01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV miniseries "And Then There Were None". Aired December 26-28.*
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"And Then There Were None" is is based on Agatha Christie's novel of the same name. Strangers are invited to the fictitious Soldier Island, a small isolated rock of an island off the Devon coast. When two of the ten people are d*ad before the second day dawns, the guests suddenly realise there may be a m*rder among them.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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Owen is unknown.

We must all have something in common.

Someone who knows us all.

It's the poem. It's the poem, don't you see?

No-one's coming for us. This is the end.

You like Uncle Hugo, don't you?

I do. I am in love with him.

"One chopped himself in half and then there were six."

So she's right. It is the poem!

We have sharp minds. We should stay together.

It was locked.

Which means there must be a master key.

Any one of us could have had the key.

Any one of us could have the g*n.

The k*ller is not out there.

The k*ller is in here.

It is one of us.

( Faint thunderclap )

( Thunderclap )

( Thunderclap )

Look how happy Cyril is now.

Hugo always works wonders.

He is the most marvellous man.

He seems very nice.

I really can't imagine many would be as kind, under the circumstances.

What circumstances?

Well, I had no idea I was pregnant when my husband d*ed.

So Hugo, as the nephew, stood to inherit.

And when little Cyril popped out, that was it for Hugo's hopes. Hm!

What he needs is some rich girl loaded down with Daddy's money, but he's a romantic.

Wants to marry for love.

But how can he when he doesn't have a penny?

Love, Miss Claythorne, is a very costly pursuit.

Oh, well done, Cyril! Oh!

( Olma chuckles )

I might go and play with them.

Ah, hello.

Looks like we've got some reinforcements, Cyril.

Ready, old thing?

Ready? I don't think Miss Claythorne can h*t a ball.

Girls can't, Uncle Hugo.

Well, we'll have to see.

Oh, sh*t!

Over here! Quick, quick!

Quick, she's going to get all the way around. Come on now.

( Hugo laughs )

Well done! Almost.

We can't just sit here doing nothing!

What are we supposed to do?

Light a f*re on the headland, signal for help?

Not in this weather.

Where's... where's she going? Where are you going?

To make tea. I'll bring it in.

What else are you going to bring in? A Kn*fe from the kitchen?

The g*n from wherever you've hidden it?

And what are you going to be putting in the tea?

She's going to wipe out all four of us!

There'll be lemon in the tea.

I-I won't bring a Kn*fe and I don't have the g*n.

Even if I did, I wouldn't be k*lling you all at the same time, would I?

How do we know that?! - Because it's one by one and in a particular way, or have you not been paying attention?

And nowhere on that does it say anything about a g*n, does it, you idiotic, cretinous bastard?!

( Slow hand clap )

( Philip chuckles )

I'll come with you.


No. We go... singularly, or in a group.

( Thunderclap )

( Wind whistles )

( Thunderclap )

I hear you were one for the black square and the rope, Judge Wargrave.

When it was appropriate, yes.

Tubs here tells me you used to watch all the hangings you'd ordered.

Is that true?

You really want to stop calling me that.

Is that true, Judge?

I had the power to condemn men and women to death for their crimes.

With great power comes great responsibility.

I believe that to look away as that power is exercised was both irresponsible and cowardly.

Did you watch Edward Seton hang?

I remember Edward Seton, from the newspapers.

Everyone said he was innocent.

He wasn't.

He left diaries.

They proved a warped and corrupted mind.

He believed his victims were full of filth and that he was cleansing the world of their stain.

Taunting the police with... clues and misdirections excited him.

As much as t*rture and sadism.

He was guilty and you passed the right verdict.

Why didn't you go and see him?

I did.

It was unsettling.


He refused the hood.

He wanted me to see his face.

Perhaps to impute there was some commonality between us, perhaps to... laugh at me.

Laugh at you?


At justice.

It meant nothing to him.

He wasn't cowed by it, or by me.

I was nothing.

I would soon be forgotten, a footnote in history.

Whereas he, with his legacy of blood and horror, would be remembered for ever.

Well, it worked.

He haunts me still.

But... laughter or not, justice came, as it always does.

And the world is free of his terrible darkness.

This is ridiculous!

I mean, we can't just sit around doing nothing!

Very well, Doctor.

We said singly, or in a group.

I'm going to read.

I'm sorry, Dr Armstrong, but your agitation tires me greatly.

( Thunderclap )

( High-pitched tone )

Justice came.

The k*ller and Wargrave having common cause.

The same thrill... from handing out death.

You took the piss when I said the judge.

Yes, well, now I think different.

How many men has he seen dangle? What does that do to someone?

