01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "The Last Panthers". Aired: April 2016 to December 2015.
"The Last Panthers" is based on real events inspired by the notorious Balkan jewel thieves "the Pink Panthers". An independent claims specialist is given the job of recovering stolen diamonds... no matter what it takes. Also on the trail of the diamonds, is a police officer. The investigation takes them across Europe and into a world where shadowy figures control events.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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Did you tell Roman where we are?

No point.

Something's going on here.

We'll find an answer.

Those kids from Les Agnettes are here for a reason They're just doing sport.

Why come here? There are lots of gyms near them.

Membership card Sometimes you can't correct mistakes.

That's life.


What's wrong?

Maybe you're right.

What do you mean?

About the mistakes.

Let's head back.



You're a real scumbag.


It's my dream holiday: mum, dad, 40 Kalashnikovs.

3 rocket-launchers.

Good trick.

An old trick.

This is a nostalgic moment for me.

After this, I'm done with g*n.


It's a matter of profit.

Risk and boredom.

So, what about my money?

You're becoming boring, you know?


You can go f*ck yourself. You hear me?

You bust my b*lls.

Well, well... the Animal's back!

Good, I can use that.

'Papa' wants to come home.

Come on.

Come on, let's go.

Know why I wanted you in the team?

Because you said you grew up here and understood how Les Agnettes worked.

There's nothing to understand.

You're pursuing something which no longer concerns us.

Marseille is tricky.

It has to be handled delicately.

Causing riots and bloodshed isn't the answer.

We know the Serbs' names and that they're in Serbia.

One's still here.

You've got nothing!

Unless you've learnt something vital sitting outside a gym?

Don't you care about the Belairs?

I do care about their deathl Wanna talk about how it happened and whose fault it was?

I'm reassigning you.

SIM card fraud in Aix.

Deal with it.

I'm off the case?

No, the case is d*ad. Your case is in Aix.



Your friends won't answer our calls.

They won't supply g*n anymore.

I'm sure you can help us.

Dumb Serb doesn't understand!

What do we do about the g*n?

That's not your problem.

Little prick! Piece of shit!

Khalil, I'm out.

I'm not up for it.

Are you chicken?

No, you guys don't need me.

Stay, you chicken.


My Dad'll k*ll me.

What the f*ck?


Son of a b*tch.

What kind of a car is it?

A 405, Serbian plates and a hedgehog sticker.

They want the bag hidden in the boot.

See you in a bit.




OK, you know what you're doing.

But I remember in 2002.

You came home, covered in blood.

Zlatko got the idea of stealing tiles.

You were in bed for a month and he was fine.

2003: a fight in a bar over a girl.

You took a b*ating, and he was fine 2004...

I know what he did.


You know.

It gets worse and worse. The woman who got hurt, the kid...

Every time you've done something stupid. It was his idea.

He owes us money.

We'll get money elsewhere.

I've tried everything. The money's for your operation.

Don't worry, I can hold out for a few months if you promise not to see Zlatko again.

Listen, Milan.

Either you break free or you remain at his mercy forever.

I gotta go.

You have in front of you the architectural plans in 3D.

You can visit the airport when you like.

It's a lot of fun.

I'd like to introduce you to the people involved in this project.

Unfortunately, Guillaume Von Reeth can only be with us virtually.

People present: Henrik Porel Holston. Concessions manager.

James Deloitte. Parking facilities manager.

And Zlatko Mladic. With his company Lugano Holdings which will be in charge of security.

Any questions?

I only had enough for one can. We can share it, OK?

Have they called Dad?

He's on his way.

That f*cking dog freaked me out.

You're OK now?

Thanks for coming.

For not dropping me like Halim did.

You'd have done the same for me.


Let's open it.

He said not to open it.

We have 10 minutes before Dad comes. Let's open it.

Oh, f*ck!

It's Nadim. He's come for them.

I won't come whenever you whiste.


What? Taken up sport again?

Don't f*ck with me. I saw you.

