01x04 - Ace Meets with a Colleague

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Luck". Aired: December 2011 to March 2012
"Luck" revolves around characters who are connected to the same Santa Anita horse-racing track.
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01x04 - Ace Meets with a Colleague

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Gus: I still don't know how you ever got involved with Mike.

You claim the dope and you do the time.

I never ratted on anybody, and I wouldn't do it even with Mike.

( Breathing heavily )

Doctor: What did you have for breakfast?

Leon: O.J.

Don't sit him, doc. Kid's just starting to roll.

I'm intruding on behalf of a thoroughbred retirement foundation.

What's your name?

Claire Lechea.

How do you do?

We're thinking of buying a racehorse.

25 for the horse, 7,500 for the barbecue.

Jerry: We got a deal.

I bill you every month. You get behind, we got trouble.

Come back tomorrow. Tell me everything you did between now and then.

If I like what I hear, I'll give you a million dollars for the next 12 months you work for me.

Doing what?

I was wondering if your guy would like to ride my bay.

( Bell rings )

Walter: Jenkins busted his collarbone.

You know, I appreciate you telling me how to get ahold of Rosie's agent.

Yesterday you left the grounds a $390 winner.

Then I h*t the commerce casino.

Leo: Business good at my restaurant.

Give out plenty fortune cookie.

What's my fortune?

Jerry's fortune bad, bad, bad.

( Music playing )

♪ The baby was born ♪
♪ nettles and ferns ♪
♪ the evening, it chokes ♪
♪ the candle, it burns ♪
♪ this disguise ♪
♪ covers bitter lies ♪
♪ repeating the joke ♪
♪ the meaning, it dies ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it ♪
♪ the bankers have bailed ♪
♪ the mighty retreat ♪
♪ the pleasure, it fails ♪
♪ or what you receive ♪
♪ to what you receive ♪
♪ is eternited leave ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it ♪
♪ don't lose it. ♪

Leo: Jerry, you're not strong.

Why, time comes, you show your ass?

You play for some baby reason.

Time comes, your baby reason make you play when the cards don't let you.

You say, "anyhow, f*ck cards. Maybe I'll get lucky."

I want to be lucky for my baby reason.

( Toilet flushes )

That's how I know you show your ass to me, Jerry.

The thing you want to be careful with, Leo, is my baby reason don't wind up splitting your head open for you first.

( Chatter )

( Coins clinking )

( Horse snorts )

( Dog barks )

Hello, boss.

Jesus, girl.

( Laughs )

Today of all days.

How is he doing?

Well, see for yourself.

Here, give him one of these.

( Nickers )

Morning, pops.

( Whispers ) Hello.

Hello. Hello.


Well, I...

Who wants this?

I suppose we might as well run him, huh?

You ready to run today? Are ya?

( Whispers ) You ready to run today?

( Chuckles )

You ready to run today?

( Nickers )

You are?

Lonnie: Here he comes.

Renzo: Escalante.

Marcus: What, with our horse?

Lonnie: If so, I don't see him.

What, you see Escalante, but you don't see our horse?

Where would "if so" enter into this?

Maybe he should lower his binoculars.

What are you afraid of?

He said he didn't want us cramping his training style.

We own a horse in his barn, "a," and b, how long has this been our hangout?

He makes a good point.

What I want to know is where the f*ck is Jerry?

As if I didn't know.

He's good, your horse. He's healthy.

I jog him the set before.

Renzo: Could we visit him later in the barn?

You could visit him, or maybe go shop for a wiener dog.

This is our regular hangout.

How hard could it be to text where are you?

A word with you, Turo?


I heard that... that horse is back in your barn... you know, t-the one w-we won the two races for you on.

Those four gamblers bought him, yeah.

I give him a little time off now till he run again.

That... that makes sense, him having run t-the two so close together.

I got to watch my horses.


There he is.

Turo: Is he gaining weight?


Who, bug?

No, that mormon girl who used to sing with her brothers.

Let me tell you something.

