01x08 - Episode 8

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cuffs". Aired: October 2015 to December 2015.
"Cuffs" follows the lives of front line police officers within Brighton and the surrounding area of Sussex serving within the fictional South Sussex Police service. The cases are both surprising and exciting.
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01x08 - Episode 8

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( Dance music plays )

Pride Day is Brighton at its best.

Diverse, colourful, inclusive.

My officers and I will do everything in our power to make sure everyone has a great day.

( Cheering and whooping )

'That was Chief Superintendent Robert Vickers of South Sussex Police...'

I think today's the day I should be on foot patrol.

Listen, don't get too excited.

Remember you've got to finish your list.


If you want to pass out on time, finish your probation, you got to complete your Nozzes. You know that.

You've ticked everything else off the list -- arrests, interviews, conflict management -- apart from one last job.

'Every rookie has to pass reception duty.'

I can't do it.

Please, don't ask me to.

It's all right, Stacey.

I can't make a statement against Reece.

It's his baby.

I know.

But I also know that as long as Reece is in your house, it isn't safe.

They said they're going to take him away.

Foster parents.

I understand how hard this is for you, I really do.

But there might be another way.

There must be a witness that saw Reece b*ating you up on the street, Stacey, because someone dialled 999.

This is Detective Sergeant Jo Moffat from South Sussex Police.

I understand the owner of this phone witnessed a serious as*ault on a young woman and phoned an ambulance from this number.

'I'd be grateful if you could get back to me as soon as you can and we can have a chat about what you saw. Thank you.'

Hello, Leslie. Nice to see you're settling in.

I'm Colette.

I'm one of the nurses that work here.

I'm going to make you a cup of tea, and then the occupational therapist's going to pop in, OK?

I have to go now, Dad.

Thank you, Colette.

Come on, Butterflies, lunchtime!

No pushing.

Here we go, Ethan. let's see what Mummy's put in for you today...

Hi, I'm Misha, one of the neighbourhood officers.

And I'm Jo, I'm leading the investigation.

We're here today to ask if you would be a formal witness to the att*ck you saw.

It's just a chat, there's nothing for you to worry about.

I don't want to interfere...

I understand, and no-one is asking you to do that.

What happens between a husband and his wife, it's private.

It's their business.

Look, whatever you tell us today, you're not breaking up a sacred, happy marriage.

That man you saw -- it's not the first time he's att*cked her.

He's h*t her and he's hurt her many, many times, and she's living with that every day.

They've already taken her children into care, but if you can help me, then there is every chance that we can help her.

Um, the man -- he was blonde, scruffy...

He seemed very angry, drunk.

He had his hands round her throat and he kept hitting her and hitting her, again and again, shouting.

The girl, she dropped to the ground, and he kicked her in the stomach.

I could see the tattoo on his hand when he punched her.

It was a grenade.

Thank you.

Hang on, so you already gave the dr*gs to one of my colleagues, yeah?

Which colleague?

He said he was a policeman.

Undercover. Mind you, I did think he was a bit...


Who's this?

This is Ethan's mum, Tanya.

It was Ethan's lunch box that had the...

Had the dr*gs in it. And you know who that fake cop was? Terry.

Who's Terry?

My boyfriend.

Conned you into giving him his stash back.

So you were already knew that your boyfriend was a drug dealer?

Do you know how hard it is to do this on your own?

How dare he put my boy at risk?

I swear to God, if he comes near us again...


Let me help you.

Where is Terry now?

Middle Street. He'll be hanging round the bars.

You can't miss him. He's a weasel.

No class. All he cares about is cash.

And the police have obtained a statement from an impartial witness who can place you at the scene.

How can they? I wasn't there.

This witness claims to have seen you attacking Stacey.

Well, they're lying, yeah? Whoever they are.

If that's what you're saying to me, my best advice is to go "no comment" in the interview.

Then we'll deal with the outcome of the ID parade when we get to it.

ID parade?

I'm not doing one of them, mate.

Again, my advice -- it always looks better if you co-operate.

Plus, chances are, the witness may not pick you out anyway.

I want more than chances, mate.

You better sort this out, cos I'm not going back inside.

Good afternoon.

Let's start, shall we?

There you go.

Right, have a good 'un. Have a good'un.

