01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the TV show "RIVER". Aired: October 2015 to November 2015.*
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"RIVER" revolves around a brilliant detective, whose fractured mind (suffering from a massive psychotic event when he loses his partner) traps him between the living and the d*ad.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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Jackie Stevenson was a brave... and invaluable member of the police service.

You can't bring Stevie back.

You're still here!

You're still here!


The only real justice is when you take the law into your own hands.

I'll find who did this.

Sure you will.

She crosses the road, stops halfway, and there's a look of recognition.

We found Stevie's DNA INSIDE the car.

We need to get an ID on the man who dropped off the car.


The car was dumped here?

He was wearing this old coat.

I called to him but he kept walking...

It may take me time but... this isn't the place for you, River.

I expect your psychiatric report to support me on this.

Not everyone fits in this world.

We just have to...



I had a second phone.

( Indistinct conversation )

Stop fiddling.

You look fine.

You pay inside.

Over there.

( He speaks in his own language )

It's 15, inside and out. 15.

( He continues in his own language )


Technically, I unlocked it.

Technically, you're spoiling evidence... not to mention withholding it.

If a party withholds evidence, it's reasonable to infer that the party had "consciousness of guilt"

OR other motivation to avoid the evidence.

The fact finder may conclude that the evidence could be unfavourable to the spoliator.

That's you.

He has a point.

They give me clowns.

A clown with Stevie's second phone.

Four numbers.

A takeaway, Cristal Kebabs, called...

19 times in seven weeks.



Pay as you go, it looks like.


A sex chat line.

It gets lonely.

If you're lonely when you're alone, you're in bad company.


Jimmy Stevenson.

She called him... one.. two... three... four times in the first few weeks of October.

Last called 6.15pm the night of October 21st.

That's the night she...

Looks like he called her right back.

He left a voicemail.

( Phone dials )

'Please enter your four-digit PIN for access.'

It needs a PIN.

You said you hadn't talked to him in years!

( Horns blare )

This is not our investigation.

If he was calling her on her second phone...

We have to share this.

You've got to bring Chrissie up to speed.

I left the money on the table, Jean.

I need to talk to Jimmy.

He just needs to ask him some questions.

I thought you weren't on her case.

It's all right, Mammy...

You're going to sh*t on us again, huh?

sh*t, sleep, work, repeat.

He was with me.

Are you saying I'm lying?

No, Bridie, I'm saying he's your son and a mother protects her son.

You want to know who needs protecting?


He's not been home in two days, he's so upset.

Tearing into this family, into Jimmy, the brother who loved her.

LOVED her.

It's cos you're not right in the head.

Stevie'd tell me about the days when she had to come round and peel you off the floor -- cook you tea, get you clean, get you working again -- and this is how you repay her?

You of all people.

You might want to call his lawyer.

He's nothing to defend.

I arrested him. I sent him down.

Because of my evidence, he served 16 years.

That's not wiped with a few sessions of macrame.

Why didn't you tell me he'd been in contact?

( Lights buzz )

When was the last time you saw her?

Spoke to her, even?

I've answered these questions before.

January the 19th, 1999.

The day I got sent down.

What am I doing here?

Old sins cast long shadows.

I did not... k*ll... my sister.

Have you spoken to her via e-mail, letter or phone?

You went out for a drink with your brother, Francis, until 8.15pm on the night DS Stevenson was k*lled.

We have a sighting of you in the local pub.

Then we went home.

And watched TV with Francis and your mother...

X Factor.

.. until 10.15pm.

You still like a drink?


Six years.

So, no booze, no weed, no nicotine.

Oh, you metamorphose or you calcify.

They say Charlie Manson likes to make little dolls in his spare time.

Out of old socks.

16 years inside... and five months after your release, your sister, the sister who put you away, is d*ad.

She stood in court and gave evidence that you, her own brother, m*rder...

No... butchered a man.

No comment.

It's hard to get back from that.

That's some motive.

No comment.

( Lights buzz )

She could be a pain in the neck.

She'd call you when you didn't want to speak to her and then go silent when you did.

She'd drink too much, she'd smoke too much and then, the next day, she would swear it was just the flu.

She loved Christmas.

She LOVED Christmas.

I hate Christmas.

I spent an entire Boxing Day with invented relatives just to keep her off my back.

And she had this annoying way of...

River... interrupting!

Like she didn't trust I could finish my own sentences.

Other than that... there was very little not to like.

Motive is easy.

It's execution I'm talking about.

That takes nerve.

