01x07 - Ace and Claire Tour a Horse Farm

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Luck". Aired: December 2011 to March 2012
"Luck" revolves around characters who are connected to the same Santa Anita horse-racing track.
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01x07 - Ace and Claire Tour a Horse Farm

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What would you think for our stable name?

The foray stables.

( Laughing )

Shall we play some cards, Naomi?

How's my horse?

Walter: That no-good son-in-law is claiming I owe $145,000.

Rosie: That trainer, Hartstone, he lawyers some.

It might be somebody you'd want to talk to.

I'll give you $1 million to work for me.

Doing what?

You're gonna meet somebody.

Nick DiRossi.

Isadore Cohen.

You willing to make it two paychecks instead of one?

Ace: Do you understand the position you're in?

I'm still in your employ.

And also in theirs.

He bought the Indian gaming lobby.

We're gonna take that away from Ace.

They say people shouldn't go to bed angry with each other.

You okay?

I'm knocked up, you stupid bastard.

You just keep him settled.

He's gonna do the rest all on his own.

Thank you, Mr. Smith.

Sit tight, girl. Sit tight.

No! No!

Give me that stick.

( Music playing )

♪ The baby was born ♪
♪ nettles and ferns ♪
♪ the evening, it chokes ♪
♪ the candle, it burns ♪
♪ this disguise ♪
♪ covers bitter lies ♪
♪ repeating the joke ♪
♪ the meaning, it dies ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it ♪
♪ the bankers have bailed ♪
♪ the mighty retreat ♪
♪ the pleasure, it fails ♪
♪ at the end of the week ♪
♪ to what you receive ♪
♪ is eternited leave ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ it's easy ♪
♪ don't let it go ♪
♪ don't lose it ♪
♪ don't lose it. ♪

Not knowing where I stand with him is driving me nuts.

You got a right to know if you're riding that horse.

But calling on the old man myself will make it look like put up or shut up.

Could Joey maybe do me the turn?

Why not?

Not to piss you off would be one reason why not.

Well, asking Joey to put a question for you is not like asking him to be your agent.

Or would that be next?

I'll show you what'll be next.

( Chuckles )

It's going to be a big pleasure for us peeking in on that horse on that webcam thing.

Any inconvenience, we apologize.

You apologize. You.

Is Escalante aggravated?

He'll live.

What the f*ck is this? I asked you to go out and get me a windbreaker.

No, no, no, Ace. I saw this in a magazine.

This is what them horse people wear around them horses.

Yeah? They wear it as a prank.

I should go with you.

No, no, no, no, no. You stay here.

You confirm the meet with the chief, and you let me know.

I'll let you know.

It's for Israel to drop that on Mike if it's set.

I got to tell you, Ace, that kid is showing me a little something.

He's standing up all right.

( Whirring )

( Horse nickers )

( Drill whirring )

( Horse whinnies )

You're upsetting my whole barn.

Being as quiet as I can.

Yeah, I hate to hear you being noisy.

Hey, you didn't hire me, amigo.

No, no, no, no, no. You hired by the limo driver, which is the beard.


What, what?

Turo, I need to talk to you.

Hey, I'm coming back. You better be done.

Oh, yes, sir.

Hey, don't talk to me and finish your job!

What? What'd you need to say?

Walk with me and I'll tell you.

Hanging a camera in my barn, the big sh*t and his limo driver.

They think they can't trust me?

Well, it just... they want to see how their horse is doing, Turo.

I tell him how the horse is doing.

( Banging )

Come on.

Excuse me, you know there's a bathroom right around the corner.

Si, senora.

I forgot that we're in America. Thank you for reminding me.

Hey, watch your mouth, and take your kid to the men's room next time.

Si, gracias. Patron.

Did I tell you watch your smart mouth?


Are you the doctor that gets to walk with the horses?

Dr. Carter. Yeah, what's your name?


Do they ever give you their goggles?

The jockeys, you mean?


You want to talk to him, give me 10 bucks and you can talk to him all you want.

How about the both of you take off before I kick your ass for free?


Look at what I'm looking at.

Bring him to the fountain at 3:00.

Don't be trouble.

( Truck starts )

So, Eduardo, uh...

You want to come see where I take care of the horses and then maybe during the races we'll get you some goggles?



Yeah. You be a babysitter, and I'll watch my barn get put on the Facebook.

Getting back to what the first speaker said, let it begin with me.

I can learn to treat myself better.

Thanks for letting me share.

Man: Thank you, Ron.

