01x05 - Cover Your Ass

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Goliath". Aired: October 2016 to present.*
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"Goliath" revolves around a disgraced lawyer, now ambulance chaser, who gets a case that could bring him redemption, or at least revenge, on the firm which expelled him.
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01x05 - Cover Your Ass

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♪ Oh, my God, please help me ♪
♪ Knee-deep in the river trying to get clean ♪
♪ He says wash your hands, get out the stains ♪
♪ But you best believe, boy, there's hell to pay ♪
♪ Yeah, you best believe, boy, there's hell to pay, saying ♪
♪ Oh, my God, please help me ♪
♪ Neck-deep in the river screaming for relief ♪
♪ He says, it's mine to give but it's yours to choose ♪
♪ You're gonna sink or swim, you're gonna learn the truth ♪
♪ No matter what do, you're gonna learn the truth, saying ♪
♪ Ate the bread that once was stones ♪
♪ Fell from a cliff, never broke a bone ♪
♪ Bowed down to get the kings overthrown ♪
♪ And I'm all alone and the fire grows ♪
♪ And I'm all alone and the fire grows ♪

[knock on door]


Sinaloa fronted the shipment for a 60% return.

Transitionary person.

They're offering credit deals.

You guys must be doing something right.

Take that to Ramirez.

It gets even better.

The guy who organized all this...

He's a lawyer.

Billy McBride.

You guys ought to pay me a bonus.

All the dope that's in this hull.

Sure, kiddo.


Would you stop it?

f*cking stupid!

Stop it!

Banging your f*cking head on the furniture ain't gonna help you, okay?

You got to get us out of here.

I'm not your lawyer. And if I were, I'm not a f*cking magician, okay?

You're a flight risk and a danger to the community.

No court's going to set you a bail.

And if they did, nobody's going to post it because...

We didn't do it!

Oh, well, why didn't you say so?

I'll go tell them and get you out right now.

You got a hull full of shit, buddy.

You're talking about 20 years of federal time here.

Doesn't do our case any good, either, not that it matters now.


Alejandro didn't want to do it.

All right? I talked him into it.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

But how or why you join a conspiracy doesn't matter.

Once you're in, you're in, and you're f*cked.

Who talked you into it?

Don't lie to me, Brittany.

I'm working part-time for a lawyer.

Yeah, go check if you don't believe me.

I searched your place.

You did what?

Don't play dumb. You're not dumb.

You're on probation. You got no rights.

I can walk in and toss your place any time I want.

You got new clothes, new shoes, nice car.

Come on.

Girl, you're hooking again.

That is so unfair.

This lawyer, he's paying you how much?

It's complicated.

It's complicated. You're lying to me.

I need to see a 1099 to prove it.

It is very difficult to get legitimate employment...

Girl, you're white.

You're white.

You're skinny. You're thin.

You're... You're smart.

You've got no excuse.

Leonard: You want to rezone this for what?

Wendell: Office space.

Research labs.

It's part of the ten-year expansion.

I'm not saying it's going to be easy.

Shit, if it was easy, Rocketdyne and Boeing would already have done it.

But I have faith in you, Leonard.

You'll get this done.

Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Does this mean you're taking me off the Larson case?


No, I'm not taking you off the Larson case.

You can walk and chew gum at the same time.

You can do both.

Besides, Larson ain't much of a case anymore.

You did illegal weapons testing in the Pacific and then covered it up.

That is a very big thing.

It's a cancer on the corporation, Wendell.

It can spread.

Look, I need to know what else there is.

What other shit have you guys been doing?

Because whatever it is, you have to assume at some point that shit is going to come out.

You know what Cooperman told me about the fishermen?

They're drug dealers.


They were moving dope, and McBride's whistleblower? Come on.

Man, that's Ned. He's nuts, okay?

We shit-canned him because he's crazy.

And McBride's buried in that paperwork.

What I need you to do... is get this land rezoned.

I want an ocean view in my next office.

♪♪ [R&B]

♪ Some are waving it around ♪
♪ Someone carried me home ♪
♪ One was never noticed ♪
♪ Sleepin' on the floor ♪
♪ But I know we were there ♪
♪ We were howling at the moon ♪
♪ We were shakin' our hips ♪
♪ Danced until we flat-out falling into bed ♪
♪ But I won't let you go ♪
♪ We were howling at the moon ♪
♪ We were shakin' our hips ♪
♪ Danced until we flat-out falling into bed ♪
♪ But I won't ♪
♪ Let you go ♪


Hey, Marva. How's it going?

