01x13 - Familee Ties

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Rush Hour". Aired March 31 - August 20, 2016.*
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"Rush Hour" follows a radical LAPD detective, and a by-the-book detective from Hong Kong, as they are forced into forming an unlikely partnership.
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01x13 - Familee Ties

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Previously on Rush Hour...

How's your sister doing, by the way?

She still a part of that Chinese g*ng that kills people?

Any of them have this mark, they're Quantou.

Kung Pow?


I didn't know if you were alive or dead.

I'm alive and well, brother.

Quantou gave me opportunities.

Lee: You cannot dishonor our family any further.

This has to stop.

Carter: His sister's out there somewhere.

I'm gonna indulge him.

Gonna follow his lead.

(man speaking Cantonese)

Are you sure you want to go down this path?

I'm right there with you.

The MSS managed to embed a secret agent inside the organization.

Myers: This is Agent Kim Lee.

Detective Lee's sister. I thought you were dead.

You cannot share any of this with my brother.

♪ ♪

Pop quiz, Julia.

What day is it?

Do we have to do this every Friday?


You just won dinner and a movie after work.

Unless you'd rather go dancing.

Forecast calls for a dance storm.

♪ ♪

♪ Everything getting harder to find ♪
♪ Everybody jumping out of they mind ♪
♪ Everybody going out of they skins ♪
♪ See we get to the end ♪
♪ But that's where we begin, you feel it ♪
♪ Mannequins say we breaking the mold ♪
♪ Breaking out and we breaking the codes ♪
♪ Similar to the Jacques Cousteau... ♪

(woman laughing) MAN: Wait for it. Bah.

Okay, you have a customer.

Be right with you, sir.


I told you, I don't date guys I work with.

Fine, then I quit.

So I'm sorry, sir, but I'm not...

♪ Can't sleep, can't breathe ♪
♪ Can't think... ♪


Oh, my God.

Hey, somebody help us!


♪ Everybody jumping out of they mind ♪
♪ Everybody going out of they skins ♪
♪ Everybody jumping out of they mind ♪
♪ Everybody going out of they skins ♪
♪ Go ♪
♪ Go... ♪
♪ Go ♪
♪ Go. ♪


What is wrong with you?

I don't know, but I'm sure you're about to tell me.

You just threw open the door without checking curb height.

You could have scraped the underside of the door.

Does that affect the car's performance?

No, it'll still drive fine.

It'd just have a "scrapey" under-door.

Would you prefer my honest response or an insincere apology?

I'll go with insincere apology.


Thank you very much.

♪ ♪

Don't see this a lot.

Bank job with no g*n.

Culprits managed to incapacitate everyone in the building with fentanyl.

An aerosol anesthetic used by vets on large animals.

In the wrong concentration, it can be lethal.

Didi: Well, fortunately, that's not the case here.

No casualties, but 37 victims have been transported to area hospitals for treatment.

We got anything from the bank's surveillance cameras?

Anything? Yes.

Anything useful?

I mean, see for yourself.

Masked and covered, fully stealth.

Honestly, they look pretty cool.

There any good news?

There is. They hit five separate teller windows, pulling a million in cash from each.

And this is good news?

As a routine security protocol, the bank slipped one of these special bills into every 10,000 stack.

Each one is embedded with a radio frequency identification device.

Emits a low-powered signal that can be traced with one of these.

Treasury agents aided by LAPD have started to work a grid pattern across the city.

I mean, we get within range of a marked bill, we'll be able to find whoever's carrying it.

Should get a copy of that surveillance video over to SID, see if there's anything they can do to enhance the images.

Carter, the money.

I was gonna give it back.

Didi: Mm-hmm.

Bank job in broad daylight.

No g*n. No witnesses.

No mistakes.

Our move.

Let's go.



(phone rings)

♪ ♪

Ukrainian man: Okay, deal is deal.

Want bigger cut?

I give you big cut.

Right across your throat.


What's going on out there?

Man: Hey, you can't be here.

(door opens)

Where do you think you're going, huh?


Now, who the hell are you?


(elevator bell dings)

Say that again.

How do I get a business license?

A license to conduct my business.

Since when do you have business?

Since 11:45 when I bought one.

I mean, it's a small upstart company, but in terms of market share and potential earning, ah, man, it's poised to explode.

I got it for 160 bucks.

Since when do you have 160 bucks?