( Sighs )

Man: So how long did you work for the farm in Kentucky?

Since I finished service in Korea.

50 years?

50, yes, sir.

And no written employment agreement with the colonel?

That's not the way it's done there.

I do have a written bequest for the mare.

It's the second piece of paper there.


The colonel said to me that I could have her if I wanted her.

Go ahead and breed her with any of the farm stallions... which is what I did.

And the get was this colt for my years with the farm.

You understand?

Yes, sir. I do. Come on in.

Did you ever get a bill or anything from the colonel?

Never once. Now he's passed.

Well, I assume you have the proper foal certificate?

Yes, I do.

Have a seat.

Then the other night, along comes this man, a sloppy fellow named bowman, which is a banker for the colonel's no-account son-in-law.

Says the colt is his.

Oh, well, don't you worry about that, Mr. Smith.

The next contact from bowman, you notify me and we'll get to cases with him on the matter real fast.

Well, that takes a load off my mind.

( Chuckles )

I surely appreciate your advice.

The question too... the proper jockey to ride.

Excuse me?

Oh, it's nothing. It's just... another matter to decide.

Oh, whoa, whoa. Let's t to the end of it first.

I've never been a freeloader.

You don't give that impression.

Thank you.

You keep that in a safe place.

All right. Thanks.

Will you stop breathing on me with your sausage breath?

And remind me, please, what Jerry said when we dragged him away from that chinaman's poker game.

I think he just said thanks.

Yeah, thanks... for what, I'm now asking myself.

Hey, this isn't a cash game like that one was.

Plus it isn't head-to-head.

I'm going to win my ticket to the world series.

Couldn't you just buy a ticket for, like, 10 grand?

That wouldn't be the same.

Yeah, yeah, a man of principle.

You guys should come down and root for me.

Yeah, I'll go.

I have things to do besides be part of a poker cheering section.

Oh, really?

Yeah, like speak to Mr. Escalante about a horse I mean to claim in the third race today.

Hey. Let go of me.

Talk to us, lon.

I'm entitled to a life like everyone else instead of just listening to conversations I'm not part of.

So this horse, were you thinking of making it a part of foray stables?

Possibly, but not necessarily.

Marcus: 'Cause foray stands for "four amigos," not "three amigos and one 'I'm entitled to a life.'"

My theory: The trainer's misleading people on the horse's readiness and conditioning.

You know, running a good horse against other horses that are bad in order to win.

That same thinking got us mon gateau.


Yeah, well, deja f*cking vu, only it's impossible to catch lightning in a bottle twice.

Yeah, well, we'll see.

Good luck, lon.


Yeah, it's nice to see you're finally learning from all your past mistakes.

I also liked her 'cause she was gray.

( Panting )

Hey, kid.

Mind if I join you, Joe?

No, a-absolutely not. No, w-what's up?

Apart from my stick getting tossed in the trash?

Inappropriate, the old man doing what he did.

Yeah, well, he had a right to be pissed.

At the proper time and place, which a public venue isn't.

Why I was looking to talk to you, Joe, the colt's no worse for wear, and I've apologized for not heeding instruction.

How'd the old man receive that?

Uh, like... Polite enough, but as for whether I've still got the mount, I couldn't tell you f*ck all.

I don't envy you the uncertainty, Rosie.

The last thing I want to do is press him.

( Sighs )

I'm sorry for lying to your face.

You want me to have a talk with the old man?

I'd really like to know where I stand.

H-how does that apply to me?

Far as?

Knowing where I stand.

Would I be talking to him as your agent?

I guess. I mean, sure.

Yeah, I guess that's only fair.

All right.


Woman: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the satellite tournament to win your seat to the world series of poker.

Hey, handsome.

Hey, you're playing, huh?

They let dealers go broke off-hours.

Hey, my man Jerry. Trying to win a tournament ticket to Vegas.

Looking butt-ugly, Leo.

Good to see you, too, Jerry.

Man: Take your seats.

Five minutes, cards in the air.

What do you say you and I chop for one and two?

Man: Good.

All right, here we go.

The wires in this Jack are worthless.

I'm going to have to run you a new line.

You got any idea where the junction box is?

It's Lonnie McHinery, sir, a part of the foray stables.

( Drill whirring )

I'd like a word if you have a minute.

Your horse is doing good.

This is an independent matter.

( Drill whirs )

It's only a copter.

Good girl. Easy now.

Take her back to the barn.

( Speaks Spanish )

Ace: Nice place for them to retire.

