01x05 - Strange Bedfellows

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "sh**t the Messenger". Aired: October 10, 2016 to December 2016.*
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"sh**t the Messenger" centers on a young journalist, who is drawn into the criminal underworld when she witnesses an apparent g*ng-related m*rder, and becomes embroiled in a web of urban gangs, the political class, corporate power-brokers and the police.
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01x05 - Strange Bedfellows

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Previously on "sh**t the Messenger"...

(g*n pops)

You're personally involved in two m*rder that I'm investigating.

Well, can't we just talk?

We just did.

Thank you for stopping by, Detective.

Simon: Does your wife know you posted it online.

(Screaming, slap)

Okay. First of all I am not an alcoholic.

I like coke.

We're initiating an independent commission to investigate instances of suspected police misconduct and corruption.

Hassan: Look, this is what they k*lled Khaalid for.

You interested or not?

What do you want?

Fifty grand.

Christ. It's Sam Charles.

(Car rumbles up)

(Leaves rustle in the wind)

♪ ♪

(g*n pops)


Oh sh*t.

♪ ♪

(Door opens)

♪ ♪
♪ ♪
♪ ♪

(Shifts gear, rumbles off)

♪ ♪

Phil, what's more urgent than urgent?

Hardcastle: Judge Reeves called.

She wants to see you this morning. Privately.

She say what's it about?

No. She wasn't forthcoming.

Sounded pretty grim, actually.

Before lunch you've got fifteen. Sound good?

All right. Fine.

Sam Charles... Sam Charles?

Yesterday Judge Reeves was behind Khaalid's m*rder today it's the Attorney General?

I saw the two of them.

In a video. Having sex.

Trust me, Sam Charles is catnip for the women of this city.

I mean, my God, I even been charmed by him.


You're being played, Channing.

So give Hassan the money and see for yourself.

Old school I know, but I'm still getting used to buying the news.

I don't exactly have $50,000 tucked into my bosom.

Well, then we lose the story to someone who does.

Okay, what if Hassan will settle for less than fifty.

He's on the run...

Yeah, sure, he'd probably go for less.

(Laughs) What? So we're negotiating now?!

Right. Well, before I go above my pay grade I need to know a little bit more about this video.

Journalism 101, corroborate your story.

You didn't see it, right?


I didn't want to push it with Hassan, scare him off.


Let's get him on the phone.

(Phone buzzes)

(Bus rumbles)

He's not answering.

So he's not that desperate to collect his fifty grand.

Look, he's got some crass extortion scheme going and I'm not interested in lining his pockets.

Look, this isn't about bedrooms, it's about a d*ad kid.

With a name.

Khaalid Faaruq Suleman.

Don't you play the morality card with me, Daisy.

Do you think Sam Charles wants that video all over the front page?

She's right.

It's motive for k*lling Khaalid.

What? So Sam Charles is riding around with a g*n.

He didn't have to f*re the sh*t to be behind it.

I don't get it.

Why are you backing away from this?

Did I say don't investigate?

Prove me wrong.

Get me a second source.

Oh, and since Sam Charles is championing the Commission, cops are not a reliable second source, they'll tar him with any brush.

I've got the Lawson warrant, sir.

I'm gonna take it back to another judge.

No. No, no. I wanna check that myself.

We can't afford any more screw ups.

I was going over the new Ali transcriptions and the name 'Harry' keeps popping up.

Any connection to Lawson?

Don't know yet.

Okay. Well, Lawson's the catch.

If Harry is the bait, follow it down the line.

Got it.

Oh yeah. We-we, also we got a ballistics match on the Tasha Trotman sh**ting.

Simon: I hear what Mary's saying.

Sam Charles is a playboy.

But maybe all the women on his arm are well dressed beards...

Daisy: Maybe...

Hey, Simon. Check this out.

It's from Khaalid's photo stream.

Who's buddy with the good teeth?

I'd say they're more than buddies.

Well, at least this one's age appropriate.

Where'd you get these?

Blade searched the server, found the stream, cloned it onto my computer.

Did you got a name?


Hm. And 411 had a listing probably.

Blade's working the Geo-location of the sh*t.

Busy guy your Blade.