Well, awful.

Around 3 in the morning, a bunch of possums decided to set up shop in here.

I had to chase them out into the alley.

Marva, we got depositions to start today.

Ned, the crazy guy...

I know.

I've been looking, Mr. McBride. I have.

But there is just so much to go through, and I am just one person.

I understand that, but you're not looking for the Holy Grail.

We just need something to back up Ned's story.

You know? He said Ryan Larson was working on some weapons system that Borns Tech had to keep away from people.

It's not much.

What the hell is this?

Ryan Larson's personnel file.

It's all blacked out.

A lot of it is.

It's his classified file from the military.

It's f*cking useless. What am I going to do with that?

Well, I don't know.

I thought maybe something would be in there.

Is it all like that?

Yes, most of it.

I still have about a dozen boxes to go through.

Keep looking. We got to find something.

Okay, hon?

I'm going to. I am.

I'm dogged in my pursuit of this.

I know you are, honey. You want this open or closed?

Oh, God, no. I want it open. Leave it open.

All right.

It's a stupid chart.

I never said you were stupid.

Oh, yes, you did, and you don't do it again, and you definitely don't do it during the deposition.

You understand?

Why are you mad at me?

You should be mad at the chart.

Okay, explain to me what is so bad about it.

It's amateurish. It's embarrassing.

It's wrong. Look at it.

The dimensions are off.

You gave us the dimensions!

It looks like a f*cking IKEA schematic to build a credenza.

I gave you an estimate.

Use the original. Borns Tech has it.

We haven't found it yet in the discovery, but we will.

I can't even look at this.

I cannot... This offends me.

Mm. I'm sorry.

What do you want me to say?

You're sorry.

Sorry doesn't feed the cat!

The... Okay.

I'm an engineer.

Precision counts.

Milos: Yo! Yo!


Why would you do that?

No. Don't do that.


Put him down. Put down.

What the f*ck is going on? Put him down!

Get his big ass out of here!


What the f*ck is wrong with you people?

Shut your f*cking mouth.

What did you do, Ned?


Yeah. What did you do?

I am through with this, okay?


I'm not cut out for this.

I will not testify. I will not be any part of this.

Oh, you are f*cking...

I'm calling the police.

Really? Call the police.

You better call a f*cking ambulance, too.

What is wrong with you?

What's wrong with you?

You... All you have to do is be seen.

That's it. Not to be heard.

Not to talk to anybody.

And don't touch anybody. You're not a bouncer.

God, you breathing. It's like...

You want me to stop breathing?

It's very distracting.

I mean, look, Ned, you just don't need to get so wound up, okay?

I mean...

I'm sorry. I just...

I get it. I really do.

I'm sorry about all that.

It's just we need you.

You're on our team, we're on yours.

So just, you know, relax. Don't worry about it.

You're gonna do great.

I guarantee you're going to be the smartest guy in the room.

For Christ's sakes, you're a rocket scientist.

Yes. I am.

There's not a damn thing they can trip you up with when it comes to science, okay?

So they're going to try to hit you with other stuff, like, you know, why did you get fired, uh, your motive for lying, your mental situation.

That was caused by them.

Absolutely. Right. I get it. I get it.

But look, a deposition's not rocket science.

There's a way to deal with them.

You know? There's really five simple rules.

When they ask you a question, if you don't understand it, just ask them to repeat it.

All right.

Then 2, if they mention a document, just ask for it. Tell them you want to see it.

Right. I want to see it.

Yeah. Even if you already know what they're talking about, it fucks their rhythm up.

That's what happens, yeah.

3, you should answer with as few words as possible.

One is best if you can.

Keep it brief.



4, if I object to something, don't say a f*cking word until I say so.


Keep it quiet.


And 5, uh, about every hour or so, ask them if you can take a piss because that way you and I can talk with each other.


Brittany: You're gonna be great.

Just make sure you look at Billy whenever they're asking you a question.

And don't look at them.

Do you think maybe she could join us?

Will she be there?