That takes experience.

That takes someone who knows what it's like to extinguish life.

No comment.


You're mad.

No comment.

I'm calling time on this interview.

He didn't even have a lawyer with him!

He declined a lawyer.

They're lying about that night.

I want to question Bridie again.

No. No, no.

Chrissie, come on!

You've seen the description we got from Bruno Marconi. It didn't give us anything. You've got no evidence.

I'm releasing him.

This is not your investigation, River.

Your psych report is due any day now.

This does not help.

You've got your own cases, don't dump them back on my desk.

Foreman. Commercial Road Estate.

Found last night, still alive, suspected electrocution BUT, if there is something more suspicious...

Nine times out of ten...

You give me statistics.

.. there's a look of recognition.

That doesn't mean it was family.

We both know she was booking in extra hours over the last two months. What was she up to?

I don't know but he's still lying about something.

Show me the evidence.

Because, at this point, the Stevie that I knew, the Stevie I trusted -- the colleague, the friend -- that Stevie was clocking up overtime, she was using police vehicles after hours, withdrawing substantial amounts of cash.

That Stevie, I don't know.

Neither do you, unless you're lying to me too.

And when your psych report does come in and it says you are unfit for service, I cannot protect you any more.

Now, there's some poor sod hanging between life and death and you haven't interviewed a single witness to establish how or why.

Jordan Merton.

That's your case, get back to it.

Of course, yes.

Don't do that.

Do what?


We have to find out who's number it is, the second one -- the pay as you go -- and where it was bought.

I can try calling it.

No. Not yet.

We don't alert anyone yet.

'Please enter your four-digit PIN for access.'



I was born in August.



'Your PIN has failed.'

Jordan Merton. 43.

Been on the same site for two years.

Apparently there were tensions on site.

Possible he tripped and fell against an exposed cable.

How much overtime do you do?


On average?


Five... ten hours a week if it's a heavy case.

Go back over Stevie's overtime.

Check the dates, when she took out the car...


Chrissie has said...

You don't listen to Chrissie.

She's going to find out.

You should have told her about the phone, I'm just saying.

Not yet.

It's evidence.

Not yet.

There are hardly any trees anymore.

No trees.

No oxygen.

No air.

That's the wife.

She's been here all night.

It's critical.

Hospital affirm he may not last the night.

I'm gone, aren't I?

Not yet.

Stevie: Someone needs to tell her he's not going to last the night.

I can't do this.


Compton Fields. 2005.

That fat kid.

Some girls had poured petrol on him.

We found him half alive.

I couldn't do it and... you took his dad round the side and told him before anyone else.

The days you had to peel me off the floor, get me clean...

You told your mother.

I get sloppy when the Pinot comes out...

I trusted you.

I trusted you.

He's done this before.

Fell off scaffolding six months after we married.

Broke two vertebrae.

I didn't think he'd wake up then, but he did.

He will this time.

His face...

It's just bruising.

Did you talk to him last night?

He called from the office, said he was working late.

Does he often work late?

By the time he gets home from work, I'm usually in bed.

Next morning, I'm up with the girls, he has a quick shower, a kiss goodbye and he's gone again.

It's marriage, we rub along all right.

Did he mention work... friends?

He got on well with a couple of the lads.

It caused problems with some of the others, but you know what it's like.

You see someone every day and you realise you haven't had a proper conversation in months.

He's a quiet man.

How well did you know your husband?

We've been married for 18 years.

Is there any way he could have been involved in something you wouldn't know about?

No. No.

It was an accident.

But if he was having problems... at work.

That's not what I said.

( Heavy breathing )

It's just water in the air pipe.

You need to tell her the truth... so she still has time.

He's not wearing his wedding ring.

His wedding ring...

It's probably at home... by the bed.

You know he's going to die?

Get out.

Get out.

What was that about?

Health and Safety are keen to get in, so... we need to determine whether we're looking at a crime scene or what.

Well, he has bruising.

He's been clasped round the neck.

You didn't need to do that.

If he dies tonight, there are things she needs to tell him -- perhaps, things she's never said.

Otherwise, he will die and... there will be a million things that she won't have said to him.

Who found him?

Sasha Mischenko, a Ukrainian.

Why was it live?

It had been temporarily covered, but if you lean on it...

How is he?

Still alive.


You were the last to leave last night?

I do a lot of extra hours.

My fiancee lives in Ukraine.

I save money... for wedding.

I've spoken to one or two of your colleagues.

Some of the lads said there had been some tensions.

