01x08 - Full Circle

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "sh**t the Messenger". Aired: October 10, 2016 to December 2016.*
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"sh**t the Messenger" centers on a young journalist, who is drawn into the criminal underworld when she witnesses an apparent g*ng-related m*rder, and becomes embroiled in a web of urban gangs, the political class, corporate power-brokers and the police.
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01x08 - Full Circle

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Previously on "sh**t the Messenger"...

This all started because of you.

It started because of Hassan.

Because he trusted me.

Lutz: Philip Hardcastle you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit m*rder.

Do you understand the charges against you?

I don't want nothing to do with Hassan's money.

What are you talking about?

50G's is a lot to ask for a grainy video.

Even if it's the AG with some boy.

Some boy who's my friend.

Who got k*lled because of this video.

This is about a d*ad teenager who was sleeping with your boyfriend, on a video that I saw.

Got a little drunk and we made out.

I wanna know why the esteemed Attorney General's lawyer is threatening to sue my paper?

We've just been served with an injunction preventing us from printing the Sam Charles story.

I announced funding for the superjail, I did what he asked.

Oh, I work for uh, for a higher power than Lawson.

The Zuccatos.

Give me that phone!

Do you have any idea how many people d*ed for this thing?

Oof! Aggh! [Grunts With Effort]

[Engine Idles]

[Quietly] What have I done?

Oh God.



Marty: With all due respect Mr. Reede, I doubt this injunction will hold up in court.

Every judge in the province works for Sam Charles.

This is clearly...

Marty, Justice Dickerson presides in federal court, it's outside of my client's jurisdiction.

I see no issues of conflict here.

This can't be happening.

Now, this injunction allows me to examine every single document, file, email, electronic device, that relates to your story, in order to determine whether Sam Charles is even alluded to.

Whatever you have, it will be barred from publication.

Is this thing solid, Marty?

It is.

And of course, Hal, your team will assist with the inventory.

We'll cooperate, Lewis, but they've done their due diligence, there are no grounds for libel.

You're letting them do this?

All right, Hal.

We'll go along with this.

We'll give the Attorney General a chance to respond to the facts of the story.

But you're only delaying the inevitable.

Spoiler alert: We will publish this story.

Okay, folks, you know what we're up against.

And while they might delay the journalistic process, it doesn't mean we stop.

So we'll double check. Triple check.

Find new sources.

By the time we're through, we'll know more about Sam Charles than he knows himself.

Thank you.

Reede: I should warn all of you right now that nothing in this building leaves while we conduct the review. All right? Nothing.

We should go.

How toxic does your client want this?

The court of public opinion is pretty harsh when it comes to politicians hiding behind bullshit loopholes!

How will they know?

The injunction forbids reporting on the injunction itself.

It's kinda tidy that way.

You assho...

Channing! What part of leave, now don't you understand?

I'm gonna need a complete chronology of the events, time line, that sort of thing.

God, he'll get away with it.

This is temporary. Come on!

Simon. We need someone close to the story, with a cool head, to assist Mr. Reede on the time line.

I need you tell me everything that's happened so far that pertains to Sam Charles.

Well, it started when Daisy made a mistake in identifying the victim in the Suleman m*rder story...

One that was... brought the paper attention...


[Phone Rings]


Jim, I have something on Sam Charles I wanna give you.

[Traffic Whirs]

[Door Opens, Then Slams]

[Rod Whooshes Through The Air And Clunks]


[Screen Shatters]


[Big Splash]

[Footsteps Crunch]

[Door Squeaks Open]

[Crickets Chirp]

[Door Opens, Lights Click On]

[Shuts Door, Lock Clicks]

[Mail Thuds Lightly, Keys Jingle]


[Low Hum Of Chatter]

Lutz: Philip Andrew Hardcastle.

Says here you're a decorated m*llitary hero.

Bosnia, working with JTF2...

This is a heartwarming stroll down memory lane, Detective Lutz, but can you enlighten me as to why I'm here?

What were you doing at the top of the bluffs yesterday afternoon?

I'm sorry, what exactly are you referring to?

You were seen on a plateau in Bluffer's Park at approximately 12:20pm.

These photographs were taken by a traffic camera.

Placing you there roughly the same time Hassan Ali was pushed to his death.


What earthly reason would I have for pushing this Ali fellow off anything? I don't know the man.

Are you sure you don't know him, sir?

I'm drawing a blank.

[Knock On Door]


Officer: Got that statement you wanted.


Mr. Hardcastle?

Do you recognize the name Suresh Mukherjee?