No, she's not...

Oh, I can't.

I... There's something I got to do.

We can meet up later if you want.

Oh. Uh...

Yeah. If your deposition goes well.




[clicker clicks]



Our investigators do fine work.

Leonard Letts is reviewing this now.

Don't use it till you have to.

We might need it for trial.



Lucy Kittridge will do the questioning today.

Excuse me?

I think it's best, and it's the way of nature.

Generation upon generation, the young replace the old.


Are you sleeping with her?

What an odd question.

I hope you're not creating... a hostile workplace for her.


She's your subordinate.

You're her supervisor.

You and I had a prior relationship.

To mistreat the poor woman out of jealousy...

Don't flatter yourself, Donald.

What you and I did...

I would hardly call a relationship.

Diverting though it was.

You were an enthusiastic participant, if I recall, not to mention the instigator.

I could sue you for sexual harassment and age discrimination based on this conversation alone.

This self-same conversation would support Lucy's countersuit...

Workplace bias... Against you.

How lucky she is to have you to look out for her.

The deposition's in less than an hour.

I guess I'll go tell her she's doing it.

She knows.

Ned Berring was a design engineer for several weapons systems.

His only overlap with the Larson team was on the XP200 program.

What is that, exactly?

It doesn't matter at all, actually.

It has nothing to do with what happened to Larson.

Are we sure about that?

Yes, I'm sure. So is Donald.

Ned Berring can only say that what Larson and his team was working on should have never been by the ocean.

And as for why it was by the ocean, we can blame Larson for that.


Alan, did you prepare this notebook?

Uh, yes.

That's not red.

I don't know what color that is, but it's not what I asked for.

And you've got questions 35 through 42 in the Redirect section when I asked for them in Direct.

[sigh] Sorry.

I don't accept that.

If you can't take constructive criticism...

Hey, guys.

On mistakes that you've made...

Excuse me. Excuse me. Enough.

Could you excuse us for a moment, please?

No. The deposition starts in an hour...

Thank you, please.

We don't have time.

Just a moment. Thank you.

This was my meeting.

Why don't we know anything about the weapons system that Ryan Larson worked on?

Because it's classified above our top secret level.

And have you called Borns Tech to ask them to up our classification status to find out?

Donald doesn't feel that it's necessary, and it's not necessary.

The other team doesn't know what the system is, either.

It's a double blind.

That's not uncommon for patent cases in this kind of defense contractor litigation.

And you know this because you've worked on so many of them.

[derisive laughter]

Are you really trying to unnerve me now before I go in for, like, the biggest deposition of my life?

Lucy, are you sleeping with Donald Cooperman?

That is none of your business.

Actually, it's none of your f*cking business.


I don't need advice, nor do I need to be judged, by a woman whose entire career is based on who she married.

Good luck at the deposition.



They're all such f*ckers, every single one of them.

I would rake her face off if I could.

And Cooperman's, too.

I mean, at least, what's left of it.


You can't blame her. It's not her fault.

She's young and ambitious and stupid, just like we were.

I was never stupid.

Of course not.

We don't need to stay here.

We're not chained here.

We could leave.

We just stay here and put up with this shit for the money.


Just like Leonard Letts stays at Borns Tech.

Oh, please. No one ever died because Donald f*cked them.

And don't kid yourself.

Lucy knows exactly what she's doing.

You know who I really hate, though, right?

You do.




You're g*dd*mn right Billy.


He's the one that started all of this with that g*dd*mn Larson case.

Will you stop?

Well, you... You can defend him and do all your usual bullshit, like you always do, but you know what?


I'm right. You just refuse to see it.


What do you want from me, Callie?


This isn't just you venting.

What's your agenda here?

Us. Us.

Forget starting our own firm.

I just... I would like to see what you and I could be without your ex-husband always showing up.

♪ Are you close to mine? ♪
♪ Or could you blow my mind? ♪
♪ 'cause the heat is up already passed over time ♪
♪ Well, I'm here to say I got a better way ♪
♪ Nothing brings me down with how I feel today ♪
♪ Hey, I'm feelin' good like you know I should ♪

Patty: God damn it.

Milos: Here you go, boss.

Patty: Go.

Ned: All right.

♪ Got the pressure beat ♪
♪ Yeah ♪

Hello again.

