01x12 - Madame X | 13 - Whistler's Mother

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "American Gothic". Aired: June 2016 to September 2016*
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"American Gothic" revolves around an affluent Boston family after the revelation that their recently deceased patriarch could have been a serial k*ller. Suspicion arises that one of them may have been his accomplice.
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01x12 - Madame X | 13 - Whistler's Mother

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Previously on American Gothic...

(Tessa screams)

Madeline: The man you pushed down the stairs was the Silver Bells k*ller.

We can dispose of the body.

No one needs to know.

He manipulated me.

Madeline: We are all victims of your father's decisions.

Reporter: The Silver Bells accomplice has struck again.

Madeline: It's the accomplice, taunting us.

Brady: If you cooperate and you help us find this accomplice, I will do everything that I can to keep you out of jail.

Alison: I'd rather lose the race and keep my family than the other way around.

You used our son to buy dr*gs.

This gives me full custody of Jack.

Please, no, Cam!

Alison: Did anyone sleep?

Tessa: Not at all. Who could?

Madeline: Well, as long as we're all up, I might as well make breakfast.

Cam: You've got to be kidding me.

I can't believe there isn't one of me.

Well, maybe next time, bud.


(doorknob rattles)

(doorknob rattles)

(sighs): Oh, God.

Alison: So it's true.

Everything Mom told us.

And all it took for you guys to come clean was a psychopath targeting us.

Brady: No one saw anything, heard anything?


We found it just like that.

Brady: Which means that someone was able to get in and out of the house completely undetected.


So, Jack and I are leaving.

And so should all of you.

Where are you going?

You know, really anywhere that doesn't have a bull's-eye on the door or a tiny version of me dead and tied to a chair.

Jack, let's go.

I need to take you in. Now.

Both of you.

You have critical information that's gonna help us find the accomplice.

I need to talk to Garrett first.

Tessa, we don't have time...

Brady, please.

Tessa: You did it for me.

That's how all this got started.

You agreed to bury the body to protect me from knowing my part.

You could have gone to the police.

I would've been okay.

Everything's out in the open now.

It's gonna play out how it play...


That's not good enough.

You should run.

What? ‭You need to go right now.

Go get on a plane and leave the country.

I'll wire you money and you can start a new life.

I'll find Christina, and I'll convince her to let you be a part of your child's life.

But you guys are... you're in danger.


I can't just walk away.

And I can't live with you losing another minute of your life.



Who called the police?

Brady: I had a unit sent out to watch the property.

No one's gonna get in or out without police knowing.

And I'm having a security company install a new system in here today.

State-of-the-art, so...

Okay, we got to go.

Where's Garrett?

Where's Garrett, Tess?

I'm ready. Let's go.

No more running.

Brady: I need to get back on the case.

I've given you two witnesses and the location of SBK's body.

Even if you hadn't been suspended, it's still a massive conflict of interest.

I still have the tape.

You and Conley talking about the bribe that you took to destroy evidence.

It might not be admissible, but it will be enough to end your career.

I try and be straight with you, and you blackmail me?

Cutter, my family's in danger.

I can't be sidelined right now.

Get me back on this case or Internal Affairs will hear that tape.

Man: Do I need to remind you, Counselor, that we're in the middle of a homicide investigation into the SBK accomplice?

My clients have...

Your clients have willfully kept information...

I'm sorry.

I never told you that.

But I am... truly sorry.

For what, exactly?

For convincing you to protect Tessa.

Why don't you try again.

For letting you leave.



You want to apologize, you don't just say what comes easy to you.

You apologize for what you did.

You apologize for all of it.

Someday, if you have a family of your own, maybe you'll understand.

There's no limit to what you would do to protect them.

You know what?

I am gonna have a family.

Pretty soon, actually.

And when I do... you won't know them.


I'll make sure of that.

I'll say you're dead.

(footsteps approaching)

So, here's the deal.

Five years for manslaughter, improper disposal of a body, and obstruction of justice.

One year for obstruction of justice and accessory after the fact.

Those sentences will be suspended, no jail time, if you cooperate with the investigation into the accomplice.

You seem unsure how to respond, so let me help.

It was an outstanding bit of legal maneuvering.

I am very good at what I do.


(footsteps receding)

(drill whirring)

(phone ringing)


How are you?

Fine, yeah. All is well.

Um, I'm actually back in Boston for a wedding.

I keep seeing your campaign ads everywhere.

I just wanted to wish you good luck on Tuesday.

Thank you.

It's nice to hear from you.

It's been really rough going here without you, to be honest.

Sorry to bother you.

Hey, um, I'm sorry, Naomi.

Can-can I call you back?

No, of course. No rush.


What can I do for you?

One of my guys found something while they were running cable.

This happens more than you think.

We start opening up walls, going through vents, we find stuff.

People get excited, think it's gonna be, uh, gold bars or a lost Picasso or something, but, uh, usually it's just sex toys or pot.