That kid is... that kid's rigorous about his exercise, his diet regimen, and every single other aspect of his whole approach.

So I tell the kid...

Time comes for the... for the horse to run back, he's back on.

Yeah, that's up you.

( Clicking tongue )

Rosie: Jesus, Leon.

What's the other f*ck look like?

Good luck today.

I called you half a dozen times since your Houdini from the hospital.

I turned my phone off to get some rest.

You're f*ck' loaded, Ronnie.

I'm dealing with a lot of pain.

Getting strung out again is what you're gonna be dealing with, this time around without me holding your hand.

If that ain't incentive enough to stay high, I don't know what the f*ck would be.

I've got two jocks, Ronnie.

It's not enough that the bug is gaining weight, God has to give me a shitheel, too, like you to worry about.

Get the f*ck away from me! I'm having my morning coffee.

Walter: Atta girl.

Just get in the rhythm.

Ah, yeah.

There we go.


That's good.

That's good.

I guess that's out of our way, huh, Bruiser?

Both hands on the wheel, girl!

For Christ's damn sake.

Right, Bruiser?

She looked good.


( Sighs )

All right, you're as if this is hers, she knows she can trust you, like you've worked for her a long time.

Yes, sir.

This is a frightened person.

Good morning.

The 75 ain't a problem, ma. No, I'll send 250.

My concern is the steps down the road.

And, at St. Aloysius or elsewhere, ain't the bingo just the invariable jump-off?

Next thing, you're in Reno on the slots.

No, come on, don't... don't do that.

No. Okay. 10, 15 minutes.

Boyle street Western union.

Oh, hey, ma.

How you doing with our filter cigarette experiment?



( Chips clatter )

Man: Fold.

Man 2: I'm out.

( Scoffs )

I fold.

Action to you. 3,000.

Jerry: Unbelievable.

You got middle pair again, Jerry?

Go ahead, shove.

You should go ahead and f*ck yourself.

Come on, Jerry. Jesus.

That's when you say, "floor."

Man: Exactly.

I don't call floor and I don't call time on you, Jerry.

I want you to talk yourself into playing.

Why don't you concentrate on f*cking yourself up your sideways wink-ass, Leo?

You're not gonna call floor?

I would.

Leo: Call me, Jerry. I got rags.

( Sighs )

( Groans )

Now Jerry almost a man.

Will you shut the f*ck up?

( Jerry sighs )

Why so much?


( Sighs )

I'm out.

Almost man with little baby reason.

( Laughing )


Unbelievable. For Christ's sakes.

Man: Is everything okay here?

Leo: Jerry steam when he should muck, muck when he should play.

Sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Hey, Jerry's sorry.

Should we play some cards, Naomi?

You give the chairman there the rags, aces, and faces that Jerry is worth 500 a hand for you.

Hey, you come to my restaurant.

Private game.

We clean fish together, you and me.

And play heads-up.

100,000 freeze-out, play 1,000, 2,000.

I give you the button all the time.

You want, we bring Naomi to deal.

Fresh deck all the time.

Best action ever in your life.

Top edge ever!

You not too much be the baby to step up.

Okay, you're on. Let's go.

We gonna play poker!

f*ck you. We'll see.

Thank you.

Socializing prisoners by housing and caring for horses that would otherwise be slaughtered... it's, well...

I'm sure you can imagine how a program like this could change convicts' lives.

Also better uses, some people might say, the money could go to... times being what they are, the system being broke.

I wouldn't call the system broke so much as broken.


I guess you could say either word.

( Clears throat ) Two horse farms near the prison in Tehachapi are willing to participate, but the corrections department won't cover the cost of the guard who would be needed at the farm or the liability insurance...

So, how much would...

...For the prisoners' transport.

The figure come to?

I could provide itemized budgets within an hour.

By 3:00 would be plenty of time.

And I'll provide the money back.

Um, it's $220,000.

Is there a laundry problem? Do you mind cash?

That's something I... that might compromise... no, joking.


( Both laughing )

Bad joke.