Either a tennis player from the mid 90's or an obscure Bollywood director.

[Lutz Chuckles]

I'd have to Google that.

No need.

How about Jazz Wireless?

This is where'd you tell us why you paid Mr. Mukherjee two hundred dollars for him to give you the phone number of this Hassan Ali you "don't know."

Seems he saw the news story about Hassan's untimely death and felt immediately remorseful.

And being a devout Jiainist...

I believe it's pronounced Jainist... they practice non-v*olence towards all living things.

Thank you, Philip.

I can call you Philip, right?

Anyway, seeing that he's a devout Jainist... he came to us to confess his part in Hassan's sudden introduction to the force of gravity.

I'll need to see my lawyer.

I'm sure you do.

[Bag Rustles]



[Computer Keys Clack]

[Door Opens, Keys Jingle]


[Keys Clack, Muted Music Playing Through The Headphones]

[Approaching Footsteps]

[Phone Buzzes]

[Phone Buzzes]

[Phone Buzzes]

[Phone Buzzes]

[Phone Chimes]

[Phone Chimes]

[Phone Chimes]

Oh sh*t. Oh! I was supposed to pick you up.

Oh my God, I'm so-I'm so sorry.

I did forget, but honestly, Cass, this has been the craziest day...

Just stop.

And explain why Daisy Channing is texting at two in the morning, asking you to come and keep her company!

[Door Closes, Key Jingle]


Chloe: Sam?



I didn't think-um, you missed dinner, but it's in the warmer.


It's okay.

I-I couldn't even get into my house to get clothes.

It was just completely overrun with reporters.

[Tired Exhale]

I went for a drive, and a ran...


You must be exhausted?

I am.

I just want to take a shower and sleep for a year.

[Pained Grunt]

What? What happened?

Oh. I-I broke a glass at the office.

I'll get you a band aid.

I'm so lucky to have you.

Cassie! Cassie!

I swear to you, she-she's on the outside of the story she made happen.

She just needed a friend.

What kind of friend, Simon?

Do you think I don't get that you're attracted to her?

Do you think I'm stupid!

I'm not saying you're stupid.

You're amazing. You're-you're smart.

I don't even deserve you.

Oh my God, you slept with her.



[Slams Door]

[Siren Wails In The Distance]

Man, I tell you, I wanna get the smug prick, but something's off.

Yeah, well, I put him in cell D.

Did they fix the plumbing yet?

Not yet.

[Phone Rings]

I'm going home.

Uh huh.

[Phone Rings]


Detective Lutz...

Yeah, sure.

Uh, I'll be down.

It's the morgue.

Says they have a body we may be interested in seeing.

[Curtain Rasps]


Who the hell is that?

Marco DaSilva.

I wasn't expecting that.

How does Lawson's boy end up d*ad?

It says right here the time of death was between 10 and midnight.

Hardcastle was in lockup.

If he didn't do the m*rder, who did?

[Water Patters]

[Breathing Heavily]

[Water Patters]

[Door Shuts]

[Emotional Breathing]

Thank you, Lewis. That's reassuring.

Yes, but keep in mind, Sam, they can publish a version of the story as long us it doesn't run afoul of the injunction's parameters.

Then remind them that the slightest inference of an intimate relationship between Khaalid Suleman and myself, and I'll use every ounce of my considerable power to destroy them.

I'll hold them in contempt, I'll put them in jail and then have their assets seized.


[Beeps Phone Off]

Sorry you had to hear that.

It's fine.

I'm-I'm actually here about Hardcastle.

He's been arrested.

Reede's people are all over it.

It's m*rder Sam! What is going on?

I don't know, but there can't be any substance to it.

When we announced the Commission, we knew that they would come after me.

I expect this is nothing more than the Chief trying to smear me by proxy.

I will do whatever you need, Sam, but if we're going to get through this, you have to be completely honest with me about everything.



[Car Rumbles Up]

Hey, Daisy Channing, right.

Jim from Ruckus.

[Shuts Door, Sighs]

Glad we're doing this.

Jim, um, I didn't wanna not show up, but actually, we're not doing this.

[Laughs Unsure] Wait. You're kidding?

Oh, come on. Please.

Look, they-they scrubbed my story from the internet.

You can't find it anywhere!

My bosses caved and took my research.

Wow. sh*t.

Yeah, so show me what you've got.

We collaborate and whatnot, this story goes viral, we write our own ticket.

You know the Globe, The New York Times.


Hey! Hey! I said no!


Agh! sh*t!

Get out! Get out!

Jesus, you're f*cking nuts!