Since last night when I won it off my friend Billy in a poker game.

I got the world on a string, baby.

(phone ringing)

You already... Hang on a sec.


Carter, I'm tracking a signal on those marked bills from the bank robbery.


I got a hit.

How you doing, buddy?

I'll call you back.

So... how's the whole "got the world on a string" thing going for you?

Oh, the string's broken.

It's definitely broken.

I don't know what's worse.

The stolen money in your pocket or the fact that your idea of a business is that.


Hey, "that" is no mere dog, okay?

This is a profit machine.

Does it poop money?


He rides a skateboard.

Yeah, that's right, I go out to Venice, and the people lose their mind.

They start throwing money, and it's just raining cash.

People throw money for that?

According to the guy who sold it to me.

But here's the thing.

I can't seem to get him to ride on the board.

Every time I pull one out, he bites me.

I feel like he thinking about biting me right now just for bringing it up.


I'm sorry. I won't say it no more.

All right, can we get this stinky-ass creature out of here?


Thank you very much.

Be careful, man.

Don't rub his underbelly.

He don't like that.

(door opens, closes)

Little something you forgot to tell us about your friend Billy.

He's a member of the Pico Villains.

Billy Boone? Why would he be?

The man already gets respect.

He's flush with cash.

And he's got a crew of thug gangsters that watch his b...

Oh, Billy's in a g*ng!

That money that he gave you was stolen from the Century Pacific Savings & Loan.

Did he tell you how he came into that money?

No, and I didn't ask him.

When people give me a handful of cash, I don't stick around to collect additional details.

You think the Pico Villains could have been behind the robbery?

Nah, it's not really their style.

They're into narcotics, not gas and banks with cash.

(knocking on door)

Hey, guys, two things.

One, dog just pooped in the hallway.

And two, Santa Monica PD just called.

We got another hit on the marked bills.

Let's go.

Just stay out of trouble.

I absolutely will.


♪ ♪

Trainer: And left and right and bob and weave and bob and weave and uppercut...


Carol, take over for a minute.

Help you guys out?

We're investigating a theft.

Mind if we take a look around?

Detective Carter, right? I met you a few weeks ago.

You were working a case, and you came through my movie set.



You're an actor?

Actor-slash-hip-hop-cardio-boxing instructor.

You guys should take one of my classes.

Hone the fight skills with a little... and left and right and left and right, uppercut.

You know who'll love that?

My partner over there.

Yeah, just sneak up and hit him with it.

This guy?

That guy.

All right. Okay.

That's gonna be bad.

Carter: It sure is.


Carter: Got something?

Yeah, it's coming from over here.

And left and right...



Hey, Lee, got a hit.

Excuse me, miss. LAPD.



Everything there is mine.

Didi: Oh, yeah?

One, two, three, four... six wedding rings?

There's always room for a seventh.

You're quite the thief.

You know anything about robbing banks?

I know it's hard. Why?

These bills were stolen two days ago from the Century Pacific Savings & Loan.

Hold on, uh, a bank job?

Um, that-that's way beyond my area of expertise.

I lifted them off of a guy in a bar.


Specifics, or you're gonna need a lot more than this to cover your bail.

Hollywood Park Casino.

The guy was a Ukrainian gangster.

How do you know that?

'Cause that's pretty much all he talked about.

(Ukrainian accent): "Tell me, you like bad boy type? I'm Ukrainian gangster. Shevchenko Bratzva, ultimate bad boy."

If I showed you some photos, would you be able to recognize him?


Get over here.

The Shevchenko Bratzva run some major criminal operations.

They're a bad-ass g*ng, but they generally don't go after high-risk scores.

We got hits on two marked bills, both tied to high-profile L.A. criminal gangs.

There's got to be a reason for that.

I agree.

And I think this is it.

So our locker room grifter lifted the stolen cash off a gangster she positively I.D.'d as Pavlo Kulyka.

We've now had hits on marked bills from four separate bank teller windows.

We have Hollywood, Boyle Heights, Venice and Crenshaw.

Specifically, they've been traced to the four major criminal gangs who operate there.

You're not suggesting they were working in conjunction on that bank heist.

These gangs could not have less in common.

The idea of all four of those groups working together, it's...

It's like the cantina scene from Star Wars.

Cole: No, I was gonna say it's insane.

Not unlike the cantina scene from Star Wars.