The thing is, the photos of GriffinX drop off right before Khaalid was k*lled.

Maybe GriffinX knows something we don't.

He could be our elusive second source.

Given the sensitivity of what you're up to, it might not be that smart to have all this in plain view.

Sure. We could use the w*r room.

Yeah. Please do.

♪ ♪

(Keys jingle)

(Unlock click)

(Lights click on)

By w*r room you mean... eww.

You've used this place before?

A couple times.

Mary too.


So let's decorate the place.

You're actually gonna use string?

I'm old fashioned like that.

Where do you want to start?

Hassan Ali.

Khaalif Suleman.

Known g*ng leader.

Associate of Hassan.

Khaalid, brother of Khaalif.

Khaalid connects to Sam Charles.

Possible blackmail target and m*rder.

And the good Judge...?

Sam Charles' anointed Head of the Police Corruption Commission.


The cuckold.

And the cuckolder.

"Oh, what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to deceive."

You know, everyone thinks that's Shakespeare, it's actually Walter Scott.

Are you trying to impress me with your arcane knowledge of English Lit?

Did it work?

(Small laugh)

Wait a minute.

Holy sh*t! I've seen this!

That lamp, it's in the video of Sam Charles and Khaalid.

Simon, it's the same room!

So Judge Reeves and Sam Charles in the same room, doing the dirty.

The dirty?

Yeah, getting busy.

It's gotta be some kind of sex club.

Oh. That's insane.

I would like to know where that was taken.

I bet the cuckold knows.

Yeah, my buddy, Glen McCallister.

Think you can get him to talk?

I don't know, but I'll shake his tree.

I'll follow up on "age appropriate".

(Lock unlocks, door buzzer buzzes)

(Door slams)

You again.

Thought that you should know that we got the k*ller of Tasha Trotman.

Matched the ballistics.


She's d*ad because you went after 5PM.

Blood for blood, right?

Well, guess what?

5PM didn't k*ll your brother.

That's right, Khaalif. You got it wrong.

If I were you, I'd sure be wondering who did k*ll Khaalid.

I'd lie awake asking what m*rder bastard took down my brother...

Or you could help me find this guy.

(Handcuffs jingle)

How does that work?

I ask you some simple questions. You answer them.

Like for example, I ask if you know a guy named Harry...

Seem like you might.

Who is Harry?

What'd he do to piss you off?

That p*ssy, he's the one you should be going after.


He tried to turn my brother against his own people with his sickness.

Heh, shoulda taken him out myself, raving and shouting like a jealous b*tch when Khaalid wouldn't buy any of his disgusting sh*t.

He sounds pretty crazy, all right.

Crazy enough to k*ll Khaalid?


Yeah. Could be.

Don't suppose you know how I can find him.

He's always bragging about how his father is some big assh*le with some kind of immunity.

You get him.

Get him for Khaalid.

Hey, I helped you out, right?

How about you, you, you know, put in a good word.

(Small chuckle)

How about this...

The b*llet we took out of nine-year-old, Tasha Trotman, we traced it.

It came from your g*n.

Don't bullshit me.

No bullshit.

You cleaned the g*n real well, but we found your print on the casing.

So as much as I appreciate the help, I got nothing.

(Door buzzes)

Susan, hello.

Get you some tea?


Something stronger?

This isn't a social visit, unfortunately.


Have a seat.

Sam, I'm resigning from the Commission.

You're not serious.

What's this about?

I'm afraid I've become a liability.

Susan, we've known each other very long time, nothing could be further from the truth.

You're b*llet proof.

Well, there's a dent in my personal armor.

If this is about your private life, it doesn't effect your work here.

Grow up for chrissakes, Sam.

Neither of us wants to put the Commission in that kind of jeopardy.

Which is exactly what you are doing.

If you abandon it right aft...

I'm sorry, I have to do this.

What the hell's happened?

I've prepared a statement.


Susan: Skeletons have a way of rattling at inconvenient times.

What are you saying?

You may wanna bury yours a little deeper, Sam, while you still can.

(Retreating footsteps)

(Door opens, then shuts)

You heard?

This is connected. It has to be.

Meet with him.

I can't.

We lost Hassan at the mosque.


But so did the cops.

I'm working on a phone trace. We'll find him.