Which, you know, is pretty fun, too.

I'll take care of this.


Okay, we're all clear, guys.

Alison: It's a weird box of bells.

We don't know what it means.

Madeline: If you're looking for the bells, they're gone.

I had Gunther get rid of... all that old stuff from the shed.

Just like the bells from the other murders.

(doorbell rings)

Who is it?

It's Officer Petrilla from Boston PD.

(indistinct police radio chatter)


Thank you.

We're here to process the dollhouse for prints and DNA.

Hello again.

I swabbed you.

A while back.

Is there anything else in the house that we should know about?

Excuse me?

Any other potential evidence that we should look at?


That's it.

Man: Don't hold anything back.

Any detail you can remember about SBK.

No matter how small.

A mole, a chipped tooth.

Now, I'm gonna ask you some questions.

I want you to use the reference photos to help you with your description.

Let's get started.

Did he remind you of any celebrity?

Uh, no, I don't really know any celebrities.

Maybe a little like... Ted Danson.

Garrett: I think his eyes were brown.

Like that, they were, uh, small and quite wide set.

Madeline: Dark hair.

I think brown.

Maybe black.

Garrett: More like picture number four.

Yeah, like that, but, uh... a thinner nose.

And a little bit of facial hair.

No, more like a five o'clock shadow.


Is that close?

Yeah, that looks like him.

That seems about right.

Linda: It's almost like it's two different people.

It was a long time ago.

I only saw him for a few seconds.

Anything else?

Uh, scars, tattoos?

Unusual clothing?

Garrett: He had a tattoo on his chest.

It-it, uh... it had a cross on it.

Uh, like a-a crucifix?

It was different.


Okay. Draw it the best you can.

Like that.

Linda: It's a Brigid's cross.

It's an old Irish symbol.

Every other drunk D-bag we bring in here has got one tattooed on his calf.

So, you've narrowed it down to an Irish guy in Boston who possibly looks like this.

Or this.

All right, bud.

Yeah, I'm going to, uh, make you something to eat in a bit.


I'm gonna watch my jellyfish video.

All right.

Narrator (over headphones): The cell regeneration process, called transdifferentiation, is unique to the animal kingdom.

In theory, it can repeat itself indefinitely, if the immortal jellyfish doesn't fall victim to natural predators.

As a result of their regenerative properties, this species of jellyfish is perpetually multiplying.

The jellyfish is indigenous to the Pacific region but has spread throughout the colder areas of the Northern Pacific Ocean.

The distinctions among species...

Hey, bud.

Hey, Mom.

You want to go for a ride?



Jack: Where are we going?

Sophie: It's a surprise.

Jack: Should we wait for Dad?

Sophie: Nah, he can join us after.

(door closes in distance)

Cam: Sophie!


No. (panting)


(tires screeching)

(air hissing)



(door closes in distance)

(footsteps approaching)

The police released you?

I told them everything I know.

Did you?

You told us those were gone.

You held onto them in case someone else got in your way.

Another David Morales?


And someone did, didn't they?

Jennifer Windham.

And you still knew how to stage a Silver Bells m*rder.

You k*lled her, didn't you?

You snuck into her home... put a belt around her neck.


You strangled her.

Say it. Say the words.

"I k*lled her."

Say it!

I had to.

For Garrett.

He was in prison, falsely accused of being the accomplice.

I proved that it couldn't be him.

You could justify anything.

I've been... thinking about everything that's happened since we found these bells in the shed.

Like Gunther.

Why did he decide to hang himself at the exact moment the police were closing in on Cam?

Gunther was dying of cancer.

He wanted his wife to be financially secure after his death.

And now she is.

(quietly): Oh, my God.

You were the only one with Dad when he died.

What really happened?

He wanted to tell the police about Morales.


Everyone's so afraid of the accomplice.

And we have a serial k*ller right in front of us.

I didn't k*ll that blind woman.

And I didn't put bells in my own purse.

There is someone after us.

I'm scared.

And you should be, too.

Oh, I am.

You belong in prison.

I don't think you fully grasp everything that I've done for this family.

I helped us survive.

And I did it so you could have everything.

And look at you now.

You're this close to making political history.

Tessa has finally embraced motherhood.

Cam is finally rid of Sophie, and Garrett is out of prison.

I had a hand in all of it.

And there's not one thing I would take back.

And if anything happens in the future, I'm here for you.

Let... me... go.

(line ringing)

Hey, where are you?

I need to talk to you.

I'm on my way.

C.J.: The deal is done.

You're not gonna do jail time for what happened back then.

Right, but what if someone were to accuse me of having been involved with something really serious in the present day?

And they had evidence.

What steps would I...

Let me stop you right there.

Have you watched any good TV lately?

Pardon? - ‭I only ask because it can be very soothing, get your mind off things.

I'll tell you what show I love... Boston Legal.

Have you seen it?