There are always tensions on building sites.

We finish our work better, we work longer.

The others don't like.

How did he seem when you last saw him?

He check my work.

He say all fine.

I was packing up later, I hear something.



Maybe kids, maybe drunks passing below, maybe sounds like close by.

And I see, I run... and there, just there, I see his body all twisted, like this, and... I see live wires.

I feel his heart stopped and I...

I call ambulance straight away.

Sorry, sorry...

I never see anything like that.

So, when are you getting married... to your fiancee?

Oh... long time.

Maybe next year.


A solitary sport.

I like my own company.

Me too.

You don't have to pretend when you're on your own.

That's a terrible newspaper.

It's free.


Try something new.

Thank you.

In the past, people spoke to friends not psychiatrists.

When was the last time you spoke to a friend?

Living or d*ad?

I mean normally.

You must get lonely.

Have a good day.


National Geographic.

Nice touch.


Sealed the deal with that.

( He scoffs )

3838 -- the first four digits of her warrant number.

'Your PIN has failed. Please re-enter the correct PIN.'

He did 40 days overtime in the last six months.


She knows we're still investigating Stevie.

The job of a good investigator is to know what to reveal... and what to retain.

And that's what you do, is it?



Because you could do a lot better.

Like what?

Like a little less of this.

(as River): "If you're lonely when you're alone, you're in bad company."

"What? Huh? Next!"

I'm just saying, I don't like to hide things... and I'd prefer it if you could contain it, at least when we're in public because, that way, I...

Or should I say "we" look competent enough to keep our jobs.

Put out a search on Mischenko's fiancee.

Find out her name.

What did she give you?

Outside the restaurant?


She gives you something.


For the Chinese.

'Your PIN has failed. Please re-enter the correct PIN.'

You are a good liar, Inspector.

I shouldn't be surprised, your entire profession is formalised curiosity.

Poking and prodding into others' deception has prepared you well for your own.


That's some Chinese!

But beware, Inspector, the greatest deception is to the self.


The first day we met.

You didn't like the way they'd positioned me across from your desk.

( He laughs )

'Your PIN has failed.'


Our combined ages.


I'm 59!

'Your PIN has failed.'

Jordan: You spent much?

I'm just looking after it for someone.

Why did you look the other way?

Why did you ignore so much?

We'd still be alive if you'd both just listened.
( Bell rings )

I have to keep walking.

He wakes if I stop walking.

( Baby cries )

Wine? I got wine.

I would have called, but you never pick up your phone so...

How's it going with Merton?

He'd been staying at a hotel for the last couple of weeks.

His wife didn't mention that.

A couple of the lads on site noticed it.

He was sleeping in his office some nights.

No news from the hospital?


She'd just come out of Hendon.

You see, that's what I don't get...

You spent 2,224 hours together between January and September of this year and the fact that she was clearly up to something -- booking out cars, working late, drawing on funds -- you seem completely oblivious to... which, quite frankly, concerns me.

What are you covering?

No, worse, what am I covering for you?

( Baby cries )

He's teething.


His name's Hank.


I need to...

Your bathroom.

I've been walking around...

Marianne wanted a takeaway...


.. and I had a pint while I waited.


Second left.

Pick him up.

I'll drop him.



Hello, Hank.

Hello, Hank.



Jimmy's lying.

I need to hear his voicemail.


She gave me £10,000 that night... to look after her younger brother. I think...

I think she knew something was coming.

She asked me if something happened to her, to look after Frankie.

She was investigating something.

You have to tell Chrissie.

When I say so.

My wife told me that she fancied Adam Sandler a couple of days ago.

I mean, you think you know someone... and then...

What's that?

Sweet-and-sour chicken.

Mari always goes for spicy prawn noodles.

64, 39.

I better be...


( Door shuts )


Closing up. We are closing up.

This woman, she used to come in here...

Yes. Nice lady.

Very sad.

.. and she used to always order...

Lamb shish and large doner, extra chilli.

22, 48.

You want?

Yes, thank you.

22, 48.

( Phone dials )

'You have four saved messages.'

'Message one, received Friday, September 4th, 8.15pm. Hi, this is Haider at Cristal Kebabs. Your order is ready if you'd like to pick it up. 22, 48. Message two. Tuesday, September 11th. 8.43pm. Hi, 22, 48, ready to be picked up. Message three. September 19th. 11.59pm. Hi, Feeling lonely tonight, Pussycat Five? Call us. We haven't heard from you in a while. Message four. October 21st. 6.35pm.