Thank you very much.

I'm s...

You're welcome.

Would you like to stay for a real breakfast?

Oh, no. Thank you.

Ever I'm unavailable or Gus, reach out to Maurice.

Maurice: Absolutely.



I'm back by then?


Unless I k*ll the prick.

Well, then we're busy getting rid of the body.

That kid called. Can he push until 6:15?

Calls eight hours ahead to push 15 minutes?

He says he's copying stuff.

Tell him 6:10 and no later or .

You like?

There he is.

Renzo: Aw, he looks great. Very good.

Marcus: Yeah, that's the acid test... how he looks to you.

I think we're getting the cold shoulder.

Can we give him carrots again today?


He look healthy to you?


Well, what about all this global warming bullshit?



Here, give me some carrots. He wants one.

There. Huh?

Me now.

Jerry... Could very well be jeopardizing his entire f*cking winnings, this degenerate prick, instead of being here with us feeding carrots.

Instead of being here with us here.

( Laughs )

Joey: He heading out to the trail, Joey.

Yeah, good.

Seem I sweat more out there than running around the track.

Meantime, I'm rowing upstream, trying to get you back o that horse of Escalante's.

You're kidding.

No, I ain't.

We won twice for him on that horse.

"Your buck he lookin' heavy these days," he says to me.

That's damn bullshit, Joey.

What, bullshit you're puttin' on weight?

No, me not getting back on that horse.

I didn't say you're not gettin' back on.

I rode that horse good. Know you did.

I'm just making an illustrative point.

P-people are noticing that you're putting on weight.

Like I don't?

I know you do.

And I know you're taking certain measures.

This is sort of a zero sum game.

Didn't I fall and break my head hitting the box?

Nobody gives a f*ck how hard you're trying.

You either make weight or you don't.

You're on the horse or you're not.

I'm running every day.

Yeah, well, y-you got plenty of time today because we ain't got no mounts.

I'm going to run!

( Tires screeching )

I'm saving up to put in a pool.


Mike: How I yearn still to call you "Chester."

Go ahead.

Too tawdry.

Pretend that we can get back to that.

I'll call you "ace" now, like everyone else.

Something to drink, sir?

No, thanks.

Sit down.

I'm fine please, sit down.

This move of yours...

They told you what I wanna try?

Your horse idea.


Buy a big racetrack, bring in casino gaming, minority participant in their minority participation.

That's it.

I hope you won't find unnatural, ace, one's wondering if you're arranging some fun at the expense of erstwhile colleagues.


No, you aren't?

Or no, you wouldn't be surprised if one wonders?

That's not what I'm looking to do, Mike.

Ace, even the son of man, in gethsemane so sweated a prayer against temptation, it seemed blood poured from him to the ground.

Jesus Christ of nazareth, ace, was tempted to anger.

How isn't one to wonder if you mightn't be pissed off?

These gutless f*ck, the ones I blame for you doing three years, afraid to take a wrist slap to keep me out of the slam.

Let me try to f*ck these c**ts up the ass.

I said that's not what I'm looking to do.

You can practice on a couple of these, huh?

Mike: f*ck that one up the ass. Her name's Charlotte.

Or take Both. h*t 'em in the seat.

Not the way I operate.

No-sweat ace Bernstein.

I'm like Jesus Christ.

Were you there, you prick?

How do you know I didn't f*ck' sweat?

To forebear, I see.

I told you what I'm gonna do.

I take no less than 51%.

You want a piece, it comes out of their 49.

I do want a piece.

I'll let 'em know the number, what I pay.


How's your grandson, ace?

He's all right.

I hope he appreciates what you did for him.

Don't talk about him anymore.


Glad he's well.

Better f*ck' pray he stays that way.

( Speaks Chinese )

Naomi: Eights-four wins.

Well, it ain't exactly the ritz, but the commode works.

You know how long I've wanted to get in this ro?

( Chatter on TV )

Been empty since Dottie got hurt.

Marcel's gonna be your valet.