Oh, terrific show.

Great blend of comedy and drama.

And that Denny Crane, what a character. (chuckles)

Alan Shore, the other impeccable legal mind, he was always toeing the ethical line.

Like he might say to a client, uh, "As your attorney, I would never advise that you break any laws, but if you needed your assets protected, you should consider liquidating as soon as possible. With solid evidence, it's very likely assets could be frozen immediately. And keep your passport handy, in case you decide to travel abroad."

That kind of thing.

Of course, he'd never say it outright.

But the client would catch on.

Quite clever.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Sometimes I go on these little verbal loopty-loos.

As far as your dilemma, I... I'm afraid I can't advise you on that.

I mean, she could be heading to Canada with him, for all I know.

Okay, Cam, don't panic.

(sighs) ‭Um...

What about her credit cards?

Uh, is there a statement anywhere?

Maybe she made a recent purchase. - ‭Yes. Yes.

Yes. ‭Thanks.


(line ringing)

Hi. This is Sophie Hawthorne.

Um, I just had my card, but I looked in my wallet, and it's-it's not there.

And I'm worried that it's fallen into the wrong hands.

I'm wondering, can you confirm my most recent purchases?

Oh, yeah, I'm happy to give you the last four digits of my Social.

They are three, two, five, six.

That's 3256.

That's right. Yes, thank you.

Yes, yeah, that sounds right.

Yeah, of course.

The convenience store.

Downtown. Yeah, thanks.


Wait, where are you going?

Uh, we're going to find Jack.

No, I really need to talk to you both.

As soon as we get back.

(door closes)


(line ringing)


It's me.

How soon can we meet up?

♪ ♪

(ring clatters)

He's nine years old.

He's got an octopus on his shirt.

She's got a tattoo on her neck.

It's a cherry blossom.

Oh, yeah, I remember her.


Did she say where they were going?

No. They were in and out pretty quick.

What did she buy? Do you remember?

Yeah, I do.

Two bottles of ranch dressing.

Two bottles of ranch dressing?

That's it?

Hey, I don't judge.

My uncle used to drink that stuff like milkshakes.

Of course, he's dead now.

Okay, I mean...

I mean, obviously she's on something. She's being erratic.

She's got my kid.

‭Calm down. Look.

All right.

(door opens, bell jingles)

Is this public knowledge yet?

Is what public knowledge?

Everything I told you.

Is it in the press?

No. Until we catch the accomplice, we're not releasing any details.

All right, then I need a favor.

I need your help to find Christina.

You serious?

Just an address.

(scoffs) "Just an address."

Sure, Garrett, why not? Uh, you need anything else?

Maybe, uh, Hillary's e-mails or Trump's tax returns?


Look, I just want her to hear the truth from me first.

That's all.

Linda: Dana has an update on SBK's bones. I'm going to the lab.

Great. Right behind you.

Excuse me.

All right, look, how 'bout I write her a letter, and you can decide if she gets it or not.

I have to go do this.

Don't go anywhere.

I've decided on the kind of boat I want.

Ketch sailboat.

I've been pricing a few on eBay.

What is she talking about?

Let's discuss bones first and boats later, Dana.

No DNA match to the system, but SBK suffered a fracture to the left femur.

It was repaired with a titanium rod.

13 Boston hospitals purchased this make of rod between '89 and '98.



So we get the medical records of every one of those hospitals who had the surgery, we compile a master list.

That is a nine-year window.

Even if we narrow it down, we-we don't know SBK's name.

Wh-What good are medical records?

Then we cross-reference the names with DMV photo records and we show them to Garrett.

It's gonna be easier for him to I.D. a face than describe one.

One more thing.

Prints in the dollhouse didn't match anyone in the system, but they did have elevated levels of amino acids.


The accomplice is female.

Thanks for coming over.

Of course.

Everything okay?

There's a lot swirling around at the moment.

Best kind of preparation for mayor.

I need your advice.

And you've always been really good at helping me work through... problems.

Let's say someone I knew, someone close to me, had done something truly horrible, and the right thing to do would be to tell the authorities, but doing so would destroy a lot of lives.

This is about the Silver Bells case.

Naomi, I can't.

I'm asking you what you think I should do in that scenario.

How would it affect your campaign if you came forward?

It would end it.


Is there any physical evidence tying you to this hypothetical crime?

Or the cover-up?

Why did you want to run for mayor?


It's... hard to remember now.

Then let me remind you.

You've been given every opportunity, every advantage in life, and you want that privilege to mean something.

To be for something.

You want your girls growing up thinking it's normal to see women in power.

You want better public education, better health care, safer streets, more opportunities, but anyone can be blindly idealistic.

Not everyone can be calculating, even ruthless, in service of those ideals.

But you can.

Is all of that still true?


Then you know the move.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

I got rid of the bells.

No one will ever know.

Thank you.

I didn't do it for you.

I know.

