01x02 - The Secret Adversary - Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Partners in Crime". Aired: July 2015 to August 2015.*
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"Partners in Crime" is an adaptation of two detective novels by Agatha Christie and a part of the 125th anniversary celebrations. "Partners In Crime" is an adventure series with espionage and humour at its heart. Set in 1950s Britain, our beekeeping duo, Tommy and Tuppence, stumble into a world of m*rder, undercover agents and cold w*r conspiracy.
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01x02 - The Secret Adversary - Part 2

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I don't mean to be funny, but it is basically an insect.

Tiffin, get away from the hive!

You need to get a job, Tommy.

Someone is trying to k*ll me, Jane.


All I'm asking is you carry a package to London.

Are there any sandwiches?

You said you reported Jane missing straightaway.

I spoke to an Inspector Brown. I told him the whole story.

Brown, you say?

My department got a tip-off that this Brown had been activated by Russia...

An assassin.

.. and would be making his move in the next few weeks.

It's just a wig, and some make-up.

Any time you want to play the part at home.

Tommy, stop it.

We're trying to find a missing girl, remember.

The recording that identifies Brown.

Did he pass the recording to Jane before he was k*lled?

And if so, where is she now?

The initials RV.


Rita Vandemeyer.

Well, wish me luck.

Here, wait a minute, are you a member?


Rita: Just some girl doing some typing.

Come here.

Haven't we met before?

I think we've got someone here who doesn't belong.

I've worked in a few places -- perhaps our paths have crossed before.

Perhaps they have.

(Doorbell rings)

Who the hell is that?

You might think twice before you do that.

And tell me why?

He's Drennan.

You're Drennan?

Go on, tell him.


Clement Drennan?

It's no big deal.

No big deal.

The man with the money.

Why the hell didn't you say?

(Doorbell rings)

Look. Who is it?

A friend of mine.

What friend?

A judge friend. Is that a crime?

A judge? Rita, are you mad?

He likes opera and he likes me. What's wrong with that?

He's a fan?

He's a man of education and taste.

And he's d*ad if he interferes.

(Doorbell rings)

'Mrs Vandemeyer, are you there?'

Hide this, then.

Something to get close to our American friend.

Put it in his coffee.

Rita, are you all right?

Go down the f*re escape.


Just coming, James.

(Door opens)


Come in.

Oh, James!

You said you'd been practising for something? I'm dying to know.

It's a secret, I told you.

Secret, between friends?

Best china. All the trimmings.

Where did you find this recording, James?

I sang the aria in act four to perfection.

Thank you. - Thank you.

The overture is a touch fast but never mind...

Do sit down.

Take a seat, Mr Drennan.

Thank you.

Clement Drennan.

Well, well, well.

We meet at last.

Brown has kept you very quiet.

Don't you worry, Mr Drennan. We'll look after you.

Thank you.

We're here to look after you. I'm Trixie. - Hello.

We're going to have so much fun.

Excuse me.

So what are we doing, half an hour or the full works? - Er... have you seen this girl? She's been missing for weeks.

She needs my help.

You aren't Drennan, are you?

No, I'm just a friend.

Well, there's something going on.

They've got a new girl in the basement that we're not allowed to see.

I got a thump for even asking about her.

Man: Annette? Annette?!

Room ten.

You have to go through nine to get at it.

Mr Drennan?!

Ah, there you are.

Thought we'd lost you.

Mr Drennan's our new boy, acting for the Soviet contact... so look smart.

Treat him nice, and Annette, fix us some drinks, will you?

Pleased to meet you.


Oh, thank you.

You lot could learn from Mr Drennan.

Damn it, we all could.

Brown says you're one of the best criminal minds in the country.

Well, I wouldn't go that far.

Nonsense -- that's why you're here.

Brown says the assassination is just the start.

We've got to be ready for what comes after.

I thought I'd told you to fix some drinks.

Let's have some music.

(Chattering in background)

Replace it again, all right?

No, I'm sorry, all right.

I'm sorry. Just think about it...

Don't mug me off.


This yours?


Think about it. Give it some thought, all right?


I understand. I won't forget it.

Fancy a little game of something?

Get to know each other.

Gin rummy... all right for you?

Double stakes?