I've already told them that you're here.

I know that, and I appreciate it, but you see, I know these people.

I know the games they play, and they're making us wait for no reason, and it's bush league bullshit.

[low voice] Don't worry about it.

I just want my witness to think I'm a tough guy.

Can I use your restroom?

It's two floors down to the right on the elevator.

Uh-uh. No. I built this place.

There's a bathroom right there around the corner.

So I can either shit on the floor here or use that one.

You're not authorized to be back here, Mr. McBride.

Oh, hey, Nicole. How you doing?

I thought the bleeding ulcers would have got you by now.

I'll call security if you don't go back to reception.

Man: I'm afraid it's a matter of...

Oh, honey.

I thought we were pals.

Oh, by the way, you know, I have a hall pass.

Is that... Actually, it's a subpoena... [chuckle]...

For you to testify.

I'm going to depose you about Donald Cooperman's relationship to Gina Larson and Borns Tech, folks like that.

Give Donnie a kiss on the cheek, then go wash your mouth out with kerosene...

For your own good, of course.

I think I might have hit your car.

I am so, so sorry.

I was rushing to get to an interview, and I came too close.

Don't worry about it.

Oh. Really?

It's nothing.

You're so sweet.

I so can't be late for this interview.

I also didn't want to flee the scene of an accident or anything.

Hey, I mean, that's why the city carries insurance.

I actually think that scratch was there from before.




Okay, well, I'd better go, then.

I really need this job.

Hey, uh, what do you do?

Fire the receptionist who let him past her.

He's aged, don't you think?

I forget, did you actually work with him?

No, sir. Absolutely not.

I was here, but I never had anything to do with him.

Mm. Not a fan.

So many were.

How they loved darling Billy.

You should have refused service.

Yes, sir. Sorry.

Consider the subpoena quashed.

Raise your right hand.

I, Ned Berring, swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God.

I swear.

Sign here.

Lucy: Good morning.


For the record, I'm Lucy Kittridge, et Al, representing Borns Technologies.

The witness having been sworn, I will now administer the customary admonitions and...


Warnings... Sorry?

Well, he just now swore to tell the truth.

You didn't hear that?

I heard him.

I have to warn him what happens if he lies.

Move to strike. What is this?

The man just swore to tell the truth.

Now you're warning him not to lie.

That's argumentative. If you keep it up, I'll ask for sanctions.

Please state your name for the record.


For what?

Asked and answered when he took the oath.

You got to listen better.

You're being obstructionist.

I'm being what?

You heard me.

Is this your first deposition?

Leonard, are you hearing this?

I swear to God, it sounds like she's reading off a practice script or something.

Mr. McBride, I suffer from a protected condition under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Accommodation for my condition includes the memorization of certain written prompts.

That you would object to and even mock my condition and accommodation is actionable and reprehensible discrimination on your part.


May I proceed?


Thank you.

Let the record reflect that the witness has previously identified himself as Ned Berring. Now, then...

Hold on. I'd like to administer my admonitions and warnings now.

Are you kidding?

Is that a legal objection?

You objected when I tried to administer my admonitions and warnings.

For the record, I want every lawyer and witness on your side to understand their separate legal obligations to come forward with any information that a crime or crimes have been committed.

Mr. McBride, to what are you referring?


Uh, since 2002, it's a federal crime for, uh, for corporate officers or lawyers not to blow the whistle pursuant to...

Objection. Move to strike as irrelevant, argumentative, assumes facts not yet in evidence, and misstates the law.

And, for the record, who is this person?

This person. Uh, I'm Patty Solis-Papagian, attorney at law.

That's who this person is.


May I proceed?


I wish to hell you would.

I'd like to get out of here at some point.

Mr. Berring, in your affidavit, you swear that you were an employee of Borns Technology.


And while you were...

May I use the restroom?

Billy: Take a break?

Unless you're done.

Then we can just get the hell out of here.

Unless you have some relevant questions.

I'm far from done, Mr. McBride. I'm just getting started.

Take over.

Not my show, Leonard.


Excuse me.

Donald Cooperman isn't here anymore.

Callie Senate will continue the questioning from here on out.


Bringing in the grizzled veteran to bail out the rookie? It's about time.

