01x08 - Season 1, Episode 8

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "Spotless". Aired: November 2015 to April 2015.
Set in London, "Spotless" is the story of a troubled crime scene cleaner, Jean, whose tidy life is turned upside down when his outlaw brother Martin crash lands into his world, entangling them in the deadly dynamics of organized crime.
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01x08 - Season 1, Episode 8

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Previously on Spotless...

As of right now, I'm your lawyer.

You need to protect yourself, and the children.

How do you get someone to like you?

Well, you have to... you have to become irresistible.

What the f*ck?

He can just walk in here?

Make sure every component is completely destroyed.

Everything okay?

I can help.

Will you come in?

This can't happen again.

I don't do this.

Of course not.

f*ck this! I saved your life.

Veysel's d*ad.

His wife too.

Nelson ordered it.

After they were d*ad, one of them f*cked the corpse of the wife.



Now, what kind of a person does a thing like that?

I'm very squeamish.

I'll duck and cover if somebody gets a splinter.


You OK?

Jesus, Maureen...

He's still warm.

It... means there's something left if they're still warm, doesn't it?

He... he... he might still be able to hear us.

It always reminded him of being a kid.

I... I thought, if I played it...

Sam liked to travel.

He reckoned we had an obligation to experience as many people and places as possible.

What was his favorite?

Don't think he found it.

He was putting money away to travel to South America.

Down through Chili to the southern tip.

What changed?

Early onset Parkinson's.

It's just over a year since we got the diagnosis.

He couldn't face it.

He could face it.

Strong as a bow, Sam.

He just didn't want to put me through it.

Didn't want to burden me.

I'd have been with him, hell and high water.

Sickness and health.

We were joined.

I'm offended he thought I could see him as a burden.

Now that's how everyone will remember him.

"Sam Devine, Maureen's fella, the one who topped himself."

We should call it in.

There'll be cops and a medic.

None of the good stuff.

Nothing he did.

Just hung himself.

Emergency Services. Which service can I connect you with?



Can I help you?

I'm sorry, everything's fine.

He doesn't have to be remembered that way.

I can change it.

Be busy.

Do a stock take, call suppliers.

How long?

A few hours.

I'll give you a call from a call box once I've left.

You can come home and discover him.

Thank you.

You might have at least bought me dinner first.

You don't get to make jokes.

You broke Maureen's heart today.

Not that you're judging.

Should you be doing that in here?

It's not a riddle, mate, I'm d*ad.

You've really crossed the line, don't you?

No one has a g*n to your head this time.

No one's forcing you.

Boo hoo.

"Nelson made me do it."

Not this time.

This is different.

It's personal.

They all say that.

Al Capone.

Charlie Manson.

Maureen would have cared for you.

Nursed you.

You know that, right?

I know.

Then why did you do it?

You're selfish.

Oh, that's rich coming from you.

Have you told Julie how much danger she's in?

Not so talkative now, are you?


I don't want a m*rder's breath in my body.

I'm not a m*rder.

We both know that isn't true.

I need to reopen your lungs.

Have you earned the right to play God?

This is the best that you can do?

Fell asleep and drowned?

Domestic accident.

Could happen to anyone.

Even so.

You got petechial hemorrhages around your eyes and neck, they'll lead the coroner in the right direction.


It's not much of a death, is it?

It's not for you.

It's for Maureen.

Emotional blackmail is a c**t's trick.

I'm gonna drown you now, Sam.

Is this what you did with Capoue?

When you put him in the water?

Not exactly.

Why didn't you give Capoue a warning before you h*t him?



"Leave him alone!"

You said nothing. Just put an axe in his f*cking head.

It was just... instinct.

You little m*rder.

Everything that has happened between that day and this, is all because of you.

Shut up.


What's wrong?

It's not you.

I made vows.

You and I have nothing to do with your husband.

You don't understand the kind of damage this could do.

Oh I understand damage.

I am that kind of damage.

Tell me.

When I was 12 years old, I saw my mother f*cking another man.

Stop. Calm down!

Stop! Listen, you're a big boy now. You know what's going on.

Your mom was sad.

You f*cked her!

I was making her happy, you get it?

My dad will k*ll you.

Your mom came to me because your dad's a p*ssy.

Your brother k*lled him.

No, we k*lled him.

We hid the body together.

It f*cked us up.

Maybe, you saw k*lling Capoue as an opportunity.

To do what?

To be special.

Because you are special, aren't ya?

I hope they still have time to enjoy it.

Your family.

It won't be long before Nelson makes his move, will it?

Unless... you make your move first.

I woke you up. I'm sorry.

Maureen's husband d*ed last night.


God, poor Maureen!

What happened?

He fell asleep in the bath.


Oh my God.

They didn't even get the chance to say goodbye.

Then maybe it's better that way.

An a*t*matic?

Well, it's been a while.

It's in case he decides to run on you.

You should let me do this.

Would you use an a*t*matic?


At least, let me come with you.

You stay away.

There's coffee on the pot.

You were late last night.

I'm sorry.

Did I disturb you?