Yeah, fine.

What about those bloody drinks?!

Oh, it's here...

Eyes down, gents.

All right, boss, feeling lucky?


Yeah, how's Archer Street? Still sweet?

Very nice, thank you, yes.


As I'll ever be.

Don't skin me too bad, will you?

Excuse me, I need to go and use the lavatory.


Khazi's this way.

I stumbled in, they think I'm this man, and...

Lucky for you, the real Drennan can't get a train down till tomorrow, and I took the call.

Well, if you show me the front door, I'll...

You'll what?

I'll leave.


I can see some fun here.

What do you mean?

I work for the highest bidder.

If you want me to stay quiet, it's going to cost you.

You'd better lose the ring. Drennan ain't married.

Oh, and lighten up a bit. The khazi's downstairs.


Music: La Donna E Mobile by Giuseppe Verdi

Excuse me for a moment, James.

'Best performance in the role of Cho-Cho-San since Rosina Storchio's original in Milan in 1904. I was attracting admirers from far and wide. I, of course, had my fair share...'

(She continues to type)

(Music continues)

(Music continues)

(Cat yowls)

(Oh, bloody hell!)

Kelly, is that you?

Just your cat.

(Cat screeches)

(Cat purrs)

Must be terrible to be a maid.

No better prospects.

I like it.

I wasn't asking whether you liked it, I was just remarking what a blight it is.

People like you, the bottom of the heap... you should thank me.

Thank you?

For picking you up from the gutter, giving you a job.

Thank you.

(Cat purrs)


Oh, there you are.

.. do you remember La Scala, 1939?

All right, sweetie?





I can see I'm going to need to keep my eye on you.

Can you open this door?

You don't seem to be listening. Your time's up.

Now if you want me to keep your little secret here, you'd better start looking to pay me, hmm?

And I hope you're feeling loaded, cos there's that cash they're expecting from Drennan too.

What cash?

You really need to do your homework before you go round impersonating people.

He's bringing money down from the Soviet contact up north. Hmm?

Oh, you're in a lot of trouble, aren't you?

What are you doing?

I'm doing you a favour.

Someone wants to ask him a few questions.

I told you to look after him.

Where's the money? Anyone asked him that?

He brought me down here, said you were holding some girl.

I never said that.

I don't know what's going on but there's something not right about him.


We have had our suspicions.

Now wait a minute...

This room's out of bounds.

He's lying.

Don't look at me like that.

Search him.

You've got this the wrong way around, I'm Brown's man.

Brown doesn't think so. Brown says you're just working for yourself.

Any chance to grab a bit of extra cash.

It's not mine. I got it from him. He's having us on.

He's not who he says he is.

I've never seen that before.

He's lying. I'm telling you, he's lying.

Always knew there was something about you, McKeown.


Conrad, do your worst.

(Mckeown chokes)

(He gasps)

(He groans)

(Neck snaps)


Sorry you had to see that.

Now about this thousand pounds...

I was told to meet you first, bring it tomorrow.

All right... let's drink to that.

As you can see, we run a very tight ship here, but even a ship needs oiling.

'I'll never forget the way he looked at me...'

Music: Habanera from Carmen by Georges Bizet She failed...

She h*t a B flat.


The audience was transfixed.


(Music continues)

(Rita laughs)

(Keys clatter)

Don't be alarmed.

It must be strange working for a woman like Rita.

Only she had better not catch you snooping.


James Peel, KC.

I think you'd better take my card, don't you?

Or do I need to use Carter's codeword?

200 -- all out.

You're working for Carter?

There are lots of us looking for Brown, and Rita may well be the key.

Brown's been in contact with her -- she got a package.

What sort of package?

Oh, there you are.

I was just asking your maid if she'd hail me a taxi.

I see.

I'll get one for you right away, sir.

Sorry I have to leave so soon. It's been a wonderful...

(Footsteps thud)

Oh, it's you.



A little.

I'm just on my way to pick up some papers from the court.

Walk with me.

So, Carter kept quiet about you, what are you, Foreign Office, MI5?

Not as such. That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

And Rita is unaware?

For the moment, yes, but the second you tell Major Carter, he'll put a stop to it.