You made a difficult decision for the greater good.

Just like I did.

We are not the same.

I don't want you near me or my children ever again.

As far as I'm concerned, you no longer exist.

(shuddering breaths)

♪ ♪


Did you know that octopuses are the most intelligent invertebrates on Earth?

Sophie: Wow.

Jack: And they're escape artists, too.

There was an octopus in New Zealand that escaped its t*nk, crawled all the way across the floor into a drainpipe, and went into the ocean.

Now it's free.

You know the bear Uncle Garrett gave you?

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

I recorded a message for you on it.


‭And I want you to know...

Jack! Hey!

Hey. ‭Hey, bud.

You okay?

Yeah, sure.

Hey, dude.

Do you want to show me the jellyfish t*nk?

Yeah, but they don't have immortal jellyfish here.


I get it though, because they can't thrive in captivity.


Mom, you're coming, too, right?

I'll be right there, Jack.

Okay, cool.

You know, I was thinking, if scientists could find out what makes Turritopsis dohrnii immortal and apply it to humans, maybe we could live longer.

The custody lawyer your mom hired...


I won't even get supervised visitation.

I just wanted one last memory with him.

Well... you got what you wanted.

I hope you enjoyed it.

You're a lost cause.


Please don't let him forget me.

(shuddering breath)

Arthur McLaughlin.

Boston area, middle-aged white male, had a rod put in his leg in...


Linda: Survey says...



Not him.


How many more of these are there?

(sighs) 1,194.


Franklin Harkington.

Naomi: You all right?

Alison: (sighs) Thank you for sticking around.

Ben's okay with you taking extra time off?

Yeah. It's fine.


I want to see this through with you.

We were always a good team.


How are things with Tom?

(sighs softly)

I thought pushing you away would help fix things.

It didn't.

We should get back to work.

Writing your victory speech.

Mm. The polls say it should be a concession.

Ah. The polls also said that Brexit wasn't gonna happen, so...

(both chuckle)

(phone vibrating)


I need to grab this.

(door closes)

Franklin Zyckner.


(keys clacking)

(sighs) Shakespeare?


The tattoo.

Brigid's cross.

What if it's not just an old Irish symbol?

What do you mean?

What if it's someone's name?

Like his wife or his daughter or his mother?

What, named Brigid?

Well, if we cross-reference that name with a list of patients, we can see...

One hit.

Brigid Martin.

Emergency contact for her husband John Martin.

He had femur surgery in '97.

(keys clacking)

(lightning cracking)


That's him.

That's the Silver Bells k*ller.

He conked out fast.


Long day.


I couldn't have done it without you.

(pouring drink)

That's not true.

No, it's absolutely true.

I mean, I was a total mess. You calmed me down.

You figured out where they were.

Well, I'm glad I could help.

Ever since I found out what Garrett did to protect me, I just... eh...

It's dawned on me how the rest of you see me.

What do you mean?

Fragile, sensitive Tessa, who always needs protecting.

Well, I don't see you that way.

Who was the first person there when I was going through withdrawal?

Who kept in touch with Garrett?

And when the family drifts apart, you always pull it back together.

You're the glue.

Brady: Well, he's squeaky clean for a serial k*ller.

No criminal record whatsoever.

His wife Brigid died in 1997, in the same car accident that left John needing surgery on his leg.

What about relatives, associates?

Nah, no-no siblings, both parents are long dead.

They had a daughter.

Named Dara.

We need to find her.

Thanks, guys. See you tomorrow.

Everyone's heading out.

But energy's good, morale is high.

We are almost there.

You want to grab dinner?

Guess who I just got off the phone with.

Hawaii's future governor.

Your boss, Ben.

He says you backed out of the job the night before your flight to Honolulu.

You're not in Boston for a wedding.

You never left.

How did you...

The metro cards in your purse.

You've been here all along.

So why did you lie to me?

You broke my heart.

I was in no place to run someone else's campaign.

And I don't believe in Ben the way that I believe in you.

But I shouldn't have lied.


I have had enough of that in my life.

Too much.


‭Please, leave.

Dara Martin was born in Somerville, April 5, 1986.

The only child of John and Brigid.

She lived a pretty normal life until she lost her mother in a car accident, then...

Obviously, her father disappeared a few years later.

Where is she now?

No record of her after 2003.

She just vanished.

Brady: Is there a death certificate?

Linda: No.

Maybe she changed her identity and became someone else.

Dara's last known address, from early 2003.


Look familiar?

Brady: That's Ramona Canby's address.

Ramona knew Dara and her father?

So she must have taken Dara in just after her father disappeared.

Linda: And Dara k*lled her when we got too close.

Because Dara Martin is the accomplice.

Which means SBK m*rder*d all these people with his own daughter.

(sighs) She's someone smart.

Savvy enough to create a whole new identity.

We know she was at Mitchell's funeral.

Linda: Mmm. And we know that she got into Madeline's purse, into the house on her own.