You know I can't sleep when you're not here.

Why don't we do something today?

Just us two.

I would love to.

But I can't.

So she bought 200 cigarettes and she made her smoke the entire lot. She got sick and she never smoked again.

That's disgusting.

Well, that's life.

All the best lessons are disgusting.

Try to barricade yourself in your room now?

It's to keep the bad men out.

Try keeping the bad kid in.

At least I don't go 'round calling myself Casey.

Who's Casey?

It's her avatar.

On her laptop.

For f*ck's sake, can't I have any privacy?

Hey, language please!


Do I say any bad words in front of you?

All the time.

Right. Let's get you to school.

Maybe I can, teach your sister some new bad words on the way.

Come on, shitbag.

I thought I'd...

I'd take Maureen some flowers.


NELSON: Come to the Royal Oak. Now.

Is something wrong?

Everything's OK.

OK, buddy.

You go and play with your friends, all right?

He doesn't have any friends.

Well, you're his friend.

You take care of each other, don't you.


Don't touch me.



Michael Hillier, we were supposed to meet.

Michael. f*ck... um...

Listen, I'm really sorry, something's come up.

Well, nothing serious I hope.

No, it's family stuff, um...

Listen, let me make it up to you.

No, no, no. That's not necessary.

You're an important client.

Why don't you let me take you out for lunch, and you can sign off on the designs.

We could meet at yours. I'm in the area.

Oh, I don't usually do business from home, with the kids...

Yeah, of course.

Not a problem.


Yeah, sure.

Why not. How about...

1:00 at my place?

I'll see you there.


I was gonna call you.

Well, I called you first.

I need your help.

Don't worry, it's not a job.

I made a decision.

This has to end.

I've come to the same conclusion.

You're coming with me today.

One last hurrah.

I'm cooking for people. I don't often get the chance.

I like to collect my own ingredients.

Unless you think that's too... phone of me?

Of course not.

Call Julie.

Tell her to cancel her plans.

Come to dinner tonight.

Call her now, if you like.


It's better this way.

I'm angry at him.

It was an accident.

I can't remember the last time I told Sam I loved him.

Well he knows you love him.

In the afterlife?

He was a bit of a card carrying atheist.

He didn't believe in any of that.

Don't you waste what you have with Jean. Not one second of it.

I won't.

I know everything now.

All his secrets.

I still love him.

All of it's out in the open now, and I don't care.

Oh God, sorry, I'm so tactless.

No, it's...

I'm glad some good's come of it for him.

He was mad messing around with that girl, when he had you. Why risk it?

For the sake of a distraction?

You two have got a real chance.

This won't take long.

I completely forgot.

This a bad time?


No, please.

How soon before you can start making these?

Well, you're my priority, so...

Oh, I'm flattered. To be your priority.

It'll take three weeks.

Sorry. I'm so so bloody disorganized. I should have had all this ready...

Stop. Hey.

Change of plan.

Sit down.

I'm supposed to be making you lunch.


Do you want to talk about it?

Do you mind if we don't?

Of course not.

"Can I see you today?"

"Sorry. I'm away for a few days. See you soon."

See this earth works?

Queen Boudicca's hill fort.

She could see death coming from any direction.

Two centuries ago, they stopped cutting the trees back.

So now the branches are so heavy the trunks can't take their weight, they snap.

A lot of death in the forest.

Eat it.

You strip that one.

I'll find another.

You're making me feel guilty here.

What do you have to be guilty about?

A great home?

Beautiful family?

You can tell what a happy place this is.

Well, I'm supposed to be making up for letting you down this morning.

You have.

You reminded me of the joys of domestic life.

That's 'cause you're a tourist.


Oh my God.

Oh my God. I'm so sorry.

Actually don't know what I was thinking. It's been a...

Julie, it's fine.

It's fine.

... horrible day.

Yeah, it's been a bad day.

And these things happen.

Well, I'm gonna go to the studio. I'll make it start. Um...

Let me grab my coat.

You ready to leave?

I wanted to see you.

Not now.

Joey just left.

Not here!

I just want to talk.

That's all. Can we do that?

I don't know. Can we?

... give you this last chance.

What car park did you leave it?

Where did you leave the car?

Where's the f*cking car?

Yo, don't look at your girlfriend. Look at me, yeah?

I am.

I'm gonna remember your face.

Yo, f*ck this, fam. Put one in his knee, blud.


How do you turn it on?

For f*ck's sake, give it here!

Which chop shop do you use?


For the motors you forage. Is it the one in Ilford?


Well, around here that only leaves the garage up in Westhill Way, doesn't it?

Stevie's place.

You know Stevie?

Stevie knows me.

Who the f*ck are you, blud?

Look, just tell us where the motor is, no one gets hurt.


Why not?

I don't negotiate with d*ad men.

d*ad... d*ad men?

Yo, tonk this twat, will you fam?


What? You want some as well, uh?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

I suggest... you take a look in my wallet.

That's Nelson Clay.

f*ck off, man, that ain't Nelson.

We've gotta go, man. Now!