He's on his own.

Could be plotting anything.

Stop it, will you?! Just stop it!

( High-pitched tone resumes )

As if we haven't had to put up with you.

Breathing and smoking.

Scratching, fidgeting and pacing.

I'm going to bed.

Singly, or in a group.

You can watch me go up the stairs.

( Thunderclap )

( Wind whistles )

( Thunderclap )

( Faint voices )

( Thunderclap )

( Banging )

( She screams )



( Olma sobs )





( Thunderclap )



Here. For Christ's sake, it's sal volatile. Smelling salts.

Breathe slowly. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

( She coughs )

There we are.

( She pants )

I thought there was somebody in the room with me.

Here, have some brandy.


( Philip chuckles )

Good for you, Vera.

What, you think I've done something to it?

I'm going to go and fetch another bottle that hasn't been opened.

I need some water.

This brandy's all right.

I haven't done anything to it.

Brandy's good for shock, that's why I got it.

(He called her Vera.)

Lombard. That's the second time.

There's something going on between them.

Sealed and untampered with.

( Thunderclap )

What's that for?

I don't know. A chandelier, maybe.

Like downstairs.

A chandelier in the bedroom?

Well, it's posh people, innit?

They put a chandelier anywhere.

Put a chandelier in a pigsty if the fancy took them.

( They chuckle )

I'm becoming very fond of you, Tubs.


You're an arrogant arsehole, you.

Ooh! Bloody hell! Sorry, Miss Claythorne.

No, you're right. He's an arsehole!

( She laughs )

Where's the judge?

( Thunderclap )

( Wind whistles )

( Thunderclap )


( Thunderclap )

He's been sh*t in the head.

Well, what are you doing?

Well, his head needs to be wrapped if we're going to move him.

He's right.

We don't want his brains spilling out all over the floor.

Don't use your jacket, Armstrong. I'll find something else.


Are you sure?

Well, look at him!

We searched everywhere for that g*n.

( Thunderclap )

You went back downstairs to get the bottle.

You went downstairs, too, to get a glass of brandy.

And you, you disappeared for a bit.

To fetch my bag so that I could attend to... Vera!

We didn't hear the sh*t.

You could have muffled it with a cushion.

Well, we'll have to take your word for it.

I've never sh*t a man in the head. That's more your field of expertise.

How would I have had the time to go downstairs, grab a bottle of brandy, quickly put a slug in Wargrave, making sure that nobody heard him, dress him up and make it back upstairs again?

Tubs here was away for longer.

I'm not as quick on my feet as you.

"Five little soldier boys going in for law One got Chancery and then there were four."

One by one and in a particular way.

And where's my g*n?

Don't bloody look at me!

Or me!

( Thunderclap )

( Wind whistles )

I can't stand the sound of that wind.

I can't stand it!

I'm not just going to sit here and wait to die!

( Music plays )

( Faint laughter )

In the w*r, do this all the time!

And stay awake!

Bodies, bodies, bodies, bodies!

Bones, blood, skulls!

Just this... this... this... this parade!

Endless parade of shattered... shattered meats!

Just standing there, cutting off legs and arms and... guts everywhere and bodies and screaming!

( Raucous laughter )

Ladies and gentlemen, silence, please!

You are charged with the following indictments...

Edward George Armstrong...

That's me!

( Whooping )

...William Henry Blore.

Yeah, that's me!

...that you did m*rder James Steven Landor.


( Music plays )

Vera Elizabeth Claythorne...

The smell! And the noise, the noise, the noise...!

( He howls )

( Muffled laughter )

Prisoners at the bar, how do you plead?


What are you laughing at?

( Laughter )

(Blore? Watch them!)

Watch them!

You stick with me, Vera.

We're going to get through this.

I have no intention of getting k*lled.

Death... is for other people, not for us.

(You see? Look at them.)

(Together. Perhaps it's them.)

Mr and Mrs Owen.

It's them!

It's them!

It's them!

( Slurred ): Fine!

Why am I wearing this f*cking hat?!

I'm going to bed.

This party's over.

( Music stops )

( They moan )

'Now, look here, sunshine, you've been pinched.

'And we know what for.

'Lurking about in a gentleman's public convenience, in the bogs.'

What am I, born yesterday?

Now, you're lucky you got me.

Not some other copper. He might've been a bit heavy-handed.

I mean, look at you, there's nothing of you!

You're soft.

Eh? Like a peach, or something.

You'd be mush in a moment.

So go on.

On your way.

Let this be a lesson to you, all right? Be more discreet.