This is someone the Hawthornes know.

(door closes)
I told you to leave.

I'm sorry, Alison.

But I can't do that.

Many important issues are on the ballot this year, but all eyes are on the race for mayor.

It's been a wild ride for Alison Hawthorne-Price.

Her family's connection to the Silver Bells case has threatened to overshadow her innovative policy proposals and derail her campaign.

But recent polls have her within striking distance of incumbent Bill Conley.

Will voters show up for her today?

That policeman stationed outside your house keeps driving over my flowerbeds.

My nasturtiums have been decimated.

That's yet another HOA infraction... your fifth.

I'm sorry your flowers are struggling, Phyllis.

My family and I are receiving psychotic death threats from a k*ller.

Well, I don't think that cop in your driveway's gonna protect you, when I drove past him this morning, he was asleep at the wheel.

You're dismissed.

But wait. Huh?

I'm supposed to wait here and look for suspicious characters and all that.

You didn't notice him?

Is he...?

Sh-Should I arrest him?

He's private security.

A crazed doll maker seems intent on k*lling my entire family.

Instead of relying on the C-minus protection of a narcoleptic beat cop, I decided to go with the best that money could buy.

Come on, Russo.

I'm kind of rooting for the doll maker.

(engine starts)

Okay, you get a button, you get a flag.

Thanks for being here.


Hey, you're flying solo.

I thought maybe your "friend" would be with you?

Your implied ironic quotation marks are unnecessary.

April and I really are just friends.


All right, you're not supposed to date within the first four months of recovery, so we are enjoying our year of living... platonically.

Sounds like a long year.

Hey, you made it.

Yeah, just being supportive.

Well, this seems like the safest place for us to be right now.

Alison brought in a lot of extra security.

Do you know how long it takes to count all the votes?

I think it's an all-day, all-night kind of a thing.

But it'll be fun.

We got balloons! We got snacks!

Oh, yeah.

Come on, let's go wish Alison good luck.

Oh, I think she's outside giving interviews.

No, I was just there. She's not there.

She's not backstage either.

Has anyone seen Alison at all this morning?

John: I lost her.

I lost her because the hospital prioritized patients with money.

That never should've happened.

Brigid should still be here.

And now my daughter... she has to grow up without her mother.

And someone has to answer for that.

John Roy Martin gave this deposition as part of a malpractice suit against Fisher Hill Hospital in 1997.

Hospital lawyers outmaneuvered him, and eventually the case was dismissed.

Two years later, SBK's first victim was k*lled.

Brian Long... A wealthy entrepreneur who'd made a sizeable donation to Fisher Hill Hospital.

Now, these murders are not a matter of making a general statement about income inequality.

They're about John and his daughter Dara getting revenge.

(phone vibrating)

Escalating threats indicate that Dara's planning to strike again. Soon.


We can't find Alison.

She's not picking up her phone, and she missed an interview this morning.

When was the last time someone saw her?

A staffer saw her in her office last night.

But what if she's...

What if the accomplice has got her?

Brady: Tessa said she was at the office.

What if the accomplice is someone who's worked her way inside the campaign?

Cutter, Ross.

Alison Hawthorne's cell phone's off, but we were still able to use locational data to pinpoint her last coordinates.

(ship horn blows in distance)

Boston PD! Freeze!

Linda: Hands in the air!

Brady: Get down! Down on the...


What the hell?

Naomi: For the last month, I have been secretly working with the dockworkers' union.

What is your Social Security number?

I thought the union was in Conley's pocket.

But last night, Naomi told me I could swing their vote my way if I could guarantee favorable arbitration in the next negotiation with the shippers.

We started hammering out the details last night.

It took a little longer than I expected.

But, Alice, some lunatic is targeting you right now.

You can't just sneak off to some secret warehouse without telling anyone.

I was with Naomi the whole time.

Yeah, well, for all we know, Naomi could be that lunatic.

We've determined that the accomplice is SBK's daughter, and we know that she's in her early 30s now.

You think Naomi...?


I just did a quick background check.

She is and always has been Naomi Flynn.

Both parents still living.

Can't be her.

We had to chase her down.

In the meantime, the Bureau's got people looking for something on Dara.

School photos, juvie records...

They won't find anything.

Martin did a good job of keeping himself off the grid.

It's even easier to keep a child off the grid.

It's the digital age, Ross.

Everybody's got a record of existence somewhere.

You know, we keep thinking of Dara as being ruthless and methodical, but you know what, she's also emotional.

This is someone whose whole raison d'être is avenging the loss of her mother.

"Raison d'être"?

Yeah, "reason for being."

No, I-I know what it means.


Just never thought of you as a French phrase kind of guy.

All I'm saying is Dara probably pays her mother a visit from time to time, so maybe we should, too.

(whispers): That would make sense.


Alison: I'm so sorry for the delay.

Thank you all for being here.