An array of disparate races and species all coming together in one intergalactic watering hole?

I mean, that was a sight to behold.

Permission to sh**t Donovan.

Permission denied.


Captain, as strange as it would be for these gangs to work together, we believe that the truth may be stranger.

We think the stolen cash was given to these four gangs as a gesture.

Carter: Possibly from the Quantou.

(phone buzzing)

Cole: "A token of our esteem."


So you think that someone is paying for a private meeting with L.A.'s most notorious crime lords and robbed a bank to finance it?

Hey, guys.

I just heard back from SID on the security video from the bank heist.

I want you guys to see this.

It's right... there.

The tattoo.


These guys are Quantou.

Actually, you're only half right.

You see these boots?

Not even Donovan would wear those.

I think that this is a woman.

Quantou woman.

My sister.

Lee, we don't know for sure that this is her.

That's Kim.

I'm sure.

Carter: We gotta go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Go? Go where?

Carter... is there something you're not telling me?

♪ ♪

(man speaks Cantonese over bug)

You're really not going to tell me what this is about?

That depends.

How do you feel like being an accessory to cops who are actively and deliberately breaking the law?

Not great.

In that case, we're going for a sandwich.

♪ ♪

Your loyalty to the Quantou has not gone unnoticed.

You have accepted and accomplished every task you were given, even when you were not told the significance of those assignments.

It is not for me to ask, only to trust the wisdom of our leader.

We are about to take a significant step.

I would like to introduce you to Pan.

He is the Red Pole, a Quantou enforcer.

He joins us from Hong Kong.

And, Pan, this is Kim Lee.

Pan here is my most lethal soldier.

Since our arrival to the city, we have moved with stealth and have advanced our interests with minimal bloodshed.

But that is about to change.

After our summit, we will control every criminal organization in this city.


Whose blood are they planning to shed?

Anyone who stands in their way.

We need to stop this summit from happening.

We will.

But we haven't heard a thing on when or where it's going down.

Then we find out.

Whatever it takes, we need to stop them.

Lee, I know you're worried about Kim...

This is bigger than Kim.

You don't know the Quantou like I do.

They will destroy anyone who opposes them.

Civilians, enemies, even police.

So what do we do?

We got no solid intel on what they're planning and the few details we do have, we got by breaking the law.

Then we bring this to Captain Cole.

She has the influence...

If we take a illegal wiretap to Cole, we implicate her.

We'd be forcing her to turn us in or become an accessory to what we done.

In that case, I insist that she turn in the responsible party.


Lee, you put Cole in that position, your career's over.


I can't let you do that.

(indistinct radio transmission)

So this summit is a way for the Quantou to take control of the four biggest gangs in L.A.?


We don't know where or when, but we know that the Quantou are moving forward with this plan.

And you know this how?

Word on the street.

Wait, so-so you're bringing me something this big and attributing the intel to "word on the street"?


Yes. But the intel is accurate.

What, and you expect me to act on this with nothing solid?

It's solid, I'm telling you.

Captain, that intel...

Shh! Shut up, Lee!

...it was obtained through a...

You're speaking gibberish.

Carter, what the hell is wrong with you?

I'm fine. He's the one that's out of control.

Lee, I'm sending you home. Come on.

I installed an illegal wiretap.

I knowingly and deliberately broke the law.

And I'm ready to accept any consequence for that decision.

No coming back from that.

Y'all do severance packages?

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

Agent Yun.

Facial recognition software at LAX spotted a suspect wanted in connection with homicides in six different countries in Asia.

He recently arrived from Hong Kong.

Does that guy look familiar?

Agent Yun?

No. Never seen him.

Oh. Captain Cole.

I don't recall that we had a scheduled meeting.

Oh, we didn't.

It's all right, Hunter, thank you.

You remember Agent Yun, from the Chinese Ministry of State Security.

How could I forget?

Quick question, when the hell were you going to get around to telling me about the Quantou's summit with L.A.'s biggest crime lords?

Oh, son of a bitch.

You didn't know about it, did you?

Westhusing: What we know is our business, Captain.

We're in the middle of a three-year federal investigation, tracking Quantou crimes across four continents.

So believe me, if we needed your help, we would ask.

These are some of the biggest criminals in this city, in my city.

And they're getting together to talk shop and-and make God knows what kind of plans, right under our own damn noses.

Yun: Who says?