I'm Rosie, Marcel.

Why they call him Marcel.
( Announcer speaking indistinctly over P.A. )

( Crowd cheering )

Man: How you doing, Mr. Smith?

( Chatter )

Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Man: Riders!

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.


( Knock at door )

Oh, miss Shanahan? You care to join us?

On my way.

See us through.

So, come from off it, yeah?

I wouldn't get too far back.

Oh, no, no, no.

Walter: All right.

Thanks for the ride, boss.

All right. ( Pats )

Whoa, boy, come on. Good boy.

That's a good boy.

Good boy.


That's a good boy. Good boy.

Whoa, now. Good boy, ho.

There you go. Good boy. Whoa.

( Rosie murmuring )

( Snorting )

Good boy, good boy.

( Bell rings )

Announcer: And away they go.


Easy, pops, easy.

Announcer: Gettin' up morning's caught flat-footed.

He's last of all. Gives the field six lengths at the start.

( Groans )

Now Dusty Roads asserts himself as Lord Carlow's rider is content to sit second.

Those two go on in a race of their own as Midnight Wind chases them four lengths back with Devil's Kin right alongside.

And then it's Caves Creek giving the leaders 10 lengths.

Last of all: Gettin' up morning.

( Horse panting )

You see this?

Marcus: He's moving.

Announcer: And now here's Gettin' up morning from far back of the pack beginning to h*t his stride.

( Crowd cheering )

( Announcer continues indistinctly )

Come on. Come on!

Announcer: Devil's Kin in the lead, moves along the inside.

But look at this... Gettin' up morning has switched to the outside and is making a tremendous move as they go around the turn.

( Crowd cheering )

And now, toward the middle of the track, it's Gettin' up morning.

( Crowd cheering )

Whoo! Whoo!

f*ck yes!

Announcer: And look at that time on the board...

107 and 42/100, an incredible time for this colt making the first start in his career.

( No audible dialogue )

We gotta go.

Where... where we going?

To see the spruce goose.

Don't you feel well, Marcus?

How do I feel? How the hell do I look?

Oh, there he is.

Ah. Here he is.

I got here early.


Precaution against traffic.

That'll work.

Thank you.

My pleasure.

Enjoyed speaking with you.

Thank you.

Is that for me?

Yes. May I just give it to you?

Oh, I'll write you the check upstairs.

I'd like for you to look at the budget information and an accompanying note.

Oh, a... note. What's the gist of the note?

I'd rather you read it.

Then you're a serious, responsible person.

That's a big hold-back for honest people.

Very tough for 'em to take a yes.

That's fine, miss Lechea.

I'll look over the budget, I'll read your note, and Mr. Demitriou will get in touch with you in the morning.


A little wacky.

( Tires screeching )

What the f*ck?

Lonnie: Emergency room, right?


We're getting to be frequent flyers over there.

Marcus, are you short of breath?

( Coughing )

Do you have a sharp pain down your left jaw and arm?

Marcus: The card joint.

Which car... which car joint?

What's wrong?

Cards, cards! For God's sake.

The card room, he was saying.

Marcus: Yeah, where Jerry is.


( Coughs ) God damn it!

Renzo: You wanna get Jerry, we'll go get Jerry.

Then we go to the E.R.

Don't get excited.

Marcus: Jesus.

( Coughing )

Lonnie: Jerry plays cards here, right?

Man: Jerry, uh-huh.

He's a big guy. He drives a yellow Fiero.

( Speaks Chinese )

Renzo: Yeah, he's here every day.

Yes. ( Speaking Chinese )

Man: Chan.

Lonnie: Chan?

Man: Chan.

Renzo: Chan?

A Chinese restaurant, right?


So, Jerry is at a cash game at this guy Chan's.

Oh, good... Chan.

Not only can he lose all his money, we can get our f*ck' throats cut.

Whoa, baby.

Paco, did he cough?

Easy, boy. Easy, boy.

See you at the barn.

Oh, damn it.

Rosie: Jesus, what a monster.