Jimmy: 'Stevie, this'll be the last time you hear my voice. So, I'm just telling you now... When you look in the mirror and you see that fat, ugly slag looking back at you, the rest of the world sees you too and knows what a b*tch you are. Always have been, always will be!'

( Dialling tone )


Where was Jimmy that night?

The night she was k*lled?


Where was he?

We went for a drink.

I got pissed too quick.

We went home and we watched TV.

Frankie, you're lying.

Did Mammy send you?


I'm in early.

Uncle Michael's got Jimmy and me both working for him.

Will he be at work?


He was on an all-nighter.

The drivers, they all stop for breakfast by the Drake Arms.

River... Please, come on.

'Stevie, this'll be the last time you hear my voice. So I'm just telling you now, when you look in the mirror and you see that fat, ugly slag looking back at you, the rest of the world sees you too and knows what a b*tch you are. Always have been, always will be!'

( Dialling tone )

Left the night she d*ed.

I'm not the guilty one.

You stood there and did nothing, and she got sh*t!

You're lying.

You were in contact with her.

You spoke to her.


Not in 16 long years.

She left a message, said she wanted to see me and then she changed her mind.

I rang her back on the same number and she didn't pick up.

I tried for years to get her to visit me, and she finally agreed to see me.

So, when she dicked me around...

I lost my temper.

I wish I never made that call.

That counts for nothing!

Have you ever cut through spinal cord? Have you?



It's hard work... even with someone you hate.

So, to someone I love, I don't care whether it's a g*n or a Kn*fe, no-one does that without any sense of the consequences.

And I did love her.

You liar!


River... River!

You're lying.

Yeah, he's lying.

Frankie! Don't do this!

He's lying for me.

You went to the pub?


Three points in a packet of Cheesy Wotsits and I ate two and... three pints of beer, so that's...

I was over.

I used up all my points.

Weight Watchers?

Yeah, I used to go.

With Stevie.

Jimmy was having a go.

"Oi! Who ate Frankie?

"Who ate Frankie boy?"

And then where did you go?

A place.

What sort of place?

A flat.

What sort of flat?

Opposite Nando's.

Above the offie, above Maccabees.

You know it?

Oh, yeah.

I can't...

I've got to get to work.

Uncle Michael hates it if you're late...

Go on.

She was an old bird.


Jimmy said this was what I needed.

( He scoffs )

He took you to...

I've got my trousers down and she's trying get things working down there, trying to get it to do something, but...

You couldn't.

I didn't want it to be like that.

Jimmy stayed. Well, he'd paid anyway, so...

And you went home.

Sat on the sofa, ate Nando's, fell asleep.

Woke up a little bit later and he was sitting next to me watching X Factor with Mammy.

Don't tell Mammy.

( He laughs )

No, I won't.

Look after yourself.

River, is that you?


I heard...

I heard you made Jimmy sweat.

The waiting is k*lling us.

Any news?

Not yet.

You weren't at the wake.

I couldn't stomach it.

I couldn't drink and sing when...

Everything all right?


Come on, lads.

The rides are stacking up.

Come on, now. Let's get a move on.

You see what you've done to me?

I don't care you're looking at me.

I care that, while you are, you're missing someone else.

You don't see the world straight, River. That's your problem.

That's your blessing... and your curse.

You nutter.

Over there, darling.

Bless you, Doreen.

All right, Tina?

This is Jimmy Stevenson.

He used to pick our hands with compasses till they bled at school, but you still don't mess with him.

Not now, not then.

How long was he there?

I don't remember.


He left and, 40 minutes later, I saw it on the News At Ten.

He was with me.

'Doors opening.'


Hi, John.

Psych Report.

You passed.

"Traumatic grief within normal range. No other psychiatric disorder indicated. Recommendation -- six sessions to be increased to 12 at the discretion of the psychiatrist in charge."

A copy will be forwarded to all the relevant parties.

You dodged a b*llet.

I don't know how but... worth dinner and flowers at least.

You're right. Jimmy has an alibi.

He always did.

No, no, no.

I've told you this already.

If you go behind my back...

So, you've been cleared.


Yes, and I want him back.

He's just re-established Jimmy Stevenson's alibi and I was bringing him up to speed with the latest developments.

Outnumbered... and g*n.

I want a copy of that report on my desk, please.


You pull another stunt like that and I will reverse what I have just said, and you will be off this investigation toot sweet.

You share everything.

Including any new leads.