Get the f*ck out of my car!

Get out!

You b*tch!

Get the f*ck out of here.

You're f*cking insane!

f*ck you!

[Door Slams]

[Engine Turns]


Hey Simon!

We have to talk!

Yeah. About last night.

Oh. Right.

I was being stupid, but honestly you won't believe what happened.

No. Hold on a minute. You don't get it.

You to... You totally f*cked me last night.


Cassie came home.

She read your texts.

Oh God.

I'm really sorry.

I was angry and needy - I didn't know...

What? So, what did you want?

You wanted to sleep with me or you just wanted to mess with me?!

Simon please. We have to talk to Mary.

They shut down the Rukus story. It's nowhere.


DaSilva?! Are you serious?

Yes, sir.

You wanna tell us where you were between 10pm and 12am last night?

Oh, come on.

You're the last person he called. And your number's popped up on a bunch on his cell since then.

You know where is was. You know what I was doing.

You both know I was home.

What exactly are you saying, Mr. Lawson?

Oh, come on, we all know I'm under surveillance, all right?

And just for the record, I'm an upstanding citizen, I pay my taxes, I have a charity for disadvantaged youth, I employ hundreds of people.

So why am I being harassed?

Hassan Ali and Marco DaSilva, two people who were working for you have been m*rder, so cut the bullshit and tell us what's going on!


All right. All right. Look...

I don't feel good about throwing a guy who just passed under the bus, okay?

But DaSilva was dealing large quantities of dr*gs out of his office.

You said the same thing about Hassan Ali, said it's why you fired him?

Yes, yes, yes. That's right.

That's right.

After further investigations we realized that DaSilva enlisted Ali as a go between with his g*ng... and he was supplying them.

Where's DaSilva getting all this dope?

It pains me that I so misjudged this man, I mean, he was an great fleet manager, but he had mafia ties dating back to the times he was with the police department, and I guess he just never shed those relationships.

You're saying DaSilva's m*rder was mob related?

Well, I can't know that for sure, but under the circumstances...

It has nothing to do with you hooking up the AG with party favors at your sex club?

Hey, consenting adults attended those parties.

Consenting adults.

You know what? Check my whereabouts.

I'm not worried.

That's all of it.

I won't even ask what you thought you were doing?

I didn't think.

Okay. Marty looked into Ruckus, and Daisy is right.

Sam Charles story has been scrubbed from the net, they've issued a retraction and they fired the blogger!

That being said, Marty, what's our possible workaround on this bloody story?

We can write about the m*rder victims - who they were, but not the why, if it's related to the video and by extension Charles.

Okay. But I think we can do more character damage if we leak little bits and pieces.

Let's begin with Lawson's sex parties. Daisy?

We have Avril Trong.


Madam, blackmailer, m*rder girlfriend of Hassan Ali.

But we can't mention Sam Charles as a target of the blackmail, or the video.

What about the Judge and Orlandio?

No. No blackmail, no corruption, just kinky sex and bad judgment.

Harry Beauchamp?

He doesn't lead anywhere.

But he confirms the sex parties.


Why don't we get that from Avril - she ran the exotic prost*tute, why don't we find one and see if they'll share.

Simon can you handle that?


Next. What about the superjail?

We have Lawson in bed with the Zuccatos.

The familia has gone to great pains to clean up their image... we can spin out an entire feature on that and on the deal with Lawson.

It's still public record that Sam Charles approved the superjail after going on record against it.

Right after Hassan was m*rder.

Could we publish that, Marty?

About the story itself, sure.

But not about Sam Charles motivations - anything having to do with the video is radioactive.

But it makes no sense.

Without the video, there's no connective tissue.


There's the bugger. We've got this great big story, with an even bigger hole in the center.

Till something changes, we just rework that story... keep slicing away.

Next Khaalid Suleman.
[Knocks On Door]

[Playful Laughter Of Children In The Distance]

[Door Unlocks]

[Sirens Wail In The Distance]


[Door Creaks Closed]

Xannan please, unless we publish, the men who k*lled Hassan and your brother will get away with m*rder.

Is that what you want?

What I want doesn't matter.

Nothing I do seems to matter.

Xannan, it's so hard to think about what you must be feeling.

But you can't give into this grief.

They d*ed alone, in the cold, they didn't deserve that.

I know. So help me.

Is there anything you can think of, anyone who knows more?

Lutz: Daisy Channing confirmed seeing video on the phone of Charles having sex with Khaalid Sulema... the first victim.

Then the girlfriend of Hassan Ali is m*rder by a guy who has some serious a*tillery... looking for a phone.