Get it done!

We've been doing about this all wrong.

When we find him, give him whatever he wants.


We need to make this go away.

Male reporter: In breaking news Justice Susan Reeves...

Sam: This is totally bl*wing up in our faces.

I'm really sorry, Sam.

Who else have we vetted?

I like Peter Cavanagh.

Good connections. Great track record.

Yeah, Cavanagh's got all the cred on paper, but is he tough enough?

He was unnecessarily fair on the Donnelly judgment.

No. I agree.

We need a sharp mind but with the b*lls to shake things up.

Hey, what about that young Justice... Nicholas Rains.

He's worth considering.

He's young but I believe he's ready to sink his teeth into something.

Sounds like you know him.

I do. He plays tennis at my club most Saturdays.

Like I used to before my mornings were taken over.

(Both chuckle)

Sam, darling.

Nina! Hello.

Lovely to see you...

You too.

You look well.

You too, as always.

You know, the cottage renovation is finally done, ah, you won't believe how different the place feels.

You should drive up some weekend and spend time at the lake.

That sounds great but my time's pretty much, pretty much taken up these days.

Meet Chloe Channing.

Chloe, this is Nina Broadstone, an... old friend.

Hi, Nice to meet you.


Well, let me know if that changes, Sam.

Great to see you, Nina.

Well, you know, I wouldn't mind spending some time around the lake.

Oh yeah, maybe we should go tell her.

(Laughs) No.

(Phone chimes)

Everything all right?

Yeah, it's my mom.

I'll just call her later.

(Forced laugh)

Blade, you promised the geo-location yesterday.

Hey, you can't rush genius.

If you were really a genius this conversation wouldn't be happening.

But I've retrieved some pretty interesting stuff.


Khaalid's Quikpik account.

It's supposed to auto delete after 30 seconds, but what can I say, genius.

(Keys clack)

Holy sh*t.

Someone was threatening him.

Get me that geo-location, Blade.

Later. (He hangs up)

(Phone buzzes)

That was quick.

Margie: (over phone) Hello, Daisy.

Mother. Hello.

How are you?

I'm at work.

I know. I've seen your reporting, you're doing so well now...

Yeah, I-I can't talk right now.

Although, it all sounds very dangerous.

Is that what reporters do now, run around with criminals and...

I have to go, people are waiting.

(Daisy hangs up)

(Stressed sighs)

This Harry might have something to do with Khaalid's m*rder.

Jo: What you got?

Well, Harry's father's connected, might have some kind of immunity.

Jo: From what? Prosecution?

Witness protection?

Could be a government official, maybe a diplomat.

Elite circles.

I'll check it out.


Operations are in line with cost projection but...

(Car door slams)

The wall here...

And we're talking about magnitude...

(Muted chatter, truck engines rumble)

I'll get back to you.

I've got nothing to say to you, okay?

I just have one question.


Look, my paper could have run what is clearly a front page story, but if you want me to leave that's your call.

What do you want?

Where was the photo taken?

Why would I tell you that?

Okay, you're right, my paper probably wouldn't run the story.

It's too salacious.

But I hear Ruckus likes this kind of thing.

You wouldn't.

Why not?

Look, it was a party.

Among consenting adults.

What's the harm in that?

Where was it?


Eric Lawson's place.

His cottage in Simcoe.

Now leave me alone.

Hey, I am curious about one more thing. Why?

Why would you post the photo?

Your wife is a sitting Judge.

You know it would just humiliate her.

Humiliate her?

Look... you don't get it.

My wife is a magnificent woman.

Orlandio Spence was turned on by her.

Who wouldn't post?

People would see her turned on.

They'd see her satisfied.

Oh. Got it.

No. No, you don't get it.

Other men desire my wife.

But I'm the one who possesses her.

Thanks for your, your candor.

(Door slams, engine turns)

I got the sense that McCallister and Judge Reeves were not Lawson's only weekend guests.

He said "parties", plural.

Consenting adults.

It's not the first sex club we've ever heard of.

Yes, but Daisy thinks it may have be where the video of Khaalid and Charles was made.

Huh? That's interesting.

(Sighs) So Eric Lawson.

What are you up to?

You know he's a developer.