Mm-hmm. They do look happy, don't they?

How old is this guy?

In human terms, I'd guess around 70.


Feed him?

He likes his neck scratched. Don't you? Yes.

He won almost half a million at the track.

We bought him at a livestock auction on his way to slaughter for $186.

Hey, you caught yourself a break at closing time.

( Laughs )

( Seagulls squawking )

Michael: "T.C. Re Sacramento."

"T.C." For "the chief" of the Louisa Indian band, whose brother was in prison with Mr. Bernstein.

They're meeting later today at the tribe's casino.

"Re Sacramento" being the state's legislature approving gaming for the racetracks?

That's my inference.


Done deal of sorts, I see.

Between Ace and the Indian gaming lobby.

All very cogent and useful.

The map of Ireland on your mug, and a name hanging off you like "Israel."

My mother's maiden name was O'Hanalan.

Ah, one mystery put to rest.

While another only deepens.

What mystery deepens?

The strength of your grip on the tiller, young Israel, the depth of your composure while navigating these difficult waters.

I'm taking my Melatonin. ( Chuckles )

I think much more than you realize, Mr. Bernstein's purposes coincide with yours.

Lowers a double agent's stress.

I've known Chester Bernstein, son, since before your bleeding journey from your Irish mother's womb.

Without wishing to give offense, your being privy to his intentions is not a likely premise.

I think, sir, with no disrespect intended, you fail to appreciate Mr. Bernstein's full sincerity.

Wouldn't much show to one's credit, resisting an improved understanding.

( Breathing heavily )


You betting on my horse?

What do you care if I bet on your horse?

Not your horse yet, Lonnie.

I know.

What time is it?

You got about 45 minutes to drop the claim.

It has to be in 15 minutes before the race.

Yeah, I'm aware of that.

You want me to go with you?

Make one mistake, you spell a horse's name wrong, even one letter, it's nulled and voided.

I got it.

Yeah, Mr. go it alone wants to be in partnership with himself.


Sales tax, don't forget it.

All in.

Man: I fold.

I'm out.



One in a row.

( Clicks )

Man: Check for the third. Let's go!

( Spits )

( Sighs ) Jesus, kid, you're pushing it.

Thanks, Charlie.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the horses are now on the track for the running of the third race.

Lonnie: Two to one, she is.

Meaning someone else must like her besides me.

Well, myself, I can't help but noticing the great Escalante here amongst us common folk.

You want me to go somewheres else?

No, no, no. We're honored.

We're getting close.

She's a beauty, Lonnie.

I hope you get her.

Easy, easy.

All set!

Good. You got it. Clear.

Announcer: They're all set.

( Bell rings )


Announcer: And away they go.

Jesus, she's like a rocket ship!

Come on, Niagra's fall!

Announcer: It's a fast pace up front, three of them abreast.

That's Andromeda mama on a narrow lead, Niagra's fall on the outside and typography along the rail.

Would you look at this b*tch run?

Typography's had enough.

Andromeda mama still tough on the lead, under pressure from Niagra's fall.

That's it! Come on! Come on!

Come on! Come on, all the way home!

Straightening for home now and it's still Andromeda mama and Niagra's fall, they've been at it from the start.

With Liza's turn closing ground on the outside.

Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up! Come on!

She's fast, lon. She's fast.

Lonnie: That's it! That's it!


( Whinnies )

Whoa! Whoa!

Hold on, girl! Hold on!

Announcer: Something's amiss with Niagra's fall!


The rider has pulled her out of the race!

Lonnie, what happened?

She break down.

Like a rocket ship.

Announcer: Andromeda mama, all alone now, coming to the wire, well clear of the rest. Liza's turn gets up for second.

What happened to that horse?

Wait right here for me, okay?

It's okay. I know how to get back.


I will come back for you, I promise.

That's right. That's right.

A guy shows a little ass and bam, if you don't jab your f*cking nightstick up there and give it a twist.

Sorry, Turo.

Yeah, okay. Put that thing away.

We know we guarding her. Hey, Manuel.

( Speaks Spanish )

Can't remember the last time this happened to you, Turo.

( Speaks Spanish )

Hitting sound, doc. Until she took that bad step.

She owes you one, Leon, getting her pulled up so quick.

Hey, Leon, you see that kid over there?

Would you give him your goggles?

Leon: No problem.

You going to ride with this filly, Dr. Carter?

Could you drop off Eduardo?

Jesus Christ.

Turn their luck around, kid.