Untie me, and I will only take revenge out on your friend here.

Don't listen to him, fam.

I won't repeat the offer.

Oy! What you doin'? Oy! Listen.

We finish him off.

f*ck that!

Think about it blud, we'll be legends!

d*ad f*cking legends!

What d'you think they'll do to our families, eh?

Oh, you've got families!

f*ck it!


Get back here, blud!

Don't know where you are, do you, son?

You shut up. Please.

You wandered into Narnia.

Shut up!

And found Aslan.

Who's Aslan?

It's in a book.

Point is, you k*ll me and I will rise up stronger.

And I will eat you alive.

♪ Last night I dreamed ♪
♪ of holding you tight ♪
♪ it was a lovely dream ♪
♪ of holding you tight ♪
♪ I know our love ♪
♪ will always be ♪
♪ we'll be as ♪
♪ free my love as the birds in the tree ♪

Nelson would k*ll us both.

If he knew about this.


Just you.

Do you love him?

Yes, I do.

I knew Nelson before I met him.

I knew of him.

For years, I just though he was some sort of monster.

I hated him.

And then, when he turned up, at the hospice with his wife, Maggie...

I realized he was just another man with a broken heart.

Everybody cries around death.

It doesn't make you good.

Nelson's not good.

Neither am I.

I was gonna put you there.

Beautiful little spot, next to Bill Joslin's wife.

You k*lled her too?

I don't let anyone else k*ll my friends.

We're not friends.

Tom Dolan said that just before I put three b*ll*ts in him.

You knew exactly what was gonna happen, didn't you?


I pulled a g*n you didn't turn.


Maybe I'd accepted it.

Nobody accepts it.

Human nature makes us fight for survival.

Look at you, trying to free yourself from a tow-rope that could pull a truck.

I'm not trying to get free, I'm trying to get my phone.


Where is everyone?

This house is like the Mary Celeste.

You need to come pick me up.

Why? What happened?


I can think of worse places to die.

We're not gonna die.

This time of year?

Hypothermia could find us before your brother.

I'm not afraid of death.

Oh, I've known that for a while.

Most people would have been terrified by what's befallen you over these last couple of months.

But not you.

Why are you and death on such good terms?

Been working with it for the past 15 years.

I think it's been with you much longer.

I've k*lled my first man at 17.

When you see someone die for the first time, you realize this world is all there is.

And life is... just ends.

Without giving any answers.

Do you know who she is?

Well, don't worry.

This is good for us.

How can it be good?

My husband is f*cking another woman!

Which just provides you with further amm*nit*on.

What are you talking about?

What are you doing here?

Go back to bed, gorgeous.

Is it Dad?

Will you listen to your aunt, please?

I wanted a drink of water.


It's time to get Jean out of your life.

I don't think I'm ready.

Nelson gave you a key?

He isn't here.

It's all right.

I thought we should talk.

Recognize this?

Where the f*ck are you?


What? Did you not leave a trail of bread crumbs?

Just, uh...

Follow the path for 10 minutes.

You'll get to, uh, a landmark.

What kind of landmark?

Kind of hill fort.

Call me when you get there.

OK, 10 minutes.

What now?

Can you see the fort?

There is no fort.

No, it... it doesn't look like a fort.

It's foundations.

Earth and, ah, trees.

I'm in a f*cking forest, there's a lot of earth and trees.

Try to look for, uh...








You look nothing like your photo.

You lied to me.

You're not exactly Snow White yourself.

Don't take the f*cking high ground with me.

I have to go.

What? Is it past your bedtime?

We can get a drink, or...

No disrespect or nothing Blondie, but you might be the poshest girl I've ever f*cking seen.

Let alone shared a drink with.

You're kinda slummin' it.

There's a whole word out there and I'm locked away in a very fancy padded cell.

Poor little princess, eh?

Or not.

I'm easy either way.

Sorry if I'm rude.

Where I come from, you get your defenses in first.

I don't care where you come from, or I come from.

It's all bogus. People hide behind it.

Where's the blue?

Give that back.

I can sell it for you.

Good money.

Have you decided who's coming with me yet?


Or you?

I'm not going to leave my family, like you did with Maureen.

So, him.

I'm not a k*ller.

Did you break Julie's heart, Jean?

Maybe you should set her free.






Over here!

You OK?


What happened here?


You were going to k*ll my brother, uh?

Martin! Hey, hey, hey!

What the f*ck are you doin'?

If we k*ll him now, our problems are over.

No. Joey? Victor?

f*ck them! Let's do it!

Give me the g*n.

Does that feel good?

Hmm? Power?

What should I do?

Your choices are your own, Jean.

I'm letting you live.

Letting me live, that was a weak thing to do.

Where have you been?

What happened?


We'll speak soon, gentlemen.

Victor knows.

Can I have one of those?

Someone h*t you on the head?


Won't ask.

He knew, Maureen.


He knew you would never see him as a burden.

He just didn't want to be helpless.

Sounds like him.

What a day.

It's gonna get tougher.

I'm cool with that.
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