The second victim.

And that Ruckus reporter, he said Ali was trying to sell him a sex tape but was m*rder before he could buy it.

Ali's the third victim.

Okay, all roads lead to Sam Charles and some kind of blackmail, question?

How does DaSilva's m*rder fit into this?

Don't know for sure, but it's connected to Lawson.

He's Ali and DaSilva's boss.

He knew that we had a wire on him, but still risked meeting with Charles. Why?

I put a rush on DaSilva's g*n.

We should have ballistics today.

You know what bothers me?

Whoever k*lled DaSilva they didn't take his wallet, his phone his g*n.

Like they want us to find something?

Maybe that's why the boss wants us to talk to Sam Charles.

As is bring in Charles?

And ask him if was being blackmailed by Lawson and conveniently m*rder DaSilva.


As in gently ask him a few questions in his office.

He's still the most powerful man in law enforcement.

[Door Opens]

Thank you for seeing us, Mr. Attorney General.

We have a warrant to search Mr. Hardcasle office.

Have a seat, guys, please.

May I see the warrant?

Ah, yes, sir.

And if you don't mind we'd like to ask you a couple of questions.

Go ahead.

[Sighs, Clears His Throat]

Chloe is my senior aid, she's fine.

Were you aware of a relationship between Mr. Hardcastle and Hassan Ali, the victim?


We have evidence that Mr. Hardcastle was tracking Mr. Ali.

I'm sure you're mistaken.

We have an eye witness.

Did you know Mr. Ali, sir?

Oh, I might have met him at one of Eric Lawson's community service events.

We're official sponsors.

I expect that's how Hardcastle knows him.

Actually he said he didn't know him at all.

Oh, well, he'd know better than I.

His office is right next door.

Thank you, sir.

You're welcome.

Sir, just one more thing.

Can you tell me your whereabouts last night?

My whereabouts?

I don't see how that's relevant.

With all due respect, sir, Without accounting for your whereabouts a special prosecutor will have to take over the investigation.

That's won't be necessary.

The Attorney General is being a gentleman, but we're dating.

Last night he was with me.

Can anyone else verify your relationship with Ms. Channing?

My sister.

I believe you know Daisy, Detective Lutz?

[Phone Rings]

Detective Lutz.

We got the ballistics report. You're gonna love this.

Sure. On our way.

Chief Thompson: Based on ballistics and forensic evidence we can conclude that Mr. Marco DaSilva is responsible for a series of m*rder, including that of Khaalid Suleman and Avril Trong.

Both victims were sh*t with a w*apon found on Mr. DaSilva.

The body of Mr. DaSilva was discovered yesterday morning.

[Phone Chimes]

We are also investigating Mr. DaSilva's involvement in a third m*rder, that of his associate, Mr. Ali.

[Reporters Shout Out Question]

[Clicks The TV Off]


[Low Hum Of Chatter]

[Keys Tap]

[Door Beeps]

[Elevator Dings]

How you doing?

Stunned, like everyone else...

I thought you were mad at me?

You know parts of my case that I don't.

That's why I'm here.


But I was wrong about Charles.

DaSilva k*lled them.

Sure, but who k*lled DaSilva?

The mob?

It's where the wind's bl*wing, but I can't shake the feeling that Charles did DaSilva.

I have zero credibility about this right now.

But you agree?

No one has a stronger motivation for wanting DaSilva d*ad than Charles.

Okay. What can I do?

Your sister.

She's his alibi.

I think she's lying.

Chloe has pretty much cut me off.

She's seeing Sam Charles.

Is that okay with you?

[Phone Buzzes]

[Phone Chimes]

Someone who knows more about Khaalid.

I'm definitely coming.

Daisy: Thanks for agreeing to talk with us, Nazeem.

Can you start at the beginning.

Nazeem: Hassan...

He was tired of how Lawson was using him.

He hired him outta that fake charity of his, but it was really to supply his parties with dr*gs.

And then Lawson met Hassan's girlfriend.


Yeah, Avril.

So now he's got her supplying his freak show parties with skanks.

I was doing food prep and Khaalid was bartending, but Khaalid got corrupted with their sickness.

You mean because he was gay.

He wasn't gay! Your people did this.

[Speaks In Somali] What does that matter now!

In our culture h*m* is not accepted.

We would have to shun him.

So what happened next?

Khaalid became friends with the rich boy.

And then with Sam Charles - then we had to get him away.

So Hassan decided to blackmail Sam Charles, by taking the video?

We were going to leave this place for good.

We had other targets.