Woman: Looks like she can load.

Should I go in the van or walk with you?

( Whinnies )

They won't let you in the van.

Ace: What's wrong with this guy?

Claire: Our first job is to figure out what's wrong with them.

And then when the inmates get out here, they'll work on getting them healthy.

Learning not only job skills but patience, responsibility.

I hate to ask, but any of these inmates ever try to ride off into the sunset?

( Laughs ) No.

I won't say it hasn't happened, but what I have seen, especially with sick or injured horses, is inmates become less institutionalized.

And better able to get along with people when they're back inside prison walls.


Yes? Come on, boy. Come on.

Still in custody.

( Laughing )




Make it 20.

All in.

All out.

Dealer: Trip fours. Pair of kings, three of a kind wins.
Here's a sight.

Well, I could say the same.

How's your shoulder?

Never better.

I'm ready to dive in again.

( Laughs )

How's the big horse?

Oh, he's right enough to make an old man feel young...

( Clicks tongue ) Knock wood.

Come out of his last race looking for more.

Seems kind that all's you need to do is stay out of his way.

Yeah. Yeah, it seems like.

Tough for a young jock to learn.

All right, g*dd*mn it. Who told you about me tossing out Rosie's stick?

Started back with the a.A. Meetings, Mr. Walter.

That so? Well, good for you, then.

They talk about rigorous honesty, being straightforward.

This is me hoping to be considered, getting the mount back I lost getting hurt.

As far as that, there's a whole damn passel of other complications that have come up, but I'm...

I'm thinking on who's gonna ride.

Whatever you decide, I kn you'll do right by the horse.

Good seeing you.

Who are we looking for?

Where's your Uncle?

I'm not going to h*t you.

Okay, come with me.

Trouble you, Mr. Smith?

I guess so.

How-how's the big horse doing?

Good. He's good.

You know, ro-Rosie's asked me to take her book.

That a fact?

Yeah, now we both know, sir, instead of riding in San Francisco or further north still, Rosie's only reason, really, for staying down here is just 10 steps up your shed row on the left.

I don't disagree.

Now as far as being her agent, if it don't seem likely that she's going to be keeping the mount, I'd not be doing her a favor saying yes.

Is there any particular g*dd*mn time you need me to decide?

Absolutely not, sir.

I didn't mean for it to be took that way.

I'll let her know tonight.

Thank you.

Ruptured her flexor tendon.

And that means how long till she can run again?

No more races. She finished.

Oh, my God. I don't want her to suffer.

She finished racing, not dying.

You got yourself a broodmare now.


Turo: It means you send her to go make babies.

"Broodmare," that's what that means?

There, you see what I have to listen to?

Your filly's going to be fine.

Okay, you're all set.

About time.

Jo: I thought you were taking him back.

His Uncle didn't show.

I'm taking him home.


60 minutes, dinner break.

We'll come by, color off the hundreds.



You want to hang out?

I was going to go to my car and take a nap.

Would you like some company for that?


I can tell you some bad-b*at stories.

Yeah, I bet you can.

Well, I will say, Naomi, thinking of a particular hand, a person I like a lot, she pairs kings on the flop instead of slow-playing.

She scares the table away.

Hmm, I remember this girl.

Pushes all in and everyone folds.

If you're gambling and you got the edge, don't you want to keep the gamble going?

Unless maybe you don't like gambling, raising the question why you're at the table.

As I sometimes ask myself.

And answered yourself what?

Shut the f*ck up and deal.

( Both laugh )

Well, I guess it's a great way to lose a lot of money.

Having learned so little, I can offer to teach you everything I know.

For what in return?

Sticking with a fellow who's feeling lucky and maybe sometime later in the evening, you let him take you out for a soda.

( Laughs ) A soda, huh?

That's what we call it where I'm from.

All right.

If only he'd knocked the horse's soundness.


You gave him no time to ascertain.

"A welcoming sunrise greets retired stallions and broodmares..." Broodmares.

"...giving these noble runners a gate to the next stage of their lives."

I mean, it it's him who recommends the claim, the trainer's watching for a horse to be entered.

Been ascertaining already.

Now he's seeing the horse being entered, he commences with his further legwork.

Which I gave him no opportunity.

"Here, a young mare and her foal are seen romping in one of our beautiful pastures."

You could be making this possible.

So he asks his grooms, the trainer, do they know grooms in the stable of the horse of interest?

He also asks around to other points of information, clockers and the like.