With a very big Rolodex.

Have a sniff around, see what you can find.

You know the way.

Yeah. Follow the money.


♪ ♪

(Door hisses open)

♪ ♪
(Girls giggle)

(Phone chimes)

(Keys tap)

(Door creaks shut)

No, no, no. No more bad news.

We got a trace on Hassan's phone.

He's in North Bay.

How the hell did he get that far?!

I don't know, but my guy's on top of it.

Oh! Really?

I'm sorry, Sam, it's my screw up.

Yeah! You g*dd*mn right it is!

(Object clatter)


I'm sorry.

Obviously the pressure is getting to me.

I shouldn't take it out on you...

I understand and I'll...

I'm gonna fix it, personally.

(Knock on door) See that you do.

(Door creaks open)

I've done more research on Judge Rains.

He really could be the wild card we're looking for.

Yeah, yeah.

Nicholas Rains, what do you think, Phil?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Rains will give the police chief something to chew on.

Why don't you go ahead and proceed with vetting him, Chloe.

Are you sure you don't want to do that yourself?

No. You can get the ball rolling.

I'm gonna be out of the office for a while.

Taking some personal days.

Okay. I'll get on it.

Thank you.

(Door creaks shut)

(Police radio chatter)

Hello, Detective.

You wanna explain that ridiculous grin on your face?

So this Harry... could he be, say, British?


British consul in town is one Harold Beauchamp the Second...

I thought maybe Harry might be number three.

He's the son of the British Consul?

Looks like.

Is he in the system?

Hello Harry.

Missing Persons Report. Filed by Daddy.

And check the date...

The same day Khaalid was k*lled.

You're right.

Another thing, his name popped up in a traffic stop couple of weeks ago.

Highway 400, Simcoe county.

Harry was a passenger.

Check out who was driving.

Hassan Ali.

Yeah, and check the make.


Who's the cop that made the stop?

Uh, Constable Daniluk. You want me to run that down?

Nah, can't leaved you with all the fun.


(Playful laughter, shouting in the distance)

Anthony: Hey.

Anthony. Thanks for coming.

Oh, you're welcome.

Any excuse to take a bike ride down to the lake...


My guess it has something to do with work?

So what's going on?

I slept with Simon.

My coworker.

And that was good? Or not?

(Daisy sighs)

I knew what I was doing.

He's engaged so it felt safe.

But today we were working and...

(Deep exhale) I am really attracted to him.

But he's in a committed relationship.

Wow, I am just like my mother, aren't I?

Well... Whoa. Where'd that come from?

She called. This afternoon.

Yeah. And that's when you called me...

Well, you got history, but these are your decisions that you're making.

You can't use your mom as a crutch to excuse these choices.

So, I just naturally suck?

(Stammers) Well...

You slept with a co-worker because he was safe.

So what does that say?

That I'm messed up.

Where is-where is Lutz in all of this, huh?


He broke up with me.

It was too complicated.

Okay, so you have one guy that's safe, and one that's complicated.

I guess.


I miss him... Lutz.


I really liked him.

Well, so maybe Simon is just a way to distract yourself from the way you really feel.

Lutz is a good guy, but he's a cop - he'll hate me when he finds out about my past.

How close I am to using, every day.

Yeah. But you don't.

Daisy, you can't keep t locked up inside.

Or you'll just reach for the bottle, or pills...

Simon, whatever...

You just have to get honest with someone.

Tell me you're joking, Chloe.

Oh, hello to you too.

Dad wants her there so I'm gonna go along with it.

I think it's a bit masochistic, but...

We haven't heard from her in months.

Not since she moved in with her boyfriend.

Well, it's his party. It's his guest list.

Then why not bring her boyfriend, you know, make it a real party.

God, Daisy, you really have to get over this thing you have about Mom.

Truth is she's been in touch, she just can't deal with your anger.

My anger.

(Scoff) Wow!

I don't even talk to the woman.

But she has you to hold her hand, right?

Okay fine, you know what? I should get back to work.

Chlo, I'm sorry. I...

Please, stay.

It's tough for me too, you know.

Yeah, I know.

Let's not talk about Mom.

How's work?

Exciting. Strange.

Hardcastle is just handing stuff over to me now.