Mr. Berring, I read your affidavit.

You claim that Ryan Larson was working on a highly classified weapons system?

That is correct.

To which I ask so what?

Ryan Larson was working on something?


He was paid to work on things.

He k*lled himself.

What does one thing have to do with the other?


But Mr. Larson died in an expl*si*n on a boat that was caused by the w*apon that he was working on, so...

Do you know that?

Or did Mr. McBride tell you that?

I wasn't personally there when it happened, so...

Even if he did use what he was working on to k*ll himself, do you think Borns Tech should be held responsible?

Borns Tech was supposed to keep those weapons away from any inhabited areas, navigable waters, especially the ocean, which they didn't do, obviously.

Or Ryan stole what he was working on without Borns Tech's knowledge.

That doesn't matter.

Borns Tech had a legal duty to keep things safe.

You're not a lawyer, are you?

[scoff] I'm not a lawyer.

You're a scientist.

Possibly a brilliant one.

Wouldn't you agree?

I mean...

There's a lot of smart people at Borns Tech.

That's very kind of you to say, especially since they fired you.

A lot of us were victims of the economic downturn.

Do you have a laptop?

Of course.

I got to take a leak.

I'm about to piss my pants.

You're going to have to hold it.


What the f*ck is this?

Mr. Berring, has anyone else had access to your laptop in the last, say, six months?



What are you doing?

Move to strike. Improper objection.


That's for the judge to decide.

We're allowed to make our record.

We mark as defense exhibits 1 through 3...

Still photographs of a homemade video of sexual content.

The woman on top, who is that?

That's... my ex-girlfriend.

Hey, turn that f*cking thing off.

And I presume that's you on the bottom.

Don't answer that.

Okay, we're done here.

We're going to take this up to the judge.

No. I'm going to finish my questioning, and you can move to suppress it at trial, if we get to trial, which we won't.

I'm going to sue your ass for invading this guy's privacy.

However you got that video, you broke the g*dd*mn law.

He made it public.

He has every right to do that.

Not for revenge.

Mr. Berring, you posted that video online, didn't you?

Didn't you, sir?

For the record, I'm going to need a yes or a no answer.

Did you post that video online as a means of getting revenge against your ex-girlfriend?


So you know, then, I assume, that you could be sent to prison for having posted revenge porn, and that if you testify in this case, the jury will be made aware of your disgusting actions.

Yes. Yes.

To be clear, you also posted a caption that went along with the video.

No. No.

Did you not?

One second. That... That was a mistake.

And what did that caption say?

Honestly, I don't remember.

Oh. Well, here.

Maybe this could help refresh your memory.

Is that the caption?

I believe that's the caption.

What does it say, sir?

"Tastes like chicken."

She broke up with me. I was angry, okay?

[panting] She's lucky I went out with her in the first place.

I'm sure she feels lucky, Ned.

Just... It wasn't a crime when I posted it.

Am I going to go to jail?

You should. You should go to f*cking jail.

I mean, what are we going to do now?

Ah, God, I can't go to jail!

Come on, Hey. Everybody... Everybody has a bad day.

You're just having a little no day.

It's going to be okay. Would you pick him up?

God damn.

Patty: Wow.


Come on. Let's go. Up.

Promise me you won't show that tape to the police.

You're the one who put it out there!

What the f*ck are you talking about?

I meant from the police!



Promise me. I can't go to jail.

No, no. You're not going to jail, buddy.

We're going to go back upstairs, and we're gonna finish this thing.

It's gonna be okay. All right? Come on.

We're with you. Let's go.

Oh, God damn it.


In light of the witness' inability to continue, we will suspend the deposition and seek court sanctions, including the striking of the witness' testimony.

We oppose.


Shall we call it a day?


Billy, a word?

Tough day for you.

Not entirely.

This is for you.

Restraining order.

It was Michelle's idea to serve it privately.

She insisted.

God is she weak when it comes to you.

Why do I get the feeling that the actual restraining order might have been your idea?

I might have suggested it as a friend and a colleague.

Is that what they call it these days?


What kind of man spies on a woman he cheated on, humiliated, and divorced?

Not a good man.

Is this about your love of Michelle, or is it about f*cking with me?


f*cking Michelle and you seems like a win-win to me.

Bye, Billy.