I'm not passing judgment, but you not giving Escalante the chance to do those things makes you the story's assh*le.

I acted impetuously. I see that now.

And now you wanting to complain at Escalante puts the icing on the assh*le cake.

Mm-hmm, plus if I'd had my wits or brains about me, the warning signal was "Niagra's fall."

What does "Niagra's fall" got to do with it?

The horse's name itself. "Niagra's fall.

Slowly I turn..."

Well, if you're referring to the three stooges, first off: It's "niagara falls, slowly I turned."

And secondly, so what?

As f*ck-ups.

"As f*ck-ups," what?

To not buy a horse connected with them.

Look, the horse you claimed has nothing to do with the three stooges in any way.

Your horse was Niagra's fall.

Their story is "niagara falls," and so they turned and so forth.

They're not related, so let's drop it.

Look at that beautiful meadow. Huh?



Wow, would you look at that?

Cal's a volunteer trainer.

She's building a relationship with the horse based on trust and respect.

Which is what the inmates would also learn, breaking down dysfunctional differences.

The human bonds with the horse, making a herd of two.

You want to give it a try? ( Laughs )


Cal: Now start off slowly like I showed you.

Like this?

Now stop.

Now jog.

You could go faster.

( Chuckling )

( Naomi chuckles )

Jerry: Here in America, this is called by poker players a driving signal.

( Chuckles )

"Driving signal."

( Grunts ) A driving, or turning signal, correct.

( Breathing heavily )

We use it to signal we're turning or driving.

It seems to be signaling that something important is about to happen.

A driving and turning signal can have multiple functions.

Which this is having exactly...


( Moans )

( Grunts )

( Both breathing heavily )

Jackpot, Jerry.

Right back at you, Naomi.

( Laughs )

We call that a split pot.

( Laughs )


Well, come on in. Share a soda.

You can drop me off here.

No, no, no. You tell me where to go.

She'd k*ll me if I leave you in the middle of nowhere.

( Rooster crows )

Turo: Which one of these palaces is yours?


Some people are very good at lying.

Hard to believe, till you think back to the lying you done yourself. ( Chuckles )

Wait a minute.

You need something, you want to come see me...

Just go to gate seven.

They'll call me and I come get you.


( Clucking )

You want a cold one for yourself, Mr. Smith?

It ain't going to bother me.

If I wanted one, I'd have one.

And I don't mean to scratch the other g*dd*mn scab off first or talk about the colt's father.

Or go on about that night.

Or was or wasn't I dreaming, and did they do what the hell I thought they did: m*rder the horse, my colt's father.

None of that does justice to this colt.

Or who the hell's to get on him.

Far as that, sir, I'm fit now.

I'm fit, and I'll be three pounds lighter come the race.

You don't know is that the truth any more than I do.

Maybe not as a mortal truth, but I can sure as God tell you I want it.

'Cause that's more than I can say most days I wake up.

Today's the only day we got, and now's when I'm making up my mind.

( Sighs )

I got to take Rosie off.

And hanging f*re to say so ain't right.

Get yourself fit, stay f*cking sober, and climb onto the g*dd*mn mount.

Yes, sir.

And except for the beer, I'll do likewise.

We got ourselves a g*dd*mn deal?

All right, then.

I wanna see you out there on horses tomorrow morning.

Got it.

Jock, get outta here.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Great to see you, Mr. Bernstein.

Congratulations, we're going forward.

Everyone's excited. We know you treat our interests like your own.

Hope you understand I don't come in.

Absolutely, absolutely.

( Camera clicking )

Gus said you'd had a long day.

Oh, inmate program at a horse farm, hell of a good operation.

Gus said you were out on your feet.

( Camera clicking )

Going to be good for everybody.

Let's get this show on the road, Gus.

You got it, chief.

Get our friend to bed.

( Camera clicking )

( Engine starts )

You did everything for 'em except take the f*cking picture.

( Sighs )

Nathan: I think Mr. Bernstein knew, getting out of prison, you'd believe that he'd feel betrayed.

Inviting you to be his partners, he knew you might think was a setup.

He hired me to be a go-between, knowing you'd approach me.

What happened before he went to jail,
what he thought you could've done for him and didn't.

To show he was past it, he was willing to let it go.

Gave us roles, did Ace.

His private forgiveness pageant.

( Chuckles )

Nathan: He wants to start a new life.

He wants to follow what happens with that horse of his.

His gift there to Gus Demitriou.

The work we did to bring that off.

Plus, I think he may have found himself a woman friend.