I'm vetting judges.

That's great.


And Sam?



What do you mean?

I don't know, he's just really into... us lately.

Ha. But... how well do you know him?

I work for him. I see him every day.

Of course, but... you know, there's all the rumors, well, more than rumors, you know.

His reputation is...

That he's a ladies' man, yeah, I'm well aware. Thanks.

So maybe you should slow it down.

Excuse me?

Look, I'm just concerned for my little sister.

Really? You're giving me advice now?

Chloe... (Exhales) there might be things about him you don't know.

He's older, he's more mature, and let's face it, you haven't dated all that much.

Yeah, you know what, I really do have to get back to work.


Business editor: Eric Lawson?

Yeah. What can you tell me about him?

Heh. Ambitious.


Mid-level player who's climbed fast.

He's a staked a lot on a very big development.


A super-jail.


Yeah, using a US style model for business.

You build it, then you operate it.

Big money.

You need a lot of capital for something like that About 500 million worth.

But the word is the deal's stalled.

They secured the land over a year ago, but no shovels h*t the ground.

(Car rumbles up)

(Crow caws)

(Door slams)

(Rake scrapes)

(Approaching footsteps)

May I help you?

Detective Lutz.

I'm looking to talk to Harry Beauchamp.

It's actually pronounced Bee-cham, Detective.



The English have always rather enjoyed annexing things from the French.

I take it you're his father.

Yes. Consul Harold Beauchamp.

Uh, what is this concerning?

15 Greywood Place?

You sure this is right, Blade?

Okay, thanks.

(Beeps phone off)

I'm following an inquiry and your son's name came up.

I need to ask him a couple of questions.

What kind of inquiry?

Harry around?

Detective, we are not accustomed to visits from the police.

Well, that's-that's strange because according to our records, you filed a missing person's report on your son.

Ah. My son occasionally forgets to tell me where he is.

And as a concerned father, I sometimes overreact.

As a concerned father, how do you feel about Harry owning a g*n?

He was stopped on the 400 and charged with a "conceal carry".

But someone made those charges go away.

Detective, unless there is some evidence connecting my son to something specific, I think perhaps it's time for you to go.

(Rake scrapes)

Beautiful day, huh?

That's for sure, miss.

Bet you could use a cold one when you're finished.

No doubt, miss.

That should cover the bar bill.

Cheers for that.

Who's this kid?

Oh, that's Harry, miss.

He's the son of the consul.

He around?

I don't know.

Uh, maybe Woodgate, rehab.

It's just rumors though.

Detective Lutz.

Daisy Channing.

Seems like we're chasing down the same lead.

We should talk.


You're not leaving this alone, are you?

Come on, what do you think?

It's been a while, Daisy.

Yeah, it has.

So what's newsworthy at the British Consul?

There's a kid all over Khaalid's photo stream.

Uh, let me guess, Harry Beauchamp.

Hmm. Looks to me like they were close.

Oh yeah? That kind of close, huh?

Uh huh.

So, why the interest in young Harry?

Ah, let's just say a little chat would be useful, but his father is being a little vague.

Really, that's too bad.

For all I know the kid's probably out of the country in a diplomatic bag.

Looks like you talked to the wrong person.

Next time maybe try the hired help.

The goddamned gardener.

Sometimes the job needs an amateur.

All right, all right, I deserve that.

So what'd he give you?

What? You're gonna hold back on me?



Harry's been packed off to rehab.

(Front door opens) So where?

A place near Woodgate.

Nice and secluded, with a good track record.

You ready for a ride, Daisy Channing?

What? To Woodgate?

Why not?

So... are we working together?

You would have gone anyway.

Okay. Let's go to Woodgate.

Let's go.

♪ ♪

(Traffic whirs, cars honk, sirens wail in the distance)

Simon: Yeah, it's a zoning application.

Maybe try the land registry office.


Navigating that place is a special circle of hell.

I hear you.

Here. Leave me your info, I'll see what I can do. No promises.

Appreciate it.

(Elevator dings)

(Phone dials)

Can I speak to Mister Eric Lawson please?

Daisy: You got anything else on our friend Harry?

May have.

Oh, so who's holding back now?