I know it hasn't been easy, but here we are.

We made it. We're still standing.

And that's entirely due to your unflagging loyalty, hard work and tenacity.

You held tight to the mission all the way to the end.

Many of us have been in this fight together since the beginning, and I'm thrilled to have this opportunity...


Um, I got your letter.

Can we go somewhere to talk?

Alison: I'm proud of the campaign we ran.

And I'm eternally thankful for all of you for sticking by me the whole way.

Thank you.


Ali, we can't stick by you unless we know where you are.

I'm so sorry for worrying you guys.

I just had to make one final maneuver.

Okay, but next time, charge your cell phone when you maneuver.

Fair enough.

You okay?

I'm just nervous. (chuckles)

We're safe here. I promise you.

There's security guards everywhere, metal detectors at the door.

Except that the person targeting us doesn't need a g*n or a knife.

Just a belt.

(bag zipping)

(doorbell rings)

Expecting someone?


(pounding on door)

(doorbell rings)

(pounding on door)

Who are you?

I'm Sophie.

Cam's wife.

Please tell Hercules I'm your daughter-in-law.

You can let her in.

Former daughter-in-law.


You won.

He kicked me out for good.

I won't fight your lawyer on custody.

I'm leaving town.

Cam has some of my photos of Jack in his room.

I was hoping to grab them.


It's just some pictures.

And I'll be out of your life.

You can follow her upstairs.

Make sure the photos are all she takes.

Thank you.

Tessa: What's wrong?

Why are you out here?

I'm worried my brain isn't going to develop correctly.

What makes you say that?

Studies show that hearing your mother's voice releases neuropeptides into your brain.

And those help develop social communication skills.

And I need those.

You won't even let me see her anymore.

I don't even have that stupid bear Uncle Garrett gave me.

She recorded a message for me on it, and you made us leave Grandma's so fast I didn't even get to grab it.

Cam: Hang tight, buddy. I'll get that bear for you.

Be right back.

I know I should've told you all that a long time ago.

Yeah, but, um...

I'm glad I know everything now.

I'm glad I know my father was standing up for what's right.

In the room, when we talked, and on the phone, when you told me you were pregnant...

I thought maybe there might be a chance for us.

Maybe there could be.

Could be?

But I can't stay here.

Too many bad memories.

I got a job.

Starts next week.

San Francisco.

We could give this a shot.

Just not here.

I don't think I can leave my family again.

Just not with everything that's going on.


Is there any chance I could get you to stay?


Here it is.

Can't remember anybody coming by.

Although I don't make a habit of staring.

I try and keep my peepers to myself.

Any surveillance on the premises?

Visitor's records maybe?

We don't get many visitors.

Truthfully, I'm not sure people like cemeteries all that much.

I'm sorry I made us drive all the way out here.


It was worth a try.


Reporter: Early reports show incumbent mayor Bill Conley ahead by a razor-thin margin of 1,200 votes.

(doorbell rings)

That margin could very easily be overtaken by Hawthorne-Price, who campaigned hard in several suburban districts...


...which are yet to be counted.

At this point in the day, Conley's team has to be surprised...

Someone's at the door!

(doorbell rings)



Madeline, the HOA meeting is about to start.


Ross? You coming?


You okay?

If you're standing right here, paying your respects, you'd look up...

...and you'd see the cherry blossoms.

I think I know who Dara is.

Phyllis: However, I know your family has been through a series of crises lately.

It would be unfair for us to judge you without hearing your side of the story.

Come on.

You want me to go with you?

Oh, I give you the benefit of the doubt.

That's a hard no.

There you are.

Here I am.

Did you get everything you wanted?

Well, I wanted my family.

Cam and Jack, but... you ruined that for me.

Turned Cam against me.

You did that all by yourself.



It was you.

You know, parents have such a big influence on their children.

I know my father had a huge impact on me.

Do you know who my father was, Madeline?



He was an artist, too.

Very... avant-garde.

Very controversial.

And I helped him.

That's sweet.


He's not coming.



Not my name.

Please don't do this.

You know, when my father came into this house, he was all I had left.

My mom died when I was ten.

I adored her.

And then... I lost her.

You know what that's like?

That kind of loss?

The kind that... rips your insides out?

'Cause that was me and my dad.

Because it shouldn't have happened.

We were in a car accident.

She had two surgeries, five weeks in the hospital.

First-class hospital, supposedly.

They hardly ever checked on her.

My dad and I kept telling the doctors and nurses that something was wrong.

You know, she was out of it.


But they said she was fine.

No special tests or second opinions, no.

Not for us.

They said it was just side effects from the medication.

It was septic shock.

By the time they figured it out, it was too far gone.

(grunting softly)

The rich patients, the ones with money and... connections, well, they were given special tests, state-of-the-art equipment.

Did you know those patients were actually given special blue blankets so the staff knows to treat them better?

(chuckles softly)

Of course you do.