Log everything you can find on this and give it to Chrissie at the end of the day.

Thank you.

You're wearing a dress.

I'm going out tonight.

I don't always notice.

Apparel, garments, shirts and earrings, and stuff.

It passes me by.

It used to drive Stevie...

It's nice to make an effort.

It shows the world that...

All is well.

Even if it's not.

You passed me.


Six sessions.

I won't make six sessions.

It's 12... and they're compulsory.


I want to know who you talk to.

Who you see.

How long?

Since I was a boy.

And you have no control over them?

They stay as long as they need to stay and then they go away.

How have you managed them for so long?

With difficulty.

I used to think that the people I talk to were more truthful than those actually alive, those actually in existence.

So, you trust them?

Not all of them... and I don't trust what they can make me do.

What would happen if you stopped trusting them and started trusting me?

So you can tell me how to be like everyone else?

Act like everyone else?


So I can help you to be yourself.

But it's up to you if you say yes.

The only person who can make you say yes... is you.

The person I trusted most in the world -- the person that I thought told me everything --

I can't trust her anymore, so why should I trust you?

Because I'm alive... and she's d*ad.

Veronika Gura.

The name Mischenko gave for his fiancee.

Only one match for her.

An 80-year-old woman who lives in Kiev.

A couple of the lads in the yard said that he drinks more money than he sends home and he never mentions his fiancee.

Pull him in.

He's signed off sick for the rest of the week.

He's not at his flat and the hospital just rung.

Apparently there's a man insisting he be allowed to speak to Merton.

I will be two minutes.

Sorry, sir, I can't let you through.

Just take a seat and calm down, please.

I just need to talk to him, please?

And say what?

He left it by my bed.

Jordan: It's not his fault.

Most nights he'd stay at mine.

I just couldn't do it.

He was scared she'd notice it was gone when he went back to her.

How could I tell her?

He asked for it back.

And I knew...

I just knew he'd never tell her the truth.

I was trying to stop him leaving and I grabbed him.

I shoved him too hard...

Now he'll never know how much I loved him.

No, no. There's no need for that.

If there's anything you still need to say...

Tell her the truth.

Anything still unsaid.

Where did he leave it?

Where did he leave it?

Go to your husband.

Talk to him, tell him.

He's going to die?






You wore lipstick that day.

Jordy Merton passed away an hour ago.

His wife was by his side.

Post mortem's 9am tomorrow morning.

I pulled up some more footage.

Anything that was near Cristal Kebabs over a nine-week period.

It's the same car...

Blue Mondeo.

And that looks like...

She never told you?

She never said?

He was right. Jimmy was right.

I missed it.

You didn't think you were the only one, did you?

♪ I've spent all my money on whisky and beer ♪
♪ And now I'm returning ♪
♪ With gold in great store ♪
♪ And I never will play the wild rover no more... ♪

That's lovely. Thank you very much.

Straight through.

Ticket holders only.

Of course, of course.

Box office is straight round the corner.

That's the front row.

( Applause )

Plead no more.

Impartial to infringe our laws.

The enmity and discord, which of late...

( He continues inaudibly )

( He laughs )

I don't know what I'm doing here.

Why did you...?


I'm saying yes.

I'll try to trust you.


We trust to our peril... but to not is to be alone... and then...

Oh, the silence.

Is that not why you keep us all so close?

You see, I understand you, Inspector, I really do.

This pretence of yours.

But are you capable of anything more?

Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.

If only that were true.

So, wind her in slowly.

Yes, pull her close to your breast.

Then, once in your grasp, break her heart.

Break her heart as you did to Stevie.

You nutter!

Why do you do this?

Why do you do this?

Because I am you.

I am the darkest part of you.

I am the heartbreaker.

I am despair.

I am death.

River... you can't get rid of me that easily.

Let me in! Let me in!

Let me in! Let me in!

( Banging on door )

( Bell rings and banging stops )

( Bell rings )


I found them at her flat and thought they were yours.

Now I realise you'd never have had the b*lls.

So, I'm wondering...

I'm wondering, "Maybe they belong to who did this."

Do your job.

Stop looking at us and catch who did this.

( Phone dials )

'Hey, looking for fun? Who am I talking to?'

Pussycat Five.

'Feeling lonely tonight, Pussycat Five?'

♪ There's a light ♪
♪ A certain kind of light ♪
♪ That's never shone on me ♪
♪ I want my whole life to be ♪
♪ Lived with you ♪
♪ Lived with you ♪
♪ There's a way... ♪
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