Michael: Very fulfilling for Ace.

And on your part, a moving candor.

He never told me to deceive you.

He always told me to give you accurate information.

Haven't you found that to be so?

What makes you think I'm so simple as to be able to be deceived by Ace Bernstein and you in the first place?

( Chuckles ) Answers a question with a question.

( Grunts )

You think I'm to be played for a c**t?!

What are you doing?

100% solidarity with Ace.

Syntax is how I know.


( Groans )

( Grunts )

Jesus f*cking Christ, Mike!

How about time and place?

This is business.

( Seagulls squawking )

It's nice of Joey being the go-between.

When we shook hands, Leon, Joey and me, I'm not exactly sure that we mightn't have agreed to him being more than a go-between.

I bet Joey Rathburn's exactly sure.

Joey: How-how are you, sir?

Fine. Beer.

Sure thing, Walt.

( Sighs )

Would you give us a minute, son?

Sure I will, Mr. Smith.

And she's a riding hussy.

( Laughs ) That she is.

You took her book.

Yes, I did, Leon.

I'm going to give the ride to Jenkins, Rosie.

Which I gave him the mount before he got hurt.

As far as me making bold with my stick... no need our going back into that. You learned that.

I'm very grateful, Mr. Smith.

Your having gave me the chance.

( Sighs ) Very good luck to you, Rosie.

He's giving Jenkins the ride.

( Door opens, closes )

Then we'll have to see if she stays in town.

♪ I'm all alone ♪
♪ so all alone ♪
♪ my baby's gone. ♪

( Door opens )


What is it I'm supposed to be guessing at?



That is some answer.

( Chuckles ) Okay, here's a better one...

I'm pregnant.

Thought so.

Wait a minute.

Come over here with that.

Who's the papa?

( Scoffs ) assh*le.

Do you know what it is?

It's... nah, it's too soon.

Does it matter?


Maybe a boy would be okay.

( Sniffs )

I'm pretty tired right now.

Yeah, sure, go in to bed.


( Knock on door )

Everybody decent?

Here's our prodigal son.



This is Naomi. Marcus, Lonnie, lorenzo.


Renzo: Wow, that's great, Jerry.

Lonnie: Yeah, great.

What'd you say your name was?


Jerry: Oh, got your texts, lon.

I'm sorry to hear about your filly.

Yeah, thanks.

How about that bite?


Mm, we've got plenty.

No, that's all right. Thanks, Renz.

Nice meeting you all.

Marcus: Yeah.

Catch you later.

( Door closes )

You don't think they were going to eat?

Didn't say where she was from.

She seemed nice.

She wore quite a bit of makeup.

Still no word from that kid.

Supposed to be these things don't lose messages.

All's I can conceive is sometimes Mike has broads on that boat.

Probably right. The kid's getting laid.

( Music playing )

♪ Would you leave me alone ♪
♪ my sweet Simone ♪
♪ if I lay on my back ♪
♪ down below on the track ♪
♪ and remember a night ♪
♪ how I'd wade in the water ♪
♪ you were counting the stars ♪
♪ and starting me over ♪
♪ they'd shine, your eyes ♪
♪ gonna make me rain, gonna make me rise ♪
♪ when I'm gone, baby, don't you forget it ♪
♪ I did all I did just to get through to heaven ♪
♪ hold on, hold on ♪
♪ hold on, all misery gone ♪
♪ hold on, hold on ♪
♪ hold on, all misery gone ♪
♪ make me, shake me, bleed all over ♪
♪ going down to drown in deep black water ♪
♪ let's ride, su1c1de ♪
♪ say what you wanna, but your neighbor don't lie ♪
♪ gonna lay me down, baby, on a bed of hot thistle ♪
♪ gonna die when I drown just a heartbeat away ♪
♪ with those lies in my eyes ♪
♪ put you down in the river till you testify ♪
♪ my mother, she don't know me ♪
♪ and my father, he can't own me ♪

♪ little girls might twitch... ♪

( Snorts )

♪ At the way I itch ♪
♪ but the way I burn is a son of a b*tch ♪
♪ make me, shake me, deep black water ♪
♪ gonna run through my veins ♪
♪ gonna make it rain ♪
♪ baby, I'm gone, so don't you forget it ♪
♪ I did all I did just to get through to heaven ♪
♪ hold on, hold on ♪
♪ hold on, all misery gone ♪
♪ hold on, hold on ♪
♪ hold on, all misery gone. ♪

( Music playing )
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