I saw all the cars coming and going.

The foreign plates.

It's g*n, isn't it?

What're you talking about?

Are you crazy?

Don't bullshit me.

Mokhtar, you're gonna be in deep shit. So tell me.


The Serb.

What about him?

Where is he?


He's linked to the g*n at Les Agnettes.

I'll protect you, kid, but tell me.

I dunno. Get off my back with this shit.

For once, make the right choice.

You always thought I was shit. Didn't you?

What about the blood on your hands?

Dad was right.

You really do have a screw loose.

Do as I say.

No f*cking way!

Stop it!

Get off me!

Don't make me hurt you.

Get off!

You never understood a thing.

And you never will!

f*ck you and your Serb!

Don't look you a ways come home with bruises.
Do you want a drink?

Something to eat?

No, I'm fine.

I saw him last Tuesday. He walked past the shop.


Do you ever see him?

When I do, try to avoid him.

How did it come to this?

Don't know.

You threw me out, I wasn't here.

Your father thought it was best for you.

Sometimes he was wrong.

When I came back. I thought I could fix things.

But no..

You can.

You just can't fix everything, son.


I knew you'd come.

What do you want?

Did you come here to thr*aten me for hurting your friend?

You didn't hurt him - you k*lled him.

He condemned himself.

He dropped you like a piece of shit.

So, I had to make an example of him.

Now everyone knows.

The new boss around here is me.


Manu. From Marseille.


We sold him Kalashnikovs. Milan's partner is alive.

What's the name of the guy they found?


They think he's important to me.

Nobody's important to me. Only actions are.

You won't cause any trouble?

Why would I?

He was like a father to you and me.

We still call him 'Papa'.

We're not going to save him, right?

Dragan is history. He'll get in the way.

The new Caesar has to k*ll the old one.

We sort it out and I'll give you your money.

Give me the keys!

The keys!

What the f*ck is all this?

He wants to k*ll you.

k*ll me?


I wanted Milan to k*ll you.

You could've had everything.

It was to test your loyalty.

f*ck you and your loyalty!


If you sh**t, he'll k*ll you and your brother.

If you don't sh**t.

You may have a chance of warning him.

Don't be a p*ssy. sh**t.

Shut up.


Shut up, dammit!

Give me the keys!

Throw your g*n down. Go on!

Get the car.


Same place. OK.

Take care. Bye.

What're you doing here?

Where's Manu?

We come to you. understand?

He promised less blood.

A girl d*ed, an officer sh*t...

So? You gonna arrest us?

Listen, you little f*ck, I'm in no mood for your shit.

Roman let go of him.

He may be a little f*ck, but he's mine, so let him go.

Let's see how we can sort this shit out.

What's that?

Aren't you pleased to see him?

The Serb no one wants and the police are after.

So what?

I need your help.

All this shit is his fault.

2 birds with 1 stone.


You won't regret it.

That isn't how it works.

Trust me.

I've got a solution to all our problems.

Come on, get in.

Get lost.


b*at it.

Move it!

Stop! Police!

What're you playing at?


Stop! Police!

What the f*ck are you doing?

If he talked, we were f*cked. He was a liability.

This way, you're a hero.

Now I need your help.

The Serbs cut me off. I need g*n.

You have to turn a blind eye. Here.

It's the price of peace.

They're investigating him?

He did nothing wrong. He just did his job.

We got our man.

Coming for a drink?

No, I'm going home.

Are you sure?

OK, see you tomorrow.

Here is good.

How do we carry on?

On foot.

We won't get far like that!

Further than in a stolen car with no rear window.

He wanted to k*ll me. Me.

And he talks about loyalty, the little p*ssy.


Adnan, brother.

Milan, it's you.

Listen, you must leave the flat.

Remember our hide-out?

Get over there fast.


They're coming for you.

Because of me.

I'm sorry, I f*cked up.

I didn't think It'd go this way.

Go on, hurry.

Get going.
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