Control, this is Kilo 230. I'm on Providence Place.

Just confirming there have been no signs of any suspected drug dealers as of yet.

Control, can I just have the description of our target again?

Over. - 'IC1 male, 5'10", skinny set, light top and jeans.'

Sorry, mate, sorry. You all right?

Received that. I can confirm that is the target, and he's heading off from me on foot on Ann Street.

I've lost sight of the suspect outside the entrance to Ann Street car park.

Yeah, got that, Lino.

Control and all units, this is Kilo 220.

I have eyeballs on the suspect.

I'm in pursuit heading south on York Hill.


[HE GROANS] Get off me! Get off!

Stop resisting.

If you stop resisting you won't get hurt, all right?

Give us your left arm now.

Control, this is Kilo 220.

We have the suspect in custody.

'Any patrol, a member of the public has reported seeing a disturbed man in Hove Lagoon. Your call sign, please.'

This is Kilo 220. Show me State Five to the Lagoon, over.

Yeah, yeah. Come on.

Excuse me.

I'm... here for an ID parade.

I'm a witness. I just wondered if you knew how long it's going to be?

I'm not sure, but someone from CID will come and get you soon as they're ready, OK?

Shouldn't be too long. If you just want to take a seat.

( Distant cheering )

Can you believe it? The whole city partying, and we're stuck here.

The glamour.


These are my people now.

You know the worse thing about CID?

They're the perfect storm.

Equal amounts of arrogance and incompetence.

Yeah, well, you should hear what they say about you.

I don't care what they say. At least I know how to do my job.

How long does it take to organise an ID Parade?

Erm, actually, I don't think you should be down here.

Why? Is it too exciting for me?


I was just speaking to my colleague and I think it might be a while, so if you want to follow me and we can find you somewhere a bit more private, is that all right?

( expl*si*n )


You remember me?

( g*n )

Compound 24. Prepare.

I'm pushing east towards one five.

What's your Sitrep?

Got live rounds coming in...

( expl*si*n )

Here we go! sh*ts fired in from the right-hand side to the east.

We're sitting in their ambush.

I've located the enemy. We've closed down the area.

We're OK.

( Plane engines overhead )

We've got air support, medics. We're OK.

( He pants )

Michael. We're all right.

What's that?

I'll take that Kn*fe. Don't want you to hurt yourself. Come on.

Mind your head.

There you go.

Just put this seat belt on you.

Control, this is Kilo 220.

Show me State Nine with one in for possession of an offensive w*apon.

I think we're also going to need the mental health crisis team at custody. Over.

Michael! Michael.

Michael. Michael, don't.

Don't. All right?

Come on, let's sit down.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, come on.

( He sobs )

I was there too, you know.




I get it.

All right?

I understand.

( He cries out )

All right, come on. It's all right.

Let's go.

Third time this month you've been in to see us, Michael.

I'm sorry you're having a rough time.

The custody nurse is going to take care of you, all right?

You're going to stay with us overnight and we're going to get someone from the crisis team to come and have a chat.

Can you put Michael in five?

He's for constant supervision.

He shouldn't be in here.

You got a spare psych bed?

Do you know, his wife finally chucked him out.

She won't even take my call to say he's back in here again.


Is it?

It's not his fault, but... blew apart his family.

She thought she was getting a w*r hero when he came back.

Instead she gets a husband who screams at their kid cos he thinks they're in the Taliban and cries when he hears a firework go off.

What every toddler needs, eh?

MDMA instead of marmite sandwiches. What a world, eh?

Sand, it's me. Please take my calls.

I miss you. I miss Maddie.

How can I fix this if you won't take my calls?

Can I ask you something, mate?

Go on.

How old's Carmen?


What she's into?

Being sarcastic.

What else?

Losing her phone.


Just I'm meeting Orla's daughter tonight. First time, you know.

Bit anxious. Just want to make a good impression.

You want parenting advice?

You're asking the wrong man, mate.

No, I'm not, Superdad! Come on.

Give me some words of wisdom.

I don't have any answers.

All I wanted was the best for him.

Maybe that's where I went wrong.

Pushing too hard instead of just letting him be who he wanted to be.

I don't know what you're on about, but I think you're a good dad.

So, I thought we'd start off at Club Revenge.


And then move on to Charles Street.