Early hours about two weeks ago, he was in a Mercedes heading south on the 400.

Hassan Ali was driving.


Maybe Hassan's how Harry met Khaalid.

Oh, it gets a lot more interesting.

According to Constable Daniluk, Harry was carrying.

A g*n? sh*t.

Lutz, this wasn't just boyhood crush stuff between him and Khaalid.

Harry was sending some pretty threatening messages.

How threatening?

"You pushed me too far".

With these graphic images.

Harry's father reported him missing the day Khaalid was k*lled.

God. Maybe he's the sh**t.

Why aren't you a cop, Daisy Channing? Hmm.


I miss you too.

Ah, you do, huh?


(Both chuckle)


Yeah, me too. I miss you too.

So what's your lawyer saying?

Not much.

They got me this time.

So now there's only you.

You have to look after Hooyo now.

There's some cash. I want you to have it.

I don't want your blood money.

Don't be dumb.

Money is money.

One more thing you need to do.

Stay away from Hassan Ali.


I know you never got over him.

He's in trouble thanks to you.

You got him dealing again.

Hey, he came to me like that.

He's dangerous.

The people around him are dangerous.

So promise me you'll stay away.

Swear, Xannan.

Swear on our family.

I'll put some money in your commissary.

(Door buzzer buzzes)

(Car rumbles up)

Looks like we're gonna have to wake young Harry.

You know, maybe this isn't a good idea, Lutz.


Well, he'll have just had his meds so he won't be very helpful.

And the night staff won't appreciate the visit.

Oh yeah, let's go find out.

We should-we should wait til morning.

What's up? What's going on, Daisy?

After breakfast he'll have group.

Then there'll be an hour of recreation before lunch.

That's the best time to get him on his own.

You seem to know a lot about this place.

It's because you've been in there?

Somewhere similar.

Not as upscale.

(Relieved exhale)


Three years ago.

For what?

Pot... oxy... vikes, but mostly coke.

(Sighs) Jesus.

That's how you know Hassan. He was your drug dealer.

No, we did the program together.

(Scoffs in disbelieve) Damn.



Yeah, so now you know.

This is me.

f*cked up, right?

Hey, hey. Hey, Daisy!

Daisy, you don't just get to drop this sh*t and just walk away, all right.

Close the door.

Close the door, Daisy.

Fine, you want the whole truth?

That would be good.

It started when I was thirteen, not feeling right in my own skin.

The pot worked for a while. The coke was better.

I mean, the hype's totally right it makes the pain go away.

What caused the pain?

What difference does it make?

Everyone's got issues.

Not everyone gets addicted.

Why now? Why-why are you telling me this now?


Because I think it's time that I got honest with myself.

Whatever began the whole thing, it got to where it wasn't about getting high but about not sinking.

I couldn't stop.

My sister got me into program after program until one finally stuck.

(Lutz exhales)

That was three years ago.

Well, that explains a lot.


I mean, with-with all this crap with the case.

This cannot be good for your recovery.

Truth is it's... it's been tough.

But I don't want to fail.

And I'm not giving up without a fight or I'll never have a normal life.

I get that.

(Exhales) I get that.

So what do you want to do?

(Pensive sigh)

Simon: (Frustrated exhale)

So, Lawson's rezoning application for the super-jail, guess who's one of the signatories?

Glen McCallister...

Mary: Mr. Judge Reeves.

In a project this big, Lawson needs a lender...

At McCallister's bank.

And equity partners.

Huh, interesting.

How does that work?

Well, he puts up the cash, and then once the jail's built, payment comes back from the Feds and Province in what the suits call a cash-flow waterfall.

Golden showers.

Pretty much.

But the Province is stalling on the permits.

If the deal falls through, the banks and investors are gonna want their pound of flesh.

Meaning Lawson's on the hook for 90 million.

God, he must be sweating b*ll*ts.

Guess who's stalling it?

Attorney General Sam Charles.

Hmm. The entire deal is in his hands.

Where is Daisy anyway.

If this thing is real, she's got one helluva story.

(Car rumbles)

(Floorboards creak)

Good night, Lutz.

Good night.

I'm glad we talked.


(Keys jingle)

(Doors unlock and creak open)

(Doors shut)
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