I just think, as her maid, I can see things. I can overhear things.

Probably getting nearer than me, I actually hate opera. Ballet is much more my thing.

Brown has already made contact with her, and the message said something about "our American friend" -- could that be the target?

All right, you have another day, but as soon as you get anything concrete, we have to go to Carter.

Report to me often, and the minute you feel unsafe and out of your depth...


And here's a tip about our friend Rita -- she likes a gin in the afternoon. Sometimes she sleeps.

Thank you.

Top-up, Mr Drennan?

(Jazz music plays)

Yeah, yeah, it's all right. It's all right.

I'm not having that. I'm not having it.

But these guys don't think we can do it.

Brown has to be the one that pulls the trigger.

Any one of us could.

It's the way the Soviets want it.

But what happens when the CIA realise they've lost their man?

We'll be nowhere near. Right, Drennan?


About time.

I think I should do it.

This key will get you into room ten.

No, no.

(Woman giggles)

No, listen to me.

No, you listen to me.

Right, let me tell you straight...

(Door slams)

Had enough?

No, I was just...

I have, more than enough.

You know, you're not what I expected...

(He laughs)

.. but I like you.


Come on, one for the road.

(Owl hoots)

(She snores)

(Door opens)

(Shoes squeak)

(Door slams)

(Dog barks)



(Dog pants)

What time is it?


Firstly, you've been drinking and we promised we wouldn't drink on the job.

Secondly, I've been so worried about you.

(He snores)


(She sighs)

(Dog barks)

Slowly. Oh!

(She exhales)

Get off!

Plan B?


Are you completely insane?

At least you're awake.

I feel like I'm in trouble.

Why, actually, am I in trouble?

You aren't in trouble.

You have lipstick on your collar, you reek of perfume -- you are in a bit in trouble.

[TOMMY SIGHS] Lipstick, where...?

Now, wait a minute...

I'm waiting.

It was one of those places, you know.

I don't know.

One of those Soho places.

Oh, Tuppence, think about it.

I am thinking about it.

I am thinking about it very hard...


They're not putting Jane Finn to work?

No, it's just the place where they meet.

There's a room downstairs in the basement -- that's where they're holding Jane.

Did you see her?

Just her back, but it's definitely her.

I couldn't get through the door, but now I have... this.

How did you get that?

One of the, er, you know, one of the girls, she was... very friendly, and...

Was she?

They thought I was this guy Drennan, and...

Could you... could you pass the towel?

So, what have we got?

The recording is still out there and hidden, otherwise they would have k*lled Jane already.

That's something.

What about the target?

He's American. Rita got a message from Brown about an "American friend".

An American, then. Do we know any more?

Rita was sent a package to help get close to him.

I think it's poison.

They're using Rita?

Where's your wedding ring?

Drennan isn't married, so I...


Where is the damn thing?

It's here somewhere.

I hope you haven't lost it.

Of course I haven't lost it, I just...

Did something else happen in that house that you haven't told me about?

(He exhales)

Maybe you should go and lie down.

Tuppence, do you think we might be out of our depth?

Why do you say that?

These men... they're dangerous, vile...

(She sighs)

What happened in there? You don't seem yourself.

I'm fine, I just...

(She sniffs)

Well, we have to be brave, then.

Our country needs us to stop Brown.

And just think of that poor girl.



I just had a thought.

What sort of thought?

About the target being American.

The US Secretary of State is flying into the country the day after tomorrow.

Could he be the target?

That's it.

Yes, but if you're right, the consequences could be very alarming.

The death of the Secretary of State while in Britain would ruin relations with America.
(Bells chime)

And in this nuclear age...

I mean, the whole reason for his being here is to sign a treaty of mutual cooperation.

So Brown's timing is impeccable.

It's dreadful. If the CIA get wind even of the thr*at, well, the visit will be called off, and the treaty abandoned.

Is there some sort of connection with opera?

How do you know that?

That's supposed to be a secret, but, yes, yes, he's opera mad.

He likes to take in a performance every time he comes over.

And Rita Vandemeyer is singing -- the famous soprano.

There is a soprano booked.

That's how Brown is going to get to him.

Well, thank you.

Clearly, I'm going to have to act on this information, but, no more, Tommy. You go home now.