Ooh, not too rowdy for you?

What you trying to say?

Nothing. Just you'll be the oldest person there.

A sad old queen propping up the bar.

You know what? I'm going to get this ID parade out the way...


.. and then I'm going to make you pay for that.

Oh, yeah?

Oh, dear.

Rookie error.

No, no, no. Please, please don't say anything.

Oh, shi...

You have agreed to take part in a video ID procedure.

You will be shown nine video clips.

The person you saw may or may not be present.

You will be shown these clips twice.

You will then be asked if you recognise the person you are here to identify. OK?

Yeah, that's him.

That's the man I saw attacking the pregnant woman.

Yeah, I'm sure of it.


Yeah, hi. This is Jo Moffat from South Sussex CID.

I'm ringing to inform you that we've just carried out an emergency ID parade and the witness has picked out the suspect.


Thank you, that's what I wanted to hear. Yeah, charge and remand.

Brilliant. Thank you. All right, bye-bye.

Thank you so much.

Lino, this is Blathnaid.

Blathnaid, this is Lino, Mummy's friend.

How are you? You good?

Shake hands.

Shake hands, yeah? Bit formal, isn't it?

[HE LAUGHS] You all right?

I'll get you a drink.



How's school, then?

You like school?

Eh? What's your favourite subject at school?

I like maths.

You know, I think it's cos, like, you do the work and... Ah.

Here you are.

Thank you.

You telling him all about school?

I'm not going.

Why not?

Why do you think?

I can't go out, enjoy myself with this hanging over me.

I need you to tell me you're not going to tell anyone about the witness.

You know I can't give you that assurance.

So we're not even going to discuss it?

You're just going to drop me in it?

You put a witness in front of a photo of the suspect.

It was a mistake!

Or a deliberate attempt to contaminate the memory of that witness?

No, no. You don't believe that.

You don't believe I did it on purpose!

Look, I messed up. I'm not corrupt!

The result's the same. You've contaminated the case.

She's no longer impartial.

I can't believe you're doing this to me.

I'm not doing anything to you.

I have a professional obligation to my client.

I would not be doing my job properly if I did not report the police for failing to correctly follow procedures.

Argh, stop! Stop!

Stop talking like that! You're not in court.

This bloke you're trying so hard to get off is a wife beater.

My client has never been charged with domestic v*olence.

That's cos he always gets away with it!

Look, I've been to his house, Simon, and I've seen the holes in the walls.

The onus is on the police, the CPS, to prove his guilt, which they have failed to do.

And due to procedural errors, they'll be unsuccessful again.

So that's it? You've made your decision.

You're putting some violent scum before me.

Before our relationship.

I'm sorry. You're the one making this personal.

That's cos it is personal. You're screwing me over.


Don't do this to me.

To us.

( Thumping dance music )

( Indistinct voice through phone )

'Maddie needs a dad she can rely on, and I need a husband I can trust. And you need to be honest. Nothing but the truth from now on. And I know you don't like the idea of counselling, therapy, but marriage guidance is the only way we're going to live together. I need to know you're in this for the long haul, that you want to be part of this family. Just grow up, Carl.'


( Inaudible )

You all right?



It's Carl. DC Hawkins. I met you at the nursery, helped get Terry arrested?

( Punching and kicking )

( Groaning and cheering )

All right, Mum. I'll see you both later, yeah?

Bye, then.

Corey wants to see me tonight.

What's going on?

I've messed up.

Messed up what?


Going to fail my probation.

My last day and I'm probably going to get sacked.

No-one's going to sack you.

They will. They will when they find out what I've done. I've...

I've bl*wn it for everyone.

Oi, oi, out. Now.

( He sobs )

Look... you have to pull yourself together, all right?

You can't go out there like that.

Undo all my good work, innit?

Come on, stop it.

Look at me. Look at me.

What have you done?

I've let you down.

I just... I don't deserve to be here.

That's not true.

You're a good cop and you'll get better, otherwise I wouldn't have wasted my time on you.

Come on, just talk to me, yeah?

We can sort it out.

You were right all along.

About what?

Sleeping with the enemy.

Thanks... for coming with me.

It's all right, mate.

Can't quite believe what you've done. Honestly, I can't.

So stupid and careless.

Yeah, and he came to face the music. He didn't do it on purpose did he?

