02x02 - Season 2, Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "Prey". Aired: April 2014 to December 2015.*
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"Prey" features quite different story lines from one season to another. Season 1 follows a Manchester detective on the run from his former colleagues. Season 2 follows a prison officer, who finds himself on the wrong side of the law.
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02x02 - Season 2, Episode 2

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What happened?

I'll call an ambulance. You'll have to go with her, mate.

Dad, don't hang up.

Get Julie out the hospital.

If you call the police then he's gonna hurt me and the baby.


"Inform the police and she's d*ad."

My daughter, where is she?

I got a message from my brother.

I knew if I collapsed, you'd have to bring me here but that is it.

Have you got an ID?

Driver's licence. Daniel Hope.

How well do you know Mr Hope?

What's happened?

We found a body.

What the hell are you doing?

Witness absconding. So? It's Julie Hope. Daniel Hope's sister.

Jeff Crabtree. I'm Murdoch's boss.

He's had a tough year. His wife d*ed.

All I want is for Dan to let Lucy go.

Don't pretend you're on my side.

"I'm in a flat. Old Trafford, 710 Cherry Tree Gardens."

It's Cherry Tree Gardens. Jules used to rent a flat there.

Let's just you and me have a look.

It's DS Reinhart. We've got a body.



Where is she?!

DS Reinhart to control.

Immediate back-up to Cherry Tree Gardens, Old Trafford.


Right. That's far enough.

I want both of you up against the wall.


DS Reinhart to control.

"Go ahead from control."

Stand back, please.

Stand back. Oh!



Oh! Oh!






The body. It's Crabtree.

Murdoch's boss.

What the hell were you thinking?

Kicking doors down up there like some kind of crap Indiana Jones?

Well, I got caught.

What do you want me to say? You went barging in without thinking.

You put yourself and me in danger.

Nobody wants to work with a copper like that?

Should I have just let them go?

You did let them go. They've gone.

You had absolutely no control over the situation. Got it.

Next time I'll make a risk assessment.

This is what I'm talking about.

You're right, everyone else is wrong.

You should wait for back up.

You were my back-up.

Well, I'm sorry I'm not Jessica Ennis.

I'm sorry, Sue, but I get confused.

You're saying stick to the book, now you're saying -

Use your common sense! It was two on one. We've got a d*ad body and we don't know who k*lled him.

Call me Sue again, I dare you.

All right. All right.


No, forget it. I want you back at the station.

Oh, come on.

Sarge, just give me another chance.

I'm begging you.


Hold my hand.

Walk steady, keep your head down.

Who fell?

I don't know.

Do you think it was Dan?


Where's Lucy?

Why do you keep asking me? Do you think we're playing a game?

I think you know exactly what you're doing.

We should have gone straight to the police. But we didn't.

This is what's gonna happen. You are gonna go down for what we've done.

That copper that got run over? And what happened to that person, we're gonna be blamed for it.

Your nice little life is gone.

Decide what you want now.

I wanna find my daughter.

We can't do that if we're banged up.

I don't think you've got a clue where Dan is.

He could be anywhere. I don't give a toss what happens to me.

I just want my daughter back.

Lucy's phone. Daniel called you on Lucy's phone last night.


Can I talk to you about the starving in Africa? What?

The starving in Africa. If I could just have a few minutes - Piss off.



Excuse me.


Couldn't lend us 50p, could you?

You taking the piss?

Sorry about earlier.

Need to make a phone call. It's an emergency. Please.

Come on. Can't get any more embarrassing than it already is.

Bloody hell. Christian Grey's let himself go.

Come on. Hold up.

Here. Have a quid.

Kinky bastard.


What do you make of Jules and Murdoch being handcuffed together?

Doesn't want her getting away?

Sarge? Have a look at this.

It looks brand new.

Cable ties?

A hostage?

Murdoch has a daughter.


What's that? Is that you?

Got it.

Right. Missed call. It's a local number. Google it.

0161 496 0971.


Who is this?

It's Dave Murdoch. Who's this?

David, it's Detective Sergeant Susan Reinhart.

I think we just met.

Now, you need to hand yourself in before this goes any further.

I know. OK. That's good.

That's good, David.

Right. Now, you need to stay where you are.

First, you need to tell me exactly what's gone on.

All units in the vicinity of Market Street head for the Wetherby's pub.

"Has someone taken your daughter?"