I beg your pardon?

Where did you get your intel about this so-called summit?

I am not at liberty to say.

You have the nerve to storm in here with information you can't even substantiate?

I highly doubt you want to be indicted on federal obstruction of justice charges.

Oh, so that's how it's gonna be?

Westhusing: Captain...


Captain Cole, wait.

Look, I understand you're just trying to do your job, but if you continue to push this any further, that job will soon be done by somebody else.

I'm sorry, is that a threat?

It's not a threat.

It's the truth.

Look, right now you need to be extremely careful about what you do and who you choose to protect.

♪ Ow! ♪
♪ Fire ♪
♪ Fire... ♪
♪ Fire ♪
♪ I'm on fire ♪

Cole: Thank you.

Keep 'em coming.

♪ Fire ♪
♪ Fire... ♪

Interesting choice of meeting spot.

Is the office being painted, or are we about to be k*lled?

Take a seat.

I went to the CIA offices today.


I made no mention of either of you.

Captain, I appreciate your support, but I don't want you to lie to protect me.

Well, I wish it was that simple.

Look, Lee, there's something that you should know, and I-I really... I don't know how to say it, so...

Your sister is still alive.

We know.

You know?


(laughs) That's great.

I guess we've all been keeping the same secret.

There's more to it than you realize.

Kim is working for the Quantou.

No, Kim was embedded in the Quantou by the MSS, where she's working undercover.

She is part of a joint international operation.

Lee. Did you hear that?

Kim is working undercover. She's with MSS.

So we're told.

Hey... this is coming from the feds.

Can you guarantee that no one from the CIA or MSS has not been corrupted?

In Hong Kong, the Quantau rose to power on the backs of dirty cops.

My father was an officer when they first surfaced.

He saw his peers, superiors and even his own partner fall in line to accept handouts.

Lee, it seems like you're going out of your way not to believe this.

There is nothing more I want than to believe this.

But if she went undercover, why would she not tell me?

Look, whether it's true or not, the fact remains that this summit is happening.

And we have to stop it.

And we don't have to do anything.

Look, I, I can't interfere with a federal investigation.

I'm sorry, but... the LAPD's hands have been tied.

Then let's untie them.


♪ ♪

(dog barks)


Stop doing that!

This is absurd!

What could you possibly be thinking about just standing there like a pole?

Now, be cool.

Act like a dog or something.


Hey, Carter.

You told me to post up here and look for a sexy Asian chick.

I asked you to post up and look out for Lee's sister.

Yeah, and then I asked you what does Lee's sister look like, and you said she was a sexy Asian chick.

Uh, don't try to mince words with me.

I know how this went down.

Anyway, I sent you a picture.

Check it out.

(phone chimes)

Yep, that's her.

You got the GPS?

Yeah, I got it in my hand right now.

Hey, Gerald, be very careful.

These people are dangerous.

Oh, don't worry, man. I got this.

Didi, I've been thinking.


There were marked bills stolen from five different bank teller windows, right?

Yep, about a million each.

Yeah, I mean, we got hits on the first four almost immediately.

So, why not the fifth?

Who's sitting on that money?

(car engine running)

(doors open)

You're late.


Traffic was a bitch.

Expecting somebody else?

Stay where you are.

Easy, Kim. We came here to talk.

Kim, please.

You have one minute.

Okay, then I'll be direct. Are you working for the MSS?

Are you trying to get me k*lled?

No, I'm trying to trust you.

Right, I should bow down in gratitude at the chance to earn your trust?

You shouldn't have burned my trust in the first place.

Your trust was always conditional.

All-all right, I've had enough of this crap.

Y'all got a messed-up sibling dynamic.

Y'all sound like a daytime talk show.

Look, if we're on the same side on this, maybe we can help each other out, if not, maybe we can call a truce long enough so everybody can walk away without no major injuries.

You want information on the Quantau summit.

If I gave it to you, what then?

What good is information from a source you cannot trust?

My plans are set, and I won't let you interfere.


You tracked me here somehow. Where is it?


Passenger side, front wheel.

You will not follow me.

(Carter shouting)

(engine starts)

Carter: Are you kidding me?!

Hell no!

We can't sit around and wait.

There has to be something we can do.

The summit is going ahead somewhere in this city.

It's a big city, Lee.

You've been over the wiretap recordings a hundred times and I've reached out to every criminal informant, street thug and casual dirt bag I know.