It's a rookie's mistake and that solicitor took advantage of...

A solicitor who just happens to be his boyfriend.

Not any more.

Oh, really? Oh, so you've suddenly realised whose side you're on?

Sarge, I said I was sorry.

Not good enough.

Do you have any idea how long I've tried to nail that scumbag?

I mean, you've been there. You've seen the bruises on her face.

He punched her in her pregnant stomach!

Jo, come on. He feels bad enough as it is.

And how's Stacey going to feel when they take away her baby away from her, yeah?

I can't make this stick if I don't have an ID parade.

Sarge, what can I do?

You can't do anything else. You've done enough.

What's going on?

You've bl*wn the case!

I said I'm sorry!


Robert, I'm dealing with it!

Go on.
( He sighs )

I'm sorry you had to see that. I've embarrassed you, I've embarrassed myself...

That's what you're so worried about?

This is a highly personal situation that I didn't want exposed at work.

Christ knows what they're going to think.

They hate you anyway, Dad.

It doesn't make much difference.

Jake, please. I'm sorry.

Sorry? Sorry that you got found out or sorry you did it in the first place?

You know they all know that Mum's sick.

And now they know what you are.

The kind of man you are -- someone who cheats on his wife while she's fighting cancer...

I love your mother.


That's not what I see, I see you caring more about your image than the fact you hurt her, betrayed her.

I love your mother, and that was a mistake, and now it's over.

Then go home... talk to her.

Cos all this... work... who knows what.

I don't care.

I don't.

But I do care about Mum and about you making it right with her.

Have you got that statement on McClaren?

There you go.

Thank you.

Is there something you want to say to me, Carl?

Robert? Seriously?

Yeah, well, now you know why I couldn't tell you.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't have been able to hear, would I, over the sound of you scraping the bottom of the barrel?

I can do without the judgey looks and snidey comments, all right?

I made a mistake, I've knocked it on the head and, actually, I've got more important things to worry about.

I'm not going to take relationship advice from a man who's sleeping on my sofa.

I'm dealing with it, you know that.


We're going for counselling.

And that's how you're going to win Sandy back, is it?

One hour in a little room with a woman who's paid to listen to you?

The trouble with you, Carl, is you talk too much and change too little.

That's nice, isn't it, eh?

I'll admit I made a very, very poor choice.

You're telling me.

But at least I know who I am, and at least I know I deserve better, but you keep making mistakes left, right and centre, don't you?

I mean, two wives, four kids, another one on the way.

You don't fix relationships, Carl, you just mess up and you move on.

Excuse me.

The video of the att*ck was posted on social media...

.. and it corresponded to the crime report from the beach, which is why we opened the investigation.

We currently have officers tracing the IP address, which should help us identify the names and whereabouts of the suspects.

Can I see it?

The video?

I wouldn't advise it.

It's just...

.. I can't remember anything apart from the... club.

I was... off my face.

It's all right.

I thought he liked me.

Should've known.

Place like that, I'm never the one that gets picked up.

But he was young.


And I was flattered.

I need to know... what happened to me.

( He sobs )

They're just kids...

And although I did find the witness who called the ambulance for you, unfortunately it...

.. it's not going to be enough to make the charges stick.

I'm so sorry.

Do you understand what I'm telling you, Stacey?

Please... please do something. Don't let them take him.

Stacey, listen to me. Only you can stop all this. Only you.

Now you come to me, you make a statement, all this will go away.

You can do it.

You can.


What's this?

Suspended from work, now you're Breaking Bad?

Baking Bad.

We're baking, Lino.

[HE LAUGHS] All right?

All right.

Keeping her out of trouble?

I like having her at home, tied to the kitchen sink.

Oof -- look, what you girls get up to is your own business.

( They laugh )

So, you're dragging her back to work?

Well, I've had, er... I've had a word with the boss on the QT, and, er... you're being reinstated.

Oh, my God. Are you serious?


Oh, my God! Thank you so much!

Thank you!

You're happy, I'm happy.

I'm so happy.

He said he'd phone you a bit later on, so you'll be back by my side before you know it.

Go on.

So, did you miss me?

Hm... I missed your advice, actually.

Yeah... (Met Orla's daughter last night. Didn't go too well.)