He has to go back in before the real Drennan arrives.

Are you out of your mind? Absolutely not.

No, he's a father, for God's sake... and a husband.

No, no. I've got it covered.

He's never going to pass for this man Drennan.

He has already. They've got a girl in that room in the basement.

If it's Jane...

You don't know that it's Jane.

This needs to be handled professionally and I will see to it.

He's got one chance if he can go back in tonight and all we need is some support.

Out of the question. I will get a trained operative in there.

She will be long d*ad by then, Uncle.

Thomas and Tuppence Beresford, will you listen to me?!

I am saying no, and that is absolutely the end of it!

Third floor will handle it from here.

We'll find that girl and the recording.

Erm... I hear George is playing Eton on Saturday.

Many fine cricketers at Eton.


I had a mind to go down.

We could go together in the motor, take a picnic?

That would be nice.

Clement Drennan is well known to the third floor.

Uncle Carter's holding back on us.

If he won't let us do it the official way...

What choice do we have?

Seems he runs a string of nightclubs up north.

History of money laundering, major and minor offences.

Alcoholic. He's been in prison for extortion and GBH.

Are you sure you can do this?

I just have to get through the door and into that room to get Jane out.

If we can delay the real Drennan from arriving, that is, and get the money.

Yes, any thoughts on that?

Plenty. Now, come on, we've got a train to meet.

(Train whistle bl*ws)

Now, one pill should give you about eight hours -- two should give you a full day.

And no lasting consequences?

None that I've come across.

It's still in the experimental stages.


That's him.

And what's the first thing any alcoholic does after a six-hour journey? Walks into a pub.

Maybe he's sobered up?

Wait for it, wait for it.

Come on. (Come on.)

Yes! Ha!

Still on the juice, then.

Good luck.

You remember it, don't you? The dogs.

Of course I do.

That's his name.

No, it was the other one.

Your prices are outrageous. Daylight robbery.

Oh, I'm so glad to see you, I was sat behind you on the train, only I think we were in the w*r together.

Was it North Africa?

Bugger off.

Are you sure? I... I could have sworn.

Only, there's a few of us and we like to meet up, so...

Listen, I don't know what your problem is, sunshine, but when I say...


What the hell?

Oh, I'm terribly sorry.

I'm so clumsy. Did I get anything on you?


Is there nowhere a man can drink his pint in peace?

Well done.

Goodnight, Mr Drennan. Sweet dreams.

Here, help you with that.

Oh, oh, you're an angel.

In fact, I think you're my angel.

Help, help! - Now, what's going on?

He just grabbed me.

She's from above. Oh, look at those little fairies.

Right, that's enough of that. Inside, you.

You're the one from heaven.

Do you think he'll ever go back to normal?

I don't know, we'd better tell Albert it has that effect.

He'll be a while in the cells, though.

You are ingenious, you know that?

Getting into my stride.


Let me see.

Where is it?

Watch out for the fairies, Constable...

Oh, boy!

(He grunts)

Bloody hell, have you seen what he's got in his pockets?

Damn it.

I can't go back in without it.

We need to find a thousand pounds.

I know. I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

He said if we had any expenses.

It's rather more than expenses.

This is all about finding his niece, remember. Plus he is a millionaire.

Maybe I should handle this.

Why? - Well, I think matters like this are better handled by a man.

Don't be absurd.

Well, all right, I think he can be a bit too friendly, a bit too American, if you know what I mean.

I don't know what you mean.

You know exactly what I mean.

Americans are all the same, any sight of a pretty woman.

Rich coming from a man who spent a night in a house in Soho.

Oh, so that's why you've been funny.

I'm not being funny.

Hey! You can't park there!

Tuppence! I've been trying to ring you. Any news?

Not yet, but we're hopeful.

I think we could be close to a breakthrough.

But if Jane is in there, then...

If we go in all g*n blazing, it'll get us nowhere.

But she's my niece.

So be outside.

Tommy needs someone to keep watch, and then when he brings Jane out...

You want me to stand and wait whilst Tommy takes the money into the house?

I know -- it isn't what you're used to, but Tommy is a professional.




Tommy, there you are.


Well, can you come over here?

Not really, no.


Julius, how are you?