Her name's Lucy.

"Has someone taken Lucy?"

We can still find her.

He wants Julie.

He said he'll hurt my daughter.

"We won't let that happen."

How can you promise that?

"I can promise we will do everything in our power to get her back."

What if isn't enough?

Do you have kids?


Then you really don't understand.




Out the back.

They've gone.



We've got a hostage situation.

Yeah, it looks like it.

David's daughter -

Why are we just finding out now?

Well, no-one reported her missing, sir.

And it looks like this boss of Murdoch's is involved.

The bloke you questioned at the hospital.

We can arrest every bugger Murdoch's ever met. We've two d*ad bodies, Sue.

And one of ours in intensive care.

Add that to a hostage and bugger all idea of where Jules and Murdoch are.

Does that sound about right?


So, right now we know the absolutely square root of bob-all.

Not good this, Sue. Not good at all.

What you got?

Crabtree's phone. Still working.

Yeah, it's locked.

Give it here.

There you go.

Technology today.

Oh. There's loads of e-mails here from credit companies.

Money owed. Final demands.

Well, he's up to his neck in debt.

What does that tell us?

Well, he needed money. Badly.

What, badly enough to break someone out of prison?

Someone must have been paying him to get Jules Hope out.

But who was he here to meet?

David Murdoch.

No, let's just stick with the facts.

Whoever's behind this has got Murdoch's daughter.

So what do we know about her?

She's got a boyfriend.

Who never reported her missing.

Yeah, let's pay him a visit.

Thanks, Kate.

That's Dan's place there.

It could have cameras on it.

Come on. Let's go round the back.

Dan? Dan.

There's nothing here.



Jesus, Jules! I almost shat myself!

Rizla, what you doing here?

Feeding Larry, innit?

Hi. Hi.

Can I help at all?

Ah, yes. We'd like to speak to Alan Gill, please.

Alan. Sure.



Oi. Come on.

It's for you, lad. Coppers.

Everything OK?

Yes, sir. Fine. Thanks.

Is there anywhere we could have a chat in private?

Yeah. Sure.

You all right? You look nervous.

Two coppers turn up at work. It's not gonna be good news, is it?

So, you're dating Lucy Murdoch.

Dating? We live together.

When did you last see her?


Why? What's happened?

Mr Gill, it would help -

Are you telling me something's happened to Lucy?

Mr Gill, I'm afraid we think that Lucy may have been abducted.

Abducted? What - What, like kidnapped?

We're trying to ascertain -

Do you know where she is or not?!

Just calm down. Now, we are doing everything we can to find Lucy and make sure that she's safe.

But what we need to do first is establish a timeline so if we know where she's been, we can try to work out where she is.

Do you understand?

She's pregnant.

I mean, she's due in a few weeks.

She's out here.

Well, that's good to know.

So, let's just try and work through this calmly, OK?

When did you last see her?

Alan, when did you last see Lucy?

Yesterday afternoon.

And then she went round her dad's.

You weren't worried when she didn't come home?

Of course not. I sent her a few texts to make sure she was OK.

Did she answer 'em?

A couple, yeah.

Have you got your phone?

I'm not sure where it is.

I beg your pardon?


These look like you had -

Yeah. I know.

Look, it was just a stupid row. OK?

But that is when she went round to her dad's. Look, it was nothing.

Do you know a man called Daniel Hope. Never heard of him.

Jeff Crabtree.


Look, where is she?

You OK?

Yeah, just tired.

Iron tablets, yeah?


Paracetamol, that's all I could find.

Do you know where Dan is?


Oh, sh*t, man.

You don't know.

Know what?

The police came round yesterday.


Dan's d*ad.

What do you think? Straight?

Excuse me.


I heard you mention Lucy's dad Dave.

Is he all right?

Sorry, Mr?

I'm Gary Sadler. I'm Alan's boss.

Mr Sadler, it's part of an ongoing inquiry. I can't discuss it.

Alan's a good lad, you know.

He works hard.

Is there something you want to tell me, Mr Sadler?

A couple of weeks ago, Dave came down here shouting the odds.

I had to get in between 'em.

You don't think Alan would hurt Lucy?

No. Not that. It's just Alan and Lucy fall out and she goes off to her dad's with half a story.

I see. Well, thanks. If you think of anything else. Yeah.




Uniform's searched Crabtree's home.