But nobody has any idea where this thing's going down.

We have to keep trying.

We will.

I don't know how, but we're gonna find this little crime social, bust in, kick some Chinese gangsters' asses and then, mark my word, one of those Quantau sons of b*tches is paying to fix my car.

♪ ♪

Mr. Washington, we're honored to have you join us.

Well, a big bad of cash is a good way to get my attention.

We'll need you and your associates to hand over your weapons.

My friends, I assure you our interest is the same as yours.


And if you will forgive me for being so blunt, if our intent was simply to k*ll you, Mr. Pan would've done so already.

♪ ♪

♪ Move to my art ♪
♪ No matter how much fame I lose ♪
♪ Move to my art no matter how much fame I lose ♪
♪ Matter how much fame I lose ♪
♪ Matter how much fame I lose... ♪

(indistinct chatter)


I am Yang Wei.

But you may address me as The Dragon of Quantau.

Our history goes back to 18th century in China, and now we are in your home.

The City of the Angels... where you people fight among each other for tiny slices of the same pie.

We're about to change that.

What exactly are you proposing?


You four criminal syndicates under our control.


Are you senile?

Or just the dumbest man alive?

Yeah, man, I'm thinking a little bit of both.

Double D?

Get ready to be happy.

Did you just call me "Double D"?


Two D's.

What did you think I meant?

What do you want, Donovan?

One of our patrols thinks he may have traced another marked bill to Westwood.

And if this Treasury Department roster is correct...

Didi: Hey, Carter, we got a hit on the money.

Going somewhere?

Detective Lee?

This a surprise.

You know this guy?

This is MSS Agent Yun. In Hong Kong, he assisted my task force in many joint operations against the Quantau.

We have a hit?

We have a hit.

You are a sworn officer of the law, and you have been in the pocket of the Quantau this whole time?

No, I worked to stop them as you did for years.

But we failed in Hong Kong.

When they set their sights on Los Angeles, the MSS embedded an undercover officer...

My sister.

At the overlook.

You were supposed to meet her there tonight.

You didn't.


Answer me!

It's too late.

You sold Kim out to the Quantau.


Where's the summit?!

Where do we find her?!


Talk or I drop you!

Let me up!

All right, all right!

I'll tell you! Please!

You're proposing our business under your control?

Your cooperation is preferable.

And that is why we will allow you to keep one third of the profits you make.


Brother, you're walking around blind without a cane if you think we're gonna cave to your demands.

We make no demands.

This is an offer.

Two options.

Accept our terms or...

We choose "or"!

(all clamoring)

Dragon: Listen to me.

That was "or."

And now, who is next?

Your organizations will come under my control.

And the question that you must answer is will you be alive to see it?

Jiaru... huo si.

Join or die.

Kim Lee?

You were offered that same choice.

And I do not regret my decision.

You're about to.

MSS Agent Yun was kind enough to inform me of your true allegiance.

Anything you have to say, say it to Pan.

(snake hissing)

(men groaning loudly)

(cracking noise)


(both grunting)

(men yelling and grunting, weapons clanging)

(Pan bellows, Kim grunts)

(grunts, whimpers)

(grunting, yelling continue)


(Pan growls)

(both grunting)


(Kim grunts)

(whimpers, groans)

(door bursts open)

Carter: LAPD!

(g*nshots in distance)



(Pan grunts, Kim yells)

(yelling and grunting continue)

LAPD, freeze!

(helicopter blades whirring in distance)

Carter: Party's over.


If you've come to save me...

I came here to join you.

You don't need saving.

You go after the Dragon, I'll go after Pan.

(Lee panting)

(Pan grunts)

I know who you are.

I know many men who have died by your hand.


(Pan bellows)

(both grunting)




(both grunting)

(groans, coughs)


There you are.

Don't tell me that's the...


Does he have magical powers or something?

'Cause he look like an old-ass man.

That's all he is... a sad old man.

Carter: And he doesn't sh**t lightning out of his fingers or nothing?

Can he at least turn into a dragon?

Just look at you two.

Your father would be proud of you... if he were still alive.

What do you know of our father?

He knows nothing. He's an old fool.

If he had only accepted the payment offered to him, then maybe he would be still alive.

Our parents died in a car accident.

Father was due in court the next day to inform on the Chief Inspector for accepting bribes.