He's going to help us, that's how he is.

We're all going to work together till we get Jane out.

Isn't that great?

Whoever did that needs a jolly good hiding.

Shall we?

How could you have agreed to that?

What was I supposed to say? He is stumping up one thousand pounds.

To get his niece back.

We led him to believe we were private investigators.

That was your idea. - You brought Albert onto the team, why is this different?

Albert is a nice person. Albert is modest.

We need someone to be your backup. I don't see what your problem is.

He's just so damn American. Full of how rich he is, and what he can spend it on.

Is that what this is about?

Well, what is it you British say? Let's get cracking.

Julius is going to Soho with you, Tommy.

I'm expected at Rita's in an hour.

Right. I'll keep an eye on the time. Ten minutes, all right?

Well, not literally ten minutes.

You said ten.

Listen, working together was Tuppence's idea.

How much time do you need?

I just need you to be accurate.

30 minutes.

And then I'll call the police.


I mean, you do understand how this works?

I am the private detective and you are the client.

Don't lose the money.


I'm here to meet the Spanish cousin.

All right?

The money?

Ah, yes. It's all accounted for.

Oi! What the hell do you think you're doing?

Who gave you that key?

I, er...

Oh, you have got some explaining to do, haven't you?

Absolutely. Of course. What an unexpected pleasure.

I don't want gin.

I have an important visitor arriving. I want you out of the way and not under my feet.

Shall I lay the tea things?

No, it's all done. Just complete the chapter. No distractions.

All I want to hear from you is the sound of your typewriter.

(Opera plays)

(Keys click)

Thank you, Albert.

(Clicking continues)

(Tape distorts)

(Clicking stops)

Kelly? Did I say you could take a break?

Just bl*wing my nose, Mrs Vandemeyer.

Well, don't. Blow it on your own time.

Absolutely, won't blow it again.

(Clicking resumes)

(Opera continues)

(Cat meows)


Bloody animal.

(Key clicking stops)

Another break?

The cat was meowing so I came to see what the matter was.

Oh, Henry?

Yeah. He seems very unhappy. Maybe he's hungry.

I just fed him.

What are you doing with my keys?

The typewriter was jammed, so I needed something to lever it open with.

(Clicking resumes)

You never were a maid!

You were always here to spy on me.

You are going to poison the US Secretary of State.

I've never heard anything so preposterous.

(Doorbell rings)

Rita -- it's me.

I'll hand you over to Brown -- he'll get the truth out of you.

I'll tell him you told me all your little secrets and I didn't even have to ask! The leaves in the locked room.

Oh, you, stay in there, and keep your trap shut.

I'll deal with you later.

You can't do this.

Any noise, and it won't be me you're dealing with.

You know the funny thing is -- I could almost like you.

But Brown...

That's the thing about Brown.

He sees things before anyone else.

He anticipates things.

He says, "Scratch your ear," and, "Oh, my God," you think, "I've got an itchy ear."

He says "Sneeze."

(He sneezes)

Away you go.

Do you get what I mean?

So why would Brown send me... this?

Maybe you have a leak somewhere, maybe it's something you need to fix.

You know... I think you got it in one.

Rita, are you mad? Brown thinks you've said too much to someone.

Just nerves. I haven't said anything.

That judge was here.

A friend.

A friend who loves opera.

I am fed up with this scrutiny.

Why don't you ever do as you're told?

Oh... I'm going to enjoy this.

Kelly! Kelly, open the door!

What have you done to the door? Kelly, open the door.

Kelly, open the door.

Move out the way, I'll break it down.


29 minutes and 31 seconds.

32, Mississippi.

33, Mississippi.

34, Mississippi.

Oh, to hell with this.

Yes, police.

3, 7, 9...

(Ringing tone)

Can I speak to Major Carter, Anthony Carter?

Yes, it's urgent.

(Police bell rings)

(Policemen shout)

Oi, you. Come here.

Get off me!

Don't touch me! Get off me!


Get off me!

Get in there! Come on, then!

Is there a girl named Jane there?

(Shouts continue)

(Muted shouting)

You almost have to laugh.

(Shouts continue)

You almost have to laugh.

I said -- you almost have to laugh.