Seven and f*cking change, Leon.

You rode him great.

Yeah, my gate-work especially.

Green and in the one-hole's all that was.

If I'd had a Kn*fe, I'd have slit my throat.

And then there he goes, just turnin' all of it into f*ck' nonsense.

Like you got sh*t from a Cannon.

Only hoping we'd get close enough that he'd get dirt in his face.

At least let him get what that felt like under his belt.

You closed so fast I thought you was gonna clip heels.

Join the f*ck' club.

Like we caught 'em in a heartbeat, Leon.

One second I'm thinkin', "just get dirt in his face," and the next, I was just, "get him wide, ya dumb c**t, or the both of ya are going down."

You filthy pig, huh?

You're re-loaded.

Jo: It's okay. There you go, it's okay.

Here, take a look.

( Sighs )

Why do this to me?

Two and a half, maybe three.

So we'll not read him his last rites yet.

I suppose.

There you go.

So what do we do, doc?

Antibiotics, maybe, just as a precaution.

Walter: Lasix?

When he runs.

Wouldn't think he'd need it to breeze.

You got a winner, Mr. Smith.

Appears I do.

I'll see him in the morning.

Thanks, doc.

We're gonna live with it.


Nathan: In the car, there was this woman calling in to some radio show.

She and her husband were sold an adjustable rate mortgage that had re-set a few months earlier.

Payments ballooned.

Payments ballooned, yes.

They were losing the house.

Raspberry flambé, sir?

Thank you.

Thank you.

My first thought was when they took out a sucker mortgage, what did they think was gonna happen?

Oh, it's on them to read the contract.

Right. Didn't they read the contracts?

Thank you.

Well, that's an assh*le eighth-grade observation.

And what after that?

Uh... I don't know.

You don't know?

I guess nothing.


Well, then, what's next in your eighth grade notebook?

( Sighs ) That's it.

That's it?

Then how did you sleep?

I didn't go to sleep.

Then what did you do?

I spoke with my parents.


Well, why didn't you write it down?

I assumed because yesterday...

I just didn't put so much personal stuff in this time.

I had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, right?

Like that?


He told me last night that if you read out loud what time you had a dump, he was gonna walk up behind you and h*t you in the back of the head.

Anyway, when you're done with your duck, you can leave him your social security number.

What am I gonna be doing to earn my keep?

What do you think you'd be good at?

Answers a question with a question.

You're gonna meet somebody.

He's f*ck' sick, you tell him.

And he's never been sicker or in worse f*ck' shape.

He is?


My God, my God, I'm being dragged to the bottom of the sea with two f*ck' millstones around my neck?

Or we say he's sick and never been sicker, meaning you.

So come out with us, out of here where you are now, before it's too late.

For Marcus.

Before it's too late for Marcus that's at death's f*cking door out here in the van.

Go away from me.

Or for Jerry...

Go away.

( Coughing )

( Car beeping )

( Doors close )

Nothing but weight in there, Leo.

You're some man, Jerry. I tell you that right now.

How much taller than me are you?

Naomi: Calling 50,000 coming in.

Renzo: Hi.

Chan? Chan, right?



Play? Let's... poker. Poker.

I'm the chief technician. Supervisory.

Go with it. I'll pick it up.

( Man speaking Chinese )

( Crowd laughs )

( Chuckles )

Hey, uh, Jerry, your ankle signal's going crazy.

Jerry, uh, remote off the map.

Your E.K.G. Two different E.R.S.

Your friends here, Jerry, come to see you show your ass.

Jerry, Marcus is in the van.

He's sick as hell.

Yeah, his E.K.G... Everything, it's f*cked up.

His, too?

Lonnie: Uh-huh.

Every f*cking thing, Jerry.

Renzo: Seriously.

Every f*cking thing, Jer.

( Loud, muffled music playing )

Anyway, it fits up there, Leo.

( Speaks Chinese )

( All laugh )

( Chatter, clanging )

Announcer: Gettin' up morning continuing this tremendous outside move.

