closes]

[Camera shutter clicks]

What are you doing?

Oh, this is a full-spectrum camera.

It's very high resolution.

It can reveal things that can't be seen with the naked eye.

I think you might have wasted Ivan's money.

I read Mr. Van Owen's book last night.

He says a spirit will not appear on any camera unless it chooses to do so.

Okay, well, that's not what the people who sold me this camera said.

The book says that in order to contact the spirit, you have to concentrate, clear your mind, and call out to them by name.

[Camera shutter clicks]

I am here to speak with the spirit of Joshua Butler.



Joshua Butler, are you here?



Look at this.

What am I supposed to be looking at?



[Elevator bell dings]

[Indistinct conversations]

Hi, Dad. How are you feeling?

I feel like I want to get the hell out of here.

Where's Mom?

No reason for two people to be stuck here.

I told her to go downstairs, grab a bite to eat.

Well, I hear you've been refusing to take your meds.

You know what I want to know is how you people can give me meds, and you don't even know what in the hell is wrong with me, which, by the way, is nothing.

The dr*gs are to get your blood pressure under control so we can figure out if there is something wrong with you.

The only thing I need is some rest. And how can I get that with that damn machine beeping day and... [monitor beeps] No, the hell with it. I'm getting the hell out of here.

No, Dad. You have to keep the monitors on.

I'm going downstairs.

I'm gonna find your mother.

Lay back and be quiet and take your meds.

Oh, you like this, don't you? Giving your old man orders?

You know what? I am trying to help you.

You know, people come from all over the country to get my help.

Maybe they know something you don't.

Well, there it is, huh?

Just like when you were a little girl.

That Carolyn Tyler arrogance.

Oh, yeah. That how you were with Len?

No wonder he left.

All right, come on. Come on, I-I didn't mean that.

Look. Come on, I'll take the meds. Give me the meds. I'll take 'em.
How is your father's condition?

Same as yesterday and the 70 years before that.

How did the church go?

Was Van Owen any help?

Ah, he was too busy, but we did find something very interesting.

Janel took this photograph with a special camera that records images invisible to the naked eye.


What am I looking at?

We think that this reflection could be the glasses of Joshua Butler.

Ghosts still need glasses?


I think it might be worth it for you to go to the church and see for yourself.

When you have time, of course.

I'm sure you want to be here for your father.

Actually, I just happen to have some time right now.

[Rain pattering]

[Thunder rumbling]


[Door closes]

Oh, I'm sorry.

I wasn't expecting anyone to be here.

You are real, aren't you?


As far as I know.

Did... did you come here to pray?

'Cause as you can see, this place hasn't had a collection plate passed around in quite some time.

Well, actually, I'm... I'm here for my daughter.

She said she had some encounter with a ghost, so I told her I would check it out.

What about you?

Oh, the company buying this place is threatening to pull out, and the archdiocese is worried that they're gonna lose the sale, so they sent me to perform an exorcism.

You still do that?

Yeah, if it helps close escrow. [Chuckles]

So you're catholic.



I was never fond of that term.

Makes it seem like you're expired milk.

What word would you use?

Oh, I don't know.

Re-evaluating, maybe.

Kind of like when you need a break from a relationship to see it more clearly.

I'm guessing that's not holy water.

Close. It's Macallan, 25-year-old. Are you sure?

I'm on call.

So you're a doctor.

What kind?

Cardiothoracic surgeon.

Oh, a heart surgeon.

A heart surgeon looking for ghosts.

[Chuckles] That's a new one.

Well, I just... I told my daughter I would look.

I don't really believe in ghosts.

I don't, either.

Except, of course, for the holy ghost.

And to be honest, even that one has been a little iffy for me sometimes.

W-what about miracles and, like, water into wine, raising of the d*ad, that sort of thing?

I believe in humanity 'cause aren't we all God's miraculous creation?

I mean, look at yourself.

Your skills are the difference between life and death every day.

Well, that's medicine, not a miracle.

No, it's faith.

That's faith that your patients have in you, that you have in the skill that you've been given.

My father would say that's arrogance.

Don't you think he'd be proud?

It's never felt like it.

I mean, it's never enough, no matter what things I've accomplished.

And yet, you have.

[Sighs] Faith in ourselves.

For some of us, that's a hell of a lot harder than faith in God. [Chuckles]

Len: Oh!

[Both laugh]


Okay, here we go. Here we go.


Oh! Man!

Announcer: Player 1 wins!

You got to be kidding me! [Laughs]

You know, for a, uh, surgeon, I would have thought you had faster thumbs, my friend.

Ah, yeah, yeah, Colonel.

I tell you, next time, I'm bringing my hockey game, and you're gonna be my bitch.