As we sat and watched as she slipped away...

...something in me cracked.

In my dad, too.

So... we started a list.

There was an easy place to start.

The rich donors who helped create that divide.

♪ ♪

And so... his mission began.

Borrowed a car from a family friend.

Learned how to break into big, lavish mansions.

I was good at it; I still am.


Hey. ‭(exhales)


How the hell'd you get in here?

Your father took you with him when he committed m*rder?

You're not exactly in a position to judge parenting skills.

My father went in first.

Made sure it was safe.

I'd stay in the car.

Wait for my signal and then come in.


Then... when he was done, I'd help him clean up, help him set the scene, create the tableau.

And finally... place the bell.

(bell tinkling)

The one thing they could've used to call for help with.

Just out of reach.

Like it was for us.

(crying): What do you want from me?

I'll give you anything you want.

Shut up!

Shut... up.

My father came into this house, and he never left!

I waited for the cops to come find me.

Or to hear my father's name on the news, but nothing ever happened.

Because you never called the cops, did you?


You used my father, his name, his signature, his legacy to get rid of your own enemies.

And suddenly... well, suddenly, I was an orphan.

And you know what?

That same family friend took me in.

(crying): I didn't want to k*ll her.

But... (shuddering breath) the cops were getting too close.

You know, if they questioned her again, she may have slipped.

She may have mentioned my name.

So I tried to make it as quick as possible, because she didn't deserve to suffer.

I can help you.

Li-Listen to me.

Shut up.

I can help you.

‭Shut... up.

Let me help you.

You need money.

I can give you that. Oh.



It's in Mitchell's mausoleum space.

Sophie, untie me and I can give you the key!

(door creaks open)

April: Strength comes from doing what's...

Just grabbing something for Jack, Mom. Just pretend I'm not here.

Be in and out in a second.

He misses me, doesn't he?

What are you doing here?

Whoa! (grunts)

Who the hell is that? I didn't want you to know.

Sophie, what are you doing?

I have to finish.

Finish what?!

What my father started.


It's you. ‭(grunts)

(grunts) You were just supposed to be my way into the family, Cam.

You know, before I knew who she was, I kept seeing her around at different places.

Coffee shop, movies.

And then this one day in the park...

Alison: When she just popped up in front of you and...

And said, "Hi, I'm Sophie, and I'm gonna be your girlfriend."

She was right.

Then I fell in love.

And we had this unique, amazing child together.

I wanted you more than I wanted revenge.

Could've stayed that way, but you told me it was over.

You told me I was never gonna see my son again.

Now all I have left is revenge.



Sophie! (grunts)


(breathing deeply)

(strained grunting)

Come on, buddy.

(grunts, groans)







Tessa: This is getting exciting.

Naomi says it's neck and neck.


Hey, uh...

I just saw Christina.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. Um... she's got a new job in-in San Francisco, and... she wants me to go.

Oh, wow. (phone ringing)

Your phone is ringing.



Brady: Tess, I've been trying to reach you.

Have you seen Sophie?

She anywhere near you?

What? No, Sophie's not here.


It's her, Tess.

She's SBK's daughter.

She's the accomplice.

That can't be right, Brady.

Are you in a safe place right now?

I mean, yeah, I'm-I'm with Alison and Garrett and guards and cops and hundreds of other...


Cam went back to the house to get something for Jack.

Will you check in with the cop assigned to the Hawthorne house?

He's been gone a while.

And Mom is there, too.

Officer: I'm at the station.

Why the hell aren't you at the Hawthorne house?

Detail was lifted at the request of the homeowner.


Okay, Tess, listen to me, I need you to stay put.

I'm gonna go check on Cam and your mom.


Tess, you okay?

It's Sophie.

Sophie is the accomplice.

Brady's going to the house to check on Cam.

And Mom.

I'm going.

Wait, Brady said to stay...

Excuse me.

Cam? Cam!

He can't help you.


You know, you're right.

We treated you unfairly.

So-so let me fix it.

You want Jack?

I can make that happen.

I can call the lawyers.

Right now.

Retract everything.

(Cam continues grunting)

I can speak to the judge myself.

I can tell him that...

Jack needs you in his life.

Not just supervised visits.

Shared custody.

I can say whatever you want me to.

You'd do that?


(chuckles softly)

Yeah, right.

(gasps, groans)


(thud in distance)

(gasps, panting)

I'm sorry, buddy.





(grunts) Sophie!

You're too late.


How could you?

She was poison, Cam.

(shuddering breaths)

You're insane.

I'm not gonna hurt anyone else.

I promise you, I'm leaving town.

You'll never see me again.

I let you into our family.

I have to stop you.

Garrett: Don't do it, Cam.

Don't do it.

Cam, listen to me.

I've lived with someone's blood on my hands for a long time.

You don't want that.

I don't care. It'll eat at you.

It'll haunt you.

Little brother, I don't want you to have to live that way.