It was no car accident, it was a hit.

I couldn't tell you because I was afraid of what you might do.

What I might do?

Carter: Hey, Lee, stop!

Step back! You have no part in this.

I'm your partner, man. This is m*rder.

He k*lled our parents.

Then make him accountable. Let his ass rot in jail.

Come on, Lee.

Dragon: Just like your father.



Our father believed in justice.

Honor that.

Honor him.

Get him out of my sight.

Carter: Get up.

Lau Keung, Hui yerk.

Carter: What was that? I don't speak Dragon.


(slicing, Dragon groans)

Lau Keung, Hui yerk.

Respect the strong.

Destroy the weak.

(groans loudly)

Donovan: What do you think they're talking about in there?

Probably about the HR report I filed over you calling me "Double D."

What's it gonna take to make this go away?

1 million in unmarked bills.

I can make that happen.

Clearly there was a breakdown in intelligence regarding Agent Yun's alleged collaboration with Quantao.

Regardless, the LAPD's interference wasn't helpful.

(chuckling): Really?

Are you actually gonna try to spin this as our fault?

Because if you knew that Agent Yun was working with the Quantao, and you kept it to yourself, then you put innocent lives in danger.

And if you didn't know, and Agent Yun was operating right under your...

Ivy League nose, then I think we all deserve a tax refund.

Now, either way, it could be very embarrassing if this information got out.

Threats aside, I hope that we can count on your discretion going forward.

And how much is my discretion worth?

What do you mean "worth?"

I want full public acknowledgement for my department's cooperation in a joint, international intelligence operation.

Anything else?

Oh, I'm sure I'll think of something.

Do you have to leave so soon?

I wish I could stay, but my new position begins immediately.

My little sister, an agent with the MSS.

Our father would be proud.

What's wrong?

In the same city all this time, now we're finally on the same side, and you're leaving.

Come back to Hong Kong.

You came to L.A. to find me, you found me.

I hate to think of you here alone with no family.

I'm not alone.

Ah, you'll see her again.

And I tell you what, anytime you want to go and visit, I'll tag along.

Lee, would they not love me in China?

Do you want my honest response, or an insincere compliment?

I'll go insincere compliment.

They would love you in China.

I knew it. I knew it, man.

I'm handsome, charming... modest. (chuckles)

I'm short, they love short people in China.

I don't know what happened to you, you tall as hell.


I love you...

Oh, I love you too, girl.

What should we talk about next?

No, there was a "but."


But... no way in hell.

But he's so cute.

(baby talk): Isn't that right?


(knocking on door, Gerald yells)

Dog got all his sh*ts?


(door opens)


Captain, come on in.


Um, forgive my dropping in unannounced.

I know you have company.

Oh, no, no, you're always more than welcome.


Put your hands down.

Captain Cole, it's, uh, very weird seeing you in a non-working capacity.

I mean, it's just... so out of context.

You know, like the first time I saw my grandma dancing at my uncle's wedding.

On the dance floor she was just working and twerking it.

Throwing it back. It was, it was crazy.

Uh... just purely talking context.

I mean, you're much younger and sexier than my grandmother.

Just what every woman wants to hear.

It's very touching.

Uh, actually, I just came by to drop off dessert.

Oh! You shouldn't have.

But since you did, I'll take these off your hands.

And I wanted to return these.

Thank you, Captain.

Oh... do I feel a hug coming on, huh?

I think I do.

(chuckles) All right.

Good job.

And, um...

Thank you.

What the hell?

All right, have a good night.

Good night, Captain.

Man, drop that goofy-ass grin off your face.

Westhusing: All good?

After a steak and a martini.

You make the reservations?

Yeah, but it wasn't easy.

I had to pull the CIA card.


I hope they don't poison our food.

Oh, yeah.


Can I say something?


When I first came to L.A., I saw little to like here.

I didn't really care for the city, and I thought you were a massive jerk.


(stifles laughter)

But I learned to like the city, and I've met some really wonderful people.

And I've grown to find you tolerable.

(Didi and Gerald laugh)

You're talking smack.

I taught him that.


I taught him that.

I hate you a lot less too, Lee.

(Gerald chuckles)

Ooh, Lee.

Show him what I taught you, "The Dab." (grunts)

(Gerald grunts)

Hey! Come on, Didi!

(all cheer)

Where you at, Hoagie?


(all cheer)
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