Did you make her cry, Lino?

She made ME cry... almost. She's just... taken against me.

How old is she?


( She laughs )

A psycho in pigtails. Don't...

Radio: 'All units, this is control. DI Kane has requested all available units to the Turner Estate for an immediate operation.'

Right, I'd better go.

I'll be right behind you!

Yes, you will! Yes!

The g*ng we're attempting to arrest are suspected of a hate crime.

Intelligence suggests we're looking at four or five suspects, several of them juvenile, and we know from the h*m* att*ck that they're capable of v*olence.

DC Hawkins and I will take the front entrance.

Response -- cover the back. You two with us.

Heard you had a bit of a morning, mate?

He's fine, aren't ya?


Good. Keep your head on the job.

No time for gossip, let's get these bastards.

Like it when he talks tough!

( Crashing )



( Overlapping shouting )

Get up!

On your feet.

On your feet! Put that down.

Like touching boys up, do you?

No. I like nicking scum like you. Now, come on.

Let's clear this. Get everyone out the front.

'As I told you on the phone,' you're reinstated as of now.

Later this week I'll need to speak to you about the failed search which led to the incident in custody and you will be given an action plan.


But right now, I need you to search and transport a couple of female juveniles.


Can I have a word, please?

I just wanted to say...

.. thank you.

I put my father in a nursing home yesterday.

It was probably for the best, Boss.

I think so.

( Indistinct conversation )

We need to get some background on McKenzie and the g*ng's movements last night.

I want you to conduct house-to-house enquiries.

Specifically ask about the bike. I need it for forensics.

OK. Cool.


We're investigating a serious as*ault last night at 12:30 on the beach.

As you can see, we've made some arrests of people who we think might be responsible.

Can you tell me if you saw or heard anything suspicious last night?

( Hearing aid whistles )

OK, thank you.

And we believe that one of the g*ng probably owns a motorbike.

Can you tell me if you heard a bike coming on to the street last night about one in the morning?

Yeah, I heard it. Like I do every night.

Racing up and down the lane, the back of the estate.

Right. Where's that, then?

Round there. By the old house.

They're at all the time. Right bloody pain in the arse.

Right, well, thanks for that.

Don't thank me, just lock them kids up. Throw away the key.

It's like Lord Of The bloody Dance next door.



It's Lord of the Flies, isn't it?

( Door slams )

( Birdsong )


Anybody home?

It's the police.

Just want to ask a few questions.


Can I have a word about something, please?

Don't move. Don't move. Don't move.

It's OK, mate! I'll do what you want. OK?

I have engaged with the target.

It's all right, mate.

I've heard the noises. I've seen the sky raining with f*re.

Get on your knees! Get on your knees!

Get your cuffs out. Get your gear out now.

OK, OK, OK, go!

Put your hand out, hand by the stove.

Mate, please...

Give me your hand. Move. Move.

I can't move, mate.

I have engaged the target. Enemy located.

We are closing down the area.

And have you got anything on you, something sharp, that could hurt either me or yourself?


Into the car for me, please, girls.

That's the female prisoners, sir. All searched.


Thank you.

Boss, I am going to book this lot in and then I am going to head off, if that is all right.

I've got a thing I need to... to do.

Have a good night, Carl.

( Car drives off )

Where's Lino?

Reload. Aim. Engage. Reload. Aim. Engage!

Mate, you need to let me go.

I-I can't hurt you. If you let me go... we can have a chat.

The thing is, my colleagues... my colleagues will be missing me...

They are going to be wondering ... wondering where I am.

'This is Control. Kilo Two Two Three, welfare check, over.'

It's my colleagues.

Who's that? What do they want?

It's what I was saying.


'Kilo Two Two Three, please respond, over.'

My reception's fine.

He was definitely doing house-to-house.

Saw him talking to the neighbours.

I'll call him on his job mobile.

You know what he's like, he'll have turned his radio down, chatting to some old dear, mouth full of biscuits.

( Phone rings )


I can't reach it. It's in my pocket. My right pocket.


OK, received, thank you. If you could run that address through PNC and the local system, please.

Lino's radio's been disabled but they have his last position.

The Old Rectory, Wells Lane, to the rear of the estate.

OK, thank you.

No markers on that address.

OK, Boss. We'll go and check it out.