Oh, talking smack, huh?

[Both laugh]

Hey, Len, I missed this, man.

Yeah, me too.

I wanted to come by.

And why didn't you?

Oh, come on, James.

I was embarrassed.

For what?

Oh, Virginia and I don't blame you for the breakup.

No, no, no. We know how Carolyn can be.

Wait a minute.

Losing a child and losing our grandchild...

That's the worst thing that can happen to anybody.

But still, that's no reason for her to shut you out just when you needed each other the most.

Hold on. That's not what happened.

She never told you?

Told us what?


Oh, man.

Losing Will wasn't the only reason we broke up.

What are you talking about?

It was before the accident. I did something stupid.

I let her down, and I don't think she'll ever trust me again.

A woman.

I'm sorry. I-I thought she told you.

No, she didn't tell us.

I wonder why she wouldn't tell us that.

I don't know. Maybe with everything that happened, she didn't want to burden you with that, too.

I think you better leave.

[Thunder rumbles]

It's been a while, hasn't it, since you've been to church?

Well, I've been.

It was a year ago.

I just... Couldn't go in.

To a funeral.


It's never too late to light a candle.

I know.

Do you blame God?

It's hard to blame something that you don't believe in now.

The truth is, I blame myself more.

And I'm not the only one.

I could absolve you of your sins, but I don't think it would do any good.

What's the point of God forgiving you if you refuse to forgive yourself?

Sometimes I think we cling to blame because the real truth is just too hard to face.

Which is?

There is no big, meaningful reason why someone we love is taken from us.

It just happens.

[Woman speaks indistinctly over P.A.]

[Monitor beeping]

Virginia: Carolyn, what's wrong?

Maybe nothing, but he's getting frequent PVC's.

Well, what did the test results say?

Well, I thought he was gonna need a stent, but the angiogram showed extensive multi-vessel disease.

Oh, God.

And his troponin has tripled in the last hour.

He needs surgery, Mom, as soon as possible.


I'm scheduling your father's surgery for this afternoon.

Um, do you have a preference on who does the procedure?

Anyone you want from the department should be fine.

Good, I was thinking Dr. Zelman.

[Scoffs] What?

He went to med school in Grenada.

And he did his residency at Yale, and I had to outbid the Mayo clinic to get him here.

Okay, how about, uh, Dr. Clarke?

I don't know.

I'm not sure his head's in the game. He's going through a tough separation.

Well, so are you. But fine. Dr. Anderson.

[Scoffs] Have you seen that man eat?

All right, you know what?

It's a miracle that anyone survives in this hospital when they don't have you doing their surgery.

I know.

Okay. Zelman.

But I want Zed in there assisting.

Done. And, Carolyn?

Your father's gonna be fine.

Peter: So, where exactly were you standing when you took the photograph?

Oh, right... Right about here.



Good. You stay.

So, the ghost must have been right about...


That's right.

[Door squeaks]

Mr. Van Owen?


Mr. Van Owen?


I think this is how our ghost has appeared and disappeared.

These old churches had old rooms like this so that priests could come and go with a flair of mystery.


So much for transdimensional spectral phenomena.

Did you figure this out with your psychic powers?

As a matter of fact, I did.

That and a client of mine is an architectural historian.

Hey. Excuse me?


You know that I'll be reporting this back to Dr. Tyler.

Doesn't it sort of undermine the basis of your livelihood?

Not at all.

In fact, it's important to weed out the fakes so that the real ones are that much more convincing.

Make sure you tell her that, too, huh?

[Doctor speaking indistinctly]

[Monitor beeping]

Why aren't they closing?

We've run into some complications.

What kind of complication?

One of the bypasses has poor flow.

We've run out of conduit, but we're going to redo it with a gastroepiploic artery.

Is his B.P. holding?

He's had some dips, but he's stable for the moment.

Okay. What about Zelman?

He's doing exceptional work, Dr. Tyler.

It is as if you're in there yourself.

I should get back.

Tell me.

They're still working on him, but everything's fine.

Oh, don't give me that crap. It's taking much longer than it should.

I can handle the details.


There was more damage to the left ventricle than we thought, and they're working on adding another bypass graft.

That's all I know so far.

Is it a-a saphenous vein, or are they using some other arterial conduit?

Actually, they're gonna use a gastroepiploic artery.


It's a relatively rare technique, Mom.

How did you know about that?

Oh, well, I... you know, I still keep up with the medical journals, so...


So, why did you give it up?

I mean, you could have gone back to school after the w*r.

You could have become a doctor.


It wasn't right for me at the time, not once I got pregnant with you.

Family was always more important to me.