He's going two to their one, wide and going wider.


Turo: That's a freak.

( Laughs ) It's amazing.

He cool out good, I hope.

Cut it out, Turo.


( Sighs )

All I say is I know you take care of him.

I hope he come good from the race.

( Laughs )

Joey: No way he keeps her on that horse.

Putting the ride's shortcomings to the side, her getting him left at the post and so forth... ignore that.

They put an inexperienced jock on a horse with unlimited potential, for Christ's sakes!

They're gonna be lining up to knock her over the fence so's to free up that mount.

Hypothetically, I'm saying.

Among alternative possibilities.

That's enough now. That's enough for me.

You gotta learn your limits.

You gotta learn your limits. You gotta learn to live within them.

f*ck' Ronnie in the f*ck' wind.

Only question is who I hear from, bail bondsman or the f*ck' hospital.

No mistakin', Delphi. This is your son.

You know, I hope to God you can... you can see him...

Or hear me...

Or feel.


He's your son.

God, I hope you know that.

I can barely stand to look at him... Day after day because he reminds me so much of you.

And it breaks my heart 'cause he runs like you, he moves like you, and he's got this big heart...

Just like you had.

I don't think I could lose two of you.

I couldn't bear it.

I hope you know that, okay.

( Sniffles )

( Sighs )

Lonnie: Should we be worried Jerry's got a bathroom window?

He's not a prisoner.

I'll be okay pooling my share, you know?

Split up again.

What are you, a communist?

Absolutely not.

I'm the farthest thing from it.

Marcus: Whatever the f*ck is wrong with Jerry, you don't make him whole by giving him money.

Whoever made him didn't make him whole.

That's the way he is.

And we better f*ck' recognize that or else we're assholes.

Renzo: That plan came to you on the spot?

What? Which?

Renzo: To get Jerry out.

Yeah, in all its clever detail.

Lonnie: Do that again.

Maybe next time we should have some kind of signal, because you had me f*ck' fooled.

Renzo: Yeah, like tugging his ear or one of these. ( Clicks tongue )

You know, just for a second.

And then... then you say, "ah, I'm sick.

I'm in a health crisis."

I'm sick right now of the two of you.

Notice I didn't wink.

( Door opens )


Sure, Jerry.

( Music playing )

♪ It brings a tear... ♪

Ace: "And I will do my best.

I have private reasons for what I have hoped you'd participate in.

Please know I will strive to be fully responsible as steward for your kindness."

Then she breaks the salaries down, the guard, so forth.


Yeah, she seems all right.

Have him write up a check.

Who knows? Maybe her private reason is that she's got some family member doing a bit someplace.


That's Claire. Now Israel.

I don't envy that kid what's coming down.

A million dollars, ace?

For a million dollars, you can put me in a paper bag, dump me off the empire state building to see how high I'd bounce.

You got a million dollars.

I'm just saying, when I was this punk's age.

Michael probably tried that bouncing experiment on the kid.


Mike with his f*ck' boat.

Evil prick.

Gus: I found her pleasant right off.

Yeah, well, don't look at me like I've got intentions that I haven't had for some time.

Now, how do you know I'm looking at her?

I can tell.

Well, for however I'm looking, I apologize, okay?

Sexual attraction and so forth, that ship sailed some time ago and left port.

If I can help the won, that's what I want to do.

She seems like a very nice woman.

♪ So I won't ♪
♪ be all alone ♪
♪ if you don't think... ♪

I've been confused about my behavior for some time now, I'll tell you that.

♪ You'd be home soon ♪

♪ I guess I'll ♪

♪ Drown in my own tears ♪

♪ ooh, don't let me ♪

♪ Drown in my own tears ♪
♪ when I'm in trouble, baby ♪
♪ drown in my own tears ♪
♪ ooh, yeah, man, don't let me ♪
♪ drown in my own tears ♪
♪ I guess I'll drown ♪
♪ in my own tears ♪
♪ whoa. ♪

( Vocalizing )
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