You're with me, let's go.

It's a nice house, mate. It's... massive... massive kitchen. I've..

I've just got a little place.

I've just got... I'm just renting, you know.

Not for long, though, hopefully. I've...

I've got a girlfriend. Got a new girlfriend.

She's.... She's got a daughter.

Not mine, but you know...

She doesn't even like me, so what do you do about that, mate?

Maybe... Maybe you could help me.

You got any kids?

They won't let me see her.

Let you see who? Who won't they let you see?

My daughter. My girl. Maisie. My girl.

I saw men in the desert... guts hanging out.. ripped apart...

And now they're doing it to ME.

They're doing it to... [HE GRUNTS]

Hello? Anyone at home?

( Hammering on door )

Anyone in there?


Control, this is Kilo Two Two Zero, priority.

Get yourself out of those cuffs now. Go, go!

We're looking for PC Moretti. I believe he's being held hostage.

The hostage taker is Michael Whylie.

'Did have a Kn*fe but I did not see any firearms.'

I have dealt with the male previously.

He has displayed signs of paranoid and psychotic behaviour and is also believed to be suffering from PTSD.

He has numerous warning signs including "Officer Safety".

Move forward. Go, go, go!

I no longer have eyes on PC Moretti.


( Body thuds )

( Sirens wail )

Control, this is Inspector Webb. We have a confirmed hostage situation.

I need all available firearms units to that address.

( Indistinct radio )

( Phone rings )

What are you doing?

It's spread.

Donna, you cover the front door with TASER. Donna!


Jake, you go round the back.

We'll cover the side perimeter.

Ryan, I'm eyes on.

First floor, bedroom window.

( He breathes heavily )

( Electricity fizzes )


( He mutters manically )

( He mutters )

Lino! Over here!

( expl*si*n )



Look at me. You're all right, buddy. I'm with you.

Yeah, that's it.

Is it Lino?

Stay where you are! Keep the door covered!

Control, there has been an expl*si*n.

The officer is out of the house and injured.

We need an ambulance. Stand by.

( He mutters and breathes heavily )

Lino. Lino, is there anyone else in the house?


Is there anyone else in the house?

No... No...

Drop your w*apon!

You got this?


Drop your w*apon!

We don't want anyone else to get hurt, Michael.

You don't want that, do you?

There's no-one else in the house. Donna, first aid kit.

Is he OK?


Let me see your hands, please Michael.

Look at me, mate. Lino.

It's all right, he's going to be OK.

Got the A-Team working on you, Lino, all right?

Look at you! Stupid bugger.

Do anything to get a medal, wouldn't you?

Come over to me, Michael, all right?

Come on. Come on.

Let's go and sit down.

Hold it tight, Donna.

( Donna sobs )

Just hold it tight. Donna! Donna!

I'm here, right?

Right, yeah? We got this.


Hold it tight. OK.

Have you got any more w*apon on you?


Any more expl*sives?


Control, this is DI Kane.

The hostage taker has come out the house and dropped his w*apon.

He's now in custody. There are no other injuries.

He's good.


A good teacher.

I'm sorry...

I know you are.

I didn't mean... I didn't mean to...

I know you didn't. You just... ( He sobs ) You just... You just lost your way.

( He sobs )

Debbie, please.

You know when I first took these up? When Jake was born.

When he was colicky... screaming... wouldn't feed... sleep...

And I used to... sit on the kitchen step... ( She chuckles ) .. and smoke.

And then you'd ring, tell me you were on your way home.

And I used to try and hide the smell.

Mouthwash... clean my teeth...

But you never did.

You used to come home, tell me what a busy shift you'd had... always some story, some crazy prisoner.

But you'd smell of someone else.

I always knew then and I know now.

And... I don't care...

.. who she is, what you do, where you do it.

None of it matters.

Not any more.

It's over. I'm sorry.

( He sobs quietly )

( She sobs quietly )

I'm frightened of who I am without you...

I am just an empty uniform... a fraud...

I can't do this on my own...

( She sobs )

Come on.

Oh, that's... that's not good.

Lucky for you, mate...

Oh, my...


( She laughs )

Do you want a jam one?



All right!


Yeah, yeah.


I thought Ethan might need his lunch box.

Do you want to come in?

No. No, thank you, Colette.
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