You don't want to end up getting a bloody nose or doing a stretch inside because it's no fun for you lot in the nick.

Go on, scarper.

Thank you.

That's what I should've done, innit?

That's what I should've done.

But I didn't.

( He sighs )

( Footsteps )


( Thunderclap )

(Lombard! Lombard!)

Lombard! Lombard!

( Banging )


What is it?

It's him. It is Armstrong!

(He's left the house, I saw him.)

Lock your door, Vera, and put a chair against it.

( Thunderclap )

How are you?

How is Mrs Hamilton?

I'm taking her to London.

She can't stay here.

Of course.

She, um... wants to give you three months' pay in lieu of notice because, obviously, you cannot be a governess when there is no child to govern.

If Mrs Hamilton is in London, I can look after the house.

Even if I'm not governess, I can still look after the house.

As a friend.

I'm locking the house up.

I imagine it might be sold.

But it's yours now.

I will have to find somewhere to stay.

I'll find a nice hotel.

For when you come down.

Perhaps I'll find us a little cottage.

I have to be with Olivia.

She's really rather unwell.

There will be an inquest.

They want it to be quite soon, so you'll be needed.

Of course.

And you'll come down for that?

I have to go.

Poor little Cyril.

Poor little Cyril.
( Faint birdsong )

( Banging )

Vera? It's us.

It was just on your bed.

It was just... on my bed.

Well, how do I know you didn't plant it in there last night?

If Philip had the g*n before now, he would have taken it with you when you went after Armstrong, wouldn't he?

You could have crept out of your room and planted it.

There was no-one around here to hear you.

I had my door locked in case Armstrong came back.

Armstrong's disappeared. Thin air.

We split up when we went searching last night, didn't we?

Yes, we did.

Did you find him?

Did you chuck him off the cliff?

No, Tubs, I didn't find him and chuck him off the cliff.

Did you? - No!


Red herring.


"Four little soldier boys going out to sea. A red herring swallowed one and then there were three."

Red herring.

Armstrong's still alive.

Why's it always you that works it out?

Has been from the off, innit?

Working it out.

Armstrong said that and all.

It's been a long night.

You're letting the booze and powder do the thinking for you, Tubs.

I've told you to stop calling me that!

Your first name's William, isn't it?

Do you get Will, or...?

Bill. I get Bill.

Well, Bill, whose idea was it to put music on, to get drunk so we'd all pass out and not hear anything?


And who did you first suspect?

Who did you get the scent on, right from the off?


Red herring.

He's been playing us off each other from the start.

And he's still alive.

Because people don't just vanish, not on an island this size.

He's still alive.

I've got an allotment at home.

In Edmonton.

I love it.

It's my little patch of paradise.

That's the best thing in the world, just sitting there, watching it all.

Growing away.


Cup of tea from the flask and a bit of bread and a bit of cheese and...

...radish that you pulled from the ground a moment before.

Great, big, peppery radish.

Simple things.

Good things.

I wish I'd chucked that letter from Ulick Norman Owen in the bin!

And it serves me right, trying to earn... a bit of cash on the sly.

It serves us all right.

Are we d*ad already?


Perhaps we're d*ad already and we just don't realise it.

And this is hell.

We're in hell.

And we're being punished for what we done.

Because I did k*ll him.


I stomped him till he was pulp.

His own mother couldn't see him.

Couldn't say goodbye.

I m*rder him, all right.

He was helpless and I didn't stop.

He must've been so frightened.

Just... just a young lad.

( He sobs )

I've got a tomato crop that's got to be harvested. Who's going to do it?

What's going to happen to my allotment?

Hey. Hey, come on, Tubs.

We're not done yet.

It's us three against him. We can hold our own.

And someone has to come for us soon. They... they have to.

Mm-hm. That's the spirit.

Who's going to come for us?

That Narracott never turned up when he was supposed to.

Reckon he was paid off.

We light a f*re.

On the cliff. Someone's bound to see it.

OK. We're going to need supplies.

I don't want to spend another night in this house, do you?

(I reckon we're being watched.)

We are.

Let's go.


Come on, Tubs, let's go!

( Clattering )

Where is he?!

Stay here.

Don't follow me!

( Roaring )

( Waves crash )


"Three little soldier boys walking in the zoo. A big bear hugged one and then there were two."

Poor Tubs.

Poor Tubs.

( Clock chimes )

( She pants )

( Wind whistles )

The tide's changing!



There's something down there.


Come on!


Not here.

I need to find a better view.

No, no, no. We... we can't leave him like this.

It's not right. We can't leave him!

Yes, we can.