Well, I know it doesn't seem like it sometimes, but it's important to me, too.

Well, then, why do you continue to shut us out?

Ever since Will d*ed.

I don't know.

Oh, come on, Carolyn. You never did anything without a reason.

I know Dad blames me for what happened.

Honey, it was an accident.

Nobody was to blame, certainly not you.

Then why doesn't it feel that way?

Is that why you never told us about Len?

Did you think we'd blame you for that, too?

How did you know about that?

Len told your father.

What... he did? What happened?

Your dad threw him out of the room.

Lucky for Len, he was hooked up to all those monitors, or God knows what would have happened.

He loves Len.

He loves you more, and he would sacrifice anything or anyone for someone he loves that much.

[Scoffs] "That much"?

Come on, Mom.

You know Dad and I never got along.

I mean, he wanted an obedient child, and that just wasn't me.

It wasn't him, either.

Do you know why you never met your father's parents?

Of course. They d*ed before I was born.

That was a lie that we told you.

When your father told them that he was marrying me, a white girl, they were furious.

They tried to talk him out of it, and then...

And then they made him choose.

It was me or them.

Oh, my God, Mom.

And then when you were born, he... he sent them a picture of you, and every year after that on your birthday, he did the same thing.


He never heard back.

[Monitor beeping]

I'm curious.

Why did you do it?

Uh, could you be more specific?

You told my father about what happened with us, with you.

Yeah, well, I would have done it sooner, but I kind of thought you'd taken care of that.

You didn't have to, you know.

Yeah, I know.

But isn't confession the first step toward absolution?


I know he sometimes acts like it, but my father is not God.

Well, I confessed to him, too, so I'm hoping I got that covered.

Now if I could just make it through the next step.

You mean penance?

That's a tough one.

I'm still trying to work through that myself.

Cat, don't you think you've done enough of that already?

[Indistinct conversations]


Mom, mom, we have people here to do that, you know?

You mean you had some. Your father chased 'em all away.

Oh, well, I guess that means you must be feeling better.

You're damn right I am.

So when can I get the hell out of here?

Trust me, everyone at this hospital is looking forward to that day just as much as you.

Hey, you know, Sophie came to visit this morning.

Mm, she's a good kid, Carolyn, and she's had a tough year.

I know. We're doing the best we can.

Well, we can help with that.

Even teenagers need their grandparents.

I promise we'll both come by a lot more often.

That's good. Good.

That'll be nice for your mother.

What about you?

I'll be there. [Laughs]

If I'm not out running.

You could join me, if... if you want to.

You always told me you liked to run alone.

Well, it wouldn't hurt to have a first-class heart surgeon by my side.

It's a date.

That's good.


Get the hell out of here.

You've got work to do.

Yes, sir.

Here, let me help you with that dressing.

No, no, don't touch it. Don't touch it.

Oh, stop.

Don't touch it.

Don't start with me.

[Door opens, closes]

Oh, hey, Mom.

Hi, Soph.

Hey, great news.

Looks like we found your ghost.

Well, actually, my team did, with the help of a very famous psychic.

You're kidding. Really?

Mm-hmm. Check it out.

Oh, my gosh, that's Joshua Butler.

Go to the next one.

I don't understand.

His name is Samuel Garvey. He's a squatter.

He's been living in the church for months.

He knew about the Joshua Butler ghost story, so he dressed like him so he could scare people away from his home.

So he's the guy who h*t the security guard.

He confirmed your story to the police.

When the security guard grabbed Wade, Samuel thought Wade was in real danger.

He was just trying to protect him.

What's gonna happen to him?

They agreed not to press charges if he'd come with them to a shelter.

So, does that mean I'm off the hook?


Unless you want to tell me more about your boyfriend.

Wade, is it?

You know what? I think I left some school books up in my room, so...

Uh, hey, Mom?

You know how I said that you don't really believe in anything?

I was wrong.

I didn't do anything wrong.

You struck that boy, and we are not leaving here until you confess.

I only h*t him because he told sister Agnes that I took some sacramental wine.

As if that's not bad enough.

But I didn't do it. He was lying. Why don't you believe me?

What have I told you about getting into fights, hm?

And this time in front of the church?

He deserved it.

And if he says it again, I'm gonna h*t him again.

You are a willful, arrogant child. How are you gonna get anywhere in life with that attitude?


Bless me, Father, for my dad thinks I've sinned.

Hello, Carolyn.

What can I do for you this time?

My dad, he thinks I did something wrong, but I didn't, Father.

He never takes my side.

Okay, tell you what. Why don't we skip the normal confession and have one of our little chats, okay?

Yes, Father.


Go ahead. I'm listening.
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