Orlandio Spence?!

That was our mistake.

He went straight to Lawson, who told DaSilva, who b*at the sh*t outta Hassan.

[Punching Thuds] [Pained Grunts]

DaSilva woulda k*lled him, but these mob guys wanted to have something on Sam Charles That's why they wanted the phone.

They promised to let him go, if they got it.

But Hassan called me?

He thought if he exposed them... that...

Oh my God.

He thought the story could protect him.

Okay. I'm done.

I owe you nothing more.

Wait just a minute there Nazeem.


Hey! Nazeem.

[Door Slams]

Whoa. Hey.

Nazeem, that was a great story but I'm still confused about something.

All this time, you watch your boys die, one by one.

You're telling me you kept nothing to protect yourself.

What are you talking...?

The video.

You didn't make a copy?

Nawwh, I didn't.

All right?

Not all right.

Now the way I see it, I can arrest you for obstruction of justice, or drug trafficking, or... what you mentioned something about a prostitution ring.

Or you could walk away.

But you have to give me the copy you made of Khaalid's video?

Good choice.

Have a good life, Nazeem.

[Door Shuts]

[Low Hum Of Chatter, Phones Ring]

Please have these hand delivered to the prosecutor's office.

District 1 to 12.

[Applause And Cheering]

Well, if I knew I'd get a standing O, I would have gotten arrested earlier.

[The Crowd Laughs]

Thank you.

Back to work.

Well said. Welcome back, Phil.

Soon this will all be behind us.

[Phone Rings]

Chloe: What do you want?

Chloe! Hey.

I know you're angry, but there's something I need to show you.

Can we talk?

Yeah, let's talk.

I'm on my way.

[Beeps Phone Off]

[Wind Gusts]

[Door Clicks Open]

Wow, do you realize how destructive what you do is?

Look, let's not fight.

I just need you to watch this.

[Taps A Key]

Oh my God.

You have it.

[Taps A Key]


[Hurried Footsteps]


[Phone Vibrates]

[Phone Vibrates]

[Phone Vibrates]

[Phone Chimes]

[Traffic Whirs]


[Approaching Footsteps]

[Softly] Hi.

I made supper.

I went to see my sister.

Oh. Okay. That explains it.

Should I be concerned?


She's still accusing me of m*rder!



From the moment I first met you, I loved you.

I went above and beyond so you would notice me.

And when that happened, I told you that the sex was enough.

I lied.

I'm telling you this because...

I know everyone lies.

But some lies... they destroy everything.

I did not m*rder Khaalid Suleman.

But you loved him.


It wasn't just making out, you were in love with him.

Oh, my God.

Why are you listening to your sister.

You said it yourself, she's insane.

Maybe she's using again.

Maybe that's what it is.

Whatever it is, honey, don't let it get inside your head.

Khaalid meant nothing.

The night Marco DaSilva was k*lled.

Where were you?

I told you I went...

I found blood on your shirt.

I washed it. That's how much I love you.

And if you feel the same you will tell me the truth.

There can't be any more secrets.

[Glass Clinks On The Table]

I met DaSilva.

We had a deal. He had the phone.

And his bosses, they wanted to own me...

I... He came at me.

And I...

I-I needed to make it stop.

I k*lled him.

I k*lled him.

[Emotional Breathing]

It's okay. There is nothing else.

[Softly] No.

It's okay. Chloe...

[Approaching Footsteps]

I'm sorry.


Sam Charles, you're under arrest for m*rder.


You have the right to retain council.


And instruct council. Anything you say can be used...

Just a minute, hang on a second.

Why would you do this?

Why would you do this?

I love you.

Chloe, I...

I love you.

I don't believe you.

Anything can be used as evidence in court.

Do you understand?

Would you like to speak to a lawyer?


[Door Closes]

I'm so sorry.

Chloe... Chloe please.

Chloe I...

[Cork Pops]

[Loud Cheering]


[Mouths] Thank you.

[Low Hum Of Chatter]

Looks good, right?

Yeah, but self defense?

Lewis Reede is one slick lawyer.

Yeah. Well, even if he does get off, Sam Charles isn't gonna come back from this.

Yeah, probably not.

Hey Simon.

Do you wanna get out of here for a while?

I don't know, maybe grab a bite?

I'm sorry, I have lunch with Cassie.

Of course.

I totally understand.

Raj: Hey, check this out.

Lawson's suing the government for 500 million.

[Overlapping Reactions]

Woman: Look at the comment section, have you seen this?

[Low Hum Of Chatter]





[Slow Exhale]
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