See you real soon, Callie.

I mean, there's no way she can keep me away from my own house.

It's not your house anymore, Dad.

My name's still on the title.

And you're in it.

Restraining order didn't say anything about you.

She is so pissed off.

I've never seen her so mad. What did you do?


That's a lie.

I could ask her.

She wouldn't tell me.

I'll lie and say that you already told me and said it was her fault.

Whatever it is, she'll believe it, and she'll be so pissed off at you that she'll tell me herself.

That how it works?

Yeah, easily.

I kind of invaded your mom's space when she was entertaining a friend, that's all.

Who? Mom doesn't date.

So when you say she was entertaining a friend, she doesn't have any, other than Aunt Callie.

Just forget I said anything, okay?

Try to get her to drop the damn restraining order.

I don't take sides.

You wouldn't want me to.

I wish I'd never taught you anything.

I guess I was technically in the house, wasn't I?

Better get the f*ck out of here.

Take care of yourself.

Hey, what's up, baby? How you doing?

Come here. What are you doing?

I swear to you, Lady. I don't have anything right now.

I don't have anything. It's just my hand.

All right?


Sorry. It's happy hour.

I'll see if I can find you something.


♪♪ [country rock]

You said it went bad, but Jesus, Billy, this is horrible.


I mean, "Tastes like chicken"?

I'm just impressed he had a girlfriend.

Well, good luck with the jury.

Do you have anything for me at all?

Anything that's not depressing?

The cop who beat you up, he knows something.


Oh. Wait.

Marva told me to give this to you.

Shit. Uh, she found it in the discovery under Ryan Larson Personal.

That's his su1c1de letter, right?

So Borns Tech said that they found this letter in Ryan's office desk.

It's just like the one I found in his desk at home.


Okay, so now you're saying he, uh, did k*ll himself.

But there's different stuff in them.

Like, there's a line that's different in the handwritten one that's not even in the Borns Tech one.

It says "Jason"... Right down here...

Uh, "Jason, don't forget to dig up our time capsule this summer."

You know anything about that, Jason?

Uh, when I was in sixth grade, uh, back when I was a kid, I, uh, had to do a school project, and, uh, I had to bury a family time capsule.

But I'm not supposed to dig it up till I'm 21.

There's a beer in it.

Jason: We had a lot of stuff in there...

Um, newspapers... pictures of the family, coins, stamps, some predictions.


Father Anan came over last night.

Did you know that?

No, I didn't.

I thought he wanted to check up on Jason, but he wanted to talk to me...

To confess, he said.

Ryan didn't k*ll himself.

Father Anan didn't say anything because... to me because I...

Was so sure he had.

[digging continues]

Look, the good news is it's not too late to help us figure out what happened.

I mean, you're going to have to testify one way or another, right?

So why not do it as part of our team?


Jason: We got to be getting closer.

I don't remember burying it this deep.

Were you actually there when your dad sealed the box?

You watched him close it?

Um, yeah, I think so.

I mean, we had a whole pile of stuff, and...

We didn't have the right box.

So my dad took it to work, and he said he had a perfect container for it, waterproof and everything.

Um, plus, the lab had a sealant for it.

So then it's possible that, uh, there can be stuff in there that you didn't see, that you don't know about, right?

Yeah, I guess.

Why don't you go on in the house?

I'll take it from here.

Are you sure?

There's no sense in you digging this mess up.

I'll do it. Just go on inside.


Should we get it X-rayed or something before we open it?

It's his own kid's time capsule.

It's not like it's going to blow up.

Well, what if he put some of whatever he was working on in there?

Why would he do that?

To prove that it was bad or something?

I don't know. You're the one who said he was covering his ass.

Actually, you're not wrong.

About what?

About not opening it up.

I mean, say there's something good for us in there.

We could have a chain of custody problem, say we planted it.


Okay, so... so what do we do?

[clicker clicks]


Why didn't you tell me about the sex video?


You made me the first chair in the case, didn't you?

Why didn't you tell me about the main piece of evidence?

That doesn't make any sense.

You know, I expect to be screwed over from everybody else, but I really don't see it coming from my own team.


I don't know what that means.

Would you come here?

Would you sit?

Would you please... sit?

Maybe... it's a mistake to have me on this case.