All those blokes, trousers around their ankles.

Sorry, sir. Stay back, sir. Stay back, sir. Please stay back.

But I'm the guy that called you.

Please, sir.

OK. OK. - Thank you.

OK. All right.

(Police van drives away)

(Police bell fades)

There goes the cavalry.

Now where were we?

Let me see Jane again.

No. You tell me something first.

Who was your in?

Was it Rita? Is she our mole?

I'll never tell you that.

Oh, I think you might.


I found the poison Brown sent Rita.

You realise, Tuppence, we haven't even started on what the hell you were doing.

I understand that, Major, but I think maybe we should just...

What? What? Just skip over the pure bloody bollocking you deserve.

Pardon my French, James.

(Opera music plays)

Shall I?

Perhaps I should talk.

Run the whole operation, why don't you?

No, I just mean, she thinks I am a friend of hers.

Mrs Vandemeyer.

Mrs Vandemeyer. Just passing.

Thought I'd say hello.

(Opera music continues)

(Doorbell rings again)

Mrs Vandemeyer?

(Pounding on door)

Do you want me to break it down?

It's a pretty sturdy door, James.

Hold on.

Jane Finn's hairpin.

Where did you learn that trick?

Girl Guides. Everyone did.

You wait here.

(Applause on record)

(Record scratches)


(Record scratching stops)

(Cat growls)

(She screams)

Oh, Jesus!


I'm sorry you had to see that.


Because I'm a housewife or because it was an unpleasant thing to see?

I just meant...

No. I'm sorry.

I think you're anything but a housewife, I have to say.

From everything I've seen, Carter is mad not to put you on his books properly.

Hasn't done us any good, though, has it? We're no nearer.

Something may be found here that will help.

If Rita was in contact with Brown, as you say... - Look around.

There'll be nothing.

I feel like I'm beginning to understand him.

He isn't a man that likes to leave any trace.

In fact, he's always two steps ahead.

Well, he has been so far.

Oh, God.



Who's Tommy?

My husband. If Brown knew about Rita, then...

What about Tommy?

He's in the house in Soho.

The one I explicitly told him not to go back to.

Yes, that one.

What kind of "this is too dangerous" do you two not understand?

(He grunts)

(Footsteps approach)

Who is it? Who's there?

You don't have long.

There's a space on the roof, connects to another building.

What about Jane?

She kept saying "Anassa".

Wait. What's Anassa?

They're moving her, that's all I know.

It was you that replied to our advertisement in the newspaper, wasn't it?

The watch, the photographs, it was you?

Yes, but no more -- do you want me to get k*lled?

Julius, where's Tommy?

Exactly, where is Tommy?

What happened?

I don't know what happened.

I called the police like you told me to.

The police couldn't find Tommy or Jane.

So where are they?

I don't know where they are!

You're more stupid that we thought.

(Shouting and groaning)

You've run out of friends.

You see what'll happen.

So are you going to try and save her now, eh?

Get her in the car, will you?

What about him?

Brown says I was to deal with him here.

He isn't coming with us?

No. Just move it!

Come on.


Let's go through this one more time, shall we? The recording.

How much do you know?

What are you? Six foot one? Six foot two?

Heavy build, well, not too heavy, but... not too light.

There's an art to this, you know.

Hold him.

Any last words?

Pretty thoughts?

Please... I have a wife, a son.

Oh, haven't we all?

Keep still or I'll get the measurements all wrong, make it last longer.

(Phone rings)


Damn it!

Answer it. I can't concentrate now.

(Phone continues to ring)


It's Brown.

Watch him.


Yes, all right. Will do.

Seems your luck is in, Mr Beresford.

What's happening now?

Find him.

What do you want?

We want Mr Beresford to feel nice and motivated.


Brown's got a job for you... and you'll do it... if you love your son.


There is no stopping you, is there, Tuppence?

Absolutely not.

Jimmy, Oh!

It was just a cricket bat.

We have to warn Carter.

Stop! What are you doing?

You're up to something -- you've been odd ever since...

Look, for goodness' sake, get out of my way.

Explanation first.

A car like this needs to be handled by a man.

May I say, and I hope for the last time this week, please, Tommy, Tuppence, leave it to the professionals.
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