Found a grand in a shoebox.

What did the police say...exactly? they found his car burnt out... a body inside.

They suspected it was him.


See? That doesn't mean he's d*ad.

I'm just telling you what they told me.

Dan's d*ad. Right, who's got Lucy?

I dunno.

Dan's been acting proper weird, though.

Weird how?

Just like not himself.

Not since he came back from Blackpool.

The stag do last weekend.

He's acting proper jumpy, like looking over his shoulder and that.

He's asked me to keep an eye on the house.

Let him know if anyone came by looking for him.

Weird sh*t like that, like he knew someone was after him.

To be honest, and I know this sounds terrible, but...when the cops came round, I thought... Yeah. They got him.

I didn't tell them that, though.

Has anyone been round looking for him?

Just Joe.

Who's Joe? He's a mate of Dan's.

It was his stag.


Here we go.

Is that Daniel?

We want a list of Murdoch's known associates.

Anyone close to him, bring 'em in.

Get Gibbons on it.

Speak of the devil.

Will, yeah.

"Murdoch has been seen..."

You what?

Murdoch and Hope were spotted.

What? Heading to Dan's house.

Get TAU on it now.


Police, get down!

We're missing the fun.

What's the charge?

What's this? Have you lot got nothing better to do?

David Murdoch and Jules Hope were here. Where are they?

They were here. Passing by.

Don't matter, they've gone.


Not a clue, love.

Get him in the van.

Go on.


Sir, who's the tramps?

I'm so sorry, Joe, I know it's not on turning up like this.

You looking for Dan?

Come on.

They said on the radio you'd escaped custody.

That's not the half of it.

Who's he?

A friend. Sort of.

Joe, what happened to Dan?

I don't know. I haven't seen him since Saturday.

I've been ringing him but his phone's off.

You don't know where he's gone.

Some bloke came round my house last Saturday looking for him. What?

Who was it?

I don't know.

Some big bloke.

I think he was Geordie.

What did you tell him?

Just the truth. That we're mates, we play football together. That was it.

I texted Dan and told him.

He asked to see me.

Said he wanted to, er, talk it through.

He looked worried. Really worried.

That was the last time I saw him.

What happened in Blackpool?

We ended up down in this club.

It kicked off with a couple of local lads, that was it.

What's the name of the club?

I've got a membership card.

Mr G's.

Yeah, that's it. Mr G's.

Do you know who was looking for Dan?

A man called Eddie.

Eddie Goade.

But he wasn't looking for Dan.

He wants me.


A few years ago... me and Eddie stole some money.

A lot of money.

Eddie got caught. I didn't.

And he went down for it.

And he blamed me.

But Dan...

He were just a kid, you know?

Mr G's...

That's Eddie's brother's club.

So... This Eddie came to Manchester looking for you.

Dan must have thought that Eddie would get to me in prison.

And he worked out a plan to get me out.

But Eddie got to Dan first.

But I spoke to Dan.

Yeah, Dave. But you did... Not me.

It could have been anyone.

Even if Dan did have Lucy, Eddie's got her now.

Dan's d*ad. Eddie k*lled him.

I'm sorry I got you into this.

I'm sorry I lied. I'm so sorry.

I just wanna know where Lucy is.

So how do I get her back?

We find Eddie and we give him what he wants.



Doctor Keeler, hi.

"Hi. I hope I haven't caught you at a bad time." Visitor for you, Sarge.

Dr Keeler, can I call you back?


Nice one, Phil.

Making an honest woman out of her at last.

Yeah. Yeah, thanks. Sue, can we just, er...

Yeah. Yeah, sure. Just give me a sec.

Do you see a ring? Some detective!

Some detective!


I just wanted to say sorry about last night.

Have you slept?

You're gonna make yourself really ill.

I'm really busy. I did say I'd call you.

I don't want you to go to London.

Come here a sec.

Look, Phil. I haven't decided what I'm gonna do.

Well, I'm asking you to decide.

I'm asking you to stay with me.

We don't have to get married -

No, look, it's not -

..what's scaring you.

It's not us.

It's just - I just don't feel like I'm in control of anything.

Control. Can't you just be happy with what you've got?

You know, do you really wanna start again? A new career at your age.

You love being a copper.

I used to. No, you do.

You still do, you know you do and you'd be lost doing anything else.

Especially bloody Police Academy.

College of Policing. Can you really see yourself teaching full time?

You complain enough about laddo out there.

Look, I'm asking you to make a decision.

And I'm telling you I don't know what I want.

You got a light, mate.

Are you sure about this?

No, not really. Me and Alan don't get on.

Even though he thinks the world of Lucy...most of the time.

There he is.

Where is she?

Alan, just calm down. I'm not looking for a scrap.

Don't tell me to calm down. Where is she?

There's stuff I need to talk to you about. I've spoken to the police.

They told me Lucy's missing.

And they said on the news that they're looking for her and you.

We think we know where Lucy is.

Then phone the police.

I will as soon as I can be sure.

She could be anywhere and I won't be much use behind bars.

She is my daughter.

And she's having my kid! I know.

Do you know I bought a flat?

I've not told her.

That's why I've been so busy, why I've been so tired.

I've been decorating it.

It's almost done.

Nursery and everything.

I was gonna surprise her.

Alan, trust me...

I'm gonna find my daughter.

You all right?




I'm not giving you the car, Dave.

Sarge, a minute.

Are you having a laugh?

Gary Sadler's on the phone.

Take a message!

Oh, hang on.

I'm working with a bloody Chuckle Brother.

Which one?

You pick.

Mr Sadler, hello.

They were here just now. Murdoch.

He's taken one of my cars with Alan.

Where's Ward? In his office.

Right. Which car has he taken?

We'll need all the details.

Yeah. I think I know where they're heading.

Sarge. Sarge, they've just been spotted.

Heading out of Salford on the M62.

Right. So they're heading to the M6.

OK. Which way next?

Up, down, straight over?

What? Place a bet, which way do you think they're going? Haven't a clue.

I bet I can guess. M6 North.

Sarge. M6 headed North.

Will, pass us that folder.

Dan and Jules Hope are originally from Blackpool.

They've got history in Blackpool, people that might help them.

M6, M62, up past Preston, M55 Blackpool.

Right. So now you're the psychic detective.

It's a bloody big leap.

They're heading to Blackpool.

If we know where they are, we can get ahead and cut them off.

I'll get onto traffic.

I'd like to be there.

Have you slept?

Yeah. Good two hours.

What about you?

I'm the same, sir.

You better be right about this.

"Traffic to Control."

"Go ahead."

"Suspects pulling off M6 into Charnock Richard services.

Requesting additional units."


DS Reinhart.


My lads had the car under observation but the suspects left before we could ID them.

Oh, right. Have you checked inside?

Not yet.

OK. We'll take a look. Thanks.

I'll check upstairs. "DS Reinhart.

Two males approaching the Astra."

What about the girl?

Where's Jules?

"Can you confirm. Would you like us to apprehend?"

Yeah. Yeah. Bloody hell. Yeah.

"Go. Go."


Take the keys out of the ignitions and step out of the car.


What the bloody hell's this?

We ain't done nothing wrong.

The fella give us the keys, yeah?

That's great.


You're hurting me.

Get them out of here. What?

We ain't done nothing wrong.

Yeah. Hi. Mr Sadler, it's DS Reinhart. Did you get 'em?

It wasn't them. They weren't in the car. "Are you sure?"

I'm here with the Astra. We've got two suspects but neither is David Murdoch or Alan Gill.

"I don't get it." Mr Gill gave them the keys, sir. As a decoy.

"Could they have taken a different car?"

Just bear with me a sec.

No. The Astra's the only one that's gone. Just let me check -

Sorry, hold on.


"Hi, Sue. It's Sarah Keeler."

Sorry, I was meant to call you back.

It's been a hard day. "It's OK.

Look, I've got your test results."

Should I sit down?

It's not quite what we expected.

"You're pregnant, Sue."



What? "Are you there?"

Dr Keeler, sorry, I'll have to call you back.

What did Sadler say?

sh*t, he's still on hold.

Sorry, Mr Sadler. Yeah.

I'm not sure how to tell you this.

Alan's car's not here.


He took his own car.

They're in Alan's car.

Jesus Christ, he could be anywhere by now.

"When will I get my Astra back?"


Er... Get Alan's reg number and then... just get onto ANPR.

Sarge, are you all right?

Just do it! All right.

Bloody hell.

What?! Spencer's been chasing you.

She's cross-referenced the DNA sample you took from Dan Hope's house.

The body in the car. It's not him.

You are kidding. So, what, Dan Hope's still alive?

Who is it?

She's onto it now.

She needs to run it through the database.

Oh, great.

Sorry, Sarge.



"Dan Hope's alive?"

Yes, sir.

"Now you're saying they're in Blackpool."

The police have found Alan Gill's car in Blackpool.

I was right. Sort of. That's where they were heading.

It's just we... followed the wrong car.

Of course we did.

"I thought there was a big, bad wolf pulling the strings but there's not."

She's gone to her brother.

"So Dan's got Lucy Murdoch."

I'm thinking me and Iddon should drive over there.

To Blackpool. "Jules must have gone to Dan."

We can talk to her friends and foster family. "We'll start with the family.

I'll speak to Fylde. I'll have someone meet you."

Great. Understood, sir. Great.

Got it. Thanks.

Right. We're on.

She's beautiful, your Lucy.

You showed me a picture once.

She's gorgeous.

Well, she takes after her mother.

Certainly doesn't get it from me.

I heard she d*ed.

I'm sorry.

It's fine.

How did she die?

She had cancer.

It's amazing how many things get taken away before it kills you.

I've not been a good dad.

My wife had been ill for years and er...

I did what I could and tried to be there for Lucy.

Nothing can replace your mum, can it?

The last time I saw Lucy, erm...

..we had an argument and er...

..I said some things I wish I hadn't said now.

I don't know what Eddie's gonna do to me.


All right?


Hello. Mrs Knotter. Yeah. I'm Detective Sergeant Susan Reinhart.

This is Detective Constable Iddon.

Can we have a word?

Erm, yeah. Come in.


I haven't seen them for... God, it must be more than five years now.

No other friends or family you can think of? No. No family.

I don't think they have any friends, if I'm honest.

It was quite a relief when they went.

I've never known a really bad kid but some of 'em have come close.

Daniel? Daniel was fine.

He was definitely a character.

Right from being tiny.

No, it was Jules that we had the trouble with.

She was one of those that could... oh, wrap me round her little finger.

If she wanted something, she got it.

She had a real edge to her, though.

Look, it's the best I could get.

Painkillers. Deep Heat.


So how do I find Eddie?

Same way Daniel did.

You go to Anthony's club.

He'll know where Eddie is.

I'll get changed and we'll go.

Are you sure about this? No, you're not coming, either of you.

What? I wanna get my daughter back.

That doesn't mean I'm gonna let Eddie do what he wants to you.

I'm gonna find him and talk to him.

If I'm not back in an hour, tell the police everything.

Dave -

I just wanna find my daughter.

Let's get rid of these.

Right. Let's get into Blackpool.

Meet up with this DS Stafford that Ward set us up with.

What? Just pulled a voicemail off Murdoch's phone.

I think you need to listen to this.

Get in.

"Dad? Dad, he's just run me off the road!

Dad, please! No! What do you want?!

Just leave me alone!

Don't, I'm pregnant!"

"Is it the police?

Just get out!"

It's definitely Gill's car.

Is there anything?


DS Reinhart.

DS Stafford.

Hi. Oh. Sorry. Excuse me.

Kate, hi.

"I've had a h*t off the database."

Go on. The body in the car, it's an Eddie Goade.

Arrested in Blackpool in 2004.

Now aged 41.

Yeah, OK. Cheers for letting me know.


Just explaining we can pull CCTV but the truth is there's a lot of places to hide in Blackpool.

We've got a name for that body we found yesterday.

Eddie Goade.

Eddie Goade? Eddie's d*ad?

Are you sure?

What, you know him?

The Goades? Yeah.

They're a bit of a face around town.

Eddie's brother Anthony runs a nightclub down the road.

Closed, pal.

I'm looking for Eddie Goade.


Just tell him I know all about Daniel Hope.

He can either talk to me or the police.


You're looking for Eddie?

Yeah. Who are you?

His brother. Anthony.

And you are?

Lucy's father.


I know Eddie's taken my daughter.

And I know he wants Jules Hope but that's not gonna happen.

You're with Jules Hope?

You better star making sense.

Now, I don't know where Eddie is.

No-one does.

Hello? Oi! Anthony about?


They're up there. Go. Go!


Chasing suspect on the roof of Mr G's heading south towards the prom.

Eyes on Murdoch. In the central arcade on the promenade.

"Copy that."


What are you playing at?!



It's over, David.
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