I'm not ready.

You did fine.

He f*cked with me, and...

I have to... do better.

You did fine.

It's so perfect.

It's like a piece of porcelain.

People tend to draw moral conclusions, judgments about... burn victims.

I'm thought of as a monster.

Do you see me as a monster?



Tell me about your brother.

What do you know about my brother?

Tell me.


We close in a half an hour.

Okay. I won't be long.

All right.

Oh. Here you go.


Your boyfriend doesn't return my calls anymore.

Why is that?

Who are you?

Who am I?

Your boyfriend knows who I am.

Have him call me.

I don't have a boyfriend.

No? You don't have a boyfriend?

So you're just f*cking Donald Cooperman, then?

How's that working out for you?

Tell him to answer my calls.

There you go, Ned.

My God.

Where did you get that?

Larson buried it by his house, and I dug it up.

There's a note with it that said that this thing is what he was working on at Borns Tech.

No shit. This?

He was working on this?

That's what it said.

Isn't this what we drew the diagram for?


Decidedly, absolutely not.

So you lied again.


Why do you bring her?

Patty: Because it's her case, and you're f*cking it up.

Hey, did you happen to tell Brittany about what happened?

About the tape?

Of course not. There's no reason to.

Now, Ryan didn't work on this, then.

No. Listen to me.

This abomination is not what Ryan's team was working on.

Or at least it wasn't what they said they were working on.

Then what is it?

This... is a w*r crime.

And anybody who worked on this is a w*r criminal.

And if Borns Tech really did work on this, then Borns Tech are f*cking monsters, and they will k*ll you before they let you prove it.

Billy: Yeah, the girl was a Methodist, so I used to go to church with her all the time because I'd spend the weekend with her family.

Father Anan: Yeah.

It always looked like a Catholic church to me.

Mr. McBride...

The stained glass windows, I guess.

You did not come here to talk to me about your girlfriend.

So please.


Actually, I...

I came to tell you we got some good news.

Uh, we found a letter and, uh, some evidence that backs up our theory.

Larson was working on something real bad, and it k*lled him and a lot of other people, too.


Perhaps something good will come of your case after all.

Yeah, maybe.

I sure hope so.

But, uh, the bad news is we still have to prove it all.

I'd like to get you on the stand as a witness at trial.

You know, a good priest can carry the day.

I've been dismissed from the clerical state.

What do they think you did?

There are only five offenses that merit excommunication.

Telling you what Ryan Larson talked about in the confession is one of the five.

So that's it? You're done? You're not a priest anymore?

No. I'm always a priest.

Holy ordination is for life.

But I cannot serve as a priest.

I cannot receive Communion for my soul.

How can I offer it to others?

You have cost me everything I cherish and love, Mr. McBride.

I hope it is worth it.

I'm sorry, Father.

[receding footsteps]

[door opens]

[door closes]

So do we know exactly what it was that he found?

We know they were digging and unearthed something.

Maybe it was buried treasure.

♪♪ [man singing opera]

Donald, do I know all there is to know with respect for this case?

I don't know. Do you?

Th-That's not a f*cking answer.

I'm kind of getting sick of you talking to me in cryptic circles because that's what you do.


You sit in this g*dd*mn dark office all day long.

You keep me in the dark most of the time.


This is very f*cking weird relationship for a CEO and attorney to have.


And that. There. That.

That clicking bullshit.


What the f*ck is that about?


You answering people by clicking or doing whatever the f*ck you do.

Jesus Christ.

You sound stressed, Wendell.

Yeah, I'm g*dd*mn stressed.

Do you know what the irony of it is, though?

On paper...

I look like I'm the master of my own universe.

Pretty good f*cking universe, too.

But more than not, I'm a dude at the mercy of a dark man with a f*cking clicker.


And that's bat shit.

♪♪ [continues]

As is all this f*cking music that you pump in here.

This opera. Jesus Christ.

Maybe you should go away.

Get some R&R.

I hear Napa is very nice this time of year.

What did Billy McBride dig up?

I suspect he's dug up some dirt, Wendell.

Another non-f*cking-answer.

No. I gave you an answer.

I think what we'd better do is get very aggressive with our dispute resolution methodology.

♪♪ [continues]


[orchestra plays final notes]

[applause continues]
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