Listen to him, Cam. Shut up!

Shut up! ‭I don't...

Okay, okay, but think.

You're gonna go to prison.

What's gonna happen to Jack?

Jack deserves better than us.


(officers shouting)

She was just here. She went that way.

Linda: Go! Find her!

Find her!

Go, go, go, go, go!

(officers shouting)

It means so much that you're here. Really, it was such a generous contribution.

Excuse me.

What? ‭I can't believe it.

I just got a heads-up from my friend at WXQN.

They're about to call the election.

Our play for the union worked; you won.

You are the new mayor of Boston.


With 98% of the vote now counted, we can call the race for mayor here in Boston.

Challenger Alison Hawthorne-Price has won the incredibly close race.

(cheering and applause)

This is because of you.

I just helped everyone see the truth.

You deserve it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you the mayor of Boston, Alison Hawthorne-Price!

(cheering and applause)

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

(indistinct radio chatter)

♪ ♪

(siren wailing in distance)

I missed it.

How did I miss it? How?

I mean, I...

I've known her...

I've known her for years.

Come on. No one sees their own family clearly.

Hey, now we know what she looks like.

Next time she shows her face in public, we'll get her, thanks to you.

Yeah, but she's still out there.


17 years this thing went unsolved.

But your incredibly annoying persistence and pathological inability to let anything go, that's what finally got us answers.


Again with the French.

Recording of you and Conley.

Only copy.

You sure?

You could hold this over my head forever.

Yeah, but...

...couldn't do that to my partner.

(sighs) You know what? This whole time, I was worried that Jack had psychopathic genes, that his grandfather was SBK.

I mean... I mean, he was.

It was his other grandfather.

Jack'll be okay.

He's got you.

He's got all of us. He'll be okay.

You're sticking around?

What about Christina?

What about San Francisco?

I can't leave you guys.

Yes, you can.

You have to.

No, I've got five years' probation.

They're not even gonna let me out of the state.

They would if the mayor talks to your probation officer.

Promise us that you'll go.

Be happy.

♪ ♪

Well, I guess she likes beets.

(chuckles) ‭Hard to say.

I don't know if she got any in her mouth.


Hey, my baby.

What did you think? ‭(chuckling)

Good girl, Mia.

(phone rings)


Yes, can't wait. Is your flight on time?

Great. I'll let Cam know, too. Bye!

Okay, we'll see you there.

Okay, bye.


It's officially been one year.


We made it.

Now, I-I don't know if we need to rush into anything.

You know.

(April laughs)

Do you see Dana?

You see her up there?

Say hi. Hey.

Say, "Hey, Dana."

(laughing): Yeah.

♪ I won't run far ♪
♪ I won't run far ♪
♪ I won't run far ♪
♪ I can always be found ♪
♪ I can always be found ♪
♪ Ah... ♪
♪ Ah... ♪
♪ If you need me ♪
♪ If you need me ♪
♪ If you need me ♪
♪ I can always be found ♪
♪ I can always be found ♪
♪ And I want you to find me ♪
♪ So I'll stay by your side ♪
♪ Ah... ♪
♪ Ah... ♪
♪ Ah... ♪
♪ I can always be found ♪
♪ I can always be found ♪
♪ I can always be found ♪
♪ I can always be found ♪
♪ I can always be found ♪
♪ I can always be found ♪
♪ I can always be found. ♪

Sophie (recorded): Don't worry, I'll see you again soon.

Don't worry, I'll see you again soon.

Don't worry, I'll see you again soon.



Reporter: Here we are, a year into your first term.

Which most would call a resounding success.

You've implemented an effective g*n buyback program, increased funding for arts and music, and stoked the local economy.

What's the secret for coming out of the gate so strong?

Well, I'm thorough to a fault.

I pay attention.

It's trite but true...

The devil's in the details.

♪ ♪

Doesn't seem like your husband's type.

♪ ♪

Alison: I know it's you.

You're the accomplice.

The wallpaper in your self-portraits?

It's from the blind lady's house.

You must have known her pretty well.

Well enough to get her to cover for you and your dad.

Well enough to bring over a program from my father's funeral.

It all adds up.

Of course, you haven't been without your detractors.


But I've learned to turn an adversary into an ally.

If I go to the police, you'll spend your life in prison.

I know what happened the night your father came into our house.

You don't need to target all of us.

Just my mother.

She orchestrated everything.

The cover-up of your father's death, k*lling David Morales and Jennifer Windham...

You want revenge.

And you want to remove a liability.

Protect the rest of your family.

So you see the elegance of this solution.

Much has been made of your family's involvement in the Silver Bells case.

Your mother's k*ller is still at large.

How do you cope with that?

I learned from my mother that you can choose to live in fear or you can move forward.

You can be a victim of your circumstances or you can summon the strength to push through no matter what.

Today, our family is thriving.

I think my mother would be proud.
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