No, when the boat comes, Philip, they'll see him like this and we haven't done the decent, the... the right thing.

How will it look for us?




It's you!

It's you! It's all you, all of it!

Give me the g*n.

You're going to k*ll me!

No! No, I'm not going to k*ll you, Vera.

But there's somebody else on this island... - No, there's no-one else!

There's somebody on this island and they're going to k*ll us both if you don't give me that g*n.

There's no-one else, you've k*lled them all!

Listen to me, we're being hunted!

Right now, we're being hunted!

I need the g*n!

Give it to me.


Give me the g*n.

Give me the g*n, Vera.


( g*n )

( g*n )

( She screams )

( She sobs )

( Waves crash )

'I promised him a game of bat and ball after our lessons.'

A reward for being so good.

He wanted to swim.

He always wanted to swim.

But I said no.

I went to get the bat and ball for our game...

...and he was gone.

I ran after him.

I ran as fast as I could.

If only I hadn't turned away for a minute, but it was only a minute while I got the bat and ball.

(If only...)

( She breathes deeply )

(Thank you. Thank you for trying to save him.)

( Sobs ): Oh, God! Oh, God!

You know, before, I wasn't sure.

But I am sure now.

Watching you, hearing you speak.

Now I'm sure.

What are you sure of?

That you're lying.

You couldn't catch up with... Cyril?

I've seen you run, Vera.

You're fast. You're strong. You sprint.

You turn your back for a moment and you couldn't catch up with Cyril?

Hugo, you can't think this...

I know why you did it.

But what you don't understand is that I really loved that little boy.

(So did I. And I love you.)

(I can't prove it. I can't prove a thing. Oh, but, Vera, if I did have proof... I'd see you hang.)



...you're strong enough to swim to that rock, aren't you?

You're strong enough. Excited?

OK. On your marks, get set, go!

( Muffled shouts )

Nearly there!

Hold on!

Don't worry. I've got you. I've got you.

( Clock ticks )

( Footsteps )

( Lock clicks )



( She gasps )

( She chokes )

"Two little soldier boys sitting in the sun... One got frizzled up and then there was one. One little soldier boy left all alone... He went and hanged himself and then there were none."

You wondering about that...?

( He chuckles )

Liver and kidneys.

You all believed the doctor when he said I was d*ad.

None of you checked.

I need to get down!

Armstrong made it so much easier.

He was very keen to forge an alliance.

I don't know what he thought was going to happen when he ran out into the night to meet me.

Perhaps that I was going to save him.

I lied about the success of my surgery.

The mass, the tumour is spreading.

There's nothing to be done but await the inevitable.

It's quite extraordinarily painful.

Well... not long now, though, hm?

Why are you doing this?

Because justice comes to all.

I told you that, were you not listening?

The evidence that led me to convict Edward Seton was considered too terrible to be made public.

It was the stuff of nightmares.


And where others were revolted...

...Miss Claythorne, I was fascinated.

And when Seton looked into my eyes, he could see that I was thrilled.

He knew that I was a kindred spirit.

And when his neck snapped...

...I felt as if I'd been handed a gift.

No. No!

You don't mean any of this.

You are a good man. Moral.


( She gasps for breath )

Maybe there's something in that.

There are differences between Seton and myself.

All his victims were innocent.

You are all guilty.

Now, imagine.

The detectives arrive to find a house full of slaughter and the handiwork of UN Owen everywhere.

But UN Owen himself is nowhere to be seen.

But who else could have fired the final sh*t that ended the life of the unimpeachable judge?

Ten bodies and no m*rder.

How could he have disappeared?

( She chokes )

It's so unfathomable.

They'll be worrying about it for years.

No! No, wait!

There's... there's no... there's no more b*ll*ts!

There... there can be no final sh*t because the g*n is empty.

There are no more b*ll*ts.


That's all spoiled.

No, it's not spoiled.

Yes, it is. There are corpses everywhere and only me left.

No, not just you. There's me!

The two of us, together.

We'll... we'll say it was Philip.

That he was mad.

Oh, he was quite the sanest of the lot, I thought.

He was insane.

He... he k*lled us all and I sh*t him.

I sh*t him to defend us.

It was all Philip Lombard.

Huh! Hm!

You took him as your lover.


Got his blood on your feet.


(We'll say that.)

We'll say that. They'll believe us.

They believed me last time.

( She gasps )

What a beguiling woman you are, Miss Claythorne.


Quite my favourite, really.

There's no final b*llet, Judge.

But I can save us both.

I'll keep your secret and I'll save us both.

Just let me down. Please!

( She gasps for breath )

You